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Ok but imagine when jon arrived at dragonstone tyrion will probably asked "how did you won the north on your own?" "My darling- i mean.. my sister sansa came to rescue" "wait WHAT? SANSA? SANSA MY WIFE?!" "NO SHES MY WIFE NOW NO ONE CAN HAVE HER SHES MINE TOUCH HER AND I'LL KILL YOU-" *throw tyrion into the sea* lol

HAhahahahahaha XD 

Tyrion: Well done reclaiming Winterfell. The odds were truly against you. I was surprised you managed it. 

Jon: I didn’t. It was Sansa.

Tyrion: Sansa? Oh, how is my lovely wife? I always knew she’d survive us all. 

Jon: ………. What? 

Tyrion: Sansa. How is she? 

Jon: Wife? 

Tyrion: Oh yes. And a beautiful wife she makes. 


Tyrion: What’s happening here? 

Jon: *cue angry kitten growling* 

Tyrion: Seriously, what’s going on? 

Jon: Did you touch her! *chokes* Did you touch my Sansa!

Tyrion: What? No! We never even consummated the marriage!!!

Jon: Oh…. *smiles* okay. Just never touch her and we’ll be okay. 

Tyrion: *walks away mumbling* Is it me? Do I just attract sibling couples? Is that a thing? 

The Gamble (Part 1)

Summary: When (Y/N) hears a conversation she wasn’t suppose to hear, she decided to beat Sirius at his own game. But will it cause more problem in the end?

Word Count: 2,242

Warning(s): Mention of alcohol? I guess? 

A/N: So, this took me longer than I expected to write and I still couldn’t get all of the story line in this one post. So there will be a Part 2. Let me know how y'all like it.

 Xx, -D

Edit: Read Part 2 here!

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Lmao, okay, speaking of this scene why are the things on coffee table rearranged? I mean, it looks completely differently from how it looked only a couple of minutes prior to that?

This is before the hug

This is after the hug, after the establishing shot, after they leave for a cake, you can see that the things on the table are rearranged completely differently, why would anybody do that? 

I think we can scratch the idea that they had sex once the screen cut to black, they were clearly tidying up. Or…

Playing chess I see…

Also, the three lamps that are turned off here were turned on before, but the light coming from outside seems to be exactly the same so why they were on in the first place?

ALSO, looking at this pic I noticed another thing and that is - someone took the effort and rearranged this little pile next to he fireplace after they hugged because why not

You know, I should have just called this “let’s find ten differences that don’t make any sense because these scenes supposedly happened one right after another” because

Idk, maybe Sherlock just thought that the magnifying glass looked better pointing the other way

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Does all your ink have special meaning to you? I was surprised to hear you weren't a Brando "fan." I would have sworn you were a method actor. I have been an addict for over 40 years.How did you really "kick" your addictions? You have strangely awakened a lost part of me.

I’m not Tom Hardy but I’ll try to answer. All ink is personal, I think. Tom has said each of his tattoos has special meaning. There are some posts about that here, here, and here.

Sorry to hear you are also dealing with addiction. I’ve lost someone I love to addiction. No one chooses to become an addict, it’s a condition, one that affects the mind, body, spirit. As you must know after 40 yrs, it’s way of medicating some kind of pain, emotional or physical. Are you getting support and talking to anyone? Please do seek professional help. Change is possible. I’ve seen it. In my experience the beginning step to kicking addictions is to see and hear and tell the truth. Not to judge yourself or to be judged by others, just not to hide things. That alone is a huge accomplishment. There are quite a few articles where Tom talks about what it was like for him in the past. Here’s one: (Video below. ) I don’t know your situation and addiction of any kind or degree is a personal battle but there are many others in the same boat and there are programs and people who want to help and who will care about you and your recovery. You don’t have to do anything alone. Lots of love ~

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Hey, so uhm...I just started Tumblr around this week and you were the first one I saw in the recommended section. I really like your style and ideas. I am really curious about how you started working on your comics. So here's the question (sorry took long enough haha). Do you have some kind of inspiration as a digital artist? What is it/are they? Dont worry, if your not comfortable with this quetion, you can just say yes and nevermind the follow up. BTW I ❤️ your GIFS they are so funny.

