how i missed them


somebody reminded me i haven’t posted any debs photos yet so here’s a couple of what my hair and makeup looked like on the day 🌹✨💕

On the way home today I was thinking about this crew and how I miss working with them… so I made a collage of my girls from the chibi pieces on the crams. I put my majestic ballet wife all big in the middle because she ended up being my favorite character in the whole series.

I miss these girls, yo. And everyone else. Being a fan of this strange series has been a fun time, even if it’s kind of spiraling into a weird place right now.

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Idk if ur still doing the time thing but it's 1:11am and im stuck on how much I love my best friend and I miss them but they'll be back soon and i think I want to kiss them but I'm worried they don't like me in the same way even tho they say they love me so often, and I want to hold their hand and treat them to everything they deserve, I just love them so much but im worried about ruining the best friendship I've ever had because I fooled around and fell for them somewhere along the way :-( 💖

omg i’m always taking these 💛 i think you should take a chance. yesterday i went wakeboarding and it was my first time. i got in the water and i panicked so i almost didn’t do it. then i remembered i can’t possibly drown because i have this lifejacket. for some of us that lifejacket is our friends, our family or ourselves. You might fall but you’ll get back up. Remember that in times of fear.

Happy Pride Month!!!

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Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

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can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


I love Diego. Diego is very funny. He’s a very cool guy, quite a smartass, and I really appreciate smartasses. He used to make fun of me for the stupid backpack I wore. There were a few situations where I couldn’t [wear the stilts]. [When] I was on a cliffside or running in water and stuff like that, I had to wear this backpack with a telescoping head that came off the top, and it was really stupid looking. And the first time I wore it, it was like the first day we shot in Jordan. And he said [Puts on Diego Luna accent.], “Something terrible has happened. Ever since you put on that backpack, you have depressed the entire crew. It’s very sad.” He just went on about, “Please, for God’s sake, please take it off. For the love of God.” Anytime I put it on, “Everyone respected you just one moment ago. But now, it is evaporated.”

me when i fuck up my whole life and then hope no one notices


“What did Ginny and Dean row about, Hermione?”
“Oh, Dean was laughing about McLaggen hitting that Bludger at you,” said Hermione.
“It must have looked funny,” said Ron reasonably.
“It didn’t look funny at all!” said Hermione hotly.” “It looked terrible, and if Coote and Peakes hadn’t cought Harry he could have been very badly hurt!”
“Yeah, well, there was no need for Ginny and Dean to split up over it,” said Harry, still trying to look casual. “Or are they still together?”
“Yes, they are. But why are you so interested?” asked Hermione, giving Harry a sharp look.
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

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