El motivo de esto es… para decirte lo que siento por tí. Se que no nos salió bien la primera vez y se que no tiene sentido, pero no puedo quitarme el presentimiento de que somos el uno para el otro. ¿Hay alguna parte de ti que quiera intentarlo otra vez?
—  How I Met Your Mother - Temporada 7, Episodio 1.
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Why Barney and Robin DID NOT have a happy ending at all.

It’s been over a year and I’m still not happy about this and won’t ever be over what they chose to do to these characters who I watched and loved for along while.

More of my opinion on why Robin was and is what we see on the TV show and as one of the fans of HIMYM I had become invested in these characters and their journey’s. Here’s why Robin Scherbatsky the character was more than what we see on the show. The writers/creators did not like her, imo the reason she had such a sad ending in the original finale is as follows… Also, Barney. What I see in him and what most viewers saw was a human being that was really lost, he had no direction in his life because like Robin she didn’t have much purpose in the story that the writers initially wanted.

These character are far more than meets the eye. What you see is what you get, you either like them, love them, identify with them or you hate them and don’t relate to them at all. Personally, I see myself as a Barney minus the sleeping around part of his life, That part of his life made him miserable I will explain below. Robin and Barney are exactly alike, maybe too much alike but imo they are two different people and not just characters I loved on a TV show.

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