how is he 44

u kno what’s remarkable about Robert De Niro like ppl always talk about his acting prowess but did anyone notice his full head of hair at the age of 73?

how does he do it? and no I don’t think it’s a toupee or hair transplant I don’t see any lace lines or forehead scars it’s natural. in fact De Niro is a man who took risks w his hair throughout his career. in 1987 he shaved the front of his head to play the balding Al Capone in The Untouchables:

he was like 44 how did he know it was gonna even grow back? he didn’t. he took the risk of permanent frontal baldness to play Capone. few years later he had a full head of hair as u can see in this still of Goodfellas in which he is strangling the toupee seller Morrie:

even riskier, he shaved the front of his hairline yet again to play Bernie Madoff in a TV movie 2 years ago:

and yet again it grew back! this is a magic man with some of the best hair in history baldness can never stop him he is Immune and All Powerful


Dina Ali is a woman from KSA who fled the country despite strict travelling laws placed on women. She fled Saudi Arabia in hopes to have refuge in Australia away from her abusive family. However, upon landing in the Philippines, Dina was detained by airport officials who prevented her from travelling any further despite her desperately explaining to officials that her family will kill her the moment she returns to Saudi. PLEASE HELP SAVE DINA ALI BY SPREADING MORE AWARENESS. SHE MATTERS TOO.

There are millions of Saudi Arabian women who face injustice and oppression in their own country by the very people who are meant to protect them. The government and their families.

Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot travel even outside their own homes without a male guardian. Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are barred from driving leaving them very dependent on male relatives. Among other basic human rights violations.

In July 2011, a woman from Jeddah was sentenced to ten lashes by whip for driving a car although the sentence was eventually overturned. Women are even being controlled at their workplaces, a woman’s work must also be deemed suitable for the female physique and mentality. Women are allowed to work only in capacities in which they can serve women exclusively; there must be no contact or interaction with the opposite gender. 
Consequently in 2005, most Saudi women worked as nurses,doctors,teachers and at women’s banks. Jobs such as judges or other jobs in the high public office are forbidden to women.

Even in schools the quality of education is lower for females than males. Curricula and textbooks are updated less frequently, and teachers tend to be less qualified. At the higher levels, males have better research facilities.

- In 2008 Khamisa Mohammad Sawadi, a 75-year-old woman, was sentenced to 40 lashes and imprisonment for allowing a man to deliver bread to her directly in her home. Sawadi, a non-citizen, was deported

- 2013 was when the Kingdom registered its first female trainee lawyer. It’s first ever female lawyer to be granted an official license from its Ministry of Justice. 2013!!!

- “We all have to live in the borders of the boxes our dads or husbands draw for us.”
-Zahra, 25-year-old Saudi woman, April 7, 2016.

-“It can mess with your head and the way you look at yourself. How do you respect yourself or how [can] your family respect you, if he is your legal guardian”?
-Hayat, 44-year-old former school principal, December 7, 2015.

- In 2013 Saudi women were first allowed to ride bicycles, although only around parks and other “recreational areas”. They must also be dressed in full Islamic body coverings and be accompanied by a male relative.

- In 1991, Saudi women launched a campaign for more rights. 47 women drove illegally through Riyadh, in protest against the ban on driving. Activists presented a petition to King Fahd requesting “basic legal and social rights.” Subsequently, a feminist leader was arrested and tortured. members of the public demanded strict punishment of the women who had driven in protest, and denounced activists as “whores.” The mutaween enforced the dress code more aggressively.

- In 2013 the Saudi government sanctioned sports for girls in private schools.

Despite all of Saudi Arabia’s blatant human rights violations including the indiscriminate bombing of Yemeni civilians and the treatment of women in their own borders, they still get elected to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

50 Things I’m Convinced Harry Styles Does: A List

1. He requests exactly four kisses before bed.

2. He drums on your shins while you rest your legs in his lap.

3. He calls your mom and dad by Mr. and Mrs., no matter how many times they’ve told him not to.

4. He says, “I should’ve gotten what you got.” every time you go out to eat and then demands half of your plate in trade for half of his.

