how i feel about people on tumblr sometimes

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Can I delete myself out of this fandom and just start a utopia for the people that actually RESPECT other people's opinions. Then we can all discuss how we feel about each episode and where the show is going. Perhaps write some fanfic and draw some fanart too? Can I do that?

Utilize the block button often enough and you will have your utopia. I follow around 100 people (always have), don’t check the tags, and I don’t ever tag my opinions. I take great pains to keep them relegated to this blog. Sometimes an opinion post gets popular and ‘undesirables’ see it and come at me (I wish tumblr had a function where some posts weren’t rebloggable) but the ire usually fades after a few asks if I keep a level head and the anons are cursing, etc. It makes them look very unreasonable when I never tag anything negative and I’m minding my own business on my own blog. I only have like two people in this fandom blocked, believe it or not.

Photoshopped this so that it can fit on an iPhone 6 lock screen! Feel free to use it 💕

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Ok, I have asked you before why you don't have Twitter and I understand your reasoning of character limitations... However, why not create one just to see all the nice things we are saying about you and so we can tag you in them?!? You make an adorable Logan, btw. JS. ❤

Oh yeah, that answer was kind of a joke– I purposefully typed a 140 character response explaining that 140 characters is too limiting (it was like a self-aware blunder, but nobody really got it). The truth is that I tried twitter and it wasn’t for me. I’m iffy on social media altogether. The people that have kind things to say, and that want to interact with me are really great– but social media requires a lot of upkeep, and it’s very performative; I don’t like performing constantly in that way. I’m super up for YouTube, but I don’t quite have a fully formed vision yet, and I’d want to do it right.

I sometimes fantasize about deleting my Instagram and Tumblr, but I don’t really think that’s a good idea right now.

I really do appreciate the people though. You guys are great, and I don’t even know how to react to some of the kind things that you have to say. I feel like I haven’t earned it yet, in a way. There’s a lot that I want to create and put out there, but there’s a long road ahead of me. Working with Thomas is pretty fulfilling though– we’re planning some really, really exciting stuff for SS. That’s the work that’s helping me keep things together right now, tbh.

If people have something that they want to say to me, they might be able to reach me here or on IG (@welcome_to_the_joangle). Thanks.

“i cant believe you like that problematic character and sometimes sympathize with aspects of them and don’t only talk about how they are shitty and problematic all of the time and dont preface every post you make about them with the fact that they are problematic and you are very sorry for liking them”, the tumblr user says, while inevitably doing the exact same thing with a completely different problematic character that they somehow feel is justified to like.  

Sometimes I think about all the times we laughed and all the memories we created and I miss them but then I remember how easy it was for you to throw it all away because in the end you didn’t care about me at all you just didn’t want to be alone.

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How do you feel about the new tumblr that's blocking out lgbtq+ content?

So fucking mad that i’m physically shaking. It’s the fact that tumblr has always been a safe space for the lgbt community and now they’re portraying it as something that’s wrong, dangerous and not suitable for young users. Young people, like the ones that are restricted from seeing this content, often feel like they’re not valid. Heck, the lgbt community itself sometimes pushes out ace/aro people. How are these people going to feel now, when people like them are blocked out, hidden from others? The worst thing is that tumblr isn’t even the only place that’s doing this. Social media keeps pushing down and hiding the lgbt community as ‘sensitive content’. Not just social media. Somehow people have gotten it stuck in their heads that heterosexuality is the only right way. That everything else has to be pushed down and hidden. Why? So children wouldn’t take ‘the wrong path’? Because being gay is not right? Because there is actually no fucking reason at all that all this bullshit started in the first place? Because somehow someone thought that this was wrong, though there is literally no reason at all that being gay should be wrong? Someone please explain to me how all of this shit started. When and why did gender roles, sexuality and skin colour(different topic but oh if you want a rant abt that hmu) become such a big thing? Why should we feel scared or ashamed just because of who we like or don’t like? Why can’t boys wear skirts without being ‘girly’ and girls date girls without being ‘wrong’? Why did anyone ever think this was a good idea? There is no way for me to write out exactly how I feel. Maybe one day i’ll make a video and put it on Youtube. Who knows. But i’m trying to make a point here. Being part of the lgbt community is not, and will never be wrong. Hiding lgbt content as ‘sensitive media’ is stupid, unnecessary and absolute bullshit. You’re not protecting anyone. You’re making people like myself feel broken, invalid and lost. You’re pushing down a big part of humanity who have done nothing but live freely. Being like this is not a choice. Being like this is not wrong. Being proud of who you are is not something we should hide. It’s something we should celebrate. Stop trying to hide us. What we feel is not wrong. The lgbt community is not invalid. We’re people, just like you. We deserve equal rights and respect. I will not shut up about this until this problem is solved. People are people. Stop.

