how is it possible that she got more gorgeous


Fandom: DC (Legends of Tomorrow)

Pairing: Ray Palmer x Plus Sized Reader

Y/N joined Team Legend at the same time that Nate joined up.

Y/N and Ray had been dating pretty much since she joined the team. Ever since they started dating YN constantly questioned why Ray was with her. Well not out loud. Only in her head. Maybe it was just her being insecure about being bigger than most girls. Maybe she was being stupid. But she couldn’t help but be insecure.

Y/N’s insecurities got worse when she found out who Ray had previously dated. She was having a random conversation with Sara, when she brought up the topic of dating. And naturally Y/N asked the question of who Ray had previously dated. She found out that he had dated former team member Kendra, who Sara showed Y/N a picture of.

Y/N’s became even more insecure when she saw how gorgeous Kendra was.

Ever since then she had tried her best to avoid Ray as much as possible. Only talking to him when necessary. Only talking to him when the team was on a mission.

Ray was fed up of Y/N ignoring him, so one day after a mission he followed you back to your room on the Wave Rider.

“Y/N we need to talk.” He said shutting her bedroom door behind him.

“Can it wait? I’m exhausted, I really need to sleep.” Y/N said trying to make up an excuse so she wouldn’t have to speak to her boyfriend.

“No it can’t wait. Why have you been avoiding me?” Ray asked.

“I haven’t been ignoring you. I’ve just been busy.”

“Too busy to talk to your boyfriend?”

“Look I’m sorry Ray. But it’s for the best.”

“What are you talking about Y/N? What’s happened?” Ray asked slightly​ worried.

“I know you used to date Kendra. And I’ve seen pictures of her. She’s absolutely gorgeous. And look at me. I’m fat and ugly. Why would you go from dating someone as beautiful as her, to dating someone as ugly as me?”

“Don’t you dare say that!” Ray shouted making Y/N flinch.

Ray tried to walk closer to Y/N, but she just backed away from him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you. I just didn’t like the way you talked about yourself. Look Y/N. I love you for who you are. You may be bigger than some other girls, but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful. In fact I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I love you so much, and I don’t want you to think any differently.”

Y/N stood there, not saying anything. She was stunned. Ray had said he loved her. The two of them were yet to say those 3 words.

“You love me?” She asked.

It wasn’t the response that Ray was hoping for.

“I do. I love you a lot Y/N. And I was hoping that you love me too, but I guess not.” Ray said, before turning to walk away.

But before Ray could even take a step to leave Y/N quickly said “I love you too.”

Ray turned around to look at Y/N.

“You do?” He asked.

“Of course I do you idiot. I’m sorry I didn’t say it back straight away. I was just shocked that’s all. No one’s. No one’s ever loved me.”

“Well I do. And I always will.” Ray said before kissing Y/N.


Jonsa Summer Challenge: Day 1 - Food and Drink or Travel
Submitted by: @lathwell55

(FYI - you prob already know this but just in case - a Stag is the same as a Bachelor Party and in Britain we call Jello Jelly)

Ros: My chaperone bailed.

Jon: Chaperone? lol have we been catapulted back to the Victorian era?

 Ros: No SMART ASS - if my girl doesn’t have a chaperone, I might need to cancel your booking for tonight.

Jon: What? Don’t do this to me Ros! It’s Pyp’s stag night! 

Ros: I know! I know! But my girls have to have someone there in case you lot get too ‘handsy’. I’m not putting any girls on my books in danger just so you and your mates get to see some tits. It’s our policy for private bookings Jon, I’m sorry.

Jon: They’re good guys - she won’t be in any danger - God Ros! What kind of animals do you take us for?

Ros: All men are animals. Especially when fuelled with drink and with a naked girl in front of them. I’m not comfortable sending her to you on her own Jon - she needs a guy there to make sure she’s safe.

Jon: Ok, ok point taken. I’m pretty certain I could keep them in check. Can I be that guy? I’ll keep any of them from getting handsy. They’ll listen to me. 

Ros: I’ll ask my girl if she’s happy with that and let you know. 

Jon: Ok, thanks Ros.

Ros: If this ends badly I’ll be wearing your balls as ugly earrings.

Jon sniggered at her last text message and hoped that Ros would come through for him. Trying to organise this stag party had been one pitfall after another what with their preferred bar being shut down and the paint-balling company claiming no evidence of his booking.

“Everything alright?” Grenn asked with a mouthful of curry. They’d decided on a local Indian restaurant for their pre-drinks meal.

“Yeah…yeah….it’s just-”

“Lemme try a bit of yours” Grenn  interrupts with a mumble as he’s trying to dip his naan bread into Jon’s lamb bhuna. Jon grunts disapprovingly and practically forms a shield with his arm to protect his plate.

“You know my policy - I don’t share my food.” 

Grenn shrugs and rolls his eyes “Your friend better come up trumps with the stripper mate, Pyp deserves a good eyeful” he grins around his mouthful. Jon nods with a forced smile before nervously raking a hand through his hair.

Jon had met Ros at an evening Business and Accounting course that he’d taken a few years ago to help with his web developement venture with Sam. He hadn’t known at the time that Ros was there to brush up on her accountancy skills in order to keep a firm hold on her escort and exotic dancer agency’s finances.

So, when Pyp had asked him to be best man at his wedding (and knowing that the lads would expect a stripper) he’d turned to her to help him out with the stag night. He was only just now beginning to regret that decision as his leg bounced up and down nervously awaiting a text from Ros. The day had been disappointing so far and he was already mentally trying to recall where the nearest strip club was as his back-up plan when his phone buzzed.

Ros: Alright - I found a girl on my books who is willing to do the job with you as her chaperone. I’m warning you Snow, if she comes back to me unhappy, it won’t be good for my business - OR FOR YOU!

Jon: Thank you Ros!! I’ll take care of her - I promise!

Ros: Damn straight you will. You’ll have to help her set up too. She’ll be in the function room at the Red Keep Hotel at 10pm. 

Jon smiled as he pocketed his phone and took another swig of his beer before feeling the vibrations in his pocket and hearing the little ‘ding’ noise go off.

Ros: You better be sober.

With a groan, Jon hands over his bottle to a confused looking Pyp and orders a coke.

