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let me talk a bit about my magical royal bangtan au

  • firstly jin, jungkook, and jimin are brothers/princes your kingdom
  • hoseok, namjoon, and taehyung are brothers/princes of the rival kingdom
  • yoongi is a high wizard, the last remaining of his bloodline because his parents gave him up to an orphanage when he was young to protect him from being hunted down by the crown which had declared a war on magic
  • yoongi doesn’t know where his parents are, but in the orphanage he was ridiculed for the spreading of a glowing purple rash that runs up his neck (a common, naturally occurring tattoo for wizards whose familiars are crows)
  • and at the age of eight he broke out using magic and learned to fend for himself, mostly from the black market of potion brewing which he used to sustain himself
  • up until now when he’s apprehended by the royal guards and he thinks he’s going to be like??? thrown in jail but jin explains to him that there’s an oracle loose in the country
  • an oracle that one of the princes has to marry to be able to see the future of the country through the power of eternal love (aka marriage)
  • and yoongi is like wELL how exactly am i supposed to help you with that??? and jin is like “don’t hide it.” and one of the guards tugs at yoongi’s long hood and when it drops the glowing purple tattoo is there
  • and yoongi’s staff which he disguised as a walking stick reacts to the exposed tattoo and shifts back into its original form, along with his crow familiar perched atop it
  • and jin is like “you’re a wizard, you can sniff out another magical aura can’t you?” and yoongi scoffs because like what the hell is in it for him and jin is like “jimin, bring the gold” and at that yoongi’s whole attitude changes because uh,,,,,,money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YES PLEASE
  • and yoongi tries to reach out to touch it but jungkook unsheathes his sword and yoongi is like ok ok i got it ill find the oracle
  • and guess who the oracle is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ITS YOU
  • you just???? don’t know it because your whole life you’ve spent it working for your families grocery store in town and you’re just???? an ordinary person who sells vegetables and fruits alongside your parents
  • but ,,,,,,,, you know,,,,,,sometimes you get dreams so vivid and realistic about future events and a war,,,,,,that might happen between the rival kingdom
  • and you just shrug it off as nightmares
  • but yoongi, he can sense it just by walking by you. there’s something magical, something different
  • and yoongi decides to disguise himself as one of the royal guards and he makes up some story about how the princes have ordered an obscene amount of pumpkins and your family is delighted to send you over with three huge boxes of them
  • but once you’re inside the palace, you get a weird feeling because,,,,,,,common people aren’t,,,,,,,,allowed in here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like ,,,,,,,,,,,ever
  • and this story about pumpkins isn’t adding up and when you turn to ask yoongi whats going on,,,,he’s shapeshifted back into his normal form
  • and you see the tattoo, the piercing eyes and the huge black-wood staff and crow and you’re like oh S HI T
  • and you’re considering throwing a pumpkin at this dude and just making a RUN for it
  • but the doors in front of you open and you immediately have to drop to your knees because it’s the three noble princes of the kingdom
  • and jin goes “is this them?” and yoongi’s like “it’s the only person with any kind of magic in their aura. it has to be.”
  • and you’re like what the hell is going on,,,,magic is forbidden in this country
  • and that’s how you end up seated at a long table, the three princes and yoongi at one end and you at the other
  • and jin is trying to carefully explain the situation whilst jungkook keeps growling under his breath and yoongi whose shoving his face unapologetically with fancy food
  • jimin,,,,,,,tries to peak looks at you but is too shy if you lock eyes with him
  • and you’re like what,,,,,,wait,,,,,,marriage???????? to one of you???????
  • and jin is like “you can take some time to think about, not long though we need to be married to be able to see the full potential of your prophecies-”
  • but you’re like prophecies???????? im not magical????? sure i get weird dreams
  • and yoongi stops eating just to be like “dream, prophecy same thing.”
  • and you’re flabbergasted to say the least
  • and jin is trying his best to give you a smile, and jimin is like “sorry!!!!! you have to go through this!!!!!!” and jungkook keeps just toying with his sabers handle
  • and you’re like i,,,,,,,,can’t just,,,,,,
  • but jin gets up and makes his way across and takes your hand and he’s like “please, it’s for the sake of this country that we love.”
  • and basically the princes explain that you can live alongside them for a month and see which one of them is best suited to your taste
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,, wait is that like ill be dating three????of you?????
  • and jungkook is like “just pick jin, don’t waste time!” but jimin is like “jungkook,,,,,,we can’t just force them ok!!”
  • and you’re like what in the heck

–> Jin

  • he really likes being in the kitchen and learning from the world famous cooks that get hired,,,,,and it’s almost shocking to see him out of his white, elegant outfit and in an apron instead
  • is the oldest and takes care of jungkook and jimin more like his children than his brothers because his parents largely neglected them for their political life
  • so you always see jin internally worrying about his younger siblings and just wishing they’d behave (jungkook more than anything)
  • doesn’t really like fencing or rowing,,,,,,,,his favorite royal sport is archery and you once wake up to see him practicing early in the morning in the gardens and he looks so poised and collected,,,,,,,it’s enchanting
  • if you choose to spend more time with him he tries to teach you to shoot a bow and to do that he stands behind you, arms on your shoulders, than moving your waist to position you and his breathe against your ear
  • and jin is always excited when you talk about your job as a produce seller and he insists on buying from your family owned store even when the cooks are like uh,,,,,,,,we can import something from france-
  • but jin falls in love with your families food and you teach him how your parents taught you to peel potatoes prettily and make sure the cabbage is ripe enough to be fermented
  • and like,,,,,you fall for him largely because he actively engages with you and also he’s such a freakin flirt
  • like he’ll see you wandering around the big palace and say that you look lovely
  • or randomly compliment your voice, or your eyes, or the way you laugh
  • and it gets to your heart really fast,,,,,,,,,,,,

–> Jimin 

  • he’s not all that great at politics, the arguments and constant trickery get him really worked up and so he turns to jin for a lot of the guidance on actual affairs of the country
  • more than anything he loves the arts,,,,,,,,,everything from painting to singing to dancing to sculpting to writing,,,,,,,,,
  • he’s learned every instrument he’s ever been able to get his hands on and he has a teacher for every subject of art he could ever become interested in
  • and the crazy thing is that he really is talented,,,,,,,,,no matter what he tries to do. he draws beautifully, his voice is perfect for singing, and he even dancing like a professional it’s become an annual joy to watch his performances put on at the country national theater
  • but he’s also quite shy and flustered and you’re not sure how to approach him but out of everyone,,,,,,he seems really apologetic and guilty about you having to do this
  • and he tells you quietly once when you bump into each other at midnight in the halls that he wishes you didn’t have to force yourself to fall in love with one of them,,,,,love is something so free and so beautiful and it should happen naturally
  • and for a moment you wonder if maybe jimin knows what love is like,,,,,and how much it should be cherished,,,,but you don’t ask
  • although this talk does somehow make jimin a bit more comfortable around you 
  • like he starts asking you to join him for the tea together,,,,,,,and to maybe try your hand at sculpting with him or learning to play the violin since well you have a month to kill in this huge palace why not
  • but also,,,,,jimin is so attentive and affectionate. he becomes much more clingy the more comfortable he becomes and you notice with how suddenly he isn’t shy to kiss your hand or even touch your shoulder gently when you clumsily hold up the violin
  • and when jimin asks you to tell him about what it’s like to be surrounded by a family that loves and cares for you
  • he can only stare with wide eyes and a warmness when you tell him anecdotes of yourself and your parents
  • and you slowly realize that jimin didn’t get to experience this,,,,,,and that jimin really just wants unconditional love
  • and he’s so soft,,,,,,,he deserves it
  • and somehow you end up deciding that,,,,,,,,,,,you want to give it to him. that unconditional, real love

