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An episode where Pearl meets someone who acts like her could be interesting. Like they use their frail appearance and sad back story to get what they want from people or to stop people from critisizing them. Someone who won’t get over that one crush who moved on.

And at the end Pearl is getting sick of listening to them and either Steven or Amethyst goes ‘But pearl, don’t you do the same thing?’

And Pearl just has a big moment of self realization of what’s she’s done over the years. Her obsession with Rose and behavior against Greg.

It could end with the gems chasing the person away because now everyone’s just annoyed at them, and Pearl just kinda… thinks in the house and doesn’t do anything for a few days/episode because she’s still thinking.

And she starts being more observant when she starts doing her pity stuff and feels angry over Rose, she becomes more hesitant and really starts to think things over.

You know, character stuff that takes a long time to do.

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Why was Dean acting like an ass to Cas in season 6?

Don’t worry about it, though. We’ve all been there, and especially me. 

So, I won’t get into this a lot because season 6 has been discussed so much - some meta bloggers, like @elizabethrobertajones, even have weirdly specific tags for it (hers is ‘we don’t talk about season six’, which I always assumed was a veiled threat and, as it turns out, she thinks it was a very romantic season and we don’t discuss it nearly enough). 

There are various theories about how this season was built, and one of them is that it was supposed to turn Cas for good - to make him into an enemy and then eliminate him from the show, if I remember correctly, so the general consensus seems to be, Why wasn’t Dean more of an ass to Cas in season 6? This was a narrative centered on misunderstanding and miscommunication, and from Dean’s point of view, Cas was acting like a demented Callahan type for no reason, which, given angels were (they still are, but back then it was particularly noticeable) the most powerful creatures Dean’d ever encountered, was incredibly dangerous, not to mention unpredictable. Dean should have wanted to take Cas out just to be on the safe side, and if it had been anyone else, he would have done it. But, of course, deep bond and stuff. Even after Cas’ done the unforgivable and hurt Sam, possibly for good (protect Sam: remember that’s Dean’s genetic imprinting, and he steamrolls over both friends and enemies to get that done), Dean still has enough empathy and affection for Cas to come clean about his own feelings, and to try and help Cas, or even save him, if he can. That, I think, is unprecedented?

Something that doesn’t come up a lot as a reason why Dean was so awful to Cas during this season (and therefore, what I’ll focus on here) is how Dean constantly refuses to see Cas for what he is - not a human being, but an unknowable, alien, otherwordly creature

Now, from Dean’s perspective (at the beginning of season 4), angels are not monsters, or things he hunts, or things that exist in the real world; they are, instead much more close and personal than that. They are a cherished memory of his mother, and they are, therefore, an emotional concept which symbolizes peace and being safe and thinking that things could, one day, be alright. This is thrown into particular sharp contrast if we compare Dean’s religious beliefs to Sam’s - we know that Dean doesn’t believe in God, and therefore angels, and that he doesn’t pray. So, for him, angels really are this intimate, childish thing he’s allowed himself to cling to all these years: his mother’s voice, full of love, biding him goodnight. And when Cas shows up, it’s painfully clear that Dean takes his very existence personally, and he’s not at all happy with any part of it. Cas is important in the narrative because he sort of ‘pushes’ Dean out of his comfort zone; he challenges him, and makes him feel out of control in a life where Dean’s fought so hard to be in control at all times (because someone had to be). In a way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cas’ overt sexual aggressiveness was planned for exactly this reason - because Dean’s been written as bi from the start, and yet this is a part of himself he keep a tight rein over, and Cas’ behaviour very nearly shatters all that. We’ve seen Dean’s uncomfortable with being flirted at, and he’s uncomfortable with anyone being too close to him (in every sense) and Cas, in this sense, is a nuclear reaction. All those secrets Dean’s fought so hard to protect from his brother and Bobby and everyone else - now there’s someone who knows them. All of them, including what he really thinks about himself and the shameful things he did in Hell and how they made him feel. And the fact Cas was always in Dean’s personal space was partly meant, I think, to symbolize this intrusion into Dean’s mind and soul. 

(It must have been terrifying, really.)

