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Any ideas of what I can do in my GSA club?

Tie-die club t-shirts! Do a bake-sale for your local LGBTQ+ resource center! Play the board game LIFE & have a same-sex couple in the front seats of your car! Have a movie night & watch Moonlight!

If your school has a GSA, I’d consider you to be pretty lucky - so many communities & schools aren’t as welcoming. A cool thing to do is to support organizations like GLSEN - they help make schools be more inclusive. You can learn more about them online.

Plus - I’m selling a shirt this week to raise money for GLSEN - get a shirt or sweater here. A portion of the proceeds helps GLSEN continue their amazing work! Look how cute…!! Comes in t-shirt or sweater, in a bunch of pastel colors too!! But only available for four more days… :o

Civil Rights

As a teacher I generally do not accept the excuse that a particular task is too hard and therefore should be abandoned.

I am not an advocate for giving up.

I do not collect tough texts halfway through reading them and say, “Well, that was taking too long.”

I am not about modelling behaviors that create a culture of quitting.

But, maybe I should reexamine my practice. Because my values do not seem to be those which will make America great again.

I realized this when I read the article “Education Dept. Says It Will Scale Back Civil Rights Investigations” in the New York Times yesterday. See, the article seemed to indicate that the Department of Education, under the leadership of that venerable hero to American schoolchildren,  Betsy DeVos, would not longer be investigating civil rights cases with the same consistency, depth, and thoroughness previously applied to them.


The mandates issued by the Obama administration required too much work and were slowing things down.

I am not kidding. I went on to read articles in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, which only bolstered the conviction of this conclusion. The main argument for changing our policy on investigating civil rights violations in schools is that doing so more thoroughly creates a “backlog.”

In other words, once we really delve into this issue it turns out it is a huge problem!


Investigating patterns of injustice takes examination of years of data, and that is time-consuming and costly. So, the new plan? Just don’t do it. Changing the burden of proof in campus sexual assault cases, thereby possibly shifting away from a pervasive culture of campus sexual assault? Costly. Time consuming. Hard. New plan? Don’t do it anymore.

And protecting transgendered kids? Well, they might do it. Maybe. See now, transgender protection will be determined on a case by case basis.

In America.

In 2017.

See, America as it was in some murky past was good enough for white cis billionaires like Ms. DeVos. She has never suffered a civil rights issue in her life, ergo, there cannot really, actually, be that many, so spending money on investigating them is dumb. We could give that money instead to private school vouchers for schools with policies barring gay students or those from gay families. Which is literally what Ms. DeVos wants to do, by the way.

Yeah, I was raised not to be a quitter. I have always tried to instill in my students that something worth doing is worth doing right, and that finding out the truth, no matter how much research it takes, is a valuable pursuit.

Perhaps, however,  I am  wrong. Maybe in this brave new version of a once great America, if it is hard, if it is uncomfortable, it is okay to do something halfway, or even, not at all.

so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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I'm a rangers fan so I don't like the bruins out of spite™ but I've seen a lot of stuff about how they're actually really good guys off the ice. I don't like how dirty they can be on the ice but I get that it's a part of the game so I was wondering if there's anything you can share about why you like them I guess :)

They’ve explicitly supported Both of their Pro womens teams and have donated money to support the womens games. Individual players and the organization itself.

The players and the organization have also been one of the most outspoken supporters of the LGBT community, making a big deal about supporting gay rights and transgender rights (they released a video of patrice bergeron talking about how the team supports trans people). 

Zdeno Chara has literally raised all these children from birth to be respectable and compassionate adults.

They’re fun, they’re not concerned with elitism and being “classy” in the old school hockey sense, they’re here to entertain but know when to draw the line. for instance Brad Marchand is always compared to Andrew Shaw. Andrew Shaw called someone a f*ggot on live tv. Brad Marchand has explicitly stated no one is allowed to use that word and has gone out of his way to hold people accountable for it. 

also they have a tv show called behind the b and they don’t take themselves seriously at all and they call their coach dad??? they literally at one point made a line so that every guy who entered the dressing room was told they were missed after the bye week??? both jarome Iginla and jaromir jagr who have been around for a long tiem have said that there isn’t a room closer and with a more positive energy than the boston bruins team??? zdeno chara doesn’t like rookie culture because he thinks it ostracizes the young guys and he wants them to feel apart of the team??? chara also has learned 7 languages so that no guy can come to the bruins and have no one to talk to??? they’ve never really had a super star they just all work so hard ??? claude julien (who isn’t their coach anymore) refused to say anything bad about them when they were knocked out of the playoffs becuase he loved them so much??? and on fathers day he said he couldn’t be more happy because the 20+ guys in the room were the best sons he could ask for?? and bruce cassidy their new coach goes around hugging players who had bad games to make them feel better???

There’s just this huge atmosphere of positivity and love and accountability and support not just for each other but for their fans as well. They hold themselves to a certain standard and to get there they do it with good vibes and love, but they also don’t let people get away with bullshit. 

like 100% you shouldn’t like them on the ice cause rivalries make sports fun and i love habs fans and i live in toronto and I got booed going to school in my krejci jersey but when i flipped the guy off he laughed and smiled at me and i smiled back and !!! that was nice and good !!!!

I wrote a longe rmore comprehensive post about this but I can’t find it. 