–> Jungkook

  • is interested in all the cool things he gets to do as a prince,,,,,,,,,,like learn how to sword fight from the country’s top knight and how to ride horseback in a flashy style 
  • and long story short he has no interest in the manners of a prince, the public eye on him and his “grace and elegance” or whatever that stuff is called
  • he wants to be heroic and brave, he wants to be a legend which is why he keeps jumping at all the chances to prove himself physically and jin always has to hold him back by the ear and be like “jungkook. sit down.”
  • likes collecting weapons and keeps insisting that jin let him get karate lessons from a real monk or something and jin is like jungkook. no you don’t need to know karate- jungkook: yES i d O,,,,,,,
  • he has absolutely zero interest in you at the beginning. like he sees you and is like “jin is amazing, marry him.” and you’re like uh,,,,,i don’t know him and jungkook shrugs like get to know him through marriage
  • and he seems to really dislike that yoongi guy and jungkook is like because wizards are historically always up to no good
  • and glances a look at you and is like “oracles don’t seem all that great either” and you wanna be like square up punk but he is the prince so you bite it back
  • until,,,,,,,,,,,,you figure out one day that jungkook absolutely sucks at juggling like out of all things,,,,,,,,the boy cannot juggle
  • and you know how to because out of boredom when you were working at your grocery you used to practice with apples or oranges 
  • and you do it one day to show jimin and jungkook is like “i can do that too” but lmao he CANT
  • and when he drops all the apples to the floor you and jimin are giving him smug smiles and jungkook is like jUST WAIT ILL PRACTICE AND BEAT YOU
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,,, he can’t get the hang of it. and you offer to help him but he refuses point blank and you’re like ok whatever
  • until one day as you’re sitting at the window of the room you were given you hear a maid announce that prince jungkook is coming inside
  • and to your shock there he is,,,,,looking defeated and red in the ears and the butler beside him is holding a basket of apples and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,pl-please teach me how to,,,,,,,,,you know,,,”
  • and you can’t help but stifle a giggle and be like “juggle?” and he’s like gkhfdsaljgfs,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and so you decide why not whats there to lose and so you help jungkook learn the technique
  • and after a week he’s doing really well and he’s like “let me move on to juggling knives-” but you’re like no no nO 
  • and you can’t believe it but jungkook is laughing and having a good time with you
  • and he has such a cute way about him when he’s happy and not trying to put on that indifferent scowl
  • and it’s when you’re out walking through the stables and you see jungkook, forehead pressed to the nose of his horse saying goodnight to it that you figure hey,,,,,,he’s actually Soft isn’t he
  • and jungkook spots you and is like YOU SAW NOTHING,,,,but you’re like i saw everything and it was adorable
  • and jungkook is like “don’t call me adorable. you’re adorable!!!!! not me!!!!” and you’re like woah did you just compliment ???? me ????? in a roundabout way
  • and jungkook flushes red and is like uh,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,,i guess,,,,,i don’t know,,,,,,,,,,you’re cute,,,,,,,ive never felt this before,,,,,,,,help me,,,,,,
  • you: do you still want me to marry jin?
  • jungkook: no,,,,,,,,,,,,,id have to challenge him to a duel if that happened

—> Yoongi

  • is planning on just leaving you with the princes and being on his merry way,,,,,but then he realizes,,,,,,,,,what in the world is he doing giving someone who can predict the future up to a bunch of royals who killed off his bloodline
  • but he knows he can’t just snatch you away again so he decides instead that he’ll stick around and see which prince you choose and then maybe he can take it from there
  • but also,,,,, ever since he brought you to the palace his familiar has been acting weird. like the crow has become ,,,,,,, interested in you and it usually never care for other humans beside yoongi
  • and it takes yoongi quite some time until you pull out from your pockets pumpkin seeds and the crow swoops down from its perch on yoongi’s staff and to sit on your forearm as it pecks away at the food
  • and the three princes are shooing the crow off and yoongi has to catch his familiar and hold it under his cloak 
  • and that night when he’s going back from the palace his familiar won’t stop cawing and it’s annoying him and he’s like “FINE we’ll go back to see them”
  • and to your utter surprise you find yoongi sitting on the balcony outside your window and you’re like “why are you back here???”
  • and yoongi, obviously trying to play it cool is like, “because i,,,,,,,,wanted to see how you’re doing.” and you’re like “i,,,,,,,,,feel really weird and uncomfy,”
  • and yoongi is like dammit ok time to pretend to show feelings and goes “i know it’s scary, but the country-”
  • but he notices you’re not listening and instead looking at his neck and he’s like “what?” and your like “your tattoo is so pretty,,,,,,is it magical?? ive never seen glowing purple ink”
  • and yoongi quickly puts his hand over it and is like “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” and you’re like “im not, im just saying it’s really nice to look at.”
  • and yoongi suddenly forgets that he’s supposed to be pretending and he’s like “really? most people think it looks like some kind of disease.” and you’re like “what? no it kinda looks like a little nebula on your skin”
  • the description catches yoongi off guard and he’s like “i should get going,,,,” but before he leaves you ask if he’ll come again and yoongi hesitates but nods
  • and every night yoongi is waiting there on your balcony and he asks which prince you’re interested in and you’re like none of them really and you guys talk more and yoongi can’t believe it 
  • like it might be the fact that you have magic in you like he does ,,,,,,,, but you’re the first person he’s ever had to talk to,,,,,,,, and it feels nice
  • yoongi shows you that his staff can transform into a broom and that’s how he flies up to the balcony and you’re like “flying sounds so fun,,,”
  • and yoongi is like “ill show you, come here” and you, rather fearlessly, get on the broom with him and wrap your hands around his waist
  • and yoongi would turn red ,,,,,,, which he does but it looks even cuter because the tattoo starts to flash and you’re like huh whys that and yoongi is like igNORE it,,,,,,,,
  • and he takes you for a fly around the palace and you can see the lights from the village and all across the country’s mountains
  • and you’re like “this is so amazing!!!!!!” and yoongi smirks to himself because,,,,,,,,,,,ok he’s totally having fun showing off his flying skills right now (even though he won’t admit it)
  • and yoongi comes to terms that his familiar wasn’t acting all that weird the day he dropped you off with the princes, tbh he was looking for an excuse to go back and see you
  • and when the month is up and it’s the night before your marriage yoongi can’t hold back and he goes “run away with me. i can get us out of this country,,,,,,,,,,,,i can’t leave you and your magic in the hands of,,,,,,,those people”
  • and he isn’t even thinking about your powers as something he can sell anymore, he’s thinking about you,,,,,,,as the person beside him,,,,,,,as someone he wants to protect
  • and you’re nervous because ,,,,,, this country needs you right????? but yoongi is living proof that this country hurts those who harbor magic
  • which is why you take his hand and yoongi gets you on his broom and he throws his hood over your shoulders since the night sky is cold
  • and you to vanish from that country,,,,,,,together,,,,,,,,,,to start somewhere new

note: this is super corny im sorry it’s just something ive thought about for ages and could ramble on about because ive made this au so detailed in my mind LOL,,,,,,,,,should i do hoseok + taehyung + namjoon because they actually do fit into this plot but i don’t know if you guys will like this au enough to wanna read about them,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway!!!!! i hope you enjoyed

bad boy josh / dancer tyler

josh propositions tyler and exploits his flexibility. also worked a jockstrap kink in because you know, why not (for a request) ;-p

ps - i know i have a huge surplus of bottom tyler and i said i’d do some bottom josh, don’t think i forgot. 


when josh got off from work, it was his job to pick up his younger sister from ballet practice. it was in a somewhat shady part of the city, and she was not allowed to take the bus home because it would be getting dark by the time her class was over. his mom never understood the dyed hair, the make up, tattoos, and piercings. But she figured it was the least josh could do, was use his intimidating looks to protect his sister and allow her to fulfill her dream. 

josh was a high school drop out in his early twenties. he never really outgrew his rebellious phase. his parents wanted him to go to college, so instead he picked up a full-time job as a bartender to support his bachelor pad, supplementing his income selling drugs. they also wanted him to find a girl and settle down and have a family. but instead he got drunk every weekend, bringing strange guys home to fuck before practically shoving them out the door. he had been to jail a few times for petty crimes, mostly to do with misdemeanors, drugs, or stealing. but he worked out and fought dirty, so no one fucked with him.  

josh’s phone buzzed when he was standing outside having a smoke before getting in his car. he sighed when he seen the text was from his sister, and he realized he was running late. he dropped the cigarette on the ground and stomped it before getting in his beat up car and driving to the city. it was a friday, so he was beyond tired from the work week and ready to party. but this was his last obligation. 

sorry sis, just lost track of time 

josh texted while parked at a red light. a car behind him honked as soon as the light turned green. so josh rolled down his window to flip off the cunt, then turned his music up. 

josh pulled up beside the building to see his sister standing next to a guy he never seen before. he parked and took in the guy’s appearance, finding it hard to peel his eyes from him. his sister waved, which broke him out of his trance. then he realized she was walking to his car with the guy. 

“thanks josh. oh, by the way, this is tyler. is it alright if you give him a ride home? his mom forgot to pick him up.” she asked. josh looked at tyler, a tall, thin boy with soft lips, doe eyes, and dark features. his expression looked vulnerable and apologetic, maybe even a little scared. 

“yeah i guess” josh answered with a shrug, “get in.” 

josh’s sister got in the front seat, and he watched in the rear view mirror as tyler climbed into the back. he looked down timidly and blushed when he caught josh’s piercing eyes staring at him in the mirror.  

“thank you, josh, f-for the ride” tyler said politely. josh nodded to him in the mirror before starting his car. 

“so how old are you, tyler?” josh asked after a few minutes of driving. 

“i’ll be 21 december 2nd” tyler answered, curious as to why josh was asking. josh did the math in his head, realizing tyler wouldn’t be old enough to drink for another 2 months. 

“why do you ask?” tyler asked finally, smiling a little. josh’s sister felt slightly awkward with her big brother hitting on her friend. but tyler didn’t seem to be aware at all. josh smiled at him, playfully winking through the mirror. 

“i guess getting you drunk is out, for now at least” josh mumbled. his sister made a disgusted look and turned to face tyler. 

“i’m sorry he’s like this. he can be kind of forward” she apologized. tyler just shook his head, his cheeks still flushed. 

“it’s fine. how old are you, josh?” tyler asked. josh liked how this guy seemed to be awfully bold for wearing a floral kimono and tights. 

“i turned 24 a few months ago.” josh answered. 

