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Kurama + Hiei chibi phone doodles ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) (I spent too much time on these lmao)

BTS Reactions To Their Girlfriend Being a Night Owl


Jin woke up in the middle of the night only to find you missing from your usual spot beside him. Confused, he got up and headed downstairs only to find you sitting comfortably on the sofa with your laptop on your lap and earbuds in your ears. He tilted his head as he made towards you. As he neared, you finally noticed his presence and looked up a bit surprised to find him awake.

“Oh no,” you frowned, “did I wake you up?”

He shook his head, “no…what are you doing?”

You turned your laptop towards him so he could see the YouTube video you had been watching.

“I usually don’t sleep until late,” you explained.

“Oh…that explains why you sleep in so much. I can’t believe I havent  noticed until now.”

“I didn’t tell you because then I felt like you’d feel obligated to stay up with me.”

He nodded in understanding before he looked at you with a pout, “I can’t sleep without you in my arms though jagiya.”

“You sleep perfectly fine without me while you’re on tour,” you pointed out only making him pout more finally making you give in.

“Fine let’s go,” you said as he grabbed your hand and led you back to bed.

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Yoongi felt the bed dip as your weight was suddenly lifted off. He didn’t think much of it though as he quickly fell back asleep. Your laugh is what ultimately woke him up.

His eyes were scrunched in annoyance as he tiredly reached for his phone on the bedside table. He could barely see as he typed you a message telling you to shut up and let him sleep.

His annoyance rose as he felt your phone buzz not too far from his. He contemplated whether to just fall back asleep again when he heard you laugh louder this time. He groaned as he begrudgingly rose from the bed and headed to the living room.

Your eyes widened as you covered your mouth, “I woke you up didn’t I?”

He just silently glared, before he grabbed you by the hand and led you back to bed. Once you were settled he rested his head on your stomach and closed his eyes.

“This is your punishment for waking me up,” he murmured before drifting back into the unconscious.

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Hoseok  could feel his eyelids begin to droop as he stared at the TV screen. He looked at the time and was surprised to find that it was already 1am. How had time flown so quickly?

You on the other hand, were the complete opposite of him. You were wide awake. Your feet rested on his lap as you browsed the internet through your phone.

Hoseok had become used to your late sleeping habits but he still worried you weren’t getting enough sleep. However,  he knew that there wasn’t much that he could do, as it was just who you were.

He stayed up a bit longer having decided to keep you company before the urge to sleep became unbearable.

He lightly patted your leg to get your attention before he moved to get up, “hey baby, I think I’m going to head off to bed now.”

You looked up from your phone and frowned as you could see the exhaustion paint his face.

“You should’ve gone to sleep sooner,” you told him with soft eyes.

He shook his head and gave you a warm smile, “don’t worry just try not to stay up too long.”

He leaned down to give you a kiss, before he headed off towards the bedroom.

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You were trying to decide whether to watch another episode of your drama or sleep when your eyes wandered to the spot beside you. You could barely contain your laugh as you saw Namjoon with his mouth hung open as his chest rose and fell; a snore occasionally leaving his mouth here alnd there.

Though you usually stayed up late to catch up on your dramas or browse the Internet, moments like these are what you truly looked forward to. Seeing him sleep so peacefully was something you didn’t often get to see as he’d usually wake up before you.

Namjoon was well aware of your sleeping habits but they never seemed to bother him. He was quick to fall into a deep sleep regardless of how much noise you made.

A yawn escaped you as you noticed how the blanket had slighty slid off Namjoon in his sleep. You closed your laptop and put it away and readjusted his blanket before you turned the bedside lamp off,  and drifted to sleep.

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Jimin let out a yawn as he sat up in bed and stretched his arms. He looked towards your side of the bed and wasn’t surprised to find it empty. With a small sleepy smile, he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

He couldn’t help but notice how cold the floor felt against his bare feet. In fact, the whole house felt a bit chilly. Making a small detour he rose the heat so you’d be more comfortable staying up.

You heard him before you saw him. You found it funny that you could now identify his steps from others. 

“Hello,” you chirped from the dining table as he walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. 

“Hey,” he returned as he sat down beside you, “so what are you up to, today?”

You shifted your laptop to show him the picture you had just been editing.

“It looks good,” he smiled.

He kept you company for a few minutes before he placed a kiss on your temple, “I’m going to head off back to bed. Make sure to sleep relatively early, ok? Oh! Also, it’s a bit cold so maybe move to the living room where there’s blankets.”

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Taehyung didn’t always wake up, but it did happen occasionally. However, today, or rather tonight, happened to be one of the times he did. 

You felt him stir awake beside you and you took your earbuds out, “I didn’t wake you did I?”

His eyes still a bit hazy, he sat up in the bed and shook his head, “no.” You felt relieved, the last thing you wanted was to rob him of his sleep since it was so important that he was always rested. 

“What are you watching?” He murmured as he looked towards the screen of your laptop. 

“It’s a new kdrama that came out,” you explained as you saw that he was unfamiliar with what he was seeing. 

“Is it any good?” He asked genuinely curious. This was something that happened occasionally too. You often stayed up to watch dramas or youtube videos and if he happened to wake up and find them interesting, he’d stay up with you.

