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random child: I need a place to live because my family’s dead
batman: [being physically restrained by the batkids while oracle calls her dad]

One of Captive Prince's biggest issue is how it was published:

Okay guys, when I picked up Captive Prince because it was recommended to me from someone on tumblr, I read the back and was like “oh FUCK no, this shit is racist and sick I can already tell.” The whole “Damianos is sent as a pleasure slave” shows the book in a slash/romance light. Considering it says this on the first book, where they don’t even like each other, let alone fall in love, it was a terrible mistake on the publishers part. It’s focusing on a romance that hadn’t even happened yet and doesn’t till the end of the second. It also doesn’t focus on the fact that Damen himself owned slaves and is forced to see the wrongness of his actions.

This was done kinda fast. Maybe I would rewrite it again. But after finishing the first book, the summary didn’t relate to what I read at all. A rewrite of the back cover and what the first book is actually about:

When Prince Damianos, heir to the Akielon throne, is betrayed by his half brother Kastor and sent to Vere under the guise of an Akielon slave, He meets Prince Laurent. Knowing he had killed this Prince’s older brother and fears for his life; he stays under the guise of a slave. He is forced to address the morality of his own slave owning while also fighting for his freedom to return home.

Genre: Fiction, historical fantasy.

as I’ve been gently descending into real hockey hell lately, I came across the anecdote that a certain famous rl candian hockey forward used to go to local pick up games, but he was so good that they made him play goalie so that the opposing team would have a chance.

when you combine this with my headcanon (for my bitty-navigates-his-early-20′s fic that i may or may not ever write) that bitty joins a local beer league after he moves to Providence….you get…

Bitty is thrilled when he discovers a local rec league in Providence. He’s missed being out on the ice and it sounds like a great way to make some friends. Even better, there’s no checking allowed. He signs up right away.

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i will never tire of writing kurapika and leorio making terrible decisions with alcohol. if i bring nothing to the fandom table but leorio getting wasted ten ways from tuesday for kurapika’s sake, at least i’ll have spent my time here in the best and most perfect way i goddamn knew how

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I saw the requests are open soo how do the guys pick up girls/ or how do they react when they see someone they like😶 (I really like this blog btw♡)

I’m literally the happiest fucking person when people say that they love my blog so thank you for that babe ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  For you anon, I can do both!!! Also forgive me if that second half is short

Reaction to seeing their crush:


  • He would find himself sneaking secret glances at them.
  • He wouldn’t even notice the little smile that graces his lips when he’s looking at them unless someone points it out
  • If they so happened to look back at him, he would quickly divert his gaze and pretend to be interested in something else or pretend to be doing something, his cheeks flushed.
  • If he happened to run into them one day, he wouldn’t be as nervous as he thought they’d be and would just be himself, striking up a conversation as they walk together. The longer he’s talking to them, the more he starts to like them.


  • He would ignore anything else going on around him as he stares at them.
  • If his crush happened to look back at him, he wouldn’t turn away, he would probably just give them a small smile and a shy little wave (if his crush did the same thing in return it would make his smile bigger - it would make his day).
  • If he’s feeling particularly brave, he might go up to them and just strike up a conversation
  • The poor sunshine child would try his hardest to not make himself look like an idiot. If they laughed at one of his jokes, that’s it. They’ve won him XD


  • Gladio doesn’t get shy (he has a shitload of confidence), so he would have no problem in going up to his crush if he saw them.
  • After talking with them, he’d ask them for their number - if his crush did give him their number, there would be a huge genuine smile on his face.
  • If he was caught staring at them, he’d just give them a wink and a grin in return
  • Can’t help but discreetly look them up and down
  • He would be very confident when he speaks to them


  • He’d watch his crush from afar, not in a creepy way or anything but just standing back and admiring them.
  • It would be funny if his first face to face meeting with his crush would be if they accidentally picked up his coffee order from the café by mistake which leads to apologise and just sitting done in a booth together having a nice little chat.
  • If he sees his crush/someone he likes and he’s in the middle of a conversation, he’d slowly trail off as he stares at them until the person in front of him brought him back down to earth.

