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Brie doodle. I gave her a teensy bit less detailed attention since she’s far away, but I didn’t realize how much space I’d need for the bird and how zoomed out she’d be, so I ended up doing two views. I liked her outfit from a previous drawing so I threw her in it again.

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Can't wait to tell my managers all the reasons why their best line person is quitting. I've been passed over for uptraining many times despite being one of the oldest employees they have because I'm the best and most reliable person they have-their own words. They won't schedule me to train any newhires-who end up not knowing how to do things right and I have to pick up the slack. New job is lined up where my skills will actually be challenged. I liked this job, but I need growth in my work.

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Hello! Could I get Todoroki pining after his crush please?

pINING YEAAAAHHH thank you anon for my life 

(I’m not sure if you wanted a scenario or hcs but it think hcs would help explain how he would act better. I hope that’s okay!)

Pining Todoroki:

  • He does that thing that cats do and he ends up being around his crush but not around them per say. Makes sure to keep a distance but also makes sure that he’s in their line of sight so that if his crush happens to glance up they see him. Works for all types of situations whether is it’s in classes, during training, or at lunch. His crush probably chalks it up as just a string of coincidences since it’s not obvious he’s doing it on purpose.
  • Tries to get his crush to see his better side and ends up showing off just a bit when they’re around. Especially likes to try and keep himself more calm and collected to try and impress just a bit. Anything he can do to catch his crush’s attention he probably tries at least once just to make sure they don’t catch on too quickly to what he’s doing. Wants to go for the slow build of realization for them to notice his affections towards them.
  • Comes up with the weirdest reasons to talk with his crush but when he does end up talking to them it’s hard for him to keep the conversation going. Attempts to keep encounters longer than they should so he can interact with them longer and hopefully be able to fit in a compliment or comment. Most of the time he just tries to admire from afar.
  • If he can he tries to do kind gestures to them such as helping them with mundane tasks that he sees them struggling with. Or even just goes out of his way to hold open a door or pick up something they’ve dropped. When he does help them with something he makes it a point to smile at them even if it’s just a small one. 
  • If his crush is a friend of his he tends to fret over them just a little bit, asking if they’ve eaten recently and offer them food if they haven’t. If he hears them say something about getting something they’ve wanted for a long time he wastes no time getting it. Or even just regular things that they need he won’t hesitate to get for them. Makes a point to lend them things if they need it. Need a jacket? No problem, take his. 
  • It’s easy to say that he becomes a little protective over his crush. If someone hurts them he’s the first to act on it, going immediately to distance them from whoever hurt them before ultimately taking off after the attacker. Would get flustered if his crush went to thank him with a hug or anything akin to that. Pinning for his crush’s attention is all well and good but when he actually get’s their attention he tends to get a little flustered and rejects it. Cue the repeating of the vicious cycle. 
  • Bonus: If he ends up being found out and his crush approaches him about it he ends up acting a little brash. He denies it at first because he’s not sure how to handle being caught. When he admits his feelings to his crush he doesn’t wait for their reply and immediately goes to kiss them before realizing that his actions may have been a bit too bold. 

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do u have any tips on how to Slay Academically this school year? ty!!

my most generic tip to slay an academic year is to focus on learning instead of good grades! i am not saying that you should screw the heck out of your exams or just say ‘lmao goodbye grades’, nooo not like that! i want you to give your all on your exams. if you end up not getting high marks, it’s okay to feel bad but please don’t be too hard on yourself! the good thing about failure is: you get second chances and improve yourself to become a better person/student. so really, this academic year, focus on becoming a better person (aka learning), instead of stressing way too much on your grades! i still believe it’s better to get lower scores as long as you know you tried your best, gave your all, and you’re willing to improve yourself, than a higher mark where you just crammed the information that you will prolly forget in one or two weeks!! :,)

i have no idea how i got 4 of zen’s endings, all i was doing was getting all the CGs lol (i didn’t finish though, as seen by me not having at least 3 endings for jaehee and seven)

and yes, i’ve only played through seven’s route once so far;;

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Drunk Doc: how did you choose Tracer's soccer team?


Kay so, I was like, “oh, this is mildly relevant, and I want to know it” SO, I know that Tracer, whatever her VA is doing or whatever the comics writers are doing, is intended to be Cockney, and that’s what I’ve gone with, so I concentrated on the East End

AND THEN I HONESTLY JUST ASKED FUCKING BRITS. And ended up getting a pretty reasonable consensus that the Hammers were an excellent choice that could be easily argued and honestly, a team with a robust fanbase that does not win was so Tracer to me that it delighted me to my core and now as far as I’m concerned it’s canon. 

Did another doodle. Based this one on a bench just across the road from my grandpa’s cabin while on the trip. Technically that was a lake, and not an ocean, but whatever, eheh.

I’d meant to do this while I was actually on my trip, but I kept getting stuck on getting the grass to look right. A friend of mine gave me some advice earlier today, though, so I ended up hashing it out after I got home from driving. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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Do you mind me asking how long you've been drawing/doing art? Because the quality of your work tells me YEARS at the least. Like, everything is solid and looks like a lot of hard work has been put into by you.

ahh thank you! i first really started trying to make “art” specifically in fourth grade, so that was back when i was 9-10? i didn’t take an art class until my sophomore year of high school though haha…as a result I’m basically playing catch up, especially on the digital art end!

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If you were the wedding planner, how would you plan the weddings (color combinations, food, theme, location etc.) of these sns ships: soueri, takumegu, ryoali, eishirin, yukishun, ishinene (and other ships you might like)? Go!

Ok, I got this lol. 


These two are both extra, so their wedding would have to be over the top. I imagine their budget would be damn near unlimited, so there would be no cap on how creative we can get. 
Color Scheme: Black and gold (black velvet tablecloths topped with gold center pieces, invitations on black stationary with the writing in gold cursive, pale flowers wrapped in sheer gold cloth and tied with black ribbons etc.)
Food: Gourmet French food, probably. Erina would only trust a Totsuki alum to cater the wedding, so Shinomiya or Eishi would probably end up doing the honors. Also, a seven layer cake would be absolutely mandatory. 
Theme: There wouldn’t be a specific theme, but Erina’s wedding aesthetic would be informed by the high baroque era.
Location: I could see them renting out a baroque palace for the ceremony and reception (maybe Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna)
The dress: Erina would wear a full on ballgown with some subtle embroidery on the bodice and skirt. 

This Sophia Tolli gown would be the template for Erina’s wedding look.

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Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better. And now, I understand. What your voice was saying back then. You and me, can we be… friends?