Hi there! Thank you so much! I love hearing that you like my ideas and drawing style! I started drawing my four eyes guy comics just out of boredom and wanted to make something funny. Making my own comic strip has been in the back of my mind for awhile, but I always got stuck on making a title for my series! I had a list of ideas and finally forced myself to choose one and four eyes guy comix was it.

A lot of things inspire me! Currently I’m inspired by Jaiden Animations, Icecreamsandwich Comics, Owlturd, Domics and TheOdd1sout. I love seeing their works and hope I’ll get to their level one day. I need a lot more experience points.

Chris Evans X Reader - Flirty Drunk

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This was a request from  @mannatgalhotra  I just wanted to let you know i had so much fun writing this. and how can you have a Chris Evans fic without his amazing dog Dodger. 

#18 - You’re perfect. Which is beyond annoying, i can’t look at you.
#21 - If i murder someone, you are the person i call to help me drag the body across the floor. you’re my person.

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“I want to get drunk.” You say closing your laptop and pushing it away from you lay your head on your kitchen table. There were folders full of files and paperwork that your coworkers had conveniently decided to make mistakes on so now it was up to you to finish it.

“Okay, and what brought this about?” Chris asks as he walks into the living room wearing his red and blue flannel pullover and a pair of blue jeans. You loved that pull over. When he had some off time from work and could grow a beard he looked like a sexy lumberjack. You watch him for a moment as he pours himself a glass of homemade lemonade his mother had made just the day before.

“I hate people Chris,” you say causing him to chuckle.

“Yeah, some people suck.”

“I mean how hard is it to do the job right the first time?” You add sitting back up to stretch out your arms.

“I don’t know babe,” He answers as he brings you the glass he had just poured only to return and make a new one.

“Oh well,” you reply bringing the drink to your lips and savor the great taste. Placing the glass on the table next to you, you smile and letting out a sigh of relief say, “Good thing it’s all done.” You feel a cold nose touch your leg and you smile as you reach down to ruffle Dodger’s fur. “What’s that Dodger, you wanna go to the dog park?” You ask and he jumps to his feet suddenly super excited. “I don’t know buddy, you have to ask daddy first.” You add and he instantly runs into the kitchen and tries to get Chris’s attention.

“Give me a sec buddy,” Chris says reaching down to give Dodger a quick scratch behind the ears.

“But dad, he really wants to go.” You add making Chris chuckle.

“I thought you wanted to get drunk?”

“We can take Dodger to the park, then on the way back stop by the liquor store and get the booze. You know, win, win.” You say a smile filing your lips.

“That’s a win for you and Dodger, but what about me?”

“You’ve never seen me drunk before,” You say causing him to cock an eyebrow at you, “I’ve been told it’s really a sight to behold.”

“You don’t get angry drunk, do you?”

“Nope,” You shake your head as he you stand up and grabbing your glass bring it with you to the kitchen. As you set it on the counter you run your hand up his chest and smirk as you add, “I’ve been told I’m a flirty drunk.”

“Oh really?” He asks a playful smile filling his lips.

“Yup, so that’s what you get to look forward to.” You hear Dodger bark and you smile as you turn your attention to him. “Alright, let’s go.”


“I’m sorry but that lady really pissed me off.” You say as you lead Dodger into the house Chris following behind you with the grocery bags in his arms.

“I know babe,”

“Like I know the dog was her kids; but the kid was like what, 8, if your dog goes after another dog you don’t leave that on your child to break up. She should have gotten off her ass and got her dog, not leave it up to her kid. I mean the kid was scared Chris, I had to step in and grab the dog so it wouldn’t hurt anyone or itself.”

“I agree, she shouldn’t have left her daughter to handle it.” He says as he closes the door behind him and walks past you into the kitchen. You unclip the leash from Dodger’s collar and give his ears a scratch before you follow Chris.

“I’m sensing a but,”

“But you shouldn’t have put yourself in that situation. I understand you wanted to help, but I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“We’ve been over this many times Chris, I grew up in a house that had ten dogs at one time ranging from a little Rat Terrier, to Labs, to Pitt Bulls, to Great Danes; I’m not scared of them.”

