how is it a thing for them to be so perfect


Behind the Scenes of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (Part 5)
Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM #372

Are Daleks difficult to work with?

“Not at all,” insists the Doctor himself, David Tennant.  “The guys who operate them are so good at it, they whizz around, and there’s a beautiful bit - I don’t know if it’ll make the final cut - where they do a little… it’s almost like a dance, when they go around the Genesis Ark, in perfect harmony.  They seemed to have total control. It’s fantastic, especially when you get Nick Briggs [who voices both the Daleks and the Cybermen] barking at you, and it’s all happening live. The great thing about working with the Daleks is that it’s all created in the studio - the monsters, and the monster voices, aren’t added in afterwards - so you’re not having to make any imaginative leaps, and you really can sort of face them off. I only had, really, one scene with them, but I did feel finally kind of blooded. You’re not the Doctor until you’ve faced the Dakels.”

“It’s probably a boy thing,” chips in Sophia Myles, who played Madame de Pompadour in The Girl in the Fireplace.  She’s visiting David on set, and she’s not all that impressed by Daleks. “I can’t see why the boys get so excited,” she admits.

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At my high school we had a kid who would steal all the gaudy and sequiny clothes from the drama department's costume cupboard. He'd steal them a shirt or a hat at a time and then take them home to wear normally and I feel like that's a thing Taako would do

Do you know… how perfect this is…

My headcanon for the twins’ high school career is that they continued to travel with caravans and just went to class at whatever school was closest, then tested out of the classes. So, adding to that, they also raid the drama department of every school they go to. 

That’s their entire wardrobe for a while, because it’s completely free and entirely too easy to get away with. Some of it has to be customized of course, but for a while Taako and Lup both look like a theater class threw up on them - glitter and sequins and clothing from certain time periods and outfits that were clearly costumes once. Taako discovers that he really likes ridiculous hats. Lup likes whatever fake leather and spikes she can find. 

They should look ridiculous, they should look laughable, but they make it work - they own the look, and they’ve both gotten good at making the best of things with what they’ve got. With that much raw material, Taako and Lup are able to make a really impressive set of customized clothing. Those clothes are brighter and shinier and nicer than anything they’ve ever had before, and they love every single piece.

Even when they have enough money to buy clothes, they like the bright colors and exaggerated looks that were part of their first experience really getting to express themselves with clothing. They still customize everything they own to their exacting specifications.

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HC: Steve loves using his phone to take pictures. It's one of his fav things about the new century— how easy to use and accessible cameras are. He's also good at it, b/c he has an artist's eye for perfect lighting and camera angles. Tony ends up being his fav subject, and even before they began dating more than half the pictures on his phone were of Tony. (Steve can't bear to delete any of them, so Tony shows him the wonders of the Cloud; now he can access all his pics of Tony anytime, anywhere)

And then, after the accords, when its late at night and Steve can’t sleep because the bed is too big, empty, and cold, when the guilt threatens to overwhelm him, Steve appreciates the Cloud so much more because whenever he needs to he can look back at all those pictures. when they were together, when things were easier… when everyone was still happy. He sits and stares at those images for hours while he clutches an old flip phone in his hands and waits for it to ring.

woo look who took that a completely different direction lmao

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(sorry! i didnt see the thing about a maximum of 5 people) How about the RFA reacting to Mc who works at Disney World! (p.s. ilysm *blows kiss*)

I´m am happy about this follow up message. *You are always free to request follow ups or just request your faves.*

I ever wanted to go to Disney World but I never could T^T.

I choose some different jobs and yeah I made them so that you get the most reaction out of it.


  • He finds it interesting that you work there.
  • I mean it’s Disney world.
  • What really gets him fired up about your job is when you tell him that you work as Cinderella.
  • Like how perfect is that.
  • I mean he not works as the prince, but you can bet he memorized the movie lines.
  • Zen basically begs you to play the part with you.
  • You kinda feel like you see one of those girls that eyes are sparkling.
  • You can’t deny Zen’s wish so you play your part.
  • Zen is way too excited about your work, he would try to get the job of the prince.
  • But you tell him to focus on this acting career instead.
  • He is a bit disappointed, but of course you are right.
  • At least he can still play prince with you when you are home.


  • This is quite awesome, as he was younger he once was there.
  • It was amazing, he is a bit jealous that you work at such a magical place.
  • To you it’s just a job, you are kinda used to working there.
  • You work in one of the restaurants it’s not different from other places, except that it’s Disney world.
  • Yoosung still wants to work there with you.
  • Mainly he wants to spend more time with you during his summer break.
  • So he gets a job at the restaurant as well.
  • It’s really not easy for him, and his romantic fantasies.
  • He barely gets time with you during work, and he is just beat after the shift.
  • Yoosung almost regrets that he started working here.
  • On his last shift you work together with him, but actually you planned something else for you two.
  • You planned a Disney world date day with him.
  • Using some of your payment to get you both tickets and making sure that he gets to ride everything he wanted.
  • He is really happy that you planned this for him.
  • Yoosung knows this was all worth it, when you two hold hands and kiss when the fireworks go off.


  • For her it’s just a workplace like any other.
  • She never even was at Disney world.
  • Jaehee not really gets why Zen and Yoosung seem a bit jealous that you are their everyday.
  • She gets quite impressed about the fact that you assist the Park Manager.
  • You both just have so much in common, just that you actually enjoy work most of the time.
  • Jaehee on the other hand is kinda unhappy with her job.
  • She makes good money, but she wants more.
  • You support her with that, figuring out what she wants to do.
  • You really enjoy how fired up she is, feeling like that is something you want to do too.
  • You end up talking with Jaehee, and she offers you to become her business partner.
  • This makes both of you really happy, even when it’s a lot of work.


