how is no one talking about this

rfa as professors ive had before

707: a math professor who once sent a very long and strongly worded email about how low the attendance to his classes were and how its making him sad

zen: space class professor who records dozens of hour long videos of themselves talking for you to watch and take notes on every week

yoosung: university community leader who really wants the class to participate and be one big family (no one participates and an awkward silence usually follows after he asks a question)

jaehee: teacher’s assistant who brings baked goods to every class and makes sure you turn in reflections at the end

jumin: chem professor who seemed really strict but sent a short “good luck” email to everyone right before the midterm


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Your writing style has really developed over the years: if you were to rewrite Alana The First Adventure today, how do you think it would change?

Well, it would be better, for one thing. Other than that it’s hard for me to say. I don’t think too much about changing my old books. People love them so much that when you talk about what you would change, they look like you just shot their pony. ;-)

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I wish I could meet all of you Zayn stans because you guys are so kind towards Zayn. And I'm a brown Muslim too so I know how it's like to face Islamaphobia. Whenever I was absent from school my friend would be like "oh did you go for a terrorist meeting?" and I'd always have to shrug it off and just laugh because I have social anxiety and I was too scared to say anything. And it's just like when you tell people your race/religion and you can just feel the tension. When they talk about ISIS in

bad when Islam is really all about peace.

When we see another Muslim we say “As'salam'u'alaikum” which literally means “Peace be upon you”. How can a religion whose very greeting offers peace be one that stands for violence and hatred? Islam is not ISIS. Islam is not hate. And it’s not just towards other Muslims. It’s towards everyone. And it breaks my heart every time people misconstrue our religion. Anyway, thank you for the support you show Zayn and the fight you guys put up against - school, or they talk about terrorists, I can FEEL eyes on me. My skin burns up and I feel guilty and scared. But I didn’t do anything wrong. But I still do. And it means so much to see so many people of so many different races support Zayn because that means they’d support me too right? It gives me comfort to know maybe I won’t be so lonely. Maybe I’ll find friends like you guys someday. I really wish I could meet you guys. I’m so sick and tired of people making me feel like my religion is  Islamaphobia and racism. It means a lot to me.

I’m sorry it got so long. I would go off anon but I just don’t want my ask box to blow up with hate. I don’t. I don’t want people to call me a terrorist or a liar or any other worse things that people come up with these days. Just thank you. Not just to you, but other blogs too. I can’t message you all but I hope my message will spread. I love you guys. Thank you. Warmest regards, Z. (I’m not trying to be Zayn haha my name starts with Z)

Answer: You have broken me. I wish I could give you a hug. Thanks for being so so brave and speaking about it.

I’m offended

I checked my tags and no one’s talking about how i’m really a cisgendered looking for all that spicy trans privilege. I’m hurt. 

But apparently i hate Asexual people! lol. 

I dunno why people keep wanting me to speak about this shit when I am the most boring vanilla straight person you’ll probably ever meet. ,lol. 

I said that I didn’t think -straight- people were queer. I think asexuals have far more ownership over the label queer than I ever will. lol. BUT IT’S COOL. lol. 

That’s so small tho. I wanted conspiracies. 


I’m side eyeing the shit out of that BuzzFeed article and here’s why.

We already know BuzzFeed is kaylor af. That’s just a fact. They’re always so quick to talk about how they’re such friendship goals. We also know that people who worked at BuzzFeed read the article that Erin was featured in and were tweeting out the link to her evidence blog.

The author of that article, Elle, writes a lot of content pertaining to Taylor. She basically wrote every BuzzFeed hiddleshit show article back when that fake RS was happening. And a few of her articles had the same attitude that we had; that the relationship was fake.

BuzzFeed clearly likes to lurk Tumblr, more specifically kaylor blogs, because that post by @jennyboom21 had 64 notes before they screen grabbed it. It wasn’t blowing up with hundreds of notes so they had to be looking for it. The turnaround time for the post and that article were pretty quick.

They not only wrote that friendship goals (🙄) article, but decided to include a screen grab from a kaylor blog. They weren’t being obvious about it by using someone with a URL with kaylor in the name like taylorlickskarliesvagina, kaylorisreal69, or something like mine where I’m clearly calling tayvin fake. (Those urls are fake i think but I’m just trying to make a point). However, they knew that by including Jenny’s comment people would look up her URL and go to her blog. And when they get to her blog they’re going to realize she’s a gaylor swiftie and they’re going to possibly fall down the kaylor rabbit hole.

BuzzFeed isn’t stupid. They clearly know what’s up, but they can’t outright just put it out there. Not trying to reach, but it seems like they’re slowly nudging their audience towards our direction and it’s making me 👀

One JumpJump Man. 

