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“I have no sympathy in me for criminals… but family is a different story.”     - Monkey D. Garp

- One Piece by Eiichiro Oda -


One Piece Birthday Quotes 2


On doing television vs. theater:
The whole experience of film or television  time feels very fast, and very slow, and you’re revisiting things. I still find live theater the most energizing. Every performance is unique, every audience is different, and there’s an immediacy that’s addictive, especially when you’re in a great play like Book of Mormon or Falsettos.


glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥


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Edward Elric Appreciation Week | Day 7: Favourite short rant or “Edspressions”

➙  His DORKY AND ADORABLE BLUSH flustered expression
“Oh, geez! Why do alchemists have to be like this? […] You really are stupid. Half? I’ll give you A L L of it!“


                                                 I cannot imagine us being so far apart.
                                    Please find a way to forgive me and I know that I love you.
                                                Maybe not as deeply as you’d like but still”


You said that to get things right one of us would have to take a leap of faith. I think I’ve discovered the canyon that must be leaped, and I hope to find you waiting for me on the other side.
I love you, America.
Yours forever,

Happy birthday to the amazing @lilycallawoy!


Wildest Dreams…

art credit to natasha allegri


so I will live my life
knowing I’ve got just one chance to make it right
hope will be on my side this time

I will live what I am dreaming of.

—what i’m dreaming of, trading yesterday

Here is my contribution to the Happy Tony Stark project! My assignment was the loveable, floppy-haired EMH!Tony. And of course I slipped in a bit of superhusbands in there, because that’s how I roll. We love you Tony! :)

Not good

My take on what happened between Happy and Toby after 1x16 and before 1x17.

They continued driving around after dropping Ralph back at the garage with Paige. Happy was quiet, focused on the road in front of her and replaying what almost happened with the man sitting to her right. Toby was her best friend, and now there was no denying he meant something more. And he was surprisingly quiet, which unnerved her as he loved to hear himself talk.

It wasn’t until some miles later that she spoke. “Some day we’ve had, huh?” 

“That’s an understatement,” he snorted. Toby caught sight of her in his periphery vision and noticed the tension. Just an hour ago she had let her walls down for him to nearly kiss her, walls that were now firmly back in place. But he was a patient man, and he had hope she’d let them down once more when she was ready.

“Where exactly are you taking me?” Her driving always made him nervous, and if she gripped the steering wheel any tighter, it’d pop off.

“I’d like to get home and sleep, if you don’t mind,” she told him. “Seeing as we have your car, I’m driving myself there.” Only glancing his way and chuckling at the look on his face, she added, “Relax, doc, you’ll get there in one piece. Your precious car, too.”

Toby studied her the rest of the drive, running through scenario after scenario of what could happen, of what she could possibly be thinking. When the car stopped outside of Happy’s apartment building, she made no effort to get out.

“So, Hap, you inviting me up?” He was grinning like a Cheshire cat and had turned to face her, his arm slung across the back of the bench seat and mere inches from her shoulder. 

“I thought that would surely earn me a punch.” Happy still hadn’t looked at him and he realized, “You’re not listening to me at all, are you?”

That last comment snapped her out of her reverie and she looked at him. “What?”

“I’m wounded.” He feigned disappointment as he placed a hand over his heart. “Here I thought best friends listened to each other.” Happy narrowed her eyes and he shirked back slightly, hands up in surrender, more real than mock. “You’re going to punch me now, aren’t you?”   

Without warning, she leaned towards him and placed her hands on either side of his face, a mirror of his actions earlier. “I don’t think so,” she whispered before kissing him.  

Despite his shock, Toby was quick to react and deepened the kiss. His arms snaked around her, one hand behind her neck and the other at the small of her back. It was only when Happy was short of breath and realized she had straddled his lap did she pull back.   

“Not good,” she said, mostly to herself but his face fell. 

“What’s wrong? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” Toby removed his hands from her and immediately started to backpedal; afraid of ruining the fragile dynamic he had with Happy.

The corners of her lips turned up, a smirk beginning to form. “You did nothing wrong. I kissed you, you idiot.” 

“You did kiss me, Miss Quinn,” he grinned. Bringing her eyes to meet his, he cupped her chin in his hand, “Did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

“I think I did,” she said, staring straight at him.

“Let’s make sure,” he told her, his serious demeanor betrayed by eyebrows starting to waggle as his lips met hers for another kiss. 

They were both more comfortable this time around, Toby’s grip on her tightened and Happy’s legs wrapped around his waist. Her body arched against him and he groaned. 

“I didn’t think it’d be this good.” Drunk on her confirmation of what he’d known for months, he smirked like the smug bastard they both knew he was. “You doubt my abilities?” he asked, his lips at her neck.

“Not so much doubt as disbelief,” she told him. Her head tilted to give him better access and he took full advantage, nipping at the sensitive skin just under her ear. A soft moan escaped her mouth and she pulled back, resting her hands on his chest while she unhooked her legs from around him.

“Don’t go yet.” Toby wrapped his arms loosely around her waist and kissed the side of her head. “I want to hold you a little while longer.”

“There’s no rush, doc, I’m not going anywhere.”

His eyes lit up, “You’re not?”

“No, I’m not,” she said with a soft chuckle. “You already take good care of me. I’d like to see what better care of me looks like.” Her hands found his and she laced their fingers together. 

“You will not regret this, I promise you.” Bringing her hand up to his lips, he kissed it. 

“I know I won’t.” 

That simple affirmation garnered an eyebrow raise from him. “No threats, that’s different. I like it, but it’s certainly different.”

Happy nudged him with her elbow. “I’m tired, and I don’t want to fight with you tonight.” He shrugged and she continued. “So, I’ll be going up to my apartment and you’ll go back to yours. We’ll see each other in the morning.”

A quick kiss on his lips and she slipped out of the car. Fighting the urge to glance back, she didn’t have to when Toby got out of the car and called out to her. “Happy, wait.” He was at her side in a flash and had his arms back around her waist. “What do you say, I pick you up at 9 for breakfast?”

“Sure thing,” she agreed. When she saw him lean down for another kiss, she pulled back. “Hey, you mind if we keep this between us for now?”

He smiled, “Not a bit. I’m over the moon this is here and it’s real.”

“It’s real, doc,” she said. “Now kiss me goodnight and go home.”