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a/n: sorry for the absence but here is a cute one shot :-) smut warning gif credit to the owner 

His curl adorned head glanced over his shoulder and switched lanes with ease. Music was softly gracing the speakers with a light melody. The sky outside was grey and dull, rain littering the pavement and windows. With the rain and Harry surrounding my senses, I was calm.

The music flowing the truck was serene and I couldn’t help but sing along to the tune. “I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck.” I took note of the grin that swept across Harry’s face when I started to sing. “What are you at?” I conjured. The grin that flashed his teeth and dimples grew wider, “You have a lovely voice s'all.”

I blushed at his compliment and kept my head turned to the window so he could fail to see my embarrassment ridden face.

I think I’m falling I’m falling for you

The lyrics resonated in my mind. What if my heart was really falling for this green eyed boy? My mind and heart were at conflict as I asked myself this significant question. Before I could ponder this question more than I already have, my mind swirled to the hand placed gently on my thigh. Even through my clothed material I could feel the hit that was immersed from his hand.

My heart swelled at the small, yet significant gesture that Harry had completed. Before I could revel in the sweetness of Harry anymore, he pulled his truck up at the curb in front of my house. The AUX cord connected to my phone was pulled out as I swiftly tucked it in my pocket. The door I was about to open, was pulled from my grasp. Harry smiled sweetly when I thanked him. See, chivalry isn’t dead.

His arm looped with mine as we walk to my doorstep. “I had a really nice time today.” His voice rang out, the British accent never failing to hook me into his voice deeper. “I did too.” An involuntary smile swept across my face, “We should do it aga-” My sentence was cut off by a loud crackle through the sky. “Yeah we should. But I should get going. Bye Y/N.” He gave me a swift hug, not nearly as long as I wanted. I hollered bye as he rushed through the yard to his truck.

When my door popped open, quietness surrounded me. Mom and Dad were still work. My room welcomed me with the scent of mahogany teakwood and I felt even calmer in that moment. The clothes I had on were stripped off me and replaced with sweats and an old t-shirt, my hair was pulled up into a bun. I had just sunk into my bed when a knock at my door startled me. I heaved a sigh and shuffled to my door. “So. My truck isn’t working.” A soaked Harry stood on my porch. “Alright, you can hang out until the rain stops.” I laughed and grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. “Stay here, I’ll grab you a towel and clothes.” I disappeared in my room, while I sent a swift text to my mom and explained the situation. My phone was placed back into my pocket, a towel in one hand and my ex boyfriends clothes in the other.

“Here’s a towel. And here are some clothes.” Harry’s eyes traveled down the clothes. “Are those your ex boyfriends clothes?” My cheeks heat up, “Yes…look, do you want clothes or not?” He chuckled, “Fine.”

Harry emerged from the bathroom just as I started to watch Supernatural. His appearance caused my to burst out into budding laughter. Around his legs he had tight boxer briefs that were way too short on his long legs, and his torso adorned a shirt that was too tight. “I look fucking ridiculous.” Tears spilled from my eyes, my stomach already gathering an ache. “You look amazing.” Harry’s green eyes rolls at my comment. “Shut it.”

He took a seat on the couch opposite of the one I was lounging on. “What are we watching?” He asked, slightly annoyed. “Supernatural.” Harry scoffed, “Really?”

“Hey it’s a good show!” He chuckled a little bit, “Yeah okay.”

“Hey I can kick you out if I need too.” My maneuvered to look at Harry and my eyes narrowed as I challenged him. “Okay, okay.” He raised his hands up in defense as he decided to climb onto my couch, my heart smiled, I got to be closer to him. I smiled at the green eyed boy who took my feet in his lap as I pressed play on the remote at his request.

About twenty minutes passed by of me being engrossed in the work of Sam and Dean Winchester when Harry started to become bored. His legs that held my feet started to bounce up and down. “You bored?” I asked, “No, I’m okay.” I took the time to admire Harry’s gorgeous face. He had sporadic freckles under his eyes and along his nose, something I’ve noticed before, just never studied them. His green eyes had yellow located around the edge of his pupil. Surrounding his eyes, long eyelashes fanned across. If there was ever a time to seize the day, now was that time. The body resting before me came closer as my body propelled itself towards him. And before I could think about anything else, my lips crashed to his.