And the thing is, out of all the possible responses Dean could have to this gobsmacking, life-changing revelation (that God exists and angels exist and one of them saved him from Hell and is now following him around), what Dean chooses to do is extremely revealing: he starts treating Cas like a human

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When we started talking to people about what we were looking for in them collaborating was: ‘Imagine how you’d feel the night that Trump won’. This particular dark fantasy was imagine what it would be like if something happened that no one expected, that changed everything. How would we feel after that night? How would we party? Or would we party? How would we communicate with each other? How would we feel about such an uncertain mourning?
—  Damon Albarn discussing the making of Humanz (Gorillaz album) on Radio X (23/03/2017)

A concept: Viktor and Yuuri’s mom teaming up to be completely embarrassingly proud of their favourite katsudon boy Katsuki Yuuri. Viktor bonds with her over Yuuri’s baby pictures and stories about Yuuri’s childhood, and then there was that time he spent a day cooking with her to learn how to make all of Yuuri’s favourite foods. Yuuri walks in on them one day to find the two of them sipping tea and chatting like old friends, just goes “oh no,” and Viktor beams at him and informs him that “we were talking about how cute you are and how much we love you!!!!!”. Thing is, they really were.

I just have a lot of feelings about nygmobblepot 

so, I always end up thinking of oswald’s quote from season 1: “When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him." and how, after shooting oswald, ed is going to feel like he died that day too.

and he’s not going to know why he feels that way, he won’t understand, he’ll probably feel lost which adds to the idea of him trying to find himself and becoming the riddler, then one day it’s just going to hit him that he feels this way because he’s in love with oswald

I mean, I believe he’s been in love with oswald this whole time but he never got that moment where it really hit him (on a conscious level, perhaps on a deeper level he was somewhat aware), whereas oswald did. we saw oswald realise his feelings during the fireplace scene in 3x05 and then it was confirmed in 3x06, we haven’t had that moment with ed, but we will. I mean, this picture lends its hand to that. 

and then, because I love pain, you have ed’s quote from season 2: “for some men, love is a source of strength. but for you and I, it will always be our most crippling weakness.” but this was after he’d killed kristen and as we know any love there was obsessive and even if he genuinely did love her (which I believe he did) it was always doomed. and with isabella we the audience know that wasn’t love and even if it was, it’s different with oswald, they have a history that goes far beyond just being in love.

this just adds to this idea that ed is going to realise he’s in love with oswald and that’s why he feels so much pain. he’s going to realise that it was only his most crippling weakness because what he had with kristen and isabella wasn’t real love, but with oswald it is.

also, in terms of oswald’s mother she was only his most crippling weakness because he kept her in the dark and refused to distance himself from her to keep her safe, yes that’s partly down to love, but also partly down to arrogance and wanting more than he could have (i.e. being king of gotham and having his mother by his side). but what we’ve seen from season 3 is actually love has had some pretty positive effects on oswald,

anyway, it’s 5am and I’m not used to getting up this early so you can blame that and also @endless-nygmobblepot​ a little for this

One Month

A/N: Shout out to @smolsickficwriter for the assist with the Spanish. I wanted to try out some techniques with moving scenes around to make it more interesting. This is a longer one, but I loved every second of it.

Ultimately, this is another fic for @doublecheckyoself (throws Klance and runs).

“Red? Hey, Girl, it’s just Lance. I know I’m not your paladin, but can we talk?”

The Red Lion loomed, looking out of place with the towering trees surrounding her. Her size against the alien plants mimicked the size of Blue Paladin against her. It was true that Blue was bigger than her, but there was something much more ominous about how the Red Lion wouldn’t stop staring.

Lance very carefully put his hand on the barrier Red put up. It was like touching a glass dome, there was no way he was getting through to her without her consent.

“Red?” Still no response. Her eyes were still locked on him, but she made no movement. He would’ve preferred if she even took a swipe at him.

Lance sighed and knocked on the barrier a few times. Before he could turn around and start to think of another plan, the mechanical whirring of the Red Lion filled his ears. He looked back up at her. From behind her barrier, Red whipped her head and roared. The vibrations shook the barrier and the ground, rustling the alien birds from their homes. Almost every animal in the vicinity perked up and fled. Except for the human in blue paladin armor.

Pidge called out something in his helmet, but Lance shut it off immediately. He was getting somewhere, he couldn’t afford any distractions.

“Hey, easy…easy…” Lance ran his hand up and down the barrier, trying to soothe the giant metal beast, “I’m not gonna hurt you, Girl. You have your barrier up, I can’t hurt you. What’s the matter? We haven’t heard back from Keith in a long while. Is he alright?”

