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1. Let’s take a shower together with the lights off. Let’s leave our insecurities in the brightness.

2. I like the way you look at me when you’re laughing. I like the way you know it’s my favorite sound.

3. Let me wear your sweater. Let me sit in your bed and listen to you tell me about how you were as a kid.

4. I like the way you talk about all the people before me like they didn’t come close. I like the way you make me feel like the only one who has ever had a chance.

5. I know forever is a shot in the dark, and love is fleeting and people are cynical and sometimes shit happens, but listen. I want to be that one shot in the dark. I want it to be us in the end. I want to be the story people tell in thirty years because no one fucking believed that we’d make it.

—  Let’s Make It. // Love Thoughts, Pt. 1

One thing about Hani that I wish more people knew about is how intelligent she is. She has a high iq, 145, which is on par w/ Rap Monster, who is considered to be probably one of the smartest idols. She can speak Chinese (I don’t know what dialect, but I’m assuming mandarin) after attending an advanced school there for high school. She learned the basics of english for the TOEIC in just two months and got a near perfect score in that category. Ahn Heeyeon is so bright and talented and I really want people to talk about that more. 

America's Headcannon

So…me and my brother Alfie were talking about stuff…when we came apon the topic of Italy, Germany and Holy Rome…how…we don’t know….so I brought up that my papa was the one who “killed” Holy Rome…then America brought up that Germany looks like Holy Rome, how he knows what Holy Room looks like, I can’t fathom…
anyway, he said that maybe France didn’t really kill Holy Rome, but instead hit him on the head to hard so he can’t remember anything, and Prussia took him in and made him Germany..

Papa…is it true?

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i think coca kolo might be one of my favorite ship names now lol

coca kolo will WIN.


so basically whilst me and @cosmic-clara / @put-in-writing were catching up, we somehow started talking about how much we adored watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos and that escalated into an hour long conversation about how modern!peter is a SLUT for conspiracy theories/ghost/aliens/and pretty much EVERYTHING SUPERNATURAL RELATED! so without further ado, here’s some headcanons from me and clara!

(aka, the one where peter is like mulder and his s/o is like scully)

  • peter has always been super interested in supernatural stuff because “IT’S SO FUCKING COOL BABE”
    • but his obsession really started when you guys were procrastinating and started watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos
    • he 100% can and will sit and watch all of them in one sitting
      • and he always low key freaks out because “THIS SOUNDS SO FUCKING LEGIT BABE”
        •  “I KNOW THE ILLUMINATI AREN’T REAL BUT LIKE….. what if they can hear me say that….” “peter oh my god”
      • some nights he’ll poke you until you’re awake and be like “so…. do you think that the clintons are apart of the illuminati and are shapeshifting lizard people? it sounds plausible” “GO TO SLEEP PETER” “but i kNOW THEY ARE” and then he proceeds to delve into a deep theory and you’re just about to lose your shit
        • (he’s tried to get charles to look into the clintons minds to see if he can ‘read’ their lizard thoughts)
        • (charles has lost count how many times he’s asked)
  • he ALWAYS nonchalantly will be like “wow i can’t believe we ACTUALLY didn’t land on the moon”
    • kurt is literally SHOOK when he hears that
    • everyone has to stop peter from explaining to kurt a theory that will last four hours
  • peter almost cried when charles told him that JFK was a mutant
  • when he’s sick he’s always like “i can’t take medicine, it’s a ploy by the government to control our minds-” “peter just take the fucking advil or i won’t suck your dick”
  • one of his favorite cases is the zodiac killer!!
    • (his favorite meme is 100% that ted cruz is the zodiac killer. it’s confirmed that peter made posters with ted cruz’s face next to the police sketch and hung them around school)
    • he’ll take you to the crime scenes to look for clues because he’s 100% convinced that the zodiac is still out there
      • if it’s dark and he hears a noise he’ll dash out of there and back to the car LEAVING YOU THERE
  • a lot of your dates consist of UFO hunting!
    • you take a picnic basket, loads of blankets, and take a truck out to a remote field where he’s researched to be a UFO hotspot and you guys sit out there with binoculars
      • he takes a picture of you wrapped in blankets and looking up at the stars with binoculars and captions it “UFO hunting with my lady. #BEAMUSUP”
    • you bought him that iconic ‘i want to believe’ poster and he almost cried from happiness
    • you guys have gone as mulder and scully for halloween multiple times!!
  • another favorite show of his is supernatural! (”i only like the first three seasons though, there’s way more monsters!”)
    • he has a little journal in which while he’s watching, he’ll take notes “just in case” (there are a lot of little doodles in there, too!)
    • one day while you’re cleaning your room you find salt on the windowsill, and you sigh
      • your first thought is “peter u fucking trash can” but then you realize it’s kiNDA SWEET? because he just wants to make sure you’re safe 100% of the time
      • he also buys you deans amulet one year for your birthday because he again, wants you safe all the time
        • when you kiss him and thank you warren says “that’s not the only protection she’ll need tonight ;–)”
    • peter has dozens of the temporary demon protection tattoos from the show!
    • one time you walk in to your room and he’s mumbling something in latin and you’re like “damn peter back at it again with the freaky ghost shit” SO WHEN YOU ASK HIM WHAT HE’S DOING HE’S JUST LIKE “it’s a protection spell!”
  • peter is a huge slut for that cheesy ghost adventures show, omfg
    • his favorite episode is this one

