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(Loki x reader) My little girl

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Request:  Hey can I make a Loki fic request, where you’re a single mom to a little girl that you had with Loki after a one night stand (before the attack with the chitauri) and he doesn’t know about her?

A/N: Heyy, this is fluff overload and I hope you like it! Also sorry if your name is Laura, just imagine a Lorelai/Rory type situation (if you understand that reference, have a cookie)

Words: 2118

You sat on the couch watching tv in your small apartment, appreciating the time you had been given. You had just gotten your daughter to sleep after a painful three hours of coaxing, lullabies, and reading her favourite stories. She was a pain sometimes, but she was a pain you were more than willing to put up with. You changed the channels a few times before standing up and making yourself a cup of coffee so you could get your work done. You worked on an advice column in the paper and since you couldn’t always come in to work with your daughter, your boss let you work from home. You made yourself a coffee and went to sit down before something moved out of the corner of your eye.

Someone had pushed a letter through the mail slot in the door. You put your mug down and walked towards the door, picking up the letter and examining it. The paper was less paper and more of a parchment, the writing was also a crisp cursive handwriting and was written with pure ink. There was only one person you knew this could be from. You looked towards the door and quickly opened it, checking to see if anyone was there. Nobody. He had obviously used one of his magic tricks. You sighed and closed the door, looking down at the parchment in your hands.

You looked up and exhaled deeply, preparing for what was inside. Did he know about Laura? Was he coming for you? Was he going to hurt you? You used to trust this man, the father of your daughter. Now, with the attack on New York you weren’t so sure. You opened the letter carefully and read the contents inside.

Dear Y/N

I’m sure you know of what happened in New York, and I understand if you never wish to see or hear from me again. I was foolish before, my love. I was foolish to think I could be with you in the state I was in, but I wish to see you again. You were the only person who stopped me from hurting anyone before, Y/N. It was when you left, I broke.

I of course don’t blame you, my love. Everyday since we parted I hoped that you’ve been happy and safe. I understand if you are neither of those things when I’m near. If you feel afraid or unsure about me, my brother knows of me reaching out to you and you can speak to him. I’m sure you remember how I taught you to contact me, I’ll be waiting.

Please at least consider my offer, my dear.

All my love, Loki

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Monsta X Reaction: Finding out their s/o smokes

|||Anon asked:Could you make a reaction of mx finding out their s/o smokes?|||

Wonho/Shin Hoseok

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He saw you smoking when he came to pick you up from work. 

“Y/N! What’s the meaning of this? How long have you been smoking?”

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo

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Would have a serious talk with you about the negative effects of smoking and would probably bug you about it for the rest of the day.

Lee Minhyuk

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“Jagi! I thought better of you than to smoke, it will damage your beautiful skin.”

Yoo Kihyun

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“Well it’s up to you. I can’t forbid you from doing it but you should know that I don’t approve of it.”

Chae Hyungwon

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Would be lost as he never suspected you out of everyone to be doing it.

I.M/Lim Changkyun

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“If you like it, smoke all you want but I can promise you a reward if you quit.”

Lee Jooheon

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You didn’t expect for him to wake up this early and went for a smoke on the balcony.

“I will take this.” he said taking the cigarette out of your mouth. “Care to explain yourself?”

A/N: I don’t judge and maybe it’s easier said than done but seriously people don’t smoke. 😑

BTS React to S/O being famous and not knowing

Anonymous asked: bts reacting to their s/o being a famous journalist/writer and they only found out about it when someone told them? like their s/o  didn´t find it important because the boys are stressed and such? thank you lovely! and remember to take care of yourself rest a bit and don´t stress yourself too much!

Thank you so much for the request and being so sweet! Same goes to you, love.


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As the two of you had sat down conversing about a few things, you finally decided it was the right moment to bring your career up since you were both on the subject. He wasn’t necessarily shocked, but more so confused as to why you never told him.

The more you explained why, he shook his head with a small smile.

“No! You should have told me if it’s something you’re passionate about.” With that, he reassured you it added no pressure to him.


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It was in the beginning of the relationship where you both were at the point of just asking questions once in a while, so he had finally brought something up fairly important.

“I had never asked and I don’t know how, but what do you do?” He asked with an open mind and glowing eyes. 

Explaining everything, you could see his pupils dilating in the slightest and his eyebrows furrowing.

“Ah, I still don’t see how you could keep that away from me.” Though he had no hesitation in telling everyone about how amazing it was of you to be doing that.


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He would be puzzled, not knowing how all of this slipped past him as the information kept spewing out of your mouth.

After knowing all of this, he would brag to everyone he knew how much of a good writer you were and was one to fully acknowledge the hard work you do everyday with no added on stress on his part.


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“How did I never know this..?” He asked himself quietly as the two of you have been conversing. There was absolutely no stress added on his side, and he made that very clear to you. His words came out fast as he seemed quite passionate about the same things you wrote about, even giving out some ideas he had.

‘This is great!’ he had thought, this whole career image made you a whole lot more attractive in his eyes.


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‘Shaken’ at first as he just let the whole career subject slip past. His reaction would be as short and sweet as he is ʰᵃʰᵃ

“You should have told me you were beyond my league.” 

No stress was added.


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Would reassure the fact there was no further stress added to his career life as there already was, proud and all smiley at the fact you seemed so passionate about it.

In a sense, it sort of made him feel better that you seemed to feel above average happiness about what you were doing.


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This guy knew you had some surprises up your sleeve he was just dying to figure out, and well, this surprise was nowhere near expected. He had wondered like the rest how you kept such a huge deal a secret this whole time.

Through it all, he was extremely supportive.

“This better be the only thing you’ve hidden” He half-joked.


Remy says goodbye to Killian and quickly gets into his truck. There was still something nagging him. What was it? It was something in the way Killian smelled…not just sex…his cologne or deodorant smelled so familiar. Remy closes his eyes…it would come to him. 

But his phone rings before he can focus. It was Lala.

Remy: Dropped the kids off safe and sound, baby girl. Don’t worry.

Lala laughs: I know, they both called me. Manny is grouchy but I’m sure he’ll be fine once he spends time with his cousins. Maela is thrilled to be with Neely. I’m going to miss them, but I bet they will have a fantastic summer. That island is so beautiful from what I remember. But…Remy, I have exciting news! Do you want to hear it now, or wait until you get home?

Remy: I won’t be home for many hours, Lala. What’s up?

Lala: Remember how I’ve been feeling so under the weather lately? We thought it was my anemia? Well, it isn’t anemia. I’m pregnant!

