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How many drugs to you take daily?

Hello yes it is me, the wacky drug boy! I’m glad someone FINALLY thought to ask. I love having so many drug, and can have as many as 7 drug a day!

For instance, I might have 1 caffeine in the morning if I’m at a nice cafe, but only with food because I get a bit shaky otherwise, so if they bring the caffeine out before my food I just wait.
I might also have 2 paracetamol drug with water if I have a headache, and an additional 2 if symptoms persist after 4 hours.
Sometimes I have the sugar drug if I eat a food with sugar in it, which on the whole I try to avoid but I’m definitely not strict about, and I might even have a milkshake or ice cream on occasions where I’m feeling especially druggy.
Sometimes when I’m really spiralling out of control, I’ll have 1 alcohol after dinner with my life partner, maybe 2 or 3 on special occasions or if I’m attending an event. Probably not on the same day as taking paracetamol though because if I’m not feeling well then I probably wouldn’t feel like it.

This potent mix of mind altering substances is the secret to all my loopy zany ideas, and the abilities required to realise them. If you take all of these cool drug like me then maybe you’ll arrive at the same artistic conclusions, but thankfully nobody else has ever been reckless enough to try.

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Hi! Feel free to respond privately or ignore this entirely if you've had enough talk of Itachi for one day, but *goshdarn* after reading your recent post do I want to write that Itachi-meets-Kagami scenario I mentioned a while back. (1/5)

Post-massacre would just be a huge wallowing hole of angst and rage, but maybe I could have Sarutobi leaving that council meeting and saying, “Screw it, I need an Uchiha I can trust/talk to.” and, as Tobirama’s successor he *does* (handwaves) have knowledge of how the Edo Tensei works, and as Sandaime, he *does* have access to prisoners of Konoha just sitting around waiting to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Dealing with Obito’s presence would be an issue, but if I had Itachi confront his parents first, and had Kagami show up right at that pivotal (and oft replayed) moment, and then Itachi attempts to defend his actions to this dead guy he might have had some respect for… “But, this was to be for the good of the village - they were attempting a coup, sir.” This sounds more like a shaky whine than Itachi intends.

Kagami’s cracked smile makes Fugaku flinch where the threat of his son’s blade had not. “You’re aware I served *Senju Tobirama*, yes? A single attempted coup against the Hokage? Just the one? That could still possibly be stopped using diplomacy? AHAHAHAHA-c'mere you little shit.”

Kagami proceeds to fix a few things and be a general nuisance to all of his old comrades before going back to sleep. Urgh, but now I want to save Shisui too, and stop everything leading up to that night’s events from happening in the first place… Kat, thank you so much for allowing me (and others) to blabber fannish nonsense at you all the livelong day - you must have an incredible amount of patience. :)

Oh god, this is fucking fantastic, and if you write it I will worship at your altar. Just - yes. Yes please.  💕 💕 💕

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U have no idea how happy I was when I read the update of centripetal force. I only started reading it yesterday and I was devastated at the ending of chapter 7. All I could think about today was "oh my god the last update was a few days ago which means I might have to wait for weeks for the next update how can I survive" but now I'm so happy omg

I was crying from happiness from this chapter

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@actualyuuri​ is our saviour 

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Prompts on coming out of a three-month coma?

1. “So many little things have changed. It’s weird.”

2. “I missed my own birthday. I was excited about this one, too.”

3. “Oh, my gosh! You’re awake! I was afraid you’d never-Well. I’m glad you’re okay now.”

4. “How dd you end up in a coma, anyway?”

5. “I love you.”

“And I loved you. But while you were asleep… I met someone.” 

6. “Wait, they’re dead? What happened?”

7. “I can’t believe they cancelled my favorite TV show.”

8. “I missed you so much!”

“That’s funny, because the nurses said you visited me every day.”

9. “Why didn’t you ever come visit me? I asked the nurses-all of them-and they all said they’d never seen you before in their lives.”

10. “If one more person asks me what my dreams were like…”

New York Date. (MGG)


Romantic VERY fluffy date with Matthew and his fiancé (reader) at the end she reveals she’s pregnant with his child. Date set in the fall in NY city.

Warnings: None (Not edited) 

Your pov:

The cold day in New York was beautiful. The wind was blowing a slight breeze making your noses red and your cheeks cool. My mind was set on Matthew and the little surprise I had for him. 

I smiled when I saw Matthew walk up to the little cafe that we planned to meet at. “Hey babe. You want your usual coffee?” He asked as I stood up giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Of course.” I smiled sweetly at him. “How has your day been going?” He asked as small talk, waiting in the line. “It’s been slow.” I shrugged trying to make it seem that I didn’t have something really special to tell him. “Yeah mine too babe.” 

We soon got our coffee; sitting down in Central Park. “What do you want to do tonight love.” He asked wrapping an arm around my waist. “Uh, let’s get take out and then spend the night in.” I said smiling to myself thinking that we could have a little quiet evening in. “I love you, you read my mind.” He answered back laughing. I giggled with him placing my head on his shoulder sighing in contempt. 