I have some major problems about WADTT I want to rant about rn:

-imo they seem kinda biased towards siding with zoos/etc and being against animal welfare activists, particularly anti caps who are obviously all crazy, right guys? Except that it was antis that have consistently been there to protect these animals, including rallying to end the capture of wild orca in the PNW and stop the intention of capturing orca in Alaska. Many of us are well researched and know what the hell were talking about; many of us were antis before blackfish, so you can’t call us brainwashed.

-they don’t seem keen on answering any responses in their captivity posts by any antis. Whether it’s intentional or bc they’re busy idk, but thy seem to respond to people on other posts

-their new shtick is that by banning cetacean captivity we are banning cetacean rehabilitation. And the way they talk about it is as if antis haven’t fucking thought about it before. We’re all too dumb and radical to think about all sides of the issue, I guess. Other people have discussed this before much more eloquently that I can, but I’ll go over some things: -not all cetaceans that are rescued are unreleasable. Most aren’t, many are rehabbed and released. In fact, as many antis have criticized, SW has many issues with their program: they release animals without checking up on them, in the case of JJ they essentially had to be forced to rescue her, etc. Euthanasia is a regular part of rehabilitation anyways. And, if cetacean captivity is outright banned in zoos, why can’t there be wildlife rehab centres for cetaceans where their sole purpose is rescue and rehab like there are for other animals? It would be expensive, sure, but so is running SW. And which is more important in the long run? SW could easily fund such a program, let’s be real, but no according to WADTT keeping cetacean captivity “for the sake of rehabbing wild whales” is more logical, even though zoos wth cetaceans should literally set off all the alarm bells of “this is a bad zoo, these animals don’t belong here”. I think people get so blinded by the fact that the current marine parks with cetaceans are the only ones like them, and since there’s nothing better out there then they feel as though places like SW are the best there is. But they’re clearly not, and we can and should strive for something better and leave the shit behind. (This kinda got away from me but hopefully you get the gist) -!!!!ding ding ding!!! Antis have been suggesting natural sea pen sanctuaries for rehabbing cetaceans for years!!! What a concept!!! But no concrete tanks are obvi better and we need to keep them around for The Good™ of wildlife

-anyways, WADTT is not an expert on everything and it kinda bothers me when people treat them as such. It happens with A Lot of people on here; they say something smart, and then people flock to them for answers. And sometimes they don’t have those answers. But they try to give answers anyway, and they end up wrong (a blog that talks about animal color genetics comes to mind for this that-they are so wrong sometimes). Or worse, they answer with their opinions and people treat those opinions as the best ones. This is what I feel is happening with WADTT; they clearly aren’t neutral, which is a very harmful thing in the position they’re in (which imo isn’t their fault; tumblr idolizes ppl way too much). Which is why I have a lot of issues with them and how they tackle the captivity debate. (Not to mention their disastrous interpretation of that video of Kalia slamming herself on the slide out; ah yes that’s perfectly normal and not a symptom of captivity at allll)

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How do you overcome not feeling like a good enough artist? It's my dream to have my own studio and be in a gallery one day but I never like any of my own work I feel it's very childish and cartoony looking and no one would take me or my art seriously 😞 but my heart calls for nothing more than to do it forever

There’s this quote from “My Girl” movie:

that I will use to give an advice about overcoming that feeling of not being a good artist:

Make sure to talk to people that makes you feel good when you show them your drawings. Don’t go for those who don’t understand what you do, who won’t add nothing to your art and your improvement, who won’t help you at all. Telling you “you need to improve this and that” is different than “your drawing sux” - avoid those “your drawing sux” people, they won’t help you to get anywhere - and always think about getting better.

But sometimes the problems are not the others, but ourselves. I know how cruel we can be in our own thoughts :(

I awe a lot of things to tumblr and my friends to help me with this. Thanks to my friend who said “you should make a tumblr account”, now I have a place where I can show my daily art and receive notes and messages. Surround yourself with those who motivates you, who inspires you, who makes you want to get better, who makes you have positive thoughts!

Having favorite artists is important. I’m sure you look up to artists that have a style that you would like to achieve, right? When you say “childish” and “cartoony” I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Child+Cartoon makes me think about Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. It makes me think about Claire Keane, one of my favorites. She’s an absolutely amazing artist and her paintings goes like this:

and this!

