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Complications - Stiles Imagine

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Here’s the thing no one tells you; life sucks pretty much most of the time. Sometimes it’s alright, others horrible. And then there are these few glimpses of something. Moments where you think that if you stayed put right there, everything would be fine. If only you could freeze time like that.

Then of course, it all goes back to the usual level and the only proof it existed was a hazy memory. This is exactly why people preferred fiction to reality most of the time; because you could make up your own story where everything was peachy perfect and you had everything you could possibly ever want. 

If it was only that easy. 

“We have a problem.” Is how the alpha greets you all, entering dramatically from the staircase. Did he seriously just pull a Peter? The eye-roll coming from the man himself was answer enough.

“Don’t we always?” You muttered, knowing fully well what most people in the room heard you loud and clear. Isaac scoffed in agreement.

“What’s going on?” Scott trying to play peace maker interjected before another argument could break out. 

“Witches.” The word was more of a growl, spoken trough gritted teeth. 

“I’m sorry what? Did he just say that another freaking coven of psychotic ladies is here? In Beacon Hills?“ 

"Maybe they are just passing through?”

“Yeah and maybe Jennifer just wanted to teach.” The name caused a reaction from the usually stoic alpha, eyes glowing red and claws extended on his fingertips, which were digging into his arm. He didn’t seem to notice it, or even the rest of the pack, lost in his own gloom. 

“Not all practitioners of magic are evil, Stiles." 

"Shit, I didn’t-" 

"Yes you did. You all did. Forget about it, alright?” The loft went silent for a while, nobody seeming to figure out how to go about it. Until Lydia, bless her heart, stood up with a determent look in her eyes.

“We should set up a meeting with them, somewhere publicly where there are witnesses and find out what they want. Allison, do you think that your dad would agree to come as a neutral party?" 

"I could ask my dad but, I don’t know.” You took pity on her doubting face.

“They wouldn’t let a hunter come within fifty feet of them. You need someone else. Witches aren’t very trusting in general, let alone a hunter.” Were you seriously about to do this? 

“And you have a person in mind do you?” The elder Hale smirked, the urge to punch him in the face grew stronger. But you didn’t, because that would mean letting him know he got under your skin. And that, that was a satisfaction you would never give him. So instead, you mirrored his smile. 

“Sure. I’ll do it." 

"This is not going with our plan.” The spastic teen wheezed as you ducked behind some boxes, trying to catch your breath. 

“I noticed that. Starting with your idiot ass trying to sneak in to a meeting with people who could kill you without even needing skin contact to do so.” Honestly, if it didn’t mean you would be discovered, he would totally get his butt handed to him right now. What the hell does he think he’s doing? Hopefully Isaac was alright, being closer to the exit. 

“I- totally did. I’m sorry.”

“I know, but now I need you to listen to me alright? When I say go, you run out of here. No looking back, no hesitation. You hear me Stilinski?”


Stiles.” The whisper was dangerously high, but so was the risk of being found. This was not something they would take lightly. And they didn’t seem to have any qualms about sacrificing animals or people for their little spells. He would be dead if they saw him, and that could not happen. 

“Yes ma'am!” The little salut coaxed a small upturn of the lips, disappearing as quickly as it came when a sound filled your ears. Mumbling in rhythm. Someone was trying to find you, and they were almost here. 

“Okay, you ready? I’m gonna count to three and when I do, you run to the doors alright? There shouldn’t be an alarm on them.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll get there, don’t worry about me.” Startled, a pair of strong limbs wrapped around you in a quick but firm hug.

“Don’t die.” He whispered in your ear, breath warm against your skin.

“I’ll try not to.” The weak laugh did nothing to ease the pain in the whiskey eyes.

You really wished that it was all true, that you could offer him more reassurance than that. But you’d be lying. Time seemed to slow down for a moment, nothing but you and him breathing in anticipation of what’s to come. 

It didn’t last very long before the floorboard at the top of the stairs creaked at the added weight. It was time, glancing over to meet amber, you held up one finger. He nodded, angling himself slightly to the right, acquiring a clear path. 

“We’ll find you soon enough little caster.” Two. The footsteps came closer, at least two of them. Any second now. 

“THREE!” The shriek succeeded in getting their attention, so focused on getting to you that they didn’t even take a look around. You almost wanted to cry with relief when you realized he was safe. It was all that mattered. 

“I’ve been looking for you little bird. You have something that belongs to us." 

pale-silver-comb  asked:

Jock!Stiles teaching nerd!Derek how to dance.

stiles and derek were both in the same chemistry class and were both failing. it totally wasn’t their fault though. Harris was failing 90% of the class. but somewhere deep down in his horrible, dark, heart, he offered the class some extra credit. 

they would get 30 extra credit points if they joined the school play and helped out the theater department by being background characters. they needed about 30 dancers to help out with the final scene. 

derek signed up because he needed the extra credit and he got really anxious at the thought of not passing the class. stiles signed up because he secretly loved to dance. he used to dance with his mom all the time and it was a happy part of his childhood. 

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