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Unexpected Part 9

Summary: After a one night stand with the one and only Bucky Barnes, something unexpected happens, bring the reader and Bucky together


Warnings: fluff, angst, pregnancy themes, injuries

Word count: 1,550

A/N: AHHHHHH I actually really like this part. It ends on kind of a cliffhanger… It might be a little bit before I can update again. I have a lot of assignments coming up and a lot of reading to do but I will try to update as soon as I can!! Thank you for understanding!!


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    “You’re telling me you don’t know how they got through security?” You heard Bucky whisper yell to someone. You could still feel his arms around you, and they tightened when he felt you move. “I’m not going on any more missions until we figure out what happened,” he explained. You felt him move a piece of your hair from your face.

    Your eyes fluttered open. He was staring down at you with his intense blue eyes. You smiled and curled into him more. “Hey.” You voice was heavy with sleep.

    He smiled down at you. “Good morning, sleepyhead.” He laughed and you joined him. “Did you sleep well?” He asked.

    You nodded. “I didn’t have anymore nightmares, so that’s good,” you explained. His face lit up even more. “I’m kinda hungry. Do you think you could make me a sandwich?”

    “Anything for you.” He leaned down and gave you a kiss before lifting you off of his lap and laying you down on the couch.

    You finally looked up to see who he was talking to. Tony was sitting in one of the armchairs across from the couch. “We still haven’t figured out how they got in. We’ve decided that you’re always going to have someone with you at all times. Just in case they get in again.” Tony explained in a thoughtful voice.

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How do you stop missing your ex 😞

I’ve never missed an ex. I thank God everytime a situation ends because I trust there’s something better. And where I am now, there’s not a single ex i miss or hit up
Most people miss their ex either because they romanticize them or they fear they won’t find love again. And because I recognize when people are trash, and I trust that I will love again, I never miss an ex.

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My work has been brutal for a while. I kept getting asked to do manager stuff that is outside of my responsibilities and a bunch of other shit that it made going into work miserable. I gave it a month before I decided whether or not I was gonna quit. It ended up getting better, but the quitting got mentioned in a convo with a coworker who has a lot of sway here and she's gonna talk to my boss about how "we shouldn't be piling these jobs on clerks." I'm honestly kind of happy about that

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I took an hour long nap and I dreamed that I was in the concert watching the Mamamoo concert and then, all of a sudden moderato started playing and wheebyul started singing it?????? Like the moo’s got wild and loud when we see this. I remember how Wheein pulled Moonbyul’s tie to have her facing Wheein while singing. How flirty and intimate they got during the “hug me” “kiss me” and solar and hwasa were just standing there shooked, by this. I woke up after moderato ended and I was concerned abit

holyshit that must be the best dream??? like i would kill to even dream about wheebyul’s moderato ㅠㅠ


      I never thought my life would be the way it is now, I have a brand-new condo, two cars, and my bank account is looking pretty good as well. This was the most a poor kid from the Bronx could ask for. I guess you may be wondering how all of this came about, I started working dead end jobs after high school making barley enough money to put food on the table after the break up with my ex. One day I was at work when this lady approach me, she was doing an event and needed a date. I told her that I was flattered but I wasn’t into women like that. She told me none of that mattered and that she just needed a good-looking man on her side to impress some folks that was going to be there. After some back and forth between us, she offered to pay me $500 for two hours of my time. Any fool with a brain would have taken that offer and that’s what I did. Fast forward to over two years later, I made enough money by Escorting that I was able to move out my mom’s place and into my own condo, buy me two cars and had money left to pay my bills until I found a good job. Now I only do it every so often because of my job, I was a customer service agent at Verizon and the pay was pretty decent. Decent enough to pay all my bills and still have money left over.

                            Me (Jackson Graft)

I had a gig tonight with this Executive woman for a company I cared nothing about. This was going to be the easiest money I made in awhile because all she wanted me to do was escort her in and wait for her to leave. Usually I would have to walk around with my clients or interact with some of the guest and I’m happy about that because I didn’t have time for her touchy-feely ass tonight. Most of my clients were female but I did have a few male clients as well, but I stopped because they wanted to much (If you know what I mean) that I wasn’t willing to bend on. I was usually a private person, when it came down to that side of my life but there was one person (besides my clients) who knew what I did. That was my best friend Elsea, we have been thick as thieves since Elementary School.

