how is one always so flawless

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As a queer girl, how do i get men to Leave Me Alone. like, you're flawless and can probably rebuff them with a Look but i'm just a small town gay and also can't really tell men flirting with me at work to fuck off. basically how did you gain your patented 'how dare you talk to me' aura.

so you know how there are tumblr posts where it’s just like 

person 1: “long explanation of a thing no one cares about”

person 2: “……….anyway”

you need to always inhabit the mindset of person 2. you don’t have to tell anyone to fuck off when you just treat their flirting as though it could not possibly inconvenience you more. keep your head high and sometimes raise your eyebrows ever so slightly, like you’re barely humoring a bad magician. broadcasting disinterest is incredibly easy, you just have to keep yourself from worrying about making things awkward. you can get a lot of mileage out of not smiling. 

make it a habit, and one day you too can be a lesbian who dismisses men at bars from her presence like a gay cleopatra 

A tribute to all four of 5sos

Because all four are equally important and need to be appreciated.

Calum has the biggest heart in the world. He payed for fans’ tickets when they couldn’t afford it. He has permanent tattoos for each member of his family. He’s so fucking passionate about music that he even reads music theory books in his free time. His smile is so contagious, it has the power to lighten up everyone’s mood in an instant. His hair is so fluffy and never looks the same but always looks flawless. He doesn’t say much but he avidly listens and takes his surroundings in. He finds his band mates hilarious and is always the last one laughing. His skin is beautiful and he handles drama well. They say a picture says a thousand words, but his facial expressions say a million.

Ashton is so talented. He sings, he’s a jaw dropping amazing drummer, he plays god knows how many other instruments. He knows what he wants in life and he’s willing to put in the work to get him there. He may not joke much and his jokes may go unnoticed sometimes, but he’s so funny when you give him the chance and listen close enough. He takes over when times are difficult, like when Michael got burnt onstage and he was the one who went out to talk to the crowd. He loves his family so much. You can just tell how much he loves to go home and see Harry and Lauren again. He’s so proud of them and he’s the best big brother probably anyone could ask for. He’s able to appreciate how far the band has come and he’s done so much to get them there.

Luke’s the best front man anyone could have asked for. He’s able to find the perfect mix between staying quiet and talking a lot when necessary. He’s so welcoming to new ideas. He’s the secret ingredient to the band; he may not outwardly seem like he says much, but he is vital to the process. He knows how to get the crowd hyped. He learns from his mistakes and is always willing to look forward. He may not blatantly say it, but he’s extremely loving: of his family, of his friends, of the fans. He’s got the literal voice of an angel, his singing range actually blows me away. He’s so silly but he knows when to be serious. He glo’d the fuck up lately and he’s such a man. He helps melt the band into one.

Michael cares so so much about the fans, it’s mind boggling. His whole face lights up at even the mention of us. He’s so thankful of everything he has. He’s an amazing guitar player, fucking shreds that shit. He gives the tightest hugs that make the other person feel at home and loved. He’s so loud and sarcastic and funny. He’s the literal life of the party. He’s the kind of guy you can introduce to any group of strangers and he’d instantly get along with them. He’s got a huge heart; he doesn’t have it in him to talk shit about anyone. He’s just here to do what he loves and do it with the people he loves.

All of 5sos are important. They’re all extremely talented. No member is more important than the other because all four are needed to complete the band. Fuck drama. Fuck all that dumb shit. They make good music, they’re great people, and they deserve recognition for that. What they don’t need is a fanbase that focuses on petty, meaningless rumors when there’s so much more about them to focus on.

The Outsiders Headcanons: Dallas dating a curvy girl

This was requested, hope you enjoy! X

- Dallas absolutely loVING to kiss your thighs, and leave lots of hickies on them.

- They are his favourite body part of yours.

- When he’s not kissing them he is always touching them in some way. When he drives he rests his hand gripping one of them gently.

- Dallas always reminding you of how hot he thinks you are. He never uses the words “beautiful” or “gorgeous” mainly because it’s just not in him for him to say that but you always know that he truly does think you’re absolutely flawless.

- Going to him when you feel insecure, knowing that he will make you feel better in no time.

- Dallas always wanting you to wear tight fitting clothing (mostly dresses) because he loves your curves and he loves showing you off when you two go out.

- He goes with you when you shop just so can come in the change rooms and tell you which he likes best and which show off your curves most.

- You were always a little insecure about your weight and you could never understand why someone like Dally would fall for you, but he could never understand how you could think of yourself in that way.

- Sometimes he gets a little angry with you when you put yourself down due to your appearance. He doesn’t mean to, it just upsets him that you don’t think of your physical appearance as highly as he does.

