how i met alex day

so yeah this kinda happened!!!!!!!!!

we were walking from carnaby street to soho and i was at the very end of our group and i was crossing the street and when i turned my head to see if there’re any cars i sAW ALEX WALKING DOWN THE STREET WITH SOME GIRL????? so i though like fuck this this is a once in a lifetime chance there’re 7 million people living in london what is the chance you’d run to one of your fave youtubers?????? so i kinda ran away from our group and went up to him to say hi

i don’t really remember what exactly i’ve said to him because i was shaking and smiling too hard and everything so i think it was something like “hi i’m simone and i’m from the czech republic and i’m here in london just for today so this is a crazy coincidence i like your music and videos so much!!!” and he went “awww that’s so sweet thank you!” and i asked if i can have a picture so we took this pic and he made himself as tall as me and really really grinned and squeezed my waist and the girl who was with him took the pic and i just ???????????????

then i thanked him and said goodbye because my group found out i was missing so they were waiting for me ops but alex was actually so sweet in real life and didn’t seem freaked out by me at all and i just wow what

this has really happened