“So, what do you have planned for the weekend?” I said while we were sitting in my living room one afternoon.


“I have a date, with Netflix, popcorn, and some Moscato.” She said laughing. “What do you have planned?”


“Nothing up for the weekend yet, but I’m taking this lady to an event tonight, she pays well, and she pays upfront but this bitch does to much and she expects to much at times.”


“Oh, she one of those kind, pay for the date and think sex is included.”


“Yea and you know I have rules, I have a strict no sex policy, maybe some kissing if the time calls for it but that’s it.” I said looking at my phone.


“I know that’s right but moving on……. when was the last time you actually been on a real date? She said catching me off guard.


“I don’t know, I think it was two years ago.”


“Isn’t that the time you started this lil service of yours and isn’t that how long it’s been since you broke up with Elliott?”


“Yea but damn bitch I wasn’t expecting you to be all in my business like that.” I said laughing with her.


“I’m just saying, you need to find you somebody, hell find us both somebody.”


“I hear ya, but I need to go pick up my suit from the cleaners, you wanna ride with me?”


“Hell yeah.” She said jumping up from the couch. We got ourselves together and headed over to the dry cleaners, we got my things and left to get a bite to eat before calling it a day.


“I love when we can spend time together like this.” Elsea said after we order our food.


“I know we got to do better……. Some friend you are.” I said laughing.


“Bitch don’t even try it, you the one moved from the hood and never looked back.”


“Would you? There are too many bad memories for me back there, then after that whole mess with Elliott, I wanted a change of scenery.”


“I feel you but still bitch, you have two cars, put some miles of them hoes and come see a bitch sometimes.”


“I will, I need to come up there and check on mama anyway.”

  We continued to make small talk until our food came, I really missed hanging with Elsea because we always had a good time together. After going back to my house, we hung out a little while before saying our goodbyes to each other. I still had a few hours to spare before it was time to go to this place. I went to the gym that was close by, I loved going to this gym because there was hardly anyone there most times. I got thru a few reps on the ab machine and lifted some weights before going to the treadmill. I was in the zone running on the treadmill when I saw this dude walk in. I always had a thing for light skinned dudes and this one here was downright sexy. I was so caught up in how sexy he looked that I missed a step and fell right into his arms.

                                           Duane Matthews

“You alright?” He asked looking at me.


“Umm I umm……. Yea I just missed a step that’s all.” I said standing up from his arms.


“Alright then.” He said before walking off before I could say thank you or anything else for that matter. Even after almost an hour of running and almost breaking my neck, I still couldn’t take my eyes off this dude. He would occasionally look over at me and each time I would lose my train of thought. I finished up my workout, showered, and left the gym. My mind was still on the dude and I could still vividly see his face in my head and the sound of his voice in my ears the whole ride home.

I was dressed to impress if I must say so myself, the only thing that was missing was my client. This is why I was getting paid in advance and also why after tonight I am dropping her as a client. She always pulls this kinda shit, she would either be late or wanted me to do extra shit. This was just too much for me to deal with from one person. I went over to the bar while I was waiting, I may as well get a buzz while I’m waiting and call Elsea as well.

“Shouldn’t you be out with your client sir?” She said after picking up the phone.


“Yea, but as usual this motherfucker running late.”


“Typical woman right?” She said laughing like she wasn’t a woman.


“You would know right?”


“Fuck you, look how about this weekend we get together and club hop like we used to.”


“Sounds like a plan to me……… hold on a sec.” I said looking at my phone, I got a text from the chick.

“Well it looks like I have the night off with pay.” I said laughing.


“The bitch cancelled?”


“Yea and she told me to keep the money for my time.”


“Isn’t that nice of her.” She said laughing.


“Oh well, I might as well go home and get ready for work in the morning.”


