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season two » You don’t feel like my sister. When you were talking about David maybe being your father, something - I don’t know what - happened where I was hoping that we weren't… that we’re not related. And I had this weird moment where I thought I had feelings for you, okay? And I know it’s sick and it’s wrong but it was just a moment. And I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again but it doesn’t help when you’re just around me all the time. Do you understand?

Get To Know Me Tag

i was tagged by @loveofmylifejin and @kseokjiin (thank youuuu!!! ♡♡)

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1.Nicknames: my friends call me ali but my family call me yana

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: scorpio

4. Height: i think 5′4 !

5. Time: 11:37 pm

6: Birthday: November 20

7. Favorite bands: BTS, gfriend, red velvet, the academic, skjdfksjf yea there’s so much more but i rather not say

8. Favorite solo artists: ailee, taeyeon, ariana grande, and tinashe

9: Song stuck in my head: red flavor by red velvet!!!!!! 

10: Last movie watched: i finally watched train to busan because of my sister

11: Last show watched: how i met your mother skfjddg

12: When did i create my blog: i made it last year in march!!

13: What do i post: bts!! mostly jin posts 

14: Last thing i googled: bobbi babalooney skdkjsdf

15: Do you have other blogs: i have my random (old 5sos blog) which is @24peachy and my anime blog (i’m never active)

16: Do you get asks: rarely :-((((

17: Why did you choose your url: hmmm idk i liked how it only has one letter before seokjin and because i don’t have any other better url

18: Following: 653

19: Followers: 462 skdjfdg

20: Favorite colors: purple, light pink

21: Average hours of sleep: 5-6

22: Lucky number: 24!! but it always changes so im not so sure lol

23: instruments: nope! i took guitar class for one year but i remember nothing from it

24: What am i wearing: clothes

25: How many blankets i sleep with: always 1

26: Dream job: i don’t really know anymore :/ maybe a therapist

27: Dream trip: italy or japan

28: Favorite food: right now it’s oreos, animal crackers, strawberries, and rice

29: Nationality: american

30: Favorite song now: you never knew by haim and mojito by red velvet!!

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Funny story, so me and my younger sister love How I Met Your Mother and one of our favorite episodes is the one with all the Barney Stinsons from the future that make the legendary joke and so one time on New Year’s we decided to say “Legend-wait for it-” and then we waited until the clock struck 12 the New Year’s after that to say “-dary” and now it’s a running joke that we do it every year on New Year’s and I’ve probably never been that committed to anything in my life

The nosebleeds would be almost tolerable if not for the accompanying headaches. I can only imagine how I looked the first time I met my sister. A short greeting followed by a veritable deluge of blood and a collapse brought on by extreme disorientation. I couldn’t bear to be in her presence for the first week as my mind struggled to adapt to her existence. Even now, we avoid talking about our past. Nothing ruins a conversation quite like a heavy nosebleed. Still, the attacks are less intense with every occurrence. A theory: It will be only a few years before my mind is completely adapted to this new reality. Until then I shall have to carry an extra handkerchief.
—  Robert Lutece, February 28th, 1894

Ok so I met this guy on Tinder and we’ve been hanging out for the past few days and I think I really like him. He’s super sweet and respectful and he doesn’t smoke (which is like a big deal for me lol). I’m seeing him tonight too and I have a really good feeling about where this is heading 🙈🙈

I told my sister about him and she asked how we met and she was just like “Tinder’s really sketchy to me, I don’t trust it” lmao She also said he was too old even though he’s only 5 yrs older than I am???? 🤔🤔🤔

(Also Sleepover Weekend is closed; I forgot to make a post about it lmao)

Into the Depths [V/Taehyung] pt.12

Genre: mafia!bts, Taehyung x reader, angst, violence

Characters: V/Taehyung, reader (you), Jungkook, Suga/Yoongi, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope/Hoseok, Rap Monster/Namjoon

Part: 12/?

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Summary: Your family was just competition and he knew that, but maybe he could keep a souvenir from this competition.

“Ahh, y/n, my sweet daughter. How have you been dear?”

All time seemed to stop in that moment. You hadn’t seen your father in years.