5. He gets drunk and orders things like a pound of unrefined shea butter through one-click AmazonPrime.

6. He uses your body wash in the shower because, “’t smells nice. Like a field of daisies.”

7. He swerves in the car because he gets distracted by a dog on a walk or a baby in a stroller.

8. He says, “You too!” and giggles knowingly when the ticket-taker at the cinema says, “Enjoy your show!”

9. He pinches your bum whenever he walks by, just to hear you squeal.

10. He asks you to pronounce “aluminium” over and over again because you say it so weird and it makes him smile.

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A Random Smattering of Thoughts about Episode 32

There’s no thesis here: just a couple of observations. :) I enjoyed the episode and found it quite faithful to the manga source material! I thought the voice acting was particularly on point this episode as well! To me, it sounded like Eren was talking himself into fighting Reiner, which is how I always imagined these scenes in the manga. Anyway … on to my observations!

Here’s a small deviation that I’m not sure how to interpret. In chapter 44, Annie blushes when Eren says he’ll keep learning how to fight … and how to talk to girls.

She doesn’t blush in episode 32, however, even though the dialogue remains the same.

I always thought Annie had a bit of a crush on Eren, just from reading the manga, but it seems like they’re toning down or removing that element of their relationship (which also seems friendlier in the manga than in the anime, on the whole) in the anime. I don’t really have any thoughts as to why: maybe because it doesn’t really go anywhere in the narrative? I liked how it showed that even Annie, like Reiner and Bertolt, formed attachments to people within the Walled World, although that idea still comes through in her confrontation with Armin and in the moment where she saves Connie.

Next up, seeing this scene animated reminded me of Annie’s comments about Mikasa being a beast:

Chapter 44.

These panels, which always contained a hint of irony considering that Annie is really a shifter, seem even more loaded after the information we received in chapter 93 this month:

If Zeke knew about the Ackermans ahead of time, it certainly seems likely that Annie and the others would too. Intriguing!

Anyway, those are all the thoughts I have for the moment. I really liked the episode and I am excited to see Jean next week! :D


-pent’s forehead bleeds whenever smack is arround. In episode 30 when he is first introduced his forehead is seen bleeding and he says “ Don’t pretend you’re not here, I know you’re here. Come and get it smack!” And in the 50th episode his head starts to bleed right before smack appears.

-pent causally brings up shelby when gay spaghetti chef talks about how he likes his god like powers in episode 44 asking if she’d like that. It is quite clear that pent is trying to deny shelby’s death still

-smacks voice is heard when the letter is read to gino “if you’d rather be ruled by someone you hate, give khonjin this piece if you’d rather be ruled by someone who hates you- dont” (ep 49) It’s quite clear at this point that pent seriously hates gino

-When gino gives the letter to khojin, the image that is shown appears to be part of the poster image for supermental (ep 49)

-gino appears to have some connection to smack as in episode 50 while being punched by pent gino said “ANYTIME SMACK” before he appeared shortly after

-smack is hired to do something for dadjin in episode 40- the hiring was originally started by gino before it dadjin took over

-In episode 15 the quote “Have you’re husband ever made love” was said, and in episode 50 later appeared on the screen shortly before “hER MOVE, A NEVER DEAD SELBY UAVOU?”

-Pent seems to switch between being pixel art and being flash animated- seemingly when he separates from khojin he is freed before khonjin freezes him, then he returns back to pixel

-Pent is the creator of the khonjin house universe.

-In episode 37 pent says “Would you believe your not the only illusion who wants me dead?” When gino points a gun at him. He could be referring to smack- but as smack comes from the same universe as pent i cannot be certain. It is heavily implied that pent is taking about someone else from the khonjin house universe. Dadjin is a good suspect considering he hired Smack to do something

-khonjin and pent are never seen at the same time until episode 50 when they were split- implying that they shared a body

-pent is first seen laying on the floor, blood leaking from his head- presumed to be a gunshot wound.

-considering that pents head bleeds whenever smack is arround- it could be assumed that the wound was caused by smack

-Conner has said that pent and smack were once best friends, however when smack and pent interact it appears pent is irritated at him as if he did something

-the thumbnails of the videos seem to use more bright colors until the last two seasons that use a dark red and back- possibly representing the darker tones the series gets by the end (maybe im reading a bit too into it)

-Whenever shelby was mentioned on conners tumblr, he’d always reply with something about supermental- meaning more will be revealed later

ill add more to this post as i find more things out about the series.

