how is he that beautiful

omg i m crying … Victor Nendoroid is out ç_ç! He goes up for preorder on 24/02 for 4500 yen and his realase is in August ( ´ ♡ ` ) (idk how can i wait until august ç_ç )

look how beautiful he is ♥

LOOK AT HIM .. ♥♥♥
LOOK AT TINY DETAILS *A* … golden blades, medal, bouquet, MAKKACHIN ♥, HEART SHAPED MOUTH ( ´ ♡ ` ) !!!


aaaaand ….

( ´//// ♡ \\` ) … I can’t wait to have both of them in my hands ( ç ♡ ç )ノ

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How do we know that Shakespeare didn't fetishize the woc? In the video, you showed how raunchy the poems about the woc were in comparison to the ones about the white man. Maybe that one poem about how he found her beautiful in spite of white beauty standards can be interpreted as one of those "You're pretty for a ~insert race~ woman" comments. And I think some of his plays had a little racism in them. I can't say I'm absolutely certain as a white boy, but it's likely he had racial sexual bias.

I think that’s very possible. In fact likely. 

Like, Othello is a very sympathetic character, but compared to Iago, he can come across as a sort of “noble but easily tricked, physically strong but not as bright” stereotype. 

Iago, the villain, uses very racist insults against Othello in the play, and is shown as being a super asshole for it. So I think that the racism we see from Shakespeare is a kind of…stereotyping but not openly hostile kind of racism? Though I havent actually read all of his work, and  I’m white so I’m not the expert here. 

There’s definitely some antisemitism in Shakespeare’s plays too though, especially Merchant of Venice, which really uses blatant, negative antisemitism as a source of comedy? Coming from the heroes? So that’s….pretty bad. 

Like, Shakespeare, for whatever else he is, was still very much a product of his time, and it’s wise to be critical of those aspects of his work even as much as we can enjoy other aspects as well. 

People like to go on about how Ben Mendelsohn isn’t typically attractive and doesn’t have “Hollywood” looks and that it’s his personality that makes him especially attractive etc.

And…I just don’t get it?? Objectively, he has one of the most beautiful faces ever. Those large, sad eyes, that strong, straight nose, that curling mouth – 

He’s unconventional looking only in the sense that I have seldom looked at a person and felt an actual ache in my chest because of how pretty they are.

I just don’t understand. Is the age somehow an issue? Have you seen young Mendo? 

LIKE?????????? No matter how old, he’s always been stunning and always will be??

beautiful Bloodline screenshots by @mrbenmendelsohn 

i just wanted to take a minute to talk about shawn’s hands. for some reason, guys’ hands drive me nuts tbh especially shawn’s hands ok like forget the fact that it’d feel great when he touched you sexually or whatever ok like let’s talk about how beautiful you’d feel when he used his fingers to softly wipe away your tears on a bad day, or when you couldn’t quite get that jar of peanut butter open and he’d come up behind you laughing at you, kissing the side of your head and saying some cute crap like “let me see that doll.” and then he proceed to use his strength to open that stupid peanut butter even though it’s small and stuff like that is probably easy af for shawn to do ok and also don’t even get me started on holding hands with him like OOOOOOOOO

imagine his hand gripping yours tightly when you’re out in public or on a date, and you could feel the muscles in his hand tense up and you could see the veins in his arms uffffff and holy omg just picture those mini daily make out sessions and right after his lips found yours his hands would creep up your waist and back underneath your shirt, spreading apart his fingers so every part of his hands could feel the warmth of your skin AND I AM DECEASED

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Imagine you're walking down the isle. Peter sees you, he's dressed in that suit, specifically the one you said he looked best in. He missed a Rush show for you, you know. And god, you're in that dress, that dress he /knew/ you would get. It looked amazing on you. Everything did really. If only he was the one marrying you, instead of being the best man. (SORRY LMAO)

It hurts him to see you marry someone else but he loves you too fucking much to ever want anything but your happiness so he just smiles and tells you how beautiful you look– and you do, this kind of happiness is your best look ever and it’s so contagious that he can’t help but feel overcome with it during the whole ceremony. The truth is that it surprised Peter when you told him you were going to get married because you have been dating your boyfriend (now husband) for less than a year, but he’s seen the passion and burning love that exists between the two of you, so he can’t really say it doesn’t make sense for you to want to make your relationship as official as possible.