- He literally always. wants. sex. Just so can get a good look at your body, and show you how much he adores it.

- Constantly flirting and sexual references in every single conversation you two have cause he’s Dallas and he’s awful sometimes.

- He never fails to make you giggle when he starts at it.

- Despite how much you may dislike your body at times, it’s hard to feel that way around Dallas because he makes it almost impossible. As vulgar as he may be at times he truly means well.

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Modern!Credence Makeup Headcannons
  • Credence lives with Newt now and found himself his own squad (outside of Newt’s circle) when he’s adventuring outside of the suitcase
  • at least one of his new friends is crazy about makeup ~looks~ and it always takes him a minute or two to tear his eyes away from their makeup because it’s so flawless and he just?? Wishes that he could look that pretty
  • his friend notices and invites him for a makeover one day
  • they introduce him to things like! Winged eyeliner!! Highlighter!!! GliTtEr EyEsHaDoWs!!!! 
  • Credence has such a good time with them and doesn’t realize that he’s still wearing makeup and looking fly af when he comes back home
  • but before he has time to feel ashamed Queenie and Newt just!! Tells him how awesome he looks!!!
  • Queenie asks him to help with her makeup and show her how to get her wings as sharp as his
  • his friend totally agrees to help him find a daily makeup routine, and some quality products for him bc he only deserves the best
  • he loves makeup brushes so much, they’re so soft!! And they come in cool shapes and sizes and one of the drawers in his own shack in Newt’s case is completely full of those
  • Credence first starts with basic eyeliner, but once he’s comfortable, he makes his eyes more defined, then moves on to accentuating his amazing!cheekbones, then his lips
  • his favourite lip colours are either shy pink nudes or bright, popping colours that make people do double-takes as they pass by him
  • Newt, Queenie, Tina, and even Jacob!! let him give them makeovers to practice!!!
  • once he gains enough confidence with them he gives the rest of his squad makeovers!!!
  • his makeup friend is so proud!!! they take selfies together all the time!!!! they compliment each other and give each other urban decay and too-faced palettes for birthdays and holidays!!!!!
  • Credence loves to wear glitter and finds a healthy method of self-care that also makes him look fresh to death™!!!!!!!!!

Carry On Countdown Day 3: Opposite Day

And one will come to end us,
And one will bring his fall.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the Chosen One at all.

It seems like Snow would be better suited for it.

After all, he’s from this rich, posh background- his family has been one of the most powerful wizarding families around for centuries. He’s always outfitted in fancy suits and his elocution is flawless and he’s smart as a whip. He’s acing every class, and I can’t even get my fucking wand to work. He’s got so much emotion in him, so much care- I wonder how someone can care that much about everything without imploding. He never tries to put up a front about who he is- Simon Snow is an open book.

Simon Snow is an open book, and on the pages are written every way possible to hate my guts.

It’s not like I ever did anything to him (well, I did push him down the stairs once- but that was an accident). (I only meant to get in a good punch).

He walks into our room with a plate full of scones and tosses one at me. “Eat something, Basil. If you waste away to nothing, my day will be significantly less annoying, and we couldn’t have that.”

“Don’t be such an insufferable prat,” I snap, but I take the scone because let’s face it, the scones here are fantastic, and also I haven’t left the room in two days. The last time I went off, I destroyed the entire Politickal Science room, and the Mage suggested (ordered) that I take a few days off.

“Then don’t be such a hermit. Merlin knows that you’d have starved by now if it wasn’t for me.” With that, he takes to stuffing his face over his desk. It’s almost impressive, how quickly he finishes six scones. Mesmerizing.

“You’re staring, Pitch.”

I turn away. I can feel the heat rise to my cheeks, but I’m hoping it’s not noticeable- it rarely is, with my dark skin, but the light is pretty bright and he’s looking right at me with a white-hot gaze.

“It’s not my fault you eat like a wild dog. One would think your manners would be better, for someone of such high status.”

Simon snorts. “And one would think you’d be less miserable, for someone everyone adores. ‘Baz Pitch, the Chosen One, the greatest Mage in ten generations, he has such pretty eyes, oh, he’s such a gentleman-’.” He stops, his face contorted in disgust. “They talk about you like you’re the bloody queen.”

I flip through my book, trying to ignore him, but the tension is rolling between us like waves. “At least they talk about me. No one here gives a rat’s ass about you, and you know it. You’re the kind of person only a mother could love- except oops, I forgot. You don’t have one of those anymore.” I can feel the atmosphere change, and I know it was a low blow. As it comes out of my mouth, I know it’s a step too far, more than toeing the line- I’m jumping across it. But I can’t back down now. Simon’s cheeks color quicker than I’ve ever seen, a sharp contrast against his greyish skin. He sweeps the desk clear in a sudden gesture, and when the plate clatters to the floor and smashes, I jump backwards. He stalks towards me, murder in his eyes.