Both paintings are beautiful in their own way, but clearly they have different meanings - because of the style. Some people might enjoy the first one, others enjoy the second one. It doesn’t matter - both are great and beautifully painted and executed by the same artist. So now’s the main question when creating art: what message do you want to show in your paintings and how would you do this? You don’t need to go to the realistic side, but Claire Keane, for instance, has enough knowledge and fundamentals to create both style (that’s something I really admire about her)!

And that’s how I started to overcome this feeling. The moment I realised how studies are important. So take your studies seriously, always motivate yourself to learn new things. Find inspirations and artists who has a “similar” approach that you have. Learn from all kinds of artists, from Picasso to your favorite tumblr artist, but always stick to the one who makes you wake up and draw everyday.

Why do I lie?
I have never felt emotions
powerful enough to write love poetry.
I’m still a child at heart, lacking depth
only catching glimpses of a glossy surface,
the tip of an iceberg,
unable to feel pain, only concerned
with my own insignificant problems.
Words gushing out of my open mouth,
flowing down my slim shoulders and hanging in the air,
falsities, exaggerations of true events,
written and spoken a certain way to satisfy
my raw craving for horrified reactions.
Have I been fooling myself without realizing?
Does anyone know that beyond a blank face
is a world of deception, a world of futile dreaming?
I am too concerned with other people
and what they’re doing, what they’re feeling
to truly understand and embrace my own emotions –
Carried by the pure strength of women who write,
I sometimes wonder how many other people
lie about their happiness.
—  depth // suzy

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apologies for bitching about the discourse in your askbox. fic is the better decision. carry on

oh my god, please bitch at me about the discourse whenever!

here’s the deal: i don’t like making public discourse posts.  i would rather do things like write passive-aggressive fic and throw shade over messenger.  anyone who has talked to me for longer than two minutes probably knows i’m a shady old man who likes the rush of running for cover after throwing a stone at a wasp’s nest.  

the thing about discourse is that not only is it heavily weighed down with this sense of orwellian censorship and puritan beliefs, but the people that perpetuate it speak with this sense of entitlement– like, you have to tell me your trauma, your life story, your understanding of this issue for it to make sense, because i won’t read your work or think about it critically.  and it’s both very cruel and offensive.  there’s an inherent loss of critical thinking when it comes to the discourse, and people telling others not to consume their (freely given) creative work, which is the 2017 tumblr equivalent of “this person has cooties.”

and i get so angry sometimes with how people feel entitled to other’s trauma and history instead of the story they’re willing to create and the narratives they’re willing to engage in and the ideas they’re willing to deconstruct as an artistic expression of the most raw, vulnerable parts of themselves.  writing about being a sixteen year old in love isn’t new or original, but those feelings are universally understood, and they’re hard feelings. it takes some of us years to find the language to describe the things we felt and learned for the first time in our youth, and i think it’s important to tell those stories.  

i can just get heated.  and i don’t like getting heated.  and i feel like i have to publicly expose a part of myself that i don’t want to. i don’t like fighting with people.  i think the discourse is stupid.  i think that people who get hyperinvested in the discourse have a privilege and a luxury where that is the hill they can die on. i don’t have time for that shit. i’m just here to get away from the garbage pile disaster that is my actual life.


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I'm wondering, how do you feel about people messaging you? Are you against it at all?

Like, using the tumblr messenger? I don’t mind at all, but I don’t check it very often, so it’s not the best way to contact me, haha. I do prefer that people send requests via the ask/submit function, though.

But yeah, feel free to message me! But please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back right away (or even for a long-ass while). I’ve got weird anxiety about messenger things, so I only check it sometimes. Contacting me can be a real pain in the ass, lol.

If you have a time-sensitive question or anything, I check my askbox way more often. :3

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James Blunt

beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.
there is nothing else in the world,
i’d rather wake up and see (with you).
beautiful dawn - i’m just chasing time again.
thought i would die a lonely man, in endless night.
but now i’m high;
running wild among all the stars above.
sometimes it’s hard to believe you remember me.

the unforgiving nature of tumblr callout culture is actually really disturbing like, the point of talking about volatile social issues is to spread awareness and have meaningful conversation… not to publicly drag and humiliate someone who made a mistake. like ive seen people get dragged after apologizing sincerely and retracting offensive things they said and honestly i think thats so harmful. how are people supposed to learn and feel like they can ask questions if making one mistake means that you are publicly shamed and you don’t get second chances?