I’ve talked with JumpJump every now and then and his way of talking to someone or about something is just so funny to me and never takes things serious, he reminds me of Saitama from One Punch Man, just a hero for fun. JumpJump just an artist for fun.

and if you’re wondering about the long note that JumpJump got, it was from QueenBean telling him how she hates him. But it didn’t seem to bother JumpJump, at that much, since he made a song about it. Truly a great and fun artist to have and to talk to. Thank You JumpJump! :D 

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I've noticed in a lot of hamliza fics, Hamilton is usually kind of a flaky father, not necessarily a bad one, but more forgetful like in Take A Break. Do you think he was really an absent (maybe that's not the right word), father or was he a really good one?

I’ve talked about this before, so I’ll try to find those posts.

I think he was a loving father who liked his kids and liked having kids (whenever he describes them in letters, it’s pretty cute). How was it John described him? Occasionally he was distracted by business concerns, which feels very normal to me. I mean, this is a man who worked incredibly hard (in large part to support his family) and someone who works hard is not, to me, as a rule, an absent or bad father. It’s about what time and the quality of that you’re giving, right? Especially when you’re the sole breadwinner for a large family.

There are stories of the children just around a lot (imagine the Hamilton children and Washington grandchildren playing in the corner as a big party happens); or people coming over and Ham is a mess while working on something, but taking a break and playing with his kids on the floor; or even Judge Kent who was like “this bro’s just a loving and devoted husband and father when he’s at home. Wasn’t expecting that.” When Eliza was out of town with the younger two while Johnny was sick and nearly dying in 1794, Hamilton had a hard time considering sending the other children to the country. They were a joy to him and he didn’t want to part from them, even though it’s like the older boys need to go back to school and Angelica was likely sent out of the city to avoid illness. (Also I don’t think Hamilton was alone much after a certain summer…)

On top of that, once they built The Grange, it was really important to Hamilton that a parent be with the kids at all times, which is a pretty interesting detail and who knows how long that thinking was actually in place. Perhaps he and Eliza always felt this way but, since there was only one home, everyone was together. Perhaps it was a post-Philip development. At least before Philip died, we do see him doing those Rules for Philip Hamilton, so he was very interested in how his kid would develop (which is normal, of course). But it’s clear he’s thinking about the kids.

He also had plans for at least what he wanted Alex Jr. to do, and I imagine he’d thought much about James’ and John’s futures too (the little ones perhaps escaped by still being so young).

It’s also interesting in that one letter to Philip where he’s like “we love you and are proud of you!” To me, that’s kind of striking for parents of that time to be so openly affectionate.

I should also note that one of the reasons they even built the Grange was so everyone was closer during the summer. Albany was a long trip back in those days and since, if you could, you escaped the city as much as possible in the summer, I think everyone was sick of the separation. Building the Grange meant he could commute if he wanted every day or at least spend half the week there. He built it for other reasons too, but this is an important one too. Let’s show off and entertain but let’s also be together as much as possible.

So I guess I think if Hamilton fics present him as a flaky or absentee dad or bad dad, it wouldn’t necessarily be contrary to the Hamilton musical. But do I think it’s true to life? Not to me. I don’t think anything above indicates anything extraordinary. To me, he’s a normal, loving papa who is trying to do the best he can for a family he loves.

Remember, he talked pretty much until he died except when he saw his kids for the last time. He was struck speechless and had to close his eyes until they were taken away.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch Stage Door 10/25/16

I’m the quiet one with the “wings”, as Darren called my hair. I talked to him about how nice Mason Alexander Park is and how he just met Euan Morton, who is going to play Hedwig aftet him. Also, the people before me were way more…outgoing then I was lmao

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MC + RFA members visit one of those botanic gardens with the beautiful flowers and butterflies!

Once I went in one of these and I saw a butterfly so beautiful I cried (but really I was like “it’s//// so  go od”
Anytime a butterfly lands on me I feel blessed tbh. They are so gorgeous.

~Admin MP

  • Yoosung loves butterflies tbh
  • When he was little, he used to chase them around and giggle
  • Also, although he loves gaming, he also really loves flowers and that aesthetic
  • Seven would be too busy trying to catch a butterfly to notice how pretty it is (stops after MC scolds him because he might hurt one!!)
  • Stands next to the little pond with the koi fish and tries to get Zen to go closer so he can push him in
  • (Zen is stopped by Jehee, thankfully, who notices the evil gleam in Seven’s eyes)
  • Zen keeps talking about how he feels at home among the butterflies because they’re beautiful and so is he
  • Keeps picking flowers as he walks and makes himself a flower crown
  • Dramatically flips his hair over his shoulder and says, “Leave me here with them. I feel at home.”
  • Jaehee actually knows a lot about butterflies
  • In high school she had to do the thing where they collected dead bugs
  • She had quite a few butterflies (did not admit that she cried when she pinned them because she loved them so much)
  • She’d walk around telling everyone random facts about butterflies or what kind they are
  • (Yoosung and Seven are shook when she explains a proboscis and they see one in action)
  • Turns bright red when MC tucks a flower behind her ear with a smile
  • Jumin fucking loves it
  • Constantly talks about how fresh the air is and how pleasing it is to be in there
  • “It is so wonderful here. I love the butterflies and the flowers. It is a good place.”
  • Suddenly gets the idea of bringing Elizabeth 3rd there
  • The workers say that he can’t have a cat there
  • Gets offended for 30 minutes (Calls his lawyer to see if they can sue)
  • Instead he buys the place just so he can have Elizabeth in there with him
  • Zen is like “Do not leave me here. This was supposed to be a safe place.”
  • They take one of those group photos and Yoosung is crying because a butterfly landed on his nose and he feels so Blessed 
  • Seven is holding seven cups of nectar in his hands and looks demonic as the butterflies flock to him
  • Jumin is on the phone trying to buy the goddamn place for Elizabeth 3rd
  • Zen is sneezing thinking about it
  • MC has a butterfly on their hand and is smiling at it
  • Jaehee is staring into the camera like she’s on the office because of everything around her that is happening
  • Save Jaehee Kang 2k16