Last night was my date with a POT. I’ll name him Tequila, because that’s what he drank last night. So we set up a date at my favorite restaurant/hotel in the city. He drove about an hour from another city to see me. He was very responsive from the get go and got a bit sexual over text at one point. I told him that’s unacceptable until he meet and he said no problem. So, my expectation was on the lower side. However, if things went well I was fully prepared to fuck him that night since he didn’t mind a $800 PPM.

So I get there and sit at the bar to wait for him to come to me. He shows up, super energetic… BUT he’s wearing one of those fucking school boy hats. Maybe being a SB has made me judge men way harder but I was immediately disappointed. I got a fruity drink and he got a tequila on the rocks. He was easy enough to talk to and the conversation flowed well. He is 44 and said he didn’t really discover how sexual a person he was until after his first marriage. He showed me a picture of his last girlfriend in context to a story he was telling and SHIT she’s hot. Like blonde bombshell hot. So I’m thinking, maybe this guy has something going on that I don’t know about.

He closes our tab and we get our reservation for dinner. The conversation is coming easier and easier. We talked about past sugar relationships (he’s been sugaring for 10+ years in between vanilla relationships) and he starts telling me all the crazy shit he’s done. He said he loved it when his GF would pick up a guy at a bar and invite them to have sex. Like he’s had a lot of threesomes girls and guys. I excused myself to go to the bathroom right before dessert and when I left the bathroom, he was waiting outside. The bathrooms are way away from the restaurant and more in the hotel, so I was caught off guard and asked him if he closed out his tab.

He peeked into the men’s bathroom, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom!! I resisted at first out of shock but finally gave in. Keep in mind this is a nice fucking bathroom. He closed the stall and started making out with me. Before our date, he asked me what I was going to wear. I asked if he had suggestions and he said a nice cocktail dress and no panties with a winky face. I personally don’t like wearing bras/underwear so I figured I’d entertain him for my own benefit.

NOW I KNOW WHY. He lifted up my dress and stared eating me out!! I could hear guys coming in and out of the bathroom and he’s on his knees in a stall!! Then he turned me around and ate my ass. I blew him for a bit then he said we’ll save the rest for later and that dessert will be at the table soon!! I’m adventurous so I thought it was fun but Jesus. So we finish dinner then go upstairs. He Venmoed me $800 before we hooked up. He expressed great interest after and asked if he can see me again this weekend. So fingers crossed this one stays because I think he’ll be super generous and he’ll give me some wild experiences. He’s also single and not clingy so it’s a win, win, winZ

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31. He’s always got juice boxes in the fridge. “Nobody can be unhappy whilst drinking a juice box - it’s a proven fact.” 32. He says words over and over again until they lose their meaning, just because he can. 33. He’s crap at housework, but he prides himself on how well he makes a bed. 34. He is the absolute LOUDEST walker. He stomps around like he’s 1500lbs, especially when he’s wearing his boots. "Jus' walkin' with a purpose, is all."

35. He likes to say various French phrases, telling you a concise definition of them, with no context at all. “Amuse bouche! A single, bite-size portion of food!” “Combien coûte-t-il? How much does it cost!” “Mise en place! Everything in place!” 36. No matter how many times you ask him not to, he always leaves his socks on the floor.

37. He’ll have moments of complete obviousness and you don’t know where they come from, especially because he doesn’t explain it. “Donkey Kong isn’t a donkey, he is a gorilla.” 38. He journals every night. 39. He’ll call you on the phone to ask you what you want for dinner, even though he’s sitting right next to you. 40. He’s never without a pack of gum. 41. Sometimes, if something is really delicious, he’ll hum and shimmy a little when he eats.

42. He’s told everyone that he’s allergic to mushrooms, even though he isn’t. He just doesn’t like them. 43. He insists that leopard print is a neutral. 44. He thinks it’s nice how you’re supposed to eat the skin on a kumquat. “Waste not, want not.” 45. He eats leftovers without heating them up, while standing in the fridge with the door open, shooing you away when you ask for a bite.

These are so gloriously and painfully domestic and intimate…. 

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hey! could you recommend comics with good Jason characterization? thx

I’ll be honest that I’m a bit iffy when it comes to some of these comics, but if I’ve still included them it means that they’re most likely important for Jason’s characterisation. As a side note, I won’t be getting into the New 52 with this.


