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it’s exhausting to keep seeing people talk about marvel’s hydra problem as an issue of them just being tone-deaf or obtuse or clueless, this “boys will be boys” mild eyeroll attitude to the entire conversation that so vastly downplays just how fucking evil these people are

do you honestly think that the CEO of marvel who is an outspoken trump supporter and pumped millions of money into the trump campaign doesn’t know what he’s doing by pushing the nazi faction into the limelight of his comics?

turning captain america, the literal symbol for american nationalism and patriotism, into a supporter of hydra and therefore a nazi, is not a writing accident. it is deliberate.

their latest little ~fuck up~ of asking comic stores to re-brand their stores and work uniforms with hydra logos, is not just a PR gaffe. it’s deliberate.

their continuous campaign to make nazis into a faction readers are supposed to find exciting, supposed to align themselves with, supposed to wear on their shirts like a uniform, is not an accident in the kind of political climate we’re in right now. it’s deliberate.

i don’t care that hydra is fictional, this isn’t like the empire in star wars or w/e where it’s just about some sort of vague fascism aesthetic. hydra were always explicitly n a z i s, since their very conception, have always been called nazis by marvel, have always stood for nazi values. and now marvel is trying to make them cool again. and it’s not a fucking accident.

stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. stop talking about this like it’s something that can be fixed with civil conversation and a stern finger wagging.

nazis and anyone who defends them don’t deserve that much consideration from anybody. just, yknow, a friendly psa from your neighbourhood romani jew.

There’s so much info about tucking and gaffs (less so) but to all new trans girls.. just get some cotton panties like boyshorts style and push it back gently.

 Like you might have to do slightly (slightly) more for tighter clothes or different fabrics but like… ya don’t need to tape yourself every day… or ever… and gaffs are good but unless you’re wearing something tight n thin cotton boyshorts or some other strong underwear will do the trick.

 Like all this info pretending like you need special gaffs, tape, to shove ur testes up into your inguinal canal, etc. is classist, physically harmful, and preventatively daunting information to be spreading without disclaimers like this.

How safe is it to tuck?

Someone asked us:

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve had this question before, but is “tucking” safe? What are possible side effects? What are the best methods if tucking with the least amount of adverse effects to my health?

Thanks for sending in these questions! Currently, there isn’t much research on the safety of tucking (the practice of concealing the testicles and penis) so we reached out to one of our own medical providers, Dr. Jen Hastings, who’s also on the advisory board at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health for information.

Here’s what Dr. Jen has to say: “Unfortunately, we don’t have enough research to know the answer to this question for sure. It’s possible that tucking may affect the sperm and your fertility, as the testicles are held close to the body and are at a higher temperature, which may lower sperm count and make sperm move less well. This is not thought to be permanent, and the effect on sperm should reverse within 3 months.”

“Another thing to consider is that if you use duct tape instead of a gaff, your skin could get irritated and, rarely, infected. UTIs, yeast infections, and other skin conditions are also risks if you’re improperly tucked or stay tucked for too long.” Jen suggests taking regular breaks from tucking, like when you’re asleep, at home, or in other safe situations.

Finally, no conversation on tucking safety is complete without considering your emotional and social safety. Jen says, “For many trans women, tucking is mandatory for their safety and comfort.”

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if tucking is a safe option for you and your situation, and how often you feel safe taking breaks from it.

We hope this information helps!

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

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Hello, I was wondering if you can do a Drarry with things you said when you thought I was asleep? Thank you!

FYI, this one is rated R! :) Nothing very explicit happens, but there’s sexual content ahead!

The first time he saw them, he was too startled to even say anything. Well, and Malfoy’s mouth was immediately on his dick, so there was that, too. The second time he had already thought of something before they fell into bed, but a quelling look from Malfoy made his words die on his tongue.

The sweat had barely cooled the third time when Malfoy mumbled something about Harry casting Cleaning Charms before he rolled over and promptly fell asleep. Harry blinked, at a loss for whether he was meant to stay or if Malfoy would wake him up in the middle of the night to boot him from the bed.

They weren’t even supposed to be fucking; Auror partners weren’t allowed to fraternize, but it was happening anyway. They both said after the first time that it was just pent up tension—that it wouldn’t happen again. But it did. Twice more. Harry was helpless to Malfoy’s pull now that he knew what his cock tasted like and how it felt splitting him open. His arse clenched with the memory, the pleasant ache still fresh as he lay there listening to Malfoy’s even breaths.

When Malfoy shifted in his sleep, he ended up on his back and Harry had a perfect view of the marks marring his chest. The marks Harry’d put there himself. He swallowed thickly and let his fingertips ghost over the edge of one of the scars. They almost looked silver in the strip of moonlight pooling across the bed.

Harry held his breath as Malfoy stirred.

When Malfoy settled again, he took his time studying them, his eyes tracing the path of each faded scar.

“I thought he would have made you use dittany on them,” Harry murmured under his breath, making sure to keep quiet to keep Malfoy from waking up.

If Malfoy wouldn’t accept an apology when he was conscious, Harry would tell it to him when he was asleep.

“I didn’t mean to. You’d be thrilled to know I didn’t even know what that spell did,” Harry continued, sighing heavily.

He ran a hand through his hair and moved closer so that he could curl his arm around Malfoy, his fingers stroking his smooth skin. “I had to cast something, though. You tried to cast Cruciatus at me. But…well, I guess your heart wasn’t really in it. I could see how messed up you were. God, if I’d known, Draco…”

Harry trailed off and pressed a kiss to Malfoy’s temple. “I’m still sorry, all the same. I wish that hadn’t happened. I wish you weren’t scarred from it. I guess now I know why you always insist on showering at home instead of in the training center.”

“Well, that, and the facilities are appalling,” Malfoy muttered acidly.

Harry froze. He hadn’t realised Malfoy was awake.“I—oh, er, did I wake you?” Harry asked, trying to smooth over his gaffe. “I couldn’t…sleep,” he finished lamely. Christ, he sounded like an idiot.

“Yes, I gathered, what with you yapping my ear off about things that don’t matter,” Malfoy bit out.

He nudged at Harry’s shoulder until he was turned away so that Malfoy could curl around his back, his arm banding around his waist and his fingers splaying across his chest almost possessively. He stroked Harry’s chest, fingers playing with the sparse patch of curls.

