how is he so adorable with that cat

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For the sentence fix, which I don't know if you are still doing but "I want to slap you but kiss you right now."

I hope you love this!!

“I want to slap you but kiss you right now.”

“Personally I’d prefer the second option” Tim eyed you curiously. Unsure whether to stay put or high tail it out of the room. “Why exactly do you feel this way?”

You observed as your cat was trying to cuddle next to Tim. “I want to slap you because my cat never wants to cuddle me but always wants to cuddle you. I want to kiss you because it’s adorable to see you with a cat”

He raised an eyebrow at you. “Well since I don’t control what your cat does how about the second one” he moved your cat out of the way so he could scooch closer to you.

You laughed, “You make a compelling argument” smiling at him.

“Yes I do” moving his face closer to yours.

“Buut, I’m still not happy about my lack of kitty cuddles” you pulled away making him pout. “How about some Timmy cuddles?” You questioned opening your arms.

He laughed before pulling you over to him. “I think I can accommodate that”


Okay, I’ve been dying to draw Keith in a red knitted cat-ear beanie ever since I read Voltron Cafe by @voltron-cafe

Let me tell you this AU had me reading non-stop for several hours, on the edge of my chair and unable to take my eyes away. Everyone was so well made in it and omfg don’t get me started on how adorable Lance and Keith were.
So yeah, enjoy an adorable Keith in a kitty cat beanie Lance made for him!!!

dragonite sprite rating

red/blue- very aggressive boy who means business!! will fight anyone who messes with those close to him. a powerful ally. 8/10

green- a playful dragon! he’s doing the cat thing with his paws. that’s adorable. 8/10

yellow- he’s got one paw on his hip like he’s about to tell you off or something. don’t mess with this dragon! 9/10

gold- gosh, what a cutie! this dragon loves you and will do anything to be your friend. 10/10 

silver- it looks like he’s inviting you to tea! how polite! will you accept his offer to get together and enjoy a nice beverage? 10/10 

crystal- look! he’s so excited to see you! he’s stamping his paws and flapping his wings in excitement! 9/10

ruby / sapphire / emerald- his colors were softened, so now he looks like an even friendlier dragon! look at him bounce! a beautiful dragon with a fresh coat of paint! 9/10 

firered / leafgreen- he’s so relaxed, but he straightened out his horns so they’re neat and tidy! still just as friendly and inviting as before. 8/10 

diamond / pearl / platinum - his color palette was changed again, and now he’s brighter than ever! it looks like he’s conducting a symphony! this dragon has decided to pursue a career in music. i support him and his decisions wholeheartedly. 11/10  

heartgold / soulsilver- back to the softened color palette (although this one was changed a bit)! this dragon fights for his friends! 9/10 

black / white / black 2 / white 2- yes!!! he is so lively and bouncy!!!! look at him!!!!! are you seeing this? oh man. this dragon is the best thing ever. 11/10

x / y / omegaruby / alphasapphire- not as bouncy as his predecessor. this dragon got himself together, and now he’s mellow and composed. 9/10 

“Matt and the Shorthair” - Digital Oil Painting

“Kiss, darling!”

A sweet kiss from Matt Smith to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I love how this turned out, the hair, the eyelashes, the cat fur, it all just looks so soft and touchable. Very happy!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Four: Animals/Pets
↳ Yuri & his adorable ball of fluff #kittensquad [x]

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do you have a favorite phone call with zen because mine is day 9 on seven's route where you can tell him to go to the party naked huhuhu. then he goes on about how seven was dressed as a bunny girl, jumin with cat ears and paws, and how he'd like to see mc dressed as a guy. like boyyy, are you trying to tell me something here?? cause i'd do anything for u ;))))))

Hahha oh man, there are so many GREAT calls! I love that one. He’s definitely trying to tell you something ;)
I adore that sound he makes when he starts thinking of those two in their stupid outfits. It’s supposed to be an exasperated/disgusted wail, but for some reason it’s always there in my head, loud and clear, whenever I read a sub!Zen fic. 
I’ll spend like 3 hours commuting tomorrow and since I won’t be able to draw/work during that… might as well go over those calls again, now that I’ve collected them all. I’ll make a list  ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

Ichimatsu’s reaction to if his s/o sent this cute kitty GIF to him as a birthday present?😻🍰

This is just adorable.