“Is there a ‘Mr Snow’ here?” the hotel reception clerk asked whilst reading his name from a notepad and looking up at the group of men all in high spirits for Pyp’s night.

“That’s me.”

“The young lady is already in function room B Mr Snow, she asked me to send you along once you got here. Your friends can wait in the bar whilst you set up.”

Jon thanked the man behind the desk, shrugging off the drunken whooping, hollering and lewd remarks from the lads before wandering towards the function rooms, wondering exactly how much ‘set up’ is involved for a stripper.

Perhaps she has portable pole?

Figuring that she would probably like to meet her ‘chaperone’ before the rest of the party pile in for their fun, he knocked on the door that had a little brass plaque saying ‘Room B’.

“Come on in” he heard her call.

“Hey I’m -” Jon froze as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Red - red was all he saw. A copper fall of tousled tresses decorating the back of the woman inside the room. Ygritte, he thought, as a flame of panic licked up and down his body from beneath his skin at memories of his ex. Memories of shouting matches and frustrating arguments stung his mind.

“Hi, I’m -” the woman said, turning around with a bright smile that faltered once she locked eyes with him.. 

Not Ygritte. Definitely not Ygritte. Worse…..or better, I can’t decide.

“Jon?….Oh my Gods! Jon Snow?” the girl exclaimed, an amused look crossing her face. Jon felt rooted to the spot as she started walking towards him, he’s pretty sure he’s gaping too. “It’s me, Sansa Stark…we went to school together, do you remember?” 

Oh you mean the girl I had a crush on in only the way a lovesick teenager can? The girl that used to star in my adolescent wet dreams? The girl who was out of my league, but yet I somehow still count as ‘the one that got away’ because I never had the balls to just suck it up and ask you out to see if you might perhaps, possibly, maybe give me the time of day?……… Oh yeah - I remember you. Fuck.

“Um…yeah…I think so.”

She was gorgeous - she always had been - with her opalescent skin, summer sky eyes and cherry blossom lips. Jon remembers how, back in school, she used to be terribly self-conscious of her braces - nearly always trying to hide her smile - Jon had only thought that this made her even more endearing. It was one of his favourite things about her.

But gone were the braces and the adolescent uncertainty, in its place was a woman.  A woman who was walking towards him like she’d just stepped out from one of his teenage fantasies, wearing nothing but a smile and a black silky robe that came to just above her knees. 

“I remember you” she says, somehow making Jon gulp. This close up, he can see she has a slight sweeping of golden eyeshadow and a barely-there pink sheen to her lips. 

This isn’t happening. THIS. ISN’T. FUCKING. HAPPENING.

“Um…Do you?”

“Mmm-hm” she nods, catching her bottom lip between her teeth as she’s swaying her hips slightly and loosely wrapping her arms about herself. Jon is suddenly taken by the fact that she has pink sparkly toenails and a silver ankle bracelet that looks like a daisy-chain. he tries to distract himself with the ugly swirly patterned carpet of the function room.

“Yeah - you helped me with my technology project that time when I nearly started crying in the library. I had had such a bad day and was so frustrated - do you remember that?”

You mean the one and only time I actually spoke to you?….And it was about circuit boards.

“Yeah…I…I remember that” Jon mumbles, looking at the floor and nervously scratching at his shoulder through the neck of his shirt.

“I managed to scrape a B for that project because of you - you were my hero!” she beams, making Jon feel a little light-headed. The large function room suddenly seems too small, like the air had been sucked right out of it. There’s an unmanned bar in the corner of the room and Jon would very much like to stick his head under the optics and douse himself in gin right now.

“So” she says brightly and abruptly, breaking the pause that had settled between them “you’re gonna be my chaperone tonight?” Jon nods as a suspiciously squeaky noise escapes his throat. “Great!” Sansa exclaims before pausing in thought “‘us knowing each other’ isn’t going to be a problem, is it?” She asks as she plays with her necklace, bringing the little daisy pendant up to her lips as she awaits his answer. Jon shakes his head before forcing a gulp past the bob of his Adam’s apple.

“No…err…” he knits his brow at nothing in particular “no, that’s not a problem.”

“Great!” Sansa repeats with a nod and turns to go back to the table she had been standing by. Jon tries and fails not to stare at her ass as the silky robe shifts over her curves with her movement.

Be a fucking gentleman Jon. You’re meant to be her chaperone.

“Ros told me you’d be good at keeping your friends in check” she calls over her shoulder.

Them? Yeah….Me?….Not so sure.

“Uh…yeah…they’re good guys - you won’t get any trouble, I promise.”

“Good to know” Sansa says as she hauls a backpack onto the trestle table “but I feel better knowing you’re here just in case.” Jon tries not to think too much on that and wanders over curiously as she starts pulling out various sized pieces of Tupperware. “Are you alright to help me set up?”

“Sure, yeah…What do you need me to do?” Jon asks, absentmindedly picking up one of her tubs and peering through the clear plastic at it’s contents.


“I need you to help arrange the fruit and vodka jelly” she says in a matter-of-fact manner as she pushes another large trestle table forward and wastes no time in whipping off her robe.

Fucking hell. Those are-….Wow…

As Jon stands there, frozen still, pulse thumping in his ears and blood rushing to other places, Sansa daintily hops onto the table wearing nothing but the teeniest, tiniest nude coloured thong and her daisy themed jewellery glinting under the room’s low lights. She artfully arranges her hair in a fan around her head as she lays down. Jon gulps at the amount of creamy skin on display and half entertains the idea of running out of the room but finds that he couldn’t even if he tried, as he seems to be rooted to the spot.

“Jon?” Sansa asks. “Jon? Can you arrange the fruit on me?” she nudges him out of his stupor after getting no response.

On you?” he croaks.

Sansa leans up on an elbow to look at him. “Well, yeah - that is the point of a human platter?”

“A human platter?”

“For your friend’s stag?….Jon?…Are you alright?”

Oh yeah…I’m just in a room….with a practically NAKED SANSA STARK….and she wants me to put fruit and jelly on her tits - I’m fine…THIS IS FINE!