Remy laughs: Oh sh*t.

Lala indignant:  Remy? Are you serious? That’s your reaction to having your fourth child?

Remy: Yes. It is. Because I’m 41 years old. I want to weep thinking about having teens and a toddler under one roof. I’m too worn out and weary, Lala.

Lala laughs: You’re happy and you know it! Come home as fast as you can so we can celebrate! I think we should keep it to ourselves until summer ends and the kids come home, what do you think?

Remy: I think the same. Wow, this is amazing. So what else did the doctor say?

The good news makes Remy completely forget about Killian, his odd behaviour, and the scent of his cologne.

 Remy drives off, confident that the kids would all be safe for the summer, under Killian and Teresa’s care.

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I dont know you, but for me it looked like Kaneki was a little disappointed when he tought he was overthinking things, like, he ran to her room at the sound of the word "kid" just to ask her if she was ok (I seriously want a boyfriend like him 🙊) a part of me likes to think that he actually hoped that she was pregnant


I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING ANON (!!!) i even mentioned this on twitter.

maybe i’m overseeing things… but to me, this is not the face of a man who’s relieved and happy to know that his girlfriend isn’t pregnant as he suspected. 

considering how dangerous it would be to have a child right now (apart from the biologic implications..) he should be jumping out of happiness to know that “she’s not” pregnant, he doesn’t look worried either… i don’t know, but i see disappointment in his eyes? a bit of sadness? maybe his reaction won’t be as bad as we thought it could be (or maybe he doesn’t know shit about biology&thinks the baby will be born just fine..) but like… imagine how touka would feel if she knows he’s not sad or angry about it? she’s been so worried to put that weight on his shoulders bc she knows how busy and stressed he is, i totally understand her fear and keeping this as a secret for now.. just imagine the spark of happiness that we can have 😭  *ignores centipede+toukareadingthereport+kaneki’seyebags+mutsuki+everythingelse*

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Hey I love ur writing !! It's incredible. Can u do one where Jean meets Jeremy's family as his bf?

Ahhhhh thank you so much!!!! Here you go! 

Over the last four years, Jean had become very familiar with Jeremy’s family. They had been welcoming, inviting him over for every holiday, and Jean had grown to see why Jeremy spoke of the cramped farm house with such fondness. He liked holiday mornings helping Jeremy’s mother cook, when the rest of the house was asleep and things were quiet before the explosion of activity that surrounded the Knoxes.

Perhaps that was why Jean’s stomach was in knots as he waited with Jeremy to tell her about the progression of their relationship. If she didn’t approve, he knew what he stood to lose. His thoughts jumped automatically to how he wasn’t good enough for Jeremy, how surely they were okay with Jean as a sort of pet project for Jeremy, but not a genuine prospect for a long term relationship.

“Babe?” Jeremy asked, pulling him out of his reverie. His face softened upon seeing Jean’s panicked look and he continued, “You know we don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.”

Jean knew Jeremy was looking out for him, but despite his better instincts, he was willing to trust that it would be okay. So Jean shook his head and answered, “It’s important to you, which makes it important to me. And I like your family.”

Jeremy squeezed his hand and smiled. “They like you too.”

With that, they headed inside and were greeted with the customary Knox cheer, laughter and copious hugs. After a bit of catching up, they sat on the couch and Jeremy sighed before saying, “Mama? We have something to tell you.”

She nodded and said, “Of course, baby. Anything.”

Jeremy laughed nervously before saying, “Jean and I…we’re…we’ve been dating for a few months. It’s getting pretty serious, so we thought you should know.”

Jean’s heart stopped waiting for her reaction, but a smile spread across her face. “And he makes you happy?”

Jeremy nodded quickly. “So happy, Mama. You have no idea.”

She turned to Jean and he prepared himself for a speech about how she expected him to treat Jeremy well, but instead all she said was, “And he makes you happy?”

Jean took a moment to answer, but eventually managed to eke out, “I-yes. I’m happier with your son than I’ve ever been.”

She moved forward and pulled them both into a hug. “Well, then that’s all I need to hear. I had hoped you would get your act together, what with the way you were dancing around each other at Christmas time, but of course I didn’t want to push…”

“Mom!” Jeremy exclaimed.

“I’m just saying, you’re not very subtle, Jeremy dear.”

While Jeremy’s cheeks reddened, Jean said, “It’s alright. You’re not wrong. I had feelings for him then. I’m just glad we finally acted on them.”

Jeremy looked up from where he had buried his face in a pillow. “You liked me at Christmas?”

Jeremy’s mom patted his cheek. “Oh, my sweet boy.”

Jeremy groaned. “I should’ve known the two of you as a united front would be terrible.”

Looking at Jeremy’s face, embarrassed, but happy, Jean knew they would be alright. They had family and love and everything they needed and Jean would hold on forever.

Xiumin – Accidental?

Characters: Xiumin x You

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1359

A/N: [1/9] The first one shot of the mafia boss one shot series. One to go and eight to come. I hope you like it? Tell me your opinion about it

“I’m sorry, Darling. There isn’t a chance that you’re ever leaving me, never.

Our first meeting was casual and typical. It wasn’t a beautiful moment, not really. I just moved into a new neighbourhood. Not knowing my way around I thought about checking out the area. It was my last year in college and while I lived with my parents before, I just needed to have my own space and learn how it was to live alone and look after myself. But how could I have known that this territory especially belonged to the mafia? That it was protected and secured by one of the most dangerous ones even. I didn’t, which is also why the name Xiumin didn’t ring any bells in my head when it should have.

He ran into me the moment I walked out of the cute coffee shop, my newly bought Latte spilling all over my blouse in the progress. Looking up at the person, I expected him to shout at me. His face was not very friendly, but cold and expressionless, his jaw clenches with what I thought was fury. Yet, after I bowed and apologised a lot he offered to buy me a new one and I found myself back in the shop, sitting down in front of him. Thinking about it now, I couldn’t really remember how I agreed to that. He was great in manipulation, he was so good that you were agreeing blindly to everything unconsciously.

The moment he introduced himself, I should have seen the sadistic glint in his eyes, waiting for my reaction which should have been full of fear and dread. But for me, being the ignorant new citizen, simply commented that it was a pretty original name and introduced myself after. His face changed and light surprise was visible, he then insisted on being called Minseok instead and I didn’t question the change at all. Maybe it was his charm, or maybe I was just distracted by his good looks. His big eyes or his cute smile, or his whole being. No, I was totally falling for his manipulation powers. I should have known better.