“oh, i like older men” tyler joked. josh felt a rush of something he hadn’t known existed at tyler’s voice. maybe because it was the first time in a while he’s picked up on someone without being drunk. 

“yeah, well i like younger men,” josh said. “would you like to check out my place instead? i got video games and weed.”

“oh my god josh, are you actually bribing him?” his sister asked, appalled at how this was going. she’d never seen this pliant side of tyler. 

“wow. i’ve never smoked weed, but do you have mario kart? i love mario kart” tyler said, bouncing in his seat a little. he was warming up to josh quickly. 

“yeah, i have mario kart. so you down?” josh asked glancing between tyler’s beautiful reflection and the street. 

“umm…..okay, i’m down! i’ll just text my mom and tell her i’ll be at a friend’s” tyler said. josh smiled at his innocence, and his sister just crossed her arms and stared out the window. 

josh dropped his sister off at home, and she gave him a warning look. she knew of josh’s fuckboy ways and didn’t like the idea of innocent tyler being swept into it. she knew tyler was sensitive at heart, and probably looked up to josh in a way for being a badass. she really didn’t want him to be some hook-up and get his heart broken. 


josh asked tyler if he was hungry, which his reply was that he was starving, but he could only have salad with lean protein. josh gave him a funny look, but ordered the grilled chicken salad for tyler and a quarter pounder with cheese for himself. 

“so what’s with that? are you always so strict with what you eat? i mean you’re already pretty thin” josh said, looking over him with concern. 

“yeah, there are strict guidelines that i have to maintain a certain weight and train hard. i can’t have my system clogged up with junk. it’s just part of it” tyler answered, shrugging. josh took a huge bite of his burger. 

“so how do you train, isn’t it just twirling in tutu’s ‘n shit?” josh asked with his mouth still full. tyler shot him an appalled look and josh laughed. 

“i do NOT wear a tutu. males just wear tights, thank you very much” 

“you don’t mind your junk showing like that? you know people are checking you out” josh asked, grinning at him. tyler rolled his eyes. 

“dude, you really have no idea, do you?” tyler asked. 

“what do you mean?” 

“i wear a jockstrap, so it’s not like too obvious. also i need to wear tights so i can stretch and move freely.” tyler explained. josh almost crashed the car with the images tyler was putting into his head and he just let out a little “hmm”. 

at josh’s place, josh offered tyler to sit on the shabby but comfortable sofa in front of the t.v. “it’s not much, but it’s my own. i’ll turn on the game” josh said. when tyler turned his back to take off his kimono, josh got his first look at tyler’s long, slender legs and ass in those tights and his jaw dropped. he wanted to run his hands over them, but he went back to focusing on the game before tyler seen him staring. tyler took off his sweaty shirt as well, draping it over the arm of the sofa. josh turned around to see tyler’s body on full display for him. 

“fuck” josh grunted, taking in tyler’s lean frame and tattoos. from how tyler looked in clothes, he never would’ve pictured him to have tattoos or any kind of tone. tyler flushed, eyes glossy as josh shamelessly eye-fucked him. josh’s gaze rested on the sizable bulge between his thighs. 

“goddamn” josh reiterated, “well let me see you in that jock strap.” josh said in a deeper voice. tyler stood up, giving a slow striptease as he pulled his tights off. josh’s breath hitched at the sight of the happy trail and bush peaking out at the top of the waistband being pulled down slightly by tyler’s interested dick. josh sat back on his knees, palming himself. 

“turn around, let me see that ass” josh said, and tyler laughed softly. he did as he was told, turning his back to josh and letting him see how the strap framed his firm, round ass. josh let out a low growl, palming himself harder. 

“we’ll play the game, but you’re wearing nothing but this” josh said.

“what about you?” tyler asked, turning back to face him and sitting back down. josh pulled his t-shirt up over his head and took off his ripped jeans, tossing them aside. 

“that’s better. so much better, wow” tyler said, grinning and settling back as josh sat next to him in his briefs. he handed tyler a remote and they started a game. 

after losing to tyler for a 4th round, josh asked tyler if he’d like something to drink. 

“just water, thanks” tyler answered. he watched josh get up and walk to his kitchen, checking out his muscular back. josh came back with a bottle of water and also handed tyler a joint. 

“what’s this for?” tyler asked, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. 

“are you kidding? put this in your lips and suck, then inhale the smoke” josh said. 

“well i never smoked before” 

“you’ll like it, i promise” josh said, lighting his own joint and taking a puff in front of tyler. josh held the lighter up to tyler’s and lit the end of the joint. tyler inhaled, taking as much as he could. but it burned, so he started coughing. josh put his hand on his back, rubbing up and down.

“you okay? here, take a drink.” josh said, and opened tyler’s water for him, holding it to his lips. tyler drank the water, eyes still closed and put his hand on josh’s to signal he was done. finally tyler opened his eyes to look at josh, and josh started giggling.

“what?” tyler asked, sounding confused. he stared at josh’s face, really taking in his features for the first time. it hit him that he was sitting almost naked next to a very attractive man who was also almost naked. and he wanted to kiss him. 

“you are so fucking high. your eyes are bloodshot” josh said. game forgotten, tyler made his move, crashing his lips to josh’s. he slipped his tongue into josh’s mouth, desperately sucking and moaning at his taste. josh rubbed tyler’s thighs as he moved to straddle his lap. he continued kissing along josh’s jawline and down his neck. 

“damn baby, this seems to bring out the freak in you” josh laughed, running his fingers through tyler’s hair as he placed kisses along his collarbone and shoulder. 

“i want you to fuck me, josh. i want you to choke me” tyler whispered, grazing his fingers down josh’s pec. josh grabbed tyler’s ass and hoisted him up, laying him back against the couch. 

“you want me to do this, huh” josh said, bringing his large hand around tyler’s neck. tyler stared into his eyes, feeling completely helpless in the best way. josh settled between tyler’s thighs, kissing him while tightening his hand. 

“is it too tight?” josh asked, to which tyler immediately shook his head ‘no’. josh continued kissing tyler’s swollen lips, relishing in the small whimpers and moans pouring out of them. tyler was beginning to feel lightheaded and started grinding up against josh for friction. josh groaned against tyler’s mouth, biting his bottom lip. he could feel how hard tyler was, how turned on he was by what josh was doing. 

“you like that? fuck, baby boy” josh said, making tyler whine. he continued grinding their crotches together and brought his fingers to tyler’s lips. 

“suck” josh whispered. tyler licked and sucked josh’s fingers, moaning and making a show of it. if josh’s heavy breathing was any sign, his intentions were working. 

“how do you want to be fucked?” josh asked, staring intently into tyler’s eyes. 

“daddy” tyler whispered, gazing back lovingly and placing his hands on josh’s arms. josh’s eyebrows shot up at this name. 

“oh that’s it. let’s see how flexible my little freak is” josh said, pushing his own briefs down and shoving tyler’s knees up to his head. tyler hooked his arms around the backs of his knees, holding them there. josh muttered something before spitting on his fingers and spreading it over his cock. 

“mmmmm, yes daddy” tyler moaned as the head of josh’s cock nudged against his hole, beginning to sink in. josh’s mouth fell open as he inched his way to the hilt, hips pressing against tyler’s ass. 

“so tight, unbelievable” josh huffed as he entered tyler over and over. he went slowly from tip to base so they could feel every inch of each other. josh lifted tyler’s ass up, bending him more. to josh’s surprise, tyler put his feet behind his head. josh continued fucking him like that, going a little harder. 

“right there, oh god daddy yesss” tyler whined. josh’s eyes widened and he sped up, hitting that same spot inside him again and again. he grabbed the hem of tyler’s jockstrap, pulling it down to reveal his rock hard dick and grasping it. he dipped his finger through tyler’s pre-cum, spreading it down his shaft and playing with him while pounding his ass harder. 

“alright baby, i wanna see that ass” josh said, remaining deep inside tyler and kissing his lips. tyler kissed back, letting his legs back down and running his fingers through josh’s hair. 

“okay daddy” tyler answered, flipping over on his stomach once josh pulled out. josh snapped tyler’s jockstrap, causing tyler to whimper and buck his ass up. he grabbed tyler’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart and licking over tyler’s hole. 

“such a good boy for me” josh muttered, pulling tyler’s hips up for more access. tyler begged josh for more, rocking back, but josh held him still and bit his ass cheek. 

“who’s in charge here?” josh asked, hearing tyler let out a sigh and halting his efforts. 

“you are daddy” tyler answered submissively. 

“that’s right” josh said, going back to eating tyler out while stroking his own cock. he reached around to squeeze tyler’s dick through the jockstrap and didn’t stop eating him until he felt tyler trembling. he also knew tyler was close because he was moaning louder.

“shhhh baby do you want everyone to know you’re being fucked like a little slut?” josh asked, placing kisses up tyler’s back and rubbing his hips. 

“yes, daddy i’m you’re slut and i want everyone to know it” tyler answered. josh appreciated his honesty, laughing slightly at his attitude. 

“well come here, i want you to ride me. i wanna see what you can do with that hot little body” josh said, turning tyler back to face him and laying back. tyler seen this as his opportunity to take control and worship josh the way he wanted to so badly. he rested his knee between josh’s legs, leaning over to kiss him before licking and sucking josh’s nipple. 