Jon’s widened eyes flit from Sansa’s breasts back to the Tupperwear in his hand and back again. He licks his lips and clears his throat. “I…I thought you were a strip-…a dancer?”

“Well yes, but Ros said it was a platter booking?” She asked, looking concerned now as she sat up and stared at her backpack  “I didn’t bring my music….will your friends be disappointed with this option?”

“No!…No, no, no” he says in quick succession, shaking his head, wondering how anyone could possibly be disappointed with any form of Sansa Stark… let alone one in a state of undress.

“So that’s a ‘no’ then?” she says with a smirk and a hint of sarcasm as she lays back down. Jon finds himself doing little else but staring for a while (and perhaps wondering if he could manage to re-arrange himself discreetly) until the silence is broken by Sansa pointedly clearing her throat.

“Oh!…err…sorry!” he scrambles, walking forward, like he’s moving towards something to be feared - and if he was being truthful, he is shitting himself a bit.

Standing close to the table with so much Sansa Stark laid out before him was almost suffocating. Jon felt the colour rise in his cheeks as he’s rendered to feeling like a nervous schoolboy again, rather than the 28 year old adult human man he actually is. He fumbles with the lid of the food container, a strong sweet scent mixed with the sharpness of alcohol hits him instantly.

“Those are infused with vodka” Sansa supplies with a grin “I’ve got pineapple, peaches, strawberries, cherries and some little cubes of vodka jelly too.”

Jon picks out a halved strawberry and feels like he wants to swallow his own tongue. “That’s a lot of vodka.”

“Well it’s not good to mix drinks is it?” she smiles like she’s not currently clothed in nothing but a minuscule scrap of fabric. Jon wets his lips as he contemplates the fruit he’s holding aloft in his fingers before scanning her body laid out and wondering where to begin, or how to begin. “Start with my legs and work your way up” Sansa offers, prompting Jon’s muscles to actually move.

He works in silence for a while, placing pieces of the alcohol soaked fruit onto her soft skin, his fingers slowly coming down from their tremble, even when they graze the flesh of her thigh. He wonders if she notices how he seems to hold his breath or how his whole body is frozen, focusing intently on this one task, this one pineapple chunk, this one cherry half, or this one slice of peach. He concentrates on the aesthetics of the fruit, making sure there’s not too much pineapple clustered together or that the peach is at an equal distance apart. The little green jelly cubes prove difficult to balance, especially when he reaches the expanses of her smooth stomach, rising and falling gently with her breathing.

“You’re going to have to cover my underwear too Jon.” Sansa says, breaking the deafening silence. Jon makes a strange noise of acknowledgement that lands somewhere between a grunt and a squeak, the gesture makes her chuckle. “So what do you do now?” Sansa asks, sensing Jon might need something to distract from the task at hand.

“Um…well, I started a web development company with a friend of mine….it’s, uh…it’s going well, actually” he said, fingers brushing the soft silky fabric as he places a piece of peach at he apex of her thighs. 

“Always knew you were a clever cookie” Sansa says with fondness in her voice.

“How about you?..Erm…what have you done since leaving school?”

“Oh, well, I studied the terribly sensible subject of Business Management, managed to land a job as the PA of the CEO of a rather large Marketing Alalytics company - only to realise a few years later that, actually, I didn’t want any part of the corporate pie at all.”

“You didn’t?”

“Nope” she shakes her head “so I quit and went back to Uni to study Textile Design. I’m in my second year now.”

Jon looks up to her face for what must be the first time in a little while “that’s very brave…to undertake a whole new and uncertain career path.”

“Yeah…or stupid and impulsive” Sansa snorts to herself.

“Sometimes stupid and impulsive is a good thing” Jon says after a moment of quiet thought and arranging pieces of fruit on her ribs.

“Would it be stupid and impulsive of me to admit that I harboured a little crush on you at school?” Sansa says, rendering Jon temporarily immobile before he croaked out his next words.

“D-did you?”

“Yeah - I think it was the glasses…. I have a thing for hot guys in glasses.”

All thoughts and ability to form cohesive audible words left Jon in that moment, so he bit his lip as Sansa watched him concentrating on arranging the fruit upon her skin, somehow not really realising that he had reached her breasts until a brush of his fingertip stroked her nipple causing Sansa to shiver.

“Ihadacrushonyoutoo” he blurted all too quickly, making Sansa giggle and smile up at him thoughtfully.

“If only we had known” she sighs wistfully.

“….Yeah” Jon agrees as his eyes get caught on a small dribble of crimson cherry juice slowly rolling down the outside curve of her breast. Without thinking, he swipes the sweet sticky liquid and sucks it from the pad of his finger. His eyes flew to Sansa’s face when he heard her breath catch in her throat.

“Taste good?” she whispered. 


Sansa stares at his lips and the air between them seems charged with something unknown but no less delicious than the sweetness upon her skin. “Why don’t you try one of the peaches?”

Jon moves without hesitation, lowering his head to her chest and covering a piece of fruit with his mouth. The slip-slide of the sticky juice makes the lick of his tongue against her skin even more pleasurable and Jon hopes his groan can be attributed to his approval of the taste of the fruit itself.

As he rises, he notes how her pupils have dilated and her legs squirm a fraction, managing to dislodge some fruit and jelly, the food tumbling to the table and floor.

“Clients normally pick up the fruit with their hands” 


Jon tries to chew rapidly so that he can swallow the obstacle in his mouth that’s preventing his profuse and no doubt rushed and embarrassed apology.

“Try a cherry” Sansa interrupts his panic. Jon swallows the lump of peach and it’s almost painful. He reaches for a cherry half by her navel before she catches his wrist in her hand. “With your mouth again.”

15 minutes later…

“Come on mate!” Pyp shouts as he and his other stag party members thump on the locked door.

“We’ve been in that bar for ages, she’s gotta be ready by now” Grenn adds before turning to ask the group “it was room B, yeah?”

One of the double doors suddenly cracks open with a squeak and a shirtless Jon Snow peeks out from behind it. Pyp’s brows rise high upon his head as he takes in the state of his best man. His beard looks suspiciously sticky and there’s a pinkish dribble stain down his chin and chest. A piece of strawberry is caught in his messy hair and what looks like lime green jelly is smashed against his lower stomach.

