how is a grown man this bad at shit


Pairing: Wade Wilson/Deadpool x Reader(platonic), Bucky x Reader(kinda)
Summary: Wade is your roommate and you finally convince him to come and eat dinner with you, with Wade blaring the TV it’s hard to miss the Avengers on the screen but someone catches your eye.
Warnings: Language? Near Death experience? Mentions of sex. Mentions of face sitting ;)
Word Count: 2222

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Brothers Drake

What gets me the most is the fact that Sam is the one Nate was always listening to, and even when Nate is grown up he still looks for Sam’s approval or “what Sam is going to do about it”

I mean look at this, when shit gets down:

Sam is actually the only one person that can tell Nate what to do in every situation and Nate will listen to his words, like can you imagine other situations similar to this? When something bad happend and Nate was all about “Sam?” because Sam is the answer to everything. KILL ME. Once I’ve realized how big is the weight Sam is carrying on his shoulders, man… since he was a little boy he was responsible for explaining things to Nathan, all of the stuff that were happening in their lives. No kid should be responsible for explaining to their younger siblings that their mother is dead and their dad dumped them.

Sam was a teenager. A bloody teenager. He was supposed to have fun at this age and not worry about stuff like money or future of his little baby brother and yet here he stands, not complaying, but trying his best. He could just simply say “bye” and walk away buT NO

and then because Sam knows his job is dangerous and it will be a better solution for Nate to stay in the orphanage

He’s not even like “but I’VE made it work”, no. He makes sure Nate knows he is important too and that he’s doing a fantastic job and everything’s gonna be okay. Seriously I don’t fucking know how is that possible that Sam has so many strenght. Like what.

“hey hey hey you keep your gun on me” aka I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE


Here is another thing I want to talk about. Even though they are both scared and the situation is pretty fucking tense, Sam is not saying some shit like “come on give me this HURRY UP NATHAN GOD DAMN IT” as probably many people would say in this situation because of the emotions, NO, he is actually sorry that he has to take this journal from Nate and he finds an extra time to let Nathan know that he truly is sorry.

Ok here’s some cute ass little scene with BOOOP

like fuck, look at Nate he’s all proud he found their mom’s stuff BABY LET ME HUG YOU AND LOOK HOW GENTLE SAM IS WITH HIM WHAT

Sam actually cares about Nate more than we could ever imagine and I’m crying don’t mind me

and here’s the scene I wanted to talk about at the beginning. Even if they are old Nate is still looking at Sam because he trusts him so much and is still looking for his approval

remember when Rafe wanted to hold this cross but Nate said no because he didn’t trust Rafe

guess who changed his mind

see? Nate is looking for Sam’s approval and it kills me like he trusts Sam so so so much and I’m done

bonus: Rafe’s face

mmmm yaaass

also I can’t with this whole “Sam is always calling Nate by his full name - Nathan” like i neeD TO GO BYE :(

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#36: No shave November baby! I can hear tater be so excited about this to Jack...poor poor tater.

Listen, Nikolai (named after Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) is the dog that Tater and Snowy have and is basically canon as far as I’m concerned, even if I only imagined him a day ago. Just a big doofus dog (part Great Pyrenees?) that loves everyone and thinks he is a lapdog. (Maybe he takes after Tater a little? Lol) ANYWAY, Poor Tater cannot grow facial hair to save his life. His moustache is just like, 12 scraggly hairs. The whole team drags him for it, but it’s all in good fun. Snowy swears in basically every sentence. I love bros and friendships so much. (Also some Zimbits and fluff at the end because of course.) Enjoy!

36. No shave November, baby!

“Oh, come on! Is not fair, man!” Tater groaned when he finally started to catch glimpses of his teammates with their helmets off. He had been gone for a rare four days during the season for a family event in Russia, and returned to find his team well into growing their Movember moustaches.

“Not bad, eh Tater?” Jack grinned and rubbed his fingers across his growing moustache. “Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Zimmboni grows moustache so fast. Share your secrets.”

“I dunno, man. I used to have a lot of trouble with growing my facial hair when I was younger, but this year? It’s been quick. My best friend is loving it. He’s been bugging me about trying to grow one for over four years.”

“Your best friend – the little blond man, yes? Beetle?”