That last little time you had spent with him, he had attempted to sell you off and when that didn’t work (you had been a little too young for the man’s liking), he tried to kill you. Fun, right?

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🌸 chapter specific bid day themes & banner slogans! 🌸

These are some “sorority specific” themes and recruitment slogans! Most of these sayings can be adapted to different chapters. Perfect for bid day banners and tee shirts.

🌸   80 Bid Day Themed Slogans for Different Chapters: 🌸 

  1. Glow Gamma Phi
  2. Welcome to XI Good Life
  3. You Had Me At Halo
  4. Sweet Home Delta Gamma
  5. These Girls Are On PHIre
  6. Kappa Karnival 
  7. Pretty Little Lyres 
  8. In APhi We Trust
  9. Say Yes To the Crest
  10. Red, Kite & Blue
  11. Betas in Wonderland
  12. Bow Down to the Crown
  13. The Best Just Got Beta
  14. Chi O'Merica
  15. Sail With the Best
  16. Kappily Ever After Starts Here
  17. Nothing Dazzles Like an Alpha Gam
  18. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  19. ADPi in the Sky With Diamonds 
  20. Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone’s Wild About SK GIrls
  21. Drafting Top Picks Since ___
  22. Come One, Come All, To the Greatest Sorority of Them All ___
  23. Our Future Never Looked So Bright
  24. Something Beautiful is on the Horizon
  25. Under the Sea With KD
  26. There is No Better Friend Than a ___ Sister. And No Better ___ Than You
  27. Only the Best Get Picked
  28. Only the Wise Know to Go ChiO
  29. The Best Catch Around
  30. Every Girl Can Be Pretty in Pink, but to be Beautiful You Must Add a Little Green
  31. Welcome to our TRIbe
  32. Here’s to Lack of Sleep, Blistered Feet & Amazing New Sisters at the End of the Week
  33. Every Day Should Feel This Good
  34. Hold on Tight, You’re In For the Ride of Your Life
  35. A Little Bit Classy & Oh So Sassy, Definitely ___
  36. In Simga We Trust
  37. Our New Girls are a Real Catch
  38. A League of Our Own
  39. Darling It’s Better Wearing Our Letters, Take It From Me 
  40. What’s Not to Love About Zeta
  41. It’s Bid Day Baby
  42. Adventure is Out There with KD
  43. Home is Wherever I’m With You
  44. Breakfast at Tri Delta
  45. No Need to Roam, I’ve Found My Home 
  46. Red, White & Bows
  47. From Her Cowboy Boots, To Her ZETA Roots
  48. The Good Go Greek, The Great Go Confidently
  49. We Chose Wisely
  50. Welcome to the Ivy League
  51. Making Dreams Come True Since ___
  52. The Most Magnificent Sisterhood on Earth
  53. I Knew From the Start, I Had AOII in My Heart
  54. Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be a Kay Dee
  55. Sweet as Can Be, Welcome Home to Delta Gee
  56. Shells Sink, Dreams Float, Life’s Good in Our Phi Mu Boat
  57. The Odds Were In Your Favor
  58. Live it. Love It. Alpha Phi.
  59. Lights, Camera, Action, We Are XI Main Attraction
  60. Bid the Best
  61. All You Need is Theta Love 
  62. How I Met My Sisters
  63. Kissed the Rest Goodbye, Went Delta Tri
  64. The Best Girls Wear Purple & Pearls 
  65. This House is So Right
  66. I’m Coming Home to You
  67. If I Had Three Wishes, They’d Be For These Zistas
  68. DG Floats My Boat
  69. What Ever Happens Here, Stays In Our Hearts Forever
  70. I Got the Wish I Wished Last Night
  71. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Our Sorority is Blessed Because of You
  72. Why Gamble on the Rest, When You Can Bid on the Best
  73. Welcome to the Winner’s Circle
  74. Welcome to the A-List
  75. We Hand Picked the Sweetest
  76. Ain’t Nothing But a Phi Thang Baby
  77. Down With The Crown
  78. Flying First Class Since ___
  79. Some Girls Were Meant to Sail
  80. Throw Three D’s on That Bid

🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸 🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸 

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Rip Jongdae stans

anonymous asked:

what?? have you spoken to jensen?? when?? how??