“I’m still sorry,” Harry said after a moment. Malfoy grunted in response and mouthed at the back of his neck. He rocked his hips against Harry’s naked arse and Harry felt his renewed interest against his backside. “So does that mean you aren’t angry I managed to say something after all?”

“Shut up, Potter,” Malfoy muttered.

Harry grinned when he felt Malfoy’s hand trail down his belly to circle around his swelling prick.
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In Tony’s nightmare, Clint was still holding his bow in those cold, clamped fingers. Steve’s shield was broken. Wanda didn’t care, then. She felt, perhaps, satisfaction. Pietro had just knocked Hawkeye down, gotten him shot through the side, and they were pleased, smug.

Six months later, she would wake up from a dream about Clint’s cold hands still holding his bow, about Steve’s broken shield, about Pietro’s body broken and bloody– because she knew what that looked like, then– she knew what that felt like.

She would climb down to the common room, then, wrapped up in her comforter, and make two mugs of steaming tea. Vision didn’t drink the tea, when he registered the movement in the sleeping compound and came out to investigate and offer her a game of midnight chess, but they both liked the aesthetic of it.

In the morning, Steve would wake, fresh-faced, at an hour Sam would call absurd but be awake for anyway. When they left for their run the sky would be dark; when they came back, it would be light and Wanda would sip her third cup of tea and feel for the way Steve’s heart beat in his chest, steady, strong.

When the hour was late enough, she would call the farmhouse and little Lila Barton would pick up, with her rapid chatter and slight lisp, and pass the phone to her mother. Laura would ask about Vision’s latest pretended pop culture gaffes, about Rhodey’s twisted ankle, about Wanda’s day, and then she’d pass the phone to Clint.

“I’m only one cup of coffee in,” Clint would say. “Fair warning.”

“Fifth cup of tea,” Wanda would reply.

“One of those mornings,” said Clint. “Aw, kid,” he’d say, and then he’d tell her how refinishing the living room’s hardwood was going.

—  everybody is afraid of something by dirgewithoutmusic

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Can you do the boys’s reaction (Eldarya) to themselves referring to you as their wife during a mission, (they meet important people at a ceremony held in their honor and refers you as their wife without realizing during the greetings). You guys aren’t a thing and he doesn’t know if you love him back but it came out by itself so you guys are forced to act like husband and wife for the night and he uses the excuse that “they might notice his lie” to keep your hand in his as you both visit the area

Finally got this done! I’ve spent more time than I should’ve writing this but I didn’t feel like compromising on quality just so I could get this out quickly(it does mean I’m kinda behind though… I’m really sorry everyone!).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these headcanons, Anon!


  • Is super embarrassed, like, how could he make such an mortifying mistake?!
  • There’s not much he can do to correct it without looking a fool unfortunately, and he’s forced to beg ask you to play along for the sake of his image.
  • Halfway through the night, he finds himself enjoying the results of his little blunder a lot more than he ought to, holding your hand tight while helping you spin some yarn about your honeymoon to a nosey countess.
  • As much as he’s enjoying himself, Ez also feels a tad depressed knowing that this closeness, no matter how fake, can’t last and after the visit the status quo will be returned.
  • It’s not a pleasant thought for him, and mars his evening a little, but the warmth of your hand in his reminds him that the pain later is worth the joy now.


  • To be honest, neither you or he are certain he didn’t do it on purpose because he takes to the situation so well, it just can’t have been a blunder.
  • Like, he doesn’t even pause when he makes the mistake, just moving right along in the introductions and playing the part of a doting husband to a T even though in his mind he’s still flabbergasted that he of all people could make such an colossal error.
  • Still, it’s not as if it’s a costly mistake, if anything it’s more a happy accident since he gets to spend the evening hand in hand with you and there’s no way in hell he isn’t going to milk this situation for all it’s worth.
  • And he does, using the situation as a chance at your heart, all his charms used in an direct offensive, causing many people to comment on how your ‘husband’ seemed to still be courting you.


  • Doesn’t actually realise he’s made a mistake until he catches your eye and sees your stunned expression,and then he realises what he’s said and he’s embarrased.
  • Val always has a pretty firm grip on his words, so slip-ups are pretty uncommon for him so the gaffe catches him off-guard for a moment.
  • He manages to recover relatively quickly, smoothing over his goof by slipping his hand in yours, cleverly using the mission as an excuse for his unusual behaviour.
  • Though he was stiff in the beginning, the nervousness of holding your hand tensing him up, Valkyon manages to loosen up bit by bit as the evening goes on, relaxing to the point where he actually feels brave enough to press a quick kiss to your knuckles, a small smile on his face.

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The moonlight team should have never had to pick up their award like this. The la la land team should never have been humiliated like this.

I agree! I posted something very similar on twitter. It was a horrible situation for both parties, and one that seemed almost manufactured to me. How is this event not perfectly organized? How is it possible he got the wrong envelope? What else would get people talking about what ultimately was an extremely bland awards show? What a great diversion from how often men stood on that stage last night to praise a sexual abuser and an antisemite/racist!! Look what everyone’s talking about now instead!!!

I think the La La Land people handled the moment with grace, and I loved that Moonlight ultimately won. But it was fucked up that they had to share that time at all (potentially for some kind of ratings grab). Moonlight deserved ALL of the time and for the focus to be on their incredible work, not on some gaff at an awards show. That should have been the perfect moment, and instead it was muddled. Whatever led to this mistake happening, it’s shameful. It was a painful, unnecessary flub and in now, a lot of people online are dedicating their energy to being petty instead of really celebrating this great moment for the cast and crew of Moonlight. What a waste. 

Cursed Child: Saturday 20th May

A few weeks ago I did something really reckless, as I have a habit of doing every once in a while (it’s my Gryffindor blood, what can I say?): I bought two premium tickets for Saturday 20th May and Sunday 21st May even though I REALLY couldn’t afford it. The 21st I could excuse, but the Saturday too? Naughty. I even, last week, considered canceling the ticket and refunding it because I knew that I basically wouldn’t be eating until payday (and be late paying some bills) to pay for it but I stuck to my guns and I’m so glad I did. All the reckless things I’ve ever done, I’ve been nervous about but gone and done anyway, and I’ve never regretted it. This was a prime example.