    • you actually enjoy this one a lot because its HILARIOUS
    • he would totally act like that around ghosts, omfg
      • he’d here a noise and fucking BOLT
  • peter get’s really into ghosts after he takes a picture of you in the mansion one day, and there’s multiple little orbs behind your shoulder
    • that’s the start of his obsession with finding the ghost in the mansion
      • “peter it’s a camera flare omfg” “….that’s what it wants us to think…..”
    • you buy him a cheap ghost detector for his birthday one year as a joke, but he actually get’s SUPER excited
      • he uses it everyday, tbh!
      • he walks around the halls with it and JFC does the beeping get annoying
      • one time at like four a.m. it went off and peter freaks out because it’s not the usual beeping, it’s like erratic beeping
        • “BABE THE GHOST IS HERE OH MY GOD” “peter it probably just needs new batteries” “but bABE” “go to sleep before i start screaming”
      • charles has to confront him one day because “you’re scaring the younger students”
        • “you know what should scare them more? GHOSTS, you should be thanking me that i’m patrolling” “peter, that is a childs toy.”
    • he really is protective of the boys because he relates to them hella, especially when they get bullied
    • so you just let him cuddle into you as you watch!!
      • (he asked hank to make him ghost hunting weapons like in ghostbusters)
      • (hank said no)
    • he bought you one and threw at you and said “PUT IT ON BABE WE’RE GOING GHOST HUNTING”
      • (you’re both low key attracted to each other in the costumes)
    • one day while you’re in the hallway you see peter bolt by in his ghostbusters costume and you’re just like “peter, back at it again” but then you see 10 little boys in ghostbusters costumes chasing after him!!
      • they all make little cardboard ghost detectors so they can follow peter around with them
        • (it’s low key bc peter didn’t want them to mess with actual ghosts shh)
          • charles wants to call him out on it but the kids are so happy with him 
          • so he lets it happen
      • one night you go to your shared room only to find peter surrounded by the boys with a light under his chin, telling scary stories
        • peter gave you the happiest little grin you almost DIED inside
        • you see the way peter makes them all giggle and laugh and that’s just a reminder of why you love him
    • somewhere along the way the little girls made you the leader of their female ghostbusters squad!
      • you and the girls are always in a prank war with the boys!
    • one day you and peter set up a game where The Squad put sheets over their heads and whoever catches the most ‘ghosts’ wins!
      • if you catch Kurt you win (bc he’s a teleporter!) he’s pretty much the golden snitch of the game
      • there’s a lot of laughs and pranks and it’s such a good time!!
      • the boys try to prank the girls in the middle of the night but jokes on them because the girls found out and got them while they were trying to prank them
    • peter’s favorite halloween meme is the fucking skeleton war
      • he hides a bunch of plastic skeletons around the mansion dressed up in weird costumes
        • “PETER WHY IS THERE A SKELETON WITH A PLASTIC SWORD IN MY BATHROOM” “the skeleton war…… it’s coming…….” “i hate you so much”
        • the whole school loves this fucking meme
          • there’s a sudden influx of plastic weapons and charles is like “what the fuck” when he confronts the kids, but they’re just like “THE SKELETON WAR PROFESSOR, IT’S COMING”
          • this is pretty much what it’s like living with peter during this
    • one of his favorite halloween things to do is a stupid fucking ouija board
      • he gets the squad to try it one night and this is how it goes