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RFA reacting to Wicca/witch MC please, you seem like such a cute little baby love the blog so far

THANK YOU!!! aww im actually Wiccan so this made me happy to write 💫👏


- you bring up in conversation how you always carry certain stones in your pocket for good luck
- he thinks that that is such a cool idea? and he definitely wants to start doing it now
- talking about it more and more you tell him it’s a Wiccan thing that you do for your religion
- curious little kitty!!! he needs to know all about this!!!
- he asks you what your favorite ones are and he finds his favorite (its amethyst)
- he wants to celebrate wiccan holidays w you too
- it’s real-life magic cmon he’s already obsessed


- he sees you setting up a small altar in your guys’s room
- theres a white and yellow candle and lots of flowers and stones!
- and you made it look so cute and personalized!
- he personally doesn’t practice it himself but he still likes the idea
- tells his fans to stop flirting w him or his gf will hex them all
- you laugh and quickly say that’s not true
- it’s okay though zennys just teasing you
- you give him some crystals to carry around that will bring him positivity and happiness


- she’s heard about it before, but didn’t take much interest in it
- for some reason when you talk about it all of a sudden she wants to know everything
- “Halloween is coming up, right? is there any kind of celebration for that?”
- yes!!! You tell her all about it and how it was originally a pagan holiday
- it’s so fun and you cast some spells for her, maybe even a few rituals for good health and luck


- confused, he’s never been one to really believe in magic
- he’s respectful of it though and he wants to know more about what you do
- you tell him your mom always told you you came from a long line of witches
- and that witches aren’t usually what’s portrayed on tv, though you find the interpretations pretty funny
- you wear an enchanted lipstick/gloss for your smile to brighten his day up even more
- jumin can’t believe he ended up with such a unique person


- he is SHOOK
- he’s always believed in magic and now here you are practicing real life witchcraft with magic and he’s just amazed
- he asks you if you could conjure up a million bags of honey Buddha chips for him
- you tell him that’s not how it works but he’s still hopeful that it’s possible… maybe one day
- lots and lots and lots of fun doing all kinds of witchy things together
- you teach him little magic things he can do, like blessing and enchanting money so that wherever it ends up, it will give someone luck
- you even meditate with him, it’s so hard for him to stay still though
- just stares at you the whole time because wow he’s so in love

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That chapter cover for 76...Do you think it has anything to do with that one time Fai and Kurogane listened to Oruha's song in Outo? Because your analysis really brings that to mind.

The beauty of interpretation is that anything can be connected if you think it does. 


But yes, if we take a look at Oruha’s song here and here, and compare it to the cover for Chapter 76 then HO BOY DO WE GET EXTRA MEANING OUT OF IT. 


I’ve been working on redesigning one of my ocs

reconciling non-med & med life

Still hits me sometimes. 

Mid conversation with non-med friends. 

one second we talk about random things, celebrities and drugs. 

how was your day…

and I catch myself at..
I just treated an-18-yo-ice-user-who-was-in-police-custody-for-possession-and-is-8-weeks-pregnant-for-pyelonephritis. And she was hella hard to cannulate because she’s IV drug user and her veins are shot. And i’m struggling to normalize things, not feel my heart breaking for her, as I congratulate her on her pregnancy. She doesn’t look..”irresponsible”. she looks alone and forlorn. the cops aren’t mean. they’re compassionate, and trying everything they can. Asking me how can they tell if she’s really sick. Telling me they knew her as a child. I don’t even want to know how. 

Then this 30 yo ex-heroin user, with endocarditis, had trouble cannulating him too, despite all the pro-tip’s he gave me for cannulation. He was a pro. His 10 yo son in the background, protectively hovering.

Otherwise it was like any other day.

I’ve learnt to filter myself now. 

Apart of my social life being the other residents in the four walls of the hospital.

It bothers me more, when people or patients in ‘normal’ lives complain about wait times, a nurse being 2 mins late responding to their needing coffee or something. yea it’s shit I guess? or hospitals only being able to give sandwiches for lunch. I absorb it all. I say I’m sorry and I try really hard to mean it. Because i know, it still sucks, to have to stay in hospital. And be sick.