Ichimatsu would be fairly shocked, how did they know he likes cats? Look at that precious animation of a cat enjoying cat, he hopes cake is good for cats. Smiling goofily for a few minutes, he realizes he can’t show that off so he sends a “Thanks.” (Meanwhile he tried to type “Thank you so much for this precious gift from god, I love you.” but he got embarrassed.)

You might be kind of a jerk but i like you.


Man knows how to attract an audience.

That must be Amethyst, eh?

I’m not really a cat lover, dogs forever, but this is adorable.

I wonder if Amethyst and Steven are the same age somehow, i know Pearl mentioned something about living more than a hundred years so i guess gems age differently, but Amethyst has the same personality as Steven, kind of.

Greg doesn’t know Amethyst can shapeshift? How many purple cats have you seen, Greg?

But now as i think about it Greg doesn’t live with the gems so he might not know.

Okay so I was re-reading the Alma-Yuu arc when I noticed this!

This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Look at Road’s face! Look at how happy she is that Allen grabbed her! It’s absolutely adorable that Allen just grabs Road after getting freaked out by the sudden shift in surroundings.

His entire body is facing her’s and, judging by her legs, he actually pulled her. Okay so new headcanon: Allen is a total scaredy-cat and whenever he gets jumped-scared he grabs the closest person to him for protection.

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Jack and Davey looking for their first apartment together

this is such an adorable idea tysM

“We absolutely do not need this many bathrooms.” Davey pointed out. He wasn’t sure how an apartment could have one bedroom and three bathrooms, but it did. Jack, however, was thrilled.

“Davey. Look. Look, the soap’s shaped like fuckin’ shells!”

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Can we please just imagine

• baby hiro just walking around the café. Like just imagine him. You’d have to be careful not to stand on him bc he’s so small

• baby hiro just sitting next to customers and telling them all about himself and waving to new people and it makes their day because damn this three year old tiny thing is adorable

• baby hiro clinging to aunt Cass and demanding to be picked up so he can suck his thumb and play with her hair and let everyone know that she’s only HIS aunt Cass and NO ONE ELSES

• baby hiro asking for some cookies and aunt Cass says no and he just says “aww cassieee!” And just walks away sadly and she just stares at him and just adfhchwurhfksncj he’s so small and cute and asfhehcksj

• but seriously I swear hiro called aunt Cass cassie at least some point in his life like how cute would that be I can’t

• baby hiro stumbling down the stairs when he hears his big brother tadashi come in through the door and he’s so tiny and slow that tadashi has to run to him to and picks him up and just *cuddle*

• “dashi can I have a bicki?” “No hiro.” “Dashiiiiiiiiiiiii pleaseeeeeee” *puppy dog eyes*

• bath time with the hamabros. Just imagine.

• “hiro, time for a bath!” “NO NO NONO NO!” *proceeds to run around the cafe and hide under a table with or without people sitting at it he doesn’t care whatsoever as long as he doesn’t get dREncHeD IN WATER he dOeS nOT CaRE*

