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Let me bless you with this new found audio of Tom Holland singing the whole song ‘Electricity’ in YouTube! It’s so beautiful! 😭😭😭

A rare video of Tom Holland saying “Mahal ko kayo!” which means “I love you!” in Filipino 😊

The only superhero I need

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audio: im closing my eyes (ft. shiloh) - postu

Popcorn Kisses | Tom Holland

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Requested – No but all requests are open including ships (Teen Wolf, The Flash) Imagines and Drabbles. ( Requests open for Tom Holland, Peter Parker, Barry Allen/The Flash, Dylan O’Brien, Teen Wolf.)

Gif – Not Mine!

Prompt – Tom and (y/n) decide to watch a horror movie and eat popcorn. Tom gets scared and jumps making the popcorn go all over the couch and they had to make a new batch. When there is only one bit of popcorn left Tom tries to steal it but (y/n) is quicker then him and teases him. Tom wrestles her until she had eaten the popcorn still going in for a kiss.

Warning – extreme bad writing from me!

Words – 672

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