Harry held me to him once I tried to pull back. I didn’t object anymore. Our lips melted together with heat intertwined. Harry’s hands grabbed my body and pulled me on to him. Each of my knees were at the side of his legs. My hands found his hair, slowly running my digits through his dark hair. A low moan leaked out of his lips and, sending a sensation through me. What was I doing? Harry and I were just friends. “Harry…were just friends…” The connection of our lips was lost, Harry’s lips were swollen and pink, they looked irresistible. “Y/n. You and I both know that isn’t true. We’ve been wanting each other for awhile now. Ever since I moved here I’ve wanted you.” The words he said to me affected my heart to swell. I can’t deny the fact that I did like him ever since he moved here from England. “Just…let us have this…” Harry practically whimpered out, his hand flew up to my hair as he brushed a stray strand behind my ear. “You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” How could I deny this beautiful boy? My body reacted over my mind once more as our lips reestablished. Our hips slowly collided, breathy moans released from both of us. Harry’s lips pulled from mine as he connected to my neck. My head rolled back as a loud moaned ripped through me. “I have wanted to do this for so long,” Harry moaned out, “Let’s take this to your room.” His large hands gripped my butt as he lifted us up, my lips were attacking his neck with my teeth, leaving red marks in the wake of it.

Harry shut my door behind him; swiftly he pulled his shirt of his lanky body. My eyes takes down his naked torso. He had toned abs, suddenly I felt insecure. The body of Harry was much prettier than mine. He was slender and tan. As I had fat rolls and was pale. “Harry…I don’t know.” He sighed, and my heart broke. I wanted to make love with Harry more than anything. But, that was my first time, and I didn’t know if I was ready to give him myself completely. Wasn’t I supposed to be in love with the person I lose it to?

“Y/N, if you’re worried about us not being in love, don’t. I’m incredibly in love with you, and I know you feel the same way. The way you’re body reacts to me when I touch you tells it all.” His hand lingered to my lip, touching it gently. His thumb rubbed over my bottom lip then slowly trailed to my chest, “Just a simple touch to your lip has already got it your heart racing…” He whispered then placed his hand over my heart. Sure enough, he was proved right. “But that’s not the case. I know you too well. It’s you’re body…you’re afraid I won’t find it beautiful.” My breath hitched with his words. His head lowered down, and kissed my clothed belly.

“Baby girl, that isn’t the case. You’re body….it gets my heart racing. Your hips curve in just the right way, your chest is big in all the right places, and your thighs, oh god, your thighs.” He moaned the last part out, I couldn’t help the slight whimper that I emitted from me when he squeezed my thighs.

“If you don’t believe me, feel this.” His hand took mine and placed it on the bulge in the boxers I gave him. Harry climbed on the bed and was faced on top of me. His arms supported him on either side of my head. Harry’s pink and slightly swollen lips came to mine. It wasn’t rushed this time, it was slow, sensual and intimate. “You’re beautiful,” he mumbled against my lips, “let me prove it to you.”

The shirt I had separating our bare chest was removed. My breasts were exposed to the first person other than myself who has seen them. This was my most vulnerable moment. I dearly hoped Harry would not mess this up. “I trust you.” I finally murmured out. Harry sweetly smiled. The smile made my heart swell. Lips kissed in the valley between my breasts. A hand gently kneaded one of them while Harry’s lips slowly made his way to the other. His tongue flicked my nipple, igniting a fire in my stomach. With a sudden gasp from myself, he did it once more, yet harder. He alternated between each breast. If that is how it felt to be pleasured that way, I couldn’t wait for Harry to work further down my body.

As if Harry read my mind, he kissed each of my breast one last time and then inched down my stomach. Leaving raised bumps on my skin and kisses. My breathing was heavy and uncontrolled. I wasn’t lying when I said I trusted Harry. I’ve never felt more ready to give someone myself as I was in that moment.

Harry arrived finally at my lower half. The sweats that adorned my legs and waist were removed. My cheeks reddened as Harry moaned. I forgot to put on underwear. “Do you always go commando?” He lightly chuckled. “Uh, only sometimes.” I mumbled out. “Christ.”

Harry’s curly haired head descended between my thighs. His dark hair tickled my skin. A finger swiped across my core sending a foreign sensation of pleasure through me. My thighs unconsciously tried to squeeze each other together. Harry’s hands took a hold of them, and gripped them tightly. He looked up at me, his eyes were a shade darker and I could almost feel myself dripping.

I entangled my hands in his hair once he touched his tongue to my swollen bundle of nerves. My body jerked as Harry continued to run his tongue vigorously worked on my clit. The moans slipping from my mouth, the tugging of his hair only seemed to fuel Harry more. Harry between my legs, eating me out was such an intense experience. I was sent wondering why I have never done this sooner.