  • Batman #408-#429 (Batman: Second Chances collects #402, #403, #408-416 and Batman Annual #11) (Batman: A Death in the Family collects #426-#429) - This is Jason’s original Robin run in Pre-52′s Batman. I’d personally recommend reading #413, the last issue before Jim Starlin takes over.
  • Batman Annual #12 - It has two stories, the second one is completely about Jason. It has him preventing some other students from cheating without anyone actually knowing he did.
  • Detective Comics #568-#582 - This is Jason’s original Robin run in Pre-52′s Detective Comics. I actually like some of these issues more than the Batman ones even if they’re less popular.
  • Action Comics #594 - It’s not a big appearance by any means, but it’s cute and shows how Jason feels about Superman.
  • Batman: The Cult - The art’s not the best but it’s still an awesome story where Jason saves Bruce’s life.
  • DC Retroactive: Batman The ‘80s - One of my favorite comics where Jason’s featured in as Robin. He’s not portrayed as a bad Robin and for once its a post-death comic where there’s no mention of Jason’s death.
  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #100 - This one has three stories, one for Dick, one for Jason and one for Tim. I’d say it has one of the saddest narratives when it comes to Jason’s death.
  • Deadman: Dead Again - Jason mostly appears in the second issue and it shows his reaction to his own, well, death
  • Gotham Knight #34 and #43-#45 - The end of #34 shows Jason as a ghost and it’s pretty cute. And personally I’m not really a fan of #43-#45, so this one I’m iffy about recommending, unless you’ve read plenty of comics about Jason.


  • Red Hood: The Lost Days - This is without doubt one of my favorite storylines DC Comics has ever published. It explains the events following Jason’s death and what happened before he came back to Gotham.
  • Batman #617-#618 (Batman: Hush Volume One and Two collects #608-#619) - Eh, I don’t think you need to read it, but this storyline is kinda the reason why Jason was resurrected to begin with.
  • Batman Annual #25 - Like The Lost Days, this annual explains how Jason came back to life and what happened to him before became the Red Hood.
  • Batman #635-#641 and #645-#650 (Batman: Under the Hood collects #635-#641, #645-#650 and Annual #25) - The first story to feature Jason as the Red Hood, written by Judd Winick and amazing in every way possible. It shows Jason’s first real appearance after his death and how Bruce finds out and deals with it. It’s one hell of an emotional ride.
  • Green Arrow #69-#72 (Green Arrow: Seeing Red collects all these issues) - Jason has some awesome dialogue in this comic, not only that but while everyone keeps underestimating him, he shows how smart he really is in his visit to Starling City.
  • Outsiders #44-#46 - In which Jason has some intel for Nightwing, they fight a bit, Dick doesn’t seem to know Jason very well at all and Jason helps them.
  • Countdown - Dear lord, this is one mess of a storyline and I wouldn’t recommend it when you’re a beginner to reading comics, at all. The characterisation changes from writer to writer, but there are still amazing things that happen in it.


  • Batman: Arkham Knight (game) - The graphics are amazing, the gameplay phenomenal and Jason’s characterisation, while different than in the pre-52, is one of my favorites.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (tie-in) - Based in the Arkhamverse, it takes place between the games Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis - The Arkham Knight’s origin story within the Arkhamverse.
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood - The movie based on The Under the Hood storyline.
  • Li’l Gotham - The most adorable comic ever. Jason’s not a main character in this series but it’s complete gold.
  • Beware the Batman #11 - It’s never stated that it was actually Jason in this comic, but I’d like to think so.
  • Bombshells #46 - Jasón, as he’s called in this, is a Basque kid that was adopted (fight me on this) by Batwoman and he’s too adorable for words– Of course this issue also hurts.
  • The World of Flashpoint - Jason’s a priest and has the famous white streak in his hair, what else is there to want?
  • Tiny Titans - He’s not a main character either, but this series is just as adorable as Li’l Gotham. Hell, Jason’s name is Jason Toddler.


  • Nightwing: Bad Blood - It’s an universal known fact in the fandom that this comic does not, in fact, exist. Spare yourself and never read this.
  • Robin #177, #182-#183 - Fuck Fab Nic for throwing all of Jason’s characterisation in the trash. Also, fuck him for taking always the possibilities for amazing character development.
  • Battle for The Cowl - Tony Daniel’s one of the worst out there and should never get his hands on Jason ever again.
  • Batman and Robin - While Judd Winick wrote Jason later in the series, even he couldn’t undo the horrors that was Morrison’s Jason.

