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[According to Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan] you have two assistants, you ride a Porsche to catering, you have someone who carries your juiceboxes.


Tom & Grant’s svcc panel: A summary

Te Amo - Tom Holland Oneshot

Request: Sorry to add more to your requests, but can you make one where the reader is Puerto Rican and Tom goes with her to a huge family party for the first time please:))) by @parkerxholland

Warnings: Some Spanish, fluff

Word Count: 1,053

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: I hope I did this request justice because I don’t really know much about being Puerto Rican. This took me a while. Lol.


You were nervous to say the least. Your boyfriend Tom was finally going to meet your family. To most people that doesn’t seem like a bad thing because when a boyfriend is introduced to their lovers family it usually turns out well. Although for some reason you couldn’t get over all the cons of him meeting your family. Its not that you didn’t want to introduce him to the most important people in your life, it’s just that you didn’t want to introduce him to the craziness and hectic that makes up your family.

You see you were Puerto Rican, which meant a big family, tons of food, and a lot of Spanish. You’ve been trying to teach Tom how to speak it, he has tried and has failed miserably. He couldn’t quite get the trick of rolling his R’s as funny as it seemed. And Yet you managed to get through the some basics and how to keep a conversation going.

You were rather impressed by how much he was willing to learn for you. Your family always told you that Tom was definitely a keeper because he was the only guy who’s actually wanted and put in the effort for you. You’d blush at every comment that your mom and abuela (Grandma) would make.

So here you were sitting in Tom’s car nervously tapping your foot. Tom noticed and grabbed a hold of your hand.

“Hey don’t worry everything is going to go great” He leaned over a placed a kiss on your cheek.

“You seem more confident to meet my family than I do” You let out a halfheartedly laugh.

“Well I want them to like me”

“They will love you” You smiled.

“How do you know?” He rubbed your hand.

“Because I love you” You whispered.

Tom leaned in again but kissed you softly against your lips. You pulled away. “Okay lets do this”. Tom smiled at you and opened his door, you following his actions. You both walked up to the front porch hand in hand. You took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. You waited for a minute before hearing faint footsteps approaching. The door swung open to reveal your mother. Her expression immediately changed. She was so excited to see you.

“Y/N aye dios mio! Oh cómo te extrañé!” (oh my god, how I missed you). She hugged you tightly then looked at Tom.

“Tom, es bueno verte!” She hugged him tightly as well. (It’s good to see you).

“Usted también” He responded back.

“Well come now, everybody is waiting inside” Your mom gestured over her shoulder.

Your mom took you to the kitchen where most of your family was. You immediately noticed your grandma making her famous arroz con pollo (Rice with chicken). 

“Abuela!” (Grandma) Its been a couple of months since you last saw her.

“Aye Y/N mi ninã bonita” (Oh, my beautiful girl).

“I missed you grandma” You smiled at her.

“Yo tambien. Es este tu novio del que nos hablaste!” (Is this your boyfriend you’ve told us about). You nodded.

Tom seemed to understand what she said because he heard the word boyfriend in the sentence.

“Hola” He shook her hand.

“Tom its nice to meet you” She smiled up at him.

“Its nice to meet you too. Y/n me diji mucho de ti” (Y/N’s told me so much about you).

Your grandma’s gaze fell on you. She looked rather impressed by his spanish.

“Él es un arquero” She whispered to you. (He’s a keeper).

Tom looked at the two of you curiously but smiled anyways.

“Well es una fiesta, have fun!” She waved you guys off. (It’s a party).

You laughed at her. You introduced Tom to the rest of your family. You could tell they really really liked him, and that made you so happy. Tom was impressing you with many other words you never taught him. He was enjoying himself, after all he was a likable person. Your family welcomed him with open arms. It was all you could ever ask for.

“La comida ya está lista!” Your grandma shouted from the kitchen heading to the backyard. (The food is now ready).

You were talking with your cousin and then went to go find Tom who was talking to your dad with a beer in his hand. You walked up to them.

“There she is” Tom wrapped is arms around your shoulder placing a tender kiss to your temple. You blushed.

“You did good with this one mija” Your dad pointed at Tom. (My daughter).

“Thank you dad” You leaned into Tom.

“Alright lets go eat” Your dad clasped his hands together.

“Wait till you try my grandmas arroz con pollo, you’re going to love it!” You pulled tom to the tables aligned side by side to make a long table.

“Sounds rico” (delicious) He smiled cheekily at you. You could hear how he rolled his R. You laughed hitting him playfully on his chest. 

