how i hate brody!!

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Paul McCartney (Nowhere Boy)

Well I got a girl with a record machine,
When it comes to rocking she’s a queen.
I took her to a dance on a Saturday night,
All alone where I can hold her tight.
She lives on the twentieth floor uptown
The elevator’s broken down

And I walk one, two flight, three flight four,
Five six seven flight, eight flight more
Up on the twelfth I’m starting to drag,
Fifteenth floor I’m ready to sag
When I get to the top, I’m too tired to rock

Alright, this is a very amateurish sketch, I’m no pro. I just draw what I love whenever I feel like it.
The more I look at this, the more I hate it (I will never learn to draw decent ears), so it’s best not to look at it for too long :v

(can i please just add how freaking good he sounded i mean what other hidden talents do u have boi i hate how much i love him *sobs uncontrollably*)