 like, for goodness sake, we all make mistakes sometimes, and we all have said shitty things that we regret, and WILL again say shitty things that we will regret. it’s called being human. there’s a difference between letting someone know that they said something offensive, versus setting fire to them and deciding that theyre the worst person in the world. 

 no. the world isn’t black and white like that. there are nuances to every discussion, different perspectives, and people learn from their ignorance. if anything, callout culture is HINDERING the spread of ideas and knowledge, because instead of people coming to educated and informed decisions with their own critical thinking, many people are scared into thinking a certain way without fully understanding why this results in militant morality police who shout things a lot but dont really DISCUSS anything, and discussions are so crucial when it comes to social issues. 

we NEED discussion & unforgiving militant callout culture is counterproductive. it stifles discussion and education. not to mention, many of these people saying cringey and offensive things are young and UNINFORMED. instead of yelling at them and publicly humiliating them, why not actually respectfully explain to them what they’ve said and the real life consequences of what they said? this courtesy should be extended to adults as well. 

we are all human beings who deserve to be educated. some people won’t be willing to listen, but that’s life. there are tons assholes out there who are always gonna have opinions that are upsetting and cruel. but what this militant behaviour tells me is that the ppl dragging others and shaming them for one mistake are unwilling to accept their own infallibility thats a superiority complex, and it helps no one. 

anyways, my point is, i would like to see more patience and open discussion happening, and for people to be willing to educate and FORGIVE. remember, forgiving someone doesn’t mean you excuse their actions, it just means that you are giving them permission to be human and LEARN from their mistakes. we all deserve that right & its about time a lot of people realize it please be kind and respectful and patient with each other. it will make for a nicer environment for everyone.


I had a conversation with a friend today who encouraged me to think more seriously about archiving the parts of my Tumblr that I want to preserve in a public space and deleting the rest and withdrawing from tumblr as much as possible. I think she has a point. There is a lot I have to say about how pain is treated like currency on this site in ways that lead people who actively wish you harm to feel entitled to knowing shit like how you were raped and the ways your trauma manifests and blah blah blah and how I sometimes feel like I’m compulsively engaging in retraumatizing shit in order to process and vent and feel catharsis of some sort and there’s like, a pressure to do that for the gratification of people who willl not have to deal with the fallout, but I’m on mobile right now so whatevs. I don’t know. We will see, I guess. I need to give it thought.

I’m so blessed that I don’t hate queens or have something negative to say about every damn thing on rpdr. I have favorites, I have queens I don’t like. But I don’t over analyze the show. I love it. I enjoy it. And I feel people don’t know how to enjoy it anymore.

Tumblr is so much better about what they say, cause I hate seeing shit on FB like “Aja’s makeup has been terrible so far. For a social media queen, I hope to see better soon.”

like sit down and shut the hell up with your no drag knowledge mouth. I hate the way people  talk like they are some royalty waiting to be impressed. “Mm. Not impressed so far. Hoping these S9 queens step it up.” “I’m waiting for the real talent to show.” 

Like it’s the most aggravating thing ever. Tumblr can get a lil mean sometimes, but girl I know we all love the show, love all the queens in the end. But Facebook is that…really gross mainstream aspect of it, you know? The part that 33 year old soccer mom’s got into who feel they know it and can pass judgement.

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I just discovered audio books and I'm listening to canon Sherlock and (this is weird) but I'm not used to having someone talk to (at?) me for more than a few minutes lol I'm feeling a bond with the narrator, help!!! This is an odd sensation, how can normal people talk to each other for extended lengths of time?

Oh god this reminds me of that tumblr post about why does a cup of hot tea in hand feels nice. Because it mimics human warmth. You obviously are craving some human interaction. Someone to talk to. Someone to talk at. I don’t like talking for a long time too. But sometimes I do. It really depends on the mood. Maybe have some real human conversation sometimes? The longer variety. Won’t feel much odd then.


🍭🍭🍭🍭 SweetS Magazine 🍭🍭🍭🍭

Interview with a Star

So this week SweetS Magazine had the pleasure to get the chance to interview @myrexylove one of the industry most delicious Bella. We had her show of those dazzling hip and that yummy body in a simple shoot for her interview.

It was all fun and we was happy she enjoyed herself during the session. Just having her answer a few questions here were her responses…

1. What’s your name? Or a nickname you go by?

- my name is Rexy

2. What your birthday? What’s your sign?

- my birthday is June 2nd and I’m a Gemini baby 😜

3. What company you work under?

- MoSecr3tz baby best one in the game 😜

4. how long you been with this company?

-I wanna say about a month maybe a Lil more.