Saturday 20th May was the first, only and last show I’ve seen with all the original cast in all their original roles. And it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. My seat was incredible - the best I’ve sat in. John Tiffany sat in this seat on Sunday, so I wonder if it was in fact “his” seat, (for example, I hear that JKR has Stalls E12). 

Everyone was on their A-game (even Anthony gave it his all, despite being pooly and as a regular you could tell. Poor bb had sounded bad at stage door on Friday night). The cast were going all-out. I didn’t make many mental notes because I wanted to just enjoy the performance, as if it were the first time but I will recall here the things that stood out. 

Platform 9 ¾: Just general loveliness. The Potter-Weasley-Granger family having fun together. Jamie has his arm around Poppy in this scene with his hand on her back and I’ve noticed before but never mentioned that he often strokes his thumb up and down her spine. *pours self a glass of cold water*

Cherelle totally went for “it’s exciting” line and I love it when she does that.

Polyjuice scene: Contrary to popular belief, Anthony doesn’t always do the sea lion barks but he did them this show and I hadn’t heard them in ages so that was everything I was hoping for to conclude Act 1.

The first task: Tom Mackley, Josh Wyatt and Rosemary Annabella went for it. I mean, went for it. No restraint. I feel sorry for anyone who wasn’t watching them because I was in stitches. This was Josh and Tom:

Originally posted by dennsokagi

Mackley ended up on Josh’s shoulders (I can’t even remember how it happened, I was laughing so much, but it was when the dragons appeared and I do remember Mackley just leaping up there like

Originally posted by couldnot

 and Rosemary, oh my God. She through all caution to the wind, screaming “I LOVE YOU, CEDRIC!!!” She got told off by a professor and then appeared to try to calm herself down, breathing as if she would into a paper bag but then fainted and took out half of Hufflepuff. Just one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. I was crying with laughter.

Anthony was struggling in the library scene and he forgot the line “I’m still the son of Voldemort without a mother” So, instead, the line went from “Turns out she (Astoria) is (dead) so I’m giving sympathy to the boy who doesn’t give anything back.” General audience seeing the show for the first time wouldn’t have noticed anything and it still made sense but Anthony, poor guy, as a regular you could see he wasn’t on top form. He was still brilliant though, because of course! Love you, Boyo!

The only gaff in this show was that Cedric didn’t inflate in the second task but it wasn’t obvious to a general audience because of the way Cedric’s vest looks anyway. Speaking of the audience - this Saturday audience was one of the worst I’ve been in, in terms of how responsive they were and the way in which they responded. But they did loosen up in Part Two.

Draco in the Voldemort timeline: Three weeks ago, Alex came out from behind his desk in this scene and I loved it. He didn’t do it last week which was disappointing but he did do it this time. To explain - when Draco says to Scorpius “Do you know what I love most about your Mother?…” it’s a very rare, truthful, genuine moment between the two of them. Alex has always said it from behind his desk but recently he has come out from behind the desk, thereby removing all physical barriers between himself and his son in a moment where he is trying to emotionally reach him, and remove relationship barriers. Today, he came out from behind the desk and before he began his line, he looked back at his desk, as if nervous about the lack of a physical barrier between himself and Scorpius, because he’s not used to being open with his son. But then he looks back to Scorpius and starts the line. It’s such a powerful way to play the scene. Major kudos to Alex there.

Snape - hats off to Paul Bentall - he has never been an ideal Snape for me - he could shout a bit which I find out of character but Paul has been toning that down recently and I mentioned a while back that he gave a performance that won me over. Today he was absolutely convincing. He made me cry. He was quiet, intimidating, but genuine, especially where Lily’s name was mentioned. In his final moments as Snape, when the dementors are about to be upon him, he always stretches out his arms toward them in acceptance of his fate, but in this performance he did so as he called out Lily’s name. He continued to call to her, as if he were offering her his final moments as the dementors came down upon him and it floored me.

Harry and Ginny fighting: oh my gosh, were Jamie and Poppy at their very hottest tonight. The chemistry between them was off the charts. Act Three Scene Fifteen, where Ginny blames Harry for Albus going missing again, was just explosive. It’s astonishing how good Jamie and Poppy are, that despite how angry they were, you could feel the love between them, and the fact that they loved each other so much made their frustration all the more greater. I got goosebumps as they fought - everyone was transfixed.

Paul got down on one knee for the marriage renewal lines. He has done this before but he doesn’t always do it. Like Anthony’s sea lion barks, I was hoping for it and I got it. He even made an “oof” noise as he got to the floor and another one as Hermione helped him up. Fantastic.

Alex has been doing this thing recently when Ron says “Scrupious” where he turns to look at Harry and Hermione and points a outstretched arm and fingerr at Ron as if to say, “Mum! Dad! Do something about him!” Hilarious.

The Dumbledore scene - flawless. Just flawless. It really felt like Jamie and Barry were going all out. They didn’t raise their voices higher than usual, they didn’t do anything drastically different but you could feel the emotion pouring out of them. And this was the tipping stone for Jamie - he did not have a dry eye from this scene onwards. He was sobbing and shaking as Alex entered the room. Alex has been doing the “Mwahaha” for a while but recently he has added on this cringe of embarrassment afterward that cracks up the audience. It’s as if, when Draco very genuinely (and unusually) tries to lighten the mood, he then thinks “Oh, my God. I can’t believe I just did that to POTTER.” It’s brilliant from Alex. Comedy is most certainly his strength. That being said, I’ve never seen him break down as he talked about Astoria like he did tonight and it set Jamie off again. I’ll say it again - this scene was flawless. 

Albus and Scorpius did one high five after another over the blanket idea. All the bestie feels.

The Harry/Ginny kiss - I blogged this straight away. It is still the best kiss I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen them do it ten times). Sometimes Harry has already got away in this scene before Ginny says her line and he strides back across to kiss her but this time she grabbed hold of him before he went anywhere and said her piece and Harry stepped into her, pressed his body flush against hers as he pulled her to him, their legs entangled, his hands cradling her face as he kissed her as if life depended on it. Ginny gripped hard to him with one hand and had another in his hair and it felt like the longest kiss I’ve ever seen from them. I almost felt as though I shouldn’t have been watching but couldn’t look away at the same time. The Notebook, eat your heart out. This was fucking phenomenal.

