how is he only 25

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it's kinda sad how people make yixing the clueless one in a scenario like the man is SO GODDAMN INTELLIGENT and never stops working and he always gives his all and he's bilingual AND i just want some good appreciation so can we have a smart yixing scenario please? i know people do it lightheartedly and some of it is funny but he isn't confused 24/7 nor is he dumb this also isn't a rant at you

sjknhfjkshfjuibds ok but yixing acts so clueless sometimes, it’s adorable, but honestly i think a lot of his cluelessness comes from being 110% exhausted 25/7 like how does he do it?? if only i had half the motivation he has then i could finish two masters degrees in 3 years probably. but u know what ?? ur right that boy is a LIBRA he’s always schemin on the inside he knows what he’s doing he’s got a plan to take over the world tbh

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Is my eyes playing tricks on me or has Tom been bulking up since civil war 👀 I feel like he's maturing so nicely and I want him to grow his facial hair out already. I don't think his "glo up" is over, I can only imagine how fine he will look when he's 25

Hell no to the facial hair, baby! Well who knows he may look good as hell. But yas honey he works out and shit so he’s  F I T. As long as he doesn’t get swoll like Zac Efron than I’ll be fine. 

At 25 girl I feel like he is going to have bitches falling tf out😂 just as long as he stays away from Hollyweird and their hardcore drug ring and stays stress free our man will be looking like the more finer version of my old man sugar daddy Tony Goldwyn

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Dude. Dude. Saw your post about looking up the birthdays of celebrities and had to do some research of my own. For example, how is Jon Cozart only 25?! How is he younger than Thomas?? AND BEN J PIERCE IS YOUNGER THAN ME!! HOW IS HE ONLY 18???

That’s what I thought when I first found out. How am I older than an internet celebrity? Then again, I think he did put out Little Game when he was only 15.

Also when Anthony Padilla made a video about his 30th birthday I was like??? No???? You’re not allowed to be the same age as my cousins with kids what is happening???????

Remember Me Pt2

Summary: You are the other third of the End of the Line Squad, trying to get Bucky to remember you and Steve. After the battle in the helicarrier you set out to find him again, but he finds you first. ((Read Part 1 here))

Warnings: Pretty moderate fight scene, blood, angst(ish)

Word count: 1818

A/N: This took me forever, and it’s probably terrible. Sorry guys, I hope this isn’t cringe-worthy at the very least. 

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Bucky had gotten good at hiding his tracks. Maybe you would have found him sooner if Steve was out of the hospital, but you decided you couldn’t wait that long; Bucky couldn’t wait that long.

It took a lot of convincing, a team of doctors, and about half the Avengers to keep Steve from joining you, but in the end he agreed as long as you’re at 100%. You were closer to 80%, but that was about as good as you were gonna get.

You had narrowed your search down to a single street, witnesses said they saw him passing through every night at the same time. It had been a long time since you’d been there, but there was no way you’d forget what home looked like.

You, Bucky, and Steve had all lived on the same road once upon a time, and although the bricks were worn down and painted over it still looked the same. This was where you first met them, where you helped one of their moms make dinner when they had you over, where you chased the streetlamps like baby suns lining the broken road, imagining a sunset and a prince and a happy ending. Growing up had only taught you that there were no happy endings, but there were happy in-betweens, and it was the least you could do to remember those.

It was no wonder why Bucky would come here, if you had the chance maybe you would too. You didn’t have amnesia, but seeing those old time-worn buildings again were bringing back memories you never knew you forgot. Memories like punching Steve’s bullies (most of them were too scared to hit a girl, so you got a few good hits in before they split) and chasing after Bucky when he grabbed your hand and ran to whatever it was he wanted to show you. More often than not his ‘great discovery’ was a new flavour of milkshake he wanted you to try.

Looking at it now, there were really only two things that had changed. One being the streetlights, they weren’t orange and warm and familiar anymore, they were those pale solar lamps that always seemed to turn on too early and make the cracked pavement look more eerie than cozy. The second difference was the group of suspiciously monochromatic men who had begun open-firing at you.