“What the hell happened to you?” 

“Nothing” Jon smiles slyly.

“Riiiight…come on lads” Grenn chuckles before eagerly urging the party forward into the room. Jon places a sticky hand on his friend’s chest, halting him and the others.

“Sorry guys, no show tonight.”

“Whaddamean?” one of the drunken men slurs from behind Pyp. 

“You know my policy” Jon shrugs with a shit-eating grin “I don’t share my food.”

The door slams shut on the faces of the stag party as they glance at each other in confusion and listen to the lock slide into place.

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Ok so Cynthia is gorgeous and she and jack seem to have a deep bond, but they seem to be unwilling to explore that bond romantically (at least for now?) so what is it about Judy that makes Jack seem more...willing? I'm not sure if I'm wording that correctly. Is it just because he and Judy are the same species ? Love you guys and your wonderful work!

You got it, in every way as possible. Probably, now as now, Jack’s animal instinct has somehow awakened (and he doesn’t know how to manage these “feelings”). But the bond with Cynthia is another thing. If you noticed, during the phone call with the vixen, he didn’t even mention the fact that the agent they were talking about was a fox. I wonder why…

Originally posted by gameraboy

I’ve been stanning Tiffany since 2010, and she’s always been a sort of..lighthouse for me. From the second I saw her, something inside of me clicked and I just knew that she would soon grow to be one of my favorite people in the world. That’s how it started, and she’s still one of my favorite people in the world now six years later. She’s such a positive force. She’s got that bright smile, the positive attitude, and the desire to just follow after her dreams no matter what could possibly be standing in her way. She’s a gorgeous woman with an even more gorgeous heart. She’s the perfect person to look up to. And aside from this tattoo being for Tiffany, the message is positive. I’ve always suffered from terrible anxiety, and it’s just left me an all around unhappy person most of the time. This tattoo in her handwriting is my positive reminder to always smile and look on the bright side of things. It’s my reminder that things aren’t as always as bad as they seem. Tiffany has helped show me that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. And for that, I thank her. I will always smile, with her help.

The Blind Date

Title: The Blind Date

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1700ish

Request:  oh my goooshhh I would love to read more of that Dean x reader blind date imagine! I’m loving your writing! ox - @priestly-winchested

One shot for blinddate with Dean Wichester? Pls? - Anon

A/N: This was so fun to write guys! There is a little bit of Dean’s POV! Please tell me what you think!


*Dean POV*

Dean Winchester didn’t do dates. He just wasn’t made for it. Nor was he made for relationships. The healthy and domestic ones. The ones where the guy would buy her flowers and write her poems. These relationships where the couple had no secrets, where their parents were best friend and their grandparents already planned the wedding.

Yeah, Dean Winchester clearly wasn’t made for all of this. He didn’t do dates, no he picked them up in small town bars after a hunt went well. He’d spent a night with them, have some fun and the next day? He’d already be sitting in his car with his pain in the ass little brother next to him. Listening to Bob Seger. Enjoying the empty streets and the ability to drive faster than it was allowed.

But this time? This time it was different. Dean was standing infront of the small mirror in the motels bathroom and sceptical looked at himself. He was wearing his best pair of jeans and a nice blue shirt. He looked fine, but yet he felt like he didn’t looked good enough. Not good enough for her.

Keep reading

Drake Short: I Love Nicki Minaj


My head swirled as I drove the familiar route through the Los Angeles streets. It was almost midnight and she might be asleep but this was something I needed to do. I can’t play these games anymore because they’re killing me. I’ve stood on the sidelines for almost six years, watching helplessly as Nicki dated the wrong guys and tried to convince herself that they were right for her. I’ve watched her get her heartbroken by assholes that she should never have been with in the first place. I woke up this morning and I realized that I’m sick of not waking up next to her. I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of pretending that we’re friends and nothing more. I love her and I can tell by the way she acts that she loves me too. She’s just too scared to say it out loud. I pulled into Nicki’s driveway and cut the Bugatti’s engine off before I stepped out of the car. I went up to the car and walked up to the door. I rang the doorbell and waited impatiently for her to answer. She had moved into her new place not too long ago so she hadn’t gotten around to making me a key yet. We’ve always had the keys to each other’s houses. She’s my best friend, of course she has to have a key. Finally I heard the locks turning and the door opened slowly. Nicki was standing there, still half asleep wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a tight ass tank top. I licked my lips when I saw her.

“Aubrey? What are you doing here,” She asked sleepily. I didn’t say anything, I just stepped over to her and crashed my lips onto hers. I could feel her body tense up at first since I had caught her off guard but after a few seconds, her body melted into mine. I wrapped my arms around her and pushed her inside before kicking the front door shut behind me. I had her pressed against the wall in the entryway when she finally pulled away.

“What are you doing,” She asked. I looked down into her eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m so tired of pretending there isn’t anything between us. We’re more than friends and you know it,” I said. She just stood there for a few long seconds with her mouth hanging open. I just waited for her to say something, anything.

“You’re my best friend Aub,” She said quietly. I could tell she was scared. I had known Nicki long enough to know how to read her like a book.

“I know you’re scared of getting hurt again but I would never do that to you. I swear I won’t. I love you. I’ve always loved you but I just didn’t say it because I was worried about ruining what we’ve already got. You’re right, I’m your best friend. You know me better than anyone else. You’re the person who I can always count on anytime I need you. I was scared of losing that but I realized that I can’t just not take the chance because I’m scared. I can’t live the rest of my life wondering what might have happened if I had just told you how much I loved you. So here I am, telling you that I love you. I love you more than even I understand sometimes. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. You’re the person I see my future with baby. When I see myself getting married, it’s you who’s walking down the aisle. When I picture myself having kids, it’s you who’s holding them. It’s all you Nic,” I said. I could see tears starting to form in her eyes as she looked up at me.

“I…I love you too,” She said before she kissed me again.


I felt my palms getting sweaty as I looked in the mirror, straightening my tie for what seemed like the hundredth time. I couldn’t seem to get it right though, probably because my hands were shaking more than they ever had before.

“Ryan, come here,” I called. My voice was shaky too now and I couldn’t even help it. Ryan stepped into my room.

