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I totally see what you mean about there being consent issues with Stiles/Malia and when Scott used Derek to attack Gerard, but the rest of the examples are all perpetrated by villains. I don't think it's implied that what they do is okay. Or is it that you don't like watching shows with that vibe in general? (Not trying to be an asshole-- just curious)

I have several asks like that in my askbox, going “but they were bad guys”


of course they were, which sort of implies that what they did was wrong. However, it’s not so much the fact that these happened in the first place that bothers me (e.g. if Scott had never been bitten the show would not exist)

it’s how it is handled

because mostly, it’s simply forgotten and never addressed again, and we don’t see the characters, especially those who have been assaulted, deal with the fallout. It took nearly two season for Lydia  (and mostly Allison) to remind Peter what he did to her - the first time they met after her assault it was played off as comic relief with funny music in the background. It still hasn’t been clearly established to what degree Jennifer used her powers to seduce Derek, because all the writers are okay with saying “she used the powers gained by virgin sacrifices to seduce Derek”, but none of them dare utter the rape word, even though that could be arguably be defined as rape.

Etc etc.

The show does a lot of problematic shit, which would’t be so bad if it later was addressed critically….but somehow they think they can have Scott nearly kill himself  and it never being important again. If you choose to portray issues, you gotta deal with them responsibly, whether the perps are villains or not, and Teen Wolf doesn’t do that.