“If it wasn’t for the anathema,” he growls, teeth bared, “I would rip you open and put your innards on display in the dining hall.” I don’t doubt the truth in his statement one bit. For a second I’m afraid, though I’d never admit it. I focus on keeping my carefully-practiced mask of indifference.

“I’d like to see you try,” I say back in a measured tone. Simon whirls away from me and towards the door.

“Don’t you ever. Ever. Talk about my mother again.” And he leaves, slamming the door behind him.

It’s been dark for two hours before I start worrying. Simon is usually back by now, to feign sleep at the very least before sneaking out and draining rats in the catacombs (though Penny insists he’s just visiting the graves down there). (I don’t believe it for a second. The boy’s a vampire. It’s plain to see). I pull on a jacket and sneak down the stairs and past the other rooms.

The cold air hits me like a smack to the face the second I open the door. It’s a windy night, and though it’s dark the moon is shining bright, giving everything a blue-white glow that makes me uneasy. A little voice in the pit of my stomach called guilt is screaming at me. If Simon isn’t okay, then it’s all my fault for pissing him off in the first place.

Though no one can hear me, I make my footsteps quiet anyway. It’s creepy on the Watford grounds at night. I summon my sword in a whispered voice and keep it down by my waist. Just in case.

I’m relieved when I see the catacombs. Something about being underground is less frightening, even though I can hear the echo of every creature scurrying in the dark. I don’t dare summon a flame- I’d probably blow the whole place up, knowing my luck.

After a few minutes of walking, Simon’s figure comes into view. He’s sitting with his back against the stone, head lolled over. I’ve never seen him like this. Usually when I watch him in the catacombs, he’s in and out as quickly as possible, with lithe, agile movements that I can barely follow. He seems to have his guard down now, and the wrinkle between his eyebrows is gone, which only happens in his sleep.

He looks innocent. Without the layers of cunning and plotting, Simon Snow is almost… Pretty.

I don’t even remember when I started moving, but soon I’m a lot closer to him than I’ve ever been in the catacombs. There’s something about the way he looks when he’s asleep that makes me feel like it’s safe to approach (a stupid thought, of course- he’s a fucking vampire). But still I inch forward, until I’m a mere three or four feet from him. He doesn’t stir.

I can’t see him too clearly. There are magical lanterns scattered through the catacombs, the kind that never go out, but there are none right here. A soft yellow glow lights the space, with just enough to make out Snow’s general appearance. I’ve been too fixated on his face, on the soft lines of it, that it takes me a minute to notice the blood.

It’s smeared all down the front of his shirt and his mouth, which hangs agape. Two gleaming white fangs poke out from his plump lips, normally so grey, dyed red from the blood that covers him.

I should be afraid. I should be running. I should be telling the Mage. But all I can think is the dumbest thought that’s ever crossed my mind- He’s always been a messy eater.

I make a small sound, something like a gasp, but it’s enough. Simon pops one eye open, then flinches backwards when he recognizes me. He tries in vain to wipe up some of the blood on his face with his hands, but only manages to smear it. I stand, stalk-still, shocked, while he frantically backs away, scurries like a spider. I hold up my hands in what I hope looks like a gesture of peace, but his eyes only widen in fear, and that’s when I realize- my sword. I have my sword draw. Snow thinks I’m about to kill him!

Muttering the incantation to get rid of the sword, I try to look encouraging. It dissipates into thin air. He looks less unnerved, but still confused.

“W-why…” It’s not the first time I’ve heard him stutter, he does it often when he’s overwhelmed. “Why don’t you just kill me? You’ve gotten what you wanted, haven’t you? All the reason in the world to rid the world of me, and still be a goddamn hero.“

It’s true. This is the moment. We’ve always known that one of us would be the death of the other. It’s been an inevitable thing, like snowfall in the winter. But something here is wrong. Something in Simon’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard- he’s practically begging for it, whining like a dog.

“Do it. End this. Have your golden life.” He sticks his neck out like an animal ready for slaughter, and the pleading in his voice sounds so genuine I want to be sick.

“I can’t. I won’t. I would never.” The words tumbling out of my mouth don’t make any sense, not even to me. Of course I can, of course I would! That’s how this has to end, after all.

But Simon deserves better.