  • He is not really familiar with the cartoons from Disney.
  • He heard about the Disney world theme parks, but he never had the wish to go there.
  • At least till you tell him that you work at one of the Parks hotels.
  • Jumin of course offered you a good position in a hotel he owns *or just bought for you*.
  • You rather just earn your position, and refuse the offer.
  • Jumin can understand that, but he is also really curious about your work.
  • So he books a room, without telling you.
  • You are quite surprised to see him, but you keep professional, you want to keep the job after all.
  • You know that Jumin is used to top service so he gets just that.
  • Jumin is quite impressed with your attitude and he not tries to distract you too much.
  • Even he payed to have you exclusively working for him.
  • You decide to make him pay for that, by showing him the fun of Disney world.
  • While he is here Jumin should start to understand the magic after all.
  • You use a free day during his stay and invite him to visit the actual park.
  • You two do everything you should in Disney world, matching hats and all.
  • Jumin not really knows how to feel about them, but he gets one for Elizabeth too.
  • You take some pictures of you two, and make the rest of the RFA jealous.
  • Jumin might never fully understands the magic of Disney, but he understands the magic of being with you while watching a firework.
  • Back home he works on plans to make a Elizabeth the 3rd world.


  • He finds it interesting, but you say it’s not that great since you just work as a Mascot.
  • It’s not even paying that much, you like working at the park, but you really want a better job.
  • Seven can understand that really good, he tells you to quit if it’s not what you want to do.
  • You agree but you have hopes of a better position.
  • So you keep going.
  • Soon after that a new co-worker starts to work as a Mascot with you.
  • He seems to enjoy this much more than you do, it’s kinda entertaining to watch him.
  • You have much more fun than ever.
  • When you finally get the better job in a store, you are almost sad that you won’t work with him anymore.
  • You want to probably say goodbye at least, but it turns out that it was Seven all along.
  • You are surprised, but then again not really.
  • He tells you that he only took the job to make you feel better, but he also really enjoys working as a Mascot.
  • So now you both work at Disney world.
  • He dresses up as the Disney princess here and there, but they never catch him.

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“I had figured out the perfect way for the protag to defeat the Big Bad using True Names and silent casting” OOH tell us, please! (You don’t have to reply to this if you don’t want to, I’m just really curious now!)

Okay, but just warning people about potential spoilers - I don’t think I’m going to reveal anything major, but y’know, just in case. There’s also the fact that I haven’t read these books since I was a teen, and I may misremember some details.

Consider yourself warned.

Okay, so pretty early on, Eragon learns about True Names. Mainly he learns that a person’s True Name relates to their inmost being and is the revelation of Who They Really Are. Furthermore, if you know someone’s True Name, you can make them do whatever you want. Literally.

At some point Eragon runs into a Massive Jerk from his past, and while sitting by the fireside contemplating said Massive Jerk, he somehow…figures out his True Name. Like, he literally just thinks, “Hmmm, what three words in the Secret Magic Language best describe Massive Jerk?” and then once he thinks of them, Massive Jerk starts acting uncomfortable. So he tells Massive Jerk to go to the Elves’ magic forest and Massive Jerk get up and walks until his feet are bleeding and he’s half naked and he almost dies of exhaustion.

(This is not the most messed up thing Eragon accidentally does, btw. He has a tendency to ruin people’s lives without meaning to.)

Anyway, later on, the Super Judgmental Hippie Mentor teaches Eragon how to properly use his magical abilities because Eragon is a total N00b. Along the way, SJHM instructs Eragon in the art of silent casting. See, all of the magicians Eragon had met until this point (except for one jerk elf - a lot of the elves were jerks, actually) had always cast by speaking out loud. It turns out that you can cast by just thinking the words in your head, but it’s a lot more dangerous. I don’t know why more people don’t know about this, but whatever. Silent casting is officially a Thing.

So we have True Names and silent casting. Now to the major obstacle of the books.

At one point, Eragon asks someone (I can’t remember who, but let’s just say it was SJHM) why they can’t just learn the Big Bad’s True Name and use it. It turns out that Big Bad thought of that and cast a protective spell. If anyone speaks his True Name, they will die.

Now, this is where I saw a solution. Take a moment to see if you spot it.


The instant-death spell is triggered if someone speaks Big Bad’s True Name.

Eragon knows how to silent cast.

It has also been established that he, on virtue of being the protagonist, has a talent for figuring out people’s True Names. He also knows more of the Secret Magic Language than most people, because protagonist.


Eragon and the Big Bad face off. They battle, not just with dragons and weapons and magic, but with their wits. Eragon scrutinizes his enemy. It’s difficult, but due to the insight others have given him and his own abilities, he unlocks the secret’s of the Big Bad’s soul and learns his True Name. He then uses silent casting to force the Big Bad to…anything. Fly into a volcano. Spend the rest of his life running in circles. Or, for a poignant ending, force him to seek redemption or something.

What really draws me to this ending, beyond the fact that I felt very clever when I came up with it, is the theme/metaphor. In this, the key to the Big Bad’s defeat lies in his soul. Eragon would win, not just because he was stronger in some way, but because he was good at understanding people. For all the series’ faults, Paolini did a good job presenting Eragon as a compassionate person. He makes some major mistakes and hurts a lot of people, but it’s pretty much always because he was trying to help. He tries to be culturally sensitive. He shows a lot of mercy to his enemies, so I could see him bestowing a redemptive fate upon the Big Bad. Eragon would win the battle due to compassion and emotional intelligence, and that’s not a solution you often see.

Even if silent casting isn’t a loophole, I would still prefer an ending where Eragon uses the True Name. Once again, he would win due to his empathy and insight, and sacrificing himself to save the world would be a powerful end to his journey.

