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Bad Boys Ain’t No Good

Notes: I’m really enjoying writing all these fics. I know I have a part 2 to write for another one, but I really loved writing this. There’s some Steve Harrington and of course Billy Hargrove, but this one is a little different from the others I’ve written. Maybe I’ll write a part 2 for this one too. So I hope y'all enjoy!

Warnings: Some talk about sex nothing graphic and underage drinking and cussing.

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For sometime now Billy Hargorve and I have been nothing more than a couple of friends that were getting some action on the side. God, how I loved being taken night after night by Billy, he was everything I craved. But with sex comes feelings, and man did I catch those feelings, and they hit me hard.

Billy and I kept everything under wraps, nobody knew what went on behind closed doors between the two of us, and that was okay, until I watched other girls flaunt themselves over Billy, practically drooling as he glanced over to them, there eyes about to pop out of their head. God, was it annoying. I hated sitting back and just watching it happen, if they only knew who he was plowing in the dead of night.

I would often play it off, when he would talk about all the other girls who wanted him. I mean he is Billy Hargrove and he’s only doing what came naturally to him, but a piece of me hoped maybe deep down in the pit of his heart he felt something for me too. But that’s a silly dream, right?

“Hey princess”

I rolled my eyes “don’t call me that”

“You know you like it” he winked

“No, not really. That’s a girlfriend nickname, I’m not your girlfriend. Remember?”

In all honesty I loved hearing him call me princess, but I never wanted him to know that.

Billy draped his arm around me, as he handed over a red solo cup to me filled with some kind of substance.

“I’m gonna bang her” he whispered pointing over to some brunette.

I rolled my eyes as I shoved Billy’s arm off of me. I slammed the drink down my throat.

“I’m getting another drink” I growled as I walked away from Billy.

Why was he such a dick?

I filled the red solo cup with more booze, constantly slamming one after another down my throat. What turned out to be only a couple of drinks turned into about four or five now. I was feeling pretty good, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Billy as I watched him drap himself over another girl.

“Billy Hargrove” I slurred as I walked up to him “oh honey, no… don’t hook up with this fool, he’s not good. You wanna know what he’ll do?” I smirked looking at the girl standing beside him with a stupid look on her face. “he’ll just fuck you and keep you on the side like your his pet. Wanna know how I know? Cause he’s doing it to me. Hear that everyone? Billy Hargrove and I have been fucking for months!” I laughed taking another gulp of my drink

“Come here” Billy growled grabbing my forearm and dragging me outside

“What the fuck?” I yelled

Billy slammed me against the wall of the house, his hands on my hips.

“What’s your problem?” He barked

“You. You’re my problem Hargrove. I mean fuck… I’m in love with you. I’m in fuckin love with you” I whispered looking into his eyes

Billy slipped his bottom lip in between his teeth.

“You’re drunk” he scoffed


“You won’t remember this tomorrow. Go sleep it off.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You don’t even give a shit about me”

Billy moved his hands from my hips to my face, cupping it softly.

“You need to go home”

“So you can fuck that girl? Were done Hargrove. Have fun. Were done. For good” I said pushing him backwards

“Good. You never meant shit to me anyway”

I stopped in my tracks. His words driving a knife into my heart. You never meant shit. Replaying over and over in my head.

“Fuck you” I growled storming off towards the front of the house. Tears falling down my cheeks.

“Hey” a formilar voice whispered catching my hand.

I glanced over my shoulder. A brunette, with famous hair caught me off guard.

“Ya alright?” He asked

I nodded my head as I whipped tears from my eyes.

“Do you want me to take you home?”

I nodded once more.

The ride home with Steve Harrington was quite, the silence not making it easy to forget about what happened only a few minutes ago.

Steve and I use to be close back in middle school, but that all changed when he became ‘Mr. Popular’ in Hawkins high, he forgot about all us small people. I mean I wasn’t unpopular, I was friends with just about everyone, and I partied often but Steve just took a different direction than I did. He changed, until Billy came along, he stole Steve’s thunder.

“He’s a douche ya know?”

“Yeah” I whispered

“Do you really love him?”

I nodded my head.

“You could do better”

“What do you know Steve? We haven’t talked in years and here you are trying to be my knight in shinning armour.”

Steve smirked rolling his eyes.

“No.. you don’t need anyone to save you. You take care of yourself. All I’m saying is you deserve better than that shit.”

I bit my lip.

“I know…”

“Then why do you love him?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know really? I guess it’s because when it’s just him and I he treats me differently”


“I really don’t want to talk about this Harrington”

Steve nodded his head.