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Two years. Two years, gone. I should’ve fucked off when he messed around with someone else. I should’ve ignored it when he said my name. This is personal, yes, with names and everything, but how many Juans and Ashleys are there in the world? Maybe he’ll see this, maybe not. Probably not. If you do, don’t you dare contact me, say anything about posting private things. Private things was her posting hickeys and bruises that got you caught. Private things are things that are now gone and trying to be forgotten. I’m tired of hurting. I’m so fucking angry, because I was hurt and broken before and now I’m just dust. I’m dust, and it’s the kind that I talked about in that one piece I wrote that I wanted you to read, and that you never will. You didn’t want to do anything to take me out of your life? You wanted to be honest? Ironic, because how often did you really lie to me? Then again, life likes to fuck me over with every ounce of irony it can find. You know, you didn’t talk to me on my birthday, you were ignoring the question I asked you the previous night. I have no one left. I have no one else. Everyone, every single fucking person I ever love and care about fucks me over somehow and somehow I’m not used to it. I’m just done hurting, I’m done opening up to people. I’m done, because it’s been proven over and over again that I’m not enough and never will be. You were my best friend. You were my only person. You know, I hope you see everything I did for you and you hurt. I hope you hurt half as much as I’m hurting right now.

I don’t understand how people try to combine anarchism and Marxism too. they are fundamentally different outlooks and predicated on fundamentally different premises. You can’t find a middle ground between materialism and idealism, you can’t find a middle ground between scientific analysis and utopian hopefullness, you can’t cherry pick parts of one to augment blindness or reluctance to accept parts of another. Politics isn’t a game of identity, it’s a fucking battle, it’s not a challenge of arguing over what’s the most correct it’s a struggle for the political power of conflicting classes.

Making patches

I see a lot of people asking others how to make patches, and I see that most of the replies are usually to just use some acrylics and paint your own. This is a totally awesome method, and one that I have used myself, but I rarely see anyone talking about screenprinting as an option. I imagine that part of this is partly due to the material requirements making it seem cost prohibitive, and that it seems like a whole new art form to learn with a bunch of weird chemicals and processes. Because of this I’d just like to take a moment to let folk why screenprinting is both rad as fuck, super easy (if time consuming), and maybe a better fit for what you want.

I started making tshirts and patches in high school by drawing on rags with sharpie, but never really liked how that looked in the end, I was still broke as fuck though and wanted a cheaper alternative than buying from a shop. I also had moral issues with buying band merch not directly from the band, but that’s a different rant/conversation. Anyway, onward after the break!

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i thought id share something that happened today. there's a guy in my class who messaged me today "anything new on reverse?" i started to celebrate bc i have a special place in my heart for people who read fanfiction im in love with and talk to me about it (at the same time i was paranoid like how does he know i read it too did he hack me or??) but it turned out i just forgot we had discussed earlier the code we needed to write for programming class and one of the functions was called reverse :(

xD That’s very amusing! 

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Evan and Jared with one word prompts #2?

Enjoy #2 ‘Kiss’


“Just because you fantasize about kissing Zoe Murphy, doesn’t mean I wanna hear all the weird details of it.” Jared groaned as he flung himself on Evan’s bed. “But Jared she’s perfect.” Evan pointed out.

“I’m not even into girls Evan, how would I know she’s perfect?” Jared shrugged. Evan nodded, suddenly remembering Jared was very much into dudes and not girls like Zoe.

“I-I forgot, Jared I am so sorry, I mean we could talk about boys you like too! Boys are great! You know when they remember to put on deodarant and are nice. Like you Jared! You’re nice and a boy, who smells nice and-” Jared cut Evan off.

“It’s fine Evan if you want to talk about your weird heteroness with me.” Jared joked. All too often the he made jokes about the gays and the heteros, it’s just who he was. “Have you even kissed her yet?” Jared questioned.

“Jared! We’ve been barely dating for a week! And I can’t just kiss her! I haven’t even had my first kiss yet!” Evan was in shock. He couldn’t just kiss Zoe Murphy! 

Jared shook his head as he moved forward and sat in front of Evan. “Look Hansen, just close your eyes okay?” Jared said. Evan shook his head, he was too nervous now, Jared was very close.

“Fine.” Jared shrugged as he leaned in and kissed Evan. The kiss was soft and Evan was shocked that he even kissed Jared back. Was this considered cheating if it was just Jared?