    • peter asked it one time if it was a friendly ghost, and when it moved to ‘no’ everyone lost their shit
      • somewhere along the way the board got tossed and you all freak out because you were supposed to say ‘goodbye’ and you didn’t
      • you all don’t sleep for a week
    • he also LOVES hitting up haunted houses!!
  • one time while you guys were having sex he thought of a new theory to the Bermuda triangle conspiracy and he literally got up to write it down
      • “I CAN’T FORGET IT BABE IM SORRY” “you do it one more time we’re stopping and going to sleep” 
      • he does it again so you roll over and he’s like “I’M SORRY PLEASE PLEASE”
      • “nothing makes me drier than you bringing up aliens peter goodnight”
        • when you tell the squad all the boys roast him for it
        • “you can all thank me when the truth comes out bye”
  • when you guys watch scary movies he’s always pointing out the details
    • “that’s signs of a poltergeist not a demon smh”
      • after peter bugged charles to get a priest, he has the damn audacity to make a daddy joke
      • and if peter ever tried to excerise a demon by himself it’d be like that scene from this is the end
        • you would be the one saying “that’s you’re fucking plan?! you’re gonna repeat lines from The Exorcist?!” “well i would assume they did their fuckin research!” “iT’S A MOVIE” “IT’S A MANUAL, A FUCKIN MANUAL”
  • one summer you guys hit up every UFO hotspot, roswell, area 51, and the most haunted locations in america (and you maybe even go international!)
    • one time though you guys got fucking arrested for climbing into a restricted area
      • charles sent alex to bail you guys out
        • “why the fuck would you try to break into area 51 jfc i don’t get paid enough for this shit
          • (exasperated dad!alex summers is real af)
  • another time peter wanted to go hunt for bigfoot so he took you up to oregon to go camping
    • so you told scott and he bought a bigfoot costume and followed you guys without peter knowing
    • when you guys are making a fire you tell scott to make some ruckus so when the noise of a twig breaking peter nearly loses his shit
    • he grabs his camera and drags you into the woods and tHERE IS SCOTT IS HIS SHITTY COSTUME AND PETER NEARLY CRIES FROM HAPPINESS
      • when you guys get back peter is showing off his pictures with excitement and it makes your heart melt a little because he’s so happy, so you and scott decide to keep it a secret
        • but scott let it slip one day!!! :(((
        • so you took peter again
          • but this time when there was something spooky in the woods he was like “lmao okay scott come on” and you’re like panicking because “IT’S NOT SCOTT PETER OHMY OG”
          • long story short you come home with blurry pictures of something that looks A LOT like bigfoot
  • even though you’re a skeptic and he’s a believer, you still love your big nerd of a boyfriend and will always come with him to his ghost adventures and UFO hunting
  • his argument is always “babe, if mutants can exist, so can the supernatural!
  • bye i love peter and his huge dorky supernatural loving ass
  • what she says:i'm fine.
  • what she means:bob morley is so fucking beautiful. how the fuck does one person look so beautiful every single day since they were born. it sincerely baffles me that this man (bob morley) born on december 20, 1984 in kyneton, australia, looks so fucking beautiful. hes so beautiful. his muscles are beautiful. his face is beautiful. his personality is beautiful. his accent is beautiful. i dont know what we as a human race did to deserve this escaped da vinci sculpture-turned-human but we have him and hes so fucking beautiful. bob morley is so beautiful.
If the Crystal Gems went to Grade Schools and talked to kids.