“You taste so good, holy fuck.” He groaned against me, a finger started to inch in and out of me. It was an odd feeling at first, but once I got use to the alienated feeling after a few pumps. The feeling sunk into my bones. I could feel that I was going to untie soon. My first orgasm was soon going to rip through my overwhelmed body and I have never been so ready for it.

I convulsed from Harry’s mouth and fingers. I could feel myself tighten around Harry’s digits, my fingers gripped my sheets, and my toes curled with the pleasure coursing through my entire body.

Harry hauled up from my legs. Moisture surrounded his mouth. My moisture. “Are you on the pill?” I shook my head, “Okay. I have a condom.” I wasn’t sure why he carried a condom around. The feeling that sunk into me sent me into a panic. What if I wasn’t Harry’s first time? What if he was just using me? I wanted to curl up into a ball in that moment. I think Harry sensed my panic, “Relax. This is my first time having sex. I carry it around with me to look cool.” The side of his hand was brushed against my face, “I am just as nervous as you.” He definitely didn’t show it. He did himself of the borrowed boxers, then fetched his wallet. The foil wrapper was torn open then soon the latex was rolled on to Harry’s hard shaft. Harry’s penis was the first one I have seen, but it was beautiful. I silently laughed at my thoughts, “Whatcha laughing at over there? Something funny?”

“No, you’re just beautiful.”

He climbed back onto the bed and kissed my nose, “and so are you.” Harry positioned himself between my legs. “Are you ready?” I nodded, I have never been more ready. “Okay.”

Harry pushed himself inside of me, a vehement moan elicited from his throat. “Holy fuck, this is better than I could imagine.” The unfamiliar feeling a male being inside of me was unpleasant to say the least. As Harry drew his hips back slowly and would push back against me, a pain would set in. It wasn’t very painful, but it was annoying. “Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” My head shook, “No, keep going.”

“With pleasure.”

After a few thrusts, the sensation set in and I started to experience the pleasure everyone thrived about. Before too long, my hips were meeting Harry’s furiously. Sweat began to bead at my forehead and in the valley of my breasts. Our moaning became louder and our breaths became rampant.

Pleasure cascaded through me with each propelling of our clashing hips. “Hold on, let me do something.” And with that, Harry moved his hips in such a way that he hit a certain spot inside of me. I cried out in what I could only explain of irrevocable bliss. “Oh fuck.” Harry accelerated his hips as his tongue met my breasts, I don’t know how much longer I could last with all of this overwhelming me. “Harry…I won’t last long..” Harry mumbled something onto me.

A thumb flicked my clit, and Harry kept hitting that spot that only kept making me moan louder each time. Soon I started to throb around Harry. My vision blacker out and I felt myself release onto Harry with a deafening moan. “Fuck Harry!” My nails raked down his back, an action I soon loved to peruse.

Harry growled out then soon twitched inside of me, spilling himself into the condom. Harry sweaty body collapsed on me, our chests heaving. “Y/N, that was amazing.” He said into my ear. “Oh my god, it was.” My hand was playing with Harry’s curls when he rolled off of me and pulled me onto his chest. “I see why everyone makes a big deal out of it now.” I chuckled out, Harry’s chest bounced up and down with a laugh rattling through him. “Yeah, so do I.”

Before we could continue our cuddling session, my phone buzzed with a text. “On my way home.” It read, from my mom. Panic rose in me, I jumped from Harry’s chest throwing clothes around to get dressed. “My mom is on her way.” Harry jumped up as well and got dressed. I pulled my hair into a bun and checked myself in the mirror. I truly looked like a different girl. There was a certain glow to my skin that I couldn’t place. My eyes looked brighter and my cheeks held red. “How doI look?” I asked Harry, “Freshly fucked.” He grinned with a dimple popping into his cheek. I rolled my eyes at him. We walked into the living room and I continued to play supernatural.

Eventually my mom stumbled through the door. “Hi Harry.” She smiled. “Hey Mrs. Y/L/N. How are you?” “I’m great, thank you for asking. You’re such a sweet boy. Why don’t you come over more often?” She passed him with a quick ruffle to his hair. Harry looked at me, “Maybe I will.” Then added a wink.

I can’t help but wonder how the boys reacted when Isak and Even announced their decision to move in. Because we all know usually, at such a young age and if someone else said that, they’d be like ‘yeah, isn’t it a bit too soon?’ but when they heard about them moving in together they were probably like ‘hell YEAH, you’re moving in together!’.