You were certainly feeling at home again. You didn’t know why you were freaking out so much earlier because knowing Tom he was always one to make a first good impression, and that was something you admired about him.

Tom took a bite into the food and hummed in satisfaction. He loved it so much he asked if you could make him it when you guys got back home. It got soon got dark and everyone was having another round of beers or saying their farewells, to family members. You and Tom stayed a bit longer after the food, he also accepted another beer from your dad but that would be his last one before you had to leave. He wasn’t planning on getting drunk. Eventually you said goodbye to your family and told you to visit again and to bring Tom. You laughed at that.

“Today was fun I had a great time” He said walking hand in hand with you to the car.

“Really? You mean that?” You looked up at him.

“Absolutely darling, your family was wonderful to meet” He kissed you softly.

“I’m glad you liked them, I love you Tom” You sighed happily.

“Y yo te amo” He kissed you again. (And I love you).        

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Clue references in Poe Party (48/?): Someone rubbing his/her nose in the background

  • samarchitects One year on and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about Tom and how much I miss him.
    I feel truly blessed to have as many memories of him as I do and even though sometimes it’s painful it’s worth it to see him smile in my head.
    I still find myself wanting to share new albums with him and silly football rumours and to laugh at ridiculous videos together.
    The times we spent together we’re truly some of my favourite. Not only did you have the darkest sense of humour you had my favourite.

    One person who I’m utterly lost for words at how proud I am is @danarchitects he has been there for so many of us throughout this and I want him to know just how much we all love him.
    Every time we perform we do it for you Tom and we’re eternally grateful for the lessons that you taught all of us.
    I love you and miss you every day
    For Tom Forever ♥️

“Perhaps it was easier to believe that she did not love us, and we had each other. Now, you have Victoria and she will never leave you. Do you know how much I envy you? And how I will miss you?” 


Screencap Meme - The Bransons + Touch Me

Requested by piperholmes



Ok first of all I want to say that English is not my first language so I apologize for the mistakes. Hope you like it! I was thinking about writing others with different colours :) let me know if you’d like to read more!


Red was the colour of the book that feel from your locker the first day of high school. You kneeled down to reach it but two hands proceeded you.
“I think it’s yours” said a tall guy with amazing brown eyes and a very deep voice.
“Thank you. As you can see, I’m a bit clumsy…”
The boy chuckled “That’s fine. I’m awkward as well. I’m Peter.

Red was the colour of your dress the first time you and Peter went on a proper date. He took you to the movie but he was too distracted by you and in the dark room you could see that he was staring at you.
“Stop staring me” you whispered.
Peter blushed a little “Sorry. I guess you look really attractive in this dress.”
You pursed your lips in a huge smile that lasted all the night.

Red was the colour of you lipstick the day you kissed Peter. You were at the science museum and Peter looked so good in his brown sweater. You weren’t paying attention at all, your sight was too focused on his lips, on the colour and on the shape.
It was your fourth date and Peter hadn’t made a move yet. It happened all of a sudden: you tiptoed and you kissed him. At first he was surprised but after that he put his hands on your cheeks and deepened the kiss.
“I think I should talk more about science if this is the reward I get” he said before kissing you again.

Red was the colour of the scratches you left on Peter’s back the first time you two made love. It wasn’t your first time but with Peter everything felt so different. Your bodies fixed together perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle. It was in that moment, between moans and sighs, that he whispered in your ear how much he loved you.
It really was love, you both knew it. 

Red was the colour of his Spider-Man costume. You didn’t like the fact that your boyfriend risked is life almost everyday but Spider-man was a part of him and you soon learnt to love it.

Red was the colour of your eyes the day you two quarrelled for the first time. He forget your dinner date that night because he was too busy saving New York from criminals. You were really angry and you said terrible things, things that you didn’t even believe but this situation had started to annoy and you wanted to hurt him, you wanted him to feel the same way as you.
“Maybe we should break up” he said.
You just nodded “Maybe it’s the best thing for us.”

Red was the colour of the ten roses that Peter bought to you to apologize.
“Sorry if sometime I don’t show you how much I love you. You are the most important thing, please forgive me” he wrote on the postard tied to the bouquet.
You simply smiled and took your phone from the pocket.
“Come at my place caround 8p.m. so I an show you how much you missed me”

@txhohood <3


my top 15 parks dynamics:  #8. tom and donna

I love you, Tom. You’re my little prince. I just want to put you in a little cape and a little hat and just fly you around.