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💕The Empath Tarot Spread💕

Being an empath certainly has had its challenges over the years, you pick up negative energy and positive energy and then what? Sometimes it just weighs you down till you feel like a pancake but we’re strong little cookies.🍪 You can clear out the negative energy and protect yourself. This spread is for each person trying to grow as an empath or already an empath, it should help you find your grounding. I’ve used this with both tarot and oracle! As always, I hope it can help.💜

The First Card: This card is about who you are without all the energies of everyone around you. Sometimes we pick up so much from other people it’s hard to see who we truly are or how we feel. What’s really going on in our heart? What is in your heart when you take away the residue energy others left behind?

The Second Card: This is very important because this will give you some information on your grounding. Are you even grounded? If not, what can you do about it? How can you get grounded? We empaths gotta make sure we’re grounded.

The Third Card: Is there anything affecting you, if so what is majorly affecting your energy right now. It could be what happened today or on a bigger scale - like something that might have been wearing you down for a while now. This card is to help you understand it all. What’s affecting me if anything?

The Fourth Card: As an empath making sure your energy is clear/clean can be pretty important. This card will give you insight on how to clear away junk you might already have but clear away future junk too. What can I do to help clear away negative energy, now and in the future?

The Fifth Card: Protecting yourself from bad energy is pretty imperative, little loves. Your protection bubble or shield is one way to stay safe from impending bad energy. How can I shield myself or what kind of shield should I create?

The Sixth Card: So now that you know what’s going on where do you go from here? This card is to inspire you! Go out and live your amazing empath life and stay strong despite the feelings, good and bad, we pick up.

Dear people reading this, 

This is not one of my usual letters. I’ve lately been getting some concerned (and sometimes angry) messages of people who dislike my use of the words “kids” and “Mommy” and I’d like to address these concerns and explain why i use them. 

The idea for this blog came to me during the holidays. I was thinking about how many lgbt+ kids feel lonely during Christmas because they’re surrounded by unsupportive relatives and wished a nice mom would just send each of them a uplifting letter. The thought got stuck in my brain and after a few weeks, i finally told myself, “Why sit around and think a nice mom should do that? I can be that nice mom who does it!”. I figured a blog would be ideal to publish those letters, so any kid or teen who likes them can read them. Then, i found myself wondering why i should limit it to a letter for the holidays. Why not publish letters year round as a long-term source of support? And so, “letters-to-lgbt-kids” was born.  

While the blog grew, i noticed that not only kids but people of different age groups seemed to find comfort in my words, so i broadened the range of topics but i always strive to keep the blog safe for 12-year-olds (the age minimum according to tumblr’s guidelines). 

It has never been my intent to belittle or insult lgbt+ adults by calling them my kids. I certainly would never go up to a lgbt+ stranger in public and say “Aww, you’re my cute little gay child.” As an lgbt+ adult myself, i fully agree that doing so would be demeaning and downright creepy. I also never meant the message of my letters to be “lgbt+ people are all silly cute little kids who should not get taken seriously” and i’m fully aware that there are lgbt+ people - kids and adults alike - who will find my letters ridiculous and prefer less “cute” online resources. 

I’d like to apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable reading my letters or felt insulted by my choice of words. They were meant as a cute way to bring some positivity and support to lgbt+ youth and it honestly breaks my heart to feel like they caused pain instead. 

With all my love, 

The person behind “Tumblr Mommy” 

Threw some ideas for Mira’s skins together! :D I really like the pirate one a lot. 

Side note to the flood of people telling me how they negatively feel about this character, she’s not real, guys. She’s not going in the game, you don’t have to worry! So please don’t leave me message after message about why my idea is bad. Cool? Cool! :D Let’s all be great and have fun.

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Body positivity also includes people who are POSITIVE about their bodies being damaged because they don't mind not preparing, you Wheel Watcher.

I…feel like I’m being called out but I’m not sure how???

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I want to make sure this idea isn't inherently horribly offensive, before I invest time into it: people getting superpowers from how "othered" and "I don't belong" they feel (from race, orientation, disability, etc). The powers themselves are not determined by the "otherness", only the strength of the power. Any character who finds a "home", no longer has superpowers (but they have people who love and accept them).

