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I just want a moment where Alex helps tuck in a strand of Sam’s hair that slipped out since Magnus and the others can’t
(Even though official art Sam got her hair peeking out already)

Because as a muslim who went to school with the majority of it muslim, you’ll eventually experience the moment when your friend helps fix your hijab

Also, extra of Magnus and Amir getting overwhelmed by the sparkles

  • Magnus: *jokingly* So how's the prettiest person in the world?
  • Alex: I dunno. How are you?
  • Magnus: *chokes*
  • Alex: *oops* jUST rEmeMBeRED!!¡¡ pOTTerY tO Do!!!! gOTtA gO!!!
  • Alex: *walks away*
  • Magnus: Did she really mean that?
  • Alex: Did I really mean that?

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Do you know of any College or coffee shop AU sanvers fics? I think I've read literally everything sanvers that you've written (all of which have been amazing - so thanks a billion and one times!!)

I have a bunch of college ones, but here, have a coffee shop and college one!

She can’t quite figure out if the girl’s hair is red or brown or something in between.

She can’t quite figure it out, but she knows she gets jealous of the girl’s own fingers when she rakes it through her hair distractedly as she’s studying.

And she’s always studying.

It’s like the coffee is incidental, like the people coming and going around her are incidental.

She’s always studying.

Always studying, her lips moving slightly as she pieces through a particularly difficult equations.

Or, they look like difficult equations, anyway – looks like astrophysics, to be precise – whenever Maggie passes by to bring lattes and mochas and cappuccinos to customers nearby the studying girl with the tantalizing hair color.

The tantalizing face. The tantalizing body. The tantalizing way of moving, of muttering to herself. Of taking her glasses off – god, those glasses – to rub her eyes every now and again. The tantalizing way of focusing, focusing, so diligently. 

It’s been a week, now, that she’s been coming into the coffee shop Maggie pays the bills in between forensics lab and political science class.

It’s been a week, and Maggie doesn’t even know if she’s into girls, but dammit, she’ll never forgive herself if she doesn’t try. 

Because there’s something about this girl. A pull. An irresistible pull. 

And Maggie can’t help but wonder if it’ll work in the other direction.

She waits until Alex closes her textbook – she was right, it is astrophysics – not wanting to disturb her brain flow.

“Excuse me,” she says, voice so low, so constricted, that the girl doesn’t hear her. She curses internally, clears her throat softly, and repeats herself, louder this time.

The girl looks up.

“Oh, I’m sorry, do you need that seat? Here, I can move my stuff, I – “

“No, no, you’re fine, I’m sorry, I just – hi. I’m Maggie.”

The girl blinks and takes her glasses off, and god, are her eyes gorgeous.

“Alex,” she says, confident but unsure why this girl – this really, really, really pretty girl – is talking to her.

Maggie turns the name over and over in her head, and decides that she needs to taste it on her own lips.

“Alex,” she repeats, and she revels in the feeling. “Well um, I… I don’t mean to be a creep, but I work here, and you’ve been coming in here a lot this past month, and I… I am… rambling. Sorry – “

“No, no, you’re fine. Usually I’m the one rambling around really pretty girls. Not that I’m calling myself pretty, I mean, I was… I didn’t mean…”

“Were you saying I’m pretty?” Maggie asks, her voice nearly cracking.

“I… it… I mean of course I was, have you ever looked into a mirror, Maggie?” Alex asks, and Maggie decides she never wants to hear her name come from anyone else’s lips again, because god, does it sound perfect when Alex says it.

Alex, Alex, Alex.

She blushes deeply when Alex’s words sink into her skin.

“I… I just wanted to know… well, if you ever wanted to get coffee when you’re not studying astrophysics – I’m in forensics, myself, so see, maybe we’ll have stuff to talk about, science and all – I could take you… out. Take you out. To coffee. Or not. Or whatever you wanted. I – “

“I would love to, Maggie. Go out with you.”

Maggie remembers how to breathe. “I swear I’m usually not this rambly.”

Alex laughs, and it’s the most gorgeous sound Maggie’s ever heard. “I swear I am usually much more rambly than I am now. My little sister will be proud. I’ve managed not to make too big a loser out of myself.”

“You couldn’t be a loser if you tried.”

“Get to know me first before making that judgment, Maggie,” Alex chuckles, and Maggie blushes again.

“I’m trying to!”

Alex bites the inside of her cheek and puts her glasses back on, staring up at Maggie for a long, flirtatious moment that has Maggie forgetting every word she’s ever known and every thought she’s ever had.

“Well,” Alex starts, breaking eye contact but not breaking the spell. “I have to go pick up my sister from high school, but uh… when you want to see me again… outside of all this… you let me know, alright?” 

