how is he even blushing he's a robot

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DOCTOR ANON- AAAAAy whats shakin? ;) Got another prompt! :D K here goes...TFP Autobots reacting to human accidentally calling them dad/mom. the idea came to me when i was taking out the trash :') I have another one related to this but i'll wait till you do this one, i don't want to pamper you with asks! ;-;

*Cackles maniacally*  This is the kind of awkward silliness I live for!!  Also, don’t feel bad about sending in multiple asks.  I love this kind of stuff!  :)

Optimus:  He’s probably been accidentally called ‘dad’ at least once by just about every younger bot he knows, so if doesn’t really faze him.  He would spare you any embarrassment and not bring it up again, but secretly he’s kind of touched (and possibly a bit amused) that you consider him a father figure.  He might start acting a bit more protective towards you after that, but he’d be very subtle about it.

Ratchet:  When you accidentally call him ‘dad’ one day, it’s hard to say which of you is the more embarrassed about it.  He sputters and flusters and just generally doesn’t know how to handle himself.  Later, when he’s alone, he does some serious introspecting about what happened.  (WTF??? Do they really see me as a father figure?!  Do I see them as my child?!  Holy frag am I actually a parent?!?!)  Once the initial shock wears off, he’ll come find you and apologize (albeit in a round-about way) for being weird earlier.  The only difference now is that Ratchet’s pretty much your robot dad for life.  Hope you don’t mind being fussed over, because he’s never letting anything bad happen to you, ever.

Bumblebee:  He’s torn between finding it cute, and being flustered.  Also, wow!  That’s a lot of responsibility!  (I can’t have a child??  I am a child???  Optimus, help!)  Still, he takes the trust you’ve put in him very seriously.  He’s like your protective older brother.  No way are any cons laying a servo on his little buddy! He’ll protect you with his very spark if need be.

Arcee:  If you accidentally call her ‘mom’, she’ll instantly freeze for a second, and then carry on as if she didn’t hear it.  Secretly though, she’s panicking on the inside.  She knows you too have a very strong bond, but neither of you have really put it into words before.  It scares her to think how much she cares about you.  If anything were to happen to you, she wouldn’t know how to handle it. If possible, Arcee becomes even more protective of you; she’s not even subtle about it either.  (Please, Arcee.  They don’t need an armed escort to go to the store.)

Bulkhead:  This poor mech would be so incredibly flustered.  He pretty much already considers you his kid anyway, but to hear you acknowledge him as a parental figure is just… wow.  He’s just really, really touched by it.  Outwardly though, he’ll probably just blush and chuckle nervously.  Whatever awkwardness there was doesn’t last long however, as the two of you are quick to accept how much you mean to each other.  Congratulations!  You now have a new robot dad!    

Wheeljack:  He might tease you a bit at first, but only if it was just an accidental slip.  If he finds out that you actually see him as a parental figure, well, that’s a different story…  He might act a bit distant towards you at first, but only because he doesn’t know what to say.  He’s never had to be responsible for anyone before; this is all kind of new to him.  But once he has time to think about it, he pretty much jumps right in to the roll of guardian and protector.  You’re basically his kid now, but he’s much more of a ‘fun uncle’ type than he is a dad. “Hey, kid!  Wanna go take potshots at eradicons in the Jackhammer?”  (Wheeljack, no.)

Smokescreen just laughs.  A lot.  To the point where coolant starts to well up in his optics.  He continues to laugh until you give him a swift, frustrated kick to his pede.  (Serves you right, Smokescreen.)

Ultra Magnus:  Well… just watch this.

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75 Genji OMG please bb

How to have too much dialogue and 0 fucking story.

75. “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” (x)

In hindsight, almost forty hours without sleep wasn’t the wisest or healthiest choice you had made. You had hit a wall a few times and (miraculously) recovered with the help of some coffee. But there was only so much caffeine could cure and you were hitting one wall just too high. Everything had felt fine not moments before. One second Genji was regaling you with the story of his latest mission and the next everything was black. 

As you came to, Genji’s voice became clearer and the light that greeted you became blinding. 

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) can you hear me? Are you alright?”

With a groan, you brought a hand up to shield your burning eyes. The pounding in your head was more prominent and you felt so weak that you could barely lift your head. Luckily you didn’t have to, as Genji was cradling it. 

“Wha…What happnened?”

“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes. Do you need me to bring you to Mercy?” he asked. Even with robotic tinge to his voice, the concern was obvious. You didn’t even need to see behind the faceplate to know that. 

“No. No I’m fine, Genji, thank you. I just need a nap. I guess sleep caught up with me before I caught up with it,” you told him. You didn’t know how good his augmented eyes were (or even if they were augmented) but you hoped he wouldn’t notice that blatantly obvious blush. 

“Then a nap is not what you need. You need a proper rest,” he commanded, scooping you into his arms and lifting you off the floor. The shock of it wiped some of the sleep away. 

“G-Genji!” you shrieked, gripping onto him for dear life. However finding a grip on his smooth surface proved to be a difficult task. “You don’t have to do this, I can walk!”