I wonder if it would be wrong of me to try and finance enough money to be able to go back to college. See heres the thing, I originally had a full ride to University of Oregon right, I didn’t have to pay a dime, all I had to do was keep my grades up and attend classes and I’d get to attend any class I wanted to at their expense. 

But here’s the thing, I started to get really sick, both physically and mentally, and there were several really close deaths in my family at the same time, so I just couldn’t attend class because I was too sick, I was too psychotic [literally, I’m schizophrenic they didn’t know at the time so I wasn’t getting treatment], and was grieving the loss of some close family members, so I couldn’t make the attendance record, so my scholarship was taken away, but that isn’t the problem.

The problem is I owe University of Oregon itself $12,891.65 for not showing up to classes.

And the problem with this is, until I pay this off I can never go back to any college ever again, because FAFSA will not give you a loan unless you send all of your transcripts to the university you want to attend, and University of Oregon has frozen my transcripts.

I attempted to apply to a nearby university here, they accepted me, but said they couldn’t register me for classes or get me funding via federal aid until I sent my University of Oregon transcripts, they said this was the case with any university I would ever attempt to apply to. 

I worked so hard to be so near graduation, and all those courses that had already been paid for are frozen because of one term where I got too sick to function. 

It’s my dream to study physics and mathematics at school, I’m really interested in these fields, and I’m devastated that I’ll never be able to go to university ever again, because of this. I just wanted to go to school and learn about things I’m interested in, and now I never can again.

… would it be appropriate to try and raise money over the course of years via this blog to try and go back to university one day in the future, or is that selfish of me? I honestly don’t know, there’s just so many other people who need money to survive, and I just want money to go back to school, so I don’t know.

Like I don’t care how long it takes to raise it … I just ….. want to go back to school eventually, and every month they add 87 dollars to the total.

I’m disabled and on SSI so I can’t ever pay this back by myself, it is literally impossible. Is it selfish of me to make a youcaring for this and advertise it on this blog? Again I don’t care how long it takes I just want to go back to school sometime in my life?

Dance Teacher/Choral Teacher AUS

                          Anonymous said to shittyaus:                                                                      request for a (preferably otp) au where person a whose a dance teacher and person b whose a chorus teacher (like a highschool au but with teachers),


  • We hate each other’s guts BUT the musical director has no one else to teach these poor kids how to sing and dance so we have to tolerate each other for now
  • we have to band together to try and convince the school to give the art department more money (ot+ friendly if you include the other art department personnel)
  • this kid is misbehaving in my class and it’s always right after yours so I go to you to see what’s going on to piss them off
  • one of the other teachers suggest to “raise morale” we should all switch classrooms for a day and omfg I can’t dance/sing but you’re great wtf stop no that’s MY class
  • ^^^^ above but neither of us can do the other’s job
  • The principal says we need to raise attendance for our classes so we have to perform with each other at the school concert/performance thing
  • one of your students has a solo but you can’t find them and ask me to track them down since it’s 10 minutes to showtime

Hope you enjoy these!! (psst hey message mod karissa at her main if you use these they sound fun it’s under the about page)

~Mod Karissa

Love me now - J.A

Another song fic inspired by the song love me now by John Legend.

Originally posted by words-plus-wisdom

Pulling me further
Further than I’ve been before
Making me stronger
Shaking me right to the core, oh
I don’t know what’s in the stars
Never heard it from above, the world isn’t ours
But I know what’s in my heart
If you ain’t mine I’ll be torn apart

You’d always been excited to have your first child. When you found out you were having a girl you were over the moon to raise your very own little girl. You looked forward to taking her to ballet classes, buying her barbie dolls and fairy dresses and sitting her down to watch an afternoon of Strawberry shortcake or My little pony.

You were beyond nervous at first. With the both of you still in high school and working part time jobs it seemed almost impossible to raise a child but Jeff stayed with you throughout the whole pregnancy. He supported you through all your breakdowns, reassured you when you got your doubts and even left to the 24 hour supermarkets at 3 am when you got horrible cravings.

“W-we can’t do this Jeff. We’re still in high school and we have no money or our own house. This baby isn’t going to have much of a life” You cried into your boyfriends arms.

“Don’t speak like that beautiful, we got this okay? We can raise this baby together” He said and placed a hand on your growing bump.
Some how your baby had already grown to love her fathers voice and got a quick kick or two in each time he spoke loud enough for her to hear.

“She’s going to be a daddy’s girl, i can feel it now” You laughed and wiped away your tears.

“I have a feeling she’s going to have your eyes” he spoke “and your beautiful smile”

“Yeah, hopefully she gets my smarts too” you joked and gave a smirking Jeff a cheeky smile.

“I have no doubt in my mind, that this baby is going to have a wonderful life” he reassured you, which happened to be something he had to do a bit more often recently.

I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

“How’s my girls doing?” Jeff asked and placed a hand on your growing bump whilst giving you a quick kiss.

“I’m fine, although i think someones a little grumpy guessing by the amount kicks i’ve received in the last hour” you murmured and tried to ignore all of the judgmental glances given by classmates and teachers.