“I’ll be going now.” Jared whispered as he pulled away. He quickly got up and left the room, not once looking Evan in the eyes. 

Evan touched his lips. Why did Jared’s kiss make his heart beat ten times faster than Zoe ever did? Did he love Jared? Was this kiss something more than just a kiss…It was his first kiss ever.

“Am I in love with Jared Kleinman?” Evan asked his empty room, waiting for an answer to appear.

ok so one of my favorite things

is during the final battle ™ in diu when josuke catches up to kira At Last and basically flings him into a concrete wall, hard enough that it leaves a visible dent and cracks where kira’s head hits, and kira slides down and says cliche anime villain line #938734824 “h-he’s strong…”


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When do you think Ron and Hermione realized they had feelings for the other person?

Good lord, this message has been in my inbox for so long! And I am extremely sorry for the delay, Anon!

I have so much to say on this that I didn’t even know how to put it all in one post without making it look like a novel in itself. Thank goodness @coyotelaughingsoftly has already done the job for me by creating the masterpiece called To Know You Is To Love You. (I am assuming you have already read TKYITLY, in case you haven’t- READ it NOW!)

If we are talking about an exact moment, I guess for Hermione it would have been sometime during their third year- during the time of the famous Cat-Rat fight. I feel the months when Ron and she spent not talking to each other was the time when she truly realized what he meant to her. 

If my memory doesn’t fail me (i haven’t read PoA in a while), she was utterly miserable and was always described as being very upset. True, the Time-Tuner and so many subjects would be draining her for sure, but if we fast-forward to their fifth year, even with the pressure of O.W.Ls which she surely felt she needed to ace, Umbridge, the DA and her prefect duties, she wasn’t as miserable. And yes, Harry was in bad shape and frequently poured his frustration on Ron and Hermione. Was she so miserable about it? No.

What I mean to say is, being the more emotionally mature one of the two, Hermione would have figured out that her feelings for Ron ran deeper than friendship way before our favorite Weasley realized his. It makes more sense for her to be upset about his angry taunts to Lavender about how Hermione didn’t care much for other’s pets, knowing that she had feelings for this oblivious bloke, doesn’t it? I wish Harry was more observant, but from the little that he saw of her (or realized what was going on in her head), all signs clearly point towards a broken heart because Hermione surely thought she had broken things between them beyond repair? Because perhaps she had no clue how to mend it? Or, quite possibly she was afraid she would only make it worse and would lose Ron forever? Of course, she hugged him when Ron agreed to help her with her research for saving Buckbeak! If that wasn’t a dead giveaway, I don’t even know what was.  

As far as Ron is concerned, alas he was a little slow, to say the least. He cared for her since the time they became friends, that much we know. And our little hero did unbelievably well to win the girl’s heart (come on, who wouldn’t love a knight who sacrificed himself for his friends? Or burp slugs to defend her honor? I would, and Hermione sure did). But did he realize he actually fancied her before the Yule Ball? I doubt. As I have mentioned earlier, my story A Pesky Little Thought is all about that moment of realization. 

However, I don’t think Hermione looking drop dead gorgeous that day had anything to make Ron suddenly start fancying her. This point comes up way too often, and by Ron bashers too. What they fail to comprehend is that Ron was a fourteen-year-old confused teen. Which fourteen-year-old boy is in tune with his emotions, I ask? In fact, I find it utterly cute that Ron never noticed Hermione is a girl. Well, I am sure he knew she was a girl, but he saw her his best friend, just as the same with Harry. How is that wrong? Yes, Ron was a little slow to figure out that he liked her a little differently than he liked Harry, and I am sure, that realization would have both shocked and confused him initially. It takes seeing her with another bloke for him to understand that he doesn’t want anyone else next to her- and takes a little more to understand that he wants that place for himself. That the bloke is Krum only added fuel to fire (made him more insecure) but I am sure he would have been equally jealous had it been Neville or Harry. 

Write all the Words, 3/28

Tonight I worked on fixing the scene in Midnight. I really want to have the emotional tone down before I try to go into the next bit. And I thought it would be easier to pick through the scene and make the minor edits right now, while it’s all fresh in my head. I think i was probably right. 