“What’s up,” He asked. I noticed he was already dressed in his suit. I wondered if the rest of the groomsmen were already dressed and ready to go.

“I need you to help me fix my tie. My hands are so shaky,” I said. He chuckled and shook his head, coming across the room to me.

“Why are you so nervous? You love Nicki, she loves you. There’s nothing to worry about,” He said as he messed around with my tie.

“This is the biggest day of my life Ryan. I’m marrying a woman who I honestly don’t even deserve. What if she changes her mind,” I asked frantically. He put one hand on my shoulder.

“Calm down Aubrey, she’s not going to change her mind. She wants to marry you just as much as you want to marry her,” He assured me. Noah knocked on the door, peeking his head into the room.

“We need to get in there so the ceremony can start,” He explained. I nodded as I took a deep breath before following Ryan towards the door. Noah, Niko, Chubbs and OB were already making their way down the hallway so they could start heading down the aisle. I turned the corner into the church and walked down the aisle first as the music started playing. Everyone watched as I took my place at the altar. My mom was already starting to tear up and the wedding hadn’t even really started. My groomsmen were making their way down the aisle now, each of them with one of Nicki’s bridesmaids on their arms. I was trying to focus on everything but I just needed to see Nicki. Once I’m sure that she hasn’t changed her mind, I’ll be okay. But I just need to see her. Finally the music changed and the doors at the back of the church opened again. There she was, standing with her father. Nicki looked more beautiful than ever, if that’s even possible. I just couldn’t stop staring at her, and neither could anyone else. I watched her blush slightly as she made her way down the aisle, looking straight at me. Once she got to the end, her dad leaned over and kissed her cheek before placing her hand in mine. I helped her up onto the altar, still amazed with how gorgeous she looked.

“You look so beautiful baby,” I whispered. She looked up at me and smiled. Wayne cleared his throat, getting everyone’s attention. He had actually become an ordained minister online so he could marry us. It was only fitting, since we wouldn’t be together without him.

“We’re all here today to celebrate the love of Onika and Aubrey. I’ve had the privilege of watching both of these amazing people grow up and become the people they are today. Of course I always knew we would get to this point, but it took them long enough to realize it. The important thing is, we’re all here now. So let’s get started. Aubrey and Onika have chosen to write their own vows. Aubrey, you first,” Wayne said. It was a little weird to hear him using both of our government names. I nodded to him before I turned my attention back to my bride.

“Onika, I remember the first time I met you. You stepped onto the tour bus, no wigs or make up, you were just Onika. I remember thinking that you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I watched as you came out of your shell and became one of the baddest woman in the game. But while I was watching you rise to the top, I didn’t realize that you were stealing my heart while I stood there on the sidelines. But you stole it. I woke up one morning two years ago and I decided I was done waiting. I decided that I wasn’t going to stand on the sidelines anymore, and it was the best decision I ever made. I love you more than life itself Nic. I would go to the end of the Earth just to see you smile. You’re my everything. I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I promise I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make myself worthy of you,” I vowed. I watched a single tear roll down Nicki’s cheek so I reached out and wiped it away with my thumb. She smiled up at me.

“Alright, your turn Nic,” Wayne said. She sucked in a deep breathe before she spoke.

“Aubrey, not too long before you came to my door that night and told me you loved me, I remember thinking that I might not ever get married. I never thought there could be anyone who could put up with me the way you can. But when you came to my door that night, you made me the happiest person alive because while you were falling in love with me, I was falling even harder for you. I just never had the courage to say it, so I thought I had missed my shot. But like always, you surprised me. My mom used to always tell me that two people who belong together always find their way back to each other in the end. I wasn’t sure I really believed it, but now I do. I think that we were always meant to be together but we just needed some more time to get there. I waited more than five years but I would have waited forever for you Aubrey, because I know there is no one on this planet who is better for me than you. You’re the only person I want to spend forever with,” She said. I tried to blink back the tears that were forming in my eyes. I almost never cry but Nicki was about to have me crying in front of all these people.

“Can we have the rings please,” Wayne asked. Nicki’s little cousin was our ring bearer and he stepped up, handing the rings to Wayne. Wayne handed my wedding band to Nicki and gave me Nicki’s ring.

“Aubrey, put the ring on Onika’s finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed,” He said, I repeated his words as I slid the ring onto Nicki’s finger next to her engagement ring. She smiled at me as she did the same, putting the platinum wedding band on my hand.

“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Aubrey, you may kiss the bride,” Wayne said. I didn’t waste any time pulling Nicki closer to me and kissing her gently. She’s officially my wife.

“Oww Aubrey why did I let you do this to me,” Nicki asked, squeezing my hand as another contraction hit her.

“Just breathe baby, it’s gonna be okay,” I said, trying to reassure her. She glared at me.

“That’s easy for you to say, you got to do the easy part,” She said through gritted teeth. I’ll admit, I was feeling a little guilty in that moment. I knew she was in an amount of pain that I would never even understand and I’m the one who put her in this position. Her doctor came into the room, smiling at both of us.

“How are we doing,” She asked, looking towards Nicki, who was breathing through another contraction. She didn’t even speak, she just shook her head. The doctor lifted the blanket and went to check her dilation.

“Well it looks like you’re about ready to push. I’ll be right back,” She said before she left the room again. Nicki looked up at me with a panicked expression.

“Aubrey I can’t do this,” She said quickly. I leaned down and kissed her forehead gently.

“Baby you can do this, you’re gonna be fine. Just relax Nic. I promise everything is gonna be okay,” I whispered. She was still scared though, not that I could blame her.

“I don’t know if I can do it,” She said quietly. I turned her head so she was looking straight into my eyes.

“Nicki you’re the strongest woman I know. You can do this sweetheart,” I said. She took a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay I can do this,” She said, trying to convince herself more than me. The doctor came back in, wearing some scrubs and with two nurses following behind her.

“Okay Nicki, are you ready,” She asked. Nicki nodded nervously as she reached out for my hand, holding it tightly.

“I’m ready,” She said. The doctor nodded as she had Nicki bend her legs and pushed them back. I held one leg while the nurse held the other.