Simon deserves better than a bloody death in a quiet cave, where rats will eat his body before I tell anyone what befell him. He deserves better than a private end, where he’ll have no chance to be saved. He deserves people to be able to look upon him as he falls and see what is right and what is wrong- he doesn’t deserve this place, with the dark and the cold, to keep all my dirty secrets.

He doesn’t deserve to value himself so little that he begs me to end his life.

Simon’s head sags to his chest in defeat. “I can’t do this anymore, Baz,” he whispers, and he sounds like a little child. Like he’s on the brink of tears. I can’t see his eyes, and I’m glad I can’t, because that kind of sentiment from someone like Simon, who never gives up, comes with sorrow that could kill you just to witness. “I’m done hiding from myself.”

“What are you hiding?” The voice I hear when I speak is not my own, at least not when I’m talking to Simon. It’s softer and it sounds- it sounds like someone who cares.

I do care. I shouldn’t, but I do.

“What am I not?” It’s a sentence that could be angry, but Simon just sounds tired. Tired and done. “I’m ready now. I’ve been ready for a while.” He sniffles. “I’d rather it was you than me.”

“Simon…” The word is foreign on my lips, but ‘Snow’ just feels so wrong here. So impersonal. “I…”

“If you don’t kill me now, then I’ll set this place on fire and I’ll take us both out. The world doesn’t want that, Baz. The world can’t stand to lose you. No one needs me. You said it yourself. You’ve got your proof- I’m a vampire. I’m a monster. Now, what are you going to do about it?”

And I just want him to stop. I just want him safe in our room being a git, shoving his face full of scones and yelling at me for taking too long in the bathroom fixing my hair and opening the window when I’m not paying attention. I don’t know what I want, but it isn’t this. I don’t know anything anymore. Everything feels cold and hot at the same time, and Simon is down on his knees and it’s wrong, it’s wrong for someone this proud to be this broken.

I don’t know who initiated it, or how I got close enough, but suddenly, Simon’s ice-cold, blood soaked lips are on mine and it’s not a bad feeling. It’s slippery and it tastes like sucking on a penny, and my hands are in his curls and his are crawling their way up the hem of my shirt and I’m crying, he’s crying, we’re both crying-

“I love you, Basil,” he mutters against my lips, and I have a half second to be grossed out by the fact that I’m practically licking rat blood from the inside of his mouth before he pulls me back into the kiss. His arms are strong, stronger than they should be even with his broad shoulders (which I’ve always been rather envious of, in truth) and I know that even if I wanted to get away, I couldn’t.

Strangely, I don’t. Strangely, there’s no place I would rather be right now.

Even stranger- Snow is the one who breaks the kiss first.

“You kissed me,” I breathe in wonder. I feel as though my eyes have glazed over, like I’m drunk or high or floating… Or something.

“No, you kissed me,” Simon replies, the furrow replacing itself in between his brows. I reach over and press the tip of my pinky finger into it, smoothing it out.

“You look prettier without that wrinkle,” I murmur, not sure what I’m saying, and lean in so our noses and foreheads are touching.

“You look prettier when you aren’t being an asshole,” he retorts, and gives me a light peck on the lips. It doesn’t match the statement, being as gentle as it is. I laugh a bit.

“Let’s get you home and cleaned up,” I say, standing (much to Simon’s dismay) and pulling him to his feet. He slings his arm around my waist and I put mine around his shoulders. After a moment of hesitation, I continue. “You love me?” Simon considers, then nods.

"You love me,” he says, not a question. I nod anyway, to prove it to myself.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you for pushing me down the stairs,” he says after a long while, and I laugh.

“It also doesn’t mean I forgive you for getting blood all over my favorite pajama shirt.”

“Didn’t figure.” He sounds exhausted. The bags under his eyes speak for him.

I kiss the top of his head on a whim, and he seems surprised by the tenderness of the gesture (I kind of am, too).

“This feels like a beginning,” he whispers, so quiet I almost miss it.

“I hope so.”

Finally allowing myself to think the thoughts I’ve always wanted to think about girls and finally accepting those thoughts feels so good, you dig? Even if I never tell anyone else about the girls I find cute or hot, or how wonderful it is that some girls manage to look flawless even in stupid gym uniforms, or how soft girls are when they hug you, I feel so valid like I never have before.. Even if no one else accepts me, or even if they do, I can accept myself. That’s the most important thing right now. Everyone else can wait. Right now I gotta focus on self-love. Who cares if I’m obvious? I don’t mind it. And that’s the farthest I’ve come in a long time.

the worst thing about have dermatillomania is that i want perfect skin. i want flawless skin. but i know im never going to get it, theres always going to be ONE bump, somewhere, that im going to want to pick at. i pick at very, very tiny blemishes, and they turn into redness and scabs and make everything worse, so i just pick at them again and no matter how hard i try, even if i dont have any scabs at a given time, ill never have perfect skin, therell always be something ill want to pick at


Inuvember 2015 Week 1 Day 3: SessKagu

I really wanted to have my SessKagu fanfiction ready for this day, but I knew I wouldn’t achieve that. So to make up for it I made a comic preview ^-^

I already posted a preview of the fic I’m working on on tumblr, but this was even more fun to do. 