With his way of talking, of holding himself, of all the people around us looking at us with shock and fear. They knew what I didn’t, that Minseok was dangerous and was known for getting what he wanted.

We exchanged numbers and hit it off afterwards.

At first, it was only text messages, before his calls came in and we started to talk more than two hours a day. I fell hard for him and was overjoyed when he asked me out, officially. We had many dates and yet he came to see me just for some minutes and walked me home from college. Dating him was great and I was sure he felt the same. Minseok was a mostly a blank-faced type of person, rarely smiling and joking around. With me, he was different. He always had a smile for me, sweet words to whisper into my ears when we cuddled, and sweet kisses whenever he woke me up. He was still like that, different to me. Everything was great for half a year. But who would have thought that I never really knew him? That I never saw a whole other side of him after dating for more than six months?

I shouldn’t have found out that way or at all, that was obvious when he came to rescue me from one of his enemies. He didn’t dare look at my face, I knew that much. Because what we had was genuine, what he showed me of his character was sincere, his actions real. If I would be in his position, I would fear the emotions showing through my eyes, the expressions of my face. I was sure they could crush a person because I felt betrayed, something that would definitely end with me not trusting him anymore.

“Don’t move, or I will blow this pretty head away.”

I was conflicted. Should I even show fear, feel fear and be scared of the unknown person holding a gun to my head? Because the only thing I felt at the moment was numbness. Being deceived and lied to for more than half a year is something I would have never thought would happen to me, would be possible. But look at me, was I really not worth the truth?

“Just move one finger and I will blow your head before you can even roll your eyes.” Minseok, no, Xiumin growled out. His stance was straight and cold, his face not betraying his anger. Besides his eyes, they were screaming. But I couldn’t look at them anymore, I couldn’t look at him anymore. Especially after I heard the shot before the body behind me fell to the ground and I was pulled into someone’s chest. His chest. And I felt nothing. Nothing positive.

Days went by and I never left his sides, well, he didn’t leave my side more precisely. Did we talk? He sure did, but I didn’t have anything to say to him. Not yet. I was too occupied with my own thoughts, my own feelings. Trying to sort out the chaos in my head.

But even after a week, I couldn’t think clearly. I felt too suffocated. Each day he would be around me, trying to make me talk to him, react to him, just look at him. He even started to work in front of me, which meant that he never left my side. I couldn’t take it. Not the closeness, not him talking all the time and especially the huge mansion I felt trapped in. His mansion that I am, of course, not allowed to leave without him.

I loved Minseok, Xiumin, whatever. I really do. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t need any space to cope up with the fact that he was a freaking mafia boss with a bunch of guys with guns, who actually kill for a living. Or that he had too many enemies after his head and potentially mine as well.

So, the moment he went out to get food and left the door a bit open, I walked out and in the direction, I believed the huge double doors were located. Right before I could attempt to open them, a voice startled me

“Don’t you dare, sweetheart, even touch that door.” He was suddenly standing right behind me, his breath fanning the back of my neck, making me shiver in fright. I was afraid of him, a whole lot. Maybe because I was facing the side of him I never met before? The mafia boss one that seemed unforgiving and strict. It wasn’t really doing my heart any good that he was able to creep up to me without me hearing and noticing it.

“I-I can’t do this,” I whispered, my thoughts tumbling out of my mouth without any control. “I can’t live with someone who is able to kill anyone without a second thought. Someone who is not giving me space to cope up with it. Please, I just need time.”

“I’m sorry, Darling.” He whispered, now closer to my ear. Turning me around to pull my chin up to face his smirking lips. He was taunting me, his eyes twinkling with amusement. I never knew that he was this selfish. “I will give you anything you want. But the time you want, I can’t give. There isn’t a chance that you’re ever leaving me, never. The only thing I won’t allow is you leaving my side, and I will make sure that it will stay like this forever.”

Minseok was a man of his words. He really gave me everything I wanted, he gave me the world. Only with the condition of him always being beside me. And while I thought he would stay selfish and disregard my feelings, he never mentioned his work around me.

He never talked about his tasks, about his duty or the kills. With me, the cold and unforgiving mafia boss, Xiumin, was the compassionate and warm Minseok. I met him accidental, yet with lives full intention.

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

Shinee Reaction: Finding out their girlfriend has tattoos

||| Requested by @chocolatcandy |||

Onew/Lee Jinki

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He didn’t believe you when you first told him and still couldn’t believe it even when you showed them to him.

“No no, those can’t be real. I would have noticed.”

Key/Kim Kibum

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You two have been dating for a while now but he seriously never noticed the tattoo on your hip, he was so lost when he did though.

“Was this always there? Should I ask her?”

Kim Jonghyun

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He would have no idea how to react because he never thought you would be brave enough to actually get them.

“How come you have so many? Needles are scary.”

Choi Minho

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He would fell in love with them as soon as he found out.

“You should have showed them sooner, they look great!”

Lee Taemin

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He would ask you to show him the other tattoos you got as well.

“Well now I know one more thing that makes you irresistible.” 

Imagine being an avenger that Tony is very protective of cause you are like a sister to him and Loki takes an interest in you (part 2)

Original imagine

Part 1

Notes: Someone also requested for me to make a second part but I forgot who I’m sorry.

Hope you enjoy:)

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You woke up with a shock, quickly checking to see your surroundings. You were laying on a huge bed in an even bigger room. Your body ached and the events of what happened several hours ago went threw your mind.

You were walking around the Stark tower since you were there alone as everyone else decided to go out to dinner. You decided to go to the bar in the tower and make yourself a drink. You stood behind the bar grabbing a glass from the cabinet right as you got to the counter a hand grabbed her wrist.

“Miss me darling.” you knew that voice anywhere. It was Loki’s.

“Oh shit not you again.”

“I said I would come back to get you, I always keep my promises pet.“ Before you knew it loki had knocked you out and had taken you to asgard.

“Good you are awake my pet. You slept threw dinner so I brought some midgardian food for you.” You didn’t want to take it but your stomach rumbled from not eating for a while you took it. Loki left the room for the whole time you were eating but came back.

“Why the hell are you back in here?”

“To sleep, you know even gods have to get their sleep love.” Loki laughed at your question.

“What? Your not sleeping in here, I refuse to sleep in the same bed as you.”

“Fine suit yourself, you can sleep on the floor.”

“Ugh fine,” you climbed into the bed and sat as far away from Loki as possible, “don’t touch me.”