“I just wish he loved me back. But he’s Billy Hargrove, he only loves himself and his reflection. Why doesn’t he love me?”

Steve reached for my hand, he squeezed it softly.

“I know what it’s like to love someone and they not love you back. Its bullshit”

I nodded my head and smiled softly.

“Bullshit” I whispered

“How about I take ya out sometime? Nothing serious just two old friends catching up?”

I glanced over to Steve and for once that night I smiled, I generally smiled.

“I’d like that Harrington”

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Hi! What do you think about George and his relationship with Paul and John? Do you agree with the 'underdog' narrative about him?

Alright, so it’s taken me quite a bit to reply to this, sorry about that, but I was trying to make sure it makes sense, and it is one of those things best to be worded properly, especially that there are so many things that go into it. I have to say I’m not exactly an expert here though, so forgive me if I get things wrong or you don’t agree, it is just my opinion at the end of the day.

Now, I do and don’t agree with that statement. Because on one hand I don’t believe that George was an underdog, but on the other I think he subconsciously felt like he was. I think it was an overwhelming thing to be around the intensity of a duo such as Lennon/McCartney, but it wasn’t that noticeable of a problem during their touring years. I mean, they were always together, always by each other’s side, on the same boat, going through the same thing, basically living in each other’s pockets, constantly sharing rooms. It was easy to overlook that because they were brothers, they were mates, they loved each other, and the pressure of Beatle fame was something all four of them shared in more or less equal measures. George also wasn’t writing back then.

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Dark Webs - Chapter Seven (Dark! Peter Parker x Reader)

Warnings:  Topics of death, angst, PTSD and depression, angst,  substance abuse, angst, violence, smut, language, ignoring some of the MCU timeline/AU, did I mention angst?

Word Count: 5230

Summary: Will Peter discover your truth and how will he feel about it?

A/N: I am not sure if that tags have been working. So if you could reblog to spread the word, I would appreciate it so much!  I am SO nervous for this chapter, so your feedback will mean the world! If you wish to be added to the tag list, you can reply to the post or DM me. (Also I found this .gif on google, so if you made it, or know who did, let me know and I will credit!) Thank you xx -N

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

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Around how many words is each chapte so far?

This varies hugely! I’m not really someone who tries to match word count for each chapter, and prefer to just give it as many words as it needs.

I do have a minimum word count of 20,000 words for each chapter (except the intro chapter), to help keep things flowing.

So for example Chapter Two is about 23,000 words where as Chapter 7 is 97,000ish words and Chapter Twelve about 46,000ish :D 

And obviously that will feel very different when playing as you’ll only see the variations and branches that apply to your personal MC. Though that should make it great fun for replaying and getting to see something fresh!

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

yesterday I saw some gays online making critical comments about a subpar amazon show, and that made me feel sad as a person with kind of ehhh taste and a desire to defend weird heterosexual millionaires at all costs, so i asked my (REAL) asexual friend and my (ALSO REAL) gay friend about it and my asexual friend started crying pearly virginal tears and said “i never thought a subpar amazon show would represent an asexual relationship between two men by talking about how much homoerotic tension they have and then never delivering on it. now that i have been recognized, definitely intentionally, by the loving eyes of Bezos i finally exist” and then she was carried off by a unicorn (symbol of purity) we all cried at this very moving speech, and then my gay friend said “i’m obsessed with topping and bottoming” and we all laughed. The message is that Good Omens 2019 has something for everyone except for people who like well made television and not just mealy mouthed overly literal cashgrab adaptations of kind of poorly-aged literary properties 

Cyrus likes Pooh’s heffalump movie ok I don’t mAke tHE RuLeS

He doesn’t tell anyone that he still likes watching the movie despite outgrowing it, but TJ finds his (special edition) DVD of it and to his surprise, doesn’t tease him about it. He smiles and asks, “Could we watch this movie instead?” And so the two spend the evening cuddled up on the sofa watching it, Cyrus smiling from ear to ear wondering how he got so lucky.

we’ve reached 700 followers!! i would like to thank you guys for all the love and support I’ve been feeling these past few weeks, you’re all incredible❤️

i know i didn’t do anything for the 600 followers mark, but i just had a cute idea that wouldn’t clash with Paint Me a Song.

how would you guys feel about a special Eliott takeover? (aka the one where Eliott takes over Lucas’ social media to raise some hell)

also! if you guys have any questions for the boys, they’d be 100% up for a little q&a on their fan accounts now that they’ve finally met. so if you want to know what they’ve been up to these past two days, don’t hesitate to leave as many questions as you want in my askbox

Bellamy’s so mad in that sneak peek lol. He fucking hates Sanctum. Octavia’s like Gabriel doesn’t want to kill his own people. And Bellamy’s all ‘You mean the sheep? You want me to be concerned about a people that literally lead their children to the slaughter themselves because 13 other people convinced them that they’re gods and that it’s divine to have your body snatched and for a computer chip to upload someone else’s consciousness into your mind and erase you? I need to be concerned about those people? Fuck you.’ And sorry not sorry folks but he’s right.