“I know (Name), but I’m scared you’re gonna get hurt.” He replies worry filling his face as his eyes meet yours.

“I-” You start to argue but decide against it. Letting out a heavy sigh you walk around the bar and wrapping your arms around his waist you nestle into his back and say, “I’m sorry. I was just worried about Dodger and the little girl.”

“It’s okay,” He says as he twirls around and wrapping his arms around you kisses you gently on the forehead. “I would’ve done the same thing.” He gently rubs your arms before he continues, “I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“I understand,” You say offering him a smile. “Next time we’ll invite Sebastian and Frank and have a doggy playdate.”

“Sounds like a plan babe,” The two of your stare at each other for a moment before he clears his throat and says, “You still want that drink?”

“Yes, please.”

“Coming right up.”


“Okay (Name), I think that’s enough.” Chris says after your 8th jack and coke.

“Aw, why?” you reply a giggle leaving your lips.

“Cause you’re drunk.”

“That-That’s completely unrelevant.” You say reaching for your glass only to have Chris pull it away from you.

“You mean irrelevant babe,”

“See, even buzzed you’re perfect. Which is beyond annoying, I can’t look at you.” You say looking away from him making him laugh.

“But I thought you loved to look at me.” He adds and you slowly look aback to him.

“I do love to look at you.”

“Careful babe, or I’ll think you only love me for my looks.” He adds taking a sip of his drink.

“I love you for so much more,” You say a smile filling your lips. “Your looks are just a bonus.” You add making him choke on his drink.

“Care to elaborate?” He asks as he catches his breath and leans closer to you.

“How can I say this,” You think aloud as you drum your fingers against the coffee table top. “Ah, If I murder someone, you are the person I call to help me drag the body across the floor. you’re my person.” He bursts our laughing making you furrow your brow as you add, “What’s so funny.”

“You, babe. Oh shit, I need to get you drunk more often.”

“So does that mean I can have more?” You ask and his face quickly becomes serious.

“No. You’re done for tonight.”

“AH! NO FAIR!” You yell out tossing yourself back onto the floor and pout. You would have been more convincing had Dodger not picked that time to come over and lick your face making you laugh out loud in happiness. “I love you too Dodger!” You cry out as you wrap your arms around his neck and rub his head.

“Alright man, come on, share her with me.” Chris says as he moves over to sit next to you causing Dodger to move over to him instead. You continue to laugh as your eyes meet his. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” You reply pushing yourself up into sitting position to lay your head on his shoulder. “I love you.”

“I love you too babe,”

“I was talking to the flannel, but okay.”

  • Jane's going to become an FBI agent - officially - and Patterson, Tasha and Reade are planning the party (well Reade got dragged into it really)
  • Patterson: what about we make the cake to look like a tactical vest
  • Tasha: that would be cool
  • Patterson: and we can have it say something fun instead of FBI
  • Reade: like Doe?
  • Tasha: oh wow Reade. You cannot come with a lamer idea if you tried.
  • Reade: rude.
  • Patterson: how about "ninja"?
  • Tasha: meh. How about "amnesiac"?
  • Patterson: harsh, Tash.
  • Tasha: "former terrorist"?
  • Patterson: are you *trying* to get your ass kicked?
  • Tasha: I don't see anyone else coming up with ideas
  • Weller shows up out of no where
  • Weller: how about "the boss's fiancé"?
  • Patterson: oh hey there, boss! Didn't know you were here.
  • Weller: you're literally planning this from inside my apartment! Where else would I be?
  • Tasha: well you were complaining you had so much work we thought you'd gone back to the office.
  • Weller: no chance in hell. Last time I left you three at my place, you drank all the alcohol in the house and I came back to Reade rearranging the kitchen cabinets, Patterson curled up in the nursery crying and you, Zapata, were arresting the ninety year old woman upstairs because you thought she has been spying on me.
  • Tasha: I still think she's shady af
  • Reade: your kitchen is so not Feng Shui
  • Patterson: the kangaroos are so adorable!!!
  • Weller: just get a regular cake and write congratulations on it or something.
  • Tasha: hey Reade, check it out, there is someone who is lamer than you!
Rom Com - G.D.

based off of this post because it’s a v cute idea and i love it

Summary - You and Grayson are extras in a rom com, but you two have more chemistry than the two main characters.