“You know you can come closer I won’t bite unless you want me to.“ He said as he began to move over to your side.

“If you move another inch I swear to god.“ Loki stopped his movements.

“Fine but one day you will warm up to me.” You rolled your eyes.

Loki had kept you in that room for most of the days you were there besides for dinner, but you always refused to eat with him so you ate in your room, and to take showers and use the restroom. Loki visited the room quite often to get you to warm up to him, and give his snarky comment of the day but you ignored him each time. Then after two weeks you finally spoke to Loki.

“So your plan here is to just keep me here and it will end in my eventual dead of boredom!” Loki rolled his eyes.

“So you ignore me for weeks, refuse to eat dinner with me and you aspect me to release back to your world!” Loki yelled at you.

“Yea I do, you know sometimes you can’t always get what you want. I’m sorry that you love me and I hate you maybe you shouldn’t force me to be with you.”

“You don’t understand, you just don’t understand.” Loki sat on the bed next to you crying into his hand. “Everything, literally everything I have ever wanted gets taken and ruined by Thor.” You felt bad maybe he wasn’t that bad you thought to yourself maybe he just needed someone to love and care for him. “When I saw you I fell in love with you I just thought that maybe I could finally have something I wanted.” Before you could answer him he left the room, and didn’t return all night.

Loki had stopped bringing meals to you himself, and had guards bring it to you. He started sleeping in different sleeping chambers. You couldn’t help to feel lonely without his company, you felt guilty for the pain you caused Loki. It had been another boring day in your room and you decided to go to bed early. You had gotten a few hours of sleep, then there was a loud crack of thunder. Oh god. Oh god you thought to yourself. You always hated thunderstorms since you were little. Then there was a louder crack of thunder. You went to the door and tried to open it but it happened to be locked.

You started to bang on the door to let the guards know to get Loki. “Please get Loki, please get Loki, please get Loki.” You kept repeating this until the door opened to show a rather sleepy looking Loki.

“Y/n why have you called me down at such a late hou-”

Before he could finish his thought you quickly rapped your hands around Loki's stomach and put your head on his chest .

“Thank you for coming,” your fear of the thunder died down “please don’t ever leave me again.” You whispered as you began to cry. Loki had closed the door behind the two of you, as you held his hand and dragged him to be on the bed with you. You both laid down on the bed you began to hug Loki’s body again just as another loud crack of thunder.

“So I can tell you don’t like thunder much?” Loki said as he laughed at you clinging to him. You shook your head. “It’s fine I’m not too fund of it either.” You really couldn’t fall asleep during the storm even with loki with you, so the two of you stayed up all night talking about what your life was like on earth and what his life was like on asgard. You learned a lot about him. Loki was a damaged and broken soul that needed someone to help him repair it. He just wanted someone to care for him, since he never felt that while he was a kid. Maybe that person could be you.

You and Loki both fell asleep after the storm was over very early in the morning. In the morning the guards went to go wake you both up, when one of the guards opened the door to the sleeping chambers they saw the two of you happily sleeping, with Loki’s arm around your waist holding you close to his body. The guard decided to let you both sleep for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon.

Loki had been the first to wake up. He saw you were holding onto his arm peacefully sleeping he had to resist kissing you right there and then, so Loki got off the bed and lightly kissed your forehead before he exited the room. He went to the kitchens and ordered the chefs to make all of Asgard’s signature dishes, he wanted to make this perfect for you.

When Loki returned to the room you were already awake. “Good morning my lady, please get dressed I have something to show you.” You quickly got off the bed and got dressed. You opened your door to find Loki waiting outside for you.

“Wait your seriously letting me out of that room?”

“Yes I think it’s a time for change in your environment you have been kept in that room for too long.” He smiled charmingly at you. You could tell that some of the coldness in Loki’s heart was going away little by little. The rest of the afternoon Loki showed you around the palace. He talked about many of his childhood memories of living here as a child. He told you about his first ball and how he fell while he tried to dance with his date. He told you about the many pranks him and his brother use to play on the servants, which you laughed at. While walking around with him you thought maybe he wasn’t as bad as he seemed.

After walking around the whole castle, Loki told you that he had one last room he wanted to show you. You walked to the room and Loki opened the door to it and let you in. You walked in and your jaw dropped. There were books upon books. The walls were just basically piled with books.  "When you told me how much you liked reading last night, I thought you would enjoy this room.“

“Oh my god thank you so much!” You ran up to Loki and gave him a hug.

“It’s no problem.” he smiled at how cute he thought your reaction was.

As you ended the hug you asked “Have you read all of them?”

“No not all of them but most of them.” There was a silence while you looked around at the stacks of books, lWell would you mind if I left you in here for a few hours I have something I need to attend to?”

“No I don’t mind, you could leave me here all day.” You laughed and so did Loki.  

It had been a few hours before a guard old you that you should get ready for dinner with Loki. You left the library with a couple books that you wanted to keep for later. When you arrived  in your room there was a gorgeous f/c dress laying on the bed. You got changed into it and did your hair. You walked down to the dining to see Loki sitting at one side of the table. The table was filled with a feast of unfamiliar foods.

Loki stood up from his chair and walked over to you. “You look gorgeous y/n. You are not only beautiful on the inside, but the outside. Please sit.” Loki pulled out a chair for you to sit.

“Thank you Loki.” you were already blushing and the night had only just begun. After you sat down Loki starting telling you all about the food that was presented in front of you. “I hope you enjoy-y it, I figured you were tired of Midgradian food-d.” Loki said kind of nervously. Loki tried to act confident during the dinner but he was actually really nervous. What if he makes a fool of himself? What if she is just using him? These thought ran threw his head as you too began eating.

You tried almost all of the food that was presented in front of you and you enjoyed everything. After dinner was over Loki and you walked out to the balcony. You were looking out at the stars it was beautiful.

“I really hope you enjoyed dinner.”

“I did thank you,” there was a silence, “Ummm Loki, I just wanted to say sorry for the fight we had, I never apologized, and I felt really bad for the words I said. I always thought you were some crazy obsessed weirdo, but now I have learned that you are actually caring and sweet.”

“Thanks,” Loki turned to face you, “before I met you I didn’t believe in something like love. I thought it was just for fools. I used to make fun of my brother for falling for a mortal, but now I can see why he found mortals so appealing.” You laughed at what Loki said. “I mainly believed love was fools cause I would think no one would ever love me no one could care about me like that.” You then turned to face Loki both eyes staring into each other.