Godric’s Hollow: when Ron said “You get her in here and then, we’ll zap her” Alex spun around with his arms in the air as he normally does but he held his frustration and loss for words for the longest time as he flailed in a manner that Scorpius would have been proud of. Jamie very nearly laughed. I could see him struggling to keep a straight face and I’ve never seen Jamie break character. He held it -  just.

The final scene: bear in mind that I had already been crying for almost the whole of Act Four. Even when I was watching the performance knowing that we had one more to go the next day, somehow, this day had a finality to it that I can’t quite place. Perhaps because it had been such an incredible show. Perhaps because I knew I was going to be with all with my Cursed Child friends tomorrow and that was what Sunday would be about for me, more than anything else. Perhaps it was just because I knew it was the last time I would be there watching the original cast on my own. But something about this show felt final. And, in the final scene, it must have done for Sam too, because he started to break. He started to break as he said “What if that’s my Slytherin side?” Jamie, recently, has taken Sam’s hand in his and then placed them on Sam’s heart as he says “this heart is a good one.” He normally places his other hand on Sam’s shoulder. But as Sam started to cry, Jamie gently cupped his other hand to the back of Sam’s head, in the way that one holds a baby that is too young to hold its own head up. He was cradling Sam in his hand, and as he said “I know, I know this heart is a good one, yeah?” they both were crying. As a regular, you knew in that moment that it wasn’t just Harry talking to Albus, in fact it was barely that at all. It was Jamie talking to Sam. It was Jamie telling Sam that he loved him, that he loved his heart, and that Sam was going to go on and do great things. Sam cried. Jamie cried. I cried. This for me, was one of the greatest moments in the play that I’ve ever seen. It was moving beyond words and I feel privileged to have witnessed it. This moment alone was worth the weekend premium ticket price.

I got out of the theatre and I was shaking, literally shaking with emotion. I went to the stage door and got a hug from some friends. I was still shaking as the cast started to come out. I had the poster of my dog and got it signed by the cast who did appear. Not many of the cast came out (they had a long Sunday ahead of them and I expect they were saving their energy), only the regulars such as Paul, Poppy, Anthony, Sam, Nuno, Chris, Jeremy and Esther. I apologised to Anthony about the previous evening (I had brought my dog, not realising that he is terrified of dogs). I then told him that when I brought my Mum to see the show in March, she had said that he was the stand-out performer for her. Anthony is so lovely, he smiles and really looks you in the eyes as you talk to him. He thanked me and told me to give my Mum his love. He then turned to the two little girls that were next to me with their Mum in the queue, and was so sweet with them, asking them what their favourite magic trick was and things like that.

Esther looked at my poster and then said she would sign next to the nest because she thought that Delphi was the Cursed Child. I agreed with her and said that I had looked at the child close-up in some photos I’d taken and thought the child looked very feminine. Esther is so lovely.

I told Poppy that this was my first stage door straight after seeing the show and joked that I hadn’t thought it through as I was still a mess. She smiled understandinly, and said “Yeah, Act Four is intense, isn’t it?”

I told Chris that the Hagrid scene in Godric’s Hollow makes me bawl more than any other moment in the play. He said “That’s Jack Thorne for you. He’s incredible.” Or something along those lines.

I confessed to Jeremy that it took me a year to work up the courage to do stage door. He said that he also didn’t do it to start with because the idea made him so nervous.

I was absolutely shattered as I went back to where I was staying. I was running a long day and just a few hours sleep and I still couldn’t get to sleep due to the adrenaline from the show and the thought of Sunday. I had to blog a couple of things straight away but then I had to force myself to stop thinking about them because it was setting me off again.

So that was Saturday 20th May, 2017. One of, if not the very best show I’ll ever witness. This is why the play is so important. “There is no perfect answer in this messy, emotional world” but there are perfect moments and those are what we live for. This was one of them.

like i know the writing was a bit clumsy and all over the gaff in that episode (that was a weeks worth of an sl in one episode) but considering how poor this storyline has been so far, im taking tonight as a total win 💪🏻 we got an actual insight into robert and his guilt and feelings?! we got some sugden family feels?! aaron being a pure sweetheart?! i was excited about this episode pals. things can only go up!

I love thinking about modern-day Hogwarts and how transgender students would be dealing with things there.

Imagine the first openly transgender student reaching their second or third year and hitting puberty and ending up in Madame Pomfrey’s care for a week because they botched an extremely difficult transfiguration spell when they were trying to remove/add breasts from/to their body.

Image Professor McGonagall realizing that if this student tried this, surely other transgender students in the future would and immediately setting to work on spells to help make the students’ bodies match their identities to keep dysphoria at bay and reduce the risk of mental health issues with these students. McGonagall meeting up with transgender students to talk to them, ask them what they need, and listen to them talk about their struggles with their bodies and realizing that this is something she is very passionate about. McGonagall beginning to set up a discreet program through which transgender students may come to her for weekly or monthly appointments to keep up the transfigurations. All of the professors coming together to work on potions, herbs, transfigurations, and other spells to help the students transition physically, but it taking a very long time because this is an entirely new area of study for them.

Imagine Half-blood or Muggleborn transgender students being on hormones and Pureblood transgender students asking how they’re getting these changes because their sessions with the professors aren’t doing that. The Half-bloods and Muggleborns explaining how non-magical people deal with being transgender, showing them packers and binders and gaffs and breastforms, as well as telling them about the biology of it all and explaining hormone therapy. 

Professors learning that some non-magical parents are endocrinologists, surgeons, biologists, and psychologists who specialize in transgender care and arranging meetings so that they can all work together to make the best possible transitions for the children they all care so much about. Professors and parents combining science and magic to provide the most effective treatments.

Hogwarts becoming the leading facility for support and transition for transgender people in the magical world.

I dunno, guys. I just love thinking about what it would be like for me, and people like me, to attend Hogwarts.

Looking over Stahl’s endings, and most of his pairings make a point about how his “scatterbrained gaffes” annoy his wife. It’s not brought up with Cherche or Sully, and they’re used as a counterpoint to Nowi’s “constant quips”.

