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soft boy daniel howell 💐🌻

inspired by that little moment in the pastel edits video where he kept doing sweater paws. that jerk.

Say You Won’t Let Go

Requested by anonymous

AN: This has been requested twice and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to finally get it written for you guys! I have no idea if this is what you expected, but hopefully everyone likes it!

Peering into his eyes lifted the dark cloud capturing your mind. His breathing was relaxed as he slept soundly next to you. These moments, these were the ones most special to you. The safety brought to you by Shawn was something you’ve never seen before and it had taken some time to reach this point.

Your hand reaches out, combing your fingers through his dark tresses. They fell perfectly around his face. He stirred, but didn’t wake, so you kept going.

Rain hit the window of your apartment, quietly. The serenity of the morning, making you incredibly comfortable. It was early, probably near 6am. The sun still hidden behind the trees. The days were passing too quickly and you weren’t ready to go back to college.

After too long a time spent watching your boyfriend sleep, you decided to make some breakfast. A couple hours have passed and it shouldn’t be long until he woke up too.

Eggs sounded perfect this morning. Breakfast in bed, even better.

You hadn’t heard Shawn wake up or the footsteps he took until arms snuck around your waist. A smile crossed your lips immediately, knowing the only person it could be.

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It’s not books, but this morning I’m listening to the new episode of The Adventure Zone, The Lost Century and I’m?? crying???  Griffin is such a beautiful, beautiful storyteller.  In a medium that expressly offers freedom to collaborative storytellers who are not aware of the overarching story planned out by the DM, Griffin has still managed to create such a cohesive plot with so much build-up and foreshadowing.  I want to be able to do that.

there are times when ahri confuses the memory that she had reaped for her own, and vice versa. ahri is so used to seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, the more memories she reaps, the more difficult it is to for her distinguish the stolen memories for her own. 

she knows she is raised by foxes in the north, but she forgets the name of her kit; her siblings and mother. 

she knows she used to have a lover before–a human, and he had told her all of these delightful things she never knew about the world but all she remembers was his romantic words and his ability to create art. if she tries to remember him, his face is fuzzy and his name incomprehensible. she knows that she was the reason for his death, but now, she cannot fully remember what had happened or why he had sacrificed his body for her. 

at times, ahri questions if the memory she has of herself is something that is real–or something that she had made up—-or even, someone else’s.

ahri knows a lot of things. she had seen the events that had shaped ionia, knows of the secrets buried deep within the wilds but what frightens her is that she is forgetting her own. and if she did not have the sunstones–she might’ve already forgotten who she was.

okay but i see videos of michael in japan talking really passionate about stuff and it just makes me really really sad that we are so alike and if he weren’t in a famous band i’m more than 90% positive we would be friends and wow it just really sucks

  • Yoongi: *breathes*
  • Me: omg that was soo cute. Yoongi is such a fluffball!!! Like i cant understand how people can dismiss him as indifferent and grumpy. He's such an attentive hyung and like he always plays along with the members like the way he played the fake piano jimin drew him or how he squealed with kookie when they became roommates in bon voyage ep 1. And he cheered up kookie when everyone said he was scary for being muscular and like????? hes so loving in his own way and when he curses it holds no real bite hes so sweet his names suga i just cant understand how people dont appreciate him like hes a little sleepy but its cuz he works rlly hard and hes quiet but thats cuz he prefers to listen which i think contributed to how observant he is and also bts said hes gotten more comfortable and he even MCs now like whats wrong with people??????? Why cant they appreciate min yoongi??????!!!!!

Calum Imagine: Thunderstorms

Author: Rhine


It was as if the sky had opened up; the rain pouring as if there was a waterfall above the city, pounding onto the pavement outside your house like loud, rushed drumbeats of the sky. 

The thunder rumbled with a deep bass, shaking your bones with every resounding hit, making you jump with every crash that came falling to the ground, somewhere hopefully far away.

You buried your head deeper into Calum’s chest, his steady heartbeat the only rhythm you wanted to hear tonight.

His fingers tracked your lower back, rubbing circles and writing lyrics onto your skin like a silent melody that only the two of you could hear. 

Your feet tangled together underneath the covers, his body radiating warmth and solidity and comfort. You closed your eyes, fingers tapping lightly on his chest. 

When another crash of thunder struck, you jumped slightly, nestling yourself closer to Calum and shuddering despite the warmth of his body and the blankets.

“Shh babe, I’m right here.” He whispers softly, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. You trace the tattoos on his arm to take your mind off the storm, the rain still sounding like tidal waves outside your window.