“show me what those pretty lips can do to me baby, come on” josh urged him.

“oh i will” tyler answered, traveling his way down and planting little kisses to josh’s heaving stomach. he got to josh’s briefs, sucking his cock out through the hole with his mouth. josh moaned in surprise, grabbing and tugging on tyler’s hair which caused him to suck more aggressively. he massaged josh’s balls through his briefs and gripped the base of his cock, pulling his mouth off josh’s with an exaggerated pop. he let the excess spit building up in his mouth spill over josh’s dick, spreading it up and down while relishing in josh’s satisfied grunts. 

“somebody knows what they’re doing. somebody’s had some practice” josh said, gazing at tyler’s face as he tongued at the tip of his dick. 

“am i a naughty boy, daddy?” tyler asked, positioning himself where one knee was on the couch beside josh’s legs, and the other leg was hooked over the back of the couch. josh thought the way tyler’s legs were spread looked painful, but tyler didn’t seem to mind at all. he reached behind to grab josh’s cock and ease down on it. 

“ooh you are a naughty boy. i might have to spank you” josh said, biting his bottom lip and grunting when tyler began moving his hips up and down. tyler’s head fell back, supporting himself on josh’s knees while riding his cock. josh started caressing tyler’s stomach, thighs, and dick that was falling out of his jockstrap. josh thrust up to meet him, shocking a loud moan out of him. 

“so sexy, baby boy” josh praised, holding tyler’s ass and thrusting up. when tyler leaned forward, josh took the hint and wrapped his arms around tyler’s waist, fucking up into him. tyler moaned and sucked hickies into josh’s neck, feeling his orgasm about to peak. both were panting, sweating, and rocking back and forth with each other. 

“ohhhh i’m gonna cum, daddy” tyler moaned urgently. 

“go for it, baby boy” josh encouraged, tapping tyler’s ass and continuously fucking him.

“josh, daddy, oh my god, so good” tyler babbled incoherently. he lasted maybe 5 more thrusts before he was spilling everywhere, making a mess. josh felt tyler still and something warm and wet dripping onto his skin. 

“did my naughty little boy cum for me? jesus you are so fucking hot” josh praised, continuing to ram into him. he turned tyler’s face to his and they kissed as josh reached his peak, cumming deep in tyler’s ass. tyler continued grinding on his cock while kissing him, and josh held onto his ass like he owned it. 

“you should stay the night” josh suggested. tyler broke from the kiss. 

“really?” tyler asked, staring at him with a dopey smile. 

“yes, it’s late. we can shower in the morning. um…would you be down for round 2 after more mario kart?” 

“um, sure!” tyler said, laughing. they both sat back up, resuming their game at lap 5. 

Notifications Off (TXT3)

Ignis is usually careful about parking, usually he doesn’t slap the royal pass under the wipers and leave the meter maid to deal with the fact that he’s left the car partially in a fire lane. Usually he is also not on the receiving end of texts from Noctis that leave him questioning the immediate health and safety of the Prince. Or the Prince’s best friend.

Ignis thinks, as he rushes up the walk in a still very unruffled seeming way, that he needs to evaluate some things, because he knows if Noctis was the one he’d been texted about he probably still would’ve bothered to take time parking. Prompto though…Prompto had found the softest spot in his heart and made a home, slotting himself in somewhere between Ignis’ exasperated affection for Noctis and warm love for Gladiolus.

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No Regrets - The Ring

Not a request but @percywinchester27 asked how Jensen proposed to the reader which I wrote here. I thought I would show you how the ring was picked (plus the actual ring).

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Wedding planning, surprises

Word Count: 643

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fit into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone, but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place a few months after part 9 of Living with Regrets. Jensen realized after taking Y/N out on their first actual date that he wanted to ask her to marry him. This is him making the plan to do so. 

This drabble is written from Misha’s PoV and it is the first time I have written from a PoV outside Jensen or Y/N’s. I hope it works. 



Misha was walking out of Becca’s school with her little hand in his when his phone rang. He couldn’t help but smile and shake his head when he saw the caller ID.

“It’s your Daddy,” Misha informed his honorary niece before answering the phone.

“Hey Jackles. How is ring shopping going?” Misha grinned already knowing the answer. Jensen was a perfectionist and Misha had seen how nervous he had been on set this morning, so there was no way he would be more relaxed in the shop.

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Piercing Issues

Braun Strowman/Reader
Smut/Explicit, 3125 words


You’re backstage at Smackdown, holed up in your assigned corner, surrounded by fabric and costumes, busy at your sewing machine. You sigh to yourself, rubbing your eyes, because while there are plenty of creative aspects to your job, you also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time reinforcing the seams of tights.

“Hey,” says a gruff voice from behind you, and you turn, swivelling your chair around. There are some big guys here, and most of them have voices to match, but Braun’s is the biggest of all, every word he speaks amplified by the sheer bulk of him, echoing through that cavernous chest.

“Hey,” you say, smiling, because Braun’s also the guy who’s probably the least like his stage persona. He’s almost shockingly sweet, his offstage personality hard to reconcile with the monster he plays in the ring. “What can I do for you?”

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au ideas
  • “you’re my roommate and the only one on campus who isn’t planning on going home for christmas bc you have family troubles but my mom wouldn’t mind if u stayed with us for christmas so u won’t be alone” au
  • “i only realized i was in love with u after u died and like 3 yrs later u come back as a fuckin angel or some shit and oh god you’re even cuter than i remember and i missed you like hell pls marry me” au
  • “i’m paranoid as hell and i think my house is haunted so i called over a paranormal investigator and oh no you’re really hot?? also it looks like my house really is haunted and its serious so i guess we’re gonna have to spend more time together until we figure out how to deal with this” au
  • “we live together and you have to film something for a project and the subject ur assigned is horror so u drag me to a haunted forest bc you want ur film to be THE BEST but it turns out there really is something lurking in the forest and we’re both terrified as hell and can’t find our way out” au
  • “i woke up in our dorm room in the dead of the night and u weren’t there and when u didn’t come back i got super worried so i wandered around campus until i found u shivering in the bleachers, and u looked really upset so i gave u my jacket and stayed out there with u for an hour until u finally told me what was wrong” au
  • “i have an awful fear of fireworks so on the fourth of july we stay in our dorm room while u strum ur guitar and try everything u can to calm me down” au
  • “you’re having a nightmare and i feel bad because you’re trembling and crying so i crawl into bed with u and hold u so u feel safe, but in the morning u wake up with my arms wrapped around u you’re really confused and embarrassed” au
  • “i’m a siren and you’re a pirate but i decide not to kill u because you’re actually really really REALLY cute oh shit” au
  • “you’re blind and at the airport and you’re really stressed out, hey it turns out we have the same flight, how about u just hold my hand and i can be your eyes, mostly because i feel bad but also because you’re super cute” au
  • “u walked in on me while i was playing a horror game and i screamed out of sheer terror bc i thought u were a monster coming to steal my soul and now ur laughing and i would be mad but your laugh is really, really cute” au
  • “you kissed me in an attempt to steal my wallet but i know all the tricks haha sucks for u, let’s get coffee sometime and i can teach you some goddamn manners” au
  • “i have to kiss u for spin the bottle/truth or dare and it turns out you’re an amazing kisser and now i’m hella attracted to u, wanna get dinner sometime? maybe make out a bit?” au
  • “you’re a lesser-known artist and i’m hanging out at a small art studio in the city and you catch me staring in awe at your work” au
  • “you’re my patient and i’m trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you but it’s hard to do that when you’re flirting with me, seriously dude i’m not gonna be able to diagnose you as easily when you’re telling me how my labcoat complements my eyes jfc” au
  • “you caught some guy trying to drug my drink at the bar so u punched him and now we’re at my place where i’m cleaning the blood off your face and endlessly thanking you” au
  • “we’re stuck in a convenience store because there’s a huge-ass storm and you’re freaking the fuck out because you’re terrified so i guess since i’m your best friend i’ll just sit with you in this aisle and sing to you to try and calm you down” au
  • “i literally took a bullet for you and now you owe me big time” au
  • “we’re at a mutual friend’s wedding on a ferry so after the initial wedding we’re stuck at the afterparty until we get back to shore, and since we both despise huge crowds we just sorta hang around each other and one thing leads to another and we wake up in the same bed” au

anonymous asked:

Now that you've told us you have wild drunken stories, would you tell us one please? Or maybe incorporate it into an imagine with some of the skelebros? That would be pretty cool

One of my favorite drunken nights was when I went out for drinks with my friend, and we met his aunt/his aunt’s friend.  We ended up at some little hole in the wall bar where it was so packed, that we had to pile on a deck outside.  A dude wearing sunglasses at night came over and started trying to talk to me, but I was too distracted asking “Why the hell are you wearing those at night?  Can you see?  There’s no sun.  Are you high, and you’re trying to hide how red your eyes are?”  And then my friend’s aunt comes over, and she throws her arm around the dude because she’s pretttyyy drunk and starts questioning him about the sunglasses, too.  Then she decides she wants to wear them and throws her arm around me.  