Feedback is always appreciated!

word count - 989

You never realized just how intimidating movie sets were until you saw one in real life. You pulled up in your 2005 Ford Fiesta, hands nearly shaking from the nerves you were currently feeling. Taking a few deep breaths in your car, you reminded yourself why you were here in the first place.

Acting had been your dream for as long as you can remember. You had done everything you could to ensure that your dream came true - attending weekly acting classes, trying out for school plays, even bringing journals into movie theaters so you could take notes on any acting techniques you picked up on while watching the latest films. You were so determined to turn your dream into a reality, and walking onto this movie set would bring you one step closer to fulfilling it. So, with one final shaky breath, you grabbed your bag, got out of your car, and walked in the door. 

You were met by who you assumed to be one of the director’s many assistants, who ushered you into a room to await further instruction. You sat down on the the couch along with a few other extras and waited. To pass the time, you opened up your journal and reviewed your notes on acting until you and another extra were called to set. The two of you were led to the director.

“Okay, this is the scene where the two leads meet in the restaurant for the first time. You two just sit at that table over there and pretend to have a conversation. You’ll start when I say ‘Action.’ Got it?” the director said hurriedly.

“Yes, ma’am,” you replied quickly. “I won’t let you down.” The other extra behind you agreed.

“Alright,” the director said, shooting me a quizzical look, “go sit down then and wait for my call.” You beamed at the director and strode to your seat.

“So, I’m guessing you’ve never been an extra before?” your scene partner said to you as you both sat down. It was only then you really looked at him, and you were a bit surprised you hadn’t noticed him before. He was tall and quite muscular, with dark hair and eyes to match. His mouth was stretched into a smile, revealing a row of straight, white teeth.

Despite his obvious good looks, you were taken aback by his rude comment. Did you seem amateurish?  Furrowing your eyebrows, you responded, “ Excuse me?  The camera hasn’t even started rolling yet!”

“Oh, no, I just meant that you were acting really excited back there.” He said, backpedaling.

“Oh. Well, no, I haven’t. But that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole to me,” you retorted, still angry with him.

“I din’t mean it like that, I swear. I was just trying to make conversation, and you’re really pretty and it made me kinda nervous,” his voice faltered towards the end, cheeks flushing red. Oh my God, you’re such a dick, he was just trying to be nice and you completely took it the wrong way.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry I’m being so hard on you right now. It’s just… acting has been my dream for like, ever, and I though you were insulting me on the one thing I love to do. Um… can we just, like start over?” you rambled, suddenly noticing that, when the light hit them just right, you could see a few golden flecks in his eyes, which made them all the more beautiful.

“Yeah, can we please?” He laughed. “You’re Y/N, right?” When you shot him a confused look, he said, “The director’s assistant said your name in the waiting room.”

“Oh, then yeah, I’m Y/N,” you giggled. You actually giggled like a schoolgirl in front of her crush. You couldn’t believe you hadn’t noticed this boy’s good looks earlier. You must have been so focused on proving yourself to the director.

“I’m Grayson,” he responds. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

This time, you were the one blushing. “You too,” you smile. “So, I’m guessing you’ve been in movies before?”

“Yeah,” he said sheepishly, running a hand through his hair. “I’ve actually been acting for a while, so I’ve been an extra in tons of movies like these. I still remember my first time being an extra though. I was almost as excited as you.“ It took a beat too long for you to realize he was lightheartedly teasing you, and you let out a surprised laugh.

"Oh, you think you’re funny, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do,” he laughs. “But you’re really cute when you’re all excited,” he says, eyes flitting up to meet yours. Your heart skips a beat, but a voice interrupts your thoughts. 

“Cut!” yells the annoyed looking director. You hadn’t even realized that the scene had begun. “You two,” she says, pointing at you and Grayson, “have you met before?”

You glance at Grayson, who looks as confused as you are, and reply, “No, ma'am.”