“Bitch, all you do is sit on your ass taking calls all day. It ain’t like you doing actual manual labor.” I was laughing so hard that I wasn’t paying attention and tripped on a rug that was on the floor. I bumped into someone that was walking in and to my surprise it was the dude from the gym. Great this is the second time today that this dude saw me almost bust my ass and for the second time today I ended up in his arms. This dude was going to think I was a Klutz or something.

“I see you can’t stand upright for nothing huh?” He said laughing and even his laugh was sexy…… damn.


“Who is that?” Elsea said causing me to remember I was on the phone.


“I’ma call you back Elsea, umm yea.” I said hanging up the phone. “Umm…. I…… umm…… my bad I wasn’t paying attention.”


“It’s cool…… maybe you should get one of those balance bands things, so you wouldn’t be tripping all over the place.” He said flashing me one of the sexiest smiles I have ever seen.


“Nah, it wasn’t that at all, the rug was lifted some as you can tell.” I said pointing to the rug that was mysteriously perfectly place on the floor. We both looked down at the rug and then back at each other.


“And earlier at the gym, let me guess, the padding on the treadmill came up as well huh?” He said smirking.


“I guess so, but like I said my bad and thanks for not letting me fall.” I said turning to walk off.


“If you really want to thank me then tell me your name.”


“Jackson, Jackson Graft.”


“Well Jackson, I’m Duane Matthews, how about you join me for a few drinks at the bar.”


“I don’t know about that, I mean I don’t even know you like that.”


“That’s the point, come on.” He said walking off towards the bar, I decided what the hell I may as well.


We walked over to the bar and sat down, I’m not going to lie I was nervous as hell. It has been years since I actually sat down and talk to a dude, most of the time it was just hook ups or one of the former clients I had.


“So, what do you do for a living Jackson?” He asked after getting our drinks. I was stuck because I didn’t know if I wanted to tell him that I Escort from time to time so I figured I would play it safe.


“I’m a customer service rep for Verizon…… plus other things I care not to discuss at this moment.” I said avoiding eye contact.


“Hmm other things huh?” He said laughing. “That’s cool, I’m a loan officer for Wells Fargo.”


“That’s what’s up how you like it?”


“I love it, it’s the best thing in the world to me and plus I love the feeling of power if gives me. I mean I’m the one who makes the call on whether a person’s loan is approved of denied, but most of all I love meeting all the different kind of people that come in.”


“That’s a good thing I think.” I really don’t know what was wrong with me, I couldn’t shake this nervous feeling for nothing in the world. “I meet a lot of different people as well but it’s mostly their voices.”


“You can tell a lot about by voices so that’s not necessarily a bad thing, body language as well.” He said looking me in the eyes.


“Yeah, you can.”


“Like I can tell that your nervous, I picked up on the subtle pause from a few minutes ago when you said what you do for a living. That it is either something illegal or something you think people will judge you on.”


“You a physic or something?” I said laughing but quickly stopped when I saw the serious look on his face.


“Nah, I’m fucking with you, I just know how to read people based on 3 things.”


“And they are?”


“Eye movements, body language, and the way they speak. Those things will paint a story about people that they don’t even know their telling.”


“I hear ya, but what are you doing here alone?”


“I was invited but the person bailed on me last minute, so I figured what the hell, I was already dressed so I may as well enjoy the night. What about you? Someone has handsome as you should clearly not be alone.”


“Who says I’m alone?”



“Nah I’m fucking with you, I’m alone because like you I had someone bail on me as well.”


“Girlfriend, wife, fuck buddy, friend?”


“Nosey are we?”


“Not at all, just trying to make conversation and get to know you.”


“Ok the person I was supposed to meet here was a client and if you must know I guess I can tell you.”


“If you don’t want to then you don’t have to, it was no biggie.”


“I escort from time to time and the person I was meeting with was a client.” I said holding my breath that he didn’t judge me. “I started doing it two years ago after working dead end jobs getting no where in life and it was after I broke up with my ex.”


“Escort huh?”