I posted the preview again in this post. When the story is finished I will post notice here on tumblr and the link to it on FF.Net.

When finished the story will have the MA rating. But this little preview is within the limits for safe reading ^-^

Free the Wind  (preview)

The warm water was so soothing on her skin. She stretched her arms, admiring them and how the water on them reflected the light of the stars and the moon. Smooth, soft, pale skin. Every part of her flawless. Except one part.

She couldn’t see it, even if she turned her head into a painful angle. But she knew it was still there. That part would always remain. A continuous reminder of her previous enslavement. One she had escaped just barely. Just an inch away from death.

The moment he had returned her own heart, she had felt it. It had been mere primal instinct that warned her of the danger. Her previous master had no intention to set her free at all. He had wanted her to suffer.

And in truth… she had deserved the punishment he would be bestowing on her.

She had betrayed him after all.

But they had saved her. The hanyou, the priestess girl, the demon slayer and the monk. They were there. Inuyasha’s Windscar slicing through the tentacles full of miasma that were about to pierce her.

Saved by the wind.

And the wind had guided her to safety. She wasn’t brave to stand up against him. Her old master. It would be a battle she would definitely lose. She fled. If Naraku would kill the bunch that had aided her in her escape, so be it. She would not wait to see the outcome of it.

And now he was dead. She had felt it and for a moment she had dreaded her own ending as well. For wasn’t she still a part of him? If he died, would she die too?

But she was still here. And he could not reclaim her. Could not hunt her. Taunt her. She was… 


The water was a strange contrast against the coolness of her skin. And it was for the first time in her so short life that she allowed herself to feel. The grass against her feet. Water that glided over her body like the soft silk of her kimono. She watched the clear substance gliding through her fingers as she scooped it up and brought it to her face.

There wasn’t any noise. Just the wind. And even that didn’t bring her the information which she already knew by heart. That he was there. Nearby.

It pleased her that he reacted to the opening she had provided. From the previous encounters she had with him, she knew that he wasn’t one that could be easily provoked. She had flown low and the wind would carry her scent. Not that she needed to be close for that. She had no doubt he could sense her for miles away. And she had landed in the forest nearby.

The hot spring she so luckily found was a welcome distraction. Soothing for her nerves. That pounding organ in her chest was acting weird when she had set her plan in motion. It made her uneasy. The beating thing meant she was alive, but it was not something she could control. Not by the power of the wind. Not by any demon strength.

It was fluttering like a trapped little bird. A feeling so strange and almost scary. It made her feel vulnerable. She placed her right hand on her chest. But the pressure she placed upon the skin did nothing for the rhythm that was behind skin and bones. In fact thinking about it, made it only worse.

Then it was there. That soft breeze as it passed the leaves and stroked the grass took it with it. That demon scent. Male. Powerful.

She looked back, but there was nothing to see except the trees and bushes that surrounded the spring. A grin crept upon her lips. A sudden self-confidence. Amusement.

She never thought of him as the voyeuristic kind. When he had saved her from the river that one day he had barely glanced upon her as she sat there almost naked in her shredded kimono. And now he was peeping?

“It is rude, to spy.” She had felt his aura, but was shocked to suddenly see him standing so close to the water’s edge as she turned around. Her right arm covering her naked breasts almost instantly in an automatic reflex as she looked up.

The breeze that had informed her toyed with his long white hair and the long sleeves of his kimono. He didn’t speak, just looked at her. Kagura tried to read his face, trying to find any hint of a normal male reaction to the close proximity of a naked female body.

“Hn.” The sound left her lips when she noticed there was none. She dared to even bluntly lower her gaze to his pelvis for a quick glance.

“Could you hand me, my kimono?” As she asked she saw his gaze following her pointing index finger. The fabric lying on the rocks. But his eyes returned to her face and he remained unmoving.

Her right arm still covering her breasts she moved herself towards the edge. Gracefully stepping upon the rock her feet had found earlier and bringing herself out of the water. Tactically she had managed to turn herself away from him the moment the water level reached below her hips. The effect giving her a gallant modesty, yet in the meanwhile giving him a perfect view of her lower curves.