“Let’s head to mine babe.” He spoke up after a while. I nodded my head in agreement. 


We both sat on the couch eating away at our Chinese food, one of my cravings. “I’m so hungry today.” I complained as I kept gulping down my food. Matthew laughed and set his carton of food down. “Why?” He questioned, pulling me into his lap- resting his head on my shoulder. I shrugged my shoulders and set down the empty carton of chinese. “Are you done with yours?” I asked him biting my lip hoping he wouldn’t think I was over eating. “I”m done, you can have it babe.” He laughed kissing my cheek. I smiled at him slowly kissing his lips. “Thank you.” I giggled as I pulled away from him, turning my attention back to the tv. 

His hands trailed over my hips pulling me back into him more flipping my hair over to one side kissing the back of my neck. I relaxed into his lips feeling the soft tender kisses he supplied me with. “Matthew, I need to tell you something.” I blurted out nervously. He removed his lips from me and pushed me off of his lap so I could see his face. It was filled with worry and sadness. “What did I do? Why are we breaking up?” He said quietly as his eyes started to fill with tears. I smiled and shook my head taking him into my embrace. “We aren’t breaking up, I love you.” I whispered into his ear slightly playing with his hair. He pulled away from me with confused eyes. “What do you mean? What do you need to tell me then?” He asked scared. “It’s nothing bad. Well I hope it’s not bad.” I said biting my lip trying to hold the quivering. “Tell me Y/N.” He said softly holding my hand. 

I nodded my head and looked into his eyes. “Well you know um about four weeks ago we um ya know, did it? I know we used protection and everything but I’m pregnant.” I said looking down at my hands starting to pick at the nail polish I had on. He pulled away his hands which only made me cry thinking he didn’t want the baby. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I cried still looking down not even wanting to look in his eyes. He pulled me into a tight hug kissing my shoulder. “Baby you didn’t do anything wrong! I can’t wait to be a daddy! Even though it’s soon and we weren’t prepared I want this baby and I’m so happy to have my first born with you.” He said excitedly rubbing my back trying to calm me down. I sniffled and wiped my tears away. “Promise?” I asked looking at him. He smiled and kissed me softly placing one hand over my stomach to rub. 

“I promise.”

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Your best friend is getting married and you're designing her dress, and Bucky is just fascinated with how you work and all the pictures and drawings you have around, and one day he asks you "Doll, is this something you gals do now? Are you going to be like this when I ask you to marry me?"

“Worse I’m going to lose m- wait, did you say when?”

Fluffy Friday™


I’ve been playing slbp since mid-October. I was minding my own business, see, innocently maintaining a modest little otome harem, when @nijigendiaries and @o0w0o kept mercilessly throwing these ikemen samurai dudes all up on my dash. 

The fiends. 

One day, after reading one of their posts where some guy named Yukimura was all “b-b-b-b…br…br…breasts!?” and some white-haired dude was all “here, read this book I wrote,” and some dude with a red ponytail was like “wait! instead of reading it…let me give you a demonstration!” so I was like “yeah, okay. aaaaaand download complete.”

I have been in the corner since.


Tokugawa Ieyasu

Me, while reading Ieyasu’s preview:

Tsundere spotted! 

Tsunderes are my weakness, so I knew I had to do Yasu’s route next. Beyond that, Ieyasu makes the greatest change of heart of all of the characters. He is also extremely consistent with maintaining that change, literally starting the very next day and struggling to keep going without backsliding.

Because he is a tsundere, the way he shows affection for his MC is highly stylistic. He absolutely can’t stand to see his MC cry or be in danger, but he teases her all the time to hide his feelings. Tsunderes are always so fun.  

Like a true tsun, he keeps his thoughts mostly to himself, but he lapses into fluff with ease as well.

I like how he’s so earnest, and yet cantankerous. Post-Metamorphosis Yasu is surprisingly forgiving and inclusive. 

Other slbp favorites: Inuchiyo, Saizo, Nobu, Mitsunari, Hideyoshi 


Yes to both.


Everyone is fun to talk to. Also, I love reading all of the stories. You all are a talented bunch.


Smut, fluff, pov’s, slice of life, less war stories and less everyone’s got the plague stories. I really love the comedic moments. Those are some of my favorites.


I’m just someone who loves to read, play otome games and watch lots of let’s plays. 

@belxsar, @frywen-babbles, @viridian99, @akanojikan, @irina291992, @cottonballwithmustache, @arimii and @passengersaraht have you done this, too?

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Your opinion on the Collective members that have mental issues.

Including myself, both mun and muse?

Okay, mental health is something that isn’t discussed enough in ‘meatspace’ in America. The fact that we’ve created an online space where we see representation is a reflection of the needs we don’t see met offline. 

There’s just about no characters in the collective who’re lolcrazee, and of the characters I see who share my own problems, they’re really, really well-played, to the point that, yes, there are days I avoid a couple of them due to harmonic resonance in terms of issues. I’ve literally told a player “I know how this feels so well that I’m going to wait to hit your character until they’re in a little bit of a better place.”