“Oh, uh, no. This is my other best friend – the guys all call him Shitty. He’s had a moustache since he was eighteen. And it’s Bittle, not Beetle.”

“Ah, Bittle. I thought maybe his nickname was after bug because he is so small.”

Jack chuckled and briefly considered explaining that his real nickname was ‘Bitty’ which could mean small, but decided against it. He did not mind sharing the nickname with their old Samwell team, but Jack liked being the only person in Providence who knew Bitty. “He might not appreciate that much.”

Tater ran a towel through his damp hair and sat down in his locker room stall. “So, Zimmboni–” he began. “Always with so many friends. So many best friends.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Jack grinned. It felt strange to realize that he was a person with such a large group of friends. Genuine friends. Ten years ago he barely had any friends – he had not even met Kent yet back then.

“It’s okay, as long as I’m your best friend on team. Right?”


“Good. Zimmboni is my best friend on team too. Outside of team? Probably Snowy.”

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Papa Sasuke has feelings too.

Some people saying that Sasuke is the bad guy for leaving his family. That he’s mean cause he was “rude” to Sarada.

Meanwhile, the only thing I can think about is how awful the poor man must’ve felt when he saw his daughter all grown up and realized everything that he’s had to miss out on because of this stupid multi-eyed piece of shit who wont leave him alone. 

And how terrible it must be for him to not be able to explain to his daughter why he did what he did, because to him, her safety is more important than what she might think of him.

saying that someone thinking louis and harry are in a relationship is as bad as liam using his position of power to erase the sexualities of thousands of fans and then giving a half assed emotionally manipulative “apology” is fucked up and so transparent. you dont give a fuck about queer people you just want an excuse to shit on larries. why cant u shut the fuck up about larries for two seconds even when the situation has literally nothing to do with them? if you really cared about lgbtqa+ people you’d use this opportunity to talk about how what liam did was wrong and not to drag a group of people who literally have nothing at all to do with the situation. its so fucking boring and insulting to say that thinking two people are in a relationship is as bad or worse than a grown ass man saying that girls dont know what its like to fall in love with other girls. shut up


A RIL Uni Days drabble, in which Liam kisses Cecily for the first time.

May, 2005

“Thank Christ that’s done.” Cecily blew out a relieved sigh, tossing her hair over her shoulder. Liam had to try harder than he thought to tear his gaze away and stop himself from staring. “That test was a killer.”

“Oh fuck off Cecily,” Jake Brier snapped, giving Cecily a sneer when she merely quirked her brow at him. “We all know you’re going to be top of the class.”

There was a general hum of agreement from the ten or so people who were still milling around outside of the room where they’d just written the final for their criminal law course. It was general knowledge that Cecily was likely going to be top of their year. She was always ahead on readings, always had the right answer in class, always came out on top in debates.

She was basically the perfect law student. And Liam fancied himself a little bit in love with her.

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I like villains, I like most villainous characters.  They’re fun.  I like sympathetic villain characters.  I like seeing villain characters and going “damnit, I see why you went there, but NO.”

I like seeing villains who can change their mind and do the right thing at the end.

I like misunderstood villains who are only doing what they’re doing because they’re forced to, or because someone pushed them to the brink, and who, once that stressor is gone, can start to deal with and atone for what they’ve done.

I like the mischievous amoral villains who might sometimes side with a hero because they feel like it, because it amuses them, or because it suits their purposes.

I like the villains who are weirdly fond of their heroic adversaries.  

I like the villains who are complete monsters, who need to be stopped and kept from hurting anyone else ever.


And honestly, if you’re a fan of a villain, but you can’t enjoy said villain without bending over backward to explain how the people that they hurt contributed to the situation, and how said villain is just misunderstood and his (because let’s face it, 90% of the time, it’s “his”.  The other 10% of the time, it’s the quirky, sexy, comic relief female villain.  And then it’s usually less victim blaming, and more just pretending their misdeeds never happened) bad actions were not his fault, or you’ve just decided that their crimes don’t matter because they were against faceless people who never had names or lines in the story…

If you have to infantilize a grown man and minimize the choices that he made when he had a shit ton of options that didn’t involve being fucking evil…

I don’t think you really like this villain.