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How would eldarya/mcl boys react if shes crying in sleep?

I think I felt better, my voice at least not like a door squeak, well…


Nathaniel: He gently wake you up, fearing that it will be worse. He will comb your hair with his  fingers that will calm you. If not, he’ll bring you a mug of cocoa or any other drink and read some book until you fall asleep.

Castiel: Cas is quite fast asleep, but he wakes up if he hears your sobs. When will he know you’re sleeping, he’s just very hard to give you a hug and kiss to the corner of the eye. If this does not help, it will Wake you up and ask what you dream or who hurt you.

Lysander: A little weird, but he will reassure you, as a small child, gently put you on his lap and will sing some lullaby, stroking. If you wake up and continue to cry, he will still hold to you, quietly soothing. In the morning he will  ask you what happened (but first he will forget).

Armin: Okay, he will be very confused. Are you sleeping or not? You were having a nightmare or did someone hurt you? He tries to hug you and tickle, but not much. If that doesn’t work and you continue to cry, it will carrying you to the kitchen and get some sweet stuff, jokingly asking “what is that monster in nightmare  was trying to steal my Princess?”

Kentin: Well, you will wake up to the fact that someone big, soft and very warm to hug you. He, perhaps, will whisper to you some kind of lullaby, rubbing your back. If that doesn’t work, he’ll give a hot drink and will give you cookies. In the morning he will lead you on a mini-date to make you forget about that nightmare.


Ezarel: He will be a little panic. But he comes to his senses and just tightly hug you, wrapped in a blanket. If that doesn’t work, he quickly goes to the lab and find a sedative potion. In the morning he will treat you noticeably softer, worrying about your condition.

Nevra: He will quietly wake up and just start kissing. He will kiss the marks of your tears, forehead, eyes, neck. I don’t know, he will be very worry hope that these things will calm you down. He can get you anything from the kitchen if you want.

Valkyon: A bit like Lysander. He gently lift you up and will rocking you like a baby. If you still continue to cry, then get into the world of hot, soft hugs and constant kisses on the forehead, lol. In the morning will take you to Ewelein, fearing that these things will happen many more times.

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Hi there :) so I was thinking... could you just imagine how the boys would react if the found out their s/o could actually sing?! Like maybe the found them in the kitchen, cleaning, or singing their child to sleep! Honestly I think this is straight up too much fluff for one person to handle! Btw your stuff is amazing, continue the good work ;)

Hehehe, this request is sooo adorable! I’m gonna write these as short headcanons <3

Noctis: Noctis has just come back from a long day of training. He’s been working towards mastering warp-striking and Regis has been pushing Noctis gently towards utilising more and more of the Crystal’s powers. Noctis is absolutely exhausted. He drags his feet through the lobby of his apartment complex and has the security guard on duty buzz him into the elevator before he rides it up to his floor. When the elevator pings, he drags his feet along the coarsely carpeted floor and absolutely hates life as he haphazardly bangs on the door of his apartment, eyes bleary and head pounding. Realising that no one is moving towards the door from the inside of his apartment, Noctis lets out a long-suffering groan and fishes his keys out of his bag and jams them into his door lock. After painfully jingling his keys around, he manages to unlock the door and fall into his apartment. He almost doesn’t hear the sweet, melodious voice over the harsh banging headache in his skull. But he lies still, sprawled haphazardly upon the floor and just listens as your voice floats towards him through the walls and into his ears. Immediately, he finds himself smiling. His headache remains, as do his weary bones… but he feels like he’s been healed. Noctis thinks that he can train as hard as he did today next week, at his next session, but only if he gets to hear your sweet voice sing to random melodies to soothe his highly burdened soul.

Prompto: Prompto likes it when you invite him over to your place. You’re usually a very private person, so Prompto treats every moment in your personal space like his very last. Yes, he gives you plenty of room to breathe and do your own thing, but then he also likes to stick close to you and keep skin-to-skin contact with you when he gets the chance to in a private setting. Prompto especially likes to lay his head down on your lap as you stroke his hair with gentle fingers. You like the way Prompto’s silky smooth blond hair feels against the pads of your fingertips, and Prompto adores the way you unconsciously pull gently at his longer locks after carding your hand through his hair. Sometimes, your movements lull Prompto into a peaceful sleep, and you continue to pet his hair and let him rest simply because you adore Prompto’s sweet, angelic sleeping face. When Prompto’s breathing evens out, you usually like to hum softly to keep yourself awake. You need to wake Prompto, after all. It wouldn’t do for you to fall asleep as well! And so you hum whatever tune comes to mind at the time, whether it be a classic rock song, a pop song, or even electronic rap. However, this time when you begin your humming, you don’t realise that Prompto is still awake. The blond stills his breathing and just listens in awe as your beautiful voice wafts into his hears and absolutely unravels all the existing tension in his muscles out of his body. When he movies to press a gently kiss against your knee, you are slightly startled. But then you relax as you witness Prompto shut his eyes again and blissfully lean back on your lap, caressing your knee and waiting for you to hum the next song in your repertoire.