So, a bit about this excerpt. One of the things I’ve really loved as I’ve written the second half of FANA is the way Jenny’s relationship with both the Doctor and Rose has developed. In the Doctor’s Daughter section, she asks Rose what their relationship is, and Rose offers the closest approximation–she’s Jenny’s step-mum. Later, they talk about how they’ll present themselves to strangers, and when they’re in 1926, they claim Rose is Jenny’s mum, just to simplify things. 

But it’s the time in the Library’s computer that actually triggers a permanent shift in their relationship. That’s when Rose realises she’s just as upset as the Doctor is about Jenny being gone, and Jenny realises that Rose and the Doctor are both her family. She calls Rose Mum involuntarily for the first time when they’re reunited, and it sticks.

And yes, she’s Jenny Tyler. Because as you know, in this ‘verse, when the Doctor has to take a last name, he takes Rose’s. So when Jenny asked what her family name would be, Rose offered hers. 


Jenny and Dona didn’t leave Rose’s comfortable room in the infirmary. Seeing her so still and silent was wrong. Not that her mum talked the way her dad did, but her mind was always active, always buzzing with thought and emotion and laughter. Sitting beside her, knowing she was there and yet not feeling anything but the barest telepathic response from her… it wasn’t right.

And if it felt wrong to her, how would it feel to her dad? Jenny’s stomach clenched at the thought of telling him that Rose was.. And what if she didn’t come back?

Jenny whimpered, and Donna reached over and took her hand. “It’s all right to be scared, Jenny.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jenny wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes. “It’s just… They’re the Doctor and Rose Tyler, or Dad and Mum. If Mum doesn’t wake up, it’ll just be Dad, and I can’t…”

“You listen to me, Jenny Tyler,” Donna said sternly, and Jenny finally looked away from Rose to meet her friend’s gaze. “You’re forgetting two very important things. First of all, this is Rose we’re talking about here. She’s tough—really tough. I can’t imagine a measly telepathic attack could really stop her.”

“What’s the other thing, Donna?” Jenny begged. Because not even Rose was invincible, and they both knew it.

Donna smiled softly. “They’re the Doctor and Rose Tyler, like you said. If Rose can’t heal herself, there is no way your dad will let her go. As long as there’s the tiniest chance that she’ll wake up again, he will scour the universe, looking for a way to bring her back.”

So I’m in a 4000 level creative writing class for my minor and I turned in a short story for workshop where everyone reads it. Went insanely well, everyone was talking about how it did so well felt super authentic. I was so happy. 

One girl came up to me like “Wow, you really need to get this published, I mean do you have any plans?”

-she’s holding a draft for my new RWBY fan-fiction with the names changed-


Let’s talk about her absence from the moment she left the sheriff station until her arrival back home.

In the scene where she was with MM, Zelena, Henry and Regina there’s no hints about what she would do next. She just let Regina to solve her own battles with the EQ. And she wasn’t at Granny’s diner when Henry sent the EQ to another realm.I’m not sure how much time has passed since the sheriff station scene to her arrival at home but one thing i’m certain: She definitely was looking for Killian. She was expecting to see him at home, she was eager to find him and work things out.But he wasn’t there.

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if u wanna, can you tell me a bit more about your necromancer?? that seems like a cool concept, i never thought of how necromancy would affect a person's aura!!!

yeah i love talking abt her no worries!! her name is nat and she’s one of the main characters from the novel i’ve been working on for the past five years.

a tldr; of how the magic system works is that there are humans descended from the fae, and these humans are called faeblood. nat’s descended from a type of fae that draws its powers from the lifeforces of living things. most faebloods descended from these particular fae use their magic for healing, and nat was raised learning how to do that too. but as she got older, she became fascinated by the potential uses of necromancy - which, like a lot of fantasy things, is a forbidden magic because of all the ways it could go wrong, plus its just seen as morally wrong - and started studying it; it was purely academic, at first!

and then there was an Incident™ and the tldr; for THAT is that a dog of a friend got out of the house while nat was housesitting and the dog ran out into the road and was killed, and nat panicked and tried to put the necromancy she’d learned into practice without any previous knowledge of actually USING it. she succeeded in binding a spirit back to the dog’s body, but she grabbed the wrong spirit: instead, her friend’s dog now has the spirit of a cat that had died nearby and had yet to move on bouncing around inside of it. and like. the dog/cat is OKAY. but it’s very much a fuck up.

since then her aura has a bit of a… black smudge on it? as a mark of her messing around with things that go against the cycle of life and death. animals don’t like her because they can sense something’s off with her. (note: animals that have crossed the veil and were brought back don’t seem to mind)

she still practices necromancy on a much smaller scale, but instead of animals she focuses in on trying to adapt necromancy to the usage of plants which is… a complicated research project that’s ongoing at this point in her story lmao.