This came from a conversation me and @pandorathefangirlqueen were having about Connie’s presidential campaign, and how she and the gems would tour together. And. Just.

Think of all the positivity. 

“Mom, mom, look! The orange one has stripe-skin, like me!”

(signing) “The green one that spits acid can’t talk! She’s uses drawings to talk! Can I spit acid like she does?”

“Miss Bob says she went through the same thing with someone that we went through with mom, dad! I hope I can be half as brave as her!”

“Amethyst is chubby and she likes tacos! She’s so short, too, and people think she’s pretty!”

“Garnet has different colored-eyes, like I do!”

“Peridot has fake limbs, and she hates taking them off! She says they’re a part of her, like mine are!”

“Pearl is so pretty and she’s so smart! Can I be as smart as Pearl?”

“Mrs. Maheswaran is missing an eye, and fingers, and she’s even got a fake foot! She says she’s proud of them. She said she thought I was really pretty, and the burns I got from the fire are just another part of me!”

“Garnet once took down three battalions of soldiers! I wanna be a fighter, just like she was.”

“Mr. Maheswaran grew up with moms and a dad. He’s just like me!”

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I'd just like to say that I've always been a completionist myself when when you talk about how when you complete a game and come out feeling like you understand the game and the work put behind it more than most, for good or bad, I resonate with that. I was also wondering if you'd be willing to at least drop a hint on if you have plans to complete a Final Fantasy game before the end of the year. I've taken note you've done one a year (just coincidence) and I was curious as a FF fan.

F F - T A C T I C S 



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hm, the last post you talked about peridot's hair being something that /has/ to change i'm not quite convinced. i don't really see it as a diamond which implies ties to homeworld but rather a tetrahedron (which it is one, if you look at her side and back views). it's similar to how garnet's hair is very obviously a geometric shape - a cube. (oh and i don't mean for this ask to sound like it's meant to start an argument it's just my two cents, i'm sorry if it sounds that way ^^;)

That’s okay, but now i am going to explain why I see it as a diamond shape. Sometimes they draw it more tetrahedral, I see what you mean cuz here is  tetrahedron:

But unlike a tetrahedron, her hair has a clear underside as it slants down

Now, the Peridot stone is made up of tetrahedral crystals. And I DO believe that the crew took this into account. But honestly, speaking as an artist, they could have done a MUCH better job making her hair look tetrahedral if that was their intention. And i think part of it was. But It’s clear they wanted to show Peridot’s allegiance to the Diamonds as well. So they gave it more of a diamond shape. I mean, her hair is even the same color as the Diamond shapes on her outfit. It is a motif in her design. 

So maybe it’s possible that she will reform with actual tetrahedral hair? Idk, but Her hair, as it is, is way too close to the design shape of a diamond like the ones on her outfit.

Nur is stepping down from ‘excuse me...’

Dear friends, it is with heavy hearts that we inform you that  Nur Nielfa (, has stepped down from the excuse me team.  Nur joined the tumblr a week or so after it started and was an important and significant part of ‘excuse me..’. She helped shape the tumblr, from our decision not to promote or share works from active team members (and instead focus completely on other creatives), to our rules on how marginalised groups are shown, and in having no ‘editor’ (which means- no one edits other members selections and if we do not agree with something we talk about it as a team).