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i feel like namjoon would like chubby girls if any of them would like them and that makes me feel a little better when i start thinking down on myself i want him to pinch my cheeks and kiss my tummy and caress my legs and it helps a lot to make me feel good abt myself but i know in reality none of them would even look at me :(

I think Namjoon loves chubby bodies!! I also feel Yoongi does too!! In all honesty, I think the members wouldn’t base their feelings around a persons looks. As long as you have a loving personality, they would love every single thing about you! 

I know I cant just say “don’t think bad about yourself” because it’s not something you can just be told to do :( I wished I could hug you right now, and tell you how beautiful you are!! Chubby bodies are so perfect!! 

I hope that women will eventually learn that with the self-proclaimed “nice guys” what you see is what you get: socially maladapted weirdos who don’t understand how relationships work. No fucking fedora-lord neckbeard is gonna be some sort of Ted Bundy/Jian Gomeshi/Harvey Weinstein/Tyler Malka super-creep, because if they were, it would be really fucking obvious (like it was with Eliot Rodgers).

At the end of the day, the real guys women (and gay/bi dudes) need to be on guard for are the ones who seemingly know every conceivable thing you could want them to say and just seems oh-so-perfect. Like, that genuinely nice woke guy is probably the one who’s the most likely to either be a serial groper or have a dead hooker chopped up in his trunk.

you know i dont mean to bring drama about a video game onto a kpop based blog but everything surrounding concept!mercy is just such a perfect representation of how far white people will go to destroy black peoples representation. even in a video game based on settings that aren’t real and characters that dont exist we cant have a nurturing black character with out white people taking every role and making excuses to justify them taking roles they shouldnt have. its just so pathetic that even in a situation as simple as a fucking video game, white people are that controlling. this is a perfect example of how racism and discrimination bleeds into every aspect of life– even down to a video game character and thats an absolutely horrifying and not to mention extremely isolating thing to realize. black people are just not allowed to have anything at all, even feelings at this point. Disgusting.


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t

“That Was All You”: A Black Paladin Lance Meta

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Digs Heels In So Hard She’s Laying on the Ground. “This Is My Home Now,” She Says.

Listen. Listen. No, I don’t know when to quit. Yes, I have a midterm tomorrow and am procrastinating. Shut up.

Now, since this is going to be long as hell (because I really don’t know when to quit), here’s a quick summary of my argument: 1. we’re building up to a leadership arc with Lance, 2. the pilot of the Black Lion depends not just on Black but on the team, and 3. Keith and Red still have a connection.

Blah blah blah, general disclaimer, I am probably could be wrong, lesgo:

Season 4 episode 6 sees the introduction of a new galra super weapon – a planet rigged to explode and take the whole solar system out with it. Right after destroying the galra stronghold on said planet, the team is suddenly surrounded by giant spire things and have no idea what they are.

And it’s Lance that makes the right call. He’s the one that not only says “hey let’s leave,” but also “and here’s how we’re going to do it.” He looks at this situation, sees a need to distance them from it immediately, and knows exactly who to delegate the task to. 

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“Are you eating well? Don’t overwork yourself. Did you sleep? Do you feel threatened by anything? You can talk to me. Guys is it just us or does Jimin look 0.1 kg thinner?”




“JHOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOPE”. they are also the ones who sometimes dress strangely at concerts and events!


In the name of more lines and Jin’s beautiful lips, we will fight the world and BIGS#IT for KIM SEOKJIN! 


“OPPA? U MAD?” “CAN WE ARM WRESTLE?” “YOU ARE A KID! DO KID THINGS YOU *insert curses* but we still love you” “OMG he is so cute. I want to kick him in the face"  


NO! He is not real. He can’t be real! Is he real? Oh, look at his feet *save in gallery* Oh look at his tummy *zooms in and giggles* Oh look -insert a weird body part- *takes a screenshot*. 


Namjoon just needs to say something for them to cry. Most of the time they don’t even know what he is saying but they are always like “That was SO deep just like YOUR DIMPLES WHERE I WANT TO JUMP IN, TAKE IT OFF AND NEVER GET OUT *sobs* Namjoon is such a genius”

By @mimibtsghost


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

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You're a fucking loser with indy books barely making money. Who gives a shit what you think about making comics.

I received a bunch of messages in this vein, but yours didn’t have any political rants or racial epithets, so you get a response. Congrats.

When it comes to writing blog posts about making comics, I’ve always tried to make it clear that I am not a guru and don’t have anything close to all the answers.

Maybe that’s okay.

Survival bias is a state where people concentrate on only the most exemplary subjects and try to emulate them, not realizing that they’re the exception, not something typical. 

If you try to figure out how to be a “huge successful writer” by only looking at superstars and big moneymakers, you’re almost certainly going to fail. Don’t get me wrong, every creative person has tremendous hardships and rejections in their careers at different points, but the level of success a J.K. Rowling, Stephen King or Robert Kirkman now have is highly unusual and not something you can reproduce.

Maybe it’s a good idea to get a bit of advice from someone currently in the trenches, someone slowly building their name bit by bit who’s honest about what worked and what didn’t as they go along.

I’ll admit, there’s still survival bias involved in my career (many people pitch their ideas to Image, many more want to work at Marvel), but I try to temper my optimistic advice with reality wherever I can. It may not be as impressive, but it’s certainly more realistic.

I’ve known friends and colleagues who wanted their creative careers to appear like Athena, a perfect armored warrior-goddess instantly striking awe and fear into all around her, who sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus. (Seriously, that’s the legend. Mythology is fucking weird and awesome).

It doesn’t happen that way. It never will. The people I’ve known who acted that way about creativity quickly burned out on top of a pile of half-baked concepts and unfinished work. They wanted blinding inspiration and success or nothing and nothing was what they got.