Gladio: Gladio doesn’t like to listen to music while he works out. For him, music is like a crutch- it’s like admitting defeat to the delicious strain of your muscles before even beginning the set. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t allow you to listen to music while you go through your sets of exercises and your cardio. You’re breathing hard and fast as you jog at a fast pace on the treadmill while Gladio is lifting weights in another section of the gym. You wearily glance over your shoulder for any presence of your boyfriend before you raise the volume of your music and run even harder on your treadmill. You open your mouth, absolutely enthralled in the music as you finish your final mile of running. You begin to move your mouth, simply mouthing the words to the song you were listening to before you felt your ragged breaths escaping you like breathy gasps. You shake your head and grit your teeth to try staying focused, but very soon your singing your favourite song blasting out loud directly into your ears as you run through the cool down jog. As you’re finishing your exercise, you don’t notice Gladio’s warm amber eyes on you. Gaze gently, Gladio merely watches you as your soft, sweet voice carries over to him and hits him right in the heart. He’s amazed at the talent and stamina that you hold, and even lets the thought of listening to and singing to some music during his workout cross his mind. If you were so good at running and singing at the same time, that meant that your breathing was absolutely amazing. Gladio nodded in approval twice before he made his way forward and wrapped his arms around your waist with a sweet smile on his beautifully shaped, thick lips. You gasp in surprise and rip your earphones out, only to hear the soft chuckle of your boyfriend telling you that he adored your voice and he wanted to hear more of it more often. Being the great girlfriend you are, you complied with his wishes from time to time- singing loud and proud while Gladio struggled to do the very same and sound as good as you on the treadmill right beside you.

Ignis: Ignis has known that you like to sing for a very long time- he’s caught you singing to yourself within your own apartment. However, you were none-the-wiser about his knowledge. Whenever he suggested a date to the local karaoke bar, you would simply shake your head and flush a light shade of pink before verbally refusing and explaining to Ignis that your voice wasn’t anything special. Ignis would not push the matter any further, but he does enjoy your singing and does want to hear it again without having to hide around the place to do so. He likes the way your voice rises and falls with ease hitting both high and low notes with such effortless precision that his heart skips and beat and falls down to his stomach. He’s thrilled to hear your sweet, rich voice, and he wants you to know just how much he loves it. And so… he plans a surprise visit to the karaoke. Ignis tells you that the two of you are going out for a simple dinner because he hasn’t taken you out anywhere for the longest of times. Unable to argue that logic, you almost reluctantly slip on a nice pair or dark denim jeans and a white shirt before shrugging on a bomber jacket and slipping on some sneakers. Ignis approves your attired with a sweet kiss to the forehead and the two of you head out in matching attire, a small grin on Ignis’ handsome face. When he notices your face freeze at the karaoke sign on the front of the building you two have just arrived to, Ignis clears his throat and sheepishly gestures at you with his elegant hands.

“I just wanted you to sing me ‘Runaway’ by The Corrs… you have a lovely voice and I felt like being swept off my feet by you tonight- I do hope that is alright with you dearest.”

You merely stare at Ignis, in awe of his bold and bashful request, before nodding in agreement.

“Fine. But I’m no good…”

After you eventually finish singing Ignis’ requested song, he pulls your onto his lap and holds you in a gently embrace, leaning his slightly stubbled cheek against your smooth one. He smiles against your skin and peppers quick kisses on your cheek before murmuring in a low tone: “thank you- everything you do is wonderful… your voice is beautiful and I am truly blessed to be considered yours.”

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Hi, I didn't see the "closed box" message when I saw this blog. But I remember the request! I wanted to see how the boys would react to hearing their S/O saying another guy's name (Arthur) in their sleep. Like I said, he's either a gay cousin, or it's the name that they want their son to have.

It’s fine hun. I only did the Sakamakis.