And I’ve been lucky enough to be able to talk to someone who has the specific mental illness I’m trying to show Tapestry as having, to double check that my portrayal is not offensive.

Um. Does that answer this one? I kinda rambled there.

I’m honestly happy for Ferrari for clearly being bold and trying to go outside the box. The past few years their cars have been visibly bland since day one, but I think we can agree that’s not the case at all this time around. The car’s design seems aggressive and different than the other cars we’ve seen which is a positive, I think. Now let’s wait and see how she’s like on track in Barcelona. Fingers crossed for a fast red beast.

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How dare you!!!!!! I was fine. I was having an okay day. Then I saw your... Ugh I can't even think about it without getting hot and bothered. When he flipped her over (the first time) I had to clench my thighs. Like I cursed out loud and I got a very bad look from n elderly lady. I'm alive, but FREAKING BARELY!!!!!!! I was just waiting for him to choke her...I was waiting for the last nail in my freaking coffin. Why must you attack me so? Also please never stop. Jdjsuwndjdjdndndjsiejsjdndjsjshdj

BY AN ELDERLY LADY HAHAHAHAHA OMG you should have shown her this is why you cursed

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and she would have been like “fuck okay”

O M G wow i honestly didnt even think of choking when i wrote it and wow if i remembered i would definitely have added that. Guess i gotta save it for next time


A compilation of Chanyeol being all smiley and having fun on stage! 😍

I wanna wish a very happy birthday to the most cheerful and uplifting person I can think of! 🎉 A frown doesn’t belong on your angelic face, and as unrealistic as it may seem, I really hope you never experience any hardships, so we can all see you just as soft, cute and energetic as you always are! You bring so much joy to not only me, but all your fans, and I’m sure to your friends and family as well, so I hope you stay as happy and healthy as you can be!! I wish you all the love and good will in the world, unlimited joy and laughter in your life, and most of all a lot of delicious cake on this special day! I hope you spend it well and with the people that you love around you! I can’t put into words how much love I have for you, and can’t wait to see how much success the world has in store for you! I alongside all your fans will always be by your side, always wish you all the best and always trust your judgement! I should stop before I make myself cry lmao so once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANYEOL!!! 🎉🎊🎁 I love you! 💕💖💓

I hate how I’ve become so attached to you. I’m not this person. I don’t sit around waiting for a text or a response. I don’t stare at my phone every 5 minutes just to see if you have messaged me or whether or not you’re active on social media. I don’t look at old pictures and try to relive old memories in my head. I don’t get sad if we don’t talk for a day or more. This isn’t me, but lately that’s who I’ve been. I hate this. I hate how I’ve made you so important in my life.

-I hate how I’ve given you the ability to destroy me.



singlikeyaminit: Hey guys,so last night was a pretty special evening! here goes a story about how powerful and unifying music can truly be: Last week an artist named YoungJae @333cyj333 reached out to me on social media,posting a screen shot of my new song with Sanjoy called “Obvi” …he’s a member of a K-Pop band called GOT7 …after direct messaging,we exchanged info and he proceeded to tell me that he auditioned for the band by singing my song “Wait For You” ….this is in Seoul Korea mind you,a country I have yet to visit or experience!!…fast forward to a couple of days later, he invites us to the #Got7 fan meet show last night at the Pasadena Civic,which just so happens to be where The Green Mile portion of American Idol was taped during my season…I hadn’t been back there since!…so as some of my fondest memories were conjuring up as I walked into the auditorium,I couldn’t help but think of how amazing this journey has been…the places it’s taken me…the people I’ve met…people who’ve inspired me…people I’ve perhaps inspired,and touched in some small way with my music…and it was all playing out right in front of my eyes last night!…so,needless to say,we had a blast getting to meet YoungJae and the rest of the band members..I want to thank him,his team,and his endless community of fans for reaching out and making last night possible!..I am forever grateful! Namaste!


The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U





Jack frowned at the crowded bookstore. He usually tried to go on week days, but the next three weekends would be spent on roadies and then, he wouldn’t have time to shop for his parent’s presents. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas, if one was to judge by the amount of shoppers on a Tuesday evening.

He waited in line for the information desk, watching the new releases displayed around him. The History display was further away, he was stuck reading the titles of romances and science-fictions, neither were very much his style.

‘Hi!’ said a cheery voice. ‘How may I help you, today?’

He was faced with a young blonde man wearing the company nametag, a manic smile and styrofoam pellets clinging to is clothes.

‘Huh… I- Is Shit- I mean, Mister Knight, here?’

‘I’m sorry, he’s unavailable today, caught a nasty bug, left us a little bit short-staffed!’ said the young man with a nervous laugh.

‘Huh- It’s okay, I can come back- ’

‘Oh, are you Mister Zimmermann? He said you came on Tuesdays, left this note for you…’ he grabbed a handwritten note taped to the computer screen. ‘Tell this - huh, I can’t say this word while I’m working - that I managed to find that out of print book he was asking about, I had to call the editor’s personal number, oh geez, he knows we’re not allowed to do that, and the book should be here in eight to fifteen weeks.’

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