Then there’s his ending with Cordelia: “Cordelia accepted her husband, scatter-brained gaffes and all, and the two built a happy life together.”

I just really love that Cordelia doesn’t try to “correct” him out of that, and isn’t made as a point of frustration. She loves him for who he is, plain and simple.

Ride or Die


Taehyung’s basically fucked.  He’s cornered on all sides and his back is up against a wall.  There’s no way out, no way he can slither out of this trap unscathed. But that’s okay.  This is what Taehyung lives for.  He lives for violent encounters with bulky, unnamed, shadowy brutes in back alleys in the middle of the night.  It’s his favorite past time honestly.  Even more than executing high-stakes heists.  Which is what has landed him in his current predicament.  “Listen boys,” he says with his hands up as the gang of thugs all take a step towards him, “I really don’t want to hurt you.” That earned him a deep grunt from Thug #4, or Sparky as Taehyung liked to call him. “It’s just a little, teeny, tiny stash of high grade explosives.”  Thug #2, or Boomer, cracks his knuckles and Taehyung has to force himself not to lick his lips because the sound reminds him of popcorn and wow, is he hungry. He shakes his head, letting his sienna-colored bangs fall into his eyes. “Nothing too unusual and it’s not like you guys were going to use them all anyway.  I just wanted to see some pretty lights along the skyline, nothing too crazy.”

“It’s not that you stole the explosives, darling,” an eerily familiar voice drawls into the crisp night air.  Taehyung narrows his eyes as he tries to figure out if one of the thugs is speaking.  As if reading his mind, the voice murmurs, “Excuse me, Theodore,” and Thug # 3, or Scooter, and Thug #1, or Tank, sidestep to reveal possibly the most gorgeous man Taehyung has ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.  “It’s the fact you saw some things you weren’t supposed to see and I can’t have you ruining the punchline to my upcoming joke, now can I?”

Taehyung can’t decide what he finds most attractive about the man: From his disheveled mint hair falling haphazardly over the tops of his sleepy eyes (which seem to be casually boring gaping holes deep within Taehyung’s soul) to his pouty pink lips that contrast so beautifully against his smooth milky skin (which Taehyung so desperately wants to uncover and explore every inch of for hours on end) to his slender neck draped heavily in loose gold chains (all of which Taehyung would happily wrap his fingers in and yank the mysterious man closer as if they were a leash of some sort) to his slender frame that perfectly filled out his aubergine suit (Taehyung had to force himself not to try and reach for the buttons of the suit jacket because now was certainly not the time for his hormones to get the better of him), everything about him was steeped in mystery and dripping in dangerous power, an irresistibly lethal combination.  And his raspy voice…Taehyung hadn’t realized just how much he missed hearing the signature drawl of his home until that razor edged voice spoke to him.  And of course, Taehyung could not ignore the subtle ‘S’ shakily inked right at the corner of the man’s left eye.

The man blinks lazily at him and Taehyung realizes that oh shit, he’s supposed to say something. His mind is racing with a million and a half thoughts and though he’s certain there’s much better ways to start a conversation, he blurts out a cheery, “Hello there, hot stuff! I’m Taehyung!”  He has never wanted to bang his head against a wall harder than he does at that moment, and he was honestly about to when the man’s lips curl upwards into a slight smirk.

“Hello,” he rasps as he smoothly steps towards Taehyung, his casual and confident movements reminding Taehyung of a pet snake he used to have as a young boy before his– “It’s so nice to meet you, Taehyung.”  He offers his hand for Taehyung to shake, which the brunette eagerly does as he notices the comically macabre jester grin tattooed onto the back of the pale hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Mr…” Taehyung’s voice trails off as he realizes that he doesn’t know the man’s name.  “Um, I know this is kind of awkward and a touch bit rude, but who exactly are you?” he asks sheepishly.  He moves to remove his hand from the man’s grasp, but the green-haired man grips his hand tight and cocks his head in curiosity.

“You don’t know who I am?” he drawls amusedly. Taehyung scrunches up his face as he tries his hardest to put a name to this beautiful face, but he comes up short so he shakes his head.  “Now, now, don’t you know it’s not smart for a pretty little thing like you to steal from strange men?”  The slightly shorter man leans forward until his lips are just out reach of Taehyung’s and breathes in quite possibly the huskiest voice ever, “I could be dangerous.”

“We learn from our mistakes,” Taehyung quips with a smirk of his own. “Besides, I like dangerous. It’s fun.”  The man chuckles once and Taehyung swears he has never heard a more beautiful sound and honestly, he would die a happy man if he could be the source of that laugh everyday for the rest of his life.

“That’s something we both have in common then, my dear.” The man winks before he abruptly turns on his heel and strides towards his hired helpers.  “Maybe if you survive the night, I might take you out to dinner some time.”

Taehyung’s heart begins to race in his chest at the thought of being wined and dined by Mr. Deadly, he’s decided to call him.  “Is that a promise, Mister?”

“It is,” he says as his lips curl upwards even further into a wide smile. “Oh, and you can call me Suga.”

“Well if it’s Suga as in sugar then I think I’ll just call you Pudding,” Taehyung blurts out without thinking, the voices in his head all clamoring excitedly about the prospect of being courted by Mr. D (he decides this has a better ring to it) and making it that much harder for him to reason through the chaos in his cluttered mind. Realizing his gaff, he quickly apologizes, “Sorry, the voices in my head won’t shut up.”

Mr. D narrows his eyes slightly as he repeats the nickname, letting it roll off his tongue.  “Pudding…”  There’s a spark in his eyes and Taehyung’s certain he’s never hit a bigger jackpot on a heist before than he’s hit just now seeing the man’s face light up.  “You know, I’ve been called a lot of things before, but never that. Surprisingly, I like it.”