Nur and I had always said that this weird little tumblr of ours (as she liked to refer to it) was something we had created, but may well exist without us one day, which was a liberating thought that kept our egos at bay. Nur’s strong sense of social justice and equality was clear in many of her selections, as well as her love of dogs! Nur has a big heart and the time she spent at ‘excuse me’, supporting and promoting other’s is a sign of that. Life gets busy and Nur is focusing on other things. You can still see her work on her tumblr  and now that she is not an active member of the team, you may well see some of her work on ‘excuse me…’  We wish her well and hope that one day if things change, we may see her back at ‘excuse me…’!

matthew on behalf of the excuse me team (Thierry and Jules).

namjoon is the sweetest person ever. he made a v broadcast because he wanted to see if everyone was okay and healthy and to ask what they were doing and how they’re enjoying the summer and he just kept repeating how he hoped everyone was healthy and happy and he was telling them to be careful of catching a cold since it’s easy to catch one in the summer. and then he was telling everyone to not be stressed or else they’ll get a pimple like him and then when some of the commenters were complaining about how their summer break was over, Namjoon talked about how it’s better to be in school because if you’re on break too long it gets boring and he told everyone not to drop out of school. and then he told everyone to look at the sky for at least 20 minutes a day because it makes you happier and to watch dramas, movies, and go out to the park. and then namjoon said not to think too much when somebody tells you “you have no dreams” or that you’re living pointlessly. he said that people who say stuff like that are people who don’t know what they’re doing with their life either. not to mention he always read intl-fan comments and said hi to them and told them that he loves them. he’s so sweet and wise and kind please love him more

Reason #7,834,673,825 Ghostbusters is the film every girl needs

Can we talk about how there’s FINALLY a film that shows that there’s not just 2 ways to be a female scientist? Like EVERY single female scientist character I can think of is either a completely nerdy/shy/self-conscious/in-desperate-need-of-a-makeover-and-a-boyfriend-both-of-which-she-gets-over-the-course-of-the-tv-show-or-movie mess, or a relentlessly horny sex kitten who seduces every one of her colleagues just because she can (who usually also gets “saved” by a man who “loves her enough” to stop her “sexual deviancy”)

BUT THEN… Ghostbusters 2016 happened! With an actual range of female scientist personalities!

There’s Erin Gilbert: a shy and dorky nerd who (surprise!!!) actually loves herself and doesn’t gets a makeover or a boyfriend because she doesn’t need either. She’s a classic introvert, and she’s happy with who she is (ATTN Hollywood: Women can be happy introverts. It’s totally possible. It happens like every day)

There’s Abby Yates: a dedicated scientist and smartass who couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about what anyone else thinks of her. She’s obsessed (in the best way) with furthering her knowledge, experiments, and discoveries. Unlike the “career women” depicted in every other Hollywood production ever, she’s not just filling up the emptiness in her life until a guy falls in love with her. She actually genuinely loves her work. (ATTN Hollywood: Women can be single and genuinely love their jobs at the same time. It’s totally possible. It happens like every day)

There’s Actual-Ray-Of-Sunshine Patty Tolan: A bubbly and outgoing history buff who’s a very quick study - she has the idea that ends up saving everybody at the most critical moment. She’s extremely confident (both personally AND socially) despite having the least ghostbusting knowledge previous to joining the team. Every other “social butterfuly” female character is either cringingly stupid or downright mean to other women. But Patty is brilliant as heck and so supportive of everybody. (ATTN Hollywood: Women can be social butterflies/rays of sunshine while also being super smart and supportive of other women. ALSO, women of color can FREAKING LOVE science! It’s totally possible. It happens like every day.)

