how is it gonna look like on my tumblr page

Bitches talk about black tgirls and other sites .. and how they would never do it . How people always gonna be able to prove your tea

Yet they have homade Vids all over their tumblr page . And their families and child hood friends can go to Craigslist and see they desperate ass posting pictures of their dick

.I love doing porn. Yes I don’t like all my scenes but i have clients hoe come to Vegas …look on the listings and say I know her .

I need to get better about this...

Like posting here, I mean.  I used to do it a lot and then some stuff happened and I just didn’t feel like coming around this site for a while.

Unfortunately, I let a slightly isolated experience affect my experience here (even though others have made it fantastic!) and I’m not gonna let that happen in 2017.  :)

This is, after all, my professional page and it should be treated as such.  Professionally.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still personable and honest and all that garbage.  XD  I just shouldn’t let personal issues keep me from posting here as much as I used to.

So… hit me up anytime and look forward to more being here!

Also - if anyone knows how to make fancy looking tumblrs without all the tiny font… just something like… nicer looking than my bright pink, generic blog, please contact me. I’m in the market for an upgrade. :)

Thanks again, everyone, for all the support!  :D