“May I kiss you lady y/n?”

“You may.” Loki then leaned into your face and grabbed the side of your cheek, pulling you into a kiss. For the both of you the kiss was incredible, but when you kissed him it was like nothing you have ever experienced, no one has ever kissed you like that before, so passionate. For Loki this kiss meant so much to him, it made him feel like it was possible for someone to love him. Loki pulled away from the kiss.

“ Lady Y/n, can I call you mine?” To answer Loki’s question you pulled Loki into another passionate kiss. And after all these years Loki finally felt loved.

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Regarding something I just read in your Shikamaru headcanon: What if Tobirama created Edo Tensai not to bring his brothers back or terrify his enemies but to do paperwork? Maybe one of his assistants died before he got to pass on his trick to do form 33b in half the time? Or Tobirama, vicious, vengeful bastard that he is, declared: "Every traitor to Konoha is sentenced to deah - and then to resurrection to do paperwork! Forever!" Village loyalty reached an all-time high. (1/2)

Or it was his revenge on the elders? To finally do something useful for the generations they kept at war for so long? And they did have valuable experience that should be passed on before it died out with them… How about a zombie-taught academy? (I’m wondering what Tobirama was smoking if he decided on that. And what I am for considering it. Also, everybody else’s reaction must have been hilarious. Or “Meh, Tobi’s done that for ages. It’s practical. Get your jaws off the floor, Uchiha.”)

Tbh I always thought the Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu was Tobirama’s cheat for paperwork, but this whole thing is hilarious and I could totally see it. 

L: Well.  You got quiet.

S: They thought he was going to die! [wipes her eyes]

L: You ok??

S: Yes, but the music was so morose and they were so frantic.  It was interesting to see their true colors show through in an emergency.

L: What do you mean?

S: Well Amethyst is always to goofy one but when Steven needed her she was focused and kept the others going.  Pearl always tries to stay in control of everything but she completely broke down.  And Garnet is normally so stoic but she just… basically had a panic attack and resorted to the only thing she could think of, irrational as it was.  

L: Huh.  

S: Overall I thought the premise of the episode was… a little dumb, to be honest.  I don’t think it said as much about Steven as it could have because you could tell that his body might have been aging but he was only acting how he thought he should act as an old man, if that makes sense.  The last bit with the Gems though was heartbreaking.  This show is cruel.

L: Do you want to stop?

S: Noooo!

Other thoughts from last night:

- I would 100% watch a Talks Machina episode that was just “how long can Taliesin ad-lib about the history of Whitestone?” It could be the most niche charity livestream marathon ever!
- My heart aches that we didn’t get to see Cassandra’s reaction to the hat. I’m sure she would have been very gracious and assured Grog that nobody else could pull it off the way he does.
- Little bit of a “Really, guys?” moment at none of the cast knowing what ‘avarice’ meant, but I was particularly amused by Travis and Laura’s failure. Mustang and Lust, you should know this!
- “Hunh, Taliesin is holding out his left hand to sh– …and that’s why you’re my favorite, you charming son of a bitch.”

fluffy wolfstar headcanon (first kiss)

One day Sirius realizes he hasn’t had his first kiss yet and that bugs him so he asks James if he wants to practice “just to see what it would be like”. James says no because he wants his first kiss to be with Lily (because James is a ridiculous romantic dork) and he jokingly suggests Sirius should ask Remus or Peter. 

Peter, who witnessed the whole conversation, immediately makes a disgusted sound and refuses Sirius before he even had a chance to ask - because James did so too and Peter is way too insecure to do something so “unmanly” like practicing kissing with another guy, even if it all happens in the 5th year Gryffindors boy’s dorm. So that day during dinner, Sirius confronts Remus (his last hope!) with this idea. James is suppressing his laughter  when sirius just suddenly turns to remus and says without any warning: “hey moony fancy snogging me some time for practice?“ Remus almost drops his fork and stares at his friend, mouth open for a few seconds and then starts to laugh hysterically which unfortunately turns into a coughing fit because he had been eating. Sirius frowns and makes his sad puppy dog eyes. James is laughing while Peter claps Remus back supportively.

The following weeks Sirius keeps complaining and nagging about his lack of experience in kissing and he ignores all of James’ remarks about how Sirius should just ask a girl because „You’re missing the point, James! I want to practice.“ and because moony’s reaction to his proposal had been the best (and also because for some reason Sirius actually gets kinda excited about the thought of kissing Remus but he doesn’t really know why) he keeps suggesting it to Remus at odd times. Sirius creeps up behind moony in the middle of potions and says:"snog me moony” which causes remus to throw way too much knotgrass into his potion which then explodes what leads to detention for all 4 marauders because the professors have given up a long time ago to make a distinction between them - usually they’re always all involved somehow.

Then Sirius asks him again another day during transfiguration and on the same evening in the dorm, while James has quidditch practice and Peter is out there too watching James, Remus is pacing around the dorm because the full moon is only one night away and he already feels restless and tense. Sirius is sitting on his bed, trying to study but he gets distracted by Remus. He almost snaps at him to stop pacing around but then he remembers it’s because of the full moon so he just asks him if he needs anything and if he should maybe turn into Padfoot to calm him down? moony declines and keeps pacing around in a circle, sometimes looking out of the window to the almost-full moon. sirius starts to ramble about things to distract his friend - he’s talking about school and pranks and quidditch and then he talks about girls and about how Kingsley Shacklebolt has a girlfriend now and moony just snaps, makes three long steps to sirius bed and says “ALRIGHT SIRIUS I’LL DO IT” and kisses him. Sirius is so shocked he breathes in and it’s all messy and their teeth clench but then suddenly it’s amazing and he never wants it to end and he tugs on moony’s sweater to get him closer and they are so distracted by the kiss that they don’t even realize James and Peter standing in the doorway staring at them and looking slightly traumatized.

( firagaproductions i hope this cheers you up? )

romanced companions react to sole finding out they're a synth!

:O poor sole, the anon request that this was done because Shaun just wanted to meet one of his parents, the real sole had died in the cryo pod, such an interesting concept !

 quite a bit of sad in this but it gets happy to c:

Cait: “I’ll fucking punch your “son” in the face, how fucking dare he play with your emotions and lie to you like this”. Cait was fuming, teeth gritting together, fists by her side, hadn’t her lover been through enough, “They had no right, he had no right, he should have had more respect for his parents”. Sole pulled Cait into a hug, calming her before she did something she would regret. She leaned done, pulling sole into a heated kiss, “well, you’re no different to me, I still love you just the same darling, you should let me blow that fucking institute to hell though”. Cait did everything in her power to stop herself from looking for Shaun, even though she really wanted to stamp on his head, she focused her energy on keeping soles spirits up.