“I wish my boyfriend was here,” she says, sighing loudly.  

My friend comes over and claims that her boyfriend is not an attractive man.  

“Yeah, okay, so he’s bald.. he’s short.. he’s fat.. Fine.  But he has a HUGE DICK!”  She holds out her arms to give me an idea of the inhumanly-possible size of said dick.

“A big dong, you say?” I chime, and my friend starts shaking his head, trying to get me to stop from encouraging her.

“BIG DONG KONG!” she shouts as loud as she can, while my friend desperately tries to shush his aunt.  

“BIG DONG SCHLONG!” I yell back, and the two of us high-five.  This is the first conversation I’ve ever had with this 50-year-old woman, but we’re instantly best friends in that moment.  

We leave and go to a honky tonk–like right out of one of those movies about the South, where people are wearing cowboy hats and drinking and dancing that I thought were a myth.  My friend and I are the youngest people there by nearly thirty years.  All the older women LOVE him; he’s dancing with them and grinding on them, and they’re ARGUING over who gets to dance with him next.  It’s crazy.  I end up buying JAEGER BOMBS (yes, you have to shout it as loud as you can when you order it, in the douchiest voice possible) with the aunt, and we start knocking them back.  I dance for entirely too long, and at the time, I think I’m just the best dancer ever, but I’m pretty sure I was just kicking my legs out and flailing around in a circle.  I end up with a cowboy hat at some point during the night.

The aunt and her friend join me on the dance floor, and we order more shots.  In fact, I’m feeling so wonderful that I order shots FOR THE ENTIRE BAR.   I guess I’ve just secretly always wanted to shout “A ROUND OF SHOTS FOR EVERYONE, ON ME!” at the top of my lungs, who knows.  

It’s closing time, and my friend (the designated driver in this situation), takes his aunt and her friend home, but we all go into the apartment.  Her boyfriend is inside, and she throws herself against him, but ends up in the floor because she’s just too drunk.

I decide to shake his hand and introduce myself.


Nailed it.  The aunt writhes on the floor, but points toward me to say, “PREACH IT!”

This little man doesn’t know what to say.  "Big Dong Kong, I heard all about it.  Like a kick-stand, AMIRITE?“  I pat the bewildered man on the shoulder and move past him to head toward the bathroom.  However, I stop short and turn back toward my friend, standing on my tip-toes to whisper in his ear.  

(Which probably means I yelled it.)

“I don’t want to use their toilet because what if his dick is SO MASSIVE that it touched the seat??”

My other favorite story I’ll incorporate into an imagine.

You were already drunk off a pitcher of margaritas and free birthday tequila shots from the Mexican restaurant down the street by the time you reach your hotel’s bar, flanked by your best friend.  You’re wearing a giant, gaudy pin on your shirt that reads “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” because 1) it really is your birthday and 2) it guarantees that you and your friend will drink for free all night.  

When you sit down on a bar stool, two skeleton monsters automatically sit next to you and start chatting.  One of them, with red eyes and a fluffy jacket, has a smirk on his face as his eyelights travel your body.  He’s been nice enough so far, so when he gets ready to leave, he says, “i’m going to a strip club.  would you like to join me, sweetheart?”

“I’ve never been to a strip club!” you blurt, seeming excited over the idea… until your survival instincts kick in.  "WAIT, I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!“

”…what?“ he asks, his smirk beginning to fade.

"THIS IS WHERE I’LL EITHER END UP SOME SORT OF SEX SLAVE OR MURDERED AND CHOPPED UP IN YOUR TRUNK!”  At this point, the bartender is doubled over laughing.  You have no volume control.  

“what–?  no, sweetheart, i just–”  He stumbles over the words, completely caught off-guard.

“NOPE, NO WAY, I’M NOT DYING TONIGHT SIR!”  You keep drinking your drink.  "Thanks for paying for my drink, though.“  Well, at least you still have manners, even if you’re slurring.

Red shrugs, holding his hands up.  "sounds like you’ve been watching too many horror movies, dollface.  welp, if you change your mind, i’m in room two-oh-”

“I do NOT sleep with MURDERERS!”


“Serial killers are a definite NO for me!”  

“ok, ok.  happy birthday,” he mutters, slowly getting off the stool to leave.  As soon as he does, a skeleton wearing an orange hoodie takes his place.

“good to know you have standards.”  He flicks his wrist at the bar tender.  "her next drink is on me.“

You’re eyeing the giant ass jar of cocktail olives instead of paying him any attention.  "I really want an olive in my drink…”

“but.. you’re drinking something fruity, right?”

You nod.  "Sex on the beach.“

"yeaaahh, olives don’t go with that.”

You start frowning, still staring down those olives.  "Who says it has to be like that?  I want olives in it.“

"you can’t drink it with olives.  it would be terrible.”

“Yes, I can!”

“fine, if you can, i’ll buy you another drink.”

You look to the bartender, and she shrugs and pulls out the jar of giant olives. “Just dump them in,” you say, and she absolutely FILLS UP YOUR GLASS with olives.  And dammit, you eat every single one of them.

“i can’t believe you’re actually doing it.”

And then you don’t remember anything else.

*The rest of that story includes blacking out after the olives, and then I wake up in the hotel room, in a completely different set of clothes (apparently, I filled the ice bucket up with water and then poured it over my head), with my head on the toilet seat (vomit everywhere), tears on my face, and my phone in my hand.  Apparently, I’d been having a nightmare about the two men shoving me in their trunk, and then I called my S/O and whispered “I’m so scared, please come get me” over and over into the phone.  He said that gave him nightmares, and he had to call my friend to make sure that I was all right. 

It was years before I drank again.  

volkswagonblues  asked:

how much does George Parros look like an adult version of Shitty?

Holster squints at the image Ransom pulls up on his laptop. “Eeeeeeh, Imma go with like a 6? Outta 10? I mean, there’s the mustache and the flow, but you’re missing like basic similarities in facial bone structure there.”

Holster looks back at Shitty, who’s reclined in Ransom’s bed because of the Never-Again-Shitty-With-No-Pants-In-Holster’s-Bed Act of September 2013.

“Meh, 6.5. Because eyebrows.”

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Cuddle Drabbles Part 14

Word Count: 744

Warnings: None

Summary: Steve, Natasha, Clint, Tony, Rhodey, Wanda, and Bruce place bets on you or Bucky making the first move.

A/N: We’re doing double time this week! Expect part 15 at 11am tomorrow! I hope you guys enjoy this part!

[Part 13][Part 12][Part 11][Part 10][Part 9][Part 8] [Part 7][Part 6][Part 5][Part 4][Part 3][Part 2][Part 1]

Originally posted by doseofsuperhusbands

(3rd Person POV - Bit from Tony, bit from Natasha)

Tony had thrown another party. He needed something to distract him from things falling apart again.

He was rather upset that Y/N was away on a mission with Sam and Bucky. She was the life of his parties. Get a couple of drinks in her, and her wild child side would burst through the doors. She always convinced Tony to sing some AC/DC song with her if the karaoke machine was out.

The trio was in Wakanda for the last couple of weeks, helping King T’Challa with a mission he had there. Tony missed the little spitfire. Sure, he missed Sam and Bucky, too, to an extent. But he thought of Y/N as something like a daughter. Maybe a niece. That’s better fitting.

The party had died down a bit earlier than expected, but nobody was complaining. The Avengers were all gathered up on the roof, sharing laughs, drinks, and stories. Bruce had set up a bonfire, and everyone pulled over the furniture to sit around it.

“So, I’ve been meaning to ask.” Tony starts as he’s fiddling with his sleeve. “Are the Tin Man and Cuddle Monster a thing, or…?”

Everyone laughed and a few made affirmative noises. But Rhodey looked around the group and asked, “Wait, who are we talking about?”

“It’s those damn nicknames, Stark.” Clint jabs, smiling.

“Y/N and Bucky.” Natasha answers, smirking. “It’s been going on for months. I’m glad you all caught up–”

“No way. It’s been a few weeks, tops. Right?” Clint asked, cocking an eyebrow at his partner, who smirked slyly in response.

“No, definitely months.” Steve affirmed.

“I was getting some vibes, but not that far back.” Wanda cocked her head to the side. Tony just rested his face in his hands, looking like a kid at christmas. So much gossip. This was the best.

“Sam and I found them cuddled up on the couch – what?” He looked at Natasha for confirmation. “Four? Five months ago? Before Thor came back to visit for a while.” Steve answered.

She nodded. “But, it started long before that.” Natasha cut over everyone’s questions.

Natasha, Steve, and Sam conspired about the pair frequently. Sam and Steve had discussed their findings while they went on their run that morning that they found the pair sleeping on the couch. Sam didn’t seem focused, and Steve called him on it. The ex soldier explained that Y/N didn’t cuddle in her sleep unless there was a deep connection. Steve, in turn, told Sam that he knew Bucky liked Y/N. He didn’t open up easily, but for her, he was an open book.

Once they got back from their run, Steve heard Nat make an offhand comment about how good Bucky looked, and turning into the kitchen, found Y/N bright red and glaring at her friend. The smirk on Natasha’s face and the glint in her eye told him that Y/N had a thing for his best friend and that the spy knew about it.

