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INTJ & INFJ – episode 19 (ft. ENFJ)

INFJ: So you like HP then! What house are you in?

ENFJ: You both are gonna laugh! No matter how many times I take the tests, I always end up in Hufflepuff.

INTJ: But that’s such a wonderful house! And it really suits you.

ENFJ: Ugh. Is it? Does it?

INFJ: Absolutely. There’s this conception that being kind is the most radical thing you can do, a new punk. I really like the idea of Hufflepunk.

INTJ: And the aesthetics are so on point.

ENFJ: *Seems satisfied* Hey, that’s actually cool.
ENFJ: So, what house are you guys in?

INFJ: Ravenclaw.

INTJ: I’m-

ENFJ: Slytherin.

INTJ: Uhm. Ravenclaw, actually. But yeah, Slytherin would come second.

ENFJ: You Slytherins have this… vibe. You know? A very Slytherin vibe.

INTJ (quietly): But I’m a Ravenclaw.

ENFJ waves and says goodbye. INTJ and INFJ look at each other.

INTJ & INFJ: Of course ♥.

Supernatural: The Dating Sim

Sooooo I’ve been getting many messages about this since last night, and I will be answering the following under the cut:

- Plot

- Reader customization

- Dateable characters

- Other features

If you buds still have questions after this, shoot me an ask!

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More BatB Head-canons!

It never says exactly how long the castle was under the curse, but I’m gonna say around three-to-five years or so.  And I can imagine the staff–and the Prince!–had a lot of adjusting to do, most of which ended in clumsy flops.  So, here are a few of my head-canons regarding the first few weeks of the curse on the castle.


  • Adam spent roughly the first week holed up in the West Wing.  He was perpetually angry, scared, and everything in between.  
  • He would rip tapestries to shreds and knock down all of those beautiful objects that he taxed the village for.  In a way, he kind of enjoyed the power that came with his new form.
  • Several times he used the mirror to take him away from his darkened castle, but every time the image faded and showed him his face, he tried to break it.  Enchanted objects don’t break, though.  Ever.
  • He eventually left the West Wing out of hunger.
  • When he did leave, he liked to stamp his feet so that they echoed throughout the halls of the castle.  This indirectly was a warning to the servants that he was out and about.


  • The first time Lumiere found that he could create fire at will was a rather close call as he was near Plumette at the time.  There was no harm done, but he was extra careful for a while after that.
  • He was also the most mobile of the staff, and used this to run through the castle every morning to check on everyone.
  • He made use of swinging from torches and chandeliers as a faster way to travel, but one time one of his candles got lodged in one of the designs in the torch-holders.  He was hanging there for about an hour–which included Froufrou running by and not seeing him–before Chapeau found him and helped.  He thought twice before ever doing it again afterwards.


  • Plumette was a huge clutz during the first few weeks because she had to master flying as opposed to walking like a regular person would.  She couldn’t do that with her tail because the feathers couldn’t support the weight of the handle.  So there were a lot of falls.
  • However, after getting used to it, she found it to be really fun.  After all, who didn’t want to fly when they were a kid?


  • Cogsworth always thought it was his job to keep the staff–particularly Lumiere–in check, but it infuriated him to find that he was a lot slower than most of the staff in his clock form.  He had this idea that the castle would descend into chaos if he wasn’t around to make sure it didn’t.
  • He panicked a lot.  Sometimes for rational reasons, other times for no reason at all.
  • Whenever Adam left the West Wing, he was on high alert, and this was probably the only time the staff would actually listen to him.  But as the years went on, they gradually stopped.


  • Despite the situation they were all in, Chip was the one that remained the most cheerful.  After all, now there were so many new places to hide in!
  • He also found that hopping around all the time was rather tiresome, so he found the saucers and invented a new way of travel that he liked to call plate-gliding.  Though Mrs. Potts nearly had a heart attack when she saw it for the first time.

Mrs. Potts

  • Despite her decreased mobility, Mrs. Potts did not let herself get pessimistic.  She actually got a lot stricter and more motherly with not just Chip, but any other members of the staff that looked like they needed it.
  • She was also the one that left little food portions outside Adam’s door during the first week.  She had always seen herself as a mother figure, so this was the perfect time to finally step in and be a mother figure to Adam, who had been without a mother’s touch for way too long of a time.
  • She was the only one who Adam would actually listen to.  If she gave him the strictest, most condescending tone she could muster, Adam would straighten up and listen.  Worked like a charm every time.