“Well, I’m going to need you guys to tone it down a bit. Remember the leads? Yeah, they’re supposed to be the ones who look like they’re in love, not a couple of extras. Got it?”

You and Grayson each stutter out an “okay,” and the director starts the scene again.

“That was terrifying,” you mumble.

“Well, I guess our chemistry is just undeniable,” Grayson smirks.

“You’re an ass,” you laugh.

“So you don’t think we had chemistry?” he asks, eyebrow raised.

“I didn’t say that,” I reply with a smirk. Grayson beams.

"So, tell me, Y/N, once we’re finished filming this scene, would you want to go out sometime?” You can’t stop the smile spreading across my face.

“I’d love-”

“Cut!” The director yells again, looking frustratedly at you and Grayson.

That may have been the last day you acted with Grayson acted together, but it definitely wasn’t the last you saw of Grayson.

I was talking with a friend today and remembered something from my childhood. Here we go.

During the summer after I finished 1st grade my friend told me that he and other classmates  were  organizing our class meeting because we obviously missed each other dearly (when you are a kid summer seems reaaaaaaally long). However, my school was in another part of town so I’m not even sure how we would have gotten there? But the point is that my anxious ass decided not to go.

So, the next day my friend comes to visit me and confesses that it was just a ploy to organize a meeting/date between our classmate and me. Since I didn’t go my friend brought me a necklace from that kid who fancied me. It was a gift he bought in another country where he travelled with his parents that summer.

These kids CLEARLY watched way too many rom-coms.

Tho the worst part is the fact that the kid who fancied me is now in prison for murder ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What do you have to lose? There will come a point where you are tired of fighting, pushing, resisting. Tired of fighting your logical and reasoning mind. When you reach that point, touch that nerve, I tell you something: End the fight. Just try using your imagination to get there the easiest, fastest and most fun way. Put 5 minutes aside morning and night to see in your mind’s eye how life would feel if your dream were true. The degree to which you feel it, you will live it.

If you would like personal, affordable e-coaching, read here:

Change (Part 3) - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Ratings/Warnings: General Audiences, No warnings.

A/N: I know it’s been too long, and you guys seem to love this series, so here you go! Part 3. It may unfold super, painfully slow, but I think it’s necessary for the plot. Please, if you enjoyed the part, like/reblog the post and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments in my inbox. It’s super important for the writers!! Happy reading! xx

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

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@Zayn you are not a voice among millions

So I debated writing this but I kept thinking about that vogue interview and how Zayn said he was one voice among millions especially about certain issues and I knew i had to say something so here goes.

Zayn, you are not one voice among millions, do you know how much of an impact your very existence has?
Especially for the British Asians constantly stuck in a loop of stereotypes and struggling to break out of certain boundaries society has put them in.
They were seeing these celebrities with their standard names and faces and never feeling a sense of belonging or representation - feeling like they were outsiders and if they were ever noticed in mainstream media or pop culture it’d probably be negative or dismissive.

Until a boy named Zain Javadd Malik with his brown skin and thick Bradford accent stepped on an X Factor stage and became part of a Global Phenomenon.

A boy who just wanted to sing and give back to his family, a boy who liked art and comics, a boy who struggled with being mixed race and just wanted to make his mum happy.

The same boy grew up facing hatred, islamaphobia, racism and double standards that the people around him didn’t.

The boy never realised that hearing a name like Zayn Malik in the mainstream media meant so much to a huge community.
That because of him people went:
‘hey a brown kid is a famous popstar now, so why can’t I become a footballer?, why can’t I live my dream?’

Finally the youth that had someone to look up to; even of you weren’t talking about these issues directly, the fact that a brown muslim was thriving with success in an industry like that with the hate that he’s received had a massive impact - I’ve seen it first hand.

The same boy had a whole goddamn song named after him by the Swet Shop Boys saying what a role model he is to the youth that is struggling to find itself, in the very same community that the boy left behind.

So that boy, now grown into a kind hearted man, does not get to say that he’s a voice among millions, no not when he’s inspired so many people, not when he’s the first southern asian on vogue and that speaks volumes to so many.

Mr Zayn Malik, you are not ONE voice among millions, you are THE voice of millions and we are damn proud of you.

