how i became a pokemon card

Pokémon Origins is propaganda financed by Giovanni to create and enforce a personal agenda


“Young Giovanni,” looking all stately and determined, like the impassive leader he’s trying to raise Silver to act like. Contrast that against:

Young Giovanni. 

Bonus under the cut:

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Here it is, THE epic find of Gencon. Kagemaru Himeno’s Pokemon Card Story comic volume 4, containing stories for TR expansion Drowzee, Rocket’s Dugtrio (starring the Rockets Junk and Yurika, above), Sunkern, Graveler, Cleffa, and Aerodactyl.

(Sadly Giovanni’s tale is NOT in this one, however, there is a frame in the ads in the back, and that’s good enough for me.)

I’m so thrilled about this because Kagemaru Himeno’s stories were a HUGE influence on me when I started in this fandom- especially the Persian one- and I never expected to actually own something this rare and obscure. 

It was ridiculously cheap, too. Like, under $3 cheap.

Oh guys have i ever told you how i became a meme in my school

No literally, i was fucking famous because of some dumbass shit i said 

You know the Pokemon Diglet?

So i bought ten of these god damn cards and traded some of my other cards for 5 more so i had fifteen FUCKING diglet cards because 10-year-old me LOVED DIGLET.

10-year-old me was also a perverted, snarky bitch who liked to go around joking with all his friends, “HEY I GOT 15 DIGLETS” and showed them my card

Well eventually, i told so many damn people that i had 15 diglets that people started using that as an insult and a compliment. Two of these kids were joking around the damn lockers and i hear them saying, “YO DIGLET IS SHIT”

And then it only gets worse. People started CALLING me fucking DIGLET JIGLET

I was a FUCKING ICON in my god damn school for about 3 months because of damn diglet cards. The teacher even accidentally called me Diglet Jiglet because that was my FUCKING NAME FOR SO LONG. SHIT I EVEN WROTE IT ON PAPER WHEN THEY ASKED FOR NAME

I think that one of the most surreal things about everyone being back in Pokemon Fever because of Pokemon Go is because for now we can only catch Gen I pokemon. 

The very first video game I personally owned was Yellow and at the age of five I was in the prime age group for Pokemon Fever back when it hit its prime late-90s. As I child I remember Pokemon being plastered on everything. Toys dominated supermarket aisles just as much as Star Wars did, fast food restaurants had promotions that children flocked to. Pokemon cards were so coveted on playgrounds that my school actually banned them to keep kids from fighting over them during recess. Every chain store had generic patterned Pokemon merchandise from bedsheets to little bathroom wastebaskets and it was all Gen I. The Original 150 Plus One. 

The Pokemon fad faded and those 150 became 150 Plus A Whole Lot More. There always was a core group of people that loved the game– hell, a common love of Pokemon is how I made most of my friends in college. But Pokemon became something different than what it was before. Bigger, more expansive. Gen I became something almost-forgotten for me, because later generations had improved upon the formula and introduced new dynamics in such a way that the old games seemed exactly that– Old.  

Pokemon Go is everywhere. I met eight strangers last night in a hospital parking lot. Cars drive by playing the original anime theme song. We see so many ads up, so many people talking about Pokemon, and yet it’s all contextualized to those original 150, something I haven’t experienced in the Pokemon fandom since I was a very tiny child. It’s magical and surreal and so ham-handedly nostalgic I feel like I’m living an episode of the Twilight Zone sometimes. 

I don’t know if the hype will fade or if we’re in this for another wave of Pokemon Fever, but I’m excited to watch it unfold. Both my 23 year-old self and the grubby-handed 5 year old who sat under a street lamp catching zubats in the dark. 

Himeno manga scanlation project?

I was just skyping with birdboy about characters from the Kagemaru Himeno How I Became A Pokemon Card manga, and I mentioned it would be great if it could be scanlated in its entirety.

Back a few years ago, maybe five chapters were scanlated, and there are still scans floating about the internet but the majority of them were posted on fansites that were lost to time

I’m putting out a call for anyone who might have the Himeno comics and be willing to scan them, as well as scanlators. I have no idea what I could possibly contribute to the project- possibly webspace, as long as I can find someone to code a webpage, since I have some that’s paid off for another two years anyway, and I could get the word out as well. 

Signal boost the hell out of this post, please. I, as well as other Kagemaru Himeno and Pokemon manga fans, would love to see this series scanlated in its entirety, and I really think the magic of Tumblr could make it happen once and for all. 


Back in 2013 I preordered Pokemon White at my local EB games. Turns out that the cashier didn’t hear my name right and put me down for one of those fancy dancy Edge cards under the name “Diobis Michely” (which is not my name at all). I didn’t realize until I got home that they had put my name down wrong. I called in and had it corrected and the name became a small running gag in my group of friends.

It’s 2016. Three years later. I have a new card because I lost the old one. Signed up for a new account. This time however, my name is now apparently “Tobis Micheor”. Honestly. How does this keep happening??? ??