Steve and Natasha recounted the details they could remember, which prompted the other members to share their stories. Clint remembered training with Y/N one day. Bucky was on the punching bag and kept glancing over at them, smiling if he caught her eye. Tony told everyone about the time he had an upgrade for Bucky’s cybernetic arm and how she joined them, easily falling into conversation with the pair, and sticking close to Bucky. Wanda recalled walking into the kitchen one morning, sensing erratic pulses from Y/N with a faint trace of Bucky, but when the girl turned to greet Wanda, the feelings were softened to something like ocean waves.

“If they’ve been making googly eyes at each other for so long, why hasn’t Y/N done anything about it?” Rhodey asked, thinking of your outgoing personality. “She’s got those powers. She’d know he felt the same–”

“Dude, you know she won’t use her powers unless she has to.” Tony interjected. “Plus, she’d think that’s a huge invasion of privacy–”

“And you know how awkward she can be. She’d never make the first move.” Bruce said.

“And you think Barnes would?” Tony asked incredulously.

“Yes.” Steve smirked. “I’ve got money riding on it.”

“Oh, there’s a bet? I want in. How much? I’m putting it all on Y/N.” Tony slapped his leg, smiling across the bonfire.

Everyone placed their bets, and knew that the next war had started.

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anonymous asked:

1 with hoseok please aa i love him sm thank you sm!! <33333

#1. soulmates au
1.6k words

Originally posted by hobisu

a/n: omg this was so fun to write ill hopefully expand this in the future

Whatever tattoo your soulmate got, you did too. Tough luck.

At first, you thought the soulmate thing was all shits and giggles. Whenever your friends ended up with the biggest, most colorful tattoos, you’d laugh at them. Whenever they got some ridiculous misspelled quote (or maybe a word in another language that they found out translated into something inappropriate), you would definitely laugh your ass off. But karma always had her way of coming back to bite you in the ass. You should’ve known.

When you woke up one morning, body boiling from the sweltering heat of Seoul’s summer air, with a sting on your upper arm, you should’ve fucking known. You should’ve known that this soulmate business was no good and an absolutely huge fuck you from the universe. The scream had your mother rushing into the bathroom concerned, to which you quickly hid your arm from her view.

“What happened?”

You smiled, muttered that it was nothing, and ran for your life to your room to tug on your longest, thickest sweater that you weren’t planning to take off for the next five years. Or even the rest of your life. It was even worse since you had classes that day and plans with your friends. The fact that you were wearing the shittiest outfit in that weather definitely didn’t go by unnoticed by your friends who were all dressed in light, breezy clothing. “Why are you wearing that in summer? Are you not dying?”

Well, you were, but what choice did you have. “Nah, I think I’m starting to catch something.”

“Summer fever from Jung Hoseok, I’m guessing.” She smirked.

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Merry Christmas, @hotaruyuki!

Read on AO3

Chasing After You

All his life, Derek has been trying to catch up with Stiles. Even when they were young and played tag in the forest edging his backyard, Derek was always a step behind. Stiles was fast and clever, and whenever Derek felt he was just about to tag him, Stiles would maneuver just out of his grasp with a laugh and a smile.

They’re older now, and the game is different but the feeling remains: the way Derek’s chest wants to burst with the effects of chasing after him, the way his eyes immediately search the area for any glimpse of Stiles, the echoes of his bright laughter tickling his ears.

Derek thinks about this now as he waits for Stiles to come pick him up. Stiles has been in Italy since January, doing a semester abroad for the second half of his freshman year. Derek has never gone that long without seeing Stiles in person, and even the promised Skype sessions never really happened–there was the time zone differences, the various schedule conflicts, the need for sleep. Derek has been trying not to think about it, about how he hasn’t actually seen Stiles’ face in over five months. He tells himself that Stiles did call him the moment he got back into the States and that they’re going to see each other now, but it’s hard.

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Working Legs (Pt. 4) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: You should do a part 4 for working legs the last part was hilarious.

a/n: im so sorry guys…. so much angst and fluff at once

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you just can’t have? When Barry was younger, he always wanted a puppy. Joe never got him one though; he said it was a big responsibility, too big for a ten year old. Now, he still wants a puppy, but not as much as he wants to be able to walk again.

This weekend is his second date with you and to say he is freaking out is an understatement. He knows he should technically be doing his job, yet, there isn’t many cases in need of forensics. So, he decides to, at least, do something productive. In one swift motion, after turning the chair off, he tugs himself up by grabbing the wood wall.

Okay, okay, he’s got this. He grips the small light gray handle of the crutch, feeling the plastic circle cling to his forearm, just below his brunched up green sweater, and leans away from the wall. A broad smile spreads across the lower half of his face, eyes squinted with happiness. He’s standing! Holding back a manly squeal, he focuses on his unmoving legs.

Biting his lower lip, he tries to send signals from his brain to his legs. Nothing happens, sadly, which, of course, frustrates him. “Come on, come on, please.” he begs to his limbs. Maybe if he moves the crutch first, then his legs will follow? Yeah, yeah, that sounds like it will work.

Testing his theory, he picks up the left crutch, placing it in front of him, followed by the other one and…his legs still don’t fucking move. Instead, because he has most, if not all, of his weight on the two metal poles, he tumbles forward, face hitting the dark stone floor. Out of frustration, and the fact that, ow, that hurt, tears spill from his eyes, replicating the rain outside.

Footsteps echo through the empty hallways at a fast pace and Joe runs through the huge doorway. “Barry!” he cries out, black suit jacket flying around his torso. If he didn’t hold so much over him, manly being his foster father, Barry would scream for him to get out. That he wants to wallow in self-pity alone. “What were you thinkin’, boy?” he questions in his famous ‘dad’ voice; tie wrinkling as he picks up his son. It’s like fifth grade all over again…

Tears still stream down Barry’s flushed cheeks. God, he’s so mad! An angry huff escapes him when he’s back in his cramped wheelchair. “I was thinking I want to walk, Joe!” he sobs in frustration. Joe’s face softens and there’s something glimmering in his eyes; Barry swears it’s pity for a moment.

“Is this about your date-”

Yes, Joe! It is!” Barry fumes, fighting with the sleeve of his sweater. Just fucking roll up my elbow already… Joe sighs, rubbing his temple; he hates seeing his son so…infuriated. “Is it so much to ask to be able to walk, Joe?! Is it?!” he asks, practically hitting himself in the face while trying to dry his cheeks.

The detective rubs a hand over his face, shaking his head. “Barr, I know - well, I don’t. I don’t know what you’re going through. I’m not going to even pretend like I know what you’re going through, okay? Just… you gotta let me in, son. I can’t read your mind.” he admits, waving one of his hand for emphasis; the other rests on his hip, above his gold CCPD badge.

Barry sighs, starting to calm himself down. It really helps that Joe has this smooth, silky, calming voice; only a few fathers have that quality. “I’m, um, taking Y/N to the park, because they, you know, have those lights that you can walk through? And, I…I don’t know, Joe, I just…” he trails off, letting his hands fall limp on his lap.

Then, it all makes sense. “You wanted to be able to walk with her?” Barry nods, “To hold her?” Joe arches an eyebrow; Barry nods again. “To be able to lean down at the right moment and kiss her -”

“Okay, Joe, now you’re really starting to bum me out.”

Maybe that was too far. “Sorry.” the detective mutters, clapping his son’s shoulder, shaking him slightly. Barry suddenly feels like a bobblehead. “You’ll figure it out, Barr, I know you will. Besides, she likes you for you. Just calm down, okay? Don’t stress yourself out.” Yeah, that’s easier said than done.


He peers around the park for you, undoing the top button of his gray petticoat. Don’t check the watch, don’t check the watch and…he checks the watch. At least he’s not late. There’s five more minutes - did he just hear his name? No, no, he’s probably imagining things because he’s so nervous.

Unexpectedly, a pair of arms wrap around his chest, hugging him from behind. He cranes his neck, smiling when he notices your face in his shoulder. “Hey there.” he giggles, suddenly feeling you let go.

You fix your gray hat on your hair, black flower print dress flowing around your warm leggings; Barry almost dies. “I missed you…” you admit in a quiet voice, clasping your white gloves together nervously. He blushes all the way to his chest, stumbling over his words. “This is very romantic; the lights, I mean. I love all the different colors and how they all come together to create something much bigger…” you trail off, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

Barry, with his mouth ajar, nods. That was beautiful. “Yeah, me too…” he mutters in a daze, eyes focused on you - not your pale pink lips that look - no. “You, um, are you ready?” he asks awkwardly, pointing to the entrance; you nod, starting to walk while he drives beside you. Good thing he remembered to charge his wheelchair.

When you pass by the first light design and stop, he grows anxious. Did he fuck this date up already? “Can you - don’t answer if you don’t want to - can you feel your legs?” you wonder, gazing at him with big Y/C/E eyes; he shakes his head slowly, uncertain about where this conversation is heading. Grinning, you climb on his lap, dress fanning on the foam armrest. “Is - is this okay?” you question timidly, wrapping your arm around his neck.