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can i get a masterlist of your prefs please.

yes you can! i just updated and i have a new pref coming soon :)


Preference #1. The first time you meet.

Preference #2. Babysitting Lux.

Preference #3. Cant sleep. 

Preference #4. Lyrical phone prank.

Preference #5. He’s your teacher.

Preference #6. What he does when he’s upset/sad/mad.

Preference #7. How you kiss.

Preference #8. What T.V show you watch together. 

Preference #9. What heels he buys you. 

Preference #10. Vacation.

Preference #11. The food he makes/buys.

Preference #12. The dog he gets you. 

Preference #13. His fav bag

Preference #14. What he calls you. 

Preference #15. How you cuddle.

Preference #16. How he holds your hand. 

Preference #17. Cute things he does.

Preference #18. You see him cry for the first time. 

Preference #19. Wedding dress.

Preference #20. Your kids (Harry)

Preference #20. Your kids (Louis) 

Preference #20. Your kids (Zayn)

Preference #20. Your kids (Liam)

Preference #20. Your kids (Niall)

Preference #21. Matching. 

Preference #22. Christmas decorations.

Preference #23. Christmas morning.

Preference #24. He walks in on you shaving. 

Preference #25. Red carpet dress.

Preference #26. He tweets a pic of you snowboarding. 

Preference #27, The phone case he buys you. 

Preference #28. He tweets a pic of you playing soccer.

Preference #29. The sweater he buys you.

Preference #30. He tweets a pic of your kids.

Preference #31. Your babies nursery (Liam & Niall)

Preference #31. Your babies nursery (Harry, Louis & Zayn)

Preference #32. What you do at the park.

Preference #33. Dip dye. 

Preference #34. Couple photos

Preference #35. How he reacts to you being pregnant.

Preference #36. Secret spot.

Preference #37. Childhood photos.

Preference #38. How he reacts to the first time he sees you.

Preference #39. Songs. 

Preference # 40. Painted Nails. 

Preference #41. How he reacts to you going into labor.

Preference #42. He tweets a pic of your pet. 

Preference #43. Late night.

Preference #44. Protection. 

Preference #45. How he reacts to you singing “Were all in this together.’

Preference #46. Bubba.

Preference #47. “I love you because…”

Preference #48. How he reacts to you sniffing your pits.

Preference #49. Bubbles.Preference #50. How he reacts to you kissing another member. Preference #51. Your sex tape. Preference #52. Gay love. Preference #53. How he reacts to your 3 year old giving the finger.  Preference #54. Proposal.Preference #55. How he reacts to you clogging his toilet. Preference #56. Bruises. Preference #57. Future thoughts.  Preference #58. Baby names.Preferences #59. Weddings.  Preference #60. Past.  Preference #61. Rooms.Preference #62. Stay. Preference #63. Beaches
happy valentine's day! -- a super fluffy master list

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you wonderful, lovely, and beautiful people!! Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays ever because I love to love, and that includes loving you guys. 

Some of us may be single on this day, but I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a day for love in general – love for your friends, family, and for each other. I have no plans for myself tonight (just at home with National Geographic and my laptop), but I could not feel more loved by my friends, family, and by you all. 

And because we all also love Kpop, and GOT7, here’s a master list of my most fluffiest, fun, and happiest babbles that personally make me smile and laugh, and I hope they do the same for you all tonight: 

#16: he surprises you // #18: ’you’re so cute’ // #21: he says ‘i love you’ for the first time // #23: pillow talk // #29: love at first sight? // #32: how you sleep together // #34: dreams of someday // #36: how he kisses you // #40: how he hugs you // #44: handwritten notes from him // #53: voicemails he leaves you // #66: habits he has while sleeping // #72: how he makes you laugh // #76: kisses on your cheek // #86: things you say that make him smile // #106: when the weather starts getting cold // #114: you ate the last slice of pizza // #121: when he tells you he loves you // #130: you know he loves you // #131: how he shows you he loves you // #135: waking up next to him // #154: you feel his love // changing seasons: mark // one shot #4: street lamps & park benches: mark 

Happy reading, and have a happy valentine’s day, friends. ♥