She presses a napkin with a phone number and her name, hastily but carefully written, into Maggie’s hand.

“I will, Alex. I will,” Maggie promises as Alex gathers her things and blushes as she stands.

“Good,” she almost whispers. “See you soon, I hope.”

“You will. You will. Alex.”

Maggie whispers her name like a prayer, and clings to the napkin like a saving grace.

She floats the entire rest of the day, and, across town, so does Alex.


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calcio series [1/?] → SPAL

On May 16, 1968, during the last match of the season, Juventus midfielder Gianfranco Zigoni scored the goal that sealed the fate of Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor (SPAL) and relegated them down to the lower tiers of Italian football. 49 years later, SPAL is on the verge of a historic return to Serie A - with Zigoni’s son Gianmarco playing a key role in the team’s comeback. 

One of the oldest teams in Italy, SPAL was founded in 1907 as the Circolo Ars et Labor by Pietro Acerbis, a Salesian priest in Ferrara. In 1913, they were renamed Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor. The team played in Serie A from 1920 to 1925, and then again from 1951 to 1968. The team was well-respected during its time in the top league, developing several young players and coaches who went on to have long and successful careers. Their continued success was attributed to one man, club president Paolo Mazza. When he died in 1981, the club went into a tailspin. Disastrous management forced the team to be refounded several times - most recently in 2013 when an extremely serious financial situation caused the team to merge with fourth-tier Giacomense and be renamed to SPAL 2013. 

Giacomense president Walter Mattioli, who headed his team for 25 years, became the new president of SPAL. He, along with his sporting director, have worked with the new owners of the team to make significant investments and avoid repeating the mistakes of their predecessors. In 2014, Leonardo Sempleci was appointed manager and led the team to win promotion to Serie B during the 2015/16 season. His tactics are characterized as clever and attack-minded, with a focus on unity and communication (it helps that all his players speak the same language - SPAL is the only team in Serie B comprised of only Italian players).  

SPAL has not lost a match since March - goalkeeper Alex Meret was tapped to join the Azzurri during international break, Sempleci has been linked as a replacement for Maurizio Sarri at Napoli, and plans are being made to renovate the Stadio Paolo Mazza to make it fit for hosting Serie A matches next year. And despite all the excitement, SPAL fans remain humble as ever. Ferrara journalist Mauro Malaguti says, “Nobody expected this, not even the most optimistic of fans.” After waiting nearly half a century, SPAL fans will finally have a reason to celebrate - their team is on track to secure their promotion to the top flight of Italian football once again.


More observational stuff and spoiler alerts if anyone isn’t all caught up. 

Amos and Alex make an interesting pair. I’ll admit I was iffy about Amos Burton at first. Remember how he had Alex in a headlock during their stay on the Donnager? Not long after that it’s behind them and they’re acting like besties hanging out in the bar. During season 2 I’m glad we get to see a closer look into Amos’ character. When Alex ends up in a bar fight he’s clearly losing, Amos comes to the rescue in full mama bear rage mode. Amos later explains to Alex something about three types of people. The guys who are bad, the people who protect, and the people who need protection. That being Alex, something he resents. A different incident where Amos pushes a woman to the ground, scaring her son, he is horrified at his mistake, and walks away. Proof he’s not a psycho without a moral compass after all. IMO he’s very much the den mother of the Rocinante. 

Alex Krycek?? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of Krycek spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Krycek scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

Kara blinks, and her face melts from the serious expression it had to a soft smile. “To answer your question, no, I’m not dating anyone right now.”

“Do you want to be?” Kara asks it with wide vulnerable eyes, her hand turning upward to grab ahold of Lena’s by the fingers. “I think I might want to be. Dating, I mean. Dating with you.”

“Kara,” Lena breathes out, the words sit so heavy in the air that Lena chokes on it for a second. “What are you saying?”

“According to,” Kara squints at her screen again, “Urban Dictionary dot com, a date is two people sharing an activity together with the possibility of romance.”

“You looked up date on Urban Dictionary?” Lena wants to laugh, but the reality of the conversation has finally caught up to her and she’s having trouble remembering how to breathe.

Kara shrugs. “Well, I tried to ask Alex, but she wasn’t all that helpful.”

For a brief moment, Lena wonders if maybe she’s still asleep. Or maybe she’s been drugged or something. “Are you asking me on a date?” It feels important to clarify, if only for Lena’s brain to start working reasonably again.

“I would like to explore the possibility of romance with you,” Kara says quietly and Lena’s heartbeat picks up pace so quickly that she’s sure she’s about to have a stroke.



