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Okay but jimin helping jungkook with contemporary dance??? Them dancing beautifully and gracefully together into the late night??? I need it

tifFANY listen u had me at ‘jimin helping jungkook’ i’m??? ;^; but listen, ok just imagine it:

  • soft, sweet music and simple choreo bc jjk isn’t familiar with this style of dance yet, so they’re starting off easy (despite golden maknae’s protests)
  • jeongguk being nervous and jimin kissing his cheek, “you’ll be fine gukkie!” (rlly it doesn’t help bc ‘park!! jimin!!! just kissed me!!!’)
  • smol hands holding jeongguk’s body in place
  • jeon tripping over his feet at first bc he’s nervous
  • s m o l h a n d s i repeat
  • but he gets the hang of it and then they’re both dancing around each other and it’s bEAUTIFUL
  • it’s midnight but they’re so lost in it ajshkajssjsdk and they keep dancing ;-; (‘let’s skip the part where cinderella runs away from the prince, hyung, and just stay and be my little dancer’ ‘jeON JEONGGUK!!!’)
  • also jimin would be so pROUD OF jeongguk and would keep praising him and it would be v sweet and leaVE ME ALONE IM EMO BYE
Being Calum’s wife would include...
  • constant butt grabbing
  • him cooking for you all the time
  • lots of dirty talk
  • he always finds a way to bring you up in interviews
  • matching tattoos
  • you pick out his outfits 
  • bffs with mali
  • complimenting him all day to make sure he knows how loved he is
    • *in public* “YES CAL WORK IT”
    • “I don’t know you”
  • he spoils you
  • roasting each other on social media
  • random “I love you/I miss you” texts
  • rough sex + hickeys everywhere
  • working out together + post workout selfies
  • overly touchy/extra flirty cal
  • him wanting to constantly take pics of you
  • everyday adventures
  • protective Cal but just the right amount
  • those late night deep conversations
  • he’s always showing off for you
  • lots of inside jokes


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Since several people, myself included, noted similarities between your fic and P&P, I'm just imagining Viktor confessing to Yuuri, and Yuuri having the same shocked/confused expression as Elizabeth in the 2005 movie when Darcy first confesses to Elizabeth. Like "I can't process this, what's happening???"

I still can’t believe it took me so long to notice the similarities between Rivals and P&P aka one of my all-time favourite books (the dancing Rey, you even had dancing! How did you miss that jfc). But I can guarantee if a confession from Viktor had gone down in an earlier chapter Yuuri’s reaction would have played out almost identically to Elizabeth’s.

And for people who haven’t read/seen P&P I’m talking about between 0.42- 0.52 and 3.27- 4.00 in this video (the scene doesn’t fit exactly but those bits pretty much do)

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Do you think coran had any family to lose when he was frozen?

“Historically” in GoLion, he had a wife and young son that he lost during Zarkon’s raid on his planet. While we don’t know if that’s relevant for VLD, VLD Coran talks about how he can’t lose Allura as well suggesting he absolutely lost people who were close to him.

The thing about Coran and Lance is I think they’re very similar. They’re ebullient, comical-seeming people and it’s sneaky, and easy to miss, but they are dang good at hiding their grief and pain. Coran in particular is kind of a caretaker personality- technically as royal advisor, acting like the team’s maid/cook is pretty far beneath him but he likes to see everyone happy. Even in s1e2 the game plan as Coran knew it was to antagonize the paladins into uniting against unfair treatment, Coran was still being kind of a mother hen.

So I think it’s just kinda his nature, he wants to take care of people, so he’s been dealing with his own grief in private. When Allura discovers that Altea was destroyed and ten thousand years have passed, Coran’s response is mostly to comfort Allura- try to encourage her to eat, hugging her- we don’t see much of Coran reacting for his own sake, but he was absolutely processing that.

What we see in rare bursts like “I’ve been waiting ten thousand years for this!” is that Coran has his own bitterness and grief that he’s been shouldering very quietly, and I think part of that is, he really cares a lot about the paladins and Allura and doesn’t want to worry them. I’m aware there was a lot of levity to “who’s the real space dad around here” but holy hell if Coran is not parenting the hell out of the entire rest of the team.