Your bump was showing and it was obvious to mostly everyone that you had a bun in the oven, Jeff’s bun to be exact.
“Are you sure? You’re not in too much pain or having any cravings? Because if you are it’s not a problem for me to drive down to the shops and grab you whatever you need babe” You smiled and wrapped your arms around Jeffs waist, the height difference in you two meant that you fit into his arms perfectly, almost like two pieces of a puzzle.

“I’m fine Jeff, just a bit tired but i’ll last. You don’t need to worry so much”
Jeff pressed a kiss to your forehead and swayed you two back and forth slightly, the baby bump being the only thing slightly separating you.

“I have to go to Bio now but i promise after school it’ll be you, me, your favourite box set and a whole lot of popcorn” He smiled, removing himself from your monkey like grip.

“Damn i got lucky, i love you” You said and began walking away

“I love you too, baby mama” he yelled back before taking off down the hallway.

Something inside us
Knows there’s nothing guaranteed, yeah
Girl, I don’t need you
To tell me that you’ll never leave, no
When we’ve done all that we could
To turn darkness into light, turn evil to good
Even when we try so hard
For that perfect kind of love, it could all fall apart

You held your baby girl in your arms, an awe struck Jeff sat next to you gently brushing your daughters hair.

“I told you she’d have your eyes” Jeff spoke quietly, trying not to wake the sleeping newborn.

“She has your nose though” you replied and leaned into Jeff’s shoulder, feeling tired from the last few hours.

“Do you think we can really do this parenting thing?” He asked, starting to sound like you

“One hundred percent, as long as we stick together”

And who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone?
Oh I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
And I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

You found it absolutely hilarious when your daughter took on a rather interesting love for monster trucks and superhero figures. She was an absolute daddy’s girl. Stella loved nothing more than playing in the dirt and did more than recoil whenever you’d try to make her wear pink.

Her favorite toy was a mini, plush baseball bat that her dad had given her at birth but you had no problem with it, your almost one year old only wanted to be like her father. Jeff truly found your attempts hilarious.

Jeff ran into the room, a crying Stella in his arms and a distressed look on his face.

“She wants to be fed and theres no milk left” he spoke, stress laced in his voice.
You groaned and slammed the text book shut, burying your face in your hands.

“Pass her to me” You said and held your hands out for the infant which Jeff gladly passed over. You begun feeding Stella and Jeff flopped down on the bed.

“This whole parenting things is a lot harder than our parents made it look” He sighed, rolling onto his side to face you.
The bags under your eyes were visible and you’re pretty sure your hair was a matted mess.

“I’d say we’re doing pretty good, she’s well fed, cleaned, she’s healthy” You spoke and fixed your shirt. You put Stella on the bed next to Jeff and she made a gurgling sound, as if saying thank you or ‘play with me’.

“We did do good didn’t we?” Jeff said and played with the bow you managed (with much difficulty) to place on your daughters head.

“For sure”


hi boys and because i have no consistency im back with another preposition

do you live on the edge? have you ever wanted a super cheap commission? heres the offer for you! with Experimental drawings!

basically i draw however id feel would work best with the request, full body perhaps, probably colours??


  • fast, i can get these done much quicker than my usual full lineless art
  • cheap, pay whatever u like bro!! if you dont like what you get give me 2 cents i dont care
  • wild! risky! dangerous! 
  • i get to practice different ways of drawing!


  • literally none?????
  • ok maybe whatever comes out looks like crap but if that happens give me 1 cent thats it.

and ofc im still offering regular commissions if thats more your style,

thanks for your time! if youre confused dont be afraid to ask any questions!  usual info down below the cut

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a niall horan oneshot

pairing: Niall/ofc

word count: 14,226

warnings: explicit sexual content

If I could be anywhere else in the world right now, I would. I hated being at the club. Full of nothing but rich grumpy old men walking around drinking their scotches and smoking their cigars and occasionally partaking in, what is possibly, the most boring sport in the entire world. Golf. It seemed to have become more of a social club at this point for the older members, with the younger, newer members filling out the greens and the putting lanes.

So, yes, I hated it. The only time I remotely even pretended to tolerate it, was when it was absolutely, crucially necessary. Basically only showing up to look pretty and stick on a smile for whatever family photo-op my Dad needed for the club’s yearly annual or if we were referenced in the city’s paper and on the news, which was often the case. We were a highly influential family, rich in money and our many charities.

See, my father owned the most prestigious and exclusive members only golf club in the state. Has since before I was born. A southern country club girl born and raised, I don’t really know much of anything else besides attending the best private schools and how to successfully run a golf club. I’m an only child, and a bit of a Daddy’s girl, and proud of it.

But none of that meant that I enjoyed lagging around after my father as he got ready to play his morning round before the club opened on this particular day.

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The only one (Daryl x Reader) Part 2

Relationship : Daryl Dixon X Reader

Trigger warnings : Parental abuse , depression , 5 years age gap, consensual sex , death, violence, graphic scenes.

Rating : Mature + (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

CopyRight: I do not own Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Summary :

The narrative follows the reader and Daryl. The story starts pre-apocalypse and links the events of different stages of their lives as : kids, young adults and adults, focusing on their friendship and eventual love relationship . But when the world turns to dust, will they be able to make it?

Read and find out.


PART 2 – We’ll see each other again, I promise

Argh…Your head is pounding. Everything hurts . You wake up at the sound of things being moved around and hard foot steps on  the floor.