“You can barely stand. Besides, you weigh hardly anything.”

“You’re only saying that because you have superhuman strength,” you grumbled, wrapping your arms around his neck as he carried you to your room. 

“I may have superhuman strength but I still have weight perception. Honestly, you discredit Angela’s work!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at that. No matter how sick you were, how down you felt… He was always able to make you smile. What you didn’t know, however, was that you were always capable of the same. The faceplate hid the fact that he broke into a smile whenever you walked in the room or whenever he heard your voice. You brought him a peace that years of meditation could never match. And having you in his arms right now, regardless of the unfortunate circumstances, brought more joy than any glowing orb (sorry Zenyatta).

“You know,” you sighed, leaning your head against his chest, “I didn’t do this for your attention. Though…I’m not exactly complaining about that either. Thank you, Genji.”

“It is my absolute pleasure, (Y/N).”

NDRV3 Boys - Holding S/O’s hand for the first time

This is so cute!!! Thanks for requesting and I hope you enjoy! - Mod Rantarou

Shuichi Saihara:

  • You two were sat next to each other at the table talking to the rest.
  • He was busy talking to Kaede about her next piano competition while you were talking to Maki.
  • Suddenly, he felt something warm touch his arm, and a quick glance showed your hand on his.
  • !!!!!
  • It feels so nice and soft and small and your thumb is rubbing circles on his hand and
  • He’s blushing and stuttering and poor Kaede is left there trying to understand him.
  • Ouma doesn’t stop mocking him for a few days.
  • It annoys him, but yet he couldn’t care less about the mocking when you hold his hand.

Rantarou Amami:

  • You’re both walking in the park, since it was such a nice day.
  • He can’t help but think you look adorable?? With the wind blowing in your hair and the way you’re talking, 
  • but he isn’t sure how comfortable you are holding hands so he leaves his hands by his side.
  • As you’re walking, you suddenly spot some puppies by the pond, and your excitement levels go through the roof.
  • Before you realise what you’re doing, you grab his hand and run towards the puppies, laughing as they race to get to you.
  • He’s laughing too, a little because the puppies honestly are adorable, and mostly because he’s so happy??
  • Your hands are still holding his, squeezing them a little and he can’t help but lace his fingers through yours in a small attempt to keep them there because he honestly doesn’t think he could let go.

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May I ask for the ndrv3 guys with a male s/o suddenly hugging them and saying that he never felt this happy with anybody else? Please?

Why, this was a rather fun request to play about it. I get the feeling my fluff/comfort writing skills are going to improve immensely whilst running this blog.

If this isn’t to your liking, I will happily change it - Mod Korekiyo

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there’s for you [8/9]

She gets one morning with Kara.

One glimpse of what it could be. Slow breaths and easy smiles as they blink sleepily at each other. Kara’s arms rising high in the air, hands twisting as she stretches. 

She extends her feet in front of her, shoulder blades shifting as she reaches down to her toes. Kara’s face looks relaxed in the sunlight. Breathing it in, eyes bright as she looks out the windows. 

(To say Lucy is watching her would be an understatement.

She’s- she’s staring.)

“You could’ve slept in the bed. It’s yours.”

Kara presses her lips together, a fine, tight line. Not that Lucy’s looking. “I didn’t want to assume.”

“It’s your bed,” Lucy points out again.

(What she doesn’t say is that she missed not knowing whether or not it was worth sweating the entire night just to stay pressed to Kara- it was, always was. She doesn’t say that she missed the tv playing quietly until they fell asleep on the couch, their feet twisted around each other’s.

What she doesn’t say is that she missed Kara.

Judging from the glint in her eye though, Lucy thinks she knows.)

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Shuichi Saihara

-As he tried to peck your cheek shyly you ducked at the exact moment he was about to kiss you
-He freezes
-Did you not want to kiss? ..Does his breath smell bad? IS HE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!?
-Before he could finish these thoughts you kissed him on the cheek before laughing
-Now we wait for him to realize what just happened
-Realization hit like cold water
-He jumped in surprise grabbing his hat to cover the blush on his face failing miserably to contain it
-You laughed some more before taking his hand and telling him it was only a joke


-He tries to kiss you failing miserably
-How does he fail even worse?
-He falls to the ground luckily you were near a lake he’s just in the water!
-Wait he’s a robot
-…..Oh..Oh OH FUCK
-You run to get him taking him out of the water trying to save him but their’s too much water..Too much
-He lets out a final bleep before departing from this wo-
-Than you woke up
-Before banging your head on the wall and yelling on and on about how you almost had a heart-attack

Ouma Kokichi

-As Ouma tried to kiss you
-you suddenly moved away making him kiss thin air
-What the fuck?
-Did you just…. Prank him?
-He slowly looks at you a weird red glow coming out of his eyes [OH NO MONOKUMA] before grabbing your head and kissing you
-You couldn’t even move back because his grip was actually strong despite his small hands
-As he slowly let go he laughed leaving you alone to think about what just happened
-“The only one who gets to tease is obviously me~!”