I think, whether he was connected to Alfor somehow, or if he had different family of his own, it’s very likely that Coran was a family man. He might’ve even had a big family, like Lance- he’s pretty good at rapidly multitasking. If that’s the case, he might not just be grieving them in private, but some of his relating to the paladins might be a way of managing that- he’s lost his family, but by acting the way he is towards the paladins he’s able to recreate that sense of connection and belonging and it’s helping him cope.

If that’s the case, we might only hear about Coran’s family once he’s at a point where he’s comfortable speaking of them. I doubt Allura would mention it without Coran’s okay, because… again, Coran is someone who cares a lot, and I’d guess that us not hearing about it doesn’t remotely mean it isn’t a big deal to him. 


Okay but let’s talk about this scene! I love it so much. The two of them talking like I miss you so much and I want you right next to me but we both are needed in different places. 

I love how much this scene was shot. With the camera tight on their faces, like they are alone. But that Marcus is is a restaurant full of people and Octavia walking up to him. But she’s not in focus so it’s like he’s alone talking to Abby. And you don’t even realize that Abby is not alone until later when they zoom out and she’s really standing next to a group of the Arkers. 

And then after the conversation Abby clutches the walkie, wistfully to her chest. In the same position that Jake’s wedding ring sat before she took it off. It’s such a small moment but it’s so wonderful. Also I really love how intimately they talk to each other and that they are not alone. It’s not something we would have seen from them pre-relationship. They were always so hesitant with the other, and their relationship was always hidden in layers of subtext.

( Tʜᴇ Fᴀʟʟ ᴏꜰ Iɴsᴏᴍɴɪᴀ ) Iɢɴɪs

Okay, so I replayed Chapter One this morning and I want to talk about a few key observations, specifically in regards to Ignis and his reactions following the Fall of Insomnia and King Regis’ death. Why? Simple: We see his first actual breakdown right here in this cutscene, but so subtlely you’ll miss it if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

Let’s start with how the scene begins: the heightened tension in the room prior to Ignis’ entrance, Gladio’s even more brusque than usual good morning. The Shield’s attitude is humorless, anxious even. (Notice how he rushes to the door when it opens.) Clearly, he knows something the other two don’t yet.

That said, allow me the liberty of fleshing out the scene as I see it having occurred prior to what we’re privy to, that I might shed some perspective on where the rest comes from: 

Gladio and Ignis most likely woke up before the other two (as per usual). Maybe Gladio goes for a morning run while Ignis takes stock and makes preparations for the day ahead, before seating himself at the counter of the cafe to enjoy his Ebony.

Just as Glads is getting back, a Breaking News report about the events of Kingsglaive catches their attentions.

Gladio’s reaction is fire - rage, disbelief. He’s the fist slamming none-too-gently on the counter mid-broadcast (to the other patrons’ chagrin).

“Insomnia falls? Like Hell. Like hell it did.”

But Ignis? He just - he freezes up. Entirely. Every drop of blood in his veins crystallizes to ice. He’s so shell-shocked, he’s finding it difficult to breathe, and Gladio, keen on these things, even in his temper - grabs him by the shoulder. “Ig? Hey. Iggy. Talk to me.”

Ignis’ hand gropes dumbly for the reassurance of Gladio’s arm. He’s not okay. Not in the least. But he knows - he’s not the only one with someone he cares about back in the city. He has to pull himself together. He fights his desert-dry throat and asks Gladio to head back, stall the others until he can sort it out, get to the bottom of things.

Moving on - when Ignis enters the room, he stares just a second too long at Noctis, and you can see the way the strategist is trying to coordinate the thoughts in his head, to plan how he might approach the subject - but he yields. Noctis even confronts him directly and - Ignis turns away. He gives the newspaper to Gladio instead and confirms only the truth of the matter on which he daren’t speak.

This is a vital reaction. We talk a lot about how cool and calm and collected Ignis is, especially at those times when he’s breaking down beneath that guard of his. How level-headed, how dutiful in spite of his own emotions. But this time? He fails. As the King’s adviser, it is his task to impart the information of Insomnia’s devastation - and King Regis’ death - and he can’t bring himself to do it. He passes the torch. This action alone speaks volumes to his emotional state in the given moment.

Now, I’ve always headcanoned that Ignis knew a lot more about Noctis’ destiny than he let on (having been, in his own ways, Regis’ confidante as much as he ever was Noctis’), but watch him when Gladio reads what happened and listen to the bitterness in his tone as he turns away (”We had no way of knowing”). You can hear the betrayal. He may have had his guesses about what would happen when they left, but he trusted Regis and, for everything the King entrusted to him in kind, this was the one secret that he was kept in the dark on, and it was the secret that cost the former King his life.