She turned her head to look at him. A smile decorating her lips. “So, you don’t play fetch, huh?” Then she made her way towards the large rock. She ignored the hadajuban and just dressed herself with only the kimono, not even bothering with the obi. Pressing the folds together she turned around to face him.

As she approached him he spoke. “You are able to roam around freely. Yet you linger here.”

“Maybe… everything I want is right here.” She locked her eyes with his for a moment wanting him to catch meaning of her words. If he did understand, she could not tell. His expression was as stoic as ever.

With her new found freedom came boldness. She could do anything she wanted. No one would be stopping her. Her heart pounded a faster beat inside her chest. Her right hand moved forward, but before it could even touch a spike of his armored plate her wrist was grabbed. She looked at his hand. A hand that shouldn’t even been there.

“A new arm? I didn’t know you could do that. Grow a new arm.” She hissed as the tip of claws pressed into her skin. Not enough to draw blood, but the threat was there.

“You still don’t trust me, huh.” She gave him a smile. “Fair enough.”

“Why did you come?” He asked.

She looked at his face. The cold stare was altered. Deep within the yellow was a softer gaze.

“I-I thought… you knew…”

She was shocked by the missed beat of her heart when he pulled her closer. The feeling of that beating organ still somewhat new to her. She didn’t know it could react like that. She didn’t know it had such tremendous effect on her body. Her skin heating even more than the warmth the hot spring had provided. A heat that rose up from within to her throat, her neck, her face… her lips. And a throbbing pulse below, inside her body.

to be continued

Okay, but I just wanna talk about Fëanor and Nerdanel, and the way he broke the stereotypes early on in the elven world, which basically stated that “A beautiful elven man of royalty (prince in his case), must have a flawless, overly beautiful one-dimensional wife”.

Like, Fëanor’s beauty in itself is always overly described and always focused on, like we know this elf was beautiful. So I can only imagine how many people were expecting him to take a beautiful Noldor, Teleri or even Vanyar wife of nobility,  that took the title of being “The most beautiful elf maiden from her house”, but no…Fëanor actually went after a woman, who was as many of the elves would have considered “below average” or not fair at all. And he practically gave a “fuck you” to elven expectations and shit  on the whole unspoken rule of having to find some flawless elf maiden when he found Nerdanel.

And sure there was talk. People probably criticized his move every other second. Can you imagine how Indis, the wife of Finwe, and most beautiful of the Vanyar scoffed at Nerdanel? Can you imagine how she perhaps spoke with Finwe about Fëanor and dissuading his choice and perhaps finding a beautiful maiden of royal lineage (preferably of Vanyar blood)? Or can you imagine how Fëanor’s sisters most likely sneered at Nerdanel when they saw this woman with clay, dust and dirt on her? Can you imagine how every elven lady of the royal houses looked at Nerdanel like she was an “bug under a microscope” (a quote from Because of Winn Dixie :D) , but still, we have Fëanor who probably ignored all of them, and did his best to shelter and protect Nerdanel from their shit?

Like I know there had to be a lot of women who wanted to marry Fëanor, a lot of royals. He could have had any of them, from the house of Ingwe, from the house of Olwe etc…etc…I’m quite sure that’s what Finwe would have wanted at a point, I’m sure that’s what everyone expected.

But he picked a woman he found on the beach and because of that, no one ever let him life that down. He had to constantly hear about how his wife wasn’t “good” enough for him, and boy, I can imagine how angry he would get sometimes in Nerdanel’s defense, and I honestly think that was a deciding factor for him never returning to live in the House of Finwe after he was married.

But okay, Fëanor didn’t just marry Nerdanel because she wasn’t overly beautiful (because let us be honest, to Fëanor, aside from Miriel, Nerdanel was probably the most beautiful and goddess like elf he’d ever seen. Seeing her on the beach was like a lost sailor seeing a mermaid), but because she was smart, and had wisdom. Her defining trait wasn’t her “beauty”, like so many of the women he grew up, and their only trait and importance was their beauty.

No, she was an artist like him.

She shared in his passion of creativity and understanding and appreciation for art and talent. She was a wise elf, and would listen. Hell, Fëanor was probably depressed as fuck. Everything he went through in life, people just expected him to get over it and act like nothing happened. But here we have Nerdanel who probably listened to his every complaint, and gave him advice towards healing. And she was perhaps wise far beyond her years, and extremely open minded. Fëanor loves the fact that she is free of mind, and would most likely for hours listen on and on to her rambling about what others would call nonsense but to Fëanor it was knowledge that he yearned for.