Kaito Momota

-As your AWESOME boyfriend tried to kiss you he suddenly felt..Nothing?
-He takes a moment to realize that you leapt out of the way
-Why though
-“S/O what was that for??!”
-You laugh
-wait wHAT?
-He kisses you

Amami Rantarou

-As he tries to kiss his beloved girlfriend you suddenly move out of the way
-He laughes saying how evil you are before patting your head
-“Very funny…”
-Aha…Just wait though
-Next time…
-When he tries to kiss you next time
-You’ll be sorry and you’ll be very..veryyyyyyyyy sor-
-Mod Kaede than kicks you to Shinguuji’s imagine where there is no sin
-[You naughty little perfect,People… No]
-[Mod Kaede No]

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-Kissing..A thing that only happens once every full moon…Almost literally
[Are you sure about this?]
He will lose the courage to kiss you and all you’ll have left is… Cuddling and weird awkward talking
Of course cuddling!! That’s AWSOME but…
You’ll…You’ll regret this

-Now if you said yes here’s the imagine
-As he tries to kiss you,You move over regretting it immediately
-He says it with no time in his voice he seems to be angered
-You do as he says
-As you leave you regret every mistake you’ve ever made
-[You’ve fucked up]
-[Try again?]

Gokuhara Gonta

-As Gonta Tries to kiss his beloved s/o you suddenly move over smiling a bit to yourself
-..What? Is Gonta not getting something?
-“S/O why did you move? Gonta’s confused…”
-You see how sad he is
-You instantly regret your mistake as you hug the gentle giant whispering how it’s okay and it was only a joke
-You never do it again

Ryouma Hoshi

-How is he even? Wow that makes this worse
-As he somehow manages to reach your height he tries to kiss you as you move away
-…Well goodbye well needed self confidence
-He freezes a second while looking at your smiling face
-Before leaving the room
-“Wait Hoshi what are yo-?”
-“Leaving goodbye,good day,This never happened”
-“Wait H-Hosh-!”
-He leaves
-The next day you ask what was wrong but all he replies with is
-“What? yesterday nothing happened”
-“Wait bu-”
-“Nothing..HAPPENED right?”

the name

Originally posted by bigbangbabes

Title: the name
Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader
Genre: Robot!AU
Summary: Seunghyun has found a name in his database and he doesn’t quite understand the concept of it. What does the word boyfriend mean?

Seunghyun says many strange things and she blames it on his innocence about the fact that there is a lot of things that humans do based on their feelings –if not anything, rationality was just a small percentage of what caused some actions to be done and people mostly took decisions based on what made them happier. Seunghyun sometimes wondered if she acted that way and many times he had asked Youngbae, but he doesn’t know how to give him a proper answer. The robot’s curiousness comes from the fact that she never seems to be bothered by anything sentimentally, apart from that night where she threw watermelon seeds at him because she was mad, but she never showed real aspects of her personality to anyone but Seunghyun. Sometimes she covered her sadness with smiles and the robot just wanted her to show him everything, from her good moments to the worst ones and he thinks it’s so beautiful of a human to be that way, so weak but so strong at the same time. He could only be strong, intelligent, a robot, maybe that’s the reason why he can’t be like a human…just because he isn’t one.

But the closest feeling to a human was love and he doesn’t know if this is love.

He tries to look through his database when she is sleeping, concepts and concepts of what love is and it is only given a name when it’s romantic: a relationship. He had read many articles of people wishing for one, it was normal for people to wish for a relationship and the warmth of someone’s body was often needed, but some people despised them or others weren’t really interested in love. The robot starts looking at her with different eyes, seeing the creases on her skin and how perfectly carved it was, with a nose that sometimes she didn’t like and lips that told him things that made him feel…human. He laughed when he was with her, he blushed, he felt and that was amazing about her, even when he knows he was a gift, when he was just her company for when days got lonely and most days were lonely for her. Yet, the name of love carves inside his head and he wants to make her feel better, he doesn’t want her to feel loneliness, so after having dinner he is leaning against the counter, his sharp features looking softer by how fluffy his hair was and how his pajamas had a few dots here and there, the pale blue color contrasting his tan skin. Seunghyun hears her put the last plate on the dishwasher and then he speaks.

Teach me how to be a boyfriend.”

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How would Trailcutter, Drift, and Thundercracker react, if Reader tried to ask them out but instead got nervous and blurted out "Fight me"?

pfffffttt me too friend

Trailcutter stares at you. You’re so tiny and squishable- how’s he gonna fight you? Once he notices how nervous you are he starts laughing, then scoops you up and takes you to Swerve’s for a drink. Just for shits and giggles you two pretend to be actually about to fight- you throw your drink at him and everything. 

Drift says okay. He takes you to the training room and actually starts teaching you how to fight. He’s patient and encouraging, and if he notices how bad you’re blushing he doesn’t mention it. Once you’re done you build up the courage to actually ask him on a date and he’s confused. Wasn’t that just a date? Are you planning the next one so soon? How’s tomorrow evening at Swerve’s?