If you make things you will struggle, screw up, and hate the choices you’ve made at times, but if you stick with it you will also learn and grow. Sometimes it won’t be about money. Other times that, and keeping a roof over your head, might be your only concern. Everyone’s journey is different. You can learn a bit from other people but in the end you have to go out there and do it yourself.

If you’re spending your time staring at my little bar charts shaking your fist about my success or lack thereof, you’re using way too much energy in an unproductive way. Go make stuff or go looking for Athena and see where it gets you.

what up it’s the return of ‘any words is winning’

some useless writing tips, as we carreen into NaNoWriMo

  • november is a shitty month to do a writing challenge unless you are a college student or a white man with a wife. ponder that one for a fuckin second
  • that said, ten minutes writing, five minutes resting a la Nanowrimo works pretty good for getting a bunch of words out to edit later.
  • if you need to look something up [[double bracket it]] in the text and keep on with your life
  • [[double brackets]] in general are great for putting shit into that you know will need to be dealt with later or notes about the story itself, which is a writing tip I first learned from Piers Antony and which I suppose justifies his entire shitty oeuvre. I shouldn’t talk, I read a lot of them. I read a lot of Robert Heinlein too, and the takeaway I think I’m going for is “squeeze what you can out of shitty white male writers and ignore them for the rest of your life”
  • highlight shit you know has to be dealt with later and keep writing so there’s a later to deal with it
  • a joke is much funnier if you let the reader do half the work.
  • never apologize, never explain - well, explain a little. but over explaining never works. trust your readers. in my experience they’re much smarter than you are. 
    • if you say things in a straightforward way without explaining that unlike in real life, a hoodorwooflersten is entirely unlike, but not quite, like a horse that acts like a dog, and allow the reader to figure out through context that a hoodorwooflersten barks but you can ride it, things go much much smoother.
  • don’t be ashamed of your old stuff, no matter how shitty. practice makes perfect, and someone probably enjoyed it. respect your past self and them.
  • read a shitton, and think about what you read
  • done is better than perfect. done is better than perfect. done is better than perfect. 
  • writing, like drawing and painting, is an artistic skill made possible by technical training. the mechanics of writing can be learned. maybe you can’t be taught the spark. but you can learn to be ready for it
  • you gotta write a lot of shitty stuff to one or two good stuff. I’m sorry. It’s dumb. I wish it didn’t work like that.
  • There is One True Writing Method, and that is the one that works for you. 
  • If it doesn’t feel good don’t do it
    • not like, bunnies and sparkles good, artistic good. there’s a difference. you can be moaning and bitching but it’s still good. I don’t know how to describe it. you have to chase the high.
  • it works pretty good to have a goal of writing so many words (anywhere from 1 - 1000 is a pretty good ballpark) or time spent wrting per day but if you don’t make it it’s terribly counterproductive to beat yourself up about it
  • unless you are paying the bills by writing, it’s okay to take a break from writing. Go hike. play a video game. if it doesn’t give you joy (sometimes a hard angry joy, to be sure) stop doing it. rest.
❤ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝒾𝑔𝓃𝓈 𝒜𝓈 𝒦𝒾𝓈𝓈𝑒𝓈 ❤

Aries: French Kiss - Although the tongue action requires mastery, it’s the perfect kiss to set the right steamy and passionate mood. 

Taurus: Eskimo Kiss - The lovey-dovey kiss, which can be seen as a warm beam of genuine affection among the frostiness.

Gemini: Biting Kiss - Playful and sometimes lustful kiss that shows your partner exactly how attracted you are to them.

Cancer: Butterfly Kiss - Taking things slowly to fully connect with your partner’s soul through an intimate and affectionate gesture.

Leo: Jaw Kiss - Sensual and intimate kiss that calms both of you down and make you extremely comfortable and relaxed with each other.

Virgo: Forehead Kiss - An expression of admiration, friendship and trust. Pure gesture of romance given typically at the very start of the romance.

Libra: Hand Kiss - Noble act of chivalry, expresses your passion and devotion for someone you love oh-so-dearly. 

Scorpio: Marking Kiss - Marking through loving lipstick-kisses or lustful hickies, you show your partner proof of your love even after the kiss has ended.

Sagittarius: Single Lip Kiss - Can vary from being a subtle and longing kiss to a deeply passionate and desirous one, to show how much you’re into them.

Capricorn: Lingering Kiss - The sheer amount of love you have for your partner simply can not be conveyed through a kiss of average length.

Aquarius: Kiss Of An Angel - A heartfelt kiss on your partner’s eyelids is a tender gesture between two people who are passionately in love.

Pisces: Earlobe Kiss - Targeting a erogenous and extremely vulnerable zone, all walls are torn down through this romantic and intimate kiss.

hello friends!!! i’m a language enthusiast (+ a language minor in college hehe). originally i was gonna make a post of all languages, but that already exists + i don’t want to reiterate + i have SO many french resources and that’s my second primary language so i thought i’d focus on that??? 

general language

general french

french vocab

french tenses

french grammar

french literature, film, + music

Corner of the Coffee Shop

Prompt: ‘Soulmate’ for @just-some-drabbles ‘s writing challenge! (no summary because the prompt says it all)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2073 words

Warnings: fluff, hardly any angst. 

Notes: Thank you so much to my love @untimelyideasforstories for helping me come up with ideas for this story, you saved my ass <3 I also didn’t proofread this, it’s 10:40pm and I have a French test tomorrow argh

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

Soulmates, true love, first kisses, those are all things you were told to believe. The first one was real enough, as everyone in the world was born with a permanently inked mark, somewhere on their body. Yours was plainly put into sight, right on the inside of your left wrist. From person to person, their mark differed in handwriting, but it always read the same thing; the date of your soulmate’s birth. Your soulmark was scrawled in a delicate yet slightly messy script, which didn’t really bother you. Your friend could barely read her one, it was that chaotic. But it was the actual words that bothered you, which made you lose faith in having a soulmate that was actually alive.

