how is it getting past my blacklist

My TV Schedule is more intense than my school schedule

Monday nights:

  • Supergirl at 8
  • Lucifer at 9
  • Blindspot at 10

Tuesday nights:

  • The Flash at 8
  • Shadowhutners at 9 
  • iZombie at 9 (I’m behind by 2 weeks)
  • Agent Carter at 9 (Need to watch episodes 6, 7 and 8)
  • Teen Wolf at 9 (I just need to watch yesterday’s)
  • Shannara Chronicles at 10 (I’m behind by 3 episodes)

Wednesday nights:

  • Arrow from the 17th and 24th
  • Supernatural from the 10th, 17th and 24th
  • Suits at 10pm (Need to watch the past 2 episodes)

Thursday nights:

  • Legends of Tomorrow at 8
  • The Blacklist at 9
  • How To Get Away with Murder at 10 (Watching last weeks tonight)
  • Elementary at 10 (Have to catch up on episodes 12, 13 & 14)

Friday at home/school:

  • Grimm (Need to watch the past few weeks)

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Radfems only

Every now and then some fuckwit reblogs my ‘op is a terf’ brigade post to whinge about how mean I am and how radfems deserve to be blacklisted because…reasons.

Whenever I try to explain to them that they are uninformed about what is going on it is like talking to a brickwall. They never get past the ‘ur a terf and terfs r bad so u deserve to be harassed whenever you make a post’ stage (even when they agree with a lot of what we write).

They never stop to think about why radfems are being blacklisted and what this says about transactivism. They never stop to consider the reasons radfems oppose/are critical of transgenderism and trans activism.

Do any radfems have any thoughts on this?