Now, you may have been 90 odd year old, but back in your day the people who fired guns at a seemingly innocent passerby were usually bad. And if that wasn’t enough of a giveaway, the red Hydra symbol branded into their skin was. They must have found Bucky too, but if they wanted to get to him first they would have to climb over your dead body, and you could promise them that you didn’t die easy.

You took down two of the five no problem, sweeping their feet out from under them and ending their train of thought with a quick and harsh stomp to the pavement. Of course their heads were between the ground and your foot, but it wasn’t enough to kill them or crack their skull seriously. They’d wake up with a headache the same as yours after the helicarrier and their vision would be spinning the like yours was but-

Wait. Spinning? You had been dizzy from a fight before, but the world never whirred around like it was doing now, not even after a good roundhouse kick. It must have been your concussion acting up again. Steve had warned you not to push yourself. You didn’t usually listen to him in the first place, why would you start now?

You expected to be shot by now, but when you looked up from the wall supporting you there were no bodies left standing. None that you wanted to hurt anyways.

James Buchanan Barnes was standing in the middle of the alleyway, dropping an almost lifeless body onto the ground. The white streetlight only brought out the cold in his eyes, until they floated over and it was like the hate flinched when they locked onto you.

Bucky remembered those eyes. Not just from the helicarrier anymore, he saw them when he closed his eyes, bright and happy and careless. He remembered a shiny car with no wheels and a man with slicked back hair and a mustache. He remembered you literally jumping beside him before he pushed you to go talk to him. He remembered your million dollar smile lighting up the whole world when you came back and said you got a job with The Howard Stark.

You knew that look, it was almost like you could see his thoughts projecting across his pupils. The words slipped past your lips before you knew you were so much as thinking them.

“What do you remember?” Because you knew he remembered something. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have come home every night. He wouldn’t have saved you, not on the helicarrier and not now when it was his enemies and his fight and his demons. You wouldn’t have been able to find him if he didn’t remember.

He couldn’t remember where he learned the line, but he heard his voice playing it over and over in his head when he thought about you, followed by your laugh and the tingling of your fingertips against his knuckles or your lips against his cheek.

“Isn’t that the million dollar question?” And you did laugh; it was a sad kind of laugh because you missed hearing those words and you missed Bucky and you missed the 40’s. You missed it all so much that you couldn’t help the watery eyes or the bone-crushing hug you gave Bucky. You missed it and you thought you lost it all when you woke up beside Steve 70 years later, but you hadn’t lost a thing, it had only been waiting for you to look for it again.


The hideout Bucky was staying in wasn’t the warmest or the nicest place you’d slept, but it had a roof and it had Bucky, and that was more than you could ask for. You didn’t mind the cold anyhow, after decades frozen in ice it didn’t seem to bother you much. What did bother you was that Bucky didn’t seem bother by it either, and there was only one explanation for how he could still look 25 and not feel the coursing chill that soaked through the walls of rotten wood.

Before you joined Steve on his suicide mission you were working with Stark on something that could preserve a person for centuries, you called it the cryo-chamber. It hadn’t been finished or tested before it got stolen though, Hydra swooping in and extracting all your progress before blowing the whole lab up.

“You’re bleeding.” You had to push back your curiosity and worry on the subject somehow, because if you kept thinking about it you would ask, and you weren’t sure you wanted to know the answer. Howard and you had hypothesized that it would hurt, being frozen at temperatures that cold and so fast, and to think you could have been the source of that kind of cruelty towards anyone, let alone Bucky, well it wouldn’t end well.

“It’s fine.” Bucky didn’t even look at the wound, only sat down with a grunt and rested the back of his head against the crumbling wall.

“At least let me look at it.” Bucky watched you stepping closer, slowly, like you were worried he’d run away if you got too close too quick. He probably would if he didn’t get this feeling between his ribs, like somewhere between the shards he called memories and the concern flooding your eyes you had become his whole world.