Powers Gained from being Oppressed

Matilda works like this – the original book, not the movie – except it’s not about oppression, it’s about abusive and neglectful parents. They don’t let her read at her reading level (she’s six but she’s smart enough to be in the sixth grade) so she winds up telekinetic. Once she’s moved into the proper grade level at the end she stops being telekinetic.

I don’t know how I feel about applying that towards pain from bigotry. It sounds like it could be a “satisfying” idea to write (like, your hatred only makes me stronger! you can’t tie me down) but at the same time it puts a positive spin on something there really isn’t any positive to. Like, in real life, I can’t fly because of homophobia. I don’t get any benefits because of homophobia. It is a 100% negative.

But I could also see someone wanting to write out their own pain this way. Like “ha! you wouldn’t let me in the right bathroom? Well, I can now poop money.” So I don’t want to tell another oppressed person how to cathartically deal with their own pain.

-Mod Shira

It depends on who writes it and how it’ll be written. At first read this felt as if your characters’ struggle was somehow fodder for your story and that we’d be enjoying some sort of struggle story while they would be punished for finally getting a better life (as they lose their powers). 

But Shira made some excellent points in that it can be a way to process and deal with your own struggles. That you can find the strength to get through all the horrible things life throws at you and that in the end you find a different kind of strength. Something like that. From such a perspective I feel like something very beautiful could be written which could be very empowering even, but it needs to be written by the right person and it takes a lot of care and research to know what to do and what to leave out. 

So my advice to you is to write this close to home. To give it a personal touch so it can be authentic. You can still write characters who experience struggles unlike your own, but you’ll definitely need good beta-readers to help you crop out the problematic parts and show you where you might have strayed too far. With this I mean to not write other people’s stories or what it’s like to experience life as an identity you don’t share (random example: like adding in a Black character, but not to write about what it’s like to be Black in present day America, etc. if you as a writer are not Black yourself).

~ Mod Alice

How Convenient




“Could you have picked a shorter dress?” you asked, pulling at the skirt. Honestly, it wasn’t that short—it hit right about your knees. But it was a hell of a lot shorter than your favorite pair of jeans.

“Calm down,” Dean said. “We’re supposed to be suave people, right? But if you go around yankin’ at your dress, people are gonna realize we don’t belong.”

“But I feel like my ass is hanging out!”

Dean grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand away. “Stand up straight.”

You did so, fingers itching to grab the hem again. Dean stepped around you, examining the garment.

“You’re fine,” he said. “Everything’s covered.”

“I wish everything was covered. Why do I have to go with you? Just take Sam.”

“He’s sick.”

“Please. It’s just a man-cold.”

At that moment, a strange retching sound came from the bathroom.

“Tell that to the toilet,” Dean said. “Sam’s been attached to it for three hours.”


The party and investigation went off without a hitch. None of the other party-goers seemed to know that you and Dean were technically crashing the event. You didn’t hear any whispers about your outfit and somehow managed to keep from pulling at it too much.

The cursed necklace, the one that allowed the wearer to summon demonic powers, was found upstairs, hidden away in a surprisingly plain jewelry box. Dean took the whole thing and took it out to the Impala, locking it securely in the trunk.

“Anybody notice it was missing?” he asked as he found you again inside.

“No. Everyone is acting pretty much the same as they’ve been acting all night.” You glared up at Dean. “Boring.”

“Well,” Dean said, stepping behind you, fingers brushing against your hip. “What do you say we make this a little more interesting?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

Dean reached down and grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hall. He opened a door that led to a bathroom, leading you inside and locking the door behind him.

“Dean,” you said with a slight laugh. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you just how much I appreciate this dress.”


Dean stepped around you again, watching you in the mirror. “This dress,” he said, running his hands down your body. “Makes you look so damn good. Don’t you see how it hugs your curves?”


“This neckline,” Dean said, his fingers tracing the edge, barely slipping below the fabric. “Just enough to give me a peak.”

You laughed, arching your back so your chest was up and out.