• just baby hiro in general

  • whenever you try acting cute around him he’ll do his best to brush it off, but he’s actually so easy to read and he becomes a flustered mess because how can you be so adorable……
  • sends you pics of his cat whenever he visits home because he knows you like pics of animals
  • the first time you texted he kept annoying seungkwan to help him think up witty responses and now like seungkwan makes fun of vernon for it all the time whenever you’re over at the dorm because vernon gets suPER embarrassed about it like dude ple a s e  don’t b ring that uP…..
  • gets really excited when showing you around korea, specifically hongdae because he grew up there and he just wants you to experience everything he loves about the place he calls home
  • keeps his lyric book a secret from everyone else but you because he feels like you really inspire him and he wants to know your opinion on what he wrote before he shares it with anyone else
  • whenever you trick him into watching a scary movie he hides his face in your neck and completely forgets about the fact that he’s shy of skinship 
  • his phone background is a picture his mom took of you together and that his sister decorated with cute stickers on this app because she thought you were really pretty and keeps asking vernon to bring you over for dinner
  • he likes taking walks with you at night because it’s quiet and you two can talk freely and also when you grab his hand you can’t see him blush because it’s dark
  • when you’re angry or upset with him he makes it up to you by buying you your favorite ice-cream and candy and bringing it over in a bag and sort of apologizing while giving you the lost puppy dog eyes and you can’t resist so 
  • finds you most attractive when you’re laughing. he really loves the sound of your laughter, even if you yourself don’t. he once told dk if he could have a ringtone he’d want it to be your laugh. dk thought that was hilarious so he told you but vernon never found out 
  • likes it when you play with his hair while he’s relaxing. also likes it when you two are watching a movie together or laying around on the carpet reading webtoons on his phone
  • always tries to impress you with fancy dinner dates but at some point you’re like vernon let’s just eat pizza together in the pledis practice room and play j.cole really loud and he’s thankful for that
  • whenever you kiss him out of the blue his ears turn red
  • he’s tried to give you surprise kisses, but he always ends up chickening out at the last second because what if he misses your mouth?? he would never live it down
  • seungcheol jokingly bought you and vernon couple tee’s and vernon was like nO but you were like yes and now you two wear them as a little inside joke
  • you keep asking to braid his hair and he’ll get all whiny about how he doesn’t want you to but ends up giving in after you bribe him with chocolate 
  • likes going to bakeries with you and looking at all the sweet stuff even when he’s got to diet.
  • says he doesn’t like it when you fee him because he can do it himself and it’s embarrassing, but secretly he really enjoys it 
  • when he kisses you, he likes holding the back of your neck. you don’t know why but the reality is he saw it in a drama and thought it was cool
  • if he thinks you two are in a crowded place, he turns around and offers you to take his hand and it’s like the only time he openly initiates skinship in public but he looks really serious and worried about you getting lost from him
  • you two play with all the dogs you see around the neighborhood and when vernon is alone the owners ask him where you are and send little winks his way and vernon gets sUPER rED like !!!! 
  • whenever you’re stressed he feels horrible that he can’t do anything so he wraps you up in a blanket and kisses your forehead and promises that anything you want or need - he’ll get it for you right away
  • would probably make trips to the grocery store at 3am if you wanted him to 
  • whenever he’s upset or mad about something, he likes it when you talk to him soothingly. he finds comfort in your voice, especially when you tell him that you’re there to support him no matter what
  • when people bring up sensitive topics that hurt him, he won’t tell you how he’s feeling right away, but you’ll be able to read his expression and offer words of comfort and he’ll be thankful for that all his life
  • his dad keeps trying to give him dating advice and all of it is ‘outdated’ according to vernon 
  • appreciates the fact that you take his love for lyric writing and music seriously and when he wants someone to talk to it about, you’re all ears and you always strive for giving him an honest opinion
  • gets jealous when the hyungs hang around you or tease you because what if you fall for them because they’re older or more mature……
  • once tried to impress you with his knowledge about something but jun corrected him and vernon took it personally so you had to assure him that no, just because he forgot where the capital of China was you don’t love him any less
  • hates when you tease him by saying your favorite is mingyu because hey- mingyu is tall but vernon’s still growing too!
  • thinks it’s really cute when you tried on the bandanna that he wore for some adore u performances,  forced seungkwan to take a photo of you so he wouldn’t have to do it himself
  • eye smiles when he laughs at your jokes and keeps saying that he’s never meet someone who could make him laugh so hard he snorted it other than you
  • although he can be shy around others if someone is bothering you, vernon is levelheaded about the situation and politely tries to get you out of harms way. even if his shyness pulls him back, he’ll never tolerate anyone being rude to you in front of him
  • whenever he wants to cuddle he can never…..say it……so he just sort of opens his arms and turns his head away but motions for you to come into his chest. likes resting his chin in your hair.
  • sleepily murmured that he loved you before knocking out into a nap and didn’t remember that he said it when he woke up
  • you rapped his parts in ‘ah yeah’ and he thought it was amazing so he took a video and sent it to everyone in the group chat like ‘look at the person im dating, you wish you guys could find someone like this’
  • pretends to be mad when you steal his snapbacks, but in reality thinks you look a+ in them
  • you know his weakness is tickling so whenever he’s ignoring you for work, you attack him with tickles and you two end up on the ground rolling around in breathless laughter
  • the first time he gets serious with his feelings, vernon has to pause a couple of times before the words ‘i love you’ come out crystal clear and you throw yourself into his arms and he’s more than happy with your reaction
  • you got a bubble machine and he said it was childish but then you ended up turning it on and dancing around in a bunch of bubbles to adore u
  • vernon isn’t good with controlling his blush but he’s good at making you fall for him even harder each and every day 

check out wonwoo’s here —> (x)