i met him last year at chicon!

my sister in law stacy and i had been planning for months to ask him if we could get down on our knees and grab on his legs (bc bowlegs, god damn) like a couple of starstruck fans who didn’t want to let him go

as we’re waiting in line we’re second guessing ourselves, and stacy starts having a full on panic attack. clif (their bodyguard, for anyone who doesn’t know) notices that stacy is literally dying/holding a paper bag up to her face, and he comes over to make sure she’s okay. then i proceed to ask whether or not clif thinks it would be okay if we go ahead with our idea. he said it shouldn’t be a problem - so this happened.

fast forward a couple hours later, and it’s time for our j2 photo op. stacy and i had no idea what we were going to do, and we’re literally standing waiting for our turn, probably 20 people deep in line, and jensen and jared are basically IN FRONT OF US. 

suddenly jensen looks over at us in line, smiles and laughs, and we’re like fuck. fuck we’re the creepy fans who asked to clutch his thighs and he remembers. of course he remembers. stacy grabs my arm and goes “katie…we should do the same thing with jared, but ask jensen to look jealous/rejected in the background” literally as we’re walking up to them. 

so jensen turns to us and goes “oh not tHESE TWO AGAIN” laughing, and jared looks really confused. so we tell jensen our idea, who is all for it, apparently, and he explains to jared what the hell is going on - suddenly we’re both on our knees and i feel something shift behind me, a sudden weight on my back, everyone in line gasps, the photo is taken and we’re ushered from the room

needless to say i’m proud of this shit

It was the weekend, and I had me some {lazy} fun.

And suddenly it’s Tuesday, February 2nd. On man, I just love it when a new month starts on a Monday. Probably because of the whole new start fresh slate thing times two. Or, perhaps because I love when my budgets start on a Monday. Either or. 

Last weekend was a quiet one.  A beautiful rainy stay-in-and-don’t-feel-bad kind of weekend. It was glorious. Except I did venture out for a few exceptionally awesome reasons. They are as follows:

As the clocked striked 5pm last Friday I scurried out of work and headed to the cake shop to get a birthday cake for one of my favourite friends, Wasila. I then squeezed the cake onto a very very very crowded subway to head to the balloon store before it closed. And then with a thousand and one balloons, got on the street car to head to the venue early to decorate.  I love doing extra special birthday surprises for friends.  Who doesn’t love a bouquet of balloons and cake? Exactly. 

A huge crowd of friends came out for Wasila (which included a lot of my old running crew!) so it was wonderful to catchup with everyone, but my favourite part of the night was from 2am - 3am when there were four of us sitting in the restaurant when the lights came on talking about everything under the sun. We then wandered through the Distillery District with it all to ourselves as we took photos with the twinkle lights on our way to our cabs/ubers. 

(I took an Uber Pool home that night, and had three separate very chatty drunk ladies join me. One girl had just changed jobs and told me the story about how she asked for more money when the new job sent her the contract, and that they gave her what she asked for!  I was legit very proud of my drunk female companion. More women need to do that!)

On Saturday morning I slept in, then walked from my bed to my couch and binge watched “Younger.” It’s a light hearted show with Hilary Duff, who holy hell, is so beautiful, how did I not already know this?

At 3pm I met my sister for a manicure and pedicure at Tips Nail Bar on the Danforth. And? Oh man, what an incredibly disappointing experience.  The manicure and pedicure was a gift from my sister’s husband. It was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon just the two of us, but, umm yea.  I got shellac on my nails and look at it… 

The tips of my nails looked AWFUL (see the black?!?!), and the girl who did them just straight up seemed so lazy. She didn’t touch my cuticles and wasn’t very pleasant. She also must have seen the black forming on my tips (no idea what it’s from!), but said nothing. For a $50 manicure, it better be perfect.  

I complained. Obviously. Because Younger-Liz wouldn’t have, but Older-Liz doesn’t give a sh*t anymore, and they were nice, and removed it, but after THREE HOURS there, I walked out with no nail polish on my fingers. What a disaster.  I’m still really annoyed, because now I have to go back to get it done. And I have to go back alone. And technically they didn’t really really give me anything for it, just not charge me. (Also my pedicure was sub-par.) Would not recommend this place. 