‘Wake up, you whiskey-head’ Daryl throws your now dried clothes at you.

You groan,moan and hide yourself beneath the dusty old sheet. ‘My mom’s gonna kill me…and you’

As soon as you realized it was already late, you hurried back to the highway and home.The good thing is at least it’s Saturday, and you don’t have to work.

Right the second your mother saw Daryl’s truck, she called for Nick and started yelling.

‘Want me to come with ya?’ Daryl asks you, stopping the engine.

‘Nah, I’ll be fine’ you tell him confident. They haven’t hit you in like 4 years so what could go wrong. ‘Don’t worry, I think it’s best if they just see and scold me right now’

‘Al’right, I’m just gonna head into town for a bit.’ you kiss his cheek and walk towards your house. Daryl drives off.

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Chapter 8

Mayday || Jinyoung

Originally posted by jackseunie

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1880

Warnings: violence and mention of blood

note: here’s the long overdue chapter of mayday! sorry for the long wait but here you go, my lovelies <3 this chapter was originally 3000 words but then i was like nawh, imma split this action into two parts haha. happy reading everyone and take care! also, welcome back king jackson! i missed him so much ngl -admin (p.s. new series coming soon *cough* a jaebum series)

I stood there as I watched people enjoy their time at the banquet. Ryder forced a drink in my hand and who knows what I’m holding at the moment. It could be a drink that was intoxicated with a drug or it could be a glass of champagne. Either way, I’m not taking a sip even though I need something to distract my anxiety. And getting drunk was the best way the relief my stress. Instead, my eyes scanned the area like a hawk, looking for a specific knight in armour. Jackson and Mark somehow had disappeared from my sight and I’m tempted to break away from Ryder, just to find them. The risk was too high hence why I still remained by Ryder’s side.

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Changed Education (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Requested By: Anonymous

Summary: You are a strong, independent, and outspoken woman who fights for what she believes in. Your passion just so happens to be changing the education system. Watch as you meet Alexander and try to achieve your goal.

Warnings: None

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 2000

A/N: Yes, I am alive. I know this took way longer than it should have, but I needed to take the time to get it so I liked it. To apologize, staring today, I will post a new story every day for the next 5-7 days.To the requester I hope this is what you were looking for. I enjoyed writing this so much, it was an interesting topic I wouldn’t have explored without this request. I hope you and enjoy and have a wonderful day!

It was extremely difficult for a woman to advance far in education, especially during the 1700′s. Most narrow-minded men believed a woman should only need to know how to write her name and read her religious book. Other than that, men only expected a woman to know how to cook, clean, and take of children.

Luckily, you had grown up in a household with your mother who was a strong, independent woman, and you father who supported women in their fight for education equality. They both disagreed with society’s expectations of a women and began educating you from a young age.

Unlike many girls of your time, you had the opportunity to study literature, writing, arithmetic, science, and even a bit of politics. This combined with your upbringing, turned you into a woman who was unafraid to stand up against egotistical men who believed women were beneath them. Many a times, you had almost gone head to head with somebody over a comment on your knowledge.

However, while you were extremely proud of your intelligence, it made it hard to hold friendships and even harder to find a man who wanted to court you. Most times when you would start a relationship, you were told by the men to stop reading because it wasn’t right for a woman. If they ever did say this, you would slap them, remind them that woman were just as, if not more, capable as men, and would leave.

For this reason, you tried to avoid balls and other social situations as much as possible. They were often an uncomfortable event where you found yourself off to the side, alone, while you watched your best friend Angelica Schuyler dance the night away.

Angelica was similar to you, really. She was intelligent, witty, outspoken, and very stubborn. So stubborn that she was able to convince you to join her at the Winter’s Ball that was being hosted at the end of the week. Although you tried to get out of it, she begged and pleaded with you until you couldn’t say no.

The night of, she let you borrow one of her dresses and helped you to curl your hair to perfection. As you stood in front of the mirror, gazing at your reflection, you had to admit that you looked beautiful. With all the work you did, it was uncommon for you to dress up, so it was a nice change.

Walking side by side, Angelica made you promise her something.

“Promise me you will find at least one man to dance with tonight.” she pleaded.

“Angelica, you know it’s unlikely I will find anyone to dance with tonight.” you sighed, fiddling with your dress.

Eventually, you ended up promising her that you would dance at least once tonight. Not long after you both entered the ball, Angelica was swept away by a solider who had been tripping over himself just to impress her.

You smiled from the side as you watched Angelica go from one man to the next, dancing the night away. The familiar feeling of awkwardness feel over you as you stood alone. Looking around the room, you sighed once you realized nearly every man was dancing with a woman already.

In all honest, you were about to leave when someone began to head your way. As the mysterious man drew closer, you groaned internally when you recognized him as Charles Lee. While you had never met the man, you had heard from multiple people that he was highly annoying.

Now standing directly in front of you, Lee gave a small bow, and you curtsied back only because it was polite. He held out an arm for you and had to restrain yourself from rolling your eyes.

“Would you allow me the honor of accompanying you for a dance?” he asked you.

Silently, you nodded and let him lead you to the dance floor. He rested his one arm on your waist and took hold of the other hand, while your free hand rested on his shoulder. Then the dance began and you prayed for it to be over. Eventually, he tried to make small conversation.

