how i feel when asked to clean things

(i wanted to upload this video in response to this anon’s message so pretend that this is an answered ask post :D)

Don’t give up! Your studies are of use, you’ll get there don’t worry.

Please read this ask that I’ve gotten before, I feel like it’s important for you to know that everybody goes and went through the same thing.

I wanted to upload a video to show how I draw studies because I think it is important that you know how to draw ‘effectively’. When you are practicing anatomy, you shouldn’t treat each drawing like a final drawing (so that you spend a long time in one part of the drawing or drawing very clean like it could be line art). 

How I do it is that I hold the pencil very lightly, I’m barely putting pressure on the paper and I’m letting my hand move across the paper.  It’s okay to mess up while you practice, just draw over it again and don’t bother reaching for the eraser. The whole point of studying anatomy is to have that flow, to know where to draw the lines, and to be quick, and you can achieve that by practicing.

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This is a very weird and unsettling question so feel free to not answer, I'm only curious but how would you feel or react if you found out Saeran self harmed?

I know he has, because I have caught him doing it. If he’s using a tool, I ask for it, and he has always given it to me without question. If the wounds need bandage and cleaning, I then do that. He is typically honest and forthright when I tell him to talk to me about it, even back when he was living in the bunker. All things considered he’s been very cooperative in that regard.


so like honestly i’ve been feeling more stable lately (the past week or so) and i’ve been getting a lot of chores done and i’ve been feeling really good about it considering there are so many days i don’t even have the energy to get out of bed, so i mean i feel pretty happy when i can get everything done

but i talked on the phone with my dad today and i mentioned that i cleaned the fridge and he asked me how i was and i told him i was a little tired and he just kinda scoffed and mocked for being tired after completing such a small task and it really bummed me out man

like it just made me realize how pathetic it can feel to be so proud of yourself with small things when you compare it to people who get a lot of shit done everyday??

i mean at this point i consider not killing myself a really big accomplishment everyday so im obviously going to be happy at doing basic everyday things

but i’ve been working really hard on taking care of myself lately so i’m not going to let my dad fuck with my head and take that away from me

i guess i just wish he wasn’t such an ass!!

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people posted photos of the asks you deleted where you told gif makers to grow up and to choke on a dick and to die when they got mad over you stealing. just stop lying... you lied about not stealing and now this? why can't you just come clean and apologize and stop being rude. you've already made one of my friends (who you stole a gif from) feel worthless because you told her and the rest all those horrible things. take responsibility for how you keep mistreating creators

I DIDNT FUCKING TELL ANYONE TO DIE I SAID CHOKE ON A DICK I NEVE SAID TO DIE SO STFU I DONT KNOW WHO TF I TOOK THE GIFS FROM BECAUSE I GOT THEM FROM GOOGLE WHAT PART OF THAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND. And I did not lie about stealing I have repeated now that I honestly believed I wasn’t stealing. And if I had said something oh so horrible to your friend I didn’t fucking know because she was on anon. Like the rest of them, I’m not lying I have already come clean.

Younger INTP Me

A while ago when I was cleaning out some stuff I found an old binder from when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. Inside it were numerous papers about different stupid things. One page in particular was a short answer book report with multiple questions regarding the book. The book I chose was a nonfiction about butterflies I think..anyway at the end, the last question asks how you liked the book overall, and I said something along the lines of “it was a very good book but I didn’t like how the guy talked about his feelings.” At first I laughed so hard I fell over. The idea that 12 year old me was still just as cold and non conforming to allowing emotions into things that should be kept mostly as informational documentation was hilarious. I was proud to think even then I showed signs of being an INTP. And at that moment I was more aware that people’s types do not changed. At least not easily.


I’m in love with so many pieces I’ve done…that it was hurting me to only pick eight of them…this site has been helping me to develop my own ‘style’ and I’m very proud of all of it. Is going to be helpful for original art.

I asked for help..and got to a quick solution-> making two pics showing my two moods of painting:

one when I feel like colouring more.., and the most common one I use, the ol’ pal b/w lol

I think both ways are beautiful! because no style should be judged by how well rendered it is or how complex or clean their lines are u vu ♥

I think everyone should try this! they don’t even have to be drawings lmao I’ve seen people showing texts, 3d stuff, and other funny/creative things <: guess that the point of a meme pff></:>

Sleepover take 2

I combined a bunch of things in this one (Adam’s friends, squad persuading her that this relationship is a good thing, meeting new people, Vegas)

Sleepover part 1

March 2015 

When Taylor came back downstairs, now dressed in a clean crop top and shorts, she was immediately assaulted by questions from her friends. The questions ranged from easy to answer, to extremely awkward (especially from Ellie and Este who decided to gang up on Taylor).

“So…. How do you feel about all of this?” Selena asked, once they had settled down a little.

“About what?” Taylor replied absentmindedly.

“Well, being in a relationship again…. it’s been over two years.” Selena continued.

Taylor paled slightly, having had to overcome a lot of anxiety to actually allow herself to go on the first date with Adam.

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So coming out of my relationship I’ve notice a few things. One being I actually felt more depressed and alone in the relationship.
I had the pressure to be “the prefect girl” or he wouldn’t want me. I would have to smile, say nice things. I wasn’t allowed to feel jelsous when he touch other girls. I wasn’t allowed to be angry when he didn’t clean or use our room for movies with his friends (after my long 8 hour shift). I was only wanted when I was “the perfect girl”.

So when people ask me how I’m doing I say better a lot better ;)