And then there’s (my personal favorite) Queen-of-Everything-Queer Jillian “Holtzy” Holtzmann: She’s the glorious techie weirdo who builds and enhances all the ghostbusting technology. “Quirky” female characters are usually designated to the “manic pixie dream girl” archetype - a sort of broken woman trapped in a perpetual state of immaturity who helps a male protagonist see the cheerier side of life in exchange for him taking care of her because she’s too juvenile to properly care for herself. But Jillian is self-assured, content, and clearly doesn’t need any rescuing. It’s also VERY worth noting that she’s joyfully flirtatious as a queer lady. My entire life I’ve only seen 1 kind of female sexuality - the portrayal that’s so perfectly described by Amy Schumer as “I’m sexy and powerful, unless that’s not what you want Master?”. It takes itself so seriously while being so uncomfortable and insecure. It’s sexiness to satisfy the viewer, not the individual. But then Jillian comes along with her confidently playful swagger and outfits that are as colorful as they are comfortable. Every way she expresses herself, from her style to her dancing to her winks and smiles, are all genuinely for herself. She embraces every ounce of her own glorious weirdness and her own unique sexiness that’s a part of that. (ATTN Hollywood: Women can be quirky and queer and masculine and nerdy and also be self-fulfilled, accomplished, joyful adults. ALSO, women can be sexy (and express that sexiness) in many many different ways. ALSO ALSO, women can be gay and NOT die a tragic death. Lesbians and bisexuals can find love and live happy, naturally long, lives. It’s totally possible. It happens like every day)

TL;DR Ghostbusters 2016 busts the fuck out of the stupid stereotypes that have been shoved down our throats for years and gives us a group of women who have distinct, unique personalities and are all happy, career-driven, and supportive of each other and so many girls and women are finally going to feel validated and seen and represented that makes me so freaking happy <3

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why longer than that? the am en south america vid came out a month & 9 days after the tour ended

Maybe this is a much bigger project. Maybe this video is a lot longer. Maybe it is a “Movie” or a “short film” or whatever the snob term du jour is.

the AM video you’re talking about only used footage from one or two shows (IIRC). filming for the TLSP one has gone on for weeks, spanning multiple gigs (dozens??) and festivals across more states/countries/continents than we could count.

That’s a metric shit-ton of footage to process. Then how many hours spent editing, arranging and otherwise tending to the creation of visual art? God knows. just don’t assume anything about the thing. Also… don’t assume it’s the only thing 😏

let’s just relax for a couple months. Decompress. then after Halloween we can all reconvene, and hop aboard the TLSP hype train one last time

TLDR: good things take time. forget TLSP for a while.

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what i really want to know is how the heck does amon still keep one eye closed while getting kicked around by seidou

Sheer willpower my friend. We are Talking about the Amon who ate a shit ton of noodles to satisfy the void a dead friend left an investigator.

We are talking about the Amon that did pushups throughout the night as punishment for failing Mado.

We are witnessing the Amon that refused to die because it would make Kaneki a killer.

This is the same Amon that showed up 23 chapters ago then took his sweet time appearing again 

And you wonder how Amon kept his eye closed, he is a god amongst men

Bryan Fuller on the future of Hannibal:

“Two years after the last airing of the show, we can investigate our options. August 2017 is when we can actually start talking about it. That’s when we would have to see what the rights are for the character and for the story, and see who’s interested and how we get it done.

The cast is game, I’m game, it’s just a matter of finding the right time where everybody’s schedules sync up, but I would love to continue to tell the story with Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. They’re such a fantastic collaborators, and one of the most satisfying actor-showrunner relationships I’ve ever had in this industry. So I would love to continue this story.” [Bryan Fuller interview for IndieWire on June 24, 2016]

Details of Hannibal

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How do korean men determine what is just skinship and what is considered to be 'gay'? Im a KD shipper born and raised in the US and I love them but sometimes they confuse me..I look at them and think its just skinship but then sometimes I wonder if

some of what they do could be considered to be gay even in south korea!

hey anon! since im not korean and im not a dude lol i wouldn’t know how they determine it.