How they pick up girls:

Noctis: (At a formal party)

  • Noctis attends a lot of formal parties and gatherings - after all, he’s the Prince. Most of the time, these parties bore him to tears so he’ll just wander around aimlessly.
  • If he happened to see a girl that caught his eye, he wouldn’t approach her straight away. He’d watch her to see what they’re doing and noticed she looked just as bored as he did - that’s when he’ll go up to her.
  • If she was standing at the balcony, he’d just come up along-side her and comment on how lovely the stars look tonight.
  • When she agrees with him, he’d quickly comment straight after that the stars weren’t nearly as beautiful as she was tonight.
  • *BOOM* He’d throw on his Prince Shades before patting his fist on his chest and raising it in the air as he walks away while the DJ air horn sound effect goes off in the background.
  • Just kidding… please ignore that last bit, I was tired…

Prompto: (At a casual party)

  • If he saw a girl standing in the corner of room by herself (away from the party), he’d probably go join her and keep her company
  • He wouldn’t be as smooth as Gladio but he would still be a flirt.
  • He likes it even better if the girl responds positively and flirts back with him
  • Would make her laugh or smile in attempt to cover up his failed attempts at being smooth
  • I can imagine this sunshine child just making girls swoon with that beautiful smile of his

Gladio: (At a bar)

  • This guy is a natural ladies man and his flirty game is strong af
  • He’s also pretty smooth when talking with the ladies: you know the smooth guy that says something and makes the girls giggle or smile.
  • He’d casually sit down next to her and order a drink for himself. He’d turn to her and strike up a casual chill conversation while light-heartedly flirting.
  • Offers to buy them whatever they wish to drink

Ignis: (At a bar)

  • I can totally see Ignis leaving his number on the napkin and sliding it over to her before he leaves but it’s all in roman numerals. If she can figure it out, she’s definitely worth his time (inspired by Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds).
  • Starts off with a causal talking before subtly slipping in flirty aspects into the conversations (if that makes sense)
  • More likely to be interested in a girl who has similar likes to him
Fresh Orange Ricotta Honey Cake

Based off of this post.

Castiel bounces on the balls of his feet anxiously, heavy boots crunching in the snow as his blue eyes scan the street. He’s bundled up in his peacoat and bee-themed scarf, mitts and hat, and focuses on the way snowflakes gently land on his covered hands to keep himself calm.

“Cas, hey!”

This is by far the stupidest decision he’s ever made.

Dean approaches with a spring in his step and a wide smile on his face, freckles standing out starkly against his winter-pale skin. His eyes are big and green and he winks as they stand in front of A Little Something Bakery, his hands stuffed into his pockets. “So, you ready?”

Castiel clears his throat, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth as he nods. The truth is that no amount of preparation will ever make him ready to pretend to be Dean’s fiancée for two hours, even if that venture is in the quest for free wedding cake samples.

Especially if that venture is in the quest for free wedding cake samples.

This is because Castiel is, in no uncertain terms, completely enamoured of his best friend. So, when said friend begged him to play fiancées in order to get free cake, Cas was a little bit powerless to resist. How bad could it possibly be, right? He gets to eat cake and pretend he’s engaged to Dean Winchester.

Unfortunately, in the time between saying ‘yes’ and arriving at the bakery, Castiel has come to his senses. He’s also been struck dumb by the fact that they’re actually doing this, and he’s spending more time sweating and trying to slow his heart than actually listening to what Dean is saying.

“…That sound good?”

Cas feels heat rise to his cheeks. “Sorry, what?”

Green eyes roll good-naturedly. “Just follow my lead, ‘kay huggybear?”

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Can i ask maizawa with 11??*^*

Sometimes, Aizawa wonders what Mic sees in him. Not that he’d ever voice those doubts. While Mic has a way with words – being overall extroverted – Aizawa keeps his thoughts to himself. It’s easier like that. Words are distracting, require time and breath he doesn’t feel like wasting, and he rarely has to with Mic, because for some reason the other man always knows what’s going on behind those untamable strands of black. He’ll look at Aizawa, cock his head the slightest bit and the dark-haired man realizes he’s spilled the beans without having said a single word.

Mic’s the most empathetic person he’s ever met, and that’s why their relationship is working out.

He makes up for Aizawa’s own, sometimes gauche, attempts at affection. It took a while until Aizawa could completely relax around the vocal man, finding comfort in the knowledge that he doesn’t have to say much; Mic knows, he just does, and he never forces Aizawa to wrap his tongue around feelings he can’t quite express.

It’s Friday evening and they’re at Aizawa’s apartment. It’s small, nothing fancy, just like the dark-haired man prefers it. Just him and his three cats – Dotty, Toby and MacGyver.

And Mic, who’s walking through the apartment, blonde hair laying in easy waves across his shoulders, instead of the usual updo.

“Vlad and Midnight will be waiting for us at the bar,” he rambles, while picking up pieces of clothing scattered across the floor. “Man, we haven’t been out in ages! Can’t wait to go wild with the others tonight. There’ll be a mad party, if you know what I mean!”

