how i love her in this video

Zayn Malik exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about his good pal Taylor Swift, what he thinks about her new music and her friendship with his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

About “Look What You Made Me Do”:
“I have heard her new song, yeah it’s really cool! I liked the video, I thought the video was really sick.”

About deeper meaning behind the video:
“I don’t like to overthink things, I just take it for how it is. I think creatively, it’s an amazing video, I think there’s a lot of cool ideas gone into it, a lot of hard work, obviously. And I respect that. I think it’s a cool idea, I’ve just seen it as that, that’s all I want to see it as I don’t really want to dwell on it.”

On whether Gigi is into Taylor’s new music:
“Yeah she does she loves it. She is definitely a big fan of Taylor. She played me the song actually, so yeah she loves it.”

By: Us Weekly       Date: September 26th 2017

I haven’t posted any of the birds in a while, but here’s Leslie, a little diva who was ADAMANT about not wanting cuddles, but instead chose to creep right up to my ear and yell “HAAAALLLLP!!” in her little five-year-old’s voice when she saw me petting someone else.

Sorry for the crappy video– the lighting sucked and she usually clams up when she knows she’s being recorded.

(Also, she’s blind in one eye, which is why one of them looks weird.)

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Honestly tho just by playing wind waker u feel like links grandma is your own grandma and she will always look out for u and she is so precious iove her as a character so much

True. It’s quite sweet how she always gives you soup when you go visit her. She sends money… and her theme song (。•́︿•̀。) and she asks Link to smile for her awwwwww…. 

We’ve been blessed with the BEST video game grandma ever. Thanks Nintendo! ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

Kelis is really so iconic like even the little things like how I’m the bossy music video at one point she was wearing high waist jeans and I remember people being like why her pants so high ??? And years later it became trend we love talent and innovation


So I keep making videos for these two, because I have so much footage and so many songs that fit them. I doubt I’ll stop any time soon.

The track is “Eric’s Song” by Vienna Teng. At one of her concerts, the artist explained that she wrote the song based on how she and her family never told each other “I love you,” but still knew it, and that she wanted to write a love song that didn’t use the word “love.” If that’s not a perfect description of Pricefield, I don’t know what is.

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Are you still doing matchups? :o If so, I'm a bisexual female, 5'3" cancer and INFP. I'm a very shy person at first, but once I come out of my shell I can be fun and make lame jokes. I'm very protective of my friends and always put other people over myself and I usually get nothing in return. I don't have many friends because I've been hurt much in the past so it's hard to trust some people. I'm very insecure too. I love my cats and some of my family, and I play video games in my free time. Ty!!

I Pair You With:

Asai Tsuyu!

Tsu has struggled making friends in the past due to how busy she was with her family, therefore she’ll appreciate your friendship and love very much! She’s very considerate of her friends, and when you’re together that’s magnified as she loves you so much! She will do her best to show you that you are loved and loves to spend time with you. You both love your families, so expect a lot of time with your families! She’ll smile at your lame jokes, finding them very cute. She’s just as protective of you, as you are of her!

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🌙 growing up with an eclectic witch mom 🌙

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* getting flowers for every holiday.
* so. many. herbs. (honestly like a big ass cupboard)
* going crystal shopping together (and spending too much money and time there) (imagine my dad crying in the corner)
* flowers in every room in the house. every.
* so many rose quartz stones (because i’m born in may)
* our house is filled with candles
* drawing a protective sigil over our door every new years evening
* “i accidentally spent 300€ at the florists and im not even regretting it.” (actual quote)
* cutting my hair only at new moon
* going to medieval festivals because they are hella cool
* with like proper outfit and shit
* no idea for a present? herbs.
* or plants.
* or candles.
* bonus points if they are colour coordinated
* celebrating samhain, ostara etc
* living for the autumn season
* convincing my dad that “yes we need that cat. totally.”
* srsly how is he not going crazy
* explaining my friends it’s not weed, it’s sage.
* cleaning spells while cleaning the house
* discussing herbs for spells in shops and earning weird stares
* huge ass, gorgeous garden
* “go water the flowers.”
* “go mow the lawn.”
* “don’t discuss with the mother witch.”
* she sends me videos at 3am how to cut the cherry tree. why. i cry.
* water bottles out of glass with energising crystals on the ground
* her grimoire is so beautiful
* like srsly her handwriting has me crying.

