how is babby born

“Lethallin?” Merrill called. She stepped into the Hawke estate. It had been nearly nine months since Hadriana died: as such, Kataraas was in no condition to be moving around.

This did not stop them.

“In the study!”

Merrill walked in to find Raas balancing on a stepladder, pulling down a book, despite looking quite ready to pop.

Merrill gasped. “Kataraas, no! You’re supposed to be resting! Not standing on things about to fall!”

“I’m not gonna fall,” Raas groused, stepping down with their book in their hand.

“But what if you did?”

“But I didn’t.” Raas eased themselves into a chair. “How’s things in the alienage? With Carver?”

Merrill, still frowning, settled in a chair near her friend. “The alienage hasn’t changed much at all since you were last there. The vhenadahl is beginning to drop its leaves though. They only do that when autumn is about over.”

Raas opened their mouth to reply, and then winced.

“Lethallin, are you alright?”

Raas nodded. “Yes, it’s those… practice contractions, whatever they’re–” They stopped themselves, feeling something wet in their seat. “Actually, no, do you know where Vati is? My water just broke.”