‘10th of March, 1917.’

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so how do you feel about the claim that your art is racist?

hm, I…don’t know really? I guess I am not competent enough to decide.

You see, I don’t know what to think of this, because such a thing is very…strong, yet very vague. What exactly makes it racist? Did I draw someone not dark enough? If so, whom and why? I need to know these things so I can reflect back and see my drawings from a different perspective.

Because I always try to follow the descriptions and do my best on not…whitewashing? I’ve made a mistake of drawing a biracial (Angelina is black, George is white) character as white because in my mind 6 years ago it made perfect sense. I feel like I’ve grown enough to understand just how important media representation is for black people and why you shouldn’t take one potentially black character and make them white, since. everyone else is white already.

So in that sense, I try to do my best and draw people of colour as they are. The idea of whitewashing is not something I am fond of, nor I understand why people do that on the first place. especially if it’s full damn intentionally.

I guess there is someone who might consider me racist because I don’t headcanon characters with no mentioned skin colour as black? If so, personally, I do what’s closer to me and how my surroundings work. To get the idea, everyone around me were white (sometimes asian) up to very recently? I’m 23, and it’s the first time I had a chance to interract properly with a black guy who is my gym coach. Like, everyone here is primarily white, so it’s probably a bit different here. All the common problems that are talked about in US might be problems here, but people don’t talk about it. I have to find out everything on my own, so if I’m doing it slowly, please forgive me.

I’m all up for people to do/draw/write/percieve things (especially when it comes to fictional characters) the way that is the closest and the most relatable to them. If it would be black Hermione, or indian Harry, or as much PoC headcanons as people need - I can only appreciate and respect that. If I’m considered racist for doing the same but through my eyes, I am not sure what to do and what to think of it.

So…let me know your thoughts on this subject and I’ll read through it to get a better idea.

You’re MY Girl Pt.1

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Request from @jyttoaudios: I was wondering if u could make a smut where you and tom are friends with benefits and he gets all sensitive over the fact that your starting to see someone and it leads to to a lil angst and a lil sum sum us know what I’m saying hmmmmm

A/N: hopefully you enjoy Pt.1 xx- Mikayla

[Reader’s POV]

    Rolling over you get out of the bed quietly. Picking up your phone and unplugging it off the charger. Bending down you pick up a shirt slipping the article of clothing on. Looking back at the bed, your longing gaze breaking as you exit the bedroom. Your feet padded against the flooring slightly as you headed towards the stairs. Memories of last night flashed through your head sending a throbbing sensation down to your core.

   Yawning and stretching your arms as you made it down each step slowly. Your body exhausted from the night before. Tessa’s tags jingled made you look over. She was standing on the couch now looking at you. A happy smile on her sweet face. Walking over you press a kiss to her head and rub her ears. Seeing a happy Tess when you woke up always made your day.

   Tessa jumps off the couch and follows you towards the kitchen. Clicking the power button on your phone to see it’s twelve thirty. Turning on the coffee pot you lean against the counter. Your hip slightly digging into the counter which you regretted quickly. A twinge of pain makes you stop leaning against the counter and lift your shirt up.

   Your skin was tinted purple with long bruises from where Tom’s fingers were last night. The skin sensitive and dark in some areas. A loud sound comes from the coffee machine indicating the coffee was ready. Moving your coffee mug you grasp the handle and pull it out of its home. Pouring the hot liquid in the cup your phone starts ringing loudly.

   Putting the coffee away you reach to grab your ringing phone. You were afraid the sound would rise upstairs and wake Tom. Almost dropping it out of quickly grabbing it you let out a sigh of relief when it doesn’t fall. Hitting the green button you raise the phone to your ear. A smile on your face after you saw who was calling.

“Good morning, you still on for today?” He asks as you reach for the dog food. Placing it on the counter you grab Tessa’s bowl.

“Yeah, I’m at a friends house so I’ll have to go home and get ready for tonight” Filling up the bowl you see her waiting by her water bowl. Tail wagging happily as she awaits her food. Setting it down you pat her head and she starts munching away.

“I bet you’ll look gorgeous no matter what” his voice was deep from him probably just waking up. He’s the one you’ve been calling when you couldn’t talk to Tom. It was hard just being friends with benefits with Tom. You wanted a relationship aspect.

“Oh stop it Leo, you’re such a charmer” you giggle taking a sip of your coffee. The caffeine rushing through your system to wake you up. The two of you had plans to meet at a coffee shop to just have a relaxing date. Coffee was perfect because you had to work on a term paper that night anyways. If you had tea you would want to wind down and procrastinate longer on your assignment.

“I can’t help it you’re absolutely stunning, I don’t know how anyone can pass you up” he chuckles making you smile. You couldn’t help but blush at what he says.

“Alright well I’ll see you soon okay?”

“Later love, see you soon” the line ends with a beep as you set your phone down on the counter. Tessa barks loudly making you turn around to see Tom walking over shirtless and in sweatpants. Your eyes traveling down his body admiring his abs.

“Good morning love, you’re up early” Tom grins sleepily walking towards you. Reaching up he runs his fingers through his tousled curls. His bicep flexing as he did that motion. Tom is irresistible with that body of his. Placing your mug by the sink it clinks against the countertop.

“I have plans today, I needed coffee to wake myself up even more” you explain as he gets closer to you. Backing you against the counter with nowhere to go. The feeling of your heart beating faster and faster started making you uneasy.

“I thought we were going to spend the day together since I’m back in town?” the warmth of his hand against your cheek was soothing. Leaning your face into the skin of his palm you let out a sigh.