After the first year something happens, and he doesn’t feel comfortable calling it “trouble” or “problems”, but it’s what they are. The kind of communication you and Peter have is amazing and has no barriers, so he’s the first to know that things aren’t working out in your marriage as you expected it; both you and your husband know why: your love burned as fast as it burned bright, and now it’s consumed itself and only ashes remain. You’re not in love and you’ve only stayed together because both your family and his told you your marriage wouldn’t work, and it makes you both SO angry that they were right. Peter tells you that you should do what your heart tells you, after all it’s what he did and he know has a wonderful girlfriend that makes him incredibly happy.

You get divorced, and you know it’s the best thing you could’ve done– but to Peter it only brings buried memories and feelings back, and this leads to his relationship with his girlfriend deteriorating to the point where neither of them feels like it’s worth it to keep going. 

You can’t pinpoint the exact moment when you fell in love with him, but you know with absolute certainty that you had never felt this way about him before. Maybe it’s because you are older, you don’t know. You were recovering from your divorce and he was recovering from his breakup, and you spent so much time together talking that one day you were suddenly struck by the thought “why didn’t I marry you instead of him? You’re perfect.”

You don’t tell him right away, of course, because even though you pride yourself in your ability to read people you did NOT know how Peter felt about you. As a matter of fact you told him without even planning it, one night when you were falling asleep on his couch.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

You fell asleep right after, but Peter didn’t sleep at all that night. He waited in his bed all night for you to wake up and the minute you did he confronted you immediately.

“You said something to me last night.”

“I did?” You search for it your brain, until you remember. “Oh my god. Peter I’m so sorry I–”

“Did you mean it?”


“Tell me yes or no. Did you mean it?”

“…. yes.”

When he kisses you for the first time it feels like you didn’t know what a kiss was until now, like you were somehow missing out on something beautiful without even knowing it.

This is your kids favorite bedtime story without a doubt, because unlike fairy tales and stories about warriors and pirates and children who never grow up, this one is real.

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What would you do if you had Castiel for 24 hours and you could do ANYTHING with or to him?

All I’d do is make sure he knows how much he’s loved and appreciated. It’d be all about him, what he wants to, what he likes. We’d go to a farm and pet the little ducklings, then go to a field and look at the bees. If he wants to go watch Dean cook dinner, we go watch Dean cook dinner.
 Or we go to the library and find that book that Sam has been talking about. I would tell him how important he is so much until he knows, show him beautiful things to make him smile. I’d literally do anything that’d make him happy. If he wants to kill some demons, I’m ready. We could snuggle with Sam and Dean all 24 hours and watch Netflix eating burgers if that’s what he wishes. 


Seventeen Vocal Unit’s Reaction to Seeing Their Trans Boyfriend In His Binder (for the first time)

for a sweet anon - here you go baby cakes ᵔᴥᵔ


He would be a little shy at first, quietly admiring you from wherever he was seated when you walked in. After a while, he would out right tell you how handsome you looked like this - later on boasting about you to the other members, bragging about how beautiful his boyfriend is. 

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When he saw that you were wearing a proper binder and not using anything dangerous to bind, he would be all smiles. He was curious about your method of binding beforehand, but now all his worries were put to rest knowing that you were doing it safely. 

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Trust is something big in your relationship, so he would be ecstatic that you were showing this more vunerable side of yourself to him. This would be a big milestone for the both of you and he would most likely cancel any plans for the rest of the day just to be with you.

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He would honestly be so happy and smiley, pulling you into a warm hug and resting his chin on top of your head. “Ahh, you look so handsome baby!” He may even get a bit emotional but he wouldn’t show it, just incase you thought he was crying for another reason. 

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If he could see that you were nervous showing him, he would try and lift the mood with a little bit of humour. “God, do they only come in that nude colour? I think we need to get you a rainbow one. We definitely need to get you a rainbow one.” He would immediately take your hand and start dancing around the room, singing about how much he loves you and how good you look.

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

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Can you please do Clace sex head canons ?