“Yea and if you about to judge me then save it because I did what I had to do in order for me to move out from that hell hole I was in and to provide for myself. I’m not ashamed nor do I regret any of it.”


“If you don’t calm yo ass down.” He said laughing. “I wasn’t going to judge you, we all have done things in our life to make a living and provide for ourselves, I commend you for taking that kind of initiative to take care of yourself.”


“Well thank you, but I slow down a lot and only do it if the money is looking right.”


“Cool, I was going to ask you something but now I’m having second thoughts.” He said laughing.


“Second thoughts about what?”


“Asking you out on a real date but the way you just went off I don’t know.” I couldn’t help but smile because I did just snap a little.


“You wanna go on a date with me?”


“Hey that’s not fair…. I was supposed to ask you not the other way around. Yes, I would love to go out on a date with you…… free one of course.” He said smirking.


“I guess I can do that, I mean you did save me twice today, but I have a confession……. The second time really was an accident but the first time I was looking at you and missed a step because you so sexy.”


“Thank you and so are you, I guess that’s why I had to touch you, that was my way of showing interest.” He said and for the first time I saw him blush.


“Is tomorrow night a 7 ok for you?”


“Most def, but it’s getting late and I have to get up early for work, so allow me to ‘Escort’ you to your car.” He said getting up.


“Isn’t that gentlemen like of you.” I said getting up.


“That way I can be there if you ‘Trip’ again.”


“You not going to let that go, are you?”


“Nope, and if things go well, you shouldn’t either.” He said winking at me. I was smiling from ear to ear because now I had a reason to. Duane turned out to be a damn good dude and I was glad my last escorting job escorted me right into the arms of the man of my dreams.

(Pictures used does not reflect the actual Characters just as visuals for the story)

©unique creations 2018

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fuckk i feel like an idiot for asking, but i found out about you selling your charms after preorders ended and i realized now you're closing your shop OTL. i'm just wondering, is it ever possible to commission charms if the buyer pays for everything? i'm so sorry, but i understand if you wont :)

It will probably be a long while (if at all) before I set out to do more merchandise things

If you were to commission a specialty charm from me (and I was accepting) the breakdown would look like this:
- Determine if the charm is set as bust, waist up, or full-body and how many characters.
- Determine coloring style (monochrome / flat / simple shade / full shade)
- Price adjustment of 30minutes to compile into a proper company file
- Price of the product itself
- Shipping fee
- An approximate wait of 1-2 months turnaround time for the artwork to be finished
- An approximate wait of 2-4 business weeks for the product deliver

So… here is an example:
- ((1)full-body OC skeleton with fullshade) 35USD
- (File labor work) 5.50USD [This is determined by my province’s minimum wage cut in half and converted to USD.]
- (Price of product) 6.65USD
- (Shipping) Aprox. 6USD

Of course, depending on complexity of artwork, prices are subject to change (as well as company prices.)
If there are multiple charms wanted, it would have to be discussed beforehand. 
(this includes either designs or more than (1) of the physical product). You would not be receiving the company design file for a multitude of reasons and all ordering would be going through myself.

This is all just speculation though, I don’t know if I would ACTUALLY do it ^^;;
( and especially not in the near future for now )
Hope that answers your question!! Sorry about missing out on the pre-orders ;w;

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i literally get so horny when i pms so i can just imagine like everyday for a week before u start ur period ur just all over bill and like "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME" and hed revel in how needy you get for him and tease the everliving shit out of you all day but end up giving you the best orgasms he could possibly give u and fucking u as hard as u need and eating u out as much as u beg for (u gotta work for it remember)

same dude, i’m dealing with that right now n could really use this shit

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sometimes i wonder about how sparrowfeather managed to end up in the dark forest

i always imagined her as a medicine cat who had a sister who was leader and sparrowfeather would fake omens/help her sister get ahead as leader, which is a MASSIVE no no in the medicine cat world. she broke the code to help someone get ahead [her sister was a horrible leader who went to the df], and starclan is NOT very forgiving of medicine cats who do things like that