“You Idjits” {Requested}

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Requested by: @fandomnationwhore

Prying your eyes open to see the ceiling with strange markings you’ve never seen in your entire Elf life, you went to sit up only be stopped by leather bounds holding you by the ankles and wrists.

“You Idjits” was muttered before hearing steps walking out of the room you were currently in, picking your head up to see three men watching you closely two of those men had metal objects in their hand pointing it at you.

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¡Hola hola! I was wondering if you could do one of those things like how would it be like to be Percy's younger half sister? Also I love how much you interact with everyone it's honestly great

oh my god thank you what the fuck ?!

also, you’re v nice hola!!!

okay, here we go :

• protective older brother !!!!

• ‘so perce I think I have a crush on’ 'lmao what no you don’t’

• anytime you mention that someone is cute, he shuts you down in five fucking seconds like ur still five and you can never love anyone ever

• 'Percy you kissed Annabeth when you were fifteen’ 'and ??’

• you don’t talk about boys to him anymore, you go to Jason and Piper, they help out way more


• 'y/n’ 'what’ *ur soaked in three gallons of water*

• Percy’s a lil shit we all know this, everyone knows this

• is good at pushing all your buttons

• cOmPeTiTive !!!!!

• 'bet you three blue jolly ranchers that I can get to the lake before you’ he’d smirk at you

• 'you’re on fish face’


• 'ur my squishy and I shall call you my squishy’ *Percy squishes your cheeks together and you just want to punch him in the face*


• everyone who likes you is afraid to ask you out because secretly Percy threatened all of them

• when you finally get a significant other, it’s a wrAP

• Percy interrogates them for like three hours before you’re like 'Percy shut the fuck up’ and then he turns all soft

• 'Y/N you killed my scary demeanor!’ 'Too bad’

• as much as y'all annoy each other, you guys are very supportive of each other

• Percy : *is sparring w/ someone*


• when you two are in battle, it’s a force not many can stop.

• like yeah, everyone knows about the son of Poseidon, but bitch the daughter of Poseidon catches everyone off guard

• where Percy’s main focus is water, yours is earthquakes

• literally leaves enemy’s sHOOK

• you’re a p good sword fighter bc of Percy

• but you’re better with that one machine gun in the Weapon Shed that lITERALLY NOBODY HAS TAKEN YET LIKE FUCK THE AESTHETIC THERES A GUN U CAN USE

• (I have an oc that uses the gun lmao)

• you’re always in Percy’s bed because y'all have nightmares like nobody’s business

• you adore Percy, as much as you’d hate to admit it

• he adores you, and won’t shut the fuck up about it

• ur home girl is Sally she’s a great second mom to you (mom if you decide that ur mom is dead)

• y'all stress Sally out but she loves you two.


• bye

• oh also y'all ended up in a prank war with the Stolls

• they dyed you and Percy’s hair blue

• they immediately regretted it bc y'all looked dumb good with it

• Poseidon kids with blue hair

• das what I’m here for okay I’m done

- nez

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i've seen purple lady go from maybe being k3ith's mom to maybe being his sister... why is this fandom so damn obsessed with who k3ith may or may not be related to? and it's not even just the women - back before s2 people were convinced he was either th@ce's son or z@rkon's, and now people legit think he might be l0t0r's half brother and i'm sitting here thinking wtf... and let's not even talk about how a part of fandom insists he's somehow related to sh1ro, but can this fandom maybe chill?

They’re terrified of K/eith ending up with anyone but You Know Who, so any new characters that could potentially interact with him are immediately written off as “family”. And Sh/iro poses the greatest threat, since he’s the person closest to K/eith. Funnily enough this only seems to be the case with K/eith and A//ura (maybe because of their ties to the Ga/ra & A/teans?)

It’s just… illogical to assume that random character XY is Obviously related to character Z without any theories backing that claim up. Now that would really be ‘Bad Writing’.