“And this skirt,” Dean said, his fingers pulling at the hem—up, this time, instead of down. “Just short enough to keep my interest but long enough to keep the old bats out there from getting offended.”

“Pull it up a little higher,” you whispered. “I think you’ll find something else of interest.”

Dean did so and you felt his breath catch. His eyes were trained on the mirror, at the spot where your bared pussy looked back at him. “You little minx.”

“Why do you think I was so afraid of having my ass hanging out?”

Dean spun you around and lifted you onto the sink in one swift motion. “Little girl, you certainly do play a dangerous game.”

“It’s a game meant for two,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You wanna play?”

Dean’s fingers expertly undid his belt, pulling out his growing erection. You leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips as your hand drifted down, wrapping around his dick. Dean inhaled sharply, glancing down as you pumped him to full mast. His own fingers dipped into your dripping cunt, your slick dripping down onto the sink.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Dean said, pulling your hips toward him, angling them upward. “I need to feel you.”

“Dean!” You cried out as he suddenly filled you, all the way to the hilt in one swift go.

“Shhh,” he said, clapping a hand over your mouth. “We don’t want to call attention to our situation, do we?”

You shook your head. After a few moments, Dean pulled his hand away, only to have his lips pulled to replace it. His hands gripped your hips, his thrusts causing the most devilish sounds to echo throughout the bathroom.

“Little girl,” Dean groaned. “Promise me you’re gonna keep this dress handy in the future.”

“Anything for you, Dean,” you promised.

Dean grunted, his hips beginning to stutter. One hand slipped between the two of you, his thumb finding your clit.

“Dean,” you moaned. “Dean, please.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” he said, applying more pressure. “Come on.”

A few more moments and you reached your climax, your pussy contracting around Dean’s dick. He made a few more minuscule thrusts before spilling into you. The two of you stayed connected, breathing heavily for a minute. Dean carefully pulled out of you, tucking himself into his pants.

“Hold on,” he told you. He pulled a hand towel from the bar behind him and ran it under the hot water. Then he cleaned you up, lightly pressing the towel against your still-sensitive pussy. “I know,” he whispered, his free hand landing on your hip, holding you in place. “There. All clean.”

Dean lifted you down from the sink, keeping a hand on you as he could see your legs trembling. He pulled your skirt down for you, patting you on the ass when he was done.

“Let’s go home,” Dean said, slipping his hand into yours. “I wanna see what that dress looks like on my bedroom floor.”

ahhhh excuse this really awful 5 sec edit but i’m so!!! excited about this first milestone bc i can barely believe it?? it’s not even been two weeks that i’ve been welcomed into the star wars community & i do mean welcomed because i’ve not met people more generous or kind or excited to help someone like me who’s been out of the fandom for a while get back in, you all have made a significant impact on the way i view this fandom. i’m so grateful to everyone who’s taken an interest in my writing & enjoys my portrayal of luke, i’ve just had a blast being here so far and i definitely want to share my happiness with some of the people who’ve shaped my experience along the way ♥♥♥

                             mutuals whom i’ve enjoyed plotting & screaming at during 3am IM / skype chats: @anakcn@highnis@oncejedi@ofdagobah  ★ @jediscariot@libertinedeath@demandpeace@ofdeathandfear@lastorgana@jedibetrayer@crdered@queenmiko

                            mutuals whom i’ve had so much fun writing with & can’t thank enough for indulging me & luke: @imthxpilot@crossingstars@elysiumiism@oflightrey@rebelstrategy@hiddensteel@artoooie@fulcrumm@stillsolo

                            & to everyone who’s been a great delight on my dash & an inspiration the more i read of your writing: @gelidveined@techniiciian@astramessiah@kybercore@artisticallydcne@clownzilla@chaied@ironfistedwill@rookierebel@dualknown@jedichosen ★ @pilotcorellian@kybersung@rinnlaochra@tyranusss@kaminosfinest@rebelsacrifice@wrathruined@masterofcraft@imperialvalor@soughtdawn@xyuuken@hopeandrhetoric@koyousetsus

The Lord of The Flies is terribly accurate in its vivid description of the human nature and to be reminded of what terrifying, vile, monstruos creatures we can turn into when sharp stupidity meets bare aggressiveness gives me the creeps.