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Hey Chris, I just went on a first reallll actual date yesterday (it was a group date so less awkward), but I have a history of trauma so I’m really anxious with how it’s going. He is soooo nice and we ended up having sex and he was really respectful, I just feel so guilty about having feelings for him given my past. I also feel bad for having sex on a first date. I haven’t been able to have a relationship in years (I’m 23). How do I get over this hurdle of fear? Thanks xx

hi beautiful. have you ever spoken to a professional, a therapist, counselor, sometime who specializes in relationships, that could have helped you with things from your past? i think that’s really important and can really help you with moving forward.

but coming from my own personal opinion, i think the fact you even went on the date and are giving yourself a chance to get to know someone is HUGE and a wonderful step in moving forward…really brave of you even with a past that could make you nervous or apprehensive :) 

sex is nothing to feel guilty about if you WANTED to and there was consent from both parties. as long as you feel respected, comfortable, and not pressured into anything – you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. i love you

it’s funny how people call me troll but actually they are the actual trolls in game of thrones fandom. okay let me be serious here. do you know how much your delusional ship is hated? it’s not because of nothing. the ship just comes out of nowhere, i’d say. don’t dare to lecture me with useless fanfiction you called ‘jonsa facts from the book’ because i have read all the gooddamn books.

if jon ends up with his cousin, it’s likely would be arya. jon and daenerys are also annoying as fuck at first. though somehow it turned out differently after season 7 was aired.

look, i’m just a casual game of thrones fan. really enjoy the good game of thrones gifs from here but when i saw there is something called jonsa, i just laugh thinking it must be a joke. but no, seems like there are some stupid people are stupid enough to think that jonsa is real and would be an end game. i’m like….wtf?! mostly you guys just want a handsome prince for your beautiful queeny sansa, and you think jon is the best suit for her because actually he is the only good and handsome guy in game of thrones world.

you don’t even consider what jon’s opinion. for fuck’s sake, sansa is his sister (or at least cousin whom he regards as his sister all his life ), someone who resembled catelyn so much in his childhood days. someone who DESPISED him and made him unwelcomed in stark household (sure, things change after her apologize in season 6) but it doesn’t change that sansa is sort of princess in the tower who will comb her hair while waiting for help, unable to handle shit by herself. definitely not jon’s type, whose preference is someone like arya, ygritte, or val. or fuck, maybe daenerys also suits his type of woman.

i know that teenagers like you must be thirsty of irrational stuffs, but this jonsa thingy is so disgusting that i don’t think any normal teenagers would ship it. it’s what people who have lost their sanity would do, or people with very low IQ.

i don’t forbid you to ship this disgusting ship because who even am i? your useless life is yours to suffer. but just dont affect other people by tagging your irrational stuff into game of thrones tag. because i can say the ship itself comes from your personal fandom somewhere with somehow the same names as grrm’s characters, but definitely, it’s not from game of thrones.

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I think Anemone x Tamarin could go several ways, but one of which is Anemone wants to give Tamarin her sight back and Tamarin doesn't really WANT it back, yet Anemone can't accept it and does it anyways and WONT take it back and they end up splitting up. Either that or Anemone gives Tamarin her sight back and she loves it and bam cute lesbian dragon couple. Either that or I'm reading into this too much

why do straight or gay ships never get this kind of content. like… i very rarely get a post that’s ‘here’s how this ship could break up’ and lo and behold the most invalidating ones always come in over wlw ships. why is that, do you think

be critical of what you create and the tropes you’re playing into and the kind of representation you’re promoting, please

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Hey - I might end up having to write a 3-5 page short story for a creative writing class. Do you have any advice for how to do those? I've had next to no experience with short stories and don't know how these plotty things work, so any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

ahahaha i am the worst person to ask, when i took a creative writing class i just used random idea generators until i came up with combinations of things that seemed interesting. i’m also terrible at endings lmfao

anyway if you don’t have anything just come up with a character (it doesn’t have to be a person or even technically animate) and give it a problem and then solve the problem (it doesn’t have to be a good solution) (it can be another problem)

it’s not quite how i work but i don’t even know how i work, really, aside from creating problems for myself and then trying to solve them

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i know i just recently said i love yall, but you are some of the only people still updating fan adventures and i just want you to know how much i appreciate you for being this committed.