You reached out to lift his shirt over his wound and he flinched. He didn’t mean to pull back, he wanted to feel your fingers tracing his skin, he wanted to remember. It wasn’t enough to recall E/C orbs or sweet laughs that made the world innocent again, he wanted to think of more than a pretty dress and carelessly curled hair. He wanted to remember why he felt like he could trust you this much, and why he felt so crushed when he saw you in danger.

You waited for him, keeping your hands exactly where they were until Bucky’s hands ran over them and guided them to the bloody fabric on his stomach. The soft smile you awarded him was enough to make him forget the pain.

You fixed him up as best you could. He would’ve been better off with stitches, but the limited resources around you and the fact that you weren’t a nurse impeded that plan. Bucky didn’t mind, you had always been good at fixing things. He appreciated how close you got to him and how focused you were in stopping the bleeding, it gave him time to trace the lines of your face. He got the same feeling looking at you now that you’d get from opening a book you had read years ago and forgotten the plot of. Familiar and entrancing and absorbing.

When you were done you rubbed your temples and groaned, your post-concussed headache was crawling back and it wasn’t a feeling you were grateful for. Bucky looked up at you like a puppy, worried for the only thing he knew he had.

“Are you hurt?” You regretted shaking your head so fast, it only made the building pressure worse.

“Do you remember when Steve used to get real sick, and we would sleep outside his door when his mom had to go to work?” Bucky looked away for a second, squinting like he was searching the disintegrating room for clues before nodding lightly and coming back to you.

“Yeah, I would sit against the door and you would put your head in my lap.” You let a little pride swim into your smile to show him he was right.

“Could we do that now?” Bucky didn’t have to think very long on it, he was realizing he would do just about anything to be closer to you. With another nod you scooted closer and rested your aching head on his lap, wrapping your arms around his waist like you always used to. Bucky’s fingers went into your hair, playing and braiding the strands like it was second nature to him. Maybe it was - he couldn’t remember how many times he’d done this before - he only knew it felt nice. Warm and comfortable and relieving.

“I missed you so much Buck,” He could tell by the way you breathed his name that you meant it, like it was a lost secret you hadn’t said in a long time but never forgot about.

And maybe the stream of good that flooded through him when he heard that meant he missed you too.

Book signing - Danisnotonfire Imagine

“This is possibly the best gift you’ve ever gotten me!” Clarissa crowed happily.

“Well I’m glad you like it sweetie,” I said with a bright smile.

For Christmas I was taking my niece, Clarissa, to a book signing with her favorite author. Dan Howell, he was all I heard about. I’d even read his books so I could relate more with Clarissa. They were tales about monsters, demons, fairies, mermaids, vampires, you name it. The worlds were spectacularly depicted and all the characters were progressive, which made me like him even more. It was great that my niece was reading about powerful female characters, LGBTQA+ characters, and characters that broke other stereotypical norms.

When I’d gotten Clarissa the tickets to see him, all her other Christmas gifts had been forgotten. For days, all she talked about the was signing. She’d brought her favorite book to sign and was wearing merch from all his different series’.

“I can’t wait to see his gorgeous face!!” Clarissa grinned.

“Hun, isn’t he like 45?” I asked with a laugh. “You’re only 14.”

“No?” She looked at me curiously. “Didn’t you read any of the articles I sent you?”

“Um,” I began sheepishly. “Well no, I didn’t really have enough time.”

“Oh, well he’s only 25,” she laughed.

“Really!” I said surprised. “He has nine books out, how is he only 25!”

“He likes writing I guess,” Clarissa shrugged.

“He’s making me feel bad about how little I’ve done with my life,” I joked.

“You know, the reason I sent you those articles is because I thought you’d really relate. He reminds me a lot of you.”

“Aw thanks Clarissa,” I didn’t know this guy’s personality, but she was crazy for him, so it had to be a complement.

“Yeah if I wasn’t so in love with him, maybe I’d ship you with him,” she said. I grinned, and squeezed her hand gently.