although i think that what they do are indeed being considered as intimate by some koreans. the reason why i said this is because how ksoo’s (korean) fanboys reacted to kaisoo (x,x); quoting one of them;

“i heard people talked about kadi and i really hate it. kai is handsome but when i saw him being close to d.o, i can’t help but to feel jealous.” (x)

and according to this old ask; kfans kd shippers ‘call kaisoo “현게;” it’s an abbreviation for “현실 게이,” which means “real gay.” it’s not meant in an offensive way, just k-fans’ way of saying how “real” kaisoo are. for example, they may say, “KaDi are ‘real gay.’ just get married, please. noona will fund your trip to the Netherlands.” LOL..;’

from what i’ve heard KD shippers (not all ofc) there (in SK) dont dwell about 'is kd real or nah?’ unlike ifandom, they’re more like 'is kd still together or nah?’ (judging from the way they behave towards each other, they are still together, imo lel)

so in conclusion, i think, yes, they could be considered as a couple even in SK (judging by how some koreans have reacted to them)

regarding about how korean men determine such thing, i think it’s better if you do your own research, maybe you could befriend a korean dude (through omegle, twitter or other social media platforms) so you could ask his opinion about it, or maybe you could search videos about homosexuality in SK on youtube so you could understand about it better (in case you’re still curious enough). sorry that i couldn’t help you to find the answer ;; 

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What does that anon mean? "Hidden sources". There's no such thing. You can simply see it, how Jungkook started hanging out with Jimin only when fans noticed that Jungkook doesn't like him, so the logical thing is that Jungkook started hanging out with Jimin so that fans would stop talking how Jungkook is cold towards Jimin. It's honestly clear as a day that Jungkook prefers hanging out with Taehyung and that is a fact.

It’s ok honey, if that helps you sleep better at night who am I to judge you?

I’m not one to speak, before going to sleep I like to think about Jikook headcanons. What?? YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEM??? ok, since you insist…

I like to think about Jungkook moving around bed, not able to sleep. The poor kid has a lot of things to think about and probably it’s what keeps him awake at night. So he rises from the bed and goes to the kitchen for a warm mug of milk, because everyone knows warm milk helps you sleep better. But sadly, our Jungkook still can’t sleep, so as to not disturb anyone he sits on the sofa and  tries to relax.

As if he got some paranormal sense Jimin wakes up, or maybe it was just the urge to pee WHATEVER and comes out the room and sees Jungkook there, sitting alone in the sofa. So Jimin goes to sit with him (after peeing, bc no one can hold it for long, let’s be real) and Jungkook immediately curls into him.

“What’s wrong?” asks Jimin, cradling his fingers through Jungkook’s hair.

“Nothing, just anxious. I can’t sleep” answers Jungkook, curling more into Jimin.

And then Jimin starts talking to Jungkook softly about silly things like some anime he’s watching with Tae, or the new dance move Hoseok has taught him and will show to Jungkook another day. And Jungkook feels content and so cozy in Jimin’s arms he starts to fall asleep, so as to not make it uncomfortable for his hyung Jungkook makes them lie down on the sofa making sure to embrace Jimin with his arms as Jimin keeps his around Jungkook. They fell asleep cuddling and embracing each other, warm and happy and like home.

And now you will say “But this is not real, it’s shit your brain likes to think about. How delusional”


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Is it just me or do you love how Lucas talks to Riley? Like that one part of their talk in Girl Meets Bear when he says "Hey, Zay you got a sack of gold? And he said 'Yeah'." The way he delivered that line was freaking adorable to me. It may seem small, but I loved it!

Nah I’m right there with you on this one my heart was melting right from Rileys “Lucas are we rich?” And he chuckles at her cuteness like I don’t know if it’s Peyton or how he’s instructed to act it out but there’s something about Riley that brings out this dorky side in Lucas and I’m so down for that he looks SO HAPPY 😍😍