“Tell me something about yourself, Miss. (y/ln).” he commanded gently with a smile.

You thought for a moment before you spoke. “Well, right now I am trying to raise enough money to become a certified teacher and then open up a school for girls, I-” you stated explaining passionately before you were interrupted.

“Ha!” Lee laughed after you. “I would quit your dreams now. Women have no reason to get an education, and it makes even less sense for them to be teaching.” he jeered.

Instantly, you stopped dancing and stared incredulously at the man in front of you. “How dare you?” you accused. “Do you not realize that education is wasted on egotistical men who are too blind and stuck up to appreciate what they have. Woman are just as capable, even more, as men and we do deserve to get out education.” you shouted.

“Do not attempt to contact me the rest of the night.” you warned and slapped Lee before storming away back to the corner you stood in originally.

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American Schooling System and How it can be Changed

There are so many ways to fix the American schooling system. Like for example:

•Start school at a time where the brain can fully function instead of having us wake up at 6:00 in the morning to get dress. Which makes us more focused on staying awake in class than focusing on class.

•Not giving us homework(especially a lot of it), because I don’t want to have to stay up late having to do 6 classes worth of work which is due the next day, especially if I’m forced to wake up early for school the next day.

•They can have a thing where you meditate/counseling/draw/etc to relieve stress or held in emotions. Which some schools in different countries do, which lowers the amount of students that get in trouble and suspended.

•Less standardized tests, because there doesn’t need to be 10 tests in one week when we can barely balance homework, food and sleep into our schedule.

•Have vending machines have supplies in them so we can have more access to getting supplies, especially for those who can’t go to stores or for those who forget/lose a pencil or pen.

•Remove sexists dress codes, because last time I checked, I wasn’t look at a girl’s bra strap and thinking “damn, that’s a fine ass bra strap”

•Make a mandatory class that teaches us how to do taxes, pay rent, buy a house, practice safe sex, teach us about sexual/gender orientation, change a tire, raise a child, save money in a bank account, fill a job application, and other important life skills.

•Have more multi-language classes that are not just French and Spanish, like brail, sign language, and Morse code.

I can honestly think of more, but I’ll leave it at that. Add more if y'all need.If schools already do some of these, great, but I think they should be in all schools for the sake of students sanity and life.

Edit: and another thing, teachers can get paid a little more, because most stay up till 4 in the morning because they have to grade mandatory tests they didn’t want to give out or because they stay up late creating lessons/worksheets/and activities for us to learn better.

Prison is Hell

By reddit user SamMarduk

I hate it here.

Granted, I deserve it.

I’m currently locked down behind massive, concrete walls and solid steel doors in a maximum-security penitentiary. I was locked up what feels like a lifetime ago now. I earned it, I did. Every second I rot here is justice, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hate it.

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RIVERDALE! (spoilers, obviously)

Let’s be real: this show is one of the most strident anti-capitalist manifestos from the last thirty years of television, and I am INTO IT. I guess we are all supposed to be worried about Jughead joining the Serpents, but let’s be real: the Serpents are the most functional family unit, business, and form of government in the entire town.

On the “right” side of the tracks where the rich people live:

-large-scale heroin trafficking fueling the US opioid epidemic
-murder (including fratricide & filicide)
-sexual assault, harassment, & slutshaming as a game for the scions of the elite
-attempt at coerced abortion
-sending pregnant girls away to horror misogyny nightmare camp
-rampant bullying
-statutory rape
-identity theft
-baby-stealing plots
-illegal real estate deals
-corrupt politicians taking kickbacks & illegal campaign donations
-police rule governed by monied interests rather than justice or protecting the vulnerable
-Madoff-style kingpin running his organized crime empire from prison
-generations-long blood feuds

On the “wrong” side of the tracks run by the South Side Serpents:

-drug dealing consists of small amounts of marijuana
-nice foster family welcoming in distraught abandoned teen
-high school where newcomers are welcomed and befriended immediately
-criminal activity for hire consists of “shouting at the screen and dropping bottles at the local movie theater” to make gentrifiers nervous
-gay teen gets hired by his non-homophobic boss to make out with other gay teen, at one point is applauded for doing great makeouts by said boss
-refusal to betray fellow community members for the sake of the corrupt police state
-new members of gang are welcomed with cool outfits & a new doggo friend
-alcoholic father gets clean for son

Anyway, I was expecting Jughead’s induction into the Serpents to be fraught with angst, but instead I think everyone should move to the South Side and learn to love again. I hope Joaquin comes back, and he and Kevin and Betty and Jughead all double date on the regular on the “wrong” side of town. Betty will be like “How was school today?” and Jughead will say “we raised money for the local soup kitchen, how about you?” and she will say “we found the flayed body of the JV field hockey captain in the school trophy case” and CAPITALISM IS POISON THE END.

Castle On the Hill

Title: Castle on the Hill

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 3,038

Theme song: Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Request: Hiii Kazzy! I love your blog and I’ve noticed that you like Ed Sheeran (I love him too) and he released Castle On The Hill today and he’s given so many feels so I was wondering whether you’d be interested in doing a dean/reader based on it with them ending up together? I’d love to see what you’d be able to do with that but only if you want to. If not, just know you’re an amazing and your Riptide, Stolen Dance and Red String Of Fate series have changed me forever <3 <3


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Dean is nine years old and he’s home. Or at least as close to home as he has these days, and running wild along the very top of the hill that looks down over to his Uncle Bobby’s house.