“Okay you’re about to have another contraction and when you do, I want you to push,” The doctor instructed. Nicki took another deep breath as the next contraction came and started pushing while one of the nurses counted to ten out loud. She squeezed my hand tightly but I wasn’t even worried about it. She can break my hand if she has to. Finally the nurse got to ten and Nicki stopped pushing, breathing heavily.

“Okay I can see the top of the baby’s head. Let’s push again Nicki,” The doctor said. Nicki started pushing again, harder this time. After a few seconds, I heard a loud cry fill the room and my heart swelled. I felt like I could cry. I never thought hearing my baby cry for the first time would have this affect on me but it did. Nicki kept pushing and I was just focused on the sound of our daughter.

“Alright Daddy, you want to cut the cord,” The doctor asked as she handed me a pair of scissors. I cut the umbilical cord as they took our little girl over to the corner of the room to clean her up.

“Is she okay Aubrey,” Nicki asked, trying to see her. I nodded.

“She’s perfect baby. She’s just…perfect,” I said as I kissed the side of her head. I was at a loss for words to be honest. I had never felt this way before. I was so in love with our daughter already and I didn’t even know her. Finally after a few minutes, one of the nurses brought her back over to me. I took the tiny pink bundle from her arms and held her close to my chest.

“Hi Aaliyah, hey baby girl,” I whispered as I held her. She slowly opened her eyes for the first time, looking up at me. I felt a tear stream down my cheek as I leaned down and kissed her forehead for the first time. I looked over at Nicki, who was smiling just as hard as I was.

“Here baby, hold her,” I said, handing Aaliyah off to her mother. I stood there beside the bed and watched as my wife held our daughter for the very first time. I didn’t even know how to deal with the emotions I was having right now. But I was happier than I had ever been. This is the start of the next chapter of our lives, a chapter I had been waiting forever for. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Tale of Two Carols:  aka that-time-I-went-to-the-Talking-Dead-and-it-changed-my life PART 3

Part 3: Melissa, Amelia, and Co. in the Talking Dead Wonder Loft

After the show, the staff took us back to the green room aka the Talking Dead Wonder Loft to get pictures with Amelia. They needed to finish the after show and some other things, so Amelia and I had 20 minutes of freak-out time in there alone, huddling on the couch, trying to ground ourselves, prepare for what was going to happen next, and otherwise JUST BREATHE. The room itself is very cool and comfortable. The decorating is fun with framed Season 5 “Who will arrive/survive,” posters and the walls are even painted a greenish color. ;)
Our wait is over when we hear the swish of a dress coming down the hall, and who rounds the corner? The one, the only.

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What He Found

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 2,722

Rating: E

Summary: Working as an attendant in the Lost-and-Found at a mall usually meant dealing with crying kids, angry mothers, and lazy mall cops. However, there were always some outliers.  


She stared in disbelief at the boy seated on the chair in the Lost-and-Found. Perhaps boy was too much of understatement. The ‘lost male’ was probably at least 19, 20 at most. However, the curious look in his eyes matched that of a five-year-old’s rather than an adult’s.

“He said he lost his manager in the crowd,” her co-worker whispered in her ear. They stood behind a large, wooden desk inside the office, a good few feet away from the attractive stranger. (Y/n) shook her head in exasperation. “He’s handsome but a total airhead. Makes you wonder how he survived this long by himself.”

“How long has he been here?” she asked slowly. By now the mall was nearing its closing time, in two hours to be exact. “If no one comes to claim him, does he have to, you know…?”

“Yeah, that’s why we called you in,” her coworker chirped. (Y/n)’s eyes widened. “He doesn’t have a phone or phone number on him, but he told us his group couldn’t have left without him. Idols these days.”

“You’re joking, right?” (Y/n) cried out. She was just about to leave her shift too! “I think I have better ways to spend my Saturday night.” The disbelieving look from her friend made her shift uncomfortably. “Okay, maybe not, but this still isn’t fair.”

“Life’s not fair,” her coworker retorted. (Y/n) flinched at the sudden increase in volume. “Listen, it’s our policy, and you are NOT making me miss the finale of my favorite show tonight.”

She glared fiercely at her coworker who returned the heated look. The staring contest went on for a few more moments before (y/n) conceded with a sigh. She grumbled as her coworker’s victorious laugh echoed in her ears. Hesitantly, she stumbled over towards the wide-eyed boy. It seemed as if he had just returned to reality by the time she reached him, blinking twice to refocus his gaze on her.

“Hello,” she greeted nervously. Up close, the boy was even more gorgeous if that was even possible. The square-smile he sent her way was enough to end the eternal winter in the tundra. “How are you doing?”

The man continued to owlishly blink at (y/n), her words not quite registering in his head. His lips parted with his tongue stuck out just a bit. Normally, this wouldn’t appeal much to her, but it gave him an innocent look. “Ah, well, it was good because I got to beat Jimin in air hockey, but then somehow I lost sight of them when I was in the ball pit.”

“Ahhhh, so the last place you were at was the arcade,” (y/n) mused, not at all surprised. She motioned for him to get up, which the boy did albeit slowly. “How about we retrace your steps?”

“Ah, that’s a good idea,” the man brightly praised. She felt a smile tug at her face from his childish reactions. “My name is V, by the way.”

“I’m (y/n). I work at this mall,” she introduced formally. V firmly grasped her hand in his, shaking it up and down vigorously. This man really didn’t act his age. It took all of her strength to break free from his grip. “Should we get going?”

“Yes! I need to rub my victory in Jimin’s face some more,” V said mischievously. A thoughtful look passed over his face before realization dawned on him. “Oh, and we’re scheduled for a music show too…”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened at the sudden urgency. “Doesn’t that sound, I don’t know, really important?”

“Yes,” V said dejectedly, biting his lip. He looked like a lost puppy in the rain. “I hope I don’t get yelled at.”

“Let’s hurry,” (y/n) said, quickly grabbing V by the arm. The man nearly stumbled over because of the pace she was going at. Eventually, they arrived at the arcade, which was closed. There weren’t many kids left in the mall, so the arcade retired early. (Y/n) crossed her arms, a frown marring her face. “Where would they go now?”

V brought his arm up to stroke his chin thoughtfully. She patiently waited for him to get his ideas together. When it came to him, he snapped his fingers. “The food court. Our maknae was complaining about us not having bulgogi for lunch.”