You had saw the warnings for a severe thunderstorm warning early that day, and you hadn’t left the house since. You usually weren’t one to be afraid about some thunder and lightning, but when the tsunami of rain came crashing down, you started having slight flickers of doubt.

The thunder and lightning came soon after the rain started, and Calum appeared your door like a drenched angel, smiling and saying something along the lines of I couldn’t leave my girl alone, now could I?

The two of you had leftovers from the fridge for dinner, and Calum’s smile was brighter than the lightning that streaked the sky outside, his smile louder than the thunder that crashed to the ground.

The thunder knocked the electricity off an hour into the storm, and it was then did the two of you decide to hole up together on the bed. There was no need for talking; not over the thunder. You just needed Calum’s arms around you, the lightning showing quick flashes of his angular body from time to time.

A soft whine from somewhere near the door caused you and Calum to turn away from each other. You look to see your little dog on your doorway, shaking slightly.

You had almost forgot about him - he’d been sleeping like a rock in his usual corner, oblivious to the world. Clearly, he had been woken up by the storm outside and was looking distressed, tail wagging frantically.

“Come here, boy.” You say to your dog, tapping a spot on the bed next to you. “There’s no need to be scared, pup.”

Your dog hops onto the bed, opting to step over you and curling up on your stomach instead of the spot next to you. You laugh lightly at the little puppy-crater he had made in between you and Calum, completely unaware of Calum’s pout.

“Hey, buddy. That’s my girl you’re trying to steal here.” He says sternly to your dog, though a small smile plays on his lips. 

“Sharing is caring, babe.” You tease, kissing Calum lightly on the lips.

“Not when it’s you, it isn’t.”

Before you can reply, another clash of thunder shakes the ground, deafening and rattling your bones. It sounded as if it was right outside your window, and you can’t help but to shiver slightly.

You hear your dog whimpering quietly, its whole frame shaking violently. You run your fingers through its fur, massaging his shaking body until it calmed down again.

“Poor boy - don’t worry, the thunder won’t hurt you. You’ll be safe here.” You coo softly to your dog. He nuzzles his head against your stomach and closes his eyes, having chosen his next sleeping spot.

“I guess he can stay the night.” Calum smiles down at your dog’s sleeping form, pulling you as close to him as possible with the puppy in between you. “But I’ll have to teach him tomorrow who’s the man of the house.”

You roll your eyes, but you aren’t sure Calum can see in the darkness. 

“Whatever you say, hotshot.”

Calum merely wraps his arms around you again, this time his fingers toying with the ends of your hair. He places another kiss on your forehead, and you can feel his breath on your skin, warming your whole body.

The rain continues to pour outside, sometimes accented by the crashes of thunder, but Calum’s steady breath and his arms around you soon has you drifting off to sleep, knowing that he’ll hold you through the night.


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Can you pls do one where you start pushing Luke away, especially when he's home from tour and as he leaves for another tour you grow even more apart because you think you're not good enough for him and break it off

“I can drive myself to the airport,” You smile was tight as your grip on the gym back in your hand grew tighter. Your knuckles turned a sickly white as the skin strained against your bone, “Really, Luke, it’s okay. I don’t want you rushing to your interview.”

You left him with nothing but a kiss on the cheek and a lack of response to his breathy I love you as you disappeared out of the hotel room. 

Luke supposed he should have started seeing the signs then rather than when you were tearfully declaring you needed to break up at three in the morning over the phone while he was standing outside your apartment door with the key stalled in his hand.

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-watching fetus 5sos-
-calls friend-

me: -sobbing uncontrollably- w-w-wHY
friend: um are u ok?

me: nooOOOOOOoo
friend: what happened?

friend: omg not again


case study!! recently i’ve found that my art style has been inconsistent, so i took aph nor and my proficiency in the ‘¾ view sad boy facing left’ pose and tested a hypothesis i’ve had for a while: does the music i listen to while drawing affect the way the finished product looks? i definitely think there is a correlation between the two, and each sketch is labeled with the song and artist it’s by (two for each artist, in the same spot on each sheet, the first from earlier this afternoon and the other later this evening). the obly thing that seems to remain constant is how i draw his hair… personally i prefer how he looks while i listen to p!atd and fob, but what do you guys think? :3c

My "Best Friend"

Alrighty so for this I’m gonna call myself CC. To give a little backstory, I was one of those quiet kids in my first year of high school who had hilariously few IRL friends and was absolutely terrible at making conversation. 

But then came sophomore year, and I was completely determined to turn my life around, as in actually get a life outside of burying my nose in my sketchbook and basically living my life in fear of other people.

Within my first few weeks, I had made a few “friends”, more along the lines of acquaintances, but then, I met Z.

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