Taehyung giggles and he coyly gushes, “Oh stop it you! You’re making me blush.  How am I supposed to beat your henchmen if I’m a gushing mess?” He can’t help but pout cutely just the way his best friend taught him to, hoping the display of cuteness will make Mr. D laugh again.  It does and Taehyung swears he could have died happily right then and there if he didn’t have an impending fight cockblocking him.  But alas, he rakes a hand through his dark hair and sighs deeply before he gently drops his duffel bag onto the dumpster lid next to him.  “Alright boys,” he props his beloved Louisville Slugger on the dumpster’s side, “I just want you to know that I was going to take it easy on you.”  He slips off his jacket and delicately drapes it over the duffel bag, “But I gotta impress your hot boss over there.”  Mr. D chuckles lightly and Taehyung has to force himself to stay cool. “You can hit me as hard as you like,” he stretches his arms and neck as he steps towards the thugs, “but just don’t hit my face.  It’s my money maker and I gotta look cute for my Pudding.” He tosses Mr. D a wink.  “After all, we’re gonna go on our first date after I’m done wiping the floor with your bulky bodies.”

“That’s a lot of talk from a pipsqueak,” Tank mutters, making his buddies grunt in amused agreement.  Taehyung’s lips spread wide into his signature boxy grin, a wicked glint lighting his dark eyes.  Game on, he thinks as he cracks his knuckles.  Tank didn’t even know what hit him.  Well, he knew it was Taehyung but he didn’t realize that the “pipsqueak” could move so fast and pack quite a punch.  All he knew was one moment, he was cracking a joke at Taehyung’s expense and the next he was blinking himself into consciousness on the cold, hard ground surrounded by his equally dazed but more battered cohorts.  He hears a booming giggle echoing off the bricks lining the alleyway and he slowly turns his head to see the backs of his boss and the freakishly strong “pipsqueak” growing smaller and smaller as they head off.  He drops his head back down as he silently prays his boss doesn’t send his other lackeys to clean up this mess.  It really would suck if he woke up to a bullet buried in his skull.

“So just what kind of crazy are you?” Suga poses as he watches Taehyung tuck his beloved bat into the handles of his duffel bag before strapping said bag onto the rack of his beat up motorcycle.

Taehyung grins and blows the loose strands of his bangs out of his face.  “Clinically, I’m the kind with schizophrenic and psychopathic tendencies.”  Suga can’t help the deep chuckle that rumbles through his chest at Taehyung’s blunt words.  “But realistically,” Taeyhung straddles his bike and gently coaxes it to life, “I’m the ride or die type.”  

He pats the back of his seat invitingly but Suga scoffs, “I don’t ride bitch.”

Taehyung quips, “But you do ride.”

“What can I say,” Suga smirks as he snaps his fingers twice, causing a neon green McLaren 675LT to whip around the corner of the building and Taehyung has to bite his lip hard to keep his jaw from dropping at the beautiful piece of vehicular innovation in front of him.  A hefty driver Taehyung decides to call Hank pops out of the car and hands Suga the keys before holding the door open for his boss.  Mr. D slides halfway into the car and casually slurs in that wonderful accent of his that Taehyung honestly cannot wait to hear purr his name for the rest of his life, “I’m the ride or die type too.”


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Only You

(Lindir x Reader)​

aeroniel-o-en-aer asked: Could you possibly write something where the reader is a flautist in Imladris and Lindir secretly listens to her play, but then he gets tired of hiding and comes out to her about his love of her music and his feelings?

Words: 912 || Characters: Lindir, Fem! Elf! Flautist! reader || Setting: Imladris, near your home || Genre: fluff, romance || More Elf fics

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“The Women” was an episode logline featured in the original “Star Trek Is…” document and became one of the three story outlines that Gene Roddenberry wrote for NBC to choose from when planning the original series pilot. (The other two were “The Cage” and “Landru’s Paradise,” later to be made as “The Return of the Archons.)

When it came time for a second pilot, NBC asked Roddenberry to present them with three screenplays by three different writers to choose from. Sam Peeples wrote "Where No Man Has Gone Before” while Roddenberry tackled “The Omega Glory” and Stephen Kandel handled “The Women,” which would soon feature a lovable pimp and con-man named Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Kandel had no experience with science fiction, really, but he did understand how to write for television and used Mudd’s bigger-than-life personality to distract the executives from noticing that the story he was developing involved pill-popping prostitutes.

Kandel wrote two drafts of “Mudd’s Women” during the pilot selection phase but had to hand it off to Roddenberry’s team as he was about to produce a series of his own, Iron Horse. TV writer Jack Guss received an envelope from Roddenberry with a request for an overhaul and, without knowing it had been the Great Bird’s concept from the beginning, sent a note back to the office pointing out the story’s weaknesses from top to bottom, most specifically the lack of real conflict.

Guss wasn’t invited back to Star Trek.

While Robert Justman turned in a laundry list of production issues that needed to be tackled based on Kandel’s drafts, Roddenberry handed the rewrite assignment to John D.F. Black, who’d just taken over as the show’s script coordinator. Black and Justman hashed out things while Roddenberry worked on the script for “The Corbomite Manuever” and when he finally got to read “Mudd’s Women,” he wrote a memo to Black that started out “A good script, excellent dialogue and characterizations; enjoyed reading it,” before pointing out a number of ways to improve the screenplay, all dictated while enjoying a late-night cocktail.

Black did another pass, incorporating those suggestions, Justman offered a few more notes (including one that should have been included: Ben Childress actually finds that he loves Eve no matter what she looks like) and then Roddenberry did a Roddenberry and completely rewrote it. Unlike many of his peers, Stephen Kandel understood how Roddenberry worked and in an interview stated “Oh, Gene rewrote. He loved to meddle. No script was ever finished.”

While “The Corbomite Maneuver” would see more substantial changes from first draft to shooting script, Roddenberry felt that his and Black’s contributions merited a full credit, which read “Story by Gene Roddenberry; Teleplay by Stephen Kandel, John D.F. Black and Gene Roddenberry.”

Casting Harry Mudd was easy; Roger C. Carmel had been a guest star on a number of TV shows (including multiple appearances on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and I Spy) and he was the first and only person that Joe D'Agosta called. “He was the right person for that role and, when you look at his contribution, maybe the only person for that role,” the casting director would later say.

The three women were a bit more difficult: a group of 20 appeared but D'Agosta narrowed it down to Karen Steele as Eve; Susan Denberg as Magda and Maggie Thrett as Ruth. Steele had appeared prominently in 1955’s Marty and the acclaimed western Rode Lonesome along with a number of b-pictures.