Octavia is standing there practically asking him to consider Gabriel’s feelings and sympathize with how this whole thing might be hard for him when Gabriel spent that last two centuries perpetuating this horrific societal system. And she’s making it seem like he’s being unreasonable. It is not unreasonable to not be here for Gabriel and his pacifism. It’s been nearly a century since Gabriel broke ranks with the Primes, and he still hasn’t freed his people in any significant way, and he has always been in a position to usher in real and substantial change and he hasn’t. So, no, Bellamy doesn’t care about his feelings. And, no, he’s not here for Octavia being all ‘consider his perspective’ right now. Fuck Gabriel’s perspective. And it’s understandable why Bellamy’s like ‘and fuck you, too, Octavia.’

Octavia slaughtered people to force them to conform into the collective that became Wonkru. She killed those who wouldn’t eat their human meat lunchables to deter descent. Octavia created the fighting pits in order to keep the meat coming, and she turned execution into a bloodsport for the entertainment of her people. So, no, she doesn’t get to have an issue with Bellamy rightfully not giving a jot about Gabriel’s cowardice. They are in this mess because Gabriel decided to play God, and in the two centuries since, he has chosen to do everything but what needs to be done. He doesn’t want to kill his people, but he did so for centuries so he could keep living. He doesn’t want to kill his people, but he’s allowed them to stay caught in a system that sustains itself by convincing them that they are disposable and their only worth is found in their deaths. Okay, yeah, right, sure, let’s think about Gabriel in this whole scenario. God forbid he might actually have to stop pretending like his hands would be soiled if he took lives to free his people.

i dont even play overwatch but-

they completely knocked it out of the park with their latest “origin story” movie - this one caught me off guard on how it was able to actually instill a feeling of dread as it continued on, the continuous melody in the background and the convincing performance of pure insanity from sigmas VA (Boris Hiestand) paired together to create such a convincing feeling of pure fear. That combination of the science rationalism and his deep dive into insanity paired together nicely to convey all I needed to know about the character, a short two minutes has taught me everything about his personality and where he fits into the lore of the game. I felt genuinely uneasy watching him ramble on about gravity and the universe, so honestly congrats to the people behind this one they did an amazing job.

ahh this is the hardest part of running the website. occasionally i get letters that I just don’t know what to do with. there’s been 1-2 that i tried forwarding to Louis’ team (charity or interview requests) but i don’t really get a response so i’m not going to bombard them but i just feel so bad for this kid. i left out the details but there was a plane crash that killed a person by the name given on the date given. 

Whoever reads this really needs to get this to Louis has soon as possible please I’m begging you. On XXXX, XXX, my Dad XXX, died in a plane crash that me, my two brothers, and my mom and dad were in. Every time I think about him I start sobbing. I’ve listened to Louis’ Two of Us song so many time in the last year but especially in the last XX days. I really need a response from him because he knows how it feels and I need him.

anyways, i have the email for the person

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i like reading about zuko becayse it soothes me tht even though im dumb, i havent incited a civil war by accident

We have a new bar, everyone. “Did you accidentally civil war today? No? You are less than One Zuko dumb.”

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How do you feel about the Timmy and Saoirse shipping? I’m a Charmie fan, but I don’t mind those two being shipped cause IF (and only IF) Charmie wasn’t a thing, those two do have a connection that could become something more.

I think there is nothing wrong in shipping them. So, if you like their relationship, it’s all good.

But I, personally, for what I see and feel, don’t see a connection, just a “cold” friendship honestly. I don’t even think the text much, if not for work. I feel that Saoirse consider Timmy a little childish, maybe he appreciates him very much on a professional level, but he finds him too young for herself, perhaps a little emotionally fragile. I have the impression that Saoirse, a strong and determined woman, needs and wants a man to lean on, not an insecure boy. Timmy, for his part, particularly admires her but is shy and uncomfortable with her, he never knows if his his words are right or wrong. There is no such abandonment and total confidence that he has with Armie, the soul of his heart.