“Dean, slow down!” Sam yells from somewhere behind him, still running up the other side of it.

“I can’t slow down, I’m a ghost, Sammy! You gotta catch me!”

“Uncle Bobby just yelled for us! Dad’s back! I’ll race you home!”

Dean turns his head to look toward his brother’s voice, but he doesn’t slow his brand-new-tennis-shoed feet.

“No, Sam, come on. We just started—“ his words are lost, though, as the tip of his sneaker hits a rock and down he goes, falling to his knees on the edge of the hill where gravity takes over completely. He tumbles down the side of it, his small body picking up enough speed that the hands he has thrown out in front of him do little to slow his descent, and he comes unceremoniously to a skidding stop in the dirt at the bottom in a small cloud of dust that fills his nostrils.

“Wow. I’ve never seen anyone do that on accident before.”

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Funeral Suit - Shelby!reader

Mum’s the Word | Funeral Suit 

You felt as though some strange sense of déjà vu had passed over you. Sitting on the low end of the garden wall was your father and there you were, standing at the door. You hadn’t seen him since the wedding, despite keeping in touch with Grace. It was she who wrote you letters daily and first brought Charlie round to meet you.  

During the funeral you stayed with your brother wandering the unfamiliar house and looking at all the portraits hung up. There were pictures in Charlie’s room of your father’s family and you felt as if you were trespassing just looking at them. This, the house, the Shelby name, the business, it would be Charlie’s legacy. He would be the golden child and your father would provide for him what he had never been able to provide for you.  

After passing Charlie off to a maid who insisted she take the boy you headed downstairs and out the back doors, surprised to find your father having a cigarette away from all his family.  

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Fancy Meeting You Here

Prompt: Fancy meeting you here

Words: 1483

You hear the whispers before you see him. “I can’t believe he actually came.”

“I can’t believe how well he filled out over summer.”

“They always said that Waynes were lookers.”

You do your best to hold in the giggle that wants to pop out, and focus on counting the money. The whispers are hushed quickly as your booth re-opens. Every year Gotham Academy holds a fair as a charity fundraiser. It was a look at us raising money for those less fortunate than we are, before we go party on a yacht type of thing.

It was also one of your favorite events of the year, and it had been since you started back in middle school. This year you just happened to work one of the booths, the kissing booth to be exact.

You know he’s reached the front of the line when the giggles burst out again. “Hi Brucie.”

You want to gag at the nickname. You don’t even have to see Bruce’s face to know it must be twisted in some sort of horror.

One of the other girls says, “For our preferred customers, we give them a choice of who they get to kiss. So who will it be?”

You nearly drop the bills in your hand when he says, “Y/N.” There’s a stunned silence as you turn to your best friend. He just smiles at you and says, “Fancy meeting you here.” You roll your eyes, before they skim over him.

You understand what the girls in your club had been talking about. He had filled out. He’d also shot up several inches, and his voice was now deep and smooth. Apparently you had become oblivious to his looks from all the time you had spent together.

When you looked close enough though, you could still see that string bean of a boy who had gotten in a fight over someone calling you a bad name. You’d had to jump in and save him, after he took that punch that broke his nose.

That’s why you don’t blush or giggle, you just ask “What are you doing here Bruce?”

He just smiles and says, “Kidnapping you.”

You raise an eye in question, as he throws down some rather large bills before reaching over the counter, and grabbing your hand. You’ve always seemed to know what he was doing without a word, which is why you move with the momentum, and slide over the counter before breaking into a run with Bruce.

The two of you don’t stop until you hit the merry go round. The two of you share one look before breaking down in laughter. After about five minutes of not being able to stop the laughing you ask “What are you really doing here Bruce? You hate these events with a passion.”

His face sobers up a bit and he shakes his head “I don’t hate the events I just don’t like the people.”

You wrap an arm around his neck, forcing him to stoop down. You make sure he can see your face and you say, “They’re not all bad Bruce.”

He nods. “I know.”

You continue on, “And at the very least they’re valuable connections.”

Bruce straightens back up with a grin before saying, “You’ve listened to one too many of Alfred’s lectures now.”

“You’ve dragged me to enough of them.”

The two of you grin at each other before he holds out his hand and he says, “Let’s go.”

You place your hand in his and ask, “Where?”

“Where else? To the carnival. I donated enough money that no one is going to miss you.” You just smile, and follow your best friend.

The two of you hit every major attraction and all the minor ones too. You play the games and ride the rides. And just when the night is nearly over, Bruce leads you to the Ferris wheel. The two of you board, and you kind of just hold on to his hand. It stops at the top. You’ve never been a fan of heights, but Bruce has always seemed to thrive on them.

More than once you’ve had to haul your butt up to the top of the manor, to get him to come down. It was especially difficult when there was a storm coming in. He loves watching the storms roll in, and feeling those first few drops of rain on his skin.

When you reach the top you, move a bit closer to him, and close your eyes. He just threads his fingers through yours and says, “Look at me, focus on me and it won’t seem so bad.”

