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YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1621

Genre: Fluff

With a final tap of your screen, your fanart for the latest WonWooJi video, “What it’s Really Like to Date a YouTuber,” was up on instagram for the world to see. Art was one of your favorite pastimes, and you had WonWooJi to thank for it.

While you’d enjoyed drawing since you were young, you’d never thought you were particularly good at it and had no confidence in your art skills. If anyone had asked you to show them any of your drawings a few years ago, you would never have shown them, but that had changed slowly as you found the YouTube channel run by two quiet 96 liners.

You’d discovered WonWooJi before they were well known and had watched their subscriber count grow from less than 200k to s million over the course of many years. The subscriber count had constantly grown little by little over the years and the video quality had slowly gotten better and better as well. The once limited camera angles began to get more decisive and direct. The scripts that bordered on cliches grew more and more original and you had seen the confidence of the two young video makers grow over the years.

Through that, you’d found the courage to try drawing for the sake of drawing. You tried to ignore whether you thought it was good or bad and simply strive for improvement because you enjoyed it - the way that Wonwoo and Jihoon had. Slowly but steadily, your art had improved and your confidence in your ability to draw and improve grew and you made the huge decision to start posting your work, and naturally, you posted a tribute to the people who had started you on your art path. And since then, your collection of WonWooJi fanart on your account had only grown along with supporters until the WonWooJi official account had followed you back and you’d almost died in happiness and shock. You still got overly excited whenever the account liked any of your fanart.

Since you’d gotten a follow from your idols, you’d set a new goal of meeting them and that dream was about to come true in less than a week. You’d been invited to set up a little booth at a convention, only to later discover that WonWooJi would be there as well with their own booth. It had been an honor to be invited in the first place as it meant that you yourself had enough fans to warrant that kind of treatment and the chance to make one of your dreams come true was just an extra cherry on top.

You were excited but also extremely nervous about your first convention and first time meeting your fans, the fact that you had fans still blowing your mind. You were worried if you’d live up to people’s expectations and whether you’d make a fool of yourself.

You refreshed your page to see the notifications and almost fell off your couch when you saw a like from WonWooJi and a comment reading “excited to finally meet the master artist at the convention!” on your latest post. Your legs kicked wildly in the air as you let out a little scream of excitement and praeyed for the convention to come a little faster.

When the day of the convention came, you headed off to your booth excited about meeting Wonwoo and Jihoon as well as your fans and the other random convention goers you were sure to encounter. You were humming to yourself as you set out the stickers and other goods you’d brought to give out and sell when you felt a pair of eyes on you despite the fact that the convention had yet to start. You brushed off the feeling as you being delusional, but there was someone observing you from across the floor.

“Hey Jihoon, isn’t that the one fanartist that sent us those stickers?” Wonwoo said as he nudged his fellow YouTuber and nodded in your direction. He’d first found your account about a year ago when he’d found your fanart of the “Love Locks” amongst the hundreds of notifications that came in on instagram. Your art had caught Wonwoo’s eye right away with your distinct style and the ability to pick out what he considered to be the most important part of everything that he and Jihoon AKA Woozi, decided to put on their channel. Since then, Wonwoo always waited for your fanart after every video and made sure to like all of them with the WonWooJi instagram.

Jihoon glanced over and nodded.

“Looks like it. We should go say thank you later.” Wonwoo nodded at Jihoon’s words and the two of them went back to setting up their own little station.

Oblivious to all of this, you simply continued to make your booth as appealing as possible by covering it with your art. You finished with some time to spare and stepped back to admire your work from afar and take some photos for your instagram when you felt your back run into someone.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” You said as you whipped around to face the person you’d run into.

“It’s ok,” the voice that responded was deep and oddly familiar.

“Oh my god. You’re Jeon Wonwoo.” You gaped at the tall male in front of you.

“Yes I am, and you must be Y/N. Jihoon and I really like your art. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He shot you a smile and held out his hand to shake. Your mind started as you whir as you realized holy shiz. WonWooJi knows you by name. You’re shaking Jeon Wonwoo’s hand. The Wonwoo who’d inspired you to keep drawing and to find a passion outside of “normal” life. The Wonwoo who’s videos had made you laugh and cry more than any other people you could think of.

You thanked Wonwoo graciously as you tried to keep yourself from embarrassing yourself. Wonwoo was much more attractive in person than on screen, and you were blown away by how nice his voice sounded and how the person you knew to be endearing and deep through videos was also a beautifully flawless man that knew you by name.

On the other hand, Wonwoo was just as restless. He’d never known what you looked like until he’d walked into the convention center earlier and he was blown away. You didn’t look like a model from a glamour magazine, but you had your own charm. And maybe it was because he’d already fallen in love with your style through your art, but Wonwoo found your style in real life to be just as charming and couldn’t help but feel a little drawn to you. There was also so much he wanted to ask you about your art and how you’d gotten to where you were now, but he restrained and instead started thanking you for your support and art instead.

The two of you were both brushing off the thanks and trying to thank the other for the support when Jihoon showed up.

He greeted you respectfully as you got starstruck once again.

“Don’t make it so obvious.” Jihoon whispered to Wonwoo, “or just ask for their number. Go big or go home.” Wonwoo flinched as he heard Jihoon’s soft words, but you didn’t notice the exchange.

“Ten minutes!” You heard a voice shout into the convention center from the door signalling that it was almost time for the people to come flooding in.

“I’m going to finish set up, come back in 5 minutes.” Jihoon said to Wonwoo. “It was nice to meet you. Stop by our booth later and we’ll give you some merch as a thank you.”

“Well, I should do stuff too. I was going to take photos for my instagram.” Wonwoo immediately offered to help and you accepted the offer.

“So, how did you get started with drawing?” He asked after telling you to go pose in your booth so you could be in the picture. You bashfully admitted that it was due to him and he grew a little red as well. However, the conversation didn’t stop and the two of you found yourself falling into a comfortable rhythm over the course of a few minutes until it felt like the man you were talking to wasn’t some sort of celebrity but someone you’d befriended in college.

Through those few minutes, you two managed to barely scratch the surface of your curiosities about the other and their passion, paths, and such, leaving you both disappointed when the 2 minute warning was called.

“You should go now, Jihoon’s probably waiting, but I really enjoyed talking to you.” You said to Wonwoo. Wonwoo agreed and seemed like he wanted to say something else, but refrained. “Wait, can we take a picture?”

You remembered who you were talking to and wanted to document the moment. His eyes perked up a little and the two of you quickly agreed to take a selfie.

Wonwoo fumbled for his wallet afterwards and produced a business card that he handed to you after scribbling something onto the back.

“That’s my personal number so you can send me the photos, and I’d really like to continue our conversation sometime so shoot me a message if you ever want to go out for coffee.” He could feel his face burning since he never made the first move with people due to his more introverted personality and proceeded to quickly bid you goodbye and run off to Jihoon.

You stood there in shock until the events finally registered, leaving you with a wide smile across your face. This convention was off to a great start.

Written by Admin Sea

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