Thundercracker is like??? That’s a bad idea??? He could literally kill you effortlessly??? But you asked him so… he very lightly pokes you. Finally you stammer that you actually meant to ask him out but got nervous. He smiles and says sure, then thanks you for the great material for his screenplay.

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Hello! Okay, so I see you've recently gotten into shipping Max/Preston, and let me just tell you I am SO HERE for this rare pair! As for ideas, I actually had this one for a few days but may not get around to writing it out. Essentially, Preston writes a completely new play, and decides to go to Max for a critique since he knows the other won't sugar coat anything. At first, the other is reluctant to agree, but after some persuasion, Max eventually agrees to read over it. (1/2)

(2/2) So Max begins reading it, and to his surprise, finds he really enjoys it. Like, it SHOCKS him how much he’s interested in the story. So that night, Max gives his opinions to Preston, and the other is just so happy he liked his hard work. Like, Max had never seen the other smile so wide before, and even gets scooped into a hug by the other. Long story short, Max spends that night with a dark blush on his face as he thinks about his pretty Preston’s smile was and how warm his hugs were.

He was so busy mocking Romeo and Juliet II that he didn’t realize at the time that it was actually a really fun concept! What’s not to love about a love story featuring robots and black magic? He gives the script a reread with a fresh mind and attitude and is surprised by how much he’s enjoying that one, too. Preston is a good playwright! Who knew?

Nerve Receptors

A/N: This anon was very right: I hardly ever see any Mettaton tickles. I think he’s a damn good ler, but he’s pretty ticklish too! 
Des: Mettaton comes over the skeleton brothers house to meet Papyrus for a date. Papyrus always has to look his best, so in the mean time, Sans finds out a little secret about the robot. (Implied Papyton/Soriel.)

Sans sat in the kitchen, stirring his spoon in his bowl of soup. Papyrus was going to be gone for the evening, but his presense was still upstairs.

He was humming rather loudly as he prepped for his date with Mettaton. Clanging and banging from upstairs echoed in Sans non-exisistent ears, but he smiled to himself. He was glad his brother was happy. 

There was a loud, obnoxious knock on the door, which snapped the skeleton out of his daze. He pulled himself out of the chair, his bones cracking as he did so. 

Before he could even grab the door knob, it swung open, revealing Mettaton in all of his bombastic glory. 

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Congratulations Champion [ Gladion x Moon ]

i cut this one a little shorter even though it’s still long

i should really be doing homework but this is much more fun

Rotom is an ass and I love him for it

Doesn’t follow the events of “Stand By Me.”

Spoilers !!

Keep winning. Maybe I’ll see you again if you do.”

His voice dances in her head and despite that fact that it’s been weeks since she last saw him, every word is crystal clear in memory. She smiles lazily, curling the strands of hair with her fingers. She’s sitting at the edge of the cliff near the fixed Plank Bridge.

It’s been nearly a week since Moon had became Alola’s first League Champion and the region was celebrating heavily. Specifically Iki Town, who rejoiced at having the Champion be one of the Kahuna’s chosen trainers.

“Such a rebelliouzz Champion. This is the second time you’ve sneaked away zzzzt.” Her Pokedex, or rather, Rotom comments with his usual spirt of electricity.

“The first was for Lillie’s sake. And everyone’s enjoying themselves. I don’t think they’ll miss me that much.” Moon giggles, her hands resting in her lap as the water laps up the canyon.

You’re the reason we’re having this festival zzzt.” He reminds her with a grin before zooming to her shoulder.

“Don’t remind me, I’ve been called ‘Champion’ so many times I swear people have forgotten my name,” she sighs with a chuckle.

“Izz something on your mind?” He questions floating to her face and eyeing her dreamy expression, “you look a little distance zzzip.”

“Nothing specific, just thinking.” Moon responds, her gazing shooting downwards towards the water beneath her.

“About Gladion?” Rotom leans in close and lightly sparks her forehead, laughing mischeviously while he speaks.

Her pale face immediately erupts into a blush as she quickly shifts off to the side, “w-where did that come from huh?! I just said I was thinking! That means it could be more than just a who. And even if I was thinking of someone why would I be thinking about him?!” The words are flying out faster than she’s able to comprehend continuously making her even more flustered.

“Your blush begs to differ girly, and it was just a lucky guess zzz.” He laughs waving his hands, “you mumble about him a lot.”

“I-I do not!” She shouts praying to Arceus that no one was around to hear or see her pink face.

Rotom’s robotic faces lowers into a mischievous glare, he grins dancing around her head, mimicking her voice, “oh Gladion. He’s such a strong trainer and his Pokémon are amazzzing. I’d love to battle him again one day. I wonder where he is. I wonder how he’s doing. Does he ever think of me? Haaah, Gladion…”

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can i request a short summary why serapuchi is gay? I wanna read it but don't really have time..

Short summary: 

Everything is exaggerated. Mika’s obsession with Yuu is kind of… like, romantic? Because he has lots of photos of him, watches him all the time, they blush, Mika has a doll of Yuu and and lots of things more.