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Okay so like Shou as a kid what if he liked adventuring too! Like he'd go outside and just be free and like chase after stray cats and talk back to birds and just laugh and run through fields and his mom would just watch him be such an adorable and free spirit kiddo

Shou would like, disappear for hours and his mom would find him covered in mud and sticks talking to a rabbit about how much he loves orange juice

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Can we take a moment to talk about our lord and savior Nagisa Shingetsu?


look at him. beautiful! such pretty eyes with their blue color and diamond pattern. and his hair is absolutely adorbs! the little cat ear cow licks are just so cute!

my son dresses like a total dork and i love it. did you know he wears a bow tie under the scarf???? it’s so cute and adorable!!!!!! from his little white loafers to his shortsuit and scarf, he’s certainly got style!

also he pilots a robot armed with a sniper rifle whose name is based off of hannibal lector like how much cooler could it possibly be??

all in all: a perfect boy, 50/10, very lovable and cute.

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hello! what's up? I'm in a greenhouse right now and it's great. I love plants. um my crush? he's totally adorable and creative and I think I'm friendzoned rip. I have a cat and she's grey and adorable. I recently discovered I'm agender so that's cool. Have a motivational quote or something? have a cool day ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

omg I love plants as well? cactus and succulents as well as flowers? No I’m sure you’re not, just wait and see, he’ll definitely open his eyes and see how wonderful you are! Congratulation by the way, and keep in mind that every one loves you just the way you are ♥

The quote of the day isssssss *drum roll*:  Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.

*✧・゚:* join us!! it’s sleepover time! *:・゚✧*

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"If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you." fangs flash as a wink was given. hand rose so that sharp nails curl turn claw-like as a 'meow' motion was given.

oh how the tables have turned

          pearly whites flashed through dusky lips as they stretched into a grin, dark brows raising with the change in his expression.  oh.  well then.  the woman had caught his eye before, but now he was all the more intrigued ;  deep blue hues darkening somewhat as his eyelids lowered ever so slightly, eyes trailing over her body once, before moving a hand upwards to let his head rest in a gloved palm.   mm … i like cats. ’   it was the truth, too — neptune really did like cats,  &  had three of his own back at home :  optimus prime, megatron,  &  marmalade.

In love

She was in love with him.

She was in love with the leather cladded cat boy currently laughing too hard at his own joke, and she’d only realised it now.

She’d only realised now that she’d always loved him and the love she felt could easily outshine the sun itself, Chat had always made her feel special and cherished, he’d always put the stars she adored so much in the sky, his smile could make the sun itself jealous from how bright it shone and his eyes, his gorgeous green eyes made the most expensive emeralds worthless, they were so beautiful.

And of course she’d only realise now at the most random of times, when the boy decided he was hilarious and began to chuckle a beautiful laugh at his own horrible pun.

“Ladybug?” Chat queried, sobering up to stare at his silent heroine, her bluebell eyes were swirling in emotions that made him shiver to the core, what was she thinking? He pondered, moving closer to wave a hand in front of the girl.

Chat, however must have startled her as she jumped and looked at him taken back, her face flushed at their proximity, she quickly shook her head as if to erase her thoughts and quickly the moved away from Chat, who only grinned in return.

“Something, something on your mind?”

“Yeah…Actually a-lot.” Ladybug replied, her gaze lingering on Chat for a little too long, how hadn’t she realised until now that she’d loved him?

“Care to explain, my lady?” Chat asked, twitching his ears in an effort to lighten the mood.

“I just realised…That…I…” Ladybug paused, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, “I love you…” She finished.

Chat froze at the statement, staring at Ladybug in nothing but sheer shock, “you love me?” he repeated questioningly.

Biting her lip, Ladybug leaned into Chat and without thinking pressed her lips to the latter’s own, surprising him, slowly and cautiously Chat began to kiss her back with nothing but built up passion, turning the kiss into something much more meaningful.

She loved him and he loved her.