Denberg came from Poland to Las Vegas, joining a chorus line there before being discovered and taking on a number of TV and film roles. She actually appeared in the August 1966 issue of Playboy, released just prior to the broadcast of "Mudd’s Women.” James Doohan recalled that any of the sequences in which the male cast members were required to ogle the women were not a challenge in the slightest, Denberg in particular. “I looked at her and thought, ‘Wooooeeee.’”

Maggie Thrett had made her feature film debut the same year with Dimenson 5, a science fiction film that featured former Enterprise captain Jeffrey Hunter. Harlan Ellison, who was working on his script for “The City On The Edge Of Forever” at the Trek offices during shooting, kept calling her “Maggie Treat.” When corrected on her name by a woman that worked on the show, Ellison responded that to her, she was a threat. To him, the tall brunette was a treat.

This was the first episode in which viewers would get to see William Ware Theiss’s theories of women’s clothing in action. He believed that it wasn’t how much an article of clothing revealed that mattered; it was the idea that it could slip the tiniest bit and fall to the floor. Roddenberry would (not surprisingly) attend many of the fittings for these costumes and make suggestions that would end up making things even skimpier.

The wardrobe made explicit the sexual nature of the script and while westerns had frequently featured men offering women to lonesome settlers and ranchers with very little attention from the censors, Theiss’s costumes weren’t like those featured on Gunsmoke. This caused some consternation with John D.F. Black and Justman, but thanks to Jerry Finnerman’s soft-focus technique for shooting women (which debuted here) and some discreet editing, the episode made it with very little in the way of interference.

Speaking of editing, this would be director Harvey Hart’s only episode, his technique of cutting in the camera and using elaborate setups made it hard for the editing team to put together the final product. Throw in the fact that he racked up a lot of overtime with his shooting techniques and you have a person who wasn’t a good fit for the budget-minded production.

I’m not a huge fan of “Mudd’s Women” — mostly because I object to Harry Mudd’s way of making a living and how women are treated as chattel — but for an episode early in the series, it does a number of things very well. All of the performances are razor-sharp and even with the occasional continuity gaffes and odd moments (why didn’t Ben Childress have goggles if he was a settler on a dustblown, distant world?), it looks and feels like a more mature vision than its production date would suggest.

Dentist- Marauders

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Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader, Lily Evans x James Potter

Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans, James Potter

Warnings: N/A

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Word Count: 679

Author: Charlotte

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Don’t get too cocky my boy. No matter how good you are don’t ever let them see you coming. That’s the gaffe my friend. You gotta keep yourself small. Innocuous. Be the little guy. You know, the nerd… the leper… shit-kickin’ surfer. Look at me,There’s this beautiful girl just fucked me forty ways from Sunday… we’re done, she’s walking to the bathroom, she’s trying to walk, she turns… she looks… it’s me. Not the Trojan army just fucked her. Little ol’ me. She has this look on her face like: "How the hell did that happen?” , Underestimated from day one. You’d never think I was a master of the universe, now would ya?I’m the hand up Mona Lisa’s skirt. I’m a surprise, Kevin. They don’t see me coming: that’s what you’re missing".

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Love your blog :3 could I have Rei accidentally revealing his feelings to his crush and getting all flustered because embarrassed rei is the best rei XD

ok look i really like this one and i feel so much for Rei

“Rei, please don’t tell me that you actually just left Nagisa in the ocean?”

“I didn’t really have a choice…”

At his reply, you burst into laughter, doubling over yourself as you grasped onto his shoulder in an attempt to keep yourself upright. Rei felt a swell of pride at he watched you laughing - with him, for once, and not at him or one of his mistakes. Ever since Gou had invited you to swim club practice with the swim team that one day, Rei had grown closer and closer to you; and unfortunately for him, had fallen rather in love with you. More so than he ever anticipated.

“Y-you have to be kidding…” Even though you were out of breath, with a face red from laughing too hard, Rei was still stunned by you. Your smile was radiant, and at this moment in time… All his. He felt his heart skip a beat, but shook himself back to reality before he begun to look strange.

“No. He wasn’t co-operating with Makoto, and Haruka wasn’t going to say anything, so we just left him there.” He felt his mouth twitch at the memory. “He got out alright, but didn’t speak to me properly for days…”

“Yeah, but then there was that prank he pulled. With the egg?”

“Please don’t speak of that.” He’d never quite forgiven Nagisa for that - he’d even had the guts to conduct his stupid prank on him whilst you were sat opposite… Rei would rather the ground swallowed him whole than something that unseemly happen again.

“Awh, you still holding a grudge? Come on, it was a little bit funny, Rei…” You grinned widely at him, nudging him gently in the ribs. He knew you meant well, but hearing that you’d found his humiliation ‘funny’ was a little disheartening. There was no way you felt the same way about him that he felt about you…

His feelings must have been showing from his face, and before he knew it, you were up close to him, concern written all over your face.

“Hey, don’t take it personally, Rei. I don’t mean it maliciously, and you know Nagisa doesn’t, either… If it really hurts you, just tell him, he’s not unreasonable.”

That wasn’t the problem, though. Well, it kind of was. Nagisa’s pranks were anything but fun for Rei. The real problem was that he hated you seeing him that way. Of all the people… Sometimes he loathed how he loved you.

“Huh?” You’d backed away from him, confusion contorting your face. “What'dya mean, Rei?”

“What?” What had he said? Had it just been how his face looked? A little awkwardly, you smiled, eyebrow raised and hand rubbing the nape of your neck.

“Rei, were you just thinking aloud?”

“W-what?!” Were you implying what he thought you were implying? Did he actually-

“Love is quite a strong word, Rei.”

Oh no, he was. He’d just confessed his feelings to you. How had that happened? How did someone even do that? How on earth was he not melting into a puddle at the moment from the sheer embarrassment of this situation? How-

“You’re doing it again.” The coy smile on your lips spoke volumes, and Rei could feel himself floundering for an explanation already. He was certain that by this point, he was displaying a vast assemblage of reds; enough to put a parrot to shame, for sure.

“Not all parrots are red, y'know.” He was just digging himself into a hole, now. That, or you were a mind reader.

“I’m not a mind reader.”

“G-gah! C-can you please stop that!!” Finally snapping out of whatever strange state of mind he was in, Rei crossed his arms over his chest in a futile hope to protect some of his dignity. As if his initial slip-up wasn’t bad enough…

“It’s cute, Rei.” His mind was working at a mile a minute, now, and his mind hardly registered what you said after those words. “Although I don’t think we should lose track of what your original little gaffe was…” Your voice was teasing, and Rei could quite literally feel his mind stumble.