Shu - Depending on how deep the relationship is, if it was really deep then you can bet Shu would be pissed. Just don’t expect him to say anything about it, you’ll have to read his body language in order to tell what’s up with him. If you get the guts to ask what the matter is he’ll simply only ask who he is in a cold tone and wait for whatever excuse you can come up with. Whatever it may be it will take some time to heal a little.

Reiji - Reiji would probably kick you off of the bed and tell you to go sleep on the couch, he’d deal with you when he woke up. Once he is awake be prepared for an interrogation over some tea, don’t drink the tea, and a very calm Reiji… too calm in fact. His attitude would not change once you explained yourself though but he would definitely be a little looser in the jaw. Just don’t let a slip up like that happen again because you don’t know how close you came to drinking poison and not hot leaf juice.

Ayato - Ayato would immediately be shaking you awake to get to the bottom of things. His glaring green eyes and clenched jaw would be enough to spark fear as you would ask what he meant only for him to ask again who the bastard was. Once you finally get your senses it would be wise to explain that they are a family member so Ayato will finally leave you be and stop thinking on how he’s gonna kill you.

Kanato - I see this going two ways; Kanato can immediately go into a rage thus waking you up and demanding you tell him about that man not caring about your excuses as he breaks down and goes hysterical, or you may wake up in a box with Kanato nailing it shut because he’s crazy enough to do it without even letting you explain who the person was.

Laito - Though Laito would be jealous he would mask it with a sly smirk and wait till you woke up to see if you and this other man would let him join in on the action. You may be confused until he keeps up the teasing until it finally clicks. Once you tell him it’s the name of a relative he would immediately laugh it off and go about his merry way, but he may still be cautious about your intentions.

Subaru - Subaru would not be happy and he would let you know it as you would walk into a disaster zone that was once your room to see Subaru glaring at you from the middle of the mess he caused. He would demand you tell him who that was and he was no leaving without an answer. Once you told him it was the name you wanted to name your child he would blush and immediately go back into glare mode. You could have told him before he broke your bed in half geez, now he’s gotta replace it.

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Hi, heres a scenario the turtles woke up before their s/o and decided to watch her sleep. How would the s/o react if she woke up to the turtles watching them ? 💚

I think you meant to ask how would the boys react if she woke up to them watching her XD I had to re-read the question a couple of times before I noticed the grammar mistake.  It’s all good though!  

This turned out to be more of a short scenario more than anything though, not necessarily reactions.  Hope you don’t mind ^_^’’


His dream had startled him awake, to open his eyes to see his love sleeping soundly in front of him.  Leo couldn’t shut his eyes again, waiting for his heart beat to slow.  His blue irises were glued onto his s/o’s face for the next few minutes, taking in their features of how bright they glowed even in this pit of darkness.  He lightly stroked their cheek with his hand and played with their hair.  Leo finally smiled when their eyes fluttered open.  “I couldn’t fall asleep.  Sorry if I woke you.” Though there was barely any light, his lover was even more precious in this moment; Leo scooted closer and kissed them for a moment before wrapping them up in his arms before going back to sleep.


He had gotten up for a drink and returned to bed.  He was just about to lay his head down when he heard you move around on your side of the bed.  His eyes landed on you and he immediately smiled as you stretched and made funny noises from your throat; his arm propped him up while his other arm was free; Raph brushed your arm with his hand and placed a kiss on your shoulder.  When you wake to see him staring down at you, you immediately cover your face with the covers and hear him chuckle before he rests.  He doesn’t say anything except give your shoulder another kiss before he closes his eyes.


The guy doesn’t go to sleep until the crack of dawn anyways so he’s exhausted by the time he goes to bed.  He knows you’re there though, so he’s impatient and just leaves all his tools everywhere without putting them away.  He crashes into bed, without waking you, and pulls the covers over him.  But you catch his eye, and he stops before laying down.  He gets all smiley and loves how peaceful you look.  And then your eyes open, and his smile goes away for a moment, like “crap I woke ‘em up”.  When his s/o tells him he didn’t wake them up he smiles again and lays with them.  “You’re nose twitches when you sleep.  It’s cute.”- before closing his eyes.


“Did you know you talk in your sleep?”  Is the first thing he says when you peep open your eyes.  You had gone to bed early due to a headache, and Mikey joined you a few hours later; you stopped him before he had the chance to lay down because of your mumbling.  “You like cheesecake?” // “What.” // “You said you liked cheesecake… in your dream.”  He goes on about it, but drops it when your head hits the pillow again; Mikey smiles and chuckles at how out of it you are.  He leans down and kisses the back of your head before laying beside you.  It wasn’t long before you started mumbling again, and Mikey couldn’t help but giggle as he pulled you closer.

