how hot is this cast tho

a few notes about beauty and the beast:

• jean was searching for/forgetting his wife and son and I didn’t get that until now and I’m so :(((
• emma watson is so hot pls wife me
• the lil added songs that just made me so warm
• lefou (and the entire movie) was gay as hell I love josh gad
• at the end when she asking him about a beard and he just growled and the whole thing was just so kinky why
• the guy in orange who got a makeover I LOVE HIM
• why did nanny mcphee just show up??
• lumière dabbed ??
• I’m in love with dan stevens his acting and voice (and face) were just so perfect I love him (why did emma bring up him being kinda hot as the beast bc now I can’t unsee it kill me)
• something there !!!
• dan stevens giving her a library just to prove her wrong about r&j
• I was so lit during the mob song
• I went in with super low expectations but omg it was so amazing the cast (even tho they should have cast more broadway voices) and the music and the costumes and the sets … I loved this movie

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obv there's no one hot enough to play him but if u absolutely had to who would u cast for dick grayson? also if u have any fancasts for the other bats im down to hear those too

honestly no human I’m aware of is worthy enough to meet my exact specifications for the perfect dick grayson. my dream fan cast continues to be a mysterious unknown 22 year old romani actor whose charm, skill, and beauty is so stunning and breathtaking that it can’t be accurately described in any known language. 

I’m already mentally, emotionally, physically etc preparing myself for the basic-white-guy-with-a-good-agent casting tho lmao I’m just hoping this basic white guy is at least well written and under 25 ok it’s the LEAST they could do!!! all these rumored 30-40 year olds are making me cringe, no matter how hot they are.

fic: Meet Me Under the Spotlight

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3200
Characters: Steve/Natasha, mentions of the ensemble
Summary: The celebrity social media au no one asked for.

A/N: This started off as just an article I was writing that was supposed to be a snippet in a fic I’ve wanted to write for a while, but I had so much fun that I expanded upon it. I’ve always been a fan of those social media edits circulating Tumblr, and after I’d read a few fics that incorporated texting and social media, I’ve always wanted to try it out. So, here it is! You can also consider it a preview for the celebrity au I’m probably still planning to write.

(Also, this is very raw; as in, I sort of skimmed it for errors, because I’m leaving in a bit. But I’ll come back to it for editing when I can take my time.)

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‘Marvelous’ Cast Talks Shocking Season Finale and What Next Season Could Hold

June 1, 2017. 11:32 AM PST

It’s been a week since the Season 3 finale of ‘Marvelous’ aired and fans are still in hysterics over the state of their beloved heroes.

(Spoiler alerts below!)

Season 3′s Episode 22, “How the Mighty Fall” left Scarlet Witch held captive and under experimentation at the hands of a mysterious scientist, with Winter Soldier and Falcon quite literally at each other’s throats on how to find her. Hulk has disappeared, Thor’s powers have been seemingly sealed away for good. And just as the Captain has come to realize that Black Widow’s betrayal had ultimately been for his protection, he’s too late: Hawkeye is in a coma, and Widow’s memories have been erased.

And you’ll have to wait three whole months to see what happens next.

Upset? Yeah, so are we.

And we made sure that ‘Marvelous’ co-stars Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff were aware of this when Access Entertainment! caught up with them in the AE! lounge.

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See it’s not only when Dylan is being hot af (tho he always is) that I’m reminded how NOT STRAIGHT I am.

Like, he’s such a dork? And his little giggles? The way he laughs with his whole body? His cute lil moles? How he gets genuinely excited about stuff in a way most adults don’t or can’t let themselves? THE WAY HE HUGS PEOPLE? How nerdy he gets about the Mets? His eyes that I could stare into forever despite actively loathing eye contact?? I just??? Want to hold his hand and kiss his nose and tell him he’s cute and maybe say something funny that makes him laugh? He has so many different ways of laughing and it makes my heart so warm and fuzzy and…holy shit?? I just really love him? Wow???