  • The only living thing that outran Lumiere (and Chapeau) in the castle staff was Froufrou.  And that dog ran everywhere.  She could not be contained by anyone except for Garderobe and Cadenza.  And that would have been enough, had the two not been separated.  So the staff only had control over Froufrou for half the time.  The other half was them praying she didn’t break anything.
  • This eventually led to them dog-proofing the castle, and that took longer than any of them cared to admit.  They did add the dog flap, though, and Froufrou did most of her running outside after that.
  • Once Froufrou became familiar with the rest of the staff, she gladly transported any of the slower-moving staff members where they needed to go.  This only worked like 75% of the time, though.
  • Froufrou also found Garderobe before anyone else did, the day after the ball.  Needless to say, she and Cadenza were both overjoyed to hear that the other was safe and okay.  Besides the obvious, anyway.


  • Aside from being cursed and being separated from his wife for heaven knows how long, he was actually okay with the form the Enchantress chose for him.  He could still talk, move around and compose/play music, so for a while that was all he did.  What he really cared about was seeing Garderobe again.
  • He was, however, a little irked that dental pain was still a thing.  It didn’t interfere with his playing before, but now it did, and it was a real annoyance at times.
  • One of the more successful ways of calming Froufrou down was him playing something slow and soothing.  She’d hear it and run over to him, instantly forgetting whatever it was she was doing before.  Sometimes he’d play her to sleep, and the staff got a few hours of time to either clean up or go about whatever they were doing before.


  • Garderobe spent the first few weeks of the curse alone except for visits from Lumiere and Froufrou, sometimes both of them at once.  This was where she got her unusual sleeping schedule.  After a while, singing and talking to herself just grew to be rather tiresome without anyone to listen/accompany her.
  • When she learned she could make dresses with the fabric in her drawers, she made a few for herself to wear if the spell was ever broken, but then decided to make little accessories for the rest of the staff.  Plumette was her model a few times, and the two became great friends because of it. 
How Do You See

Request: could you do a Jason x reader where he hasn’t told them he’s Red Hood but comes home to find them messing around with his helmet they found and instead of freaking out are just asking how the heck he sees out of it?

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, bad joke at the end but it’s me whadya expect

A/N: This was fun to write while I’m avoiding homework. 


It had been a long night, and Jason was tired. After an undercover mission all he wanted to do was go home and cuddle with Y/N, eat some takeout and go to bed. He had grabbed the takeout on his way home and was now tiredly climbing up the stairs to your shared apartment. He heard a loud crash and that was enough to have him sprinting up the rest of the stairs with his gun in hand before bursting into the apartment.

He held the gun up ready to shoot whoever had made that noise until he saw you surrounded by his Red Hood uniform holding up his helmet. He put his gun in the waistband of his pants before approaching you. ‘“Shit, I promise you I was going to tell you eventually Y/N.”

“How the Hell do you see out of this thing Jay?” You asked curiously examining the shiny red helmet in your hands. He let out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding in.

“I have no idea doll.” He laughs bringing you into his arms all while placing the helmet on the bed and kissing your forehead. “So just to be clear, you’re not mad at me for not telling you?” The man hesitated, patiently awaiting an answer with nerves in his belly.

“No why would I be mad?” You laughed at him. “My boyfriend is a badass vigilante and I’ll forever know that you’re not cheating on me.”

“Thank goodness, I thought we were done for sure.” He let out a breath of air and relaxed his tensed up body.

“But quick question?” You said and he nodded.

“That was one but go ahead and shoot.”

“Do you get the vigilante discount at the grocery store?” You were just getting started with the dumb jokes and he knew that but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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RTMI: I have a bad habit of singing while I do things. Xbox isn't great at telling you when your mic is or isn't off. and that's how i ended up treating my qp overwatch team to three arias, the veggietales theme, and an enthusiastic rendition of take on me before someone was nice enough to tell me.


you were gone//remus x reader

request: Hellloo :) I was wondering if I could request a remus x reader where the reader is having a nightmare where something happend to remus, so she walks over to his dorm. But it was full moon , so none of the boys were there. When they come back the reader sleeps in remus’ bed and I’m not sure how it should end. I leave it to you. Thanks already if you write it 🤗


He was running. She didn’t know what he was running from but it was loud, and he was vulnerable. She felt like she was watching through glass, her nose pressed against it as her shaky breath fogged up the surface-but she could do nothing. She could only watch. The unknown terror was getting louder and faster, and Remus was sprinting as fast as he could, when he tripped over a tree root and-

Y/N woke up with a gasp. She grabbed her duvet to make sure it was real, and counted to ten. Her other dorm-mates were all still in deep slumber, as she sat up, breathing heavily. Hair cascaded down her sweaty face, and damp eyes blinked rapidly.

