thekidsalreadyknow  asked:

HIMYM used to be my fav show at one point, I am still pissed about that ending and if you read b/n the lines (sometimes it's not even that subtle) the actors hated it too. The worst part for me was that literally the second to last ep Ted said "I am not the guy w the blue French horn anymore" and then in the finale he shows up with it. It's the perfect metaphor about how the writers just ignored 7 years of canon and regressed the characters to their s2 selves. It was ridiculous.

Ouch, the more you think about it, the more it is ridiculous, indeed :/

I didn’t know the actors felt sour about it, too, but it’s not surprising, is it? At the end of the day, they’re the ones who literally lived with those characters for years and years, how could they celebrate an ending like that? What a pity.

Totally can’t stand ignoring canon basis and developments, you know me, so I find the blue horn detail and everything revolving around it very annoying.

Dicen que al tener una experiencia cercana con la muerte, toda tu vida pasa por delante de tus ojos. Pero no es así, no lo ves todo, sólo ves las cosas que amas.