You do as he asks and turn to him. He’s smiling at you, and the wind has blown some hair into his eyes. Without a second thought you reach and tuck the hair behind his ear. When he leans into your touch, and you kind of just freeze. Then he utters two little words that break something in you. “I’m leaving.”


“I have an idea, on how to fix Gotham, but to do it, I have to leave. I have to find something.”


“I leave first thing in the morning. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I was scared I’d chicken out.”

You let out a small laugh at that. “Bruce Wayne back down? Never.”

“For you, I would.” Those words take your breath away, and he leans in a bit closer. “Ask me to stay and I will.”

You look into his eyes then. And when you look into them you see the need, the need to fulfill whatever halfcocked, crazy idea he has. “I can’t ask that Bruce, any more than you can ask me to go with you.”

He leans back in his seat and says, “You always could read me like a book. Alfred calls you the Bruce Whisperer when you’re not around.”

You smile at that and ask, “How long will you be gone?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know. You won’t be able to contact me though. Not where I’m going. I promise to write though.”

You smile. “At least once a month.” He nods, and this silence engulfs you for several heartbeats. The he turns to you to say something else and you just kiss him. Your hands cup, his face, and they bring him in close. Then you feel his arms wrap around you, and you don’t want the moment to end. Vaguely you feel the ride start to move again, but you don’t let go of him, until your feet brush the platform.

Just before the bar pops up, you let go, before leaning into kiss his cheek. You stop when you’re a foot away, turn to him and say, “Just some motivation to home quicker.” He just smiles at you.

It takes everything you have to make it home without thinking. When you do, you head straight to your room, and when you get there you let your tears fall.

You don’t see Bruce Wayne for the next six years. You do however, receive lots of letters. They’re long and detailed, and they tell of amazing stories. Even when you go to college, they find you at your dorm.

You date sporadically over those years. You’re not a nun, but you’re not Miss Social either. You have a steady group of friends, but you never forget that boy who took those punches for you.

Then one day a shadow falls on you while you’re reading on the patio of a café, and you look up, and all you can see is that string bean of a boy. Then the memory fades and you’re faced with a man, and you almost think you’re hallucinating. The man in front of you with muscles on his muscles couldn’t possibly be your childhood best friend. The he smiles and says, “Fancy meeting you here.”

You launch yourself at him, and he catches you with ease. You wrap him in the tightest hug you can muster, and when you lean back and look into his eyes you say, “you were supposed to come back quick Bruce.”

He smiles and says, “I completed eight years’ worth of training in five. I swear, I went as fast as I could.”

You smile. “Really?”

He nods. “That kiss was a hell of a motivator.”

You smirk and say, “Well then maybe this one will convince you to stay around.” And before he can say a word, you kiss. And just like the first time, you fall into this world where it’s only the two of you. You only break apart because you need to breathe.

Slightly out of breath he says, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m home.” And you can’t help but smile because home sounds like the most amazing thing in the world right now.

Request- #19 with Dean 

#19 “You walked away. Not me.” 


summary- After 4 years Dean runs into the reader again, but something has changed

word count- 1500 

warnings- Angst if you look close, than fluff.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“y/n; you froze when you heard his voice, it was a voice you hadn’t heard in  years. Slowly you turned around you knew exactly who was standing there before you laid eyes on him, and as soon as you did you instantly flashed back to that day.


"Dean I have to leave, I can’t stay here with you and Sam for any longer.” You say trying to hide the hurt in your voice. “What are you saying y/n you can’t just take off and leave after all these years.” He said his green orbs staring into your e/c ones. “Yes Dean can, and I have to. Trust me, this is for the best. Please tell Sam that I’ll miss him. And Dean-” you paused this was the hardest thing you’d ever done, leaving Dean like this with no explanation. “ you need to know this really is for the best.  No matter what happens, I will always love you.” You paused again thinking of  how much you loved-love him before saying something you’d never thought you would have to say. “Goodbye De.”  They were your final words to him as you closed the door to the bunker, and let the first of many tears fall.


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The Entire Plot of Be More Chill

This sophomore named Jeremy is basically Veronica Sawyer from Heathers. He wants to be popular and try to get his crush since middle school named Christine. She’s a very pure soul, she sings a song called “I Love Play Rehearsal.” He has a best friend named Micheal. They play video games together. They were talking through Xbox I think, and he mentions something called a squip. He tells Jeremy all about this strange pill; a super computer that acts like a small person. It’ll tell him how to walk, talk, and be really cool. Jeremy thinks it’s bs, and continues his dorky week at high school. He was in the bathroom when this super popular guy named Rich. They were having a normal conversation when the subject of computers came up. Rich begins to rant about this great thing that he swallowed last year. It made him instantly popular. Jeremy knows he’s talking about a squip. He asks where he can get one, and Rich offers him one for $600. He manages to raise that money, and pay it to him. Now this is very important ; Jeremy eats his squip with green mountain dew. It’s very painful. Instantaneously it starts instructing him in how to fix his life; starting with correct posture and buying clothing. Jeremy runs into the three popular girls in the mall and with the help of the squip, gets one of their numbers. Jeremy really doesn’t want to date her, but it told him that if he dates brook it’ll get Christine interested in him. (OH my GOD I forgot to mention that Jeremy signed up for the school play w/ Christine and they’re kinda friends now)Jeremy is sitting with brook behind the school, they’re being all romantic and crap. The squip is encouraging him to invite her to his house, but he’s hesitating. Jeremy’s phone beings to ring. It’s Micheal. He leaves brook for a minute and goes to answer it. “Dude where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a week!” “Really? I’m the one ignoring you? Every time i try to talk you it seems like you don’t even acknowledge I’m there!” The squip, that asshole, tells Jeremy that he has been doing something to Jeremy called optic nerve blocking. He’s been blocking Micheal from his field of vision. Kind of angrily, he yells at the squip saying what the hell. Why’d you do that. “Micheal is a link to Jeremy 1.0. To upgrade yourself, you need to learn to make sacrifices. So what do you choose? Christine? Or a dork who’s never stood by your side?” Yu can hear Micheal screaming on the other side of the phone saying “you’ve been acting shady since… it worked didn’t it. Jeremy! That’s amazing! We gotta celebrate! Get stoned in my basement! ( this line means a lot, because in the first song that’s what Micheal offers to do with him because best friends forever) Jeremy makes his choice. Micheal says, "Jeremy are you coming?”