It wasn’t real, she thought. Just a dream. It wasn’t real.

..but she still has to check.

She hastily gets out of her messy bed, and power walks to the boys dorms, jumping at every tiny creak. She doesn’t bother knocking, and is excited to see her boy. Her Remus. He will be there, she thinks.

Except he’s not.

She starts to sweat again, taking shallow, panicky breaths, willing herself not to cry. He’s just gone to the loo, right? The other boys must be here.

She goes round checking each bed, but finds every one empty. She tries to convince herself that they’ve just gone on some sort of kitchen raid, but something doesn’t seem quite right.

Y/N stumbles to Remus’s bed, grabbing one of his sweaters, and deeply breathing in his scent of old books and chocolate.

Just a prank. Just a silly prank. Again and again this repeats in her head, but she doesn’t quite believe it. She had never felt so alone, when she cried herself to sleep that night.


Y/N woke to the sound of a gentle voice. ‘Hey, come on darling, wake up, hey, come on m'sweet girl..’

‘R-Remus?’ She stutters, opening her sleepy eyes, and staring into his chocolate coloured ones.

‘Yes, yes it’s me love. You’re okay, you’re okay. I’m so sorry love.’

'W-Where were you.. I-I was so scared..’

'Hey, it’s okay, I’m okay my love, I’m here.’

James, Sirius and Peter watching from the background, exchanging worried glances.

'Listen, Y/N… I’m a werewolf. That’s where I was last night. Transforming. The boys are animagus, to help me through my transformations. Love, I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore… I-I just, I trust you more than anyone to tell you the truth, and I..’

'I love you too.’

'What? Erm, I mean, me too! Not like, I love me too, but I love.. argh, never mind.’ Remus says, ducking his head.

'Remus, I’m so glad you told me. I would never reject you over a thing like that.’

'We’ll leave you two alone..’ Remus could hear the smirk in James’s voice.

'Yeah have all kinds of…fun.’

Sirius had pink hair for the rest of the day. Don’t mess with Remus’s girl.


wait, what? Jaal ends up with Peebee if they are not romanced? What? They had, like, zero interactions, meanwhile Jaal and Liam:

  • - swapped their armor
  • - casually hang out together naked
  • - they actually do to it to “get to know each other better”
  • - stand in the crew quarters in one corner together all the time for no reason?? like, they don’t live there and there’s nothing in that corner. they just stand there and flirt for like last 4 missions?
  • - know how each of them sounds in their sleep. I mean, seriously how? They live on the different corners of the ship, but Liam knows that Jaal snores and Jaal says that Liam “whimpers”?? 

I mean, I wasn’t even paying attention, but it’s ridiculously all over the place. I’m actively trying to romance Vetra and I had less romantc moments with her than these two guys had with each other on a daily basis.

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I know this has probably been talked about to death but I haven't seen anyone talk about it so how would you feel if Buffy was done after season 5 and UPN didn't pick it up? Do you see season 6 and 7 as something that was needed?

Yes, a lot of people think the show should’ve ended with season 5. I’m not one of those people. I wouldn’t have liked my show to end with its heroine dead (especially not considering she was suicidal and her sacrifice is equal parts sacrifice and suicide…) 

Season 6 gets a lot of flack because it’s dark, but I think it’s amazing. First of all, it brought Buffy back. And Buffy’s depression arc is one of the best things to have ever been written on TV and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Plus, it delivered one of the best episodes in the history of television and a personal favorite, so for that alone, season 6 had to happen. The fact that it’s uncomfortable to watch doesn’t mean that it’s bad or that it should’ve been done. They took a lot of risks, some of them paid off, some of them backfired. But in the end, they all make for interesting and thought-provoking television. 

Season 7 is uneven and suffers from a lot of different problems but it had a lot of potential (pun not intended) and it could’ve been great with some tweaking here and there. And again, it’s not necessarily bad as much as it’s not as good as the previous seasons. 