Lastly: notice how simply Ignis goes along with the plan to go back, even against his better judgement. We associate Ignis with selflessness in the face of the journey the four embark on, but this is a moment where he is on their level, as selfish as any of them. He could say “No, absolutely not, I have a Prince to protect, I won’t drag him back into the fire his father bid us leave” and, let’s face it, he probably ought. But he gives barely any protest (”It might not be safe for us there.”) and drops the matter far too quickly. He wants to go back just as much as they do. He needs to see with his own eyes that the King is dead.

This is important, again, because Regis was both father and counsel to Ignis and without him, just like Noct, Ignis is lost. He isn’t prepared to be the one the other three will look to, not ready to shoulder all of the burden of that responsibility on his own, with no one to turn to for guidance when the road gets tough. But without Regis, he will have no choice, and even he doesn’t want to believe it.

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How is Sami problematic? Did I miss something?

So anon… he’s pretty problematic. First of all, I’m sure you’ve heard how he is with his matches. He’s very precise and likes to have a sense of how it’s going to go. While he’s extremely passionate about what he does, he’s to the point where he annoys the shit out of people backstage. Kevin Owens has touched on it many times before. Listen to him on the Talk is Jericho podcasts. He just gets too nitpicky and likes to drive the way the match goes. Cesaro and Dean Ambrose have sorta said the same on Table for 3. Second he’s the type of person who needs to be always right… have you seen his latest tweets? He tore that guy up. Again, yes passionate, but he’s also the type where he would argue until his face would turn purple just to drive home his point. It’s a “no, you’re wrong” type. I get the very same way in arguments and I don’t like being wrong. Thirdly, while he’s incredibly sweet and seems awkward… he’s got the god damn biggest potty mouth ever. He curses probably just about as much as me and that’s pretty impressive because I’m from New Jersey and cursing is a language enhancement. @heyambrose did I miss anything? Probably….

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how do you think the process of rose overcoming her alcoholism went? Kanaya obviously was there for her the whole time, but how did it go down? do you think she ever relapsed before she could finally overcome?

It’s possible. Whatever happened was pretty clearly difficult for her- she had to not only stop drinking but at least somewhat effectively deal with the issues that led her to drink. Pretty sure these issues were composite Rose missing her mother and Rose guilting over/mourning the loss of her planet, so no easy feat. I think at least talking about these things and dealing with them were her first steps on the road to recovery. 

It also seems important to remember that the drinking didn’t really start with her first date with Kanaya, but earlier in the doomed timeline, when she was alone in her mother’s house full of alcohol for months. By the time she was on the meteor she had completely recovered  those memories, making it as if she had personally lived them and had essentially started her alcohol problem then. 

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But I’m happy that he finally could go and gain some more confidence, because we always say it, he’s perfect and that people really need to get a life (I don’t wanna talk about them because I’m going to get angry again) But he overcome everything and I’m so happy and proud and excited… (I don’t think a single word can describe it) Youngjae is amazing, he really inspires me a lot. Actually, there’s a song that I love a lot and when I hear it I always think about Youngjae. (2/6)

Hi!!! I miss you so much. It’s been awhile since we talked. How are you? How’s school? I hope everything’s fine  (◕‿◕) I’m sorry but I couldn’t find your message 1 & 5..I’m not sure if they got deleted by Anyway, I;m really sorry I didn’t reply you sooner because I was so busy with the new semester. Now only have little chance to reply.  (◕‿◕)

I love that song too and I love Simple Plan. I think that song is just perfect for our Youngjae and I’m sure he would be happy if he knew that you dedicated that song to him.   I really think that this year is gonna be a great our Youngjae. Starting with the masked singer to meeting his favorite singer in a couple of days were a just amazing start. I really really hope things gonna be better for our Youngjae this year just like he wished in the masked singer. I’m so proud of him. Really proud and seeing him all happy on that stage when Elliot came just to see him made me cried of happiness. I don’t care what people said because to me Youngjae’s happiness matters the most to me. I think you are right that whatever is happening to our Youngjae whether it’s good or bad we, the sunshiners, will be affected by it because Youngjae is important to us. He’s the reason why we are here.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Anyway, don’t blame yourself for talking too much because you know I like to talk to you especially about our sunshine, Youngjae. You know, I always appreciate when you always found me to talk about Youngjae. I’m happy. Semester just started and I got headaches already..kekeke You too please take care of yourself and do get rest as well. Let’s cheering loudly for our Youngjae & GOT7 for their upcoming comeback and I’m freaking excited what image our Youngjae will have for this comeback…kya!!! I love you too. Take care  ❤ ❤ ❤

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I haven’t drawn “Uchiha Xairylle” in a loooooooooooong while. Not even the entire time I was writing “Oh My!” like I was possessed. So here you go! Thanks! 