Don’t get a boner right now, dude. Keeping his composer, he nods, smiling at you. He pushes the joystick forward, watching you admire the majestic light display. A giggle leaves his lips while you point at a Grinch light, eyes blown wide in amazement. He doesn’t pay much attention to the lights. Instead, he focuses on you; how the multicolored lights cast shadows on your face, how he has one hand on your waist, holding you to him.

It isn’t a huge display; it takes roughly fifteen minutes to arrive at the end. You face him, grinning from ear to ear. That was a fun ride. His green orbs outline your plump pink lips in a daze and for a minute, he feels like any ordinary guy on a date. With that surge of confidence, he leans forward, upper lip connecting to your lower one.

The kiss doesn’t last for long, but Barry, as cliche as it sounds, felt fireworks. Or heard fireworks. One of the two. He pulls back, sure that your lipstick is now on his lips, and blinks, refocusing his eyes on your blush.

“Wow.” he breathes.

Dating Kim Yugyeom.

- him begging you to speak english to him

- and you say something stupid like ‘i really need to eat a shoe’

- and he’s like ‘WHOA DO IT AGAIN’

- honestly, whenever you guys are in the same room, he sneaks these little looks and tries to see how long he can just stare at you before you look back

- and you catch him and he giggles like a child

- midnight snacks with him are amazing

- like, no, if you two are up at 4 together, you don’t just go grab a few chips and go back to bed

- this boy is up at 4 ordering mexican so that y’all can have tacos before you sleep

- he purposefully hogs the blankets so that you’ll move closer

- “you’re cold? guess you’ll just have to come snuggle”

- “yeah, now i’m cold but i’ll deal with it”

- “no jagi, that’s not how it works, ur supposed to come over here”

- he looks at you sometimes like he’s just so amazed

- his eyes are wide and his mouth kind of hangs open and ur like ‘something on my face?’

- but no, he’s just questioning how he got someone like you bc wow? you’re perfect?

- and his hands are huge so when you guys hold hands it’s like awwwww

- if you’re ever cold on a date, that boy’s gonna give you his jacket and his scarf and no no don’t take your shirt off, dude i’ll be fine

- the night after you guys’ first time, he had to leave early in the morning bc of practice and he was so heartbroken

- he woke you up like at 5 am when he had to leave and you were about to smack the shit outta that boy

- but then you saw his goofy little smile

- “jagi i have to go but you were amazing last night and i love you and ill call you when im out of practice and ur just great you know that? kay i have to leave but ill see you soon PLS BE HERE WHEN I GET BACK”

- and you couldnt sleep after that because his cute little smile and his cheeks and UGh

- you tried to dye his hair for him once

- it ended up with dark green dye all over the kitchen counter and it took you days to scrub it off your hands and he low key looked like the grinch

- once you fell asleep on him in the dorm bc you were hella spent and he just kind of drifted off too

- guess who took about 40 pictures and is now blackmailing you?

- jinyoung

- but these boys wont let you guys LIVE

- “oooo little maknae’s got a crushhhh ooooo”

- “we’ve been dating for 7 months”

- and you’ll be spooning in bed at night and you’re about to fall asleep to his rhythmic breathing

- but no. he just has to start giggling

- he just pulls you closer and starts tickling your sides and cackling in your ear

- and you think. this is it. this is where kim yugyeom dies

- but then you turn around to face him and he’s smiling so big and he’s just laughing? at nothing? and ur like god damn okay just stop being fucking cute for 2 seconds

- him showing you new dance moves that he’s trying out and he’ll get so into it and when he’s done he’s panting and sweaty and he asks for your opinion and words? what are words how does one word

- and he takes your silence as it being bad

- but then you’re like NO NO NO KEEP DANCING PLS

- you guys have meme fights like once a week

- they get pretty intense

- but no matter how mad you get when he destroys you with a meme of himself

- you still find yourself falling in love with his lame ass more and more

- he leaves one rose on your doorstep on the 12th of every month

- the first one you got you were like ??? what why

- and you called him all like “yugy did you leave a rose on my front porch?”

- “yeah, it’s our one month anniversary”

- and then like, 2 years later

- you open your door and a rose is there but something is attached to the stem and oh my god is that a ring

- and he just tries to come out from behind the bush all suave in his nice tux in everything while you’re standing there in your pajamas

- and he smiles all big at you and you’re about to start crying but

- he just tripped over your step and now he’s flat on his face and his nose is bleeding

- and your running to get bandages while he’s just like FUCK

- and you’re patching him up and shakin ur head

- and will you marry him? is he really asking you that with blood running down his face? bc fuck YEAH

- but really, he’s a giant fluff ball who just needs a lot of love and attention and he treats you like you’re the most precious thing in the world and you’ll fall asleep in his arms and wake up right in the same place and it don’t even matter that he drooled on ur neck a lil bit bc you love him more than anything and you’d both do anything for each other

Sam Winchester- Baby on board

Title: Baby on board

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1457

Request: Can you do a Sam oneshot where the reader gets turned into a baby?

 I was soo excited to make this one!

“Stupid witch spewing their bodily odes” You cringed as you wiped off the remaining off the witch blood from your once stainless jacket. Sam chuckled making you blush as you dropped your head, your hair covering your face. You had a thing for Sam, only Dean knew. Ever since you meet him, you crushed on the younger Winchester. He was insanely oblivious. You had gave him so many signs yet he didn’t seem to catch on. 

“You can take first shower when we get back” Sam chuckled. 

“Thanks Sammy” You smiled. Dean rolled his eyes, his lips forming to mock your words. 

“Owh! Dammit it (Y/n)” Dean scowered as her rubbed the back of his sore head. Sam laughed at his older brother, whilst you gave him a sharp glare. You all piled into Baby, you taking the back seat. 

You stalked into the bunker, making way for the shower. You sighed as you peeled your bloody jacket from you and removed the rest of your clothes. Turning on the shower head you sighed in relief as the hot water bounced off your soft skin. 

“Ahh” You winced as you stumbled slightly, your hand coming up to rest on the wall as you felt a wave of dizziness wash over you. “What the hell” You whispered as black started to edge it’s way to the corners of your vision. 

“SAMMY!” You croaked, falling to the floor, the shower curtain falling down with you. Before you blacked out, your could hear two sets of heavy footsteps. 


Sam jumped hearing his name fall from your lips. His heart strings began to tug harshly as all the hunter instincts screamed in his body. He learched forward as he and Dean both ran to the bathroom. Sam pounded on the door in panic, he had never told you, but he had a huge crush on you. He liked you so much, but he never thought you would like him back. 

“(y/n)! open the damn door” Dean yelled, panic rising in him too. Both of the Winchester brothers yelled and pounded on the door before Dean was pushed back. Dean looked up in surprise only to see Sam’s face red and full of panic as he bashed the door down with his shoulder. Dean was shocked, he didn’t think he had ever seen Sam so panicked. 

Rushing in both of the Winchester immediately looked around the bathroom, not bothering if you weren’t decent. Sam stumbled a little, his face twisting in confusion as he looked down. Bending down he picked up your dirty jacket and held it to his face. 

“Her clothes are here” Sam frowned. 

“So were is she?” Dean questioned. Both Winchesters froze as they heard a small gurgling sound. Sam held his fingers to his lip as he stood up, Dean nodding at him. Dean reached behind him and picked his gun from the back of his pocket, as did Sam. They both stalked towards the tub as Dean gripped the edge of the shower curtain. Giving a nod to his younger brother, Dean yanked the curtain back, gun ready to aim, but soon fell short. They both looked at each other, doing a double take. 

“(Y-y/n)?” Dean whispered looking at his younger brother horrified. Dean threw a towel over your little body as he and Sam tucked their weapons away. 

“The witch” Sam sighed, slapping his forehead, “I knew she was muttering something”

“Well how are we supposed to change her back! We killed the witch remember!” Dean yelped. Sam sighed, tugging his shirt over his head. Dean groaned, averting his eyes. 

“This is not the time to act like Taylor Lautner Sammy” Dean groaned. Sam scoffed as he leant down placing the huge shirt over your head and watched as it pooled around your tiny body. Sam picked you up as he scooped you into his arms, pulling you protectively to his chest. 

“Let’s just get her some clothes, then we can call Cas” Sam suggested. 


“Dude, this is so complicated” Dean groaned as he flicked a tutu out his face. Sam was too busy playing with you to notice his older brother. You giggled as you gripped onto Sam’s pinky finger a little harder, your other hand tugging his hair. 

“Ouch, hey, that’s my hair” Sam chuckled, prying your fingers out of his long locks. “Ewh! (Y/n)” Sam laughed, throwing his head back as you stuck his thumb in your mouth, gurgling and giggling like mad. “What?” Sam questioned, seeing Dean’s gaze was lingering on the two of you. 

“Nothing, just normally, your not the one who deals with the kids” Dean shrugged. Sam’s brows furrowed.

“What do you mean? I’m good with kids” He defended as he balanced you on his hip. 

“No, no, I know you are. But normally, I deal with the babys and you deal with the dogs” Dean stated. “But I guess since this is (y/n)” Dean smirked waggling his brows. Sam scowled. 

“Shut up Dean” Sam muttered, his large hand warming up your entire back. 