Sorry, I have a bit more I wanna post xp

1.) Little Pip with newborn Angie and tired but happy parents <3

2-4) So, in @quantum-oddity‘s Everybody Lives AU, Alex and Eliza end up having a baby girl (named Rachel) instead of Pip 2.0. And I remember one headcanon post she did about how Alex hates the winter and makes it a point to go extra with bundling up Rachel. So that’s that xp

5.) Modern!Theo Burr, or at least one design of her

6-8) Pippa sketches!!

More to come ;D

SanversWeek Day 3- “You’re drunk.”

So this kind of took a different turn from where I started. But it is what it is XD 
PS: If Cap @queercapwriting is reading this, I did use like a sentence from your fic (Alex’s rage), if you remembered how much I loved that one, and I also put in some snippets of the small post-fic thingy so some of these at the ending may seem familiar XD 

The first time she realized that this was not okay, it was not what she expected. 

She just wanted to find out where her father is at, and she just wanted to save her father. She didn’t mean to have so much blood on her knuckles. She would have stopped.

She would have…stopped…

“Stopping isn’t the point, Danvers. You shouldn’t have started it.” That was the first thing that Maggie told her after she was pulled out from the cell, forced, out of the cell.

It sent chills to Alex’s spine. And for the first time since forever, she felt scared.

Not scared on whatever Maggie would do to her, more like scared on what Maggie would stop doing, with her.

Scared of Maggie breaking up, with her.

It wasn’t like she can control it. She was taught to protect, to hurt, and to kill. She wasn’t taught on how to let out her own rage. She didn’t know how. She never did. And it was always okay, until Maggie came into her life.

Because there were so much blood in there and they’re human too Alex and you were torturing him, not interrogating!

It always confuses Alex, not knowing how to deal with her rage, and not knowing when to kill and when enough is enough. Perhaps she should really talk to Sara and Oliver more often.

But then it happened.

A guy from Cadmus was captured, again, thanks to Kara.

Alex recognized this guy, he was the one that stood alongside Lilian all the time. He would know, what they did to her father, where they kept her father, and most importantly, how to save her father.

So she went in during lunch hour, since J’onn was away. She did ask nicely at first, but of course the guy did not budge. So she started punching, much like how she did that one time, except this time, she make sure to use her leg more. There wouldn’t be as much blood on her knuckles, cause Maggie don’t want her to shower her knuckles with blood.

Eventually, she was pulled out, by Vasquez and Kara.

And they called Maggie.

Of course they called Maggie.

“Maggie, Alex is out of control again.”

“I’m on my way Kara.”

Maggie stood at the entrance of the Medbay, watching Alex get herself treated, cause she did punch. Maggie was just looking at the doctors and nurses fuss around Alex, never making eye contact.

After half an hour, they were done with the patching up, and were only waiting for the scan results, so the couple was left alone. No one wanted to intervene this, as Alex was clearly still not calm, and Maggie’s eyes were cold.

They were silent for a solid ten minutes, neither of them speaking up, until Alex couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Just say it.”

“Say what?”

Alex shrugged, “That you want to break up with me, that you’re done with having a girlfriend that seems to have anger issues, that you want to go and live back your regular normal life without worrying that your girlfriend is hurting or killing again.” Her voice breaking at every sentence.

And finally, “Say that you’re tired of me being your girlfriend.” She choked out.  

Maggie looked at her, tears gathering at her own eyes.

“I’m not tired of you, and I don’t want to break up with you. But I can’t have my girlfriend losing control every time some guy from Cadmus is captured. I can’t have my girlfriend torturing people just to save the ones she love.” She says softly.

“You know I can’t change how I am.” Alex looks up at the ceiling, not knowing how to continue this conversation. “I’m not asking you to change Alex!” Maggie said, a little louder than she intended to.

She took a deep breath and continued, “I’m not asking you to change. I love you just the way you are, all I’m asking is for you to learn how to control your own rage. I don’t want to look at you only to see blood on your knuckles.”

Everyone just wants her to control. Control. CONTROL.

They say it like it’s an easy thing to do. They were never the ones that got trained since young to protect her sister, her family. They weren’t the ones that lost their father and needed to take on his role. They don’t know how she feels…yet they ask her to control, like it’s not something she would love to do, like it’s not something she’s struggling on.  

“Well I am what I am so you either take it or leave it!” Alex said out of frustration.

The moment she said it our loud, she regretted it instantly, “M-Maggie, I-I’m sorry…I didn’t m-mean-”

“No don’t be. We both clearly need some time on our own. I’ll see you around Danvers.”

Two days.

Two days since she last saw Maggie, since she last spoke to her.

What has she been doing these two days?


