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hey fellow dragonkin? so i know a lot of us believe we were dragons in past lives or something? but… does anyone else feel like we just ARE a dragon now, in this life, just not on the outside?
like… dont get me wrong, i have memories of being a dragon in past lives, but in them im always a different dragon than my actual kinself is (i have memories from i think abt 3 different lives now, but not many from each. i also probably should’ve written them down somewhere) But… I dont FEEL like i was a dragon in a past life, i feel like i was born a dragon in THIS life and that my physical form just doesnt reflect that? it might have a lot to do with the fact that in not all dragon, im sort of a shapeshifter but only on a sliding scale from dragon to human (this is a constant between all my lives)? just… idk, anyone else relate?

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Gabriel's fave color?? I'd say blue, like Jack's eyes. But I'm also a filthy shipper. Excluding that? Probably red, like the color in the Blackwatch symbol.

i keep thinking abt that one popular post where their gf guessed their fav color right on the first try

she guessed my favorite color first try..

but between me and u……. i didnt even have a favorite color until she yelled out yellow!! she was hella excited n smiling like a little kid. so i told her she was right and i havent seen yellow the same since, its in everything. i could probably live in it now.

thats how gabe found out his favorite color

Make me your privat 24/7 sissy


I’m 18 years old and i search for a man or women who make me his or her privat sissy, but i want to move to you and live with you. I will do everything what you want from me and of course i will be your sexslave. I don’t want to Continue my live how its now so it’s absolute the same wherever you live as Long you have enough Money to found my live. I will Need a few surgeries like bigger tits. Also i Need Hormonen to be more feminine. And of course a lot of clothes, Make-up etc. If you want me to be your 24/7 sissy message me.


Recommend 👌🏼

So I just finished watching a movie called “How I Live Now”. It is such a good movie in my opinion, it isn’t a “little” movie but I recommend it. It is rated R I must warn but it is very emotional to me at least and does include gore. Look it up if you seem interested, it is honestly one of my favorite movies 👌🏼😊

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Well every sex has an Adam's apple it's just people born with vaginas have smaller less prominent ones


Just found out that the dreaded day has come and my favorite cafe in korea (which has been my favorite cafe for three years) is closing today and now I really dont know how I can live the rest of my life with my happy place now gone. I was too attatched to that cafe someone hold me while I cry for the next month. Also where am I supposed to find milk tea that good anywhere else! Its going to be impossible!!!!


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

“Working” does not necessarily mean “well”

This post by @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​ made me want to doodle more returned and semi-recovering Graves, because I got so many emotions haha.
By the way, if anyone’s ever inspired to draw/write/headcanon by anything I draw, please tell me - I’m ever curious!
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Prince Charming Is A Lie (Or Possibly Hellspawn)

Look, it’s 1am which is way later that I’m usually awake (because 25 is the new 80) and I wrote a thing because feelings occurred. So have 2.5k of feelings occurring. 

Blame the sleeplessness if it’s terrible.

“I think it was a mistake to kiss me, that first time.”

 Derek doesn’t look at him, continues to play with his fingers and Stiles feels like there’s a lead weight in the pit of his stomach.

 "How so?“ His voice is barely a croak. They’ve been together for a year, now, and if Derek thought their first kiss was a mistake, then maybe he’s just felt obligated to continue the relationship. Maybe the nebulous ideas Stiles has for a future have all been for nothing.

 Derek frowns and Stiles knows not to interrupt when he’s thinking – when he furrows his brow that particular way, he’s trying to figure out the best way to articulate something. Derek can hold his own in an argument, and is never at a particular loss for words, but sometimes he pauses to make sure the words he’s picking are the most effective.

 It’s what, Stiles thought, makes him so good for Stiles, who doesn’t think about what’s coming out of his mouth until twenty seconds after it’s already said. Derek’s arguments are carefully constructed and solid, while Stiles’ sow chaos and account for the inevitability of any plan going to hell in a handbasket, and they work together.

 At least, he’d thought so.

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Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready


northern downpour // panic! at the disco