Curie: “Your son must love you very much to have done this, he just wanted to meet his parent”. Curie was shocked to hear her lover was not the human she thought they where. “Shaun was wrong to not tell you that you where not a human, he went about the whole situation wrong I admit, but I firmly believe he did not want to hurt you”. She wrapped a blanket round her lover and brought them a hot drink, kissing their lips as she passed them it. Sole stayed silent pondering on curies assessment of the situation, she always was optimistic and saw the best in people, maybe she was right, yes they where hurt but maybe it wasn’t Shaun’s intention. “Just to make sure you know, I love you just as much sole, maybe even more knowing I get to spend a longer life with you my love”. She was holding their face gazing into their eyes, adoring and warm. “sole pulled them into a long kiss, maybe she was right, for now they just melted into the touch of their innocent lover. 

Danse: Danse blinked when sole told them the news, they could not believe it, his heart was racing, his hands shaking with nerves, “I..I don’t believe it, your own son, he made you? why did he wait so long to create you? why did he not tell you the truth from the start?”. He was full of questions and confusion, but it would wait till later. He pulled sole into his lap holding them tightly, kissing their forehead, “Whatever the case you’re just as human as you feel, just like you told me, synth, human you’ve tough me there’s no difference, you are still Sole”. He held them close assuring them nothing would change, his heart suddenly sunk in his chest, “Sole there’s one thing I need you to do, please, I beg of you leave the BOS, you know what they’ll do if they learn the truth, they’re still stuck in Maxson’s ways”. He pleaded with them, holding their hands shakily, he released a breath he didn’t know he was holding when they promised to leave. 

Deacon: “Now I feel awful for lying to you about me being a synth”. He held sole close stroking their hair, “Babe I swear this means nothing to me you’re still the same person to me, no difference, and I love you for who you are”. Silence fell between the too, uncomfortable. “I want a memory wipe”. Deacon chocked when the words left his lovers mouth, “I’m a synth and I know it can be done in the railroad, please, I just want to forget, do what you do for every other synth, give them a new lease of life”. Sole pleaded with them, pain in their eyes, Deacon grabbed them shaking them by the shoulders, “NO, Don’t you dare, I refuse to fucking lose you, I need you, I can’t survive losing anybody else”. Tears streamed down his face, his fingers clinging to sole as he collapsed to his knees begging and begging for them to reconsider.  “How, how do I live knowing I’m just a synth”. “you are a fucking person,  you’re more than just a synth, you’re my sole, are you telling me glory is just a synth….Barbra, was-was, she just a synth to?”. He had his knees up to his chin, staring up at them, dying inside. Sole slumped to their knees wrapping their arms around him, “No they’re not, shit this is just a lot to take in, I’m so sorry, I had no right to say these things, we’ll get through this, I promise not to leave you”.

Hancock: “Shit sunshine I’m so fucking sorry, anything I can do to help you get through this, you let me know”. He held soles hands stroking them lightly in soothing patterns. His heart was heavy seeing his lover so broken, eyes threatening to spill tears of his own, he blinked rapidly to prevent it. “Hey sweetheart? things look bad now but really, in my eyes you’ve gotten another chance at life, and you know why? because you’re such an amazing person, you need to exists, this world needs you, I need you”. He nuzzled his face against there’s, “what about Goodneighbour, do I have to leave, no synths allowed right” Sole whispered worried. Hancock stood up, kicking the door to his balcony open, “My people, it’s time for change, to defeat the institute we need to help those they have wronged, that includes all and any escaped synths, they pose no threats, they’re just like us, kicked when they’re down, if I hear anybody threatening a synth I’ll shank you myself”. He grinned out to his beloved community, turning to wink at his lover, “we’re all behind you on this sweetheart, we support you and we’ll fuck up anybody that disagrees”  

Maccready: “But..but synths..they kill people, they replace people in the night”. He was devastated and a little scared, he loved sole but if they where one of these things they could turn. He sat head in his hands shaking, repeating “no, no no”. “Sole crouched down to their level forcefully pulling their head up to meet their eyes. “Mac do you really think I’d ever do anything like that, have I ever done anything like that before? nothing will fucking change, it’s just a big shock right now”. Sole tried to assure their lover, “I just, I don’t know right now, synths freak me out you know that? but but, you’re my lover, I can’t just fuck you over at a time like this. He sighed, a small smile on his face, “let’s just see how things go, we’ll sort this out right?” Sole nodded pulling him to his feet, he gave them an  awkward smile, apologizing for their early freak out, 

Nick: As soon as they heard the news they picked up there lover rocking them gently in his arms, eyes full of understanding, they were on the same page really, Nick knew what it was like to be the person you’re really not with no choice. “The institute all of them they’re bastards with no regards for the feelings or the people who’s lives they fuck with, doll please, don’t ever go back there”.  “If you can believe that this old synth really is Nick Valentine than you must believe that you really are the sole survivor right?” He stroked their cheek smiling lightly, pushing away any sadness of his own away, sole needed him right now. “You’re right nick, you know exactly what this is like, please just help me understand and get through this?”. He picked them up bridal style, kissing them softly, “Anything for you my doll”. He managed to convince sole to never return to the institute for their sanity and well being. 

Piper: “Wait you’re a synth and you’re just telling me now?! Seriously blue how could you do this to me, after everything, all my research and hate for the institute, and you’re a synth”. She was on the verge of tears, broken hearted and angry, sole reached out to her in attempt to explain, “No stop, just get out! NOW!”. She shouted red faced and teary eyed. “PIPER CALM DOWN” Sole, pinned her to the wall, gently gripping her wrists to stop her leaving. “listen to me piper, I did not know, I only just found out, do you really think I’d lie like this? after everything, Shaun made me because the real me died in that vault, he wanted to know his parent”. Sole sighed releasing their grip on piper, nervously waiting for a response. She flung into their arms holding them tightly, speaking through sobs, “oh my god, sole, I can’t believe I thought you’d lie to me, I’m such an idiot, you deserve better, you learn a shocking truth and I made it all about me”. “If..if you want to go I understand, I’ve been such a fool, but you should know, you might be a synth but you’re my synth, my sole”. Sole embraced her back holding her through both of their pain, whispering that they’d fix things. 