“M-my… What?”

“'Sometimes I loathe how I love you’. Like something out of a love poem anthology, my dear. Quite magical, indeed.”

“I-I…” Rei was utterly lost for words. He couldn’t tell whether or not you were joking with him, and frankly, didn’t know which would be worse.

“I didn’t mean to- Uh… I-I mean that I was… Thinking.” Gnawing at his lip and pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Rei continued. “T-thinking about… Literature.”

Opposite him, you were nodding slowly, eyes narrowed in mock-thought.

“Y-yes, that’s it! Literature!! I was studying for English last night and… And… That was a… Poem. From it. The thing. That I was,” momentarily choking on his own nonsense, Rei realised how stupid he sounded at that moment in time. “studying.”



Rei wanted the ground to swallow him whole. What sort of imbecile used an excuse like that? What sort of complete and utter worthless cretin even blurted out their thought process in the first place?!

“Rei.” Sitting him down, presumably so that he’d stop drawing attention to himself, you took one of his hands, and he nearly passed out. “Stop getting all flustered.”

Your calm tone of voice helped him a little, but looking into your gorgeous, beautiful eyes only had his heart racing and his palms sweating once more. Smiling almost pitifully at him, your hand reached to caress his jaw, and he forgot how to breathe.

“Rei, I can feel you shaking. Please calm down.” He couldn’t calm down. He wasn’t going to calm down until the ground swallowed him up. That, or the blood that was running beneath the skin in his face actually got so pressurised that his face exploded. No, no… That wasn’t possible.

“Maybe this will help.”

In an abrupt, sweet, perfect moment, your lips were on his. It was just a single moment, a mere blade of grass in the meadow of time, but Rei felt as though he could preserve that moment for eternity. It kept on playing through his head, again and again, until he knew nothing but that one fleeting instance…

Then he woke up.

“Rei!” Your voice perforated the bubble of freshly-awoken haze that surrounded him, and he turned to look at you, vision blurry. “Oh, your glasses.”

You handed him the spectacles, although he noticed upon donning them that they were a little skewed.

“What happened?” He presumed that the events his mind had just played had been a dream, so… Maybe he’d walked into something at lunch? How utterly undignified that would be, in front of you, of all people…

“You passed out when I kissed you.”


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rachel pls pls write somethign for the prom committee au just the hc alone were a work of ART even if its a tiny fic this universe deserves to be fleshed out

“So does ‘Dinosaur Masquerade’ mean dinosaurs in masks, or masks that are dinosaur themed?” Kendra asks, tapping her pencil against the desk. “We should clarify it if we’re gonna be going forward with it as an idea.”

Sara says, “Dinosaurs wearing masks,” at the exact time Rip says, “Masks that are dinosaur themed.”

Kendra sighs. “Oh boy.”

“The entire reason we came up with this idea was because dinosaurs wearing masks is hilarious,” Sara demands. “What the fuck does a dinosaur themed mask even look like?”

“Why would a dinosaur be wearing a mask?!” Rip says. “Is it hiding its secret identity from the other dinosaurs? Is there some underworld of dinosaur intrigue we’re not being told about, Sara?”

“Dinosaur themed masks is fucking stupid,” Sara says.

“I want to hear more about this underworld of dinosaur intrigue,” Len says. “Elaborate on that, Rip.”

“It wasn’t a suggestion,” Rip says. “It was- I don’t know, Len. I have no idea what that would even look like.”

“Booo,” Mick says, throwing his notebook.

Rip dodges. “Stop throwing-” He picks up the notebook, and haphazardly tosses it back. “Your goddamn notebook at me!”

“Dr. Stein,” Mick says. “Rip is throwing things at me.”

Dr. Stein doesn’t look up from his book. “Rip, don’t throw things.”

Rip gaffes for a moment. Lets out a noise of deep distress. 

“I think a dinosaur underworld would be like, herbivores trying to band together against the carnivores,” Carter says, suddenly. He gestures with his hands. “You know? Like how those speakeasies in the 20s were about sticking it to the government.”

“You’re so artsy, Carter,” Ray sighs.

Kendra rolls her eyes. “And also, you clearly don’t pay attention in APUSH.”

“I just understand history differently,” Carter says.

Ray enthusiastically nods. “You’re so smart.”

“Stop flirting,” Sara says. “You’re upsetting Jax’s young sensibilities.”

“All of this is upsetting my ‘young sensibilities,’” he says, with the appropriate air quotes. 

“Hear me out,” Len says. “Dinosaur speakeasy.”

Sara slams her hand on the desk. “It’s perfect.”

Kendra sighs. “So we’re changing the theme to ‘dinosaur speakeasy?’”

“Yep,” Ray says.

Kendra scribbles ‘This is a disaster’ into her notebook. Ray’s hand finds her thigh under her desk, and gives her a reassuring squeeze. “Great.”

“So is that dinosaurs dressed as flappers,” Jax asks. “Or is it a speakeasy with dinosaur themed decorations?”

“Dinosaurs dressed as flappers,” Sara says.

“Speakeasy with dinosaur themed decorations,” Rip adds.

“Oh, god damn it guys,” Kendra says.

Mick throws a paper ball at her.

Do you want a really obvious example of how very little Internet backlash actually amounts to in this day and age? Look no further than our current presidential election. There have been gaffes, slip-ups, and missteps from almost every candidate on every side, and not a single damn one of them has done a thing to derail their respective campaigns. This is something that was touched on a bit in an interview with a former Carson campaign adviser that ran on the site recently

See, the problem is that social media slip-ups are such a common characteristic of our everyday lives now. We’ve never really had another election where that was the case. Time was, a simple picture of a candidate looking silly in a helmet, making a weird noise, or even something as minor as being caught on camera writing off the importance of a full 47 percent of American voters, one little thing was always enough to help us weed out our potential presidential candidates. That’s not the case anymore. Some of it certainly has to do with the fact that we’re so accustomed to these kinds of mishaps now, what with how everyone has a camera rolling at all times.

5 Reasons Collective Internet Outrage Is Pointless