We’re in it for the long haul! The nice thing about having two people living together is that we can nag each other pretty easily if we slow down. That’s a big reason I want to get this squared away before I graduate.

That being said, the MSPFA ‘recently updated’ list seems to change pretty quickly. If you’ve noticed a dropoff recently, that may be because MSPFA’s in read-only mode at the moment. 

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Ugh, I love coffee but lately my ED thoughts have been making me scared to drink it after adding half-n-half, even though that's my favorite add-in. Even when my Mom buys me coffee, I'm scared to drink it or end up tossing it because I can't handle the thought of drinking half-n-half which is so stupid because I love coffee and I want to live my life but uggghhh idk what to do D:

hey babe guess what? i just bought cream at the store yesterday because i realized how much better cream makes coffee taste – and guess what? you do not ever need an excuse to use half and half or cream or any sort of creamer in your coffee – COFFEE IS A GIFT AND YOU SHOULD ENJOY IT IN THE BEST WAY HOWEVER YOU LIKE YOUR COFFEE :)

so tomorrow morning, please know that i will be fixing my coffee with CREAM and SUGAR, and that i will be thinking of you during this, sending you the strength and good energy to remind yourself that FOOD AND CALORIES ARE FUEL and coffee is amazing and you’re amazing and there is nothing to fear :) 


yeah a lot of la/ngst is just……emotional torture po/rn, honestly. like, i don’t want to read never-ending despair, thanks!! life is hard enough!!!

(i do love hurt/comfort, but the key is the inevitable comfort.)

and yeah demonized!allura is heavily featured in a lot of lang/st fics. like, uh, hey, guys? do you remember how allura is the character who has been most vocally supportive of lance, and who has given up everything for the sake of the universe even though everyone she knew except coran is DEAD? why write one of the most compassionate and selfless characters in the series as some…”heartless bitch” or w/e? 

lance would be so disappointed in them. 

Ace Attorney AU

Marj is still a dragon. but also a lawyer. can use her senses to perceive things like Apollo does, BUT has trouble focusing. 

Azura is sorta like Maya. In the fact she’s Marj’s first client turns assistant who also gets accused of murder like every other trial.  and surprise surprise she is able to help Marj focus and hone in on her senses in cases! this 100% involves holding Marj’s hand i make the rules here i can do what i want. she’s somewhat mystical and mysterious and has an ouchy past that ends up getting dragged through the legal system and just Why does she know how to help marj boy its just a mystery

Cronus: Regret your choice.

[Okay yeah no, what were you thinking? This was how heroes get bad endings. How trolls trip face first off a cliff. How bards and their jokes wind up getting their asses handed to them by offended princes. by choosing to do stupid things. 

Congrats on your constant repetition though! You’re never one to surprise the crowd with your conspicuous, online blunders!

Which is probably why you choose to converse this time. You guess you have nothing better to do. 

Time to play it straight. ]

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The boy who once loved me and told me he wanted to marry me left two years ago and I never really got over him but he messaged me last week saying he missed me and I felt nothing I am so relieved that I don't love him anymore. Every time we stopped talking for a while we'd always end up talking and getting back together but not this time!! I feel so happy

This makes me so happy to hear! I’m beyond proud of you :’) I know how hard breakups can be, but you’re healing and doing so much better without him. Better things are coming!

Why do people who have cheated try and use excuses about how bad their life is as if that somehow makes it all better? There is no excuse for you to cheat other than the fact you wanted to. Just end the relationship first or don’t get into one if you can’t handle being loyal and commited to someone??? Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit.

Breaking up and getting back together with RFA S/O

Requested by @sohanaa04! Thank you for the request hunny bunny!

Here is part one of your request!