Huge summary I did accidentally but I’m not planning on deleting:

Ferid gives Mika photos of Yuu-chan several times. He tells Krul that’s the way he handles Mika. There’s even one where he gives him “secret” photos of Yuu. No idea what he means by “secret”.

Ferid also gives Mika a doll!Yuu. Later, you can see Mika playing with a doll of himself and Yuu.

Instead of the seraph!Yuu we saw in episode 11, they have a robot!Yuu and Mika’s goes“HOW DARE YOU USE YUU’S APPEARANCE LIKE THIS” while he runs to attack it but stops because “even if it only takes Yuu’s form I can’t bear to hurt it”.

Later on Ferid tries to make a robot!Mika but he finds out and destroys it right before saying “I’ll make a Yuu-chan robot!”

After the first mikayuu reunion, when Shinoa explains to Yuu what happened to Mika and they remember the bridal carry, Shinoa says “it looks like things were heating up back there~”.

In the beggining of school au serapuchi, Shinoa wants to try the “late for school” shojou trope. Instead, Mika is the one who ends up bumping into Yuu, he blushes and then Shinoa says “I’ll bring the toast” so that the trope is complete.

Then comes a scene where they try to reach each other with the title  “They can’t leave each other again!”. They’re both blushing.

Mika skips classes to watch over Yuu from the infirmary and/or from the closet of Yuu’s classroom. He also watches him from the window of his bus.

When they play football, Mika helps Yuu by stopping the people from his own team.

Remember the training Yuu and Kimizuki had with their cursed weapons? The “Because you wanted me, I’ll definitely save you”?

That was represented with a dating simulator(lmao). First, both fail but then Shinoa throws them inside the game and Yuu finds who seems to be a distressed Mika and offers his blood to him. He wins a “Happy End”. 

Shinoa doesn’t understand how that happened so she throws Yuu inside the game once more, this time as a girl, this happens:

And Shinoa is even more confused because she says Mika is “the most challenging hidden character”, and he appeared out of nowhere the moment Yuu got there.

In the latest chapters, there’s a lot of baby chicks on top of yuu and mika got jealous I guess and he dressed up as a chick.

Yeah but can you imagine if Hiro had been born the older brother, and Tadashi the younger?

Hiro still graduates early, but without Tadashi already at SFIT to trick him into it, he avoids college for a lot longer.

Instead, he gets way deeper into the world of bot fighting. He starts to fight back when someone corners him. He starts to gain a reputation.

Hiro just being more rebellious in general, really.  Lots of piercings. Tattoos made from untested, experimental street inks that change color or shape depending on neurotransmitter levels. The second lands him with a case of blood poisoning, but the results are sick.

Eventually, Yama takes notice of him as more than just  a hustler with an attitude problem. He starts to see potential. He starts to see profit. He gives Hiro his card, and an offer he’s sure Hiro’s smart enough not to refuse.

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The Genderbend Boogaloo

Da-da-da-da-da!~ And noooow….. as voted by the peeeeooople, geeeenderbent smut! Da-da-da!~

Pure genderbent smut of 4k words by a person who hasn’t done any of the shit you’re about to see, so, if anything sounds off, know that I am, as called by my friends, ‘an oblvious, innocent child’. =3=;; So… Yeah. XD

Also, thank you to @hellofriend304 and @upsidedownfruitcake for editing through this fic and to everyone who offered too! ^o^;;I really appreciate it. I was just nervous about this one because… It’s a porn fic, and… I’m basically innocent I guess when it comes to this stuff XD

Anyones, I’m gonna put this under cut now, because NSFW porn times are about to happen! But first, the kink list that’s here, because, there’s a few in here :0

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anonymous asked:

((woaaah I just made a request about Junky, Roadie, and Cowman when their short s/o wanted to be picked up, but I wanted to check if it went through because the ask box just like. Died. As soon as I clicked ask. ;-;))

Oh no it didn’t go through! I’m glad you double checked!!


- he would joke around and say something smug like “oh wanna know what the weather up here is like huh?” And happily pick them up

- would give them a piggy back ride or hold them however it is they want to be held, hell hell put them on his shoulders if that’s what they want

- would carry them around and when he is done he would /drop/ them onto a bed or couch and ask them what they thought of that and keep making jokes asking them if they wish they were tall but would end up saying “Oi well at least you ain’t got to worry bout runnin into things, hit me head more then a few times on stuff because of my height”


- wouldn’t think twice before picking them up and putting them on his shoulder and would continue doing what he was doing whether that be him working on something or just walking around the house

- would make sure that they are carful and would tell them to watch out or duck when walking through a door way because sometimes even he has to suck so he doesn’t hit his head

- would enjoy having them sit up on his shoulders and play with his hair, low key would blush


- would smile like a dork and pick them up and ask “how’s this Darlin?” Probably hold them bridal style and tease them and try and give them a kiss and wouldn’t be able to stop talking about how cute and small they are

- he would give piggy back rides and use his robotic arm to hold them up while walking around doing other things, maybe sit down on the couch and have it so their legs are over his shoulders and they are sitting on the frame of the couch and let them play with his hair

- he actually really loves holding them and picking them up so whenever they ask he will do it

Mermaid AU 22

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

Tony’s limbs were still heavy with a lack of motivation, but he no longer could stand to be hidden in some cavern tucked away at the bottom of the ocean. His mind was running wild and supplying him with anxiety inducing thought after thought. He needed a distraction.

