how is bulgaria better than this

It always amazes me how many people speak such good french! I mean, the language is difficult (let’s be honest) but they manage to speak it even better than some French! With the slang and little expressions too!

Today, I had a chat with a colleague from Bulgaria and her french was amazing! A lot of other colleagues from Romania speak it so well too! It’s so wonderful! They’re not even required to speak French as it’s a worldwide company and only english is required. 

At the same time, I look at our politicians who can’t speak two words of english.

Seriously, we’re so lazy.

So yeah. Kudos to all french speaking people around the world. You’re doing great!

The craziest Eurovision voting ever

- The juries gives points to totally different countries and no one can guess how this will go
- The presenters succeed to actually talk for an acceptable amount of time
- Everything is upside down
- Frans is in the lead
- Out of nowhere, Belgium gets a lot of points?
- No one follows the “neighbor rule”
- Norway gives 0 points to Sweden
- The usual guy gives points from Israel
- Top 10 televotes is announced
- Australia, Russia and Ukraine is in there
- And…Poland?
- Bulgaria gets their best ranking ever
- Austria gets its points
- Armenia gets its points
- There are 4 countries left and still Poland hangs in there?
- Poland started from the bottom and ended up in 8TH PLACE?
- Germany started from the bottom and is still there
- Austalia gets the most jury points
- Russia gets the most televotes
- But still, Ukraine end up winning

And not to forget, the most crazy thing that ever happened in Eurovision 2016:
- The best song in the entire competition, Estonia, ends up last. L A S T. Frickin’ Greece gets more points.

May the list of absurd esc 2016 moments go on in the comments