How To Finish a Project

So yesterday I was talking to a friend about the difficulty of finishing artistic endeavours. We’ve all been there. That rush you get with a new idea, the excitement of starting a fresh, new project… then it becomes work and you lose the enthusiasm for it. Or worse. You start to worry that no one will like it, that you’re a hack, that it’s not as good as you first thought. For me, it’s often a combination of both, and honestly, I didn’t even realise that the latter was a thing until very recently.

I was lucky. I’m bloody pig-headed when I want to be, and I have a fairly good work ethic. I don’t do anything in life half-arsed, and although that doesn’t always serve me well, when it comes to writing I’m very grateful to that part of my mentality.

Finishing The Redwood Rebel was probably the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. Doesn’t matter how I feel about it now, or how anyone else feels about it, either. I set out to write a book, and I did it. Now I know I can, there’s nothing to stop me from finishing another, and another, and to keep finishing books for as long as I want to be doing it.

But what’s the trick to getting there? Well, as always with advice from yours truly, I can’t give you a magical answer that will fix everything, but I can tell you what worked for me.

-Make a to-do list. It might sound silly, or maybe even obvious, but having a physical list of what you need to get done can help really channel your productivity. I keep two, personally. I write a daily list of things I’d like to get done, and then I have a long-term list, currently titled “The Plan VII”. Remember that nothing in life is ever solid, that plans change and you should adapt with them, but always keep your main goals in focus. Doesn’t matter how you get there in the end, does it? To-do lists are a good way to keep your sights on that finish line. Plus it’s so rewarding when you can cross off a task you set yourself!

-Surround yourself with inspiration. Music, art, books, people… whatever it is that makes you want to work, keep it prominent in your sphere. I always have some kind of inspiring quote as the wallpaper of my computer and my phone, I have specific playlists for when I’m working, films I’ll watch if I’m having a block, and people I go to for motivation. All through the sixth draft of TRR I would write “Stay The Course” on the back of my hand before I sat down to write. I also have a small statue of Athena on my desk with an incredibly judgemental expression, which helps if I stare off into space for too long. Find what drives you, and keep it close.

-Routine! Can’t even stress this one enough. Getting into a routine of work is so incredibly helpful, I promise you. Now a lot of us (myself included) have other things going on around us that keep us from having a specific time we can sit down to work on our craft, so when I say “routine” I want you to know I don’t mean in the traditional sense. I have a preferred time and place to write, but The Real World™ doesn’t give a bag of crabsticks about this and will go along with or without me. Instead, I have a routine for myself before I sit down to work, whenever that happens. For me it’s usually a change of clothes, washing my face, making a drink, putting on music, opening my files, scrolling through social media for half an hour (it’s an important part of the process, okay), then it’s writing o’clock. It works for me, but find what works for you, and stick to it.

-Set aside a work space. My productivity increased a huge amount once I got a proper desk, as opposed to just lolloping about wherever. Like the routine thing, it clicks your mind into the right gear to get your nose to the grindstone. I’m working with very limited space these days, but I do the best I can with what I have. Sometimes it doesn’t work, so I get up and go to find somewhere quiet to work, and that helps, too. I feel like physically going somewhere with the express intention to write makes me actually knuckle down and do it once I get there. Even if the only real reason is because it takes me a solid forty-five minutes to walk anywhere interesting from where I live!

-Remember why you’re doing this. Do you know why you’re doing this? I bet you do, even if you’ve never really vocalised it. It could be any reason at all; I shan’t speculate. We all have our reasons and it can be vastly different from person to person. Whatever your reason is, though, hold it close with both hands. Keep it front and centre at all times, on the good days, and on the bad days, too. Be kind to yourself, and remember that no one can be always working -nor should they- but keep that reason for working in the first place like a little beacon in your mind. Don’t give up. Please, don’t ever give up. It’s hard to follow your dreams, but it’s the best way any of us can spend our lives. Trust in yourself, trust in your projects, and if you can’t do that, trust in me when I say that I believe in you, and I know that you can do this. You just have to keep trying.