“This way,” Bucky rolled onto his back and tugged Tony through the water, their hands connected. “I got an idea.”

“Tony!” A streak of blond zoomed between Tony and Bucky.

Bucky and Tony were yanked apart as Wade swam circles between them. “Tony! Tony! Tony! Where have you been? Were you and Bucky making babies? Can one of them be named after me? Can I have one of them? Will your babies be as terrible at swimming as you?”

“Wade,” Bucky chastised. “Tony and I were not making babies.”

“But you’re going to, right?”

Bucky grumbled and ran his hand through his hair. “Where’s Peter? Someone needs to be here to mellow you out.”

“You think Peter mellows him out?” Tony asked, a thread of amusement weaving its way around Tony’s heart and perking him up a tad.

Bucky cocked his head to the side. His eyes flicked to Wade then back to Tony. “Not really, but at least he’s a little more willing to listen to Peter.”

“Hey, Wade.” Bucky waved Wade over to him. “I got a deal for you.”

“Oh? What kind of a deal?” Wade grinned from ear to ear. He swam right up to Bucky’s face.

Bucky looked slightly annoyed for a moment by Wade’s proximity, but the emotion soon slipped away. Bucky leaned down and whispered in Wade’s ear.

“Oh! Okay, yeah, I can do that.” Wade back flipped away from Bucky then twisted around so he was facing Tony. “I’ll be back, Tony.” Wade kissed Tony on the cheek.

Tony jerked back in surprise. “What the-”

“Wade!” Bucky swatted Wade’s hip. “Stop harassing my mate!”

Wade stuck his tongue out at Bucky. “He’s not yours yet.” Wade snickered and zipped off before Bucky could take another swat at him.

“Brat,” Bucky grumbled.

Tony touched his cheek. “Are all of you that affectionate?”

Bucky blew bubbles out of his mouth. He swam closer to Tony to close the distance between them. He took both of Tony’s hands in his. “No. Wade just likes to stir up trouble. …and I guess he is that affectionate with people he likes. He practically mauls Peter with affection whenever gets the chance.”

Tony stared up at Bucky in disbelief. “He likes me?”

“So far all of the kids do.”

Tony shook his head. “But I haven’t done anything but ask them questions about Loki and Thor. Why would they like me?”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

Tony huffed. His chest constricted at the memory of when Bucky and him had met after Tony had been transformed into a merman. “You didn’t like me.”

“Yeah, well, I was confused and hurting, so I acted like a jerk. I like you now.”

“Are you sure it’s not because you think you’re supposed to like me?” Tony mumbled. He hugged himself as self-loathing washed over him. He was being so pathetic—so weak. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he just do what Howard told him to do and be strong? Feeling depressed and pitying himself would just give others the opportunity to trample all over him. He had to shove down those feelings and show everyone that he was strong.

Tony startled when a pair of lips brushed against his own.

Tony blinked as Bucky pulled back.

“What was that?” Tony asked.

Bucky squeezed his hands. “That was me trying to convince you that I like you, because I don’t think saying it will be enough for you. At least not right now.” Bucky tugged Tony toward him, and he began swimming backwards through the water, guiding Tony to an unknown destination. “I do like you though.”

Bucky winked and picked up their swimming pace. “Now, come on. I want to get things started before Wade comes back.”

“Wade’s coming back?” Tony asked.

Bucky chuckled. “You’ll see.”

Bucky took Tony to an area thick with colorful coral and rocks. He had Tony sit down on a rock and swam off for a minute to return with an armful of seaweed. He dropped the seaweed at Tony’s fin and “kneeled” in front of Tony. He beamed. “I don’t know what a robot is, but I know how to make things.” Bucky batted away a small school of fish swimming around a patch of coral and snapped off a chunk of the coral. “We can make rock mermaids or Steve and I even once tried to repair a boat we once found; we can try to do something like that. Or you could teach me how to build a robot.”

Tony blinked down at Bucky, his heart giving a big thump. “You want to build things with me?”

Bucky smiled. “Yeah. Whatever you want. It might turn out like crap, but let’s give it a shot.”

Tony’s heartbeat accelerated. He felt his face flushing and was half tempted to cover his cheeks. He only stopped himself because the action would end up drawing more attention to his blush.

“You okay?” Bucky touched Tony’s hand. “You’re being extra quiet.”

“Making a boat out of rocks seems like the worst idea ever. It’s like you want the boat to sink.”

Bucky looked surprised then chuckled. “I guess that’s why Steve and I have never come across any boats made from rocks.”

“Also, how do you even manage to make rocks and coral look anything like a mermaid?”

Bucky picked up one of the rocks. “I’ll show you.”

“Buckyyyyyyy!” Wade shouted.

Tony turned around and froze.