but most important: knowing that whenever id wanted to stop being a part of all this, it would have been okay. my dad is not a witch, and that’s okay.
for me witchcraft is just a part of my life and i love it and am proud to have a witch mom ♥️

list of things in look what you made me do that were fucking amazing:

  • the TS as the camera hovers above the clouds 
  • ‘Here Lies Taylor Swift’s Reputation’ followed by 1989 era zombie Taylor in the Out of the Woods blue dress (her last video of the 1989 era, excluding New Romantics which was tour footage) climbing back up from the dead
  • The tilted headstones which she ‘fixes’
  • Nils Sjoberg, the pseudonym Taylor wrote This Is What You Came For under was seen on a gravestone
  • The $1 note in the bathtub that she won from her recent sexual assault trial whilst bathing in riches, a dig at people who accused her of being money hungry (whether it be the trial or in general)
  • The numerous references to snakes…. the snake ring, sitting on a throne with snakes around her, swinging in a snake cage… then sipping her tea on the throne
  • ‘Et Tu Brute’ is written on her throne and the on the columns of that shot (used to express surprise and dismay at the treachery of a supposed friend)
  • The Grammy in her hand when she crashes the car. The car is a maserati. ‘Maserati down a dead-end street…’ I wonder what song that lyric is from? Did you say Red by Taylor Swift? And she’s holding a grammy? RRRRRRrrrrandom access memories? Hmm
  • As she swings in the snake cage, everyone guards her… a metaphor for how she was treated during that time 
  • Literally wearing a cathead and a ‘Blind for Love’ sweater, she robs a bank titled ‘Stream Co.’, referencing how everyone says she’s money-hungry since when she removed her money from Spotify and the Apple Music letter 
  • The names of all her friends are on her Junior Jewels shirt
  • The word Squad flashed on screens as all these women are aligned up, wearing similar wear to the Bad Blood music video, referencing how everyone kept categorising her friends as a ‘Squad’ even though she’s never explicitly called it that or intended for it to be that 
  • Coming into the room and having a scribe immediately write stuff down. When people described her as a ‘Diva’
  • The ‘I Love TS’ croptops the dancers wear…. a reference to a shirt an ex of her wore last year and people dragged her for that
  • Standing on top of all old versions of her from the You belong with Me video, Shake It Off video, WANEGBT video, Fearless Tour, The Red Tour, Out of the Woods…. as she declares ‘The Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… cause she’s dead….’
  • The ending dialogue, where variations of Taylor appear, throwing back everyone’s joke: ‘Stop making that surprised face, it’s so annoying’, ‘What’s with that bitch? Don’t call me that?, ‘Y’all!’, ‘Stop acting like you’re all nice, you are so fake!’, ‘Oh there she goes, playing the victim again’, ‘HISS!’, ‘What are you doing? Getting receipts! Gonna edit this later!’, ‘Uh, I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative…. SHUT UP!’

Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.

i think we (the fandom) forget that pidge isn’t only like…sarcastic and #done with everyone. yes, she does poke fun at her friends sometimes, but she also reprograms evil robots and make friends with them. she gets angry and fights when her friends are in danger, and she gets overexcited and somewhat dorky when she sees a video game she likes and just HAS to get it. when asked to describe herself, she talks about how she loves peanut butter and peanut butter cookies but hates peanuts (and sweats a lot - unrelated to the peanuts). just…pidge is a lot more than a snarky younger sister. she’s passionate, friendly, a bit of a dork, and kind of awkward. and she’s awesome.


Never forger: Oct 17 2015. (After half a year I FINALLY got HQ fancam of this moment)

Meanwhile…. Junmyeon…