Meanwhile… “Flash Goddess”. WHO ARE YOU HOW DID YOU FIND ME Oh dear fricken god, I don’t deserve that title anymore considering it took me THREE MONTHS to update with chapter 22. A long way from 2 chapters per day.

As for the popularity thing… Waaa, I don’t write to be popular because if I did, I’d have dropped Snare before it hit double digit chapters. I ask for feedback mainly so I can improve my writing and see if the story is having “the desired effect” (LOL am I talking about deodorant) or if there’s something people missed or are confused about. Or if anyone’s predicted what’s going to happen. 

Seriously, Snare theories make me happy. It makes me excited to write the next chapter faster lol. That’s one reason why I was so fast in writing Oh My! There was a lot of feedback! Of course, my writing back then was lesser in quality and my chapters had less words.

ways the signs say “i love you”

aries: “i’ll wait for you” “what did they say to you?? i’ll kick their ass!” “you did great.”

taurus: “here, have some of my food.” “you don’t have to get me anything.” “i just want to make you happy.”

gemini: “tell me about it, get it all out.” “don’t worry about me!” “i missed you today.”

cancer: “did you eat enough today?” “how are you feeling?” “you make me so happy.”

leo: “i feel comfortable around you.” “you always look gorgeous.” “you’re mine.”

virgo: “how can i help you?” “please don’t worry.” “wanna talk about it?”

libra: “you’re perfect.” “i bought you this, just because.” “i’ll always be there for you, no matter what.”

scorpio: “are you warm enough?” “i miss you.” “i forgive you.”

sagittarius: “come with me.” “i saw this, and thought of you.” “i can see a future with you.”

capricorn: “you are always good enough.” “you make everything seem better than it is.” “i love seeing you succeed.”

aquarius: “you’re hilarious!” “i just feel like i can say anything around you!” “will you help me do it?” 

pisces: “how did you sleep?” “i don’t care what we do, as long as we’re together.” “i will never leave you.”

I miss you. I miss all of you. I miss the pointless conversations from dawn to dusk. I miss the good morning and good night texts. I miss talking all day, everyday and never getting sick of you. I miss you showing how much you wanted me. I miss our budding relationship and the little signs that were showed before we fell into love with each other. I can’t say anything else besides that I miss you. Dearly.
—  Ag

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

I feel like this is when I should tell you how much I miss you, but a part of me knows you probably don’t care. If you did, we’d probably still be friends…right? But I still hope you think of me on occasion and miss me too.

It’s been months since we last talked who would’ve seen that coming? I know I definitely didn’t. So much has happened since we last spoke, and I’ve wanted you to know it all. Isn’t that twisted? Even though we’re no longer friends, I still want to tell you all the things I used to. And it sucks because you’re not that person to me anymore.

You were the one person I was supposed to be able to count on for anything. You used to be a phone call away but suddenly you stopped answering. You were supposed to always look out for me but then you forgot . We were supposed to be friends forever but the next thing I knew, we were growing further and further apart

But I guess that’s life. Nothing is constant and no one owes you anything. And even though we’re not friends anymore, I still want to thank you. Thank you for being my best friend and dealing with everything that comes with that. Thank you for the nights we stayed up til dawn just talking and laughing. Thank you for being honest and genuinely caring about me. Thank you for taking me for me, and never letting other’s judgments get in the way. Thanks for never sharing those embarrassing pictures you took of me. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best friend I needed during that part of my life.

And even though we are no longer friends, I just want you to know that I could never hate you. Trust me, I’ve tried. It sounds awful, but I thought it would be easier to get over losing you if I could hate you but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was hurt when you left, but I will never hate you. You were my best friend. And despite how things ended up, because of that, I will always love you.

