how i missed those cheeks!

but boyfriend!luke was on tour and he was stalking your Twitter and most of your tweets were:

“why am i watching the last song at this late night”

“lol now i’m watching the notebook wow i hate myself”

“it’s so cold :(”

So you get a call from Luke and he said, “Based on your tweets, it seems like you miss me.” 

You know and you feel that Luke said it with so much confidence that you can really visualize his smirk while saying it. Then you feel your cheeks burn because it’s true but you don’t want to admit it cause you were never the type to verbally show your affection. 

 So you get defensive about it and said “No, I don’t! Besides, why are you stalking my Twitter?!” 

Luke lets out a small laugh but softly says, “Because I miss my girlfriend. I miss watching sappy movies with you even though you’re not the romantic type. I miss cuddling with you. I miss your chest against mine, feeling your heartbeat race as we lay so close to each other. I miss your soft lips that gives soft kisses that never fails to weaken my knees. I miss your beautiful smile that always take my breath away but lets out sarcastic remarks as well and how you always call me a dork. I miss those cheeks that turn red whenever I compliment you and how you look away so fast because it always gets you. I miss playing with your hair whenever you sleep on my lap or vice versa.” He took a deep breath and added, “I just miss you, babe.” 

By now your cheeks were flaming hot, you can’t speak because when it comes to affection, you were never good with words. 

 When you gathered all of your emotions and were about to speak, Luke said something. “I bet you’re insanely red right now.” He says while laughing. 

A small smile appeared on your lips but said, “Shut up, Luke. I need to go to sleep and you should too. Good night.” 

Luke chuckled and replied with “Good night, princess. I miss you and admit it you miss me too. I love you.” 

You replied with “No, I don’t. Love you too. Bye.” then hang up. 

Just as you were about to sleep you received a text from Luke saying “You miss me” followed by “I can hear it in your voice. It’s okay, princess. I miss you too. x :-)” and you fell asleep with a smile on your face and nOW I HATE MYSELF BC I WANT A LUKE OKAY