“Well I made plans before you came back, I’ll be home for you tonight isn’t that fair enough?” it was unfair that you had to revolve your plans around him. You were the one always having to wait for him to come home. With this friends with benefits situation and adding that he’s a celebrity made it feel like a one way street.

“You always spend the time I’m here with me an-”

“I have to go get my stuff so I can leave” Brushing past Tom you head back towards the stairs. He smelled heavenly and you needed to leave as soon as you could. He was too damn tempting for your own good. That’s probably why you go back to him all the time. You just couldn’t stay away.

  Walking into Tom’s room you see your clothes littered across the floor. Your heels were on separate sides of the room. Not even remembering how they got there. Taking off Tom’s t-shirt you pick up your dress off of the floor. Slipping it on you then pick up both of your heels. Putting them you groan realizing this looks like a walk of shame.

   Rolling your eyes because of how it looks you grab your purse that was at the foot of the bed on the ground. Grabbing it you take a cursory glance of his room. Just to see if you left anything. Leaving the room you make your way down the stairs. Your heels clicked once they made contact with the wood flooring when you reached the bottom.

“Have fun on your date” Tom’s voice comes from around the corner. Turning the corner you see him holding your phone. The screen lighting up with notifications on the screen.

“You didn’t go through my phone did you?” snatching it out of his grasp you see Leo’s name on the messages. Your eyes scanning the messages quickly checking he didn’t say anything. You were pretty sure Tom didn’t know your password.

“That you two are meeting at our spot? No I didn’t go through your phone but I did answer it” your eyes widening at what he just said. He could have said something to Leo and you have no clue what it could have been.

“Fuck you Holland..” you grit pushing him away from you. His bare chest firm under your palm.

“Well you did last night.. Might I add you weren’t complaining either” his cocky smirk plastered on his face. You wanted to slap it off so hard, your hand was trembling by your side.

“I can’t believe you’re acting like this.. It’s like you’re envious Tom” the tone that voice had was flat as you glared at him. He rolled his eyes crossing his arms, biceps bulging when he did that.

“I’m am not.. Who is this guy anyways?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything Tom.. I’ll see you tonight” taking your car keys off the hook you leave his house. Closing the door a little harder than normal you take a deep breath. Making your way across the street you walk down the sidewalk towards your car.

   Pulling your glasses out you put them on. Unlocking your car you get in and take off towards your home. Your phone was ringing but you just ignored it. At the moment you didn’t want to talk to anyone because of how frustrated Tom made you feel. All the time it was an array of emotions.

“I can’t believe he answered the goddamn phone” you mutter to yourself as you turn the corner and proceed down the road. Your phones loud ringing makes you emit an annoyed growl. Reaching over you pick up your phone off of the seat.

“What is it Tom, I’m not going back to your house for a -”

“Uh love.. It’s Leo is everything okay? So you really were at a guys house?” his question making your heart drop. This is exactly what you wanted to avoid.

“I just crashed at his place is all, I got too drunk to drive home” you lie gritting your teeth after cause lying was the thing you hated the most.

“I’ll see you at the coffee shop later, just wanted to check on you after what he sa-”

“What did he say?” the sound of your voice rose a bit from your nerves. You hated every second of what’s happening at the moment.

“That you stayed the night with him in his bed”

“Of course he would say that” you huff out resting your phone on your shoulder as your cheek was pressed against your phone. The position keeping it in place as you made your way home. You normally had to drive around for a while before going home. Paparazzi loved to follow you around and it was fucking obnoxious. Sadly that’s what you get for being in any proximity of Tom.

“I’m sorry what he said Leo, we just go way back and Tom’s a little asshole alright?” quoting Mackie as you get out of your car once it’s in park. Leo says his goodbyes before you hang up the phone holding it in your left hand.The gravel next to your driveway crunched under your heels as you walked towards your front door. Fishing out your keys from your purse you put the key in the lock.

   Turning the key you twist the handle opening the door. It creaked as the door moved with you walking inside. The heater doing it’s job welcoming you into warmth. Today was a chilly day in London and you were glad your heater wasn’t broken. It had a tendency to break when you desperately needed it the most.

    Your dog comes walking up to you with a happy bark. Kneeling down you ruffle her ears. Her spotted tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth. Pressing a kiss to her head you stand up and walk to the kitchen. Pictures of you and Tom from when you first became friends were around your house. Especially the ones of the events you went to. Along with your family you had photos with Tom’s family.

    Picking up Kayley’s water bowl you hold it under the sink as you fill it up. Her tags jingle making you look over. She was jumping up and down, her long tail wagging in excitement. She was a year older than Tessa but bigger due to being a Rottweiler mix Lab. The two of them were best buds whenever you would have Tessa over to watch her if Nikki couldn’t.

“C’mon love let’s go to the closet and pick out an outfit for tonight yeah?” after you set her bowl down she follows you upstairs. Kayley of course made it up the stairs first as always. She sat at the top waiting for you to make it up the stairs.

   The lighting of the coffee shop was dim thankfully. Your migraine had grown over the span of time that you were home. Tom was trying to lure you back to his place. All he wanted was a hookup and today you just wanted to be with Leo. Locking your door you one more time you turn and head towards the doorway.

   Opening the door you head inside the cozy warm building. Shrugging off your coat and slinging it over your arm. Looking around your eyes scan the room for Leo. His dark hair was the first thing you saw. Leo’s eyes met yours and a smile raising to his face. His smile infectious as one rose to your face. He truly is a handsome man with his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes that made you feel as if you were drifting out to see the longer you looked into them.

“Hey love, can you believe the weather outside?” his accent thicker in person than on the phone. Setting your coat down on the chair at your table you give him a peck on the cheek.