“The food court, huh?” (y/n) contemplated. She checked the clock and thirty minutes had already passed. “If we run up the escalator and cross the main bridge, we can get there in ten minutes. The food court closes exactly at 10:00.”

“Then I’ll race you!” V playfully challenged. Before she had a chance to respond, the man was already fifteen feet ahead.

“Ya! You don’t even know where the main bridge is!” she yelled out in panic, chasing after the laughing male.

They passed through numerous stores, garnering some peculiar looks from attendants who were getting ready to close. (Y/n) hastily apologized to all the customers they ran through, hoping this episode wouldn’t hurt her career too badly. The girl hoped that they reached their destination soon because her lungs were quickly being depleted of oxygen.

She was pleasantly surprised to find out that V did, in fact, know the way to the food court. Unfortunately for the pair, there wasn’t a person in sight. “There’s no one here…”

“Then they’re probably at a shoe store!” V deduced. (Y/n) felt as if she was playing a round of 'Where in the World is Carmen Santiago’. After catching her breath, she shot V a questioning look.

“Are you positive?” she asked the male, suspicion lacing her voice. V turned to give her an offended look, mouth wide open and a hand on his heart.

“Why? Don’t you trust me?” V asked in a loud, dramatic tone. She shook her head at his inherent silliness. V gave her his signature grin. “Let’s hurry before they really leave.”

“W-Wait!” (Y/n) cried out, sighing loudly as she watched the man hop away in an instant. This was enough exercise to last her a year. “Sometimes I really hate my job…”

“Hurry, (y/n)!” V called out to the lagging female. Her legs were really threatening to give out so she shouted at V to stop for a moment. When V turned around to find her leaning against a pole looking as alive as a fish in a desert, he jogged back to her in a worry. “Omo…you don’t look too good.”

“Yeah, running tends to have that effect on me,” she said in between breaths. V thought for a moment before a brilliant idea popped into his mind.

“I’ll carry you the rest of the way!” V suggested. She felt her cheeks redden at the sudden proposition. Did this boy have no shame? Before she could speak up, V was already hoisting her up on his back.

“W-Wait, V, hold on-!” she attempted to protest. Unfortunately, it fell to deaf ears.

“Hold on tight!” V warned mischievously. She shrieked once the boy started running, tightening her hold on his shoulders as they moved through the empty halls. The lingering crowd gave the pair some disapproving looks and a couple of cheers, but (y/n) was too busy fearing for her life to care. “We’re almost there!”

“THANK THE HEAVENS,” she cried out. V chuckled as he jogged to a stop, bending down to let (y/n) off. Once she was on her own two feet, she gave V a whack in the arm. “I didn’t ask you for a piggy-back ride!”

V touched the spot where he was hit, feigning injury. “We had to get here before the others left,” V justified. He lowered his voice to a small whisper that sent butterflies in her stomach, “Besides, I just wanted to help you because you’re going through this for me.”

She was speechless at the genuine kindness the boy displayed. Her heart thumped heavily in her chest. At the rate it was working, she was surprised it wasn’t breaking her ribcage.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by V’s anguished cry. “Wah! The store is closed!”

“What?” she gasped. She pulled out her phone to check the time: 10:43. A defeated look splayed itself across her features. “It’s all my fault…”

Noticing her sullen mood, V pulled the girl into a large, warm hug. (Y/n) was thankful for the height difference that allowed her to bury her face into his jacket so that he couldn’t see how red her cheeks were. “It’s okay! I’ll figure something out. I don’t blame any of this on you, (y/n)!”

“T-Thank you?” she stuttered out. She took a deep breath before breaking free from his embrace. V pouted a little in disappointment but she already had her back turned to face the direction of the Lost-And-Found. “How about we go back to the office? We can call the police there so that they can help you find the phone number of your company.”

V bit his lip. He was having so much fun here though. “Alright…”

The two walked back in silence. V looked as if he was in another universe, head swiveling side to side to examine the closed stores. She found herself giggling at his endearing antics. The few hours she spent with the boy had already made her attached to him, an attachment she grew scared of losing.

'Well, this will probably be the most exciting memory I have in this job,’ (y/n) thought to herself. She inwardly sighed. 'A night spent running around the mall with an idol…how much more romantic can that get?’

She found herself wishing that the two would never reach the office. The next day, V would go back to being an idol, and she would be stuck at the same old, boring desk job. And then moments they spent together would just be a thing of the past.

As the two approached the entrance, she could distinctly make out the silhouettes of a large congregation of people.

“Ah!” V suddenly alerted (y/n) as he recognized some faces. He turned to her with an excited look in his eyes. “Look, (y/n)! It’s my manager and group! See? They didn’t leave without me!”

“That’s great,” she croaked, trying to hide her disappointment. It didn’t go by unnoticed though. Just as V opened his mouth to question her reaction, the rest of BTS noticed their favorite alien in the distance.

“V!” Rapmon called out. V turned around only to be attacked by J-Hope and Jimin who immediately pulled the boy into their arms.

“Ahhhh, V, we missed you so much!” J-Hope shouted. His eyes were slightly red from crying. “We were seriously assuming the worst when we didn’t see you for half of the day.”

“Yeah, really, you gave us all a heart attack!” Jimin chastised. He playfully began slapping V’s arm, which turned into a game between the two friends. The rest of them caught up.

“Ya, V, you really caused a huge headache for the rest of us,” Jin lamented. He shook his head at V’s sheepish smile. “I’ll need to bring a leash with me next time so I won’t lose you.”

“That’s a bit much, hyung,” Rapmon laughed. He put an arm around V who winced at the pressure Rapmon was exerting on his shoulders. “Next time, I’ll just make the punishment even worse so that this kid gets a sense of responsibility.”

“Leader, you’re hurting me,” V whined. Rapmon rolled his eyes before letting V out of his grip. Suga gave V a deadpan look.

“Seriously, this is why we should just stay at home and watch a movie,” the man said. “I could be writing lyrics write now, but we’re still outside.”

