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when the maknae decided to not follow the script ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Okay so I redrew the JLA’s Vibe #1 cover but with the CW incarnation while doing my best to replicate the original artist’s style which I will never do again cause crosshatch shading is freaking h anyway please feel free to enjoy this in lieu of actual CW Vibe posters or merchandise because hey DC where is my merch for the arrowverse’s #1 friendbro my guys I just want to give you my money for the love of plea DID YOU KNOW THERES 2 GOLD ZiPPERS ON EACH SHOE CAN YOU BELIEV

mika and yuu in c3 for @yuichiroswife

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jesus will you ever just stick to one story

what a silly ask! do writers only ever write one story? of course not! 😊 part of being a writer, in any sense, is having lots of ideas and wanting to express those ideas in creative ways! It’s okay to get burnt out on one idea or one story and move onto another! 😊 i write sim stories because I love to write! I don’t have to stick to any make-believe deadline or adhere to anyone’s expectations, especially yours anon 😊 


Oh damn I was not expecting this// 

Thank you! Seriously, thank you for taking a little bit of time to write me this sweet message, I was not on my freshest moment and this did make me smile.))


Instead of going *backwards* in time when she goes thru the stones in 1945, Claire winds up in 2015?! Jamie promptly discovers her wandering about the woods and helps her track down her husband (with the help of Google)… only to find he’s in his nineties and in a nursing home in Boston?!?! Shenanigans happen and she winds up having to marry Jamie?!