On a brighter note, after that incident I took my sister’s dogs down to the lake for a beautiful evening walk while I collected my Fitbit steps. 

I ended up eating dinner at their house, and we watched the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix. I hope I’m that awesome at 93. 

On Sunday… if anyone is still even here… because omg, so long(!), I watched 3,002 episodes of Younger thus completing my binge watch. At 3pm in the afternoon I had a solid 200 steps to my name. I was debating what to do with myself (as I needed to head out for a walk) when I got a text from my sister, “want to do something?” Ummmm, YES!

I ended up taking the bus to an Aroma in Leaside where I met Lily, my sister, brother and mom for a spontaneous coffee break. Lily upped her cuteness game as she played with my umbrella. 

Ahh jeesh, I love this little lady so much. 

Lily and I then did play shopping in Longos (Longos has awesome car-shopping cars for kids, btw), while my sister did her actual shopping. 

I then walked the 7km (4 miles) home to round off January’s 10,000 steps each day goal. GO ME!! 

I can’t believe I actually did it. Yippee! It’s a little daunting to think I have another 11 months of 10,000 steps a day, but it’s really become a large part of my routine, and I feel like it’s impacted most areas of my life in a positive way.

Yesterday I even walked the 6km home - thus saving a subway token, and enjoying this warmer weather.  I feel like all this walking is forcing me to have quality time with my own brain, and it’s quite nice. 

I also did my budget yesterday for the month of January. Here the details:

I pretty much ate and worked-off my income. Womp womp.  I seriously can’t believe how much I spent this month on FOOD and FITNESS. Although, to be fair, January was a big month for Fitness because of Weight Watchers and Bootcamp going through, and those two items are a once-every-six-months thing. 

But I don’t have an excuse for the food category. Boourns. Here’s the breakdown: 

I’m going to try hard this month to bring my own lunches, and eat out less. 

I’ve also been very good at tracking my Weight Watchers points this past week. My clothes feel SO MUCH BETTER than a few weeks ago, and I feel like I currently have really good momentum with everything.  It’s a nice change, I must say.  I’ve also had THREE people (yay!) notice my weight loss, which is really nice, and for the first time in a long time I feel like my cheekbones are coming back into play.  If I lose 1lb this week, I’ll hit 10lbs loss on WW. Fingers crossed for this Thursday. 

And with that, because this post has taken me two days to actually sit down and write, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s back to work I go.

-requested by anonymous-


Y/n p.o.v

“Hey!” I yelled into my best friends house, she was currently out of town and I was here to return her history book back to her brother. I didn’t like her brother at all, he wasn’t exactly very friendly towards me, in fact its like he hated me, he bullied me in high school and now he still bullies me in college, I mean I could hate him but Im just not that type of person, I just choose to ignore him. I gave the door a slight knock to let him know I was here but I don’t think he was. I walked a few steps further and closed the door behind me, I laid the book down on the coffe table in front of the kitchen, I took some post it’s from a cabinet and wrote that I was here and that I left, after my knowledge that nobody was here. I sighted as I started walking away back to the door and there I heard a few grunts and some moans. I rolled my eyes, her brother probably was fucking some bimbo in his room, probably why he didn’t hear me. I rolled my eyes and started walking up the stairs, I might just take a picture of the two and post them on the net but again I’m not that type of person, gosh I wish I wasn’t so nice and maybe had a little bit of evil in me.

The grunts and moans got louder, then I recognized that there were only Luke’s no girl. Welp, now we know he can’t pleasure a women in bed either, in any kind away, he has a ‘fuck you’ personality, a disgusting way of threading girls and now he sucks in bed, I wonder how he still manages to get all these girls. His bedroom door was cracked open, I sighted, I walked a few steps back, I shouldn’t be seeing this, I shouldn’t even be in here to be exact. This was wrong, this was very wrong. Watching others having sex? Creepy and disgusting. Somehow excitement and curiosity filled me up and I wanted to know, I really wanted to know who he was fucking, who did he find more attractive then me,No! I didn’t mean that or maybe I did. The reason why I never stood up for myself when he pushed me around and called me names was because I had the biggest crush on him. He was my first kiss after all and then after that it all went down hill. He used to be my closest friend that is how I met his sister, then during an 8th grade party, we were playing spin the bottle, we kissed, it was good for a couple of months, then summer began, then 9th grade and then I suddenly became an ugly ass loser and the target to every rich girl and annoying jock in school, including, the captain of the hockey team, Luke hemmings. “Y/n"I froze, I hid in the bathroom and shut my eyes tightly, I was totally busted, now what was my excuse, now he was going to tell everyone that I was a stalker, oh god, I really didn’t need this right now, but then I heard a moan after and my eyes widened, he was moaning my name.

