how i met saskia vanell

How I Met Saskia Vanell

This is a great story.

It was a month into my 4th university year, I was captain of the sabre varsity fencing team, and it was just a normal Monday night practice. By now, things were going smoothly. All the new members have already been around for a week or two, and the normal introductory lessons were well underway.

However on this Monday, the coach brought in two new girls into the club. Apparently there were two ways to fence at the university: varsity, and a 12 week community class. They were in the community class. The coach convinced them to join varsity instead, since they were in their first year at the university.

The two girls, who were also best friends, came over to introduce themselves to me. The first and more outgoing one jumped over to me and introduced herself as Jessica, then pointed over to the other much quieter girl, “This is Saskia. She’s dutch!”

Over the next few days Jessica started to show an interest in me. She was pretty and outgoing and looked a fun person. I also had a heightened sense of confidence since for the first time had my own apartment. So I did what any single confident guy would do and invited her over to my place for dinner. She asked if she could bring her friend. I of course, said yes.

The next day Jessica showed up for our date with her friend, Saskia. I don’t completely remember what I cooked, though I think it might have been fancy perogies and some kind of spinach. The evening went smoothly, except when sitting down to eat. Saskia sat in a puddle of pickle-juice that my roommate spilled and didn’t clean up. (who does that?) Though it was a good laugh. It was probably at that moment when I realized just how cute that little dutch girl looked. Especially when she was awfully embarrassed.

After they left in the late evening. I laid in bed and looked up at the ceiling, and in true Arrested Development fashion said, “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” I was dating the wrong friend. I stayed awake all night trying to figure out how on earth I could make the best friend switch.

Most of the next hangouts were in larger group settings with the rest of the fencing team, so it was easy to drift to different people. As I spent more time with Saskia and less with Jessica, Jessica went to talk to Saskia about it. Saskia told her that she kinda liked me, and Jessica joked that of course she did, since she always seemed to like the same guys that Jessica did.

The next day at fencing practice, Jessica pulled Saskia over to me and said, “We talked. And you can have her. I don’t mind.” They stayed best friends.

A couple days later on October 25th 2006 (also my birthday - how could she say no to that?) I asked Saskia out. She of course said yes, and I brought her to my parents house that night for my birthday. Where she got to meet my entire family, all at once. Which I’m sure was torture for her.

And I’ve been torturing her ever since.

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