Wade was swimming right toward him and Bucky, and right behind the little lightning bolt of a merkid was Steve, Sam, Natasha, Gwen, Peter, and Mary Jane. All of whom had a collection of shells, pebbles, seaweed, and driftwood in their arms.

“So what are we building?” Wade asked, stopping between Bucky and Tony. His head swiveled excitedly between the two.

Bucky smiled at the shocked expression on Tony’s face. “First, we’re going to build mermaid statues.”

Wade scoffed. “I’m making a merman.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

Steve plopped his items down next to Bucky’s pile of seaweed. “Then what?” Steve settled himself next to Tony on the rock.

“Let’s make a launcher,” Sam said. “We can then hurl things at Fury.”

“I still want make something that can hold an octopus,” Natasha said.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Sam said to Natasha.

“I want to make an octopus catcher!” Gwen shouted.

“I want make a lander house,” Peter whispered.

“Octopus catcher!” Mary Jane joined Gwen.

“Well, Tony?” Bucky asked.

Tony looked around, unable to believe what he was seeing.

All of them wanted to hang out with him?

No one ever wanted to hang out with Tony. He was an outsider and a weirdo.

Tony couldn’t believe it.

Bucky squeezed Tony’s hand. “Tony?”

Tony snapped out of his reverie. “All of it. Let’s do all of it.”

The kids cheered and swam around like a bunch of lunatics while the teenagers of the group wrangled them in.

While everyone was distracted, Tony squeezed Bucky’s hand. He leaned in to Bucky, and Bucky lifted his head so Tony could whisper in his ear.

“Thanks.” The word felt inadequate to Tony, but he was too flummoxed to come up with anything grandiose.

Tony felt Bucky’s mouth curl into a smile against his cheek. “Any time.”

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Draw Me

Destiel AU - Prompt “Hey, can I draw you?”

AO3 link - for @deanandhiscas

Ever since he was a little boy, Castiel had always been drawn to colors. His mother said it was because of his eyes; they were so bright and so blue that they drew in everything he saw. He was a natural with crayons and pencils in elementary school, and Castiel grew accustomed to seeing his artwork placed first on the mural of all the student’s artwork. 

When Castiel entered high school, that artwork grew into other forms. He could draw, paint, grafitti, anything he could think of and get his hands on. Once, in his junior year, the school created an art project for the most creative students in the school. Anyone could contribute, but Castiel’s art teacher made it a point to take him aside and explain, “They’ve saved the biggest section for you. We’re eager to see what you’ll come up with.”

In the end, more than half the school body was awestruck. Castiel thought it was decent enough.

He was offered a scholarship to some of the greatest schools the country could offer him. In the end, Castiel chose Stanford. He liked the idea of California beaches and the warm summer sun. Even if he knew his work could very easily be daunting, his mind was set. He was going to Stanford.

California was as beautiful as the pictures. In no time, Castiel was enrolled and being set up in a dorm room. His roommate was a tall young man with shaggy brown hair and a dimpled smile. 

“Sam Winchester, law degree,” the man had introduced himself, shaking Cas’s hand with both of his. “It’s really good to meet you.”

As Castiel soon learned, Sam had earned a full ride to Stanford. It was a dream come true for his roommate, who had always dreamed of going to college but never imagined he’d be accepted to a place like Stanford. 

“My brother always knew I could make it,” Sam would say, always smiling. “He was my biggest support, and that’s saying something when you compare him to my mom.”

Castiel had nodded and smiled. He was just relieved that his roommate wasn’t terrifying or rude. Even better, Sam was happy to listen to Castiel’s rants about his art projects as much as Castiel was eager to learn about the differences in Sam’s.

Over the first year, Castiel learned a lot. He learned more than he ever could have imagined about art, increasing his natural talent ten-fold, according to Sam, and even learned about the justice system in ways he never thought possible. 

He learned a lot about Sam too, and Sam’s family. Especially Dean, Sam’s older brother. Family was all Sam seemed concerned with, aside from his studies and his new girlfriend Jessica. 

Castiel even found himself wanting to meet this older brother that Sam always praised. However, he wasn’t silly enough to believe it was possible. They were only roommates, and it wasn’t all that common to meet relatives that way.

At least, that’s what Castiel thought. Until the day Castiel entered the college library to see the most beautiful, vibrant man ever born.