“Optic nerve blocking on”

Micheal is mad at Jeremy still, but after he promised not to ditch him again and stick by his side, he offers to drive him to a Halloween party at rich’s house that’s supposed to be pretty cool. Then all these drunk kids sing a song that’s basically ‘Big Fun’ in a nutshell. Micheal watches Jeremy dance away with the popular kids, get super high, and make out with brook, and many other girls. He starts crying and he runs upstairs to the bathroom and sings the saddest song I have ever heard in my life. Its about friendship, and love, and how sad he is… getting off track. Micheal drives the kinda insane Jeremy home, (like a great friend; especially after what just happened).The next song is really weird, and becomes Dear Evan Hansen (kinda). You start out hearing one of the popular girls, Jenna, calling her friend Chloe. “After last nights party, did you see rich?” After a little bit of annoying singing, she yells this. “RICH SET A FIRE AND HE BURNED DOWN IS HOUSE!” all the students go crazy on the internet, and Rich becomes Connor. Everyone is really confused on why he did it, because he wasn’t drunk or high. (It was his squipppppppp…) But whatever Rich is dead now.
Ok. Now here is an interesting part; the squip begins giving Jeremy ideas. This song is actually really scary, and it’s called the pitiful children. He’s telling Jeremy about how he can be even more popular; by infecting everyone else’s minds with more squibs. “You’re going to be the most powerful person to grace the planet… you’ll be unstoppable” Jeremy kinda falls for it (for the moment) because this picture is painted perfectly in his head; all the students are singing about how great squibs are. Skip skip skip to the school play. His drama teacher, Mr. Reyes, says this. “Excellent job Chloe! You’re doing wonderful.” This was after she did a stage performance where her character in the play drank something out of a beaker. Jeremy snaps his head up and says “But, Chloe’s terrible, she never remembers her-” “Me. Reyes? You can’t let anyone drink out of that beaker!”
“Don’t be silly, it’s perfectly safe I tried it myself.”
“I have to go on and stop her!”
“I can’t let you do that Jeremy. You needy, pathetic, self centered, student! You think I wanted to teach high school drama? In New Jersey! My squib says I can take it all the way to broadway, I just need to keep you from ruining my big night” Jeremy realizes what he’s done and starts yelling at his squip
“You’re going to squip the whole cast?!”
“That’s just for starters-”
“That’s not what I wanted!”
“I would stop there. Ha, you don’t want to end up like rich, now do you?”
“Rich! What was he saying…”
In the background you can hear Rich screaming “I need Mountain Dew reddddddddddd”

“That’s it! Green Mountain Dew activates you, red shuts you off!”
“Why do you think we had it discontinued? The only way you can stop me is if you had a time machine to the 1990’s”
“Or you have a friend so old school he buys 90s soft drinks”
“Too bad you don’t have one of those! Anymore.”
Jeremy starts yelling at his phone and furiously typing “Micheal! Call Micheal!”
Cue some A+ entrance music
“Micheal makes an entrance!”
They hug and it’s really cute and pure.
“I was sitting in the audience and I was like, this is pretty good for a school play. The I was like, THIS IS WAY TOO GOOD FOR A SCHOOL PLAY! They’ve all been squipped, right?”

The first thing they do if force the teacher to drink it. Now Micheal and Jeremy team up and try to save the school. They sprayed pretty much everyone. Jeremy was about to make himself drink it the the squip yells
“Oh, why not!”
“Because then you’ll never be.. with her”
Christine walks in. She’s been squipped too, but I mean, Jeremy’s squip is like, HQ squip? Idk but she starts singing really romantically and then kisses him. He looks at her and sighs. “Here Christine. Drink this.”
He gives the Dew to her and himself. Everyone’s Mountain Dew takes effect. They all start screaming, even Micheal, who wasn’t squipped he was just going with the flow. The computer never really disappears from your brain, which is why the last song is just… amazing? It’s called Voices in My Head. All the students help each other cope with the kickbacks of the squip and it’s really cute. They all also help Jeremy get the girl, and then right in the middle of they’re mini duet Christine says,
“All the voices in my head have made up their collective minds”
“Really? What do they say we should do?”
“I think that all of them want to go out with you”
Then the whole play finishes a great song with perfect harmonies. The end