Buffy deserved an epic ending. Chosen might have some problems and it certainly doesn’t satisfy all viewers equally, but you can’t deny that it was quite epic. The thing is, two seasons were needed to get from Buffy dying + resurrecting to that. So yeah

To sum up, I don’t agree with those who claim the show jumped the shark after season 5. And I would’ve liked more seasons of it as well. I love this show, ergo more equals good in my book.

Alright i’ve got a story for you guys

Ya’ll know it’s tax season, and I’ve never done my own taxes in my life. 24 years of age and not one of those years did I learn shitall about what Taxes were. My dad did them for me my entire working life. I moved out recently so clearly I have to do my own taxes. 

In comes Joe, my tax accountant guy. He’s been doing taxes for my dad for a long ass time, dude’s been in the biz for like 30 years, and he’s offering to do my taxes for free because I was unemployed last year for quite some time. (I have a good job now).

So I start asking questions about taxes, what the fuck they are, how much gets deducted from my pay, yadda yadda. Then he starts using metaphors to explain things and one of the metaphors ends up on baseball. I’m like ‘Cool. I’m from Jersey and understand this sport to an extent.’

And then he gets off topic about baseball in specific and he mentions a very japanese sounding name Ichiro Suzuki I think it was, to which I’m immediately like ‘That sounds familiar for some reason’.

So I in my sudden realization say “Isn’t he in like the national baseball hall of fame for having a million records?”

To which Joe was like “Yeah!” and he continued on with his tax explanation

So I get home like two hours later and I’m thinking to myself, I don’t watch baseball. I don’t play baseball I don’t have anything to do with baseball in my everyday life whatsoever. I’ve been to exactly one Yankees game when I was a child and that’s it. So how the fuck did I know that this Ichiro guy was a hall of famer with a shitton of records?

And then it hits me


everafterflawless  asked:

Hi! Do you have an advice or resources on writing a character arc. I fear my characters might not be fleshed out as much or does not have as much importance. I would really like to know how to make a Character arc. Thanks!!

Of course! I just answered a question here that I think will help in terms of character arc. Every character, no matter how minor, should have an arc, meaning that where they end up in the story is not where they begin–unless their refusal to move is the story. If they remain stubborn in their ways, that has to be part of the plot and pivotal to the story: the character that refuses to change is a story in itself, but it should be acknowledged and necessary rather than a side-effect of you forgetting about them while writing. 

Every event in our lives shapes us in some way, making us different people at the end of the event than we were when it began. Characters need to grow or they need to fall. And it doesn’t always have to be big–a man who starts off innocent and ends up a criminal, for example–but it should be different: someone who begins the story bitter and angry at his family but who, after having a child of his own, realizes how hard his parents worked to raise him, might, for example, be an arc of changing mentality. 

Even side characters should have some development, and it can be small, but in order to know if it’s “important” as you say, you should ask yourself: does your character have motivation for doing whatever they do in the story? Do they learn something? Do they change? If the answers are yes, then it’s likely you’ve found your arc!

Here are some more resources I think will help:

“Hashimada at least had mutual respect in their ship, not how SasuNaru did”

• Madara never had to witness the massacre of his entire clan by the hands of his elder, beloved brother. Only to figure out after “killing him” that it was a ruse set up by his own village leaders

• Madara got to lead a relatively decent childhood compared to Sasuke’s lonely and deprived one.

• Sasuke has always revered and respected Naruto in his thoughts and admitted to in the final valley

I.E: “You posses a strength that I do not.”

“I could not stop paying attention to you.”

Naruto, on the opposing end of Hashirama out right refused to ever kill Sasuke. Putting him before the village and even himself.

“I will burden your hatred and die with you.”

Where as Hashirama stabs him in the back, claiming for his village he would even kill his own child.

That’s not Naruto. Who would rather die with him, than live without him. As per his every action and his own words.

I ship both but cannot come to conclusions like this and not carry the damage that their childhoods had on their perspective of the world and how they handled relationships.

Sasuke isn’t Madara, because though they carry the same essence, their life was totally different, as well as their goals and how they went about them.

Madara and Hashirama were friends and then rivals.

Naruto and Sasuke have been both those things all along. They are interwoven in the fabric of their relationship, their competitive and bickering streak that plays into part with the fact that they notice and respect one another’s strength, - beneath it has always been admiration.

• Not to mention that just as a young child in the land of Waves Arc Sasuke was willing to let himself die rather then watch Naruto die

“Don’t let your dreams die.”