“I’m honestly glad I brought a jacket” realizing it’s a jacket Tom bought you instantly making you mentally face palm yourself. The barista keeps looking over at you making you uncomfortable. She knew you came here with Tom often.

   As time went by the more and more you found out about Leo. Sure you two have been talking for two months but now you seemed to find out even more. He told you about the adventures he went on when he traveled last summer. That was one of your favorite things, traveling. You wish you could’ve traveled with Tom but his manager didn’t want people getting the wrong Idea.

   Which made it harder for you because you fell for Tom. Feelings took over and destroyed your thoughts on being friends with benefits. You never truly knew how Tom felt about you so you just kept letting that arrangement continue. The longer Tom was away the more you felt alone. That’s a big reason why you started trying to find someone. When you finally met Leo you thought things could change. After today you knew it was going to end badly.

“Now what was it that you really wanted to talk about, you said you needed to be honest with me about something” Leo hands you your coffee that he ordered for you. Earlier you sent him a text of what you wanted.

“I wanted to explain more about earlier and why I was really at Tom’s house”sweat started to form on your palms. Nerves were kicking in on how you were going to explain this. Praying to God he would understand everything.

“So you took him to our place and in our spot?” the familiar voice making you freeze in your spot. Your eyes wide seeing Leo’s facial expression turn into confusion. Looking back you see Tom in a black coat and his curls slightly messy from the wind. His fingers run through them smoothing down a bit.

“What do you mean by our?” Leo questions raising an eyebrow looking between the two of you. Before you could say anything Tom has a smirk on his face. That damn fucking smirk.

“As in her and I come here, this is our spot and you coincidently choose our spot before she came here?”

“Tom stop it now, go home I said I’d see you later and now is not later” you huff standing up so you’re now looking up at him. Some people looked over and some had their phones out. The last thing Tom needed was drama being started.

“So this is the famous Tom Holland” Leo says bluntly standing up from his seat. You looked over at him questioningly because you never mentioned Tom’s last name.

“Yeah I am.. Oh darling.. You forgot these in my bed last night” Tom reaches into his pocket pulling out your red lace thong. A gasp leaves your mouth as you snatch them out of his hand. Reaching for your purse you put them in there. Your cheeks were flaming from embarrassment.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me about? That you’re sleeping with him?” Leo’s tone was flat as he looked down at you. His figure was a bit taller than Tom’s so you felt like he was towering over you.

“Are you mad she was calling my name out last night and not yours?” Tom sounded so smug as he brushed the back of his fingers against your cheek. Tom’s lips press against yours in a quick kiss. Your hands naturally going to his face , his jawline against your palm. Tom pulls away from the kiss , his fingers still holding your chin. Looking over you see Leo looking pissed off at the two of you.

“ Why you lil-” Leo lunges at Tom making your fight or flight instincts kick in. The name that comes out of your lips surprises you. Stepping in front of Tom, Leo’s fist ends up hitting you instead. A whimper of pain escaping your lips as Tom pulls you into his arms.

“I-I’m so sorry” Leo looks panicked as he sees you rubbing the sore spot on your shoulder. Tom’s arm rubbing soothing circles on your lower back. All that was happening you were shaking like a chihuahua.

“Ever come near her again and you won’t like what I will do, got it?” Tom grits out at Leo, his body tense as you leaned against him.

“If I would have known you were whoring around with him I would have never considered dating y-”

“Get the fuck out of here before I beat the fuck out of you for hitting my girl” his voice lashed out at Leo making the coffee shop go silent. Leo mumbled something before taking off towards the entrance.

    Looking around there were people with their phones out. The barista comes over telling people to please put their phones away. She sticks her arms out standing in the way blocking people. Tom’s finger lifted your chin so you’d look up at him. His eyes looked concerned as he gazed down at you. A bit of your heart shattered as you looked at him. Your chance of a normal relationship just went out the door.

“C’mon darling, let’s go home.. We need to talk about things”

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smut for pt. 2 

Originally posted by dynode

“You’re pregnant and he cheats on you” Pt. 4.1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

(a/n): I’m really happy everyone enjoyed this series so here is the fourth part, next will mark the end and I could really use more requests!

Masterlist | Ask

It wasn’t until 5 years later when you made your return to Seoul. After packing you left to go back to your hometown to stay with family for the meantime. Being a single mother of a now, 5 year old boy, wasn’t the hardest task in the book, but it also wasn’t the easiest, even with the aide of you parents at hand. You wanted to move back to Seoul for, one, new job opportunities and two, so you could re-connect with old friends. Hoseok is the first person you called to inform of your return and he spared no time showing up to your newly bought apartment to help you unpack.

Jihae was more than excited to meet Hobi. He was technically the uncle he never had so when there was a knock at the door he was quick to beat you to it, with his little hands trying so hard to turn the knob, which, failed miserably. You helped him and opened the door, being greeted with a Hobi’s signature smile.


Your three year old was quick to wrap his small form around Hoseok’s leg making you laugh. You moved over and picked up Jihae, stepping to the side for Hoseok to enter the apartment.

You walked over to the living room area then took the moment to greet Hoseok, setting the 5 year old down..”It’s been five years since we last saw each other in person hasn’t it?”

He chuckled and nodded looking around the apartment. “It has, and it’s been a hell of a lot different after you left.”

“We can catch up about that later, All I know is I am glad to be back.” You smiled then pulled your hair back in a tight pony-tail and picking up a box. “Anyways, Who’s ready to get to work around here~?”

Jihae was quick to reply, throwing his arms into the air.


The remainder of the day was mostly spent painting and un-boxing much of the stuff, but with a lot of hard-work on most of the rooms, and by most, the living room and both yours and Jihae’s room, was set, leaving the kitchen, bathroom, and spare room left to finish.

