how hook reaches ny

Obviously this is how Hook got to New York to find Emma. With mermaid realm crossing powers. So obvious.

Technically part of my How Hook Reaches New York series. I wanted to get one last crack theory in before the reveal.

At this point I’m positive all of them are wrong. But I just really wanted to animate a merman Hook. So much so that I ditched my original plan of a 4 frame cycle tail with a held still body and just went all out.

I will be posting my bloopers for this later.

In which Beethoven Jefferson is done with this shit.

Ok, so it’s been established that he can’t make a portal to a land without magic. But he’d have to make a new hat anyways, and there could be some magic left hanging around Storybrooke, combined with his familiarity with the world that an excuse could be written in. But baring all that, I don’t think he could be convinced to even try. That magic has come at too high  a cost for him.

2 More Wonderland Ways to go.

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How are you doing that?

Do you trust me?

I’ve redone this a gazillion times, I keep trying to colour it and redraw it and… I need to move on. But I still wanted to share. Most of these have long ago been scratched off the list of possibilities, but let’s face it, with Santa in there half of these were never serious anyways.

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And then Will pick-pockets Killian’s flask and gets drunk as fast as he can.

Obviously not a likely solution due to all kinds of problems both real world and in world, but shhh.

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