That’s respect, admiration, love and protectiveness.

Coming from a child who has no family and suffers from great pain and loss and confusion.

I ship them both. I just think it’s miscalculating to say this without regarding that they are totally different people, with separate goals and desires.

anonymous asked:

How do I get motivated in general? I just cannot focus on studying or reading or even just cleaning my room. I used to be able to read for hours or do anything for a while but now 20 minutes into something I get distracted and end up cleaning my room when I'm supposed to be studying. Basically I do everything I'm not supposed to do. How do I get motivated and stay focused?

Hi! Well, your case sounds a LOT like what is known as productive procrastination, which is procrastination 2.0 – you’re productive (e.g. you clean your room), but you’re not doing what you should be doing (e.g. studying). It might be better than just doing nothing, but in the end it’s still procrastination. 

I’ll link you to some resources below, but the best advice I can give you is to write a detailed list of what you want to get done today (not just any day, today), and don’t quit until every thing on that list is crossed off. Obviously you shouldn’t put too much on it, but a reasonable amount of both studying and household tasks will do! Try that out for a week and you’ll see that once you get used to doing things for a longer time again, it’s like you never stopped. pomodoros can help with studying (start with ten minutes, then gradually increase the amount of time to 15, 20, 30 etc!). 


i hope this helped! :)

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Hi love! Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend and they’re just hanging out at home so she asks him to braid her hair, and halfway through it he realizes that he doesn’t know how to do he just starts playing with her hair?

You flipped your hair back again as it fell in front of the pages that you were trying to read. Second later it blocked your view again. You groaned, annoyed. You looked up at your boyfriend, who sat on the other end of the couch, and smiled. “Hey, Seb.”


“Can you braid my hair?”

“Braid your hair? Why don’t you just do it,” he chuckled.

“Because I’m in the middle of a really good chapter and I don’t want to stop reading but my hair keeps attacking my face. Please,” you gave him a pouty face.

“How can I say no to that,” he joked and came to sit by you. You turned so your back faced him, handed him a pony tail from your wrist, and went back to reading.

Sebastian stared at your hair and remembered he’s always seen you and videos start by splitting it in three sections. He through two fingers in your hair, trying to section out the parts. After trying 4 times to get equal parts, and settling for what he could manage, he looked confused at the three sections that were in his hand. “One over,” he asked himself. “Or do I move two in opposite directions at once?” He tried moving two parts at once and panicked when he saw the large mess of hair he has created. Giving up he just started doing his own thing with your hair, moving it back and forth in his hand, and around in random ways.

The chapter must have been good because you went 5 minutes without noticing his random movements he did with your hair. “Ugh, babe,” you finally said.

“Yeah,” he acted like nothing was wrong since he was now entranced in playing with your hand.

“Are you actually braiding my hair or….?”

“Um…define braiding.”


For anon…reader is Nat’s older sister as requested. Enjoy!

“There’s just one thing I don’t get,” Tony piped up.
“Just one?” Nat teased.

Y/N chuckled as Tony rolled his eyes. It was the end of another Avengers party. The only ones left were Y/N, her sister Nat, and Tony. The others had gone to bed. Y/N’s husband, Nicky Fury, was currently on the phone elsewhere-business as usual.

“How did you manage to get Nick-no real life-Fury to marry you?” he asked Y/N.
She smirked slyly. “I think you’ve got the situation mixed up.”
“What do you mean?” Stark questioned.
Nat leaned forward with a laugh. “Fury asked her. Second date, I believe.”
“Second official date,” Y/N corrected, “There were some in betweens that weren’t really dates.”
“That still doesn’t answer my question,” Tony persisted, “Doesn’t matter. I just remembered I haven’t told you about the newest project.”
Y/N’s eyes lit up. “They’re in? The skin grafts?”
“That’s right, sweetheart. They’re in and ready to be transplanted. There was one thing I wanted to ask still about the nano plates.”
“Oh yeah! The nano plates were glitching a bit when they were hardwired to respond to both you and JARVIS-”
“Because I routed them as two separate channels-”
“Right! Which is why I reconfigured it to act as a singular channel. You tell JARVIS, and he activates the plates.”

Nat started chuckling. The two glanced back toward the red head. She smirked.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not exactly up to speed on your nerd rhythm,” Nat teased.
“I think Banner’s the only one that can keep up with those two,” Nick called from behind them.
Y/N scrunched her nose. “Not you too,” she playfully whined.
Nick smirked. Nat continued, “You two make us seems like clay tablets whenever you talk science.”