Cause Maggie is not here, and no one, can stop her from bringing back her previous habits, drinking every problem away.

Kara flew by, bringing food, and helping Alex shower and hugging her close while she cries on her shoulder. She doesn’t know exactly what happened between Maggie and Alex, but she can take a quick guess.

There was a fire down town, so Kara had to leave, but she made Alex swear that she’ll take care and not leave the house.


She didn’t know how she got here. But here she is, in front of Maggie’s door. A door that she had a key to, yet was so afraid to even knock on it now.

It was like a feel, a sixth sense, that made Maggie walked to the door and peaked trough the little hole, only to find a very messy Alex, standing outside her door. She took in a deep breath before opening the door, revealing Alex in her white long sleeve shirt, and her usual jeans. She had her bike keys in one hand, and her phone in the other.

Alex was shocked when Maggie opened the door. She was still thinking of her speech just a second ago.

No backing out now.

“I’m s-sorry.” She slurred out.

Maggie raised an eyebrow at her, “You’re drunk.”

“Maybe a little, but they do say that a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.” Alex says seriously.

Maggie ran her hand through her hair, sighing, “Alex…how many did you drink?”

“More than what you think I should.” She confessed.

“Come in…”

Alex walked in, more like…stumbled in, and went straight to the couch. “Maggie…I’m s-sorry…I was wrong and dumb to say that to you…I just really-” she didn’t have the chance to finish and Maggie cut her off, “No, I’m not gonna talk about this while you’re drunk, we’ll talk tomorrow morning, what you need is a good rest now.”


“No buts, we’re not gonna do this when I don’t know if you mean it or not…”

“Okay…I’m sorry.” Alex said, lying down onto the couch with her head on one of the pillows.

“Rest, I’ll make breakfast tomorrow morning and then we can talk…” Maggie said, while bringing Alex a blanket.

“Maggie, I…I love you…I still do…” Alex said, holding onto Maggie’s hand before she left to her own room. Maggie turned around, smiling softly, “I love you too. We’ll talk tomorrow morning, I promise.” And with that, she pecked a soft kiss on Alex’s forehead.

And they did talk.

Maggie is going to help Alex find Sara again, for a more, solid way to solve this problem.

They spent two days there, Sara giving Alex some lectures, and some training, much like what she did with Kendra at the start. “You have to acknowledge this side of you, this a bit more unhuman side of yours.”

Alex looked away at that mention, feeling ashamed that she even have this problem. Kara faces blood every day and yet she doesn’t seem to have a problem.

“It’s not a shame, Alex. I have the same problem. Call it a bloodlust. Mine is…a bit more severe than your situation was.” Sara says softly.

“You just need to know that side of yours, and learn to control what you really want, think of all the people that care about you, like Kara, J’onn or your weird little brother, Winn.” Alex smile at the mention of them.

“And Maggie…I see how you look at her. She’s a good one for you.” Sara finishes.

“Yeah…she’s the best.”

So now? They create a distraction every time Alex feels a little out of control. All of them had a routine with her. James would go boxing with Alex, J’onn would spar with Alex, Winn would get in a lab with Alex, doing all kinds of nerd science thing, and Kara would be on the couch with Alex, watching crappy movies and eating tubes of ice-cream, real ice-cream that is. And Maggie? Maggie would be there when Alex needs a shoulder, to cuddle, to cry, to scream, to feel someone. And Maggie would say the right things that Alex wants to hear. She’s proud of Alex.

Maybe sometimes Winn will get a hit behind the head, or maybe Alex would break one of James’s gadgets, and maybe sometimes none of the above works, and it will result to Alex punching something harder, something that may cause her to bruise, just to compensate the feeling of blood on her knuckles.

But she was healing, she was getting better.

She’s trying, and it may take some time for her to heal, but Maggie is there for her, and so was her family.

Her family.

PS: I just stated binge watching on Legends of tomorrow so I HAD TO throw in Sara there at the end cause like…come on, this Alex and Sara is the brotp we deserve. Also realized that this fic literally is only linked to the prompt for like…the second last part so…😂

i wish we can get cutscenes of Ikora kicking ass back in her Crucible days or scenes of the old Vanguards or showings of the Golden Age- the grimoire cards were the bulk of what we had in terms of world building so I hope that this switch to no grimoire will allow for them to really incorporate events such as these into the game, whether through the missions and dialogue, or something similar to how Horizon or Dragon Age had their lore in-game

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I just now realized how alike Mari and Alex are. Hoes, want to be welathy/be known, went through too much bs, even if they did, they did stupid shit that got them in serious trouble, people still love them anyway *cough*, vvv talented, non-stop, talkative