Preston: “So you died, 200 years ago, and now you’re a synth?” He questioned sole puzzled, “No Preston I’m just a synth, the real me died, I’m just a cheap imitation”. He shook his head and crossed his arms, “Same memories, same heart and mind set, same everything, you’re the real deal, you’re just a bit more metal now”. His face was stubborn, not backing down, eventually sole cracked laughing at their lover, “Sooo? you just see me as the same person you met in concord”. they spoke looking up nervously from behind their lashes, “No you’re the same person I met, who saved my life and who I fell in love with in concord”. He smiled back just as sheepish. He pulled sole into a warm cuddle kissing the tip of their nose, “don’t dwell on it babe nothing needs to change, you’re the exact same person in my eyes”. 

X6:88:  “Did you know about this?!…. Answer me X6!” Sole screamed in their face overwhelmed with emotion after finding out their real identity, “I..I did know the truth”. He muttered out low, feeling conflicted, he didn’t see why it mattered so much to them, at the same time he didn’t like this lover feeling hurt, he reached forward to touch them, sole harshly shrugged away, staring them down, betrayed, “how fucking dare you not tell me the truth, I thought you loved me”. Sole was red with anger, the words cut through X6 like a knife, they where right, why didn’t he tell them, “You have a right to be upset, I was wrong, this matters to me because it matters to you, I should have been honest with you, I should have gone against orders for you”. There was emotions in his voice sole didn’t even know was possible, they saw the pain and self hatred on there lovers face, “I do love you sole, I have wronged you badly enough for this to seem untrue, I understand this”. Sole felt a twinge of guilt, after all he was a courser, going against orders could have resulted in a memory reset, the truth was not worth losing him over. They took a slow breath, placing their hand in his shoulder, “We’ll work this out, we were both in the wrong here”. 

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Things that should have clued me in I was aromantic: since for some reason I thought I would have to get married someday back in 9th grade, my ideal marriage would be my partner and I living in separate countries and occasionally talking. Fun fact- I told this to my boyfriend at the time and looking back, his reaction was priceless.

Hahaha, I can imagine how his reaction would’ve been :)

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So I thought because yakuza!hanzo is with overwatch could you do headcanons of his reaction to black watch!mccree flirting (platonically) to zen!sis

  • You were sitting outside of the Blackwatch base, waiting for Hanzo to finish with a meeting. McCree quickly noticed you sitting there and walked towards you, “What have we here?”
  • “I’m just waiting for my husband,” you smiled and he gave an ‘ah’.
  • “So like, how married are you,” he asked and you just tilted his head.
  • “Pretty married,” you said, hearing the door open, “That should be him.”
  • He looked up to see the surly Japanese man that had been reassigned to work with. His eyebrows scrunched together at the sight of you together, having seen his flirtatious ways.
  • “Why are you here,” he bluntly said and you stood up, smiling at him, “Shouldn’t you be somewhere else.”
  • “Hold on,” he said, raising his hands, “I was just keeping your bird company.”
  • “That’s exactly what I fear,” he said and you just patted his chest, your expensive engagement ring sparkling in the light.
  • “I am alright,” you said and he reluctantly relaxed, still keeping an eye on McCree.

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What did you think of the new bomb? :O

OKAY so tl;dr: much better than sb5. which yeah, is still a pretty low standard, but this bomb had far more interesting elements to it! the first three eps had a season 1 vibe that i really liked, and the last two were pretty engaging as well. that isn’t to say that my sentiments are all praise though. i’ll put an episode-by-episode opinion under the cut!

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Didn't Rian say Rey and Luke will have conflict? Well we know Rey was in Kylo's head so she probably knows he is lonely and feels abandoned by his family the same as Rey so she can relate to that. What if the conflict is Rey blaming Luke and Leia for his fall and maybe realising that she could easily of fallen like him. Maybe that would make her want to help him to prove to him he can come back and to herself that she can come back should she ever fall.

That’s very interesting. I think it is possible, but perhaps she learns more about Kylo’s fall and abuse by Snoke and how Han, Leia, and Luke were to busy to help or notice. And then she could see how they had failed him.

Also they chose to lie to him about his grandfather and the way that got revealed was a huge blow. You can only imagine what his reaction must have been, and Snoke probably jumped at that moment.

So maybe her perceptions of these people, these legends, isn’t what she thought it would be. And that along with the possible Force bond and their strange connection, she will have compassion for Kylo and want to help him.

Analyzing Dreams for Shadow Work

I haven’t posted anything pertaining to shadow work in a while, and I have been asked about this before, so with waking up with weird dreams fresh on my mind the past few days I thought I’d take a stab at it.

For Starters

► Avoid referring to dream dictionaries or any Freudian interpretations.

► Try to recall your dreams in as much detail as possible. See here for tips.

► Record everything.

Acknowledging Key Points

Once you’ve written down or otherwise recorded the dream, overview it. Try to discern an underlying theme based on how you felt, what you “saw”, and your experience as a whole. Just because something seems ominous to the conscious mind doesn’t necessarily mean you experienced it as such in the dream. Try to avoid making any symbolic associations without first considering how you perceived the dream while in it. Reflect on how any parts of the dream are tied to your waking life experiences.

Dissecting Themes

After you have identified a general theme, try to understand why it possessed enough influence in your subconscious to manifest into a dream. Themes are typically synonymous with emotions. As an example, a dream about being lost in a maze might represent a theme of feeling stranded or helpless. Probe your real life experiences and observe whether or not you have had any experiences that mirror that feeling. This may lead you to recall long-forgotten memories or could simply call attention to present day experiences that need consideration.

Pay attention to how you approach situations (i.e. respond to the theme) in your dreams. This may offer insight as to how you wish you handled things in real life or how you think you should and how you believe making those decisions would affect you. Observing your decision making in dreams can reveal deep-seated thought patterns and core beliefs that may need resolving.

Interpreting Symbolism

Normally, in “shadow dreams”, almost everything will be a projection of a subconscious aspect of the self or something that created an emotional reaction in waking life. Interpreting symbolic aspects of a dream based on how they are relative to you is how I suggest doing this. Dreaming of a horse is an indication of repressed sexuality to Freudian standards, but if you have been considering obtaining a horse or anticipating a horse back ride adventure, it is likely a reflection of those conscious thoughts. Always trust your intuition when making any symbolic associations. Everything is relative to personal experience; ultimately, you are your own judge.