This is sort of a Zhan Zheng Xi appreciation post that no one asked for.
He is extremely caring and kind, always checking on Jian Yi and wanting to understand him.
After the kiss he still assured Jian Yi that he wasn’t going to judge him or think any less of him for it. It also made me wonder if he knows that Jian Yi has feelings for him.
Zheng Xi is so protective and clearly puts Jian Yi above himself and most other people in his life. He is also very intimate with Jian Yi, hugging and grabbing his hand of his own free will.
Zheng Xi is probably struggling with how he feels about Jian Yi right now as well. But we aren’t given any insight to how he is handling what happened.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is feeling and thinking, especially regarding the kiss. It is very likely that he has developing feelings for him and it would be interesting to see more about that.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is thinking in the future, we know so little about his emotional development right now.
Haha, i really rambled here, but he is one of my favorites characters ever and i want to know more about him!!
Photo/translation credits @yaoi-blcd
19 days by Old Xian

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Iv read that ted was quite shy and had little to no friends and no social life but i have also read that he actually had quite a few friends in college and used to go to bars and dance with girls. Which do you think he was more like?

You know what? This question just hit me hard. I never really thought about it and now I suddenly feel like Polly Nelson realizing that Ted had no one left in his life during his last days.
When you read about him you quickly notice that he’s meeting a lot of people but he literally had no friend. Sure he hanged out with people or dance with girls (even date a few of them) but he had no real friend, he just didn’t how to make friends, how to keep them. In his own words : “I didn’t know what made things tick. I didn’t know what made people want to be friends. I didn’t know what made people attractive to one another. I didn’t know what underlay social interactions. “
I mean, in Utah he had a few acquaintances, with whom he would hang out with, they even supported him after his first arrest for the DaRonch kidnapping but it still wasn’t it.
He wasn’t specifically shy he just didn’t know how things worked. He had a lot of people to hang out with, girls to sleep with, but no real friendship.

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I really do mostly agree with what you are saying. But Killian leaving in this episode without telling her seems so out of character. And then you have her saying she needs to move on (although you're right I completely agree about the out of context aspect of it). There's drama and angst and then there's changing the character's characterizations to fit the drama and angst and I feel like it's kind of gone that way with this. But please feel free to tell me I'm wrong!!

Well since you told me to feel free–you’re wrong. LOLOL And here’s why–in my opinion of course.

I don’t know if you read my bullet points but in this last set I talked about the idea of being driven by fear. How it causes people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Which doesn’t mean it’s out of character. It just means it’s done without the benefit of a clear head.

Killian is afraid here. He’s afraid of losing Emma. Afraid he’s lost the man he wants to be. But instead of sitting in a bar drinking rum and getting back in touch with his pirate side what’s he doing?? 

He’s desperately searching for the man who is worthy of Emma.

What in the world could be more in character than that?

Bring it on.

Plus, we viewers know that in the end he had no intention of leaving. He was heading back. Without Gideon’s interference he would have been back at Emma’s side.

Interference by a budding baby sociopath negates the idea of out of character.

As for Emma–it remains to be seen exactly how her emotions play out but I’m confident they’re not going to be of the “I’m moving on because I don’t love him anymore” variety. That’s not gonna happen. Will we see a reappearance of the walls? I don’t think so. Maybe a rice paper room divider at most.

It’s very clear the two halves of that line in the promo are spliced together. Only reason to do that is to mislead. The second half of that line may well have something to do with Gideon.

Another thing I talked about in the bullet points is a character/relationship facing a defining moment. This is one for CS. And I have 100% confidence they are going to face it like the kickass, and totally in love, pirate and savior we know them to be.


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This is wrt post 156170283116 on your blog. I am not trying to make fun of you for having chronic pain; it was in direct response to that post and I didn't read anything about your own pain. I am sorry about how you feel. The general point rings true and I agree. It's just that some people write stories about being damaged due to lack of preparation because they want that to happen to them.