Hoseok stepped out of one of the rooms being worked on and sat down with a sigh. “It takes that long for a couple rooms? Its been 7 hours…!” He stifled a laugh, before leaning forward. “I would ask if you want to go out with the boys just for a little together but I feel as if it is to late for that.”

You shook your head. “Actually that would be great…!” You smiled getting up from your chair.

“Are you sure..?” He raised an eyebrow at you. “It is only 6, We don’t go to bed till 9.” You smiled. “Just give me time to get washed up..”

He nodded and texted the boys as you took Jihae in your arms to get him dressed. “Momma… Were going to meet Uncle Tae and Jin…?” You smiled and nodded. “And Jungkook, Jimin, and Namjoon..”

“What about daddy?”

It’s as if the color drained from your face. There’s the question you always wanted to avoid but you knew that it would pop up soon. Trying to find the right words you set your son down and smiled a bit sadly. “When the time comes I will tell you but now wouldn’t be good…”

“But I wanna know…!” You started to put his shoes on him. “Trust me… I will tell you but to much things are happening right now..”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Did something happen between Mommy and Daddy…?” You sighed and nodded. “At your age, you wouldn’t be able to fully understand.” Your son pouted making you smile. It was scary how similar Jihae looked to his father. The dark brown, close to being black, hair, the chocolate brown eyes, Hell even the pout he did. You thought about why you used Yoongi’s surname for Jihae, not being able to think why. Your thoughts were interrupted when Hoseok knocked, leaning against the door frame.

“You ready?”

You nodded, Helping Jihae down before following Hobi. “Where are we going?”

“A little corner cafe where we can all kick back and relax.. Is that fine?”

You nodded. “Perfect~

Once arriving you found all the guys there, Sitting around in the couch area chatting away. You chuckled noticing how they changed a lot after a few years.You pushed the doors open to the cafe and made your way over, Taehyung immediately noticed your arrival and jumped up to tackle you in a hug. “Oh my god you’re back?!”

You laughed and nodded, The other quickly following along and hugging you as well. “Did Hoseok not tell you I was coming?”

Jungkook smiled, shaking his head. “He only told us he had something important to talk to us about..!” You shook my head and looked over to Hobi, he only shrugged while snickering.

A screech was heard from Tae as he noticed Jihae’s presence behind you. “Is that him..?!” He crouched down, smiling while Jihae slowly came from behind you and smiled shyly. “Awe cmon, You were so excited to meet them till now.. Why become shy?” You chuckled as he stood in front of Taehyung.

“I’m Jihae….”

“He looks just like…”  He looked over to me, shutting himself up before holding his hand out to Jihae. “Im Taehyung.”

The other 5 watched, smiling before introducing themselves as well.

The time went with all of you catching up and joking around until it came for the moment you had to leave because both you and Jihae were sleepy. So you said goodbye to all of them and took your leave, As soon as you stepped out you realized the ground was wet, taking note that it had rained so you picked Jihae up and wrapped him in your jacket so he would stay warm.

It wasn’t until you heard a gasp close by that you let the curiosity get to you and turned towards it, only to find out the gasp was because of you.

“Oh my god it actually is you…”

Part of you felt weak noticing the presence of someone who fucked up the entirety of your life, the one who messed it all up and called you disgusting names. You found yourself in front of her not knowing what to do at the moment.


You knew you should have been pissed at her but you had an agreement with yourself, even then all those feelings that you had towards her were faded and gone. You noticed she was at the point of tears and couldn’t look you in the eye. Had she felt bad..? She was mumbling a lot of nonsense you couldn’t make out. You just stared.

Her eyes trailed down to where Jihae, who was fast asleep on your shoulder. You shifted feet uncomfortably and watched her cautiously.

“I’m so sorry…” She bit down on her lip and you stood in silence for a bit letting it sink in that she had actually felt guilty. You had no clue what to say so you sighed and let whatever came to your mind first.

“You took everything away from me. My boyfriend, My happiness, an much more.” She flinched, choking back a cry. “You gained absolutely jack-shit for doing this.” She staggered a bit from you words only small apologies slipping out.

You stepped towards and looked her in the eye for once. “But that was 5 years ago. I forgave you when I made the choice to let any grudge go and that’s when I sat in a hospital bed with a baby cradled in my arms.”

She seemed to relax a bit at your words.

“It was fucked up, yes, but people learn from their mistakes and even if it’s really bad, some are meant to be forgiven.

She seemed shocked and you smiled a bit.

“Don’t get hung up on the past because of mistakes. I can see you have changed. Look to the future and forget what happened then and look at what is happening now..”

That’s when a man made his way out and over next to Jennie’s side, wrapping his arm around her waist with a confused look upon his face. She hugged him and cried into his chest so you took the chance to turn and walk off, your question about Yoongi being answered.

“Goodbye Jennie.”

The encounter with Jennie left you thinking about it longer then you should have. It had been four days since you were distracted by the sudden encounter that you hadn’t been paying attention and ran right into a stranger, dropping the four bags of groceries across the pavement. The stranger was quick to help you pick the items up, and when you looked up to thank the stranger, your eyes widened, and as if realizing too he staggered back.


You were, to say in the least, wanting to cry. Sudden Encounter #2 was the one encounter you definitely were not ready for. It made you want to run, and run away far but you managed to keep an act up. You had to stay strong for the sake of yourself and your kid. So you stood up and nodded your head slighly at him.


And then luck wasn’t so much on your side when you heard the yell of your son, Hoseok close behind him.

Mommy returned uncle Hobi…!

 You looked up to Yoongi watching his reaction as he went pale and looked like he had just seen death. You knew exactly what he was thinking.

You really wanted this to be a dream