Eventually we were close to being next. I looked around the family in front of us and there he was. Clarissa was right he was gorgeous, probably the most attractive human being I’d ever seen!

His dark amber eyes sparkled as he talked to the fans, you could tell he loved this. His soft brown hair fell in his face as he signed the book in front of him. The angles of his face, the bow of his lip, the shape of his hands, he seemed too perfect to exist. Needless to say, he was definitely ‘my type.’

“Next!” The body guard beside him called.


He was British, oh my gosh he was British. I was dying internally. He looked straight into my eyes. I felt like I would melt.

“What’re your names?” He asked kindly. I couldn’t answer, I was star struck. Thankfully, Clarissa took over.

“Sorry, that’s my aunt. She forgot to look over the articles I sent her about you, so she didn’t realize you’d be this good looking.”

“Clarissa!” I broke out of my frozen state to hit her arm. She just grinned cheekily. Dan was smothering a laugh.

“Sorry, yes I’m y/n, and that’s Clarissa. Sorry for staring, it wasn’t because you’re so good looking, I was just, um, thinking of something else and not paying attention. I mean though, it’s not that you aren’t good looking, because you’re very um attractive. I’m sorry, I was under the impression that you were like a forty five year old dad with kids, so this just took me by surprise.”

“Stop rambling,” Clarissa mumbled. I snapped my mouth shut. She knew I could get that way sometimes.

“It’s fine,” Dan laughed. “A lot of people who bring kids to my signings are surprised by how young I am. People don’t even think I’m 25, then often think I’m still like 19. I tell them it’s all because I’ve sold my soul, and now I live in a swirling hole of darkness, but hey black looks good on me.”

I burst out laughing. Clarissa was grinning too.

“Hey, that joke never goes down well,” Dan smiled, taking the book from Clarissa to sign it. “I’m glad someone gets my humor.”

“Told you he was your type,” Clarissa said a bit too loudly. Dan didn’t seem to mind, but I was embarrassed. I tried to hide my blush with a hand to my face, but when I moved my arm, I knocked over a stack of books that were sat beside Dan.

“Fuck,” I said a bit too loudly, to the horror of the people behind me.

“I mean, darn, or something,” I said, now very frazzled. I began hurriedly picking up books. It took me a moment to notice Dan was helping too.

“You didn’t need to help,” I said pushing my hair out of my eyes. “It was my fault, I’m so sorry by the way, I’m such a clutz.”

“Hey,” he smiled. “No harm done, I’m clumsy too, I think it’s kind of endearing.” I couldn’t help but grin.

“Also about the swearing, I know this is supposed to be 'family-friendly.’”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Dan waved a hand. “I curse all the time, actually my editor takes out most of my swears. If I had my way, the books would be a bit more grown up.”

“Well I probably scarred these families for life.”

“They’re fine,” he laughed.

“Oh my gosh,” I said worriedly. “We’ve been holding up the line forever, so sorry.”

“Well, thanks for coming,” Dan threw us one of his winning smiles, as we walked away.

We trotted away, heading towards the merchandise table. I was still reliving all the embarrassment I’d dealt with and glory of Dan’s gorgeous face, in my head.

“Hey, Aunt y/n,” Clarissa said slowly.

“Yeah?” I asked, still a bit preoccupied.

“I think this is for you,” Clarissa handed me a sticky note.

In sloppy handwriting it read,“ I think you’re my type too. Maybe we could get together some time.” Dan had also left his number.

“Oh my gosh,” I gasped, but a grin covered my face.

“Oh my lord, if you don’t date him I’ll be SO mad. I will literally never speak to you again if you don’t call him.”

“Wow harsh,” I laughed.

“No you don’t understand. I can’t believe this! What if Dan Howell, becomes my uncle, and comes to all my family gatherings. What if Dan Howell’s child is my cousin, and-”

“You’re getting waaaaay ahead of yourself there munchkin,” I said, ruffling her hair.

“I know,” she sighed. “But you did like him though right?”

“Yeah I did,” I smiled happily.