how is a dog this cute

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I like so much the genderbender version of characters in general. What if the skeletons turn into the opposite sex? I saw fanarts of this but they were human, so cute. How would they react? I hope it's not weird. With the ut-uf-sf skels

(So genderbend human skelebros? Nice, I saw some fanarts they all look so cute <3)

UT Sans: He wakes up with a sligth weigth on his chest. Hm…did the dog get in again? No, the dog was defenitly heavier then that. So what…he opens his eyes and looks down at himself. Hu, that’s weird? He fell asleep shirtless, and the sight that greats him is defenitly not bone and ribs. It’s…boobs. Straigth up boobs filling his line of sight.

Well…that’s one way to wake up. He calls Alphys after catching a few more Z’s, maybe she can find a way to reverse it. He will help out later too, but first he has to untangle himself from this mess of hair. He will also embaresse Alphys the entire time, becasue he jsut can’t stop squeezing his boobs. They are like big stress-balls, how could he resist, it’s so much fun.

UT Papyrus: God, he is the hottest girl you have ever seen. Long, shiny hair, a beautifull face, muscles that shepe his body into a perfect shape. Everything is formed just right. Not to big boobs, but he got some chest. He is gorgeous.

And also very confused. What is all that meat on his bones? He will storm into Sans room, giving his brother the startle of a lifetime. After that Sans calls Alphys so she can help his bro out, going back to bed to sleep of the stress of the morning. Papyrus will try to style his hair in the mean time and poke and prod at some of the muscles. Hm, he does like it, but he prefers his bones.

UF Sans: Well, damn. He is hot. He is actually pretty hot. And he has a chest for days. Still short though and…wait…stop. He’s a human. 

It takes him a few moments to realize that in his still half asleep state, and he straigth up yells, falling off his matresse onto the floor. Man, is he glad that Papyrus isn’t home that late in the morning anymore. But also not really, because he is freaking out so much and he could really use somebody to calm him down. After he finally manages to get his shaking hands under controll, he calls Alphys and together they find a way to turn him back to normal. 

But until then he really want’s to explore a bit. Woah, and so much hair!

UF Papyrus: Ok. He is. Ok with it. No he is not. Oh god he is a human. He is the enemy. He…is very muscular…well, that’s good. But he is a human! And his shirt isn’t fitting because of his goddamn chest. What the hell. He will stomp into Sans room, iving his brother a heart attack and a panick attack at once. Good job man.

Sans calls Alphys before he teleports the fuck out of there, not wanting to have to deal with the whole thing. Papyrus will flex most of the time until things get fixed. Also sometimes just stand infront of his mirror and shake his upper body. So bouncy, it’s kind o fun.

SF Sans: He wakes up and doesn’t notice anything weird until he is almsot out of the door.  He pulled on his clothes in a hurry, not really looking what or where he was putting, forgetting his gloves in the process. And he saw his naked hand when stretching it toward the doorknob. And it was a human hand. 

Sans shrieked loud enough to wake up half of Snowdin, including his brother who was a very light sleeper. It toke a bit to explain things, Papyrus looking comepletly done, even though it was just a bit after 6 am.  He quickly calls Undyne before signing of for the day. Sans works out in the meantime. Man, actually feeling his muscle working is very amazing to him.

Also he now get’s why ladys wear sports bras, holy shot that’s uncomfortable.

SF Papyrus: He wakes up, stretching and scratching his ribs and….there is skin. His fingers are touching skin. He has skin. Woah, ok. He…isn’t as shocked as he would have though he would be in such a situation. He gives his belly a poke. Hm. Weird. Next his boobs, rather small but definitly softer. Hm, even weirder. And his thights. He isn’t used to beeing soft and squishy.

He calls Undyne and has to calm down the poor fish first before she agrees to help him out. He will learn some more about anatomy in the meantime. Man he really wishes he could take a look inside himself, but that would involve blood and pain and he isn’t really into that. 

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when we first got my dog she was a really small puppy and my cat was HUGE compared to her we were kind of afraid he wouldn't like her but he warmed up immediately and even taught her different things like how to sit with her paws tucked underneath her or perch on the couch and how to play with his cat toys like he looked at her and was like "this is a strange kitten but she's my daughter now" and I think about it a lot

That is SO so cute omg…

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Do you know how many of the Matildas players have gfs?

ohohohohooooo a better question my friend is which of the matildas dont have gfs

Kyah n Alanna are together (duh)
Gielnik has a gf n they run a business together
Heyman has a gf and i think shes a writer?
Gorry im pretty sure has a gf bc who the hell owns dogs w their friend ??
KK has a gf who plays for turbine potsdamn w her + germany (feli rauch) theyre cute on insta
Logarzo has a gf whos a softball player (also cute on insta)
Sammy’s gf is Nikki Guti (again, duh)
Polks has a gf who plays w the Brisbane Roar her name is Summer iirc
Tamkea Butt has a gf n they play for Klepp in Norway (bit traitorous bc meeks’ gf is a new zealander but ill cut her some slack bc theyre mad cute together)
Eve was defs dating Tori Huster (spirit) in the past but idk shes up to now lmao
Raso is probably w jenna mccormick (this is just speculated but like,,, theyre on each others instas way too much tbh)

i think thats all but like thats majority of the roster lmaooooo

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How would the G8 react to a S/O who has two dogs--a large, happy-go-lucky German Shepherd and a small Maltese mix who naps a lot? (the two dogs i'm describing are my actual dogs! i'm wondering how the aph characters would take to my girls hahaha)

America: AWW SWEET! Dogs are super cute!

England: I like the napping one, quiet and nice

France: Will they shed everywhere? Mon dieu

Russia: Fluffy puppies! <3

Canada: Aww, how cute! I hope they get along well with Kuma.

Italy: Puppies! Choochichoochicoo!


Japan: How nice, Pochi will have some friends now.

This doggo is so cute, Shiro went full Steven Universe for a moment there

EDIT: I drew a sequel to this comic!