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How would the S boys react to their little sister saying "I hate you, I prefer the Mukami brothers"? ( And the little sister and S boys are reallyyyyyy close )

Shuu : *remains silent for a long long time* “Oi, stupid, don’t say things like that. Come here now…” 

Reiji : “Now now, don’t say ridiculous things, no one prefers the Mukami brothers to us. They will never be half as good as you.” 

Ayato : “KCh- Oi, are you stupid?! None of them would play with you like I do, definitely not that salty soup dude!”

Kanato : *starts getting very angry and little sister is saved by a running Subaru*

Laito : “Hmm? Oh you don’t mean those words, do you, little sis’? Even after I’ve taught you so many lessons about life and seducing men and women…The Mukami brothers will never be as honest as me~”

Subaru : “Why would you prefer these jerks?! Hah? KOU IS SWEET?! I’ll go talk to that pineapple looking vampire and you’ll never find him sweet again…”

BTS gif reaction - girl drummer joining as a new member


What’s being said is up to your imagination 


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Tbh I have no idea how they would react???

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Hi! I saw that you made a "how the boys would react to subaru´s S/O being pregnant? Can you do one as well for laito o.o?! thanks ;)

Reiji: Sigh it seem Laito got another girl pregnant again

Ayato: Again!? How many women is he going to do it with??

Kanato: He better kick her out. I don’t want to deal with a pregnant girl screaming my ear off.

Shu: Neither do I.

Subaru: Tch Laito that idiot!

Laito: ………

Laito: Can’t you guys be bit more supportive?

I love how that little boy from the REACT series that originally said that gay marriage was a bad thing is now growing up to be a huge homo it’s an amazing progression to watch

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So I adore this blog, it's amazing and you are all wonderful human beings for writing for trash piles like me, hahaha! I was wondering how the boys would react to/ play Cards Against Humanity, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

thanks for supporting this trash blog!! :’)

How they play:

Noctis: Plays the most simple, one-word cards that usually don’t make any damn sense, but end up being funny somehow.

Prompto: That guy that always plays the dirty cards. Usually hit or miss depending on the black card.

Gladio: Has a couple good cards and a bunch of throwaway cards. Sometimes wins rounds by playing cards that make absolutely no sense.

Ignis: Always has at least one card that perfectly fits the situation. He saves up pairs of cards that would go perfectly together and waits until the right black card to UNLEASH them.

Favorite cards:

Noctis: Bees?

Prompto: Inside Shrek’s asshole.

Gladio: Firing a rifle into the air while balls deep in a squealing hog.

Ignis: Vigorous jazz hands.

Who wins the most:

Ignis usually comes out on top the most. Usually due to the fact no one ever expects him to play the cards he does.

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Armin's been bothering me for the past couple of episodes. Why would they choose him out of all boys to be the one not to get jealous? I mean it seems like something that his character would do? Will it have to do with his arc? Now I'm also scared his arc will involve him getting in troubles for investigating Iris' mails etc. Maybe this person threatening Iris finds out. I don't know. You're always so objective and rational so maybe you can help me not freak out about this whole thing :')

Armin tends to live by the motto “hakuna matata.” 

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He’s just no the type to worry. That’s his personality. And having a different personality in each of the boys is ideal. There needs to be variety. Even in how the boys react in their jealous moods. And I find it kind of refreshing that some relationships are getting different outcomes as they progress.

Some examples: In Castiel’s arc, every boy but Castiel comforted Candy when they fought about Deborah’s intentions. The girls on Lysander’s route didn’t get to have a cute bedroom scene in episode 32, or a comforting embrace illustration at the end of episode 31 because their boyfriend was in the hospital with amnesia. In Armin’s route currently, he gets to have something different from the guys by having the tables turned with him trying to kiss Melody in a dare instead of another boy kissing Candy in episode 33 and Candy being upset by the event, rather than one of the other guys getting upset over Candy being almost kissed by a classmate. These are just some examples that I remember off the top of my head of different outcomes.

As far as Armin’s arc, I’m beginning to wonder if this is both his and Iris’ arc combined. Rather than him suffering in some way, shape or form like the others prior to him, he gets to help someone with his computer skills instead of becoming a victim of something. Or maybe he will get too close to figuring out who is harassing Iris and the troll will try to frame him, making it look as though Armin was the anonymous culprit. Until Candy and some friends are able to clear him and help point out the true perpetrator. It’s really too soon to tell, and there are many theories of possible directions this story could go. We’ll just have to wait it out and see what Chino and her team have in store for us, Armin and Iris…..and that’s what’s making everyone feel so on edge after the recent episode. Waiting. Cliff hangers and waiting. I hope I was able to help a little bit.