As a gray-ace virgin who has never kissed anyone, I apologize for the low quality of these. (Also sorry it took so long)

  • Jace has a praise kink and Clary is more than happy to indulge him(this should not be surprising to anyone)
    • she whispers compliments in his ear and lets her lips brush against his skin
    • tells him how beautiful he is and how badly she wants to draw him
  • Clary likes having her hair pulled not super hard but enough to get the point across
  • They’re either laughing and smiling the entire time during sex or it’s the most intense/steamy thing ever there is no in between
  • Jace doesn’t like getting tied up/handcuffed (because flashbacks to actual torture) but he’s more than okay with it if Clary wants to pin his wrists down with her hands
  • Clary doesn’t usually make a lot of noise/she isn’t very loud but the little whimpers and sighs she makes drive Jace crazy
  • Wanna know why Jace never trains without a shirt on? Clary leaves hickies (hickeys?) down his chest. he likes seeing the marks and refuses to use a healing rune to get rid of them
  • Clary loves to tease him any way she can. 
    • She runs her hands up the inside of his thigh under the table during meetings
    • When she’s able to pin him during training she leans down like she’s going to kiss him just to taunt him a little about how she won and get up and leave him on the floor
    • Anything that makes his voice do the sexy strained rough thing it does when he’s turned on
  • After sex they curl up together and Jace runs his fingers through Clary’s hair and kisses the top of her head and Clary lightly traces the runes on Jace’s chest and stomach with the tips of her fingers

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I find it very strange that Suho is the last in popularity, cuz everytime there's a post about handsome idols in pann or naver he always get mentions of how beautiful he is, even in post like "idol who have good personality" sigh, I'm upset sorry

mmm this is a bit tricky, in general I find it difficult to measure popularity and how much someone is appreciated. I mean sure, you can look at youtube views, likes etc, but tbh is that how you would measure your appreciation of someone? How many times you put a video on loop is not really equivalent to that in my opinion (maybe I’m just old).

Suho is very attractive, he’s insanely talented and seems like a genuinely lovely and kind person (honestly I could go on, but let’s keep it simple). He also is a bit goofy and acts silly, makes dad jokes and has glowy cheeks, but as much as we find that appealing some people might be looking for something else y’know? 

In the end beauty is in the eye of the beholder and different people have different taste so different things appeal to them.

Don’t be upset, darling <3 I get a bit salty sad too sometimes and worry that he might think he’s not doing as amazing as he actually is, but forcing people to like something won’t work and there’s no point. 

P.S. I truly believe that Suho stans have the biggest, softest hearts and he knows that.

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Yandere Bulgaria, staking his crush. 3, 2, 1, GO!

Why did everything she have to do be so perfect? He still didn’t understand. But he didn’t care too much. All he cared about was how he had found such a beauty queen for himself. He would never let her go.

But she still didn’t know of his existence, unfortunately. Well that could be arranged. But he still didn’t want her to know that he ha been following her. Well more protecting her from all the dangers that the outside world had to offer. That wasn’t anything bad.

He took another picture of her. ‘This will go great in my collection.’ Since he was already naturally quiet then following came easily from him. If anybody would try to hurt her then they would have to go through him. Nobody would hurt her. Ever.

rly tho like……..lengthy descriptions of how pretty and cruel hux is make up a significant portion of my fic turn ons lmao. I wanna read all about his soft lips and translucent eyelashes and freckles and long slender legs and soft tummy and how beautiful he looks when he’s torturing someone, covered in blood and guts and blushing such an adorable shade of pink because he’s turned on by making the person suffer 😍😍😍

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Have you seen the comments on how Andy looks on the Brit awards? It's so rude of people to actually make jokes and racial remarks about the way he looks and not realize his beautiful tribute and how he actually is part Egyptian. Sorry had to vent to someone

It’s alright! No, I haven’t seen any comments but it wouldn’t surprise me, with how mean people can be in the comments sections on videos/articles.

George mentioned in his autobiography Bare that people would be prejudice against Andrew because of the color of his skin, but that once they got to know him it didn’t matter, probably because he was such a cool and fun guy.

It’s not fair that people are saying things like that though, especially after the Brit awards yesterday. It was probably very difficult for those three to get up on stage and say those things about George, so it’d be so horrible for him to come online and see those comments.

It was such a beautiful and special tribute with them there though, so I’m glad they were able to do it.


Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying????