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inspired by that little moment in the video where he kept doing sweater paws. that jerk.

Say You Won’t Let Go

Requested by anonymous

AN: This has been requested twice and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to finally get it written for you guys! I have no idea if this is what you expected, but hopefully everyone likes it!

Peering into his eyes lifted the dark cloud capturing your mind. His breathing was relaxed as he slept soundly next to you. These moments, these were the ones most special to you. The safety brought to you by Shawn was something you’ve never seen before and it had taken some time to reach this point.

Your hand reaches out, combing your fingers through his dark tresses. They fell perfectly around his face. He stirred, but didn’t wake, so you kept going.

Rain hit the window of your apartment, quietly. The serenity of the morning, making you incredibly comfortable. It was early, probably near 6am. The sun still hidden behind the trees. The days were passing too quickly and you weren’t ready to go back to college.

After too long a time spent watching your boyfriend sleep, you decided to make some breakfast. A couple hours have passed and it shouldn’t be long until he woke up too.

Eggs sounded perfect this morning. Breakfast in bed, even better.

You hadn’t heard Shawn wake up or the footsteps he took until arms snuck around your waist. A smile crossed your lips immediately, knowing the only person it could be.

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favorite color: blue or green, depends on the day

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books i’m currently reading: After You by Jojo Moyes, MOBY by Herself, House of the Four Winds by Mercedes Lackey.

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okay but i see videos of michael in japan talking really passionate about stuff and it just makes me really really sad that we are so alike and if he weren’t in a famous band i’m more than 90% positive we would be friends and wow it just really sucks

-watching fetus 5sos-
-calls friend-

me: -sobbing uncontrollably- w-w-wHY
friend: um are u ok?

me: nooOOOOOOoo
friend: what happened?

friend: omg not again


case study!! recently i’ve found that my art style has been inconsistent, so i took aph nor and my proficiency in the ‘¾ view sad boy facing left’ pose and tested a hypothesis i’ve had for a while: does the music i listen to while drawing affect the way the finished product looks? i definitely think there is a correlation between the two, and each sketch is labeled with the song and artist it’s by (two for each artist, in the same spot on each sheet, the first from earlier this afternoon and the other later this evening). the obly thing that seems to remain constant is how i draw his hair… personally i prefer how he looks while i listen to p!atd and fob, but what do you guys think? :3c