How EXO would react to their daughter getting their period for the first time.

catching-the-galaxies asks : Can you do EXO’s reaction to when they witness their daughter getting her period for the first time? Thanks(:

Sure, this is very different from what I normally do so I hope I do this well … Since I don’t know how they would react so I grouped them.

Xiumin, Suho, Kyungsoo, Kai and Sehun - These boys would be much more practical about the situation. They would probably call you in to the bathroom, to let you help with your daughter, since you are more experienced in that area.

Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol - I think these boys wouldn’t be as calm as the boys above. They would slightly freak out, forgetting to call you into the bathroom whilst they tried to help their daughter with the devil’s waterfall.

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FACT: Riley has NO chill when it comes to dogs

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This is very angsty but could you do headcanons for if Rosie got sick. Maybe she has serious illness that requires her to be at the hospital. How would the boys react?

awww. maybe i’ll make this into a longer fic. in this case, rosie’s older and is a teenager

for these hc’s i’ll just say rosie has atrial fibrillation (which means she has an irregular heartbeat). 


  • he’s the first one to notice something isn’t right
    • rosie’s not one to say, “i don’t feel good” or “i think i need to go to the doctor” but thankfully, alex watches her a lot
    • he notices how she clutches her chest at times
    • rosie gets really dizzy at one point and stumbles and he knows he has to take her to the hospital
  • he can’t go into her hospital room once she’s admitted–at least not alone
    • whoever he goes in with, he grips their hand really tightly
  • he hates hospitals already and rosie looks so sick
    • it hits too close to home
    • the smell alone just makes him sick
    • if rosie sees he’s nervous, she tends to get nervous too so he figures it’s best to stay out of the room
  • he texts and calls her whenever he has a free moment
    • rosie: “mama says you’re working a lot”
    • alex: “yeah…but don’t worry about me, sweetheart. how are you?” 
    • rosie: “i wanna go home..they’re gonna try out this new medication today” 
    • alex: “hope it helps. i know it’s tough, but you’re being so brave, love.”
  • he blames himself a little–maybe if he brought her in earlier rosie wouldn’t have to be in the hospital
  • he works a ton to try to get his mind off of it
    • you’ve tried to get him to take a break, but he’s got that scared look in his eye
    • you only give him good updates on rosie
    • it makes him feel a little better

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Hellow! I was wondering if you could picture how the boys would react if after a heated argument with Miiko, she tells Guardienne that if she wants to walk away no one is retaining you (to provoke Guardienne only) but Guardienne takes it seriously and heads to the forest and on her way outside she meets the boy and he asks her where she's going like that and Guardienne tells them "Remember when I came here? You said you didn't want me to stay here eternally well today is your lucky day." LUV U


(I think I’m back.)


  • Nooo, no no! He will not allow.
  • But he has no idea how to express to you the protest.
  • Secretly he fights with a wild desire to grab you by the shoulders, look you in the eye and say that he was wrong about you and he doesn’t want you to leave.
  • But he just stared at you and trying to…make a joke?
  • Like, “lmao, Gardy, do you really think this is my lucky day? My lucky day is when you never climb crazy ideas"
  • Then he just grabs you by the wrist (gently, surprisingly) and leads back to headquarters, muttering under his breath, you and Miko are still hysterical.


  • Lol nope. Whatever you say he will find a denial.
  • He will hate himself for that in the beginning of your acquaintance, he behaved rudely.
  • But damn, with the past nothing can be done: if you want an apology - you will get them.
  • He will even promise you that he’ll talk to Miko that she was so rude to you.
  • He’ll just try to hug you and sincerely apologize.
  • If you let him, it will be the most gentle hug  have ever received from him. 
  • If not, he is crushed, but he will make you return.


  • He will be calmer Ezarel and Nevra.
  • He just gently take your face, forcing you to look straight in the eye and say that he really regretted their actions.
  • You might think that he doesn’t care, but you will feel the tremors in his hands and his intense eyes.
  • You’re still going to leave? Okay, he’ll go with you.
  • Nope, you’re not going to convince him otherwise, he doesn’t want to put you in danger.
  • In the end he just hugs you and you slowly go back to headquarters.
  • Valkyon is just a master of consolations, that’s the whole secret.