Uh…okay, so that post is about how the normalization of harmful gay sex scenes written by straight women is both a) fetishization and b) harmful for gay teens to only ever be exposed to media that shows people like them being subjected to harm through sexual interactions.

The post is not about stopping dark!fic or not having hurt fic. It’s about the rampant homophobia that is portrayed in predominantly slash fic pairings by writers who think that because they enjoy watching two boys kiss they are Allies.

Shout out to everyone out there with chronic pain that do not have a “before”.

Some of us have the very isolating experience of being in pain since we were very small, it shapes who you are and how you interact with the world around you.

I used to get a little bummed out in RA support groups while middle aged people complained about missing their “old selves” not because there’s anything wrong with that and of course RA hits at any age, but it left me feeling even more alone in a group that was supposed to feel like the rare refuge of other people suffering the way I do.

It’s not that I think either one is “better” or “easier” getting RA at any age just sucks period. Same for any chronic pain disease/syndrome but there’s a special type of experience that comes with only knowing being in pain that I feel like I rarely see out there for support and I wanted to offer up my own.

As people always say with these things I recently hit a follower milestone and wanted to celebrate by making you all follow a bunch of amazing people. Except I kind of want to do it a little bit differently.

As some of you know I am a huge color theory/psychology nerd and I have synesthesia where I kind of attach colors, words and feelings to people (like I will actually see these colors when thinking about certain people). So I thought that would be fun to play around with and that’s how this post was born. I hope you like and if you have a question on why those colors feel free to ask me. 

 Jorey | @alterloveevakskam | Creative • Passionate • Loyal 

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i really dont like how, in lgbt/queer spaces, bi and pan people aren’t able to express any attraction/love for a gender other than their own. idk i just feel like often bi and pan people’s attraction to different genders is ignored or scoffed at and like,,,,,it doesn’t make you any less queer. i am not less queer if i want to talk about how cute i think a girl is. idk im just annoyed. 

so, i’m!! curious about something!! i’d like to know how many of my mutuals have read the book. there’s no judgment whatsoever if you haven’t read it, of course — i’m asking this solely for my own curiosity, not to make anyone feel bad!! it also helps when approaching people for plotting, since i never want to end up overexplaining to someone who’s read the book themselves or underexplaining to someone who hasn’t. so — if you HAVE NOT read the book, give this post a like, and if you HAVE read the book, reply to the post saying so!! like i said, i’m merely curious, and you certainly don’t have to take part in this if you’d prefer not to, of course. i just think it’d be fun to see!!

Protect Park Jimin

After everything that happened, I needed to say what I’m feeling. I came here with one objective: stop the hate. Here is a small text about my feelings towards those death threats against Jiminnie:

I can’t take this anymore. It’s a death threat after another. Fake rumors about a member rapping someone over and over. It’s always the same stupid and senseless accusations, when people are not saying shitty things like calling Jimin fat, or saying that Namjoon is ugly. Don’t you have anything else to do? Like wash the dishes maybe? Do a better work? Or, who knows, try to be in their places and think about how you would feel if someone accused you of fake things and sent death threats because they don’t have a life. I would like to see you try without having a breakdown or doing something worse. They have to deal with this daily. Do you know how bad it can affect someone? Mental illness are developed, physical damage comes next, and it only stops with suicide.

They are there working, trying to make A.R.M.Ys proud and happy and you don’t even have the humanity of having some respect. If you don’t stan them, or any other group, just shut the fuck up. It’s okay to not like someone, but it’s unacceptable what you are doing. I have said it once, and I will repeat: STOP THE HATE.

They haven’t done anything wrong. You act like they have killed your family. Stop with this please. This is the last time I’m gonna deal pacifically with shit like this.


Don’t hurt my baby

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Have you ever wanted to branch out in the sims community? Like youtube? I feel like your game play would be so entertaining to watch. BTW glad Kyle's done for now if you can make him jump off a bridge that'd be amazing!

I’ve never really thought about it! I’d love to branch out though but I don’t know how or if enough people would be interested in my gameplay :( 

LOL, Kyle won’t jump off a bridge though I think I did delete him out of my game so he won’t be coming back :D