Sometimes, I still scroll through pictures of us and smile. I see screenshots of old conversations and laugh. And whenever I see something that reminds me of you or an inside joke, I almost always almost send it to you. I don’t think there will ever be a day when you don’t cross my mind at least once, but the sadness and hurt are fading, and I’m learning to look at you as a cherished memory.

Everyone chooses their paths in life, and I guess your path just no longer intertwined with mine. But I hope you’re happy. Because I really do wish you the best. I hope you’ve found someone new to send all those weird memes too, to stay up on the phone with on the nights you just can’t sleep, to binge watch Friends with, and to equally complain and celebrate about all the things with

Just know that I don’t hate you and that I’ll always love you. Know that I cherish the memories we made and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’ll always check your snaps and Facebook posts to make sure you’re doing okay, because some things will never change. And know that even if I don’t go up to you the next time I see you, I will always be grateful to have called you my best friend.

Sincerely, Me.

—  loyaltyxoxo, #bestfriendbreakups #dearyou 

“We missed each other this whole time. Me and Andy missed each other, but me and Melissa missed each other too. It’s weird. She and I talk when we’re not filming and we’re like “How are you?” It’s f—ing bizarre! So it’s hard and it’s a bittersweet reunion. We enjoy it, but we don’t enjoy being apart. And that goes for a lot of us. There are certain characters where as soon as they start going, we start bawling. It’s kind of silly. But she’s definitely one of those for me.”

“She’s going through her own thing and there’s a reason why she separated herself and doesn’t want to be a killer anymore. And she’s losing herself, and I think Daryl realizes that. It’s a very selfless act. He tells her what she needs to hear to keep going. He does it for her.”

“I think she can totally handle it. It’s just not what she needs. Everyone’s path is their individual path, and she needs to be away from it because she’s losing herself and that world, when your whole life is changed and your whole world is changed and the dynamics have changed, and you start to lose yourself — then what’s the point, you know? So I think that he realizes that she needs to hold on to something. She’s been working towards it and it’s been hard for her, and he sees how hard it is for her to even make the choice to do what she’s doing now. And selflessly, he tells her what she needs to hear because he cares about her and doesn’t want to drag her into something that she doesn’t want to be a part of.” 

- Norman Reedus

nothing hurt more than when I saw a picture of you and her. You barely ever took photos with me, let alone post them. And here you were posting pictures with this girl you barely knew, and I tried not to hate her, I tried not to hate you. But my insides felt like they were ripping apart at the sight of  you. And I knew this was going to happen eventually, I guess I was just hoping it wouldn’t.  
and its just so fucking pathetic, while I’ve spent all this time missing you.. you spent it with her. You never even thought of me once.
And all I can fucking do is imagine the way that you talk to her, its probably the same way I talked to you., like you were made out of the sun or something.
And I just don’t fucking understand how one person can leave such a huge mark on you when you can’t even leave a fucking scratch on them. Because you left me and I still see you every fucking where, and I never made you feel a damn thing. you never even cared for me.
I just want it to stop, I want it all to stop. I want to stop feeling every burning fire for you. I want to stop thinking of every word you said to me, I want to stop analyzing every little part of our relationship in trying to figure out where the fuck we went wrong because I get it now. I understand..
a relationship is always doomed to end in heartbreak when there is one person who loves more and in our case, I was always the one who loved more, and now it just hurts so bad because you love her. You love her even though I wanted you to love me.. even though I gave you every fucking piece of me. You chose her.
It will never be me and you. I was never enough, and the thought of that alone breaks me into a million pieces, so how the fuck am I supposed to feel when I realize why I wasn’t enough. When I see the face of the girl who was enough..
—  I don’t think I’ll ever get over you
  • friend: hey, how's your exam today?
  • me: victor and yuuri are engaged now my exam doesn't matter
  • friend: but don't you have to pass-
  • me: victor and yuuri ran to each other because they miss each other so much they can't stop and that's the whole point of my life
  • friend: but you need to graduate-
  • me: yurio smiled like an angel he's a cinnamon roll and i need to protect him that's what i live for
  • friend: but-
  • me: yuuri skated thinking of victor and crispino skated thinking of sala and they manage to do great if that's not love what is
  • friend:
  • me: makkachin is ok and i don't need anything anymore
  • friend:
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me: also, yeah, i got 6 at math. a 6 got a round circle. round and golden, perhaps. you know what else round and golden?
  • friend: i don-
  • me: victuuri engagement ring