I making some lentil soup right now, and the recipe calls for twelve (12) cups of broth, on top of 29 oz of stewed tomatoes, 3 zucchini, and a lb of sausage. This is a pre-packaged mix for the lentils and spices (about 2 cups of dried lentils).

I seriously feel like Thor wrote this recipe, and when someone asks him, “Seriously? 12 cups? Are you sure you did your Asgardian-to-American measurements correctly?”

He is just baffled, like, of course you’ll need to cook it in an infantry cauldron, I mean… how else are you supposed to feed two super soldiers, a god, and like 3 human black holes a light snack? 

Man, all those posts I’ve seen floating around about how Michael Sheen and David Tennant played their characters to be completely, utterly, ineffably in love weren’t lying

How you could watch the show and not think “yeah those two idiots got it bad” is beyond me

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so i’ve very recently accepted that i have a submissive personality and read up on d/s dynamics to see if it’s something i actually want to try to seek out in the near future. i’m also very scared to do so because i’m a very anxious person and have very little experience in everything. do you have any advice on how i could go about seeking out a partner willing to try this?

The two main ways people seem to go about finding Dominant partners is either through joining kink-focused spaces like local munches, BDSM clubs or FetLife, or through trying to find someone who seems to have “signs” of Dominance, but by looking in non-kink spaces or vanilla-dating locations. There are pros and cons to either path in my view. 

But with you being new and anxious, I would recommend looking in “vanilla” places, seeking someone who naturally makes you feel at ease, and someone who shows subtle signs of dominance. I say subtle because prior to agreeing to live D/s, nobody should try to order you around or feel entitled to getting their own way. But they might show little signs of enjoying leading and caregiving. The risk is that some people have some dominant traits but don’t wish to live D/s and/or aren’t kinky. Some act dominant because they feel they ‘should’ but they find it draining, or maybe they are a little Dominant and don’t find it draining ut still don’t want to do anything additional or extra vs what they just do instinctually. So there are no guarantees that you’ll find someone cut out for D/s, which is the big risk with this method. Personally, for an anxious person I find this risk preferable to the risk that someone is a manipulative, abusive pseudoDom which often comes from meeting someone in a kink-focused space. 

In these posts I shared some of the subtle signs of Dominance that CD showed before we started living DD or D/s so they might help give you some idea of what some signs might be. Though keep in mind that there are lots of different types of Dominance and this is just one person.

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Why do you like vulgora? (As in why do you like them romantically)

Oh you just opened a nasty can of worms (or beetles)

((((((AHEM: I know a lot of people probably don’t give a shit because Vulgora is like,,,, the least looked after Courtier so go ahead and scroll on if you don’t wanna see me screaming about my beetle baby. ))))))

Well to start off on another self hating trope that I have: the only thing they really care about is fighting, how good someone can fight, how much you can endure—they probably wouldn’t give two shits that I hate myself and my body –fuck they’d probably like it with all the scars I have. So I fuck with them. At least I wouldn’t feel inferior. Well, in a relationship sense anyway: I’ll sit back and let them fight and let em win

I’m just,,,, oddly attracted to them. They exert the same energy I do: crack head energy. I need to be around someone who has the same amount of crackhead as I do LMAO.

It’s,,,, um, hard to explain? Like these are the things I can explain but its also like,,, you got to be attracted to them to understand? Like theyre not supposed to be a love interest at all, but here we are lol.

Self indulgence:

I like to think about running my hands through their messy ass hair while they’re clung to my waist in bed, like it’s cute to think about a loud baby chilling. Not to mention tracing scars and- slskskssjs okay I’ll stop–

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you always say how antis are pressed and scared of larries but theres like 20 antis and 349548359348 larries so it makes sense they are worried about your impression on new 1d fans but it doesnt make sense why yall care so much like theres so little of them and yet you still talk about them... when i was a larrie i thought there was 49845 antis but kskjfkjjk maybe its because you feel attacked by what they are saying

i can’t even name one single anti lol

y’all on the other hand make entire lists of larries blogs to block that you know by memory. if anyone’s feeling attacked it sure ain’t us

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So I was the bad roommate who couldn’t keep a job and pay rent on time for a few months. It was a difficult mental health related issue but I still feel shitty about doing that to my roommates. Anyway, I’ve been staying with my parents for awhile, and I’ve been saving to move back out to my own place, but like how do i explain that period of my lending history to potential landlords? Do I offer to pay more upfront?

If you have money in the bank, you can show them a print out of your bank statement to prove that you can pay. You could also offer to pay a month or two in full, ahead of time, yes. I hope it works out, friend!– Mimi