And I imagine he helped her. Nerdanel was just an average elf maiden who walked on the beach. She wasn’t of nobility or of royalty. Imagine her face when Fëanor, the Prince of the Noldor strolls up on the beach. Can you imagine how much of her confidence was boosted when Fëanor expresses he wanted to marry her, so early on? When Fëanor, this god like beautiful elf, is probably head over heels for her! Like he could have literally married any beautiful princess and he chooses Nerdanel who has sand in her hair on her best days.

I’m pretty sure he always complimented her, encouraged her when it came to her art, and made her feel good about herself.

Basically, these two both broke the standards of royal elf marriages because they didn’t just marry based on looks, or royal houses.

They married for love, and they had a well developed realistic love. It wasn’t some “love at first sight because she/he was oh so beautiful (also from *insert royal / noble house)”. No it was a love where they both worked to help and build each other up, and got to know each other. They shared in common interests and found a connection there. And they saw themselves being extremely happy together in the coming years, and oh boy they were.

There were whispers, but Fëanor and Nerdanel were too preoccupied with each other, to preoccupied with their own true love and their huge family.

And to me, their love is worth so much more than any High Elven prince/princess magically falling for the most beautiful elf they’ve ever seen (which happens to be a princess or a prince and is like 9/10 their cousin).

I am so glad that Tolkien crafted such a praised, and beautiful character like Fëanor who fell for someone just average like Nerdanel and he really loved her.

And I know that during the events of the Silarmillion, my point of view/opinion on their relationship changes drastically, but they are one of my favorite elven relationships. Because they are realistic and they helped to build each other up through the years.


I’m quite picky with how I like to wear things. One, I like it to fit good, but I also like it to look good. If I feel like I don’t look good in the mirror when I’m dancing or whatever, I’m always trying to make it look cute.- Julianne Hough; (X

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character in general: uHM heart eyes tbh??? can this badass OC be my waif tbh??? I hope I’m not coming off like creepy af over here, but I love Alice so much that I always try to throw memes at her with every chance I get? She’s one of my favorite OCs I’ve ever interacted with and I’d love to do more with her in the future!
how they play them: Flawless characterization for a well thought-up character. Bless you bby.

the mun: Uuuuugh, I can’t stress enough how much of a sweetheart you’ve been! Especially since you made me overcome my fear of contacting people I never talk to…..for like five minutes. But I love you anyway!

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So in my Magic FAHC headcanon, Jeremy and Ryan would be the deadliest partners.

No one expects them to become so close when Jeremy joins the crew, but they became a flawless team almost instantly. They’re this perfect combination of reckless and brave. They never takes their limits into consideration, always thinking “So how fast can we fuck these guys up?”

Ryan is amazed by how smart and quick to act Jeremy is. While Ryan tries to summon the energy to smite people where they stand, Jeremy just grabs a metal pipe from nearby and bashes their heads in.

And Ryan’s powers blow Jeremy away. He’s just so powerful, and the shit Jeremy has seen would be frightening if he didn’t think they were so badass.

And they’re just dumb enough to team up in unconventional ways. Jeremy constantly finds himself being set on fire, but he’s never startled by it anymore. He just keeps going and beating people up, the fire never hurting him. Ryan’s favorite trick is to use Jeremy as his personal gun-firing wrecking ball, throwing him around in the air while Jeremy shoots with stunning accuracy.

They’re an unexpected team, sometimes closer than even Michael and Gavin. But they work together seamlessly, teaming up for almost every heist. They’re opposites in power levels, but that what’s so good about them. They balance each other out, while egging on each other’s strengths.

Scarlett Johansson is probably one of the most amazing people in the world. Her looks are one thing yes, she’s a flawless beautiful goddess but so is her personality. I hear people talk all the time about her looks, but not about who she really is. Scarlett is the most honest actress out there, always wanting to make an image that is respectable for young teens to follow. She doesn’t care about her diet, weight, etc. and doesn’t take sexist questions like they are nothing. I understand how fed up she is about them and it’s just ughh so nice to see a women who wants to make sure she’s not just sexy or a sex object, that’s she’s actually a beautiful person. The things she says are incredibly smart and her opinions on feminism and sexism are amazing and more actresses should be following in her steps. Her acting in itself is incredible and she can take any character and play it incredibly perfect, especially making the important women roles powerful. She is the reason I stopped doing things to my body I shouldn’t to fit into society and the reason I am more comfortable with who I am, knowing I don’t need to be dieting and skinny to be accepted. It would be a dream to meet her some day, to thank her in person for everything she’s done for the world and myself. So here’s to Scarlett who is not only an incredible person, but my inspiration and a reason for holding on.