Nick sat next to his wife on the couch. She gripped his hand and leaned on his shoulder. Nick and Nat continued to tease you and Tony about the many projects you had going. Despite the fact that they did so anytime she rambled about them, she couldn’t help but to laugh with them. They were her family, and she was alright with that.

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You remember how happy we were when we got scenes with 'em laughin, solvin crimes, just hangin out in 221B? You remember how they were together and we were together too? But then the writers added Mary to the story. And they weren't together anymore. And we weren't together anymore. And every time I see people justifyin Mary, I just wanna punch 'em in the face so hard, because I see how her character ruined everything. She ruined their relationships. And our relationshipes were ruined too 😭

Hey Nonny!

Well, to be fair, I initially thought Mary was good for Johnlock, at least until they decided to do some weird 180º with her character… Seriously, the way they were building up her arc was that she was going to be a villain, she was the Romantic False Lead, and at the end of it, it should have led to John and Sherlock finally getting their shit together.

Then T6T happened and… Gah. I’m SO convinced that it’s a false narrative, that we’re not seeing the true story. Because Mary’s character still has a lot of the same traits that she did in S3, but for some reason John and Sherlock are just okie-dokie with her for killing Sherlock? I don’t believe it at all.

I think Granada Holmes was the only series to get it right. Well, and Ritchie, I think… I like Mary in that series. Anyway.

I still have faith that Johnlock is Endgame. I just really thought it made more sense for it to be sooner rather than later.

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hi emma! i've got a MAJOR bujo question. when people set up their weekly spreads, how on earth do they know how much empty space they should leave for each day?! i get that there are a few events and deadlines that you already know before the week starts, but i find myself having to add a lot of tasks as the week progresses, so it all ends up really cramped. any tips? thank you in advance :)

Hey! Ah, this is a major pet peeve for me too. I think knowing your own approximate timetable/schedule/weekly tasks is the only way you’ll be able to give enough space. Using your previous spreads as a guide you can add in a couple of extra lines from the previous week’s spread and see if that’s any better. I currently use one side of my journal to map out a week and I’m finding a little too cramped. I end up only getting to jot down 5-6 tasks per day. I do end up using other to-do pads some times! So because of this and now being back at uni (increased workload), I’ll probably try using a full two-page spread. If this is similar to you, then I’d try that first! The style of spreads you use could be altered to fit with an unpredictable schedule. For example, I really like the spreads with have a little sidebar with upcoming things like this and the rest of your regular to-dos. That way you can plan what is upcoming early in the week and then use the rest of the space for adding in bits and pieces as the days go on. Another option is to remove any extra bits you’re adding in or put them on a separate page. For instance, some people track the weather or add in pictures which could be used as extra planning space. One more option would be purchasing a bigger paged notebook. You should check out my bullet journal tumblr tag and my pinterest board for more inspiration! Hope this helps xx

I’ve been reblogging and fangirling on my FB all day about this but…


They are OTP.   Sarah attests to it, David has given interviews for eons about how he knows they end up together and now even Joss admits it’s the greatest love story he’s ever written.



Also, it should be noted that David has maintained for years that he doesn’t do reunions – OF ANY KIND.   He hates them - he prefers to move forward to new projects.   He’s been maintaining this mantra since at least 2003 – FOURTEEN YEARS AGO.

That’s also another concept that makes this so interesting – you could tell DB was a bit uncomfortable/anxious – yet when it comes to SMG, there’s this camaraderie and closeness that they have…it’s unlike any other.   I think he went back on his anti-reunions mantra because of SMG and their mutual adoration for one another, not to mention this ship.   He still goes on record to this day and thanks her for a lot of the great successes in his career, and that RL friendship and their fictional pairing is still the ONE thing that he looks back on when he refers to the Whedonverse.


anonymous asked:

you have no taste in characters. You would choose a flat chested girl to draw over a goddess like orihime? No wonder your art sucks it lacks any taste of the princess

Yeah I would because at the end of the day it’s my art and what I draw. If you don’t like it then that’s your own problem. I’m not here to debate over which female character is better in a series and cater to your needs and draw your 2D waifu. If you don’t like how I draw things then pick up a pencil and do it yourself. You like orihime? That’s fine by me but don’t come at me all upset just because I don’t like your “princess” and expect me to draw her. 

Get over yourself anon