Processing Insight

Once you have thoroughly analyzed the dream, you may have come to enough understanding to enable you to internalize what your just deciphered. Try to apply this insight to your life in whatever ways you can. Most often we are reminded of factors of our reality that could use work or parts of ourselves that are calling out for healing. When we heed to their messages we can use dreams to direct us in waking life. If you don’t come to understand a dream in enough clarity that you can assimilate the message it brings, don’t be discouraged. This happens quite often. Make notes and you can reflect on it in the future if you feel compelled to.

For a personal example of dream analysis, see here.

Title: When I’m Finished With You
Pairing: Kylo Ren x Fem!Reader
Genre: Smut (kinda)
Warnings: Language, sexual themes
Request: None, just something I did on my own because I just can’t seem to stop sinning
A/N: WHOOOOOOOO SPICYYYYYY also it’s set to be before TFA so that’s a thing

Things went wrong way too quickly for your liking. Normally, you at least had a little bit of time before you ended up running, but you weren’t even granted that. The First Order was waiting for you, ready to pounce the moment you landed on the planet. All you were doing, well, supposed to be doing, was gathering intell. Secret mission stuff. And yet, no matter how secret, they knew.
They were like fucking ninjas. A whole squad of Storm Troopers surrounded you in three seconds flat, blasters at the ready. You were more annoyed than anything, tired from the trip and ready to go home to D’Qar. Now you had to deal with the First Order? Fucking perfect.
You were roughly boarded onto a ship, the grip the soldiers had on your upper arms closer to that of a vice. Anyone in your position would be terrified, but not you. You knew the First Order. They were cowards, and their leader was nothing more than a whiney kid who threw fits when things didn’t go his way. Your only concern was the pain you knew they were capable of inflicting. Other than that, they were mindless drones in white armor.
After being thrown-yes, thrown- into a cell, you sat up and scanned your surroundings. It was a miracle they hadn’t strapped you into some torture chair of doom, so you thanked the stars for that. Your relief was short lived as you stood and found literally nothing in the room. Nothing but steel walls and a floor to match. You cursed under your breath and rubbed at your sore upper arms as best you could.
It must have been at least an hour until the chrome door slid open. You were sat at the other end of the room, one knee bent toward the ceiling and your arm resting on top of it. You watched as a cloaked figure entered the cold room, recognizing the battered mask almost instantly.
“Your mom’s looking for you, y’know,” you said, maintaining a cool exterior.
“Is that so?” the figure spoke, his voice metallic and icy through the voice modulator.
“Yep,” you responded, “She says it’s past your bed time or something.”
He didn’t speak, instead studied you from the other end of the room. You had to admit, it was mildly intimidating, but you’d seen the face behind the mask. Though he was only a year or so younger than you, you always viewed Ben as a child. You’d been friends at first, considering how close you were with his mother. He was sweet, even a little cute, but always had that underlying darkness about him.
“Your thoughts are awfully loud,” he said, folding his hands behind his back and stepping toward you, “They always were, weren’t they?”
Kylo knelt down in front of you and you could see your reflection in the glass where his eyes should have been.
“I doubt my thoughts are as loud as your ego,” you spat, half smiling at your own remark. He stared at you in silence, as if pondering his next move. He reached up behind his helmet and undid the clasps, a sharp hissing noise emitting from the metal. The helmet was removed in one fluid motion, set to the side and forgotten.
Kylo zeroed in on your thoughts, smirking at your reaction to seeing his face after so many years. All you could think about was how handsome he had become in the short time you’d been away from him. His boyish physique was still present, but his jawline had become even more prominent, his eyes seemed older, his smirk sending immoral thoughts straight through your mind.
You shouldn’t have thought the things you did about him in that moment. The idea of being taken by him there on the metallic floor, the mere concept of screaming out his name as he did sinful things to your body, it was overwhelming. You began to wonder if he was forcing you to see these things, or if it was your own doing.
“Worry not, little one,” he spoke, his voice thick with something that made your knees weak, “Your thoughts are your own.”
Well, that answers that question.
“What do you want?” you asked, trying to change the conversation and push the fantasy out of your mind.
“I want the location of your base, and I can easily find it through your memories,” he said, bringing a gloved hand to your chin and examining your features, “But I think I’d much rather pry it from you myself.”
His words hung in the air, making it nearly impossible to breathe. Your eyes were locked with his in a heated stare, your head stationary thanks to his hand. You couldn’t look away, but you weren’t entirely sure if you wanted to.
“You don’t scare me,” you said, doing your best to sound tougher than you felt. Kylo smirked wider, inching closer and closer to your face. You held your breath, waiting for him to do whatever it was he was going to do.
A gloved hand slid from your kneecap to your inner thigh, the contact making you jump slightly. You released the breath you’d been holding just to suck in another, doing your absolute damnedest to keep your composure.
“You’re not stopping me,” he said softly, his lips mere inches from your ear. You gasped when you felt his teeth clamp down on the cartilage roughly, his hand sliding further and further upwards. He was kneeling between your legs, something you hadn’t even noticed until now.
“I’m not telling you anything,” you said, fighting back the moan that was building in your throat as his tongue flicked over the flesh he’d been previously nibbling on.
“But you will,” he said, his hand resting in the valley where your thigh met your pelvic bone, mere millimeters from where you needed it most, “You’ll tell me everything I want to know and more, my dear Y/N.”
Your hips began to wriggle as he traced the area around your arousal. Your body was reacting with you even meaning for it to, and you had to stop yourself from giving in to him. It was becoming increasingly difficult to not completely submit to him as the heat between your legs begged for attention. He was breathing in your ear, something that made the back of your neck burn in anticipation.
“I don’t want this,” you lied, a last resort. Maybe he couldn’t hear you practically begging for him in your thoughts.
“Your mind tells me otherwise,” he chuckled into your ear, finally pressing his fingers against your core. You couldn’t help the gasp that rose from your throat, the sensation of finally being touched by him making your brain turn to mush. Kylo moved his hand expertly up, down, and around, caressing you in all the right places.
“Why don’t you tell me where the Resistance is?” he whispered, his lips brushing against the skin underneath your ear and making you quiver.
“Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” you shot back, your stubborn nature finally useful to you for once in your life. With that, his hand withdrew, the loss of contact both a frustration and a relief.
“I won’t need to do that when I’m finished with you, Y/N.”
Kylo picked up his helmet off the floor, stood, and turned away from you before striding out of the room. The moment you heard the door hiss closed you took a few deep breaths, trying to organize your thoughts. You felt dizzy, your mind whirring with a million thoughts.
A sick feeling settled in your stomach when you realized that he wasn’t even close to done with you.