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So Allison may have perfected how to cover up bruises and black eyes but Dan’s make up tricks from stripping were definitely used to perfect flawless makeup that lasted and entire game so that they still looked awesome as well as ready to kick some more ass when the helmets came off before press after the games.

So highschool!Calum, who’s on the soccer team and completely the most popular guy at your school. You always had thought that you were just some girl who was basically invisible to him, but really you’re the only thing that would make him still want to go to school. And so one day you’d be watching one of his games after school, in order to get some good shots for the yearbook, and honestly you couldn’t stop staring at calum. His footwork was something you could watch for hours on end, the way he made every move seem so simple, and how flawless he would look when he ran captivated you into his every move. You watched how he skillfully ran down the field, dodging all of the players, when he got into your line of sight, you began to take some shots. He finally took a shot on goal, and it bounced off the goal post into your direction. Without having any time to react it hit you square in the face whilst the entire team and crowd gasped in shock. You sat up to see calum, and his gorgeous brown eyes looking down at you “hey y/n are you alright?? I’m so sorry that hit you, definitely wasn’t my intention to hit the prettiest girl at the school…” He smiled down at you while giving you a hand “oh no problem calum I was expecting something like that to happen” you shakily stated as you stood up and brushed yourself off. “No, no there has to be a way I can make it up to you, how about after the game you and I grab some ice cream, yeah?” You couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth, how could calum hood, the most popular boy at your school, want to take you out? Without skipping a beat you cheerfully accepted his offer and watched as his gleamed that perfect smile at you. He was so happy that he finally found the confidence to ask the girl of his dreams out on a date.

let’s be positive; 11x16

AND THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE A MOTW EPISODE, PEOPLE. Robbie always impresses, but this episode in particular was the perfect way to come back from a hiatus like the last one. It was filled with old school charm, flawless flashbacks, and brilliant cinematography. Let’s get to it!

  • First off, I loved the idea of Bobby/Rufus hunting a monster in the past, while Sam/Dean hunt in the present. The flashbacks between to the past were perfectly done, and never felt forced or contrived in any way. Amazing work, Robbie. 
  • Robbie is the brilliant mind behind Charlie, so giving us another queer lady whose sexuality wasn’t a big deal was wonderful. Sam and Dean don’t react when she says “my wife” instead of “my husband,” and I find that refreshing. 
  • The cinematography was oUT OF THIS WORLD. The way it flawlessly went between Sam/Dean and Bobby/Rufus was amazing. Well done. 
  • The feel was very s1, which is something that Carver originally said was what they wanted to do with this season. I think they’ve done a good job with that on the “filler” episodes. I like that the monsters are creepier this season, and it resembles classic episodes from the first few seasons in particular. 
  • The banter between Bobby and Rufus felt a lot like the brothers’ banter, and I loved it. 
  • I love the emphasis on Bobby calling Sam and Dean “my boys”. 
  • The fight scene between Sam/Dean & Bobby/Rufus was fantastic. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen Sam really fighting back (usually he ends up on the floor since the whole Gadreel thing it seems? Is that just a thing I’m seeing or does anyone else notice it?) Too bad Dean is the vessel for this creature. While I enjoy the occasional hurt!Dean, I enjoy him being happy and okay a lot more. 
  • Dean’s concern over finding Cas is wonderful. HE JUST WANTS CAS BACK AND SO DO I. I FEEL YOU.
  • Basically, I adored everything about this episode. It was amazingly worked through and I wish we got more episodes like this one. 

Next week: SAM GETS SHOT?! BILLIE ISN’T GONNA LET HIM COME BACK?! (Not gonna lie, I don’t like Billie’s chances of surviving if she’s keeping Sam from his brother, because we all know the lengths Dean will go to save Sam, yannow?) Also could we get Amara back next week? Watch and find out, everyone!


Okay so Cry For Help aired as well.

And boy oh boy this episode was excellent, I mean the animation was as beautiful as always the writing still flawless. Honestly I could go on for days how much I love Steven Universe it is just such a brilliant show that truly is a gem to watch.

The episode itself had loads of emotion, yes I will admit to having shed some tears especially at the ending with Pearl and Garnet….I can’t get started or I might weep.

Sardonyx is a pretty great character, does her character turn into tragedy yes but still great and definitely a terrific fusion I have been waiting for.

Tsukiyama Shuu is such a flawless, ethereal being. Seriously how does one person look so damn beautiful? His eyelashes are always perfect and his hair looks like it’s made of silk and his lips look so defined and nice. I swear he probably just rolls out of bed and already looks like a sculptured work of art.