You took a few minutes to explain the basic plot line to him and after garnering his attention he went to the kitchen to grab some snacks before joining you again. After laying the laptop in front of you both, you finished another 2 episodes before dozing off.

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Jungkook was already waiting on the couch for you, having gotten used to this habit of yours. As you came back down from changing into your pyjamas, you noticed various snacks strewn all over the coffee table.

Your eyes slightly widened, “where did all those come from?” You were genuinely curious as you hadn’t seen them in the kitchen earlier.

“I bought them on my way home,” he explained with a smile as he moved over on the couch so you could sit down.

“So what anime are we watching today?” He asked curiously as it was your turn to choose.

“Hmm I was thinking Your Lie in April, maybe?” 

“Isn’t that one supposed to be sad?”

“Yeah, but I heard it was really good!” 

With a nod he agreed to your choice and you laid on the couch and rested your head on his thighs. Once you were settled he kissed the top of your head before he reached over to throw a blanket over you so you wouldn’t be cold. 

After each of you picked your choice of snack, you began your usual long night. 

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sarcasm-olala  asked:

Hey, I'd like to request a bts reaction where the member suddenly gets really nervous and insecure when he and his s/o are about to get intimidate with each other (can be sex but also something like seeing each other naked/topless). They feel like they aren't enough and won't be able to "impress" their s/o so the mentioned s/o reassures them and tells them they're perfect. Heavy fluff and slight angst. Sorry for being so specific omg, feel free to change things <3

First Impressions

genre: fluff w/ super slight angst
pairing: hoseok x reader
word count: 406
type: bulletpointed short imagine :)
warnings: very slight cursing, self deprecating thoughts

• so you’re hanging out with your boyfriend hoseok

• but you guys lose track of time and don’t realize how late it is

• “oh shit hoseok it’s already 1am. I have to get home” you frown

• “noooo please stay” he begs

• goddamn his puppy dog eyes always get you

• “okayokayokay I’ll stay”

• hoseok’s eyes light up as you flop down next to him on his bed

• since you didn’t bring clothes you ask to borrow a shirt from him

• “yes please you look better in my clothes than I do” he laughed.

• without warning, you take off your shirt and walk over to the closet to look for one of his white t-shirts.

• hoseok was not expecting that

• he had never seen you topless in the six months you had been dating

• so he can’t help but to stare, admiring your body

• “fuck she’s actually perfect” hoseok mumbles

• “hey it’s not polite to stare” you joke, throwing a pillow at him

• realizing he’s been exposed, he stutters “s-sorry you’re just beautiful- you really make it impossible not to stare”

• you giggle and throw his t-shirt on

• he looks at your perfect body and then looks down at himself

• “wow I’m out of shape”

• his self deprecating thoughts are interrupted when you start talking

• “aren’t you going to change? those jeans can’t be comfortable”

• hoseok suddenly feels really insecure looking at his less impressive body

• although he works out and dances often, he still hates his body and feels insecure comparing himself to you.

• “I’m nowhere near good enough for her” he thinks

• he’s noticeably nervous- thinking his body won’t be good enough to impress you

• hoseok takes a deep breath and takes off his shirt

• “s-sorry, my body isn’t as impressive as yours”

• “what are you talking about?” you laugh. “you’re perfect I mean damn look at those abs”

• “I’m nothing compared to you, y/n. I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.” he sighs as he throws on his shirt and collapses on the bed.

• “hoseok please don’t be so ashamed of your body; you’re perfect just the way you are. it’s obvious how healthy and in shape you are, you should be more confident. you’ll always be enough for me.” you sigh, sitting next to him.

• he smiles and kisses you softly

• “and you’ll always be enough for me, y/n.”
omg I’m so sorry this took so long. I had to go back to the hospital and I wrote it there so I’m sorry it’s super short and it’s not great haha. I hope you still like it :)

Can You Keep A Secret - Sehun (Part 9)

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A/N: Hello! Yeah it’s this fic again, after like a month…*sighs*…I’m sorry, but hm… there we go ;)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 /Part 4/ Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

You couldn’t sleep, your mind couldn’t think about anything else than that “I’ll meet you later”, it was already past 1AM, how late was that Sehun? Either way you trusted him, so if he said you’ll see each other later, then you will. Minutes passed as if they were hours and you started to fell panicked , as much as you trusted Sehun, those were criminals we were dealing with, it’s not like it’s a piece of cake to deal with them. Even if they were his parents. That probably only made it worse.

You freezed as you heard Sehun’s voice from beside your door, ah, he was alive, thankfully, you thought. He called for you quietly “Y/N?”, you almost fell off the couch but ran to the door “Sehunnie”, “are you okay?”, he asked, still from the other side of the door, “yes, are you okay?”, “uhum, look, we don’t have enough time, so listen to me closely”, “i’m listening”, “we are leaving”, “what? how?”, “we just have to be really fast”, “wait but what about your parents?”, “Y/N…”, he opened the door and you stared at each other for a couple of seconds, you felt your eyes tear up as you asked him , “you’re coming with me, right?”, he grabbed your wrist and said “we don’t have time for that Y/N”

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