I began walking out the bathroom, I took off my boots to make sure I didn’t make any loud noise. I peeked and there he was, alone, shirtless with a towel around his hips but his hand inside it, pumping his member. He was sweaty and his hair was matted down to his forhead, pants and sharp breaths left his lips, he untied the towel and gave me a full view of his member, he was so hard, one of the veins popping out, he rubbed the pre-cum off his tip and onto the rest of his shaft. He was so into his euphoria, I slowly felt myself become wet. I ran my hands down my stomach and into my jeans, I slipped my panties to the side and ran my finger along my slit, I looked back at luke, he threw his head back as he screamed my name and grunted as his movements fastened around his cock, I moaned quietly, afraid I would be caught. He kept going, I could see he was getting close by the way, he gripped himself tighter. I entered the room, breathless, he quickly stopped his actions and put a towel around himself, he panted "y/n!” His cheeks were flushed and I could still his erection through the fluffy material of the towel “why didnt you tell me you felt like this? Why did you always make me feel like shit? When you want me so much!” I breathed, he stood and walked up to me “I was scared, you were always so smart and beautiful and nice and I thought that by pushing you away, I would stop liking you like this,wanting you like this” I sighted “but you hurt me” he nodded “I know and Im sorry” he confessed, he sit back down onto the bed.

I watched his slump over, I walked closer to me “you can always make it up for me"I suggested, he looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows, I took off my jeans and tossed them aside, he watched silently, I grabbed both his hands and put them on my waist "this is your only chance to win me” I muttered as I ran my hands through his hair, his icy blue eyes looked into mine and then he stood up and leaned in, his nose pressing against mine slightly, both our breaths ragged “alright” he licked his lips and kissed me softly, he turned us around so my back was to his bed and we fell back softly, he ran his hands down to my thigh and brung it up to his waist, he pressed his boner against my wet heat making me gasp. He kissed down my neck and his other hand ran under my shirt, he lowered himself not my heat and took off my panties, my breath hitched as he dragged his tongue against my inner thigh. I panted as he got closer to the are were I needed him most, I just wanted him so bad. I had a great view of his v-line once he kneeled infront of me, he unwrapped his towel and let it fall off the bed, I sat up, as he reached and gave me a soft kiss.

He entered me and I screamed,he was so big, he was already hitting my g-spot and he hadn’t even began to move. I closed my eyes in pleasure “move” I moaned, he began a deep and slow pace driving me crazy, he looked me in the eyes with a smirk on his pierced lip “you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this day, me pounding into you relentless as you moaned my name uncontrollably, how your soft red lips parted as I went faster, sending you to hell and back” he moaned into my ear. I clawed his back as he kept saying dirty things into my ear “you loved watching me touch myself didn’t you? Just wanting my big cock to pound this pretty little tight pussy with no mercy” I screamed as he picked up his pace “are you going to answer me?, baby doll?” I moaned “yes, Luke, yes…..just like that” I said breathless, he felt so good inside me, I just couldn’t keep up with the pleasure “I have desired your beautiful body for so long, taking you into my room and fucking you” he mumbled. His thrust became sloppy meaning he was close, he took his thumb and started rubbing figure 8 ’s on my clit, I shut my eyes at the shots of pleasure running through my body “are you almost there, babe?” He moaned,I nodded quickly, he pounded in hard and fast, our skin slapping against each other, I screamed and he grunted loudly as we came on the same time. He helped us through our orgasms, I laid spent on the bed, he kissed my forehead and laid next to me “promise, you won’t tell anybody about this or sell rumors…..I have it bad enough” I mumbled, I didn’t want to be bullied because I slept someone and got called a slut from now on.