  • You can’t believe him. 
  • He forgot your date
  •  Because of a game  
  • Apparently he overslept after playing LOLOL all night  
  • But it was the first year anniversary 
  • FIRST 
  • You were so upset that you began talking about the little things that bother you 
  • He was guilty at first but then he got heated too 
  • Next thing you know, you blurted out
  •  "I want a break up!“ 
  • "Fine!" 
  • That was how the first anniversary ended. 
  • Three days later, you were still crying over him. 
  • You knew some of the mistakes he did was because he lack if experience, you understand that. 
  • But the fact how he overslept and when you came over after waiting two hours with no calls or text.
  •  And he greeted you, half asleep, with 
  • "Oh MC, what are you doing here?" 
  • His face was greeted with a loud slap. 
  • Maybe you shouldn’t have slapped him that hard… 
  • Nope! He deserve it! 
  • But his poor baby cheeks… 
  • But he was at fault-  
  • Ding Dong 
  • "Ugh… I’m not gonna bother, I’m not home" 
  • you mumbled as you bury your face into the pillow. 
  • Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong 
  • The sound got annoying and you were getting pissed especially with your bad mood. 
  • Stomping your feet, you slammed the door open to a startled Yoosung. 
  • Seeing him there in a button up shirt and jeans looking handsome and remembering how you looked like 
  • You slammed the door close. 
  • "WAIT MC! OPEN UP!" 
  • "GO AWAY!" 
  • You crossed your arms as you stomped away. 
  •  He doesn’t look like a mess unlike you, he must be very happy that he’s a free man again. 
  • Ding Dong KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK  Ding Dong Ding Dong 
  • You slammed the door open again when the sounds irritate you. 
  • "What the hell do you want?" 
  • "I’m sorry" 
  • "Well sorry doesn’t change anything”  
  • You tried to close the door again but he pushed it open 
  • He may look weak but he is stronger than he looks, much stronger than you 
  • But that didn’t stop you from pushing back to close the door
  • “MC please- I’m sorry I know it was my fault and I know I can’t do anything to change it" 
  • He said struggling as he was trying to keep the door open 
  • "But I can’t do it! I can’t live without you! Please baby please let me in! I would do anything, I’m sorry I’m an idiot I know! Please give me another chance" 
  • Your lips trembled and your eyes were filled with tears
  • You no longer have the strength to close the door but since Yoosung was pushing it with force 
  • The door hit you and that earned you cursing at him
  •  Yoosung cursed as he got in, cradling your face as the tears stream down your cheeks
  •  "I’m so sorry MC, oh god are you hurt? Of course you’re hurt, please don’t cry. We need ice, where else did I hit you?" 
  • He lifted you up effortlessly, kicking the door close, he set you on the sofa before running to the kitchen to get some ice 
  • You hugged your knees to your chest as you buried your face into your knees, crying to yourself. 
  • "Where does it hurt?" 
  • He tried to cup your face to make you look at him but you just pushed him as you edge away
  • "MC, I know you don’t want to see me but please, only this time, please look at me, I need to see you" 
  • He gently cupped your face and you had no more energy to push him again 
  • Yoosung’s eyebrows furrowed as he rubbed his finger on your forehead making you flinched 
  • "Does that hurt?”
  • He gently put some ice to soothe the pain but the main pain wasn’t coming from there
  • And your tears won’t stop 
  • “I’m sorry MC, please don’t cry.., I just keep messing it up don’t I? It’s no wonder you want a break up" 
  • He sighed as he set the ice down while his other hand wiped your tears away. 
  • "I just want to say that I really am sorry… for everything… I wasn’t supposed to get mad that day and yet my emotions take over and- You don’t have to quit RFA, I’ll do that instead so you won’t have to see me again. I-I" 
  • He looked down as he cleared his throat 
  • ”…I’m sorry for coming over. With this incident, I was thinking ahead of myself wanting us to get back together"
  • He looked up with his eyes hurt but a huge twitching smile. 
  • “I should probably leave now… Goodbye MC”
  • His voice cracked as his lower lips trembled but yet he got up to make his way to the door.
  •  "Yoosung"
  • “Yea?”
  • He stopped but didn’t do anything to turn around to look at you.
  • “Please stay"Y
  • oosung turned around, tears falling from his own eyes but his eyes was lighting up with hope
  • "Okay”

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