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Can I get a request where the reader and Tom Holland are dating. And the reader is 18 and in collage and she's a little insecure about not being anything famous. Please and I love your writing so much

Hi, I think you were confused because I don’t write imagines (believe me, if I did, you wouldn’t like how I write lol).
If you want to request one here I’ll put users who do write and they do it amazing (idk if they have the requests open) @tomsh0lland @toms-spidey @reveriesforyou @tomhstories @boyfriendtom @stallingdemons @stan-holland

And Straight On Til Morning [Second Star To The Right, Part Two] [Harry Hook Imagine] [Request]

And Straight On Til Morning [Second Star To The Right, Part Two]

Harry Hook Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @opalescentobrien

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You and Mal were in an old warehouse, apparently where Mal used to hang out with Evie, Jay, and Carlos. While Mal was creating a painting, you were watching the Moonstone slowly make blue pixie dust. The process was almost like watching grass grow.

“How long does that dust take?” asked Mal.

“I told you. It will take at least a day since it’s not being made in the Pixie Dust Tree,” you answered.

“I’m sorry. If I had known coming here would use all of the dust, I wouldn’t have asked. I feel really–”

“Mal? [Y/N]?” asked Ben, suddenly appearing, dressed completely in blue leather.

Mal looked at him, and asked, “Ben, what are you doing here?”

“I’m gonna go,” you said, slowly leaving the room.“Not because this is awkward! I’m just gonna go because… I’m gonna go.”

You quickly sprinted away from the two, hoping to avoid an argument. When you exited the warehouse, you found Evie, Jay, and Carlos.

“[Y/N], you’re the one who brought Mal here?” asked Evie.

“Yeah,” you nodded, “she was upset.”

“We know,” said Carlos. “We brought Ben.”

“He’s upset, too,” stated Jay.

It was quiet after that. None of you knew what to say. Ben came down the staircase. He only shook his head. He then handed you the Moonstone and the bottle the blue pixie dust was being made in. You sighed, closing the bottle and placing both items inside your backpack.

Evie spoke into a microphone: “M, it’s Evie–”

Mal’s voice interrupted, “Go away!”

Carlos spoke: “Where’s Ben?”

You all looked around in realization. Ben was nowhere to be seen.

“Ben! Ben!” all of you began calling his name.

A shadow appeared in the dark street. The person approached, their face hidden from view.

“Ben! Don’t scare us… like… that…” Evie trailed off.

This person wasn’t Ben.

A wide grin spread across Harry’s face. He looked at each of you, though his gaze paused on you: “Uma wants to see Mal… alone. If you want Ben back, that is. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, though, if you came as well, fairy.”

“I’m not a fairy, Sir Seaweed,” you glared.

You heard your friends try not to laugh. Harry’s grin only widened at your statement. He brought his face closer to your own, and smirked, “I can’t wait to hook you, fairy. I quite like you.”

“I like me, too,” you smirked, giving him a wink.

Harry let out a loud laugh. He then used his hook to push away some of your hair. He grinned, “See you soon, fairy.”

- - -

You and Mal entered Ursula’s Fish and Chips. When the doors closed, everyone looked at you both. Uma smirked, “Let’s talk, Mal.”

As Mal stepped forward, a familiar hook appeared in front of your face. Harry wrapped that arm around you and smirked into your hair, “And I’ll talk to you. I’m glad you came to see me, fairy.”

You smiled to yourself, “Did I come to see you?”

Harry raised his eyebrows, and responded, “You’re here.”

You turned to him, and asked, “Am I?”

A wide grin spread across Harry’s face. Mal then approached, pulling you out of the restaurant. Harry stared after you.

He muttered to himself: “Rather funny, that fairy.”

- - -

You stared at the Isle, wondering what Harry was doing at the moment. Uma was unable to get Fairy Godmother’s wand and disappeared into the ocean after fighting Mal.

You didn’t hear Mal talking to Ben: “I think I know someone who would really like Auradon, Ben.”

- - -

You were placing everything that had been inside your backpack into the box you kept under your bed. You rolled your eyes when your dorm room door opened.

“Chad, you can’t use my printer,” you said.

“I don’t know who Chad is, but that Moonstone is still mine, you know?”

You turned around, and smiled, “Harry!”

Harry smiled back at you, “Fairy.”

You couldn’t think of anything else to say, except one word: “Hi.”