He shook his head and embraced my body “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for bullying you, you are so special and I was just a punk for doing all those things to you, I love you….do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asks, I look up at him “I do” I nodded. He smiled and kissed my forehead, just glimpse…that’s all it took.

Xx hope you guys enjoyed ;) xX

Hate U Like I Love U (Part 3)

Hey guys!! So here it is part 3 of Hate U Like I Love U. I am uploading from my phone right now so I couldn’t upload any gifs but will do later my lovelies!!
Hope you enjoy reading this!! If you would like Part 4, then please do request for more!! 😊😊🙏🏻

(Part 2)

I lay there on my bed staring at the ceiling. Downstairs, I could hear my family laughing and talking about something they consider interesting I guess. I had the radio on in my room to block out the noise. They were playing The Velvet Underground on the FM. The faint strumming of the guitar filled the silent lifeless air in my room. I closed my eyes and hummed along with the tune, trying to forget the unfortunate occurrence.

I couldn’t help but wonder how he met my sister. He was younger than my sister, I was sure of that. My sister must have been in second year of college by the time he was in his final year of school. She is not even into the kind of music he played with the band he was in. He was a punk rock kid. My sister is a ballet girl. I remember, how because of Y/S/N I had to take up dance. She would drag me to ballet classes along with her.
I opened my eyes and stared back at the uninteresting ceiling which happened to capture my attention once again. I narrowed my eyes and tried to figure it all out. However, I didn’t know what could I have probably achieved from figuring out this meaningless subject I was pondering over. They were together now and it didn’t make sense to just me. What was the use after all when everyone is happy?

The song on the radio changed. It was my favourite band now, with one of their best song. Asleep by The Smiths came on the radio and my eyes were close once again. The soothing melody and the lullaby-like track instantly made me calm and forget about the pain I was experiencing after seeing his face once more after all these years.

I slowly started to feel numb and sleep and exhaustion was slowly taking over my body. As I was dozing off, I swear I heard the door open and a few steady footsteps on my wooden floor.

*after an hour*

As I tried opening my eyes, I saw a tall blurry image of a guy sat next to me. Lazily, rubbing off the remaining sleep from my eyes, I finally opened my eyes.
There he was, sat on the armchair next to my bed, Clifford. Michael had a sad apologetic look on his face and his eyes were glassy from the tears welling them. I could see him gulp down his fear as his adam’s apple moved.

“Hey Michael.” I tried to get rid of the awkward tension.

“Your parents and Y/S/N went out for some shopping. I decided to stay back.” I nodded

“You didn’t go with them?”

“No. I guess we needed to talk right?” He stuttered. He was a wreck from the nervousness.

“Talk about what? Wasn’t everything settled that year?”

He raised his eyebrow and the pain left now, replaced by anger.

“You know, shit happens Michael!”

“Yeah you would say so” leaning in closer he looked straight into my eyes. His piercing green eyes were a shade darker from the annoyance “cuz you didn’t suffer the pain I went through. This was the biggest shit that happened to me. I am not happy Y/N. There wasn’t a day I didn’t think of you. Yet with time, we became so close to strangers that it seemed like I was non existent in your life.”

He looked down towards his feet and I couldn’t have felt worse for what he was going through, all because of me.

“Michael, life is eventful I guess. That’s all I can say. There is no use of saying all this anymore. When things ended between us, it ended for a reason and we are here today because it was supposed to be like this!”

“Oh!” All the emotions left his face and his face was as pale as snow, with no feelings.

“I sound harsh don’t I?” I smiled to seem okay. Though, I wasn’t and I am not sure how was I going to pretend to be okay.
“So how are you?” I tried making small talks. I tried to make things okay.

“Fine I guess if you are so okay.” He got up and turned around to leave. His pace reflected the anger residing inside of him.

I shook my head at his remark and watched him leave. I made a big mistake letting him go and it was something I cannot stop regretting about. Today it all came tumbling down on me. Now, how was I to carry this burden and move on?

Part 2

Hope you guys enjoy it!!❤️❤️
- Iskra xx