“Ah, yeah, we should hurry home,” the manager said. He took out his phone and began calling for their ride to meet them at the mall’s exit. “Yeah, we found V-sshi…”

“Hyung, look, I won a prize,” Jungkook announced to V, proudly displaying a small stuffed animal. “Jimin-hyung couldn’t even get one.”

“That machine was broken!” Jimin protested. J-Hope laughed before reenacting Jimin at the claw machine.

“Really, he’d try so hard, I was scared he’d break the machine,” J-Hope added. V laughed at the stories his friends told whilst they were on their own adventure. (Y/n) smiled at their infectious energy.

“Alright, our ride is here,” the manger announced. The boys stiffened before listening in to instructions. “Let’s all go out.” He paused before giving V a glare. “Together.”

“Yes!” the boys responded unison. As they all headed out to the mall’s exit, V stayed a little bit behind next to (y/n).

“Shouldn’t you go now?” she teased lightly, giving V a gentle push forward. V gave her a small smile that made her feel just a tiny bit lonely.

“Well, ah…” he seemed as if he wanted to say something, but immediately swallowed it back down after seeing his manager’s pointed stare. “Good night.”

“Bye,” she waved. V nodded his head before walking away, occasionally shooting glances back at her. She found herself wearing a silly grin at his antics. After they all disappeared through the doors, the grin faded into a small frown. “Well, there goes my once-in-a-lifetime memory…”


The next day, (y/n) clocked in for her shift. True to her predictions, the day went by normally. There was no lost adult idol for her to run around the mall in. Because it was Sunday, she expected her workplace to be crowded but oddly enough, there weren’t many people.

“Did you forget?” her co-worker asked disbelievingly. (Y/n) titled her head in confusion. “Today’s a holiday! Everyone’s probably at home now with their family, and we’re here stuck at work.” A glance up at the clock made her friend jump up. “Correction: you’re stuck here at work. I’m out!”

“Wait, why are you leaving so early?” (y/n) whined. She would be here alone at this rate.

“Season finale part two!” her coworker said as she was exiting the door. For a moment, (y/n) was all by herself until her friend’s head popped back in again. “And I think you’re in for a surprise.”

“What are you talking about?” (Y/n) mumbled. However, her friend was gone. She shook her head at the odd behavior before looking down at some files she was doodling on. Night shifts were the worst.

The sudden sound of the office’s entrance opening alarmed her. She looked up, and her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“Hi again, (y/n),” V greeted cheerily, as if him showing up to her office was nothing short of a miracle. She rubbed her eyes just to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. “I’m back!”

She swallowed at the lump in her throat. “You’re not lost again, are you?”

“Aish, why are you like that?” V whined, sticking his lower lip out in the most adorable pout ever. She laughed at his childish reaction to her joke.

“It’s nice to see you again, V,” she said politely. She couldn’t get rid of the smile on her face. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, last night my phone was dead so…” V cleared his throat. She wondered what made the boy look so uncomfortable. “Jimin told me to say this.”

“To say what?” she asked. V’s face was scrunched up, as if he was fighting an inner turmoil. She was surprised when he suddenly leaned up on her desk, an arm supporting his weight as he got close to her face. Their cheeks were both tinted red at the close proximity.

“This is the Lost-And-Found, right?” V suddenly questioned after a lengthy pause. (Y/n) tilted her head at his random behavior, though she wasn’t surprised by it.

“Yes…” she answered slowly. V took a deep breath in before continuing.

“Well, I seemed to have lost your number,” V said. He slid his phone towards her hands. “Can you help me find it again?”

The amount of laughter that filled the room only made V’s face glow brighter. He would have to beat up Jimin later, but lucky for him, he did end up finding what he wanted the second time around.


I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but I hadn’t gotten around to editing it out of sheer laziness. P.S. V is really hard to write because his character is just so complex I can’t?????

It like drives me crazy how anxious and scared seeing her makes me and it also drives me crazy how much she hates me. Like. I just wish she would talk to me because we have SO much to clear up with each other. Like I’m just trying to fucking live, and quite honestly I don’t understand how things got this rough. I was literally showing the girl who LIKES ME videos and pics of her and I tonight. And still, seeing all of those now seriously makes me smile bigger than anything else. I’m not in love with whoever she is now but God, we were so in love. I think in some way I’m still in love with her then. You look at pics and videos of us and neither of us look like we could be any happier than we were at that moment. All the kissing videos and the videos of us looking at each other and all the laughing and giggling. Oh man we adored each other. We loved each other so much. Things are so broken right now and there’s no return but some nights I’m not really sad. I’m just kinda disappointed with myself that I didn’t make better choices. Maybe it was my fault she cheated on me. It still wasn’t right.. But there were times when I was not a good person to be with. I loved and I lost but I can’t possibly be sad about it. I see pictures of her and I can’t help to exclaim about how gorgeous she is. The girl I was with said, “you were lucky” and I said that in some ways I still am. By that I mean, I’m lucky I ever got to be with her. Like fuck she makes me feel like hell now and I make her feel like hell but both of us are so misunderstood right now. Some days I feel like I’ve never been more scared because of her, and some days, when I look at all these old pics of her, I remember how good she was. I still don’t know anything. Whether the things in her life are real or not, or actually whether she’s even okay. It would be so easy to check her tumblr, but I’d rather not, and plus I don’t think she updates it really. Things are weird. Tonight is weird. If all this didn’t happen, this year would’ve actually been incredible. At first we had three classes together. Like. We’ve never had more than one! Tomorrow I have to get my science class changed, or I literally might have to go to the hospital from anxiety. She’s the only one i know in that class and she straight up HATES me. Fuck. We were best friends before we were ever lovers, and I wish we could talk, because I don’t believe it should be like this. Not at all. I don’t know what’s going on with her. Some days I love her and some days I hate her, but I always miss her. I read old poems I wrote her and this Valentine’s Day note and I looked at all the pics of the gifts I gave her and I remember how I felt in all those moments. I was so happy. I was so in love. My friend asked me if I would ever get married, and I told her I would if I found another love like that. Being with her, my future had never seemed so solid. Trust me, through all of this, I’ve learned to cope with many things. This break up has never made me feel like I needed to hurt myself, but I was just so sad. I got through most of it within a week, but again, I’ll always miss her. I really hope things work out for her.