5. What made you want to do porn?

-l love sex lol and I was already following a couple people on tumblr. It looked hella fun also Raven got me interested in it.

6. Can you name your very first scene you did and how did you feel about it?

- Well my first official scene that was posted was my bonnie & Clyde scene with Zea. But the first one I participated in was with Joseei and Rav. Honestly both of them were pretty awesome. Sometimes totally new for me.

7. Do you collab with other companies?

- yes I do. I have collabed with HOC and Diamond so far.

8. Name your top 3 favorite collabs (scenes).

- Top 3 would be Waiting for daddy with me and Rav, Keno & Zea’s military scene, and Keno & Rosa’s appreciation scene.

9. If you you can work with anyone again who would it be?

- BlackKvngLong he’s awesome lol

10. Name your top 5 stars (porn or model).

- Raven, BlackKvngLong, Des, Zea, and MoMo

11. As seen on tumblr we see problems occur often. How do you deal with tumblr problems?

- I tend to ignore them, laugh at them sometimes.

12. Name one person you haven’t worked with who you would like to collab with.

- MoMo 😄

13. If you can give some advice to upcoming porn stars what would you give them?

- if you wanna be successful, find a style, stick with it, and rock out. If you’re shy, make shy sexy 😜 if you’re bold, pop them titties out and rock it lol

14. Where you see yourself between not and the imvu porn industry?

- honestly idk. I’m just gonna take it as it comes to me. Hopefully I’ll have people looking at my photos like damn I’m tryna get like her lol. Maybe even start my own company under MoSecr3tz.

15. If you had the opportunity to do a fantasy of yours what would that fantasy be?

- an all girl orgy.

Again it was a wonderful session. She was a doll.

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Hi, just popping by to say can we not shame people for liking or not liking tracks from the album, it’s not very nice to make people feel bad about it

Stephs Still Sappy

Sometimes it really sucks being stuck so far away from a majority of my friends on tumblr. I can’t get anyone’s phone number to keep in contact with them when I wanna avoid tumblr for a while because things get frustrating. 

Sometimes I want to get off this stupid ass website but I don’t because of some of the people on here that I still want to be able to talk to. I’ve made some amazing friends on here, and it’s been amazing getting to know everyone but it’s really hard to ever consider stepping away from tumblr because it means stepping away from friends.

Stepping away from people like @imaginebeinghamiltrash who I’ve enjoyed talking with since she sent me a message for her first time back in January. Who I feel like I can tell things without fear of judgment and who is always there for comfort or laughs depending on the situation. 

People like @daveeddiggsit who I’m lucky to be friends with because she is kind, considerate and funny, everything a friend truly should be. 

Or like @protecting-my-legacy who is always there to message me when she sees I’m down and assure me that there is someone that cares. Even though we don’t talk a lot, I really cherish you.

@secretschuylersister is another who I can turn to when I need a laugh or need to talk to someone a little older, a little more mature and someone who has lived a little more.

@ourforgottenboleros  who is someone that offers incredible advice, someone who I don’t necessarily talk to a lot but I appreciate her so much, she truly is like a big sister to me.

@and-peggy-yall who is always amazing to talk to and I adore her, she is always fun to talk to, I cherish her always. 

@anonnymousefangirl who thinks way too much of me, who is always super supportive of me and every single thing I do and there for me when I need it

some other people I want to mention are @alexanderhamllton @adothoe @tallish-hobbit @patron-saintof-sluts @fragmentofmymind @cinnamonbuneliza @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines @love-doesnt-discriminate and more people I am most likely forgetting. 

You guys see a different side of me, you guys see a side of me that people I know in real life don’t get to see. I’m terrible at expressing my feelings in person, I’ll have a beautiful speech prepared to say to someone but I just can’t say it. I don’t have the same problem expressing my feelings with written words, that’s why the people I have met on here know me really well, and get to know me differently. 

I admit to being a little jealous when I think about how much easier it is for a lot of you to stay in contact and become closer and better friends. I sometimes feel a little left out all the way over here in the southern hemisphere and so I express them through ridiculously sappy posts like this one. 

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I just wanted to say I love your bullet journal and ask if you have any tips for starting a tumblr in general. I've seen your studyblr intro/advice post and it was so helpful to me, but I'm just starting my studyblr and already a bit lost as to how to navigate everything. Thanks in advance!

Hey there! (and omg you’re so sweet lskdjflk) I’m not the greatest when it comes to tumblr, but hopefully I can still help you out! I’ll share some navigation tips and some starting tumblr advice!

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