“Oh, come on, admit it! you like her!” Dean teased. Sam’s eyes widened as his eyes flashed to your big eyes, staring at him with curiosity.

“Dean” Sam hissed.

“Why won’t you admit it?” Dean asked, all the teasing in his voice, gone. 

“How can I?! How can I possibly admit the fact that I’m hopelessly in love with someone who will never love me back” Sam yelled. He swallowed thickly, looking around to make sure no one heard. “Let’s just go Dean”.


“No, keep still” Sam laughed as you squirmed around. He slipped a baby grow on your legs, making sure he did it with his giant top still on so you wouldn’t feel awkward later on. He removed his top when he knew the bottom half was fully on. You giggled trying to squirm again. “Look at that big tummy!” Sam teased, his slender fingers dancing over your ribcage. You let out a squeal, making the grown man laugh ever harder. He buttoned up the top, picking you up and placing you on his lap as he sat at the table. 

“She’s just over here’‘ 

Cas nodded as he walked over to Sam. Sam frowned a little as the angel reached down to take you from his arms, but you were having none of it. You burst out in tears as soon as you were pulled out of the comfort of Sam’s arms. The warmth left you and you began to kick and scream. 

’'It appears, Baby (y/n), does not like me” Cas said. 

“No, she’s just attached to Sammy” Dean stated. Cas nodded but held you close to him as he held two fingers over your forehead. 

“WAIT!” Sam cried jumping up making the angel freeze. 

“Sammy, I know you like baby (y/n) but still” Dean groaned. Sam narrowed his eyes as he fetched his shirt off. “Again. Really Sammy”

“She needs something to wear otherwise she won’t be wearing anything when she comes back” Sam growled placing the large shirt over your small frame. 

“Well-” Dean smirked but stopped at Sam’s glare. Cas nodded as he placed  his fingers on your forehead. 

You felt dizziness over take you as you grew back to your orginal size, falling to the floor but taking the angel with you. You groaned your hand rubbing your head. Cas got back up as Sam held his large hand out to you. You smiled sheepishly as you took his hand. 

“That was embarrassing” You muttered, laughing nervously. Dean muttered something under his breath as he walked out, Cas following Dean. You and Sam stayed in a awkward silence before you decided to speak up.

“Thanks, for uhh, taking care of me” You laughed. Sam chuckled as he nodded. 

“It’s was nothing, really” He smiled. 

“Sam.” You muttered. 

“Yeah?” He answered, putting his full attention on you. 

“I heard everything you said.” You whispered. His face dropped.

“God, (y/n). I’m so so sorry, I di-”

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He froze for a second before relaxing into the kiss, his hands tangling in his shirt, that pooled at your waist. You pulled back, resting your head on each others, the both of you not being able to stop smiling. He grinned, moving a piece of hair out of your face as he pecked your lips. 

“I have to go fetch a shirt, I’ll be right back though” He smiled. He began to walk away until you called his names. “Yeah?” He answered as he turned back. You smiled sheepishly as you shuffled your foot along the dusty floor. 

“I’m sorry for sucking your thumb…”

athenoot  asked:

im dead my dude. for the past 4 gens, all my girl sims look like the same person 💀how do i avoid this??

Sims 4 genetics either make sims look like they’re not from the same sims family or look like the mom/dad to a dime im crying for you

Try to change their features a little by adding features from both parents maybe?? Change their noses and eye colors and lip shape, it will make such a huge difference and make them look more unique! 

Kazer Favorites

Some of my favorite Jonny/Kaner fics.

Learning As We Go by aohatsu | 30,207

Five minutes later, he sits back on his bed, pillow clutched triumphantly in his hands. Patrick is splayed out across his own bed, breathing hard with his hair curling out in five different directions. Jonny smugly clicks the television off with the remote, and then tosses the pillow next to him so he can climb under the sheets. Patrick sits up after a minute, tucks his hand under his chin and abruptly swipes his hand out into a point, straight at Jonny, with a glare. 

 Jonny blinks, and then Patrick translates. It figures the first thing Jonny’d learn in sign language is ‘fuck you’.

tied if we stay by staraflur | 30,068

It takes 140 characters or less and one absolute fucking moron to change Jon’s entire life forever. He should have known all along it would be Kaner. It always is.

Twist in my Sobriety by jezziejay | 13,236

“We should have sober sex,” Patrick says, rolling his neck until it pops loudly. He really should be thinking about getting up off of the floor. “Why would we do that?” Jonny asks, twisting to look down at Patrick like he just suggested that they throw puppies into traffic.

The Importance of Swimming in Clear Water by turningterrific | 25,019

One week during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Games are lost, opposing captains are concussed, feelings are recognized, TV is watched, naps are shared, games are won. In other words, it’s a big week.

do it like they do on the discovery channel by hazel | 11,251

It turns out that buddyfucking your best friend without shit getting weird requires constant vigilance.

the courtship of patrick kane by hazel | 9,673

Well,” Kaner says finally. “If you want to keep cockblocking me with the ladies, you’re gonna have to make it worth my while.” He’s smirking like it’s a challenge, like he knows Jon can’t ever let a challenge drop, and that’s it.

 That’s how Jon realises that he’s totally, completely, embarrassingly head-over-heels in love with Patrick fucking Kane.

Make His Brown Eyes Blue by jezziejay | 8,802 | 💙

Jonny’s an FBI agent. Patrick’s on the Most Wanted list. Occasionally they tie each other up and make out..

Dude, Where’s the Stanley Cup?! by svmadelyn | 13,216

Johnny lands in Saskatoon at noon, and is shocked to see Kaner hovering furtively at Johnny’s gate exit. He’s wearing a baggy gray hoodie and obnoxiously huge sunglasses and he doesn’t look like he’s showered in at least three days. 

 Johnny is somehow still relieved to see him..

Sign it with your heart by tictactoews | 9,595

Patrick loses a bet and is dared to plant an anonymous love letter into a random locker. It just so happens that the locker belongs to one Jonathan Toews, captain of the school hockey team. 

Meanwhile, Jonny finds himself in need of a math tutor, and following the advice of his teacher, he asks the new kid, Patrick Kane, for help.

This Heart Is Not For Wasting by fourfreedoms | 16,007

Patrick puts his head in his hands. “How could this get any worse?” “Wait, it’s not like, a big deal is it?” Duncs asks, looking at him and Jonny in turn. “The way you and Jonny are weird about each other? She’s gotta have made her peace with it ages ago.”

For Us

Characters: Hotch x Reader, Jack, other team members
Words:  1137
Requested by Anonymous:   May I please get a Hotch x Reader where the reader is pregnant and trying to find a way to tell him but then Aaron gets seriously injured and the reader tells him he has to stay alive for her, Jack and the baby?

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

         “Good morning,” you smiled when you saw Aaron walk into the kitchen where you were making breakfast and getting Jack’s lunch packed.

           “Good morning,” he smiled, kissing your cheek.

           “Ready to eat?” you asked, putting some bacon and eggs on his plate.

           “So ready,” he said, putting his arms around your waist.

           You wondered if he could tell or if it was still too soon for any amount of noticeable difference. You still needed to figure out the right time and way to tell him the good news, but you weren’t sure yet.

           “Jack, come eat your breakfast so you can get to school,” you called to your stepson, your bonus son as you liked to call him.

           Jack came into the room, “What did you make for lunch?” he asked.

           “A turkey sandwich, some barbecue chips, some grapes, and a little surprise; don’t tell your dad,” you winked at him.

           Jack smiled, knowing you had put one of his favorite dessert cakes into his lunch, “Thanks, Y/N.”

           “You’re welcome, Kiddo.”

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Holy shit dude congrats @therealjacksepticeye​ on 14million subscribers!! Thats a huge fucking amount of people but you sure do earn every single one of them

I found your account somewhere in 2014, around your 600k video? Anyways i started watching you and i quickly realized how much your videos brightened my day, and they still really do!

So thank you and keep doing you Jack!! ♡

Something Wicked - Part 1

Word Count: 1636 (It’s kind of short, but it felt like the right place to leave off.)

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Tagging: @letsgetoutalive @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond @pb-5minutefanfiction @faith-in-dean @blacktithe7 @supernotnatural2005 @paolathedragonichuntress @nothingeverdies @thegirlwiththeimpala @queen-of-the-unbroken-hearts @abaddonewithya @deans-cherry-pie1 @lilyoflothlorien @holywaterbucketchallenge @nanie5 @fandommaniacx @dreamer-lover-laughter @a-girl-who-loves-disney @jodyri @novaevelenekim @carrielc32 @starlingfalls @whatdoesntbreakyoumakesyou2k12 @jotink78

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Yeah. You probably missed something. That’s what.” Dean snapped to Sam. You had been asleep in the backseat until the boys started arguing. You figured it had been going on for quite awhile, but now it was getting loud. You shoved your head under your jacket to try and block out the noise.

“Dude, I ran LexisNexis, local police reports, newspapers, and I couldn’t find a single red flag.” Sam snapped back. “Are you sure you got the coordinates right?”

“Yeah! I double checked. It’s Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Dad wouldn’t have sent us coordinates if it wasn’t important, Sammy.” Dean said, getting even louder.

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