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Voltron Christmas Ideas

(I’ve never done something like this so sorry for the disorganization)
•Lance getting excited about Christmas and Keith gets kinda down since he never had a family to celebrate Christmas with
•So Lance pulls him along and tries to have Keith experience many Christmas traditions.
•Hunk tries to teach Keith how to make cookies out of alien ingredients and they don’t turn out very well
•They don’t have frosting so they use the food goo
•Lance convinced him to go caroling with him to different planets.
•Keith is shocked to find out that Lance can actually sing but hates that it’s to these awful carols
•They find stuff similar to hot chocolate and marshmallows. So the while team sits around a bonfire sharing stories and drinking their cocoa.
•They all go hunting for a Christmas tree! Allura and Coran don’t understand but still go along with it anyway.
•Keith finds a little tree and points it out.
“what about this one” and Lance starts giggling. “Haha Charlie Brown. We’re gonna need a bigger tree to fit all the ornaments.” “…Charlie who?” and everyone is like are you serious Keith.
•They spend time making ornaments out of random space junk they find.
•Keith is surprisingly good at arts and crafts
•Keith and Pidge use Lance’s old face/hair care product containers as ornaments. Lance finds out and is pissed.
-“What the hell guys!?” “What? it’s not like you use them anyway. They’re empty” “that’s not the point Keith!” “Then what is?” “they’re the only things I have left from home you dumbass!”
•Keith feels instantly guilty and tried to apologize but Lance storms away
•ok not actually but a close enough resemblance and Keith actually vaguely knows about this so he’s reluctant to go along with it but Lance insist cause maybe he can catch Allura under it
•Everyone is cautious and makes sure they do not step under it but after a few days Lance accidentally catches Keith under it and they’re both like “shit! no way nuh uh. not doing this” and Pidge walks by them and “accidentally” shoves Lance towards Keith.
•They don’t kiss but they’re both on the floor and it looks like Lance is pining Keith down. Shiro walks in and stops dead in his tracks, just staring at them. Then he noticed Pidge who is cackling over this escapade. “Maybe you guys should get a room away from the eyes of the innocent” He points at Pidge. They both blush and start stuttering out excuses
•So Christmas Day is finally here and they exchange presents. Most of it stuff they picked up on random planets
•Shiro and Allura obviously get matching mugs with #1 Dad and Mom
•Hunk gives Pidge some random pieces and parts from old machinery and says how maybe she could try building a robot or maybe even rebuilding Rover
•Coran gives Allura old Altean books that he found
•Keith gives Lance his old containers back. He tried his best to repair the damages. This time they’re filled with alien care products. Lance just looks at him in astonishment
-“listen I know I fucked up and I’m sorry. They’re not perfect but I tried my best to-” Lance cuts him off with a hug. It takes a moment for Keith to process what’s happening but when he does he slowly wraps his arms around Lance. “Thanks buddy”
•when they pull apart they just kind of stand there awkwardly
-“I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything but how am I suppose to know what the mysterious Keith wants” “You already gave me a present idiot” “I did?” He motions towards the room. “This” Lance scoffs. “ wow. that was cheesy” Keith glares at him. “way to ruin the moment”

A Year Every Minute Pt. 42

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

“S-sorry.” Alphys mumbled out, her eyes looking away from the skeleton. “I-is there anything I c-can help you find? W-what are you looking for?”

“uh… nah.” Sans smiled and shrugged. “i was just about to leave, actually.”

“O-oh. Okay.”

As the lizard turned to exit Sans glanced at the table that had once been home to the DT extraction machine blueprints. “on second thought…” He began, watching as the scientist turned back around. “any idea where some of these blueprints went?”

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anonymous asked:

how about companions reacting to being kissed by the ss for the first time?

Preston: Jumps a little bit, it caught him off-guard. Before he can kiss back, they pull away and think they did something wrong. He stutters something out and leans in, giving them a soft, gentle kiss. He never thought he would get to kiss them.

Piper: not surprised, she had an intuition that they liked her. She’s ready for the kiss and kisses them back with the same intensity as them. It’s long, perfect and would be something from a book. She kicks her back leg up and smiles into the kiss.

Cait: Honestly looks like she’s gonna punch them in the face. She’s not used to romantic kissing, or even being sober when it happens. There’s a vulnerability there, but instead of punching them, she grabs them by the armor and pulls them in for a kiss that she controls.

Codsworth: He appreciates the gesture, and if robots could blush, he would.

Curie: What is kissing? The concept is so fascinating. The survivor has to teach her how to kiss and what to do with her mouth, but she’s too giggly for them to properly kiss. She prefers forehead kisses to lip kisses any day of the week.

Danse: Clumsy and tense. He stiffens the first time they kiss him, new to this whole “affection” thing. The kiss is stiff and inexperienced, and he feels embarrassed when they pull away. They simply smile and say that there’s always time to practice. Danse likes that idea.

Deacon: Calls them a tiger for being so fierce and how they kissed him in the heat of the moment. He tries to make another joke but gets cut off by their lips again, and he’s actually pleased that he didn’t get to make his smart ass joke.

MacCready: It’s a simple kiss, one that was on slight impulse. They pull away from each other, looking into each others eyes before he grabs the survivor and pulls them in, hungry for their mouth against his.

Strong: He’s confused when they give him a kiss on the cheek, but Strong accepts it.

Hancock: Thought they were never gonna kiss him. Puls them in and it goes from simple kisses to a hot and heavy make out session. He feels lucky, especially with a face like his.

Valentine: Worried that he may have a loose wire or circuit that would shock them. They make a joke that their kisses are “electrifying”. Nick groans and kisses them to make the puns stop.

X6-88: Stands there and lets them kiss him, though it’s ever on the lips. Cheek kisses are something he’s used to from them now, and he honestly expects it as part of the mannerisms. 

Dogmeat: King of dog kisses and puppy licks. No one can escape his love.