“Mhm,” Aizawa mumbles, scratching MacGyver’s orange fur, not able to share his partner’s enthusiasm.

At this, Mic stops in his tracks to look at the other man, immediately picking up on the changed mood.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he chimes, cocking his head. “Don’t you wanna go out? Party with the other guys? It’ll be fun!”

“Yeah, uh,” Aizawa mumbles, without looking up from the purring furball in his lap. “I don’t mind you going without me.”

It’s just that we haven’t been able to spend time together lately and I was looking forward to having you to myself tonight.

“But you go and have fun with the other guys,” he finishes. For a moment, the blonde is actually silent, hands akimbo, seemingly musing over his next words.

“Oh, Shouta, you silly man,” he eventually chortles, “like hell I’m leaving you when you look at me like that!”

With an enthusiastic gesture, he slips out of his jacket, tossing it into a corner. Hidden behind loose strands of hair, Aizawa smiles as his partner flops down on the couch next to him.

“I bet they’ll have a great time without us,” he says, throwing one arm over the backrest of the couch and around Aizawa’s shoulders, pulling the quiet man close to plant a kiss on his temple.

Aizawa isn’t good with words, but he doesn’t need those with Mic, and for that he’s grateful. In a wordless kinda way.

send me a pairing + a number

I have few guys inbox me and asking on how to pick up girls. Simple

1 - PAY THEM : no string attach. And im pretty sure most of em escorts ( local especially ) providing a very good GFE experience and superb sexual intercourse service.
2 - BE A GENTLEMAN NOT A DICK - No, women won’t response to ’ stim la tgk awak’ , ’ main jom’ , ‘besarnya tetek’ etc. Hanya sampah yang guna ayat macam tu. Be nice, be flirty but dont be corny.

Even if u wunna free ride, it’ll work. Just as i told earlier la, dont be a dick head. And use ur brain

And i assure y'all a nice fuck (figuratively) will be given if u play ur cards right

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i have a question, what word or sound gave away that bby bbh was using satoori i literally dont understand how any of you guys pick it up busan, seoul or not help me please

It’s the intonations and the endings of words, like -ay, or -eh, idk how to explain but it’s more difficult to pick it up to a foreign ear i think…but ive kind of been “surrounded” by the language for a solid 7 yrs so it’s easier for me to distinguish

Healthy Betrayal

It took Sam exactly three weeks to realize Cas was a sneaky bastard.

And even then, he only found out because their friend overacted for once.

He walked into the kitchen and right into Cas showing Dean books about nutrition and claiming, “But how can I know they’re good for me?” in a voice that was just a little too high-pitched to be genuine.

Dean, who really should have noticed since he seemed to be at Cas’ side constantly these days, remained oblivious as he answered, “There’s all kinds of vitamines in vegetables, trust me, they are good for you - “

“But you never eat them” Cas interrupted him wide-eyed, the picture of pure innocence.

And Dean, stammering, confused, blushing, fell for it.

“Well, I guess - maybe I’ve been - but that’s no excuse - you’re pretty new to all this… stuff - let’s say I’ll eat it with you?” He turned around, saw Sam and blushed even deeper.

“Hey, Sammy, care for some rabbit food?”

He didn’t see the triumphant gleam in Cas’ eyes. Sam did.

And from that moment on, he knew what Cas was doing.

Had been doing since he stepped into the bunker, human once and for all.

He was looking after him, as always.

While pretending that Dean was looking after him.

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my new aesthetic is Neil and Matt as Hiro and Tadashi from the beginning of big hero 6

Neil: *runs away from danger* perfect timing!

Matt: *saves Neil*you ok?

Neil: yeah!

Matt: are you hurt?

Neil: *relieved sigh* no

Matt: *repeatedly hits neil* then what were you thinking!? Knuckle head


they both get caught and Dan bails them

Matt and Neil: hi Dan

Dan: are yo guys ok? tel me you’re ok

Neil: we’re fine

Matt: we’re ok

Dan: oh good *drags them by their ears* then what were you two knuckleheads thinking?!

bonus bonus:

Dan: for ten months i have done the best i could to keep you in check

Dan: have i been perfect? No!

Dan: do i know anything about how guys think? No!

Dan: should i have picked up a book about how guys work? Probably…

Dan: where was i going with this. i had a point

Matt: sorry

Neil: we love you Dan

Dan: Well i love you too!

“You’re the missing piece to my puzzle… and I’m not talking about the puzzle Moriarty sent me